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Ideas for Pregnant Comics and Graphic Novels. Cheshcat2 08/09/2023 (Wed) 03:06:09 Id:d027a1 No. 1976
This thread is for those who have ideas for a comic book or graphic novel series involving pregnancy. Wither it be a pre-existing series, I think it would be nice to see ideas for what could have been or what could be done.
X Men- Jubilee, X-23, Magik, and Kitty are impregnated by the Brood as part of Mojo's new reality show Teen Mom- Alien Pregnancy edition. Now heavily pregnant and growing, the girls must escape the Mojoverse before they're immobilized by their pregnant bellies, give birth or burst.
Breeding A slice of life graphic novel set in a world of anthropomorphic animals. The main characters are a fox named Rowan and a lynx named Yasmin who accidentally become pregnant (Yasmin, not Rowan). The rest of the comic deals with the two trying to get their life together as they prepare for the arrival of their baby which will be a hybrid.
Fertile Fighters-World Tour In this crossover between Street Fighter, Tekken and Dead or Alive, the accidental destruction of a cursed statue leaves Chun Li, Xiaoyu and Leif any hyper pregnant with demons
Monster Gynecology Set in a world where humans and monsters co-exist, the series centers on the eccentric gynecological office of Dr. Ethan Watts and his staff Olive Lane, Adam Chase, Paige Templeton, and Greg "Buddy" Budinski. They are the first practice to help monsters who are nursing, pregnant, or trying to conceive. Ethan Watts: the owner of the practice who is a genius and resorts to unusual measures to help his patients. Olive Lane: the sarcastic assistant who seems to care little, but secretly loves kids and is good with them. Adam Chase: the clumsy newcomer who is always stuck with the messy jobs, but respects Ethan too much. Paige Templeton: the shy secretary who frequently is the first to meet with the monster in need of attention. Greg Budinski: the veteran doctor who is knowledgeable in most monster physiology and culture. Eva: a monster woman of unknown species who unexpectedly gets pregnant and starts hanging out with the staff.
A Moondragon solo limited run. The newly composite Heather wants to settle with her beloved Phyla-Vell, but when a dying celestial entity comes demanding that they help her soon to be born offspring, Heather decides to absorb the entity and carry the child to term while also facing off against some serious cosmic threats.
>>2018 sort of like Monster Girl Doctor, then? (but with more monpreg)
>>2044 Yeah.
>>1976 A longstanding belief of mine on how a certain comic *should* have been. Spider-Woman 2016 *should* have focused on the pregnancy aspect. It's central conflict should have been *Jessica*- at the start, whether she even *wants* a child, and towards the climax of the story, on her struggles to cope with the fact that, for the foreseeable, she won't be actively fighting crime. As a counterpoint to this, Arana. At the time, she was just floating in the multiverse because Web-Warriors or whatever got canned- so fetch her back in, and put under Jess' wing. That way, Jess can catch her up on how the world's changed, and we can use it as a passing-the-torch moment. She replaces Porcupine wholesale, because I think his story wrapped up decently-enough in 2015. The final fight would've been the Sandman fight on the beach, and Jess ultimately accepting she's got a more immediate responsibility now and helps evacuate civilians while Anya fights Sandman. It would've been a mini, and certainly not an ongoing. Maybe 9 or 10 issues tops, because tee-hee pregnancy. Because I still don't get why they're trying to make Jess a thing. She's a shelfwamer. She-Hulk without the charm. They literally both exist ultimately to prevent a Six-Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman situation.
>>2046 Pregchan ate 'or limited' from my post. It should've been 'a mini or limited'.
"Maternity House" Six pregnant women, or rather five women and one trans person, attend the mothers-to-be getaway Maternity House, owned by the kind and compassionate Miss Lithia, herself also a mother to be. Lithia, turns out to be the Greek goddess Eileithyia, and has brought all six people together so that they can fully embrace their motherhood and have their child blessed with greatness. All six are destined to birth a child that will change the world, but first, they must know what it means to be a mother in this funny, yet dramatic comic. Miss Lithia / Eileithyia - The Greek goddess who runs the Maternity House to help those who are in the throes of becoming parents. She is always depicted being pregnant, though she supposedly actually isn't. She is tasked by Zeus with blessing mothers to be so that their children can achieve greatness. She genuinely cares for the people she is to look after and occasionally displays a ditzy, yet aloof demeanor, yet is actually much wiser than she lets on. Grace Lawton - An attorney who had no desire to settle down or have children, until a one-night stand resulted in her becoming pregnant. She came to Maternity House thinking that they would take the baby from her, but learns the truth. She comes to embrace her motherhood after realizing that she held onto the fear of being a parent due to her own mother's situation. Stella Abara - An African-British actress and singer who became pregnant via artificial insemination. She came to Maternity House to get away from the public eye. She admits that she is insecure about being a mother due to her star status, but wants to do everything she can to love and raise her child. Rory Watson - A trans, non-binary person who neglected to remove their uterus and became pregnant from a one-night stand. They get the sense that everyone is out to get them and their unborn child, but forms a friendship, and later full on relationship with Olive, whom they find much in common with. Teagan Kane - A punk rock girl who wanted to be a musician until her pregnancy put an end to her plans. She claims that she had no idea what she is doing at Maternity House, but slowly admits that she actually likes the idea of being a mom, but frets that her style with clash with her baby's upbringing. Olive Estevez - An MMA fighter who is anxious to get back into the ring. She had hoped to give her baby up after giving birth, but decides to keep it when she becomes concerned over it eventually tracing its parentage. She forms a close relationship with Rory and eventually falls in love with them. Millie Tamada - A internet vlogger and gamer who became pregnant from her boyfriend, who she later found out was cheating on her. Now single and ready to be a mom, she comes to Maternity House in the hopes of getting help and finds herself surrounded by friends.
I would love to see an alternate earth in Marvel comics where Electro is a female African-American superhero named Maxine Dillon and Francine Frye is her pierced up, punk girlfriend who is pregnant with her baby. Because she is covered in piercings, when they make out or have sex, Francine absorbs the electricity. When she gives birth to a girl named Allison, the baby is born a Mutant also with electricity powers.
(568.93 KB 1638x2048 IMG_20240328_155138.jpg)
Guys do you know where to read Nisioisin novel with the tittle "Delivery Room" ? That sound fun to read
>>2971 I bought it on Cmoa but I still can't find a way to rip it text only. I've been hoping for a translation for so long.
I have a lot of fantasies that I'd like to see turned into graphic novels but I'll just go into the one I've been running through recently. Small town, USA. A girl is constantly bullied by her fellow classmates, although she still has some friends. After walking home, she's suddenly visited by a ghostly presence, a womanly figure who describes herself as a guardian angel. In reality, this entity is actually a demigodess, capable of controlling belly-related stuff, but more commonly pregnancy. Behind the girl's back, she starts wrecking havoc (making everyone pregnant and/or fat). Eventually, the Demigodess's mother (The Goddess of Pregnancy) visits her and explains her disappointment in her daughter due to her not using her power for good, and punishes her by making her pregnant (don't worry it's not incest, just magic), so a majority of the story is just going into depth between the relationship between the girl and the pregnant demigoddess. I'm considering writing an outline/ establish some worldbuilding, but this is all I have so far.