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74370 No.3662

Hello everyone. I am hosting a DnD campaign on kik, and am looking to fill a slot. We will be playing pathfinder, starting at level 1. No experience is needed, and I am more than open to homebrew ideas to fit the pregnancy fetish a bit more without devolving into straight fetish content.

Just post in the pregkik chat, and i will add you to the general thread.

a9122 No.3663

what is 'kik'?

3e94e No.3665

Some kind of phone app or something.

ec3e0 No.3671

Oh geez, this is making me nostalgic for the days of the PG-13 forums (you weren't the first one to have a preg D&D idea).

Unfortunately I'm not into phone things, I'm better with the old-fashioned platforms (forums, IRC)

74370 No.3672

I understand and apologize, but I'm pretty constantly on the move. I was considering moving to skype, but my boss might question why it is on my profile.

3f76c No.3673

Playing as a fertility/healing domain half-elf female cleric, and Trr's hosting a pretty enjoyable session so far. Gotta build the story up first, but fetish content is finding its way in :)

As for emphasis on the lack of experience, my DnD experience started and stopped with Neverwinter Nights I & II from 2002-2006. Considering that, skimming pathfinder site references and consulting with Trr has made character creation and the update in game mechanics easy to get back into (remembering it all is another story, but it comes with practice).

5f73d No.7010

Are you still looking to fill a slot?

2a23c No.7012

I'd love to join! If you guys are still looking for party members

e4e7e No.7014

Been more than a year since soulc's last post. They probably either filled the slot or made do without…

Though, considering this is drumming up fresh interest, it would be a good opportunity to start a new campaign.

39f39 No.7015

Huhu, guys, anyone up to GM?

cacac No.7016

Nothing going on in this regards guys. trr tried to coordinate something with 3-4 people, but in the end it was only him and myself doing what essentially turned into a rp session.

Lost steam in a week or so, so we called it off at that point.

39f39 No.7017

How unfortunate :(
If anyone is willing,pls consider me for ur slot!
I promise u we'll all have fun. I just don't know how to gee-em

e4e7e No.7018

I'd consider DM'ing and would probably organize something similar to Fertile Faerie, Seasons, or CoC&D, but I'm pretty unfamiliar with Roll20 and wonder if time zones would work out.

In addition, there'd be like, 2 weeks in July or August I'd be completely unavailable, so I don't know if that would be conducive to the success of the beginning sessions of a campaign.

aedd1 No.7019

I'd love to play/run a Maiesta campaign sometime.

8759c No.7021

Oh yeah, that's a good one, too.

6baeb No.7022

If there is interest again, I'd gladly host it, probably on discord rather than kik.

e4e7e No.7023

I'd be down. Saves me from learning Roll20 or something. Plus, you probably still have unused material from last time, right?

aedd1 No.7024

I'm always interested but my schedule is shit. Still i can make an effort if you need people.

026d7 No.7028

Just gauging interest here: would people prefer a premade campaign with fetish content added (e.g. Curse of Strahd or Dragon's Hoard), or would a campaign built from the ground-up to cater be preferred?

f2e4d No.7030

The former would probably be easier, though if you can pull off the latter it would be impressive.

7efad No.7031

I'd love to write a campaign featuring pregnancy themes, but I can't DM. >.<
(or play. I'm not one of those 'only come to BBQs if someone provides the food' kinda guys.)

aedd1 No.7032

A premade campaign actually sounds like it would be fun. My only concern is how lethal curse of strahd was when my group played it. Still sounds cool though.

e4e7e No.7035

Do you have an idea to pitch?

ed4c4 No.7038

So I may be a bit late to the thread here, but if anyone's still looking for system rules, I've got two recommendations:

The first is a small and slutty suppliment for the Pathfinder roleplaying system which adds a few fetish-y classes, one of which is focused on pregnancy. There's a copy of it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9YfIclFDvQHcXhNRHYzTFgxRTg/view

The other is FAPP, which is billed as an overtly sex-themed roleplaying system, which lets you turn fetishes into special abilities. For example, you can induce pregnancy in others, accelerate or deccelerate the rate at which someone grows, or how big/fertile they become. The system was built with furries in mind, but there's actually nothing in the book which has anything to do with them in a mechanics sense. The series rules are free, and it comes in two flavors.

Basic Fapp, for quick play - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9YfIclFDvQHNEFjZ2l1SWcwc2s/view

and Advanced Fapp, for more detailed smut - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9YfIclFDvQHOWdJLW1oeFZHSmM/view

I don't know if it'll be the cup of tea of anyone here, and I hope you won't begrudge me for recommending it, but I feel like it could work well. IIRC the series creator even pre-made a bunch of stuff to import over to MapTools (which is like Roll20) for online play.

aedd1 No.7044

I was only able to find 1 instance of pregnancy in the fapfinder one (the Herald class, Champion archetype, Mother patron: Allows you to SMITE enemies to make them pregnant, and gives you bonuses to fighting anything pregnant).

Did I miss any? Still reading through, just curious.

24245 No.7045

If I were to run it would be homemade, have some preg themed adventure ideas, though if someone else is willing to DM, they would likely do so better than me. As far as existing adventures, kingmaker would be perfect for more rp heavy, and then maybe rise of the runelords or jade reagent work

aedd1 No.7047

I have a question for potential players. Would you prefer to play as pregnant women (or 'characters') or would you rather play a person interacting with pregnant characters?

50794 No.7049

I'd rather play a pregnant character or one who gets pregnant than just interacting, but I'd be fine with either. If I was DM'ing, I'd probably set up for the former, though.

24245 No.7050

sorry, had posted the reccomendation for kingmaker (as its a multi-year campaign) I would love to do both, because wizards are great.

6c390 No.7051

Has anybody made a discord yet? If not I'm just gonna do so because I'm having a horrendous day and am in the mood for table rpg so making a group to organize a game or two sounds nice right now.

What's king maker, btw? Cause I was considering running Maiesta but I've seen a lot of game reccome dations i don't recognize in the thread.

But yeah, I'm gonna make a discord. I'll post the link once somebody shows interest

80059 No.7054

Depending on the game I might be interested, though I don't have a whole lot of free time on my hands… So I can't exactly commit to a game until things are more solid.

aedd1 No.7055

Neither can I really, though I'm interested in running one shots or small casual not super long campaigns myself

aedd1 No.7057

Oh, evidently Maiesta second edition just came out and they have a discord. http://maiestarpg.deviantart.com/journal/Level-Up-The-Maiesta-RPG-2nd-Edition-686285576#comments

023e7 No.7058

Kingmaker is a Pathfinder Adventure Module where the players start exploring new land, then found a kingdom, and adventure to expand the borders of a fledgeling empire. It has turn based strategy elements where months go by for the game.

40345 No.7060

Ooh, this looks interesting. Maybe it'll give me some inspiration or a bigger support network for my own ideas…

806c1 No.7315

Heya everyone out there. I'm planning to start a thread here in a bit with a prefab campaign and Coc-style system (sex after battles, npcs, etc.) Details about extra stuff like items and transformations is negotiable.

Anyways, couple questions about it:

1. I currently have Storm King's Thunder, Curse of Strahd, and Dragon Queen's Hoard. Which is the preferred package (or is there a 5e homebrew people are interested in)? I'm open to buying another if people are interested.

2. Would people prefer a DM-made party and vote on what they do, or something more like Orgy Trail, where characters are made by the readers?

3. Would people prefer specific individuals to play their characters and then get replaced as time passes, or would everyone prefer to vote on the party's actions as a whole?

Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

aedd1 No.7316

Hmmm… I'm not sure which would be better. How DnD are you going to make it?

9f74a No.7317

I'd basically plan to just run a straight-on D&D campaign, character sheets, combat, checks, whole shebang.

Biggest question is: would specific users playing specific characters be better, or would everyone voting on the party's/character's actions be better? On one hand, the combat'd probably be pretty tedious if done by community, but I think it'd be more fun to do the rest of the role playing aspect by vote. Still need to straighten that out and get some opinions.

3db43 No.7318

I've played 4th edition D&D a few times (as well as a few other systems, like Warhammer 40K). But never heard of Pathfinder before, so afraid I don't know much about that one.

Also better with Forums rather than phone apps.
Like the idea though :)

f42ca No.7320

Pathfinder is an alternate take on D&D3.5. It has its share of critics, since it has preserved a few game mechanics from 3.5 that can be heavily abused, but I've had fun with it so far.
As for 4e, I've made one character, then the GM just stopped. Easy come, easy go.

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