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A friend of mine started a Kik group for like minded peoples. It's called Pregkik. It's for… chatting, rp hookup, whatever. I promise at least one of us is female, too! (Coming soon to a Kik near you: one female and 49 males! I kid. I hope.)

We can invite you! Comment with your Kik username and we'll invite you.

For those who don't know what Kik is: it's IM for your phone. It is not tied to your cell # and there can be group chats. Download it from your App Store or Play Store or Blackberry Black Market or whatever. (I do not know what it is compatible with).
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15f3a No.5833

Let's give it a try, I'd like some story feedback or ideas.

Username: KyleHydePC

f0b22 No.5843

im male. I'm quite interested to chat with people. Add me. Malebirther

f622f No.5872

add rustbucket2010 please

dff26 No.5949

Can you add me please?

Kik: ssumday43

6479c No.5960

Add please! 27/m here. Kik: pm2953

31fab No.5961

I'm a lil pissed that I posted one picture and I get banned from the group but yet pokemon pregnant pokemon trainers isn't underaged it specifys that the trainers you play in the games are 10 years old and same with the anime but yet you guys post underaged pregnancy all the time on this site so why should I be banned for something that everyone else does and how would I what is underaged your friend could have been posting about kid pictures that are from animes for kids or just kids shows the rules arent specified on that kik he is in charge of so yeah hebtw I have freedom of speech so I am just ranting of a rule that isn't really specified at all in my opinion

fdaf2 No.5992

Add me to, thanks
id : masterwellborn

1c989 No.5998

Add riyolovespregs please!

9c3cc No.6004

Someone tell the guy in charge of the kik why isn't it fair to post underaged content if this fucking website has a whole damn section about it how is that fair if it's a kik chat about pregchan shouldn't I be allowed to post underaged pregnancy pictures, I want this matter delta with please

d84c6 No.6006

They aren't run by the same people, don't have to follow the same rules. Make your own chat.

9c3cc No.6007

First off for your info he doesn't show the rules anywhere on the kik chat or.on here so his rules are technically not there and second I asked him more then once what underage was and then he told me I knew and then he would get the fucking police involved Hello if I don't know something then idfk it I need to know the rules to fucking follow it I usually follow.the fucking rules this guy is power hungry becuz he runs an unfair kik chat so please don't tell me I have every right to bitch about this guy oh and also the main owner should make the kik not a power hungry maniac

d84c6 No.6008

The owner of pregchan has no interest in making a kik chat, so somebody made an unofficial pregchan kik chat. You can whine all you want, but they person who made the chat gets to make the rules of the chat they made. Either deal with their rules by following them or don't. But you don't get to dictate the rules of something you don't own. Go make your own chat. You've got every right to complain, sure, but I have every right to point out why your complaints are stupid.

0a4b8 No.6016

Throw me in the chat, ultraperv9000.

9c3cc No.6020

Who wants to join my kik chat :) we have role play and there are no restrictions on what you post :) if it's a pregnant fetish you like by all means post it in my chat

89ada No.6029

I'll join!


d2504 No.6081

Oooh! Add me LadyWyvernic

b75ac No.6086

fuck it, might as well. softlydarling/f/21

6a9d3 No.6143

Pregkik sounds like fun! Please add me: Chadbok28

afe98 No.6144

Add me again I guess?


c1a92 No.6152

eh sure, mshamchats

0edd7 No.6168

I use mostly discord but I guess I'll get a kik. What kind of pregnancy fetishes are you all into anyways? I'm into anything but futas, hypers, lolis, monster girls, gore, horriblyou drawn preggos.

0edd7 No.6169

Add proteintt if you can pls

3996e No.6170

27M looking to RP with any f

7a0d7 No.6313

Whenever you get a chance, ashleyyp_br. I would really appreciate it.

7c9ec No.6316

My kik is fireandice54 would love to join

7c9ec No.6317

My kik is fireandice54 would love to join

7c9ec No.6318

My bad didn't mean to post twice

69679 No.6321

please add me too - spacefunk771

496fe No.6322

How do I join this group? This kik group I mean. My kik name is bryanklemm.

496fe No.6787

Can I be added to the group?

Kik name: bryanklemm

2c7fa No.6788

Hi! I'm kinksysin! I'd like to join :)

7ee04 No.6807

i'd like to join!

username: hthrshea

93330 No.6809

I'll join gaomizuchi

580ef No.6967

Can I get in?

Kik: ashleyyp_br

dc5ed No.6974

I would like in my username is: pregnantmegan2013

cd402 No.7011

Mind if I join?
Username: ripvwinkle

67a1a No.7107

Interested in getting more into writing stuff.

Username: Vorpeseda

bbfc6 No.7171

Can I get in on it?
My kik is SilentRunningSub

87b1d No.7212

my kik is bichettex

91219 No.7239

I'd like to join if this is still up.

Kik is vivikova.

a35a4 No.7241

Would like to try some Kik rp. Username is Danganropi. Add if interested.

b63cd No.7242

Can I join, my kik is NadiaRomanov

e1305 No.7245

Please add me too. Bloopd1

a35a4 No.7256

M|19 Looking for F to rp in Kik
Name: Danganropi

72011 No.7262

My kikname is Miller_996

9eb91 No.7263

Is this group still around?

If so, my username is belliesrlovely2.

dd678 No.7266


I'd like to join~

f235e No.7337


e1093 No.7338

I'm down

44ea6 No.7362

Kik starwen35 looking for F

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