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Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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2b669 No.8284

Hey there - messaged you on Discord, says it's delivered but I'm not sure if you ever actually saw it. Dunno if you've been online or whatnot, but hit me up.

0159b No.8285

did you mean to reply to someone else? cause the post you replied to doesn't have a discord tag in it.

ae211 No.8296

Yo yo yo!!

My name is Poppy and I’m a girl looking for pretty much anyone to have an RP where pretty muc h anything goes!!

Message me on KIK: one_eyedcat !

6a1de No.8297

I'd avoid this place. Every woman that's gone in there the past few days has been harassed over proving their IRL gender. The owner, Brandon, has been not only ignoring this behavior but participating in it, himself.

dccbf No.8298

I'm personally endorsing this server.


Lots of good people here and we also do not tolerate any sort of bad behavior of the previous server. You are required to state your age and establish a profile picture or get permanently kicked out for being a bot.

2b669 No.8299

Seconded. I would say avoid both Brandon (Server owner) and Maxi (who has already been kicked out but is hopping onto other channels to bash and abuse people) at all costs. I’m one of the mods Brandon recently promoted (CaptainJ3D1) and will probably start a separate Discord channel soon for people with actual manners and a brain.

31a73 No.8323

Hey all. I'm looking for some people to RP with. Some of the things I'm into:

- Pregnancy
- Birth
- animal pregnancy/births (a situation where the woman is carrying or giving birth to something like a dog or something)
- accelerated pregnancy
- labor
- breeding
- public sex
- public birth
- multiples
- incest (can or cannot lead to pregnancy)

I'm open to a lot of different things that I may not have mentioned, so just hit me up at my email (teanskettle@tuta.io) or on kik (teanskettle).

c2ea5 No.8326

Hello, I'm a 19 year old RP fan who would prefer to not say their gender due to being harassed about it before. The best way to get in touch with me is via my email: kitt3nz01 @ gmail . com

I'd prefer to RP with paragraphs as it would be good practice for trying to type faster and faster. (I was always sub-par in that department ^^;) I would prefer to be the female in the RP. I would also prefer to bring in OCs as then we might be able to share art of the characters. I don't want to show a picture of myself or have the other person show me a picture of themselves as that just becomes a little uncomfortable for me. Also, I'm the kind of person to try to get back to you as soon as possible but that doesn't mean that you have to be the same way.

Now for likes and dislikes huh? Well, here are some of my likes:
-Big bellies (Multiple, overdue, etc but not to the point of hyper pregnancies. I'd at least like the pregnant partner to be able to move)
-Belly movement
-Rapid pregnancy (over a few days rather than months. Will go no faster than that)
-Belly play (Pats, rubs, etc)
-Loving partners
-Nekos, kitsune, etc. (No furry)
-Height gap (such as one character being something like 5' while the other is 6'+)
-Story (We can come up with a broad story before we start)
-A little bit of breast expansion
-Fantasy, sci-fi and other settings.

And things I don't like:
-Weight gain
-Too much bdsm
-Weirder types of pregnancies (Eggs, unbirth, etc

Things I WON'T do:
-Birth (At MOST I'll say something like "It's a long process of intense labor, but she gives birth to X amount of children" or something like that.)

There may be more that I'm forgetting, but I'm sure I'll remember during the RP ^^;

0b065 No.8328

Okay so this might get a bit on the long end but I'm gonna try anyway *Deep Breath*

Hey everyone.
I'm a male just short of 30. I live in Denmark and for the better part of my life I have always had a deep love/affection and fascination for the whole pregnancy thing
To me, it's both a deeply intimate and romantic thing, having two people who love each other on such a deep level that they want to create a life together. For her to willingly take her lover's seed and carry and care for it in her womb for all these months, and for him to want her to be the mother of his children, supporting her and be at her site through the whole journey
I've always found it kind a beautiful, as in it's the woman's most pure and yet primal function that her body was always destined for, growing a life within it and for her body to change during the process. Her breast swelling as they prepare to produce warm and nutricious milk for the baby as the belly slowly grows to a point where it's hard to actually move around without it getting in the way, yet always feeling content and happy when you look down to marvel at it's beautiful shape, feeling the little kicks from within. Never feeling alone as you are always carrying a little piece of the man you love inside of you.
As for the man's role. I can't picture anything more heartwarming than coming home every day to the girl that you love so much, gazing at and feeling up her beautiful baby bump that is slowly turning into one big round belly as each day passes.
Sitting or laying together in the comfy bed at night, both of their hands resting on her belly as he spoons up to her, embracing her and holding her close, letting her know that even though her belly has gotten so very big, he finds her just as attractive if not more than from the day he first laid eyes upon her and letting her know that he'll always be right here for her, no matter what.
Both so content and happy as they snuggle up, knowing that in not very long, they'll have their very own little family and be able to hold the child she has been bearing for them for so long, but for now, they just want to enjoy this lovely romantic moment

So yeah, pregnancies isn't strictly a sexual thing but more of a romantic one, that being said, I certainly do appricate the more intimate and sexual parts as well as long as there still is this warm and romantic feel to it.
The impregnation part for example is something I always love. That love session where both of them know that there is nothing between them to prevent his seed to impregnate her unprotected fertile eggs and that amazing moment where they both climax, the point of no return. Him whispering into her ear as they both pant out and gasp for air "This is it, my love. You're now carrying our child~ You're going to be a mommy"
Pregnancy sex is also a big turn on for me, the bigger the belly, the better, pretty much.
I like both the idea of taking a girl in that condition from behind, watching how her huge belly and milky breasts are wobbling and moving below her with every thrust you make, as well as grabbing hold of her tummy to help keeping it in place or squeezing her tits and milking her as we make love.
but I'm also just as much a fan of having her sitting on top of me. Riding me with her huge belly sliding over mine, maybe with our fingers intertwined, holding each other's hands to help support her as we both gaze into each other's eyes as well as enjoying the best view in the whole world and being able to feel the baby move inside her tight round tummy as we make love.

Another somewhat related kink I have when it comes to pregnancies is lactation and breastfeeding. I like the whole bonding and sense of security about being able to suckle on my partners breasts and drink the freshly produced warm milk her body has been so busy making. It's both really romantic to me as well a an act of real intimacy.

SO, what am I looking for here.
I'll list some of my likes below, but most importantly, I am looking not just for rp stuff but preferably a companionship/partner, as in someone I can share this whole pregnancy kink with but also just have conversations with on a somewhat daily basis while maybe having a kind of RP going on as well. Like when we wake up and write to each other in the morning, I would write something like " *Slowly opens my eyes to see that you're still snuggling up in my arms from last night. My warm hand resting on top of your round belly. I stroke it softly before giving you a loving kiss on your neck* Did mamma have a good sleep? I can't wait to spend more time with you later today. What would your plans be for today, hon? "
So basically like a pretend relationship with a little story to it. Kinda.
Would also be a huge bonus if it was someone I could watch movies/games or do other stuff with outside of roleplaying
I am ONLY interested in girls here tho. I hope this is something you can all just accept. It's just how I work mentally with this.
I'm not really looking for short term or single roleplays. Those are neither very engaging or interesting to me. I'm only looking for a long term parter.
Also, if you don't like writing more than one sentence or genreally just make short replies to everything, don't bother.

When I RP, I prefer to pretty much play the role of myself from a first person perspective. It jsut feels more real to me this way.
I also personally prefer Roleplays that kind takes place in the real world without too much drama. I like things to mostly just be a pleasant

That being said. Here is a list of likes and dislikes so you have something to go on.

Huge bellies
Pregnancy Sex
Swollen milky breasts
Cum inflation (Mild)
Breast smothering
Belly worthship (Basically showering with attention)
Giving Massages
Felling the baby move in the womb


Dislike and won't do
Short RPS
Illiterate partners

Well, that was a novel and a half.
If anyone should feel interested in talking, you are more than welcome to hit me up if you feel like we might compliment each other.

You can find me on various platforms
Discord: Blace#0244
Telegram: @Blace_Medal
Skype: blace_medal (Not too active here)
Mail: blaceDK@hotmail (Rarely checks)

bd758 No.8329

This thread is huge now. Anyway been a while, and Yahoo Messenger is dead, so might as well throw in my hat again.

I'm a male RP'er looking for a female.

I'm into:
-labor inducing sex
-Normal births
-Lewd births
-long births
-sex driven scenes
-rough sex.

And just a bunch of other things.

Not a fan of:

I have more details on my F-list: https://www.f-list.net/c/sam%20yamigari/

Best way to reach me is KIK: Striderskunk

aaeb7 No.8341

Male looking for males or females for unrealistic, but not hyper, pregnancy RPs. Both Mpreg and Fpreg.

Hit me up on discord at Bloodshade Zai#5954

Also have kik: Ragdoll777

aaeb7 No.8342

Also not interested in non con unless it involves aliens or something.

dd20d No.8344

To the person called 'Babygirlbreeder' on kik, for some reason It won't let my messages get through to you. If you have an e-mail, Discord, or something else, let me know.

d2737 No.8383

been a while so I thought I'd repost.

I'm a 20 year old male looking for females to roleplay with.

Likes: Birth, sex during labor/birth, animal pregnancy, incest (sister)

Dislikes: Gore, bursting, anything that'd involve death of the mother or child.

Discord: Asthanad#9874
Google Hangouts: josh.helsley@gmail.com

495ab No.8390

918ca No.8405

Hey all! I've been a lurker for like, a lot of years. I've been rping for longer than that, probably like 10 years now or something pretty close to that. ( I was a messed up kid… ) I'm looking for someone who is or plays male who wants to love and care for his pregnant little girl as much as he wants to train her and teach her respect :)

I don't really want to rp on f-list, I'll do it if I really have to though. Here's my profile, has a bunch of stuff on it to give you a good idea, but if you've got a question please ask, I'd love to chat!


The only reliable way to contact me is kik: rotundInflator

If you really have to, f-list will do.

If I'm interested, I'll message back!

5dce2 No.8409

I used to play a lot on Kik, but as of late, it hasn't been working properly for me. I know not many people use Hangouts here, but it has been the perfect place for me to stay logged and play.

My Hangouts is gone.whisper@gmail.com

I'm a girl, love pregnancy, specially alternate pregnancies, like rapid, permanent pregnancy and being pregnant in all the wrong places. I'm very open minded.

aaadd No.8410

I’m a bit newbie at this…

My name is Ellie and I’m a girl looking anyone to have an RP where pretty much anything goes!!

Pregnancy Sex
Swollen milky breasts
Giving Massages
Feeling the baby move


Dislike and won't do:
Annoying partners
Really rude partners

You can add me at:

Discord: HikariSasaki#1959
Also i have whatsapp, but i would be able to share at private message.

0159b No.8412

has anyone else here been having issues with KIK?

363a4 No.8422

I have Discord now
Somarifan513 #4914

b5ca1 No.8425

Hi all,

I guess I am on the hunt for a new roleplay partner. I have been roleplaying for many years, and would like someone who is somewhat experienced as well. I am a male, and am looking for a female. I like to keep things basic and stick to real world-ish scenarios (as opposed to outer space or something). I also like to keep scenes simple. I perfer to play a man who inherits or obtains female parts during (and after) pregnancy. My kinks include extreme pregnancy (though still being able to walk, or waddle), breastfeeding, birth (but no graphic or hard births), I am kind of a size queen, and like to have irrationally large genetalia, and im sure theres more, but I cant think of it off hand. If you are interested, either message me on here, or I am on Discord at alwaysontheline #8047. If you send me a message on Discord, please let me know you are from here!

0509b No.8447

My male for female, looking for casual preg roleplay. Dom preg or sub preg is fine, want proof of female, will reply with proof of male. Will send kick after a reply here. Open to anything aside alien or bursting, possibly open to furry. P4p

7eb05 No.8465

Hey everyone! I was locked from this account a little while and lost all my chats. If you messaged me please do it again.

9410f No.8476

Hello there, I am inexperienced when it comes to roleplay, but I am looking to learn. I am not new to pregnancy fetishes, however, and I am pretty much interested in a vast amount of things related to it. I am primarily only against guro, death, and scat. I am willing to talk to anyone regarding fetishes and art related to them, but, when it comes to roleplay, I would prefer a female partner to guide me through things. I can be reached at Virsago9IL on Kik and Virsago#6268 on Discord. I am looking forward to speaking with any of you.

678b2 No.8479

Likes: Labor, childbirth, multiples(twins, triplets, etc) large babies, difficult births http://us23.chatzy.com/43314448548596

126f4 No.8485

MUSHes are a thing, and several are really easy to join and condusive to roleplay.

Here's one.

Don't even need to download anything, there's a browser client.

If you try it out and create a character, you might find me around. It could use more pregnancy roleplayers!

I enjoy large bellies, large babies and movement, overdue and extended pregnancies, multiples (within reason), and intimacy.

Not so keen on birth, blood, or messiness though.

dc681 No.8486

Hey there all. I've posted on here once or twice before a long while back. I haven't been able to find any good quality RP partners, and I figured I would give it a shot over here.

I'm a male with about… 6+ years of RP experience looking for either females, or those capable and willing to play as female characters. What I'm mainly looking for is some people who can do a good, quality RP. No one-liners please. I'd prefer paragraph length or with plenty of details, seeing as that's how I tend to do things myself.

I'm into a good deal of things, and I'll list some here. Feel free to ask about any of them or any other things I'm into by sending a message. As for what I'm into-
-Hyper pregnancy
-Rapid pregnancy (Anywhere from weeks to minutes)
-Permanent pregnancy
-Birthing (Usually not the main focus, but it is enjoyable at times, though heavily preferred to be pleasurable)
-Weight gain
-Hyper sizes
-Size problems
-Lactation (Of course)
And more.

What I'm not into is, thankfully, a much shorter list.
-Vore (Depends a bit on the situation. If you're intere in this, ask about it first.)

I tend to use a variety of sources to RP, though instant messaging apps like Kik and Discord are my current preferences. Anyone interested in getting an RP going feel free to send a message at any time.

Kik- Rpwolfking
Discord- PyroWolf#8105
F-list- https://www.f-list.net/c/Matt%20Draco/

A quick note for those who chose to use Discord, those who choose to send a message through Discord may want to message me through F-list or send an email to let me know if I don't respond very quickly. It may mean that I'm asleep, and I may not see the notification of a friend request.

678b2 No.8491

678b2 No.8503

55545 No.8535

85a3d No.8537

Username: Nexus 199
RP as: man

RP with: woman

-Multiple pregnancy
-Incest (Mom-son / Dad-daughter)
-Pregnant sex
-Sex into labor
-Erotic romance
-Public sex
-Public birth
-Water breaking
-Moaning during labor.

What she does not like: Mpreg, Domination, Unbirth, Vore, Pee

Moving to: You or together if it is Yuri.

Adjustments: Modern, homelike, realistic.

Languages: English, Spanish

OC: A couple in love in which the woman is pregnant near or after her due date and to satisfy her lust has relationships with her partner (according to the character).

Places I RP: Discord. Do not hesitate to send me a message.

Thank you. Nexus199.
Discord: Nexus199#3869
E-mail: vongolafamily15@gmail.com

d7c0b No.8544

Hi, am a 29 male, I'm open to pretty much any and every RP prompt. I only play with women.

My main kinks include:
-preg morph
-Alien/Monster Birth
-Size difference and size change
-Breast expansion
-milking and lactation

If you are interested My kik is starwen35

d7c0b No.8545

Hi, am a 29 male, I'm open to pretty much any and every RP prompt. I only play with women.

My main kinks include:
-preg morph
-Alien/Monster Birth
-Size difference and size change
-Breast expansion
-milking and lactation

If you are interested My kik is starwen35

e9e66 No.8578

Looking to do mpreg and fpreg with a male and female character. Nsfw themes are cool with me. Like to have some romance going on.

So basically. Male x female with me playing the male. Both can be preggers. Would prefer larger pregnancies.

Anthro/furries are cool. So are other races.

Not into rape or non con. Don’t ask.

Would prefer at least a paragraph. Third person story format though first person is okay too.

Only willing to RP on discord. Hit me up there.

Bloodshade Zai#5954

Feel free to ask for other fetishes. Open to inflation, expansion, and weight gain among other things.

You don’t have to be a female to play a female by the way.

14b87 No.8606


I'm looking for roleplay partners interested in normal or extreme pregnancy (and mpreg)! Male and female characters are both welcome ^.^

Furries welcome too!

I'm open to a lot of fetishes, including birthing, extreme pregnancy, weight issues, and more. If you're curious, just ask me~

One paragraph posts in third person preferred.

Friend me on Discord if you want to play~

Akari Tani#7263

96832 No.8609

Hello! I’m in the mood for a new rp partner! I’ll make it quick for you guys reading. I’m a girl, looking for either male or female, doesn’t matter too much.

Multiples (I don’t much like going over 8, triplets are my favorite)
Navel play
-Popped out navels are the best. Belly button licking, kissing, playing with, and the vision of the belly button popping out is the best
-I love pleasurable births, not too-painful ones
Belly sounds
-gurgling tummy, groaning tummies, Big, full belly full of sloshing fluid brings me to my next like
Water breaking
-I’m not just into this, but I like the idea of the water breaking on you, like, a big amount of water
Rapid pregnancy
Non human pregnancy


E-mail me at oceanrabbitoo@gmail.com. I don’t have kik, I don’t much care for the platform. I know this was a quick list, send me some of your likes and we can jump in!

eed34 No.8610

Hey, F here, looking for all sorts of kinky people who would love to roleplay some kinky pregnancies, regardless of gender. My only weakness is that an extremely detailed, lengthy partner intimidates me beyond belief, but I try to keep up.

I'm big into unique and interesting roles, settings, or concepts. I love things you don't see every day: a boss and coworker, a world where laying eggs is normal, a knocked up celebrity flaunting (or hiding) her belly in public, a world where pregnancy is encouraged, a pregnant college student, a "babysitter" who can temporarily transfer pregnancies into her own womb, a 'breeding'/pregnancy facility, and all sorts of other kinky ideas. If you still don't get the idea, I'm open to exploring all sorts of settings and fantasies!

I'm also open to playing the superheroes and characters that I know. Multiple characters is an option.

"Inhuman" pregnancies (monsters, spirits, tentacles, aliens, animals, "super soldiers", what have you), difficult pregnancies, clothes that don't fit, going long overdue, active babies, big babies, eggs, showing the belly off in public, lots of groping and 'affection' (i.e. comments, teasing, staring, dirty talk about the belly), a changing body, and a good story! And, probably a few more, you just have to ask.

Likes (it's cool if we're both into them, but I'm definitely not in the mood 24/7):
Natural impregnation, breeding, incest, surrogacy, "magic" pregnancies, science experiments, noncon, blackmail, kidnapping, "unwanted"/forced pregnancies, rapid pregnancy, multiples, permanent pregnancy, roles where we might get in trouble if a pregnancy is discovered (student, babysitter, girl next door, coworkers, etc.), a first-time mom (or the exact opposite), accidental pregnancy, futas, ageplay (nothing too extreme), and a ton more that I can't think of.

Rape is okay, milk's a maybe, and body transformations/expansion is welcome. If you want to include some mpreg, too, I'd love to experiment.

Just contact me at Fraise#3900 on Discord.

0159b No.8612

just sent you a friend req :)

3cfe4 No.8616

i tried to send you a message on discord, but it says the username doesnt exist :(

deae4 No.8632

Hello, I would like to make a RP very different from everything I have seen and participated. I would like to make a RP with multiple players, that is, I would like to make a story in relation to a harem of pregnant women, with several different girls (players) and some boy.
My style of dialogue is that of paragraph and the things that I like are:
Pregnant in her third trimester, near or after her due date
Pregnancy with huge babies
Multiple pregnancy (maximum 4 babies)
Water breaking (A large stream of water)
Strong contractions
Sex during pregnancy
Sex inducing labor
Sex during childbirth
Durable birth (I do not like the idea that the baby is born fast)
Difficult birth (The baby is stuck)
Orgasmic birth
Birth in panties
Home birth or in a closed place
Graphic birth. (Crowning and feeling that the baby starts to decender inside you)
Different positions in which you want to give birth
Groans of pain

I do not like:
I am a man but sometimes I like to play female characters.
My private discord is Crowknight # 3819 but I will create different rooms or stages for all women or men who are interested in participating

a386d No.8648

Hey, currently looking for new RP partners, male or female.

Pregnancy, breeding, impregnation, and cum inflation are my main kinks, though I don't mind other kinks except for vore, gore, scat and watersports.

My Discord is Soma#5450 and it is the best place to reach me.

Thank you!

4f3cf No.8649

I should probably see about updating this huh? Well, not much has changed, although there are some changes. I'm okay with hyper pregnancy on a per-case basis. I'm also now adding Unbirth to the list of things I like. I also would prefer people using my discord: Kittenz01#3324
I hope we can have fun ^.^

a9483 No.8650

Anyone here from the SF Bay Area?

7e709 No.8666

Hi there!
I'm looking someone to RP conception and birth scenarios with (European timezone, though I'm a bit of a night owl :P )
I like rping long, drawn out and difficult deliveries where the child is quite large, though nothing too unrealistic. Otherwise I'm more than willing to try different scenarios and various kinks.
I always rp in third person, past tense.

Feel free to contact me on my discord: JB#8350

9e111 No.8670

Since Yahoo died i lost a few of the people i used to rp with. Im 37 and female. Ive been rping for a long time now. I prefer third person and i feel im not good at all with modern day. Im pretty open as these are just some of the stuff i can think of.

Pregnancy/Birth (prefer birth more)
Large Babies
Petite mothers/babies getting stuck
Long Crowing
Water breaking
Baby being pushed back in
Underage pregnancy - 14 at least
Being told not to push
& more

Willing to try
Sex during labor/birth

Not interested in
Huge gaps in ageplay
Weightgain (besisdes noraml)

Skype: Lilith Shadowalker
Discord: Lilith#2494
I have a kik but overly i dont really like using it.
Kik: Lilith_Marionette

f1112 No.8671

sent a Discord request.

027c2 No.8672

Oh yeah these exists.
I'm looking for someone good to RP together really, I've been on the hunt these last few days.
My kinks include anything big belly related, but especially pregnancy, and especially things like pregnant belly play like licking, slapping and what have you. I'm also really into labor, contractions and birth denial. Not exactly the birth aspects, just those three.
As long as you're not into scat, gore, vore, bursting (burst teasing is cool beans tho), I'm down with anything, really. Just say what you want, and we can work out the kinks (heh)
RP on Discord because I don't feel like doing it anywhere else: Beatdoof#5030 if you're interested.

3a724 No.8718

Sorry for the block of text but gotta give it up that a girl knows what she wants <3

In the line of the work of early notabot99, I want to do a slice of life romance RP with a massively pregnant belly/bellies as the focus. I'm not looking for a lot of fantasy elements and fantasy pregnancy can be a common place thing or a rarity. I'm looking for someone to play as a friend as we go through the day to day struggles of being so heavily pregnant. I don’t like to play your wife or girlfriend, more focusing on the meet cute aspect of crushes or rekindling a relationship with an old friend.

While I'm not ruling out sex, the focus of the RP is the day to day struggles, shopping, cleaning, cooking, travel, work while being massively pregnant. As someone who has some PTSD, my characters are definitely real and damaged, and being sexually aggressive or mean will put you in the dog house. I can be fickle and very hot and cold, some days my character might pounce you but others she might not be into it at all.

I'm looking for a partner who is a skilled and dedicated writer. I’m mostly available from 13:00-22:00 UTC. I'm someone who can definitely get attached and likes to send pics to enhance the story once you earn my trust. I'm looking for someone who is opened to making a connection. As someone who is rapidly approaching 30, really 21+ only should apply, 25+ is preferred. I prefer to roleplay on Discord, message me at Sadie Whispers#6529

About Me: a young kinky professional with a writing background looking to explore her sexual fantasies. I want to be able to chat with you daily or at least be informed if you are busy. I’ve done probably 100+ roleplays at this point of various lengths.
You can check my deviantart for pics: http://www.noneedforaname360.deviantart.com
Or myy video/audio work at https://www.pornhub.com/users/sadiewhispers

643c9 No.8726

Heya! I’m Bunny. Time to start fresh…if you’ve roleplayer with me before, feel free to send me another e mail so we can go again. I’m a female looking for any gender, all is good. Quick note, I’m an e mail roleplayer, mainly because I like to look back on old roleplays. I don’t have kik and I’m not too fond of it. I might be up for a different platform though!

•Multiples pregnancy (I prefer to top it off at 4 or 5, I’m not much for hyper pregs)
•Labor, birth (I much prefer these to be pleasurable over painful!)
•Water breaking
•Belly play (licking, lots of rubbing, talking about the belly and how hot it is)
•Navel play (I lo o o o ve outies, woohoo!)
•Non-human pregnancy
•Different clothing during pregnancy (I’m not sure how to describe this one. It’s kind of like wearing different types of clothes, tight tank tops, fishnet tops, sexy clothes)
•Belly sounds (Gurgling, sloshing, groaning)
•Belly movement

Don’t like:
•Excessive pain

I think that’s about it. When you message me, I’d like a list of your likes/dislikes plz. I am looking forward to your e mail ^. ^ lemonbunnybun@gmail.com

8b37f No.8732

http://us21.chatzy.org/51805587019654#0 The person I used to Rp with ditched me so I'm looking for someone new to talk to, Sonic characters are preferred but I don't mind OCs. We'll discuss likes and dislikes in the chat

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