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To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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c7ce9 No.8587


Thank you for the reassurance, aristo. I guess I'll have to wait until Edward's girls grow bumps. It's been a long wait, I must say.

9656a No.8589

It's been a real privilege to be able to write for you all. Thank you for staying with the story for so long. You are the real writers and drive of Impregnator Kings.

That said, I hope the next update meets expectations, as it should introduce some new characters. I will aim for a Friday update.

78dd0 No.8590

Oooooh, will we get to see the new priest and the nuns already? I'm excited!

9656a No.8591

Apologies, not those characters. Indeed, though Edward's made his choice, but the priest has not even left the castle with the order to deliver it to the Church's organization, so it's impossible they'd be introduced before the Faire is over.

9656a No.8618

Hello everyone.

An interesting issue had been brought up in my deviantart by a reader. That is, what the new game+ may look like regarding the wife choices.

When I first announced there'd be a new game+, I expected I would simply take the top three girls who got the most votes from the first poll (Arturia, Flora, Alena) and have another vote with only them. Only three candidates.

However, given that we are almost at the third year anniversary of the beginning, it may be worthwhile to re-think that.

No decision is being made, yet. There is still much left for Edward in Ruhemania, if possible.

But, I wanted to see if there was any interest in possibly introducing more bride choices to replace some of the original less-popular brides.

I think I have a better grasp of what people want to read, are attracted to, and are repulsed by, now. And I do have some good ideas for new potential brides as well.

Of course, I would still include Arturia, Flora, and Alena in this hypothetical new list.

Let me know if you find any particular idea preferable.

I hope the game is enjoyable.

0c0c0 No.8619

Different choices would also be interesting.

Is it clear that a new game would be played with "the same" Edward, i.e. would the decision of playing as a good guy still be in place because it came before the bride choice? Or would we also have to re-establish Edward's character?

9656a No.8623

Edward will still be the same person, but he will be the person he was when he made the choice in Virilia. He at least will not be so involved with fighting and sparring that he became so in Ruhemania. (Before reaching Ruhemania that was only one of many hobbies he pursued.)

I don't think I have it in me to re-define Edward's character entirely by now. It would feel too strange to change him to the paranoid power-hungry archetype I initially offered as a choice.

Consider the new game+ less of a "do-over" and more of a "rewind," in that respect.

9656a No.8659

Hello everyone.

Apologies for the wait. I realized in the time it took me to update the three-year mark for Impregnator Kings since its start has passed.

I'm not sure if I had been asked "do you see yourself still writing this in three years" I would have answered with "yes." At the very least, it would have been impossible if the story had not been received as well as it has been.

I want to thank everyone for reading and continuing to vote. Whether you were here from the beginning or off and on or just discovered it yesterday. The story would never have lasted as long as it had without you. Thank you for writing this story with me.

There's still a lot to go, if I am able.

f2678 No.8660

Let me be the first to thank you for your amazing work over the last three years, aristo! It is incredible that you are still able to do this after so long (and that you are still willing to put up with us ;-))
The story is still a lot of fun and I for one very much look forward to what the next three years will bring :-)

Here's to you, to Edward and Tharja, and to their sexy future! *raises glass*

c7ce9 No.8661


Three years.. is quite a long time.

But hey, looking forward to that ride as long as the train hasn't stopped.

9656a No.8678

Hello everyone.

I hope everyone's enjoying their holiday. I'm still working on the next update.

However, I thought perhaps this would be a good time for an informal poll.

I'm really curious to know.

What would you most like to see from Impregnator Kings this upcoming year?

>A return to daily updates.

>Reaching a point in the story women are visibly pregnant with Edward's seed.
>Reaching a new game+.

I know what everyone must be thinking from seeing these choices. "Hold on, those aren't mutually exclusive." You'd be right. They aren't, necessarily. If I reached a point I was making daily updates again, we likely would progress with the story faster, and the other two would follow naturally. We would progress faster to a point the girls would become visibly pregnant, and likely even get closer to a satisfactory ending for "this" path of Edward's story.

But, in terms of what would give you the most satisfaction, what would your choice be?

A return to regular engagement and knowing there will be a new chapter of Edward to read every day?
Or moving toward payoff of all the buildup that's accumulated?
Or the anticipation of the next journey and how the change in setting might open new possibilities?

Well, it's okay if you don't have an answer or the answer is "all three."

But I am curious to hear feedback and thought this would be a good opportunity to ask with the new year coming.

Feel free to ad-lib as well, of course.

Thank you very much.

c7ce9 No.8680


Technically,I would say all of the above. However, that answer does not provide good feedback.

So I will be more specific, listing the options in order by PRIORITIES.

Option 2 - That was the motivation for keeping me in choosing options, knowing I will be eventually rewarded at some point in time.

Option 1 - Consistency is fine, but I worry that you might not be able to keep up with that consistency. Daily updates give you a pressure to keep the pacing, regardless of stuff you have to deal with IRL. My concern is that you might not be able to keep up with constant updates for long in the long term.

Option 3 - My least priority, but I do want to see a pregnant Arturia and how her pregnancy affects the kingdom she is in. Her introductional backstory looks interesting to further explore.

a59ed No.8681


I'd like to see option 1, or something like option 1. A consistent weekly schedule would be nice and help advance the plot faster to reach the other choices. Based off of what I remember you saying in the past, there are enough things being juggled that anything faster than a week probably results in something getting dropped.

c518b No.8682

Option 2 its been a long time comming to see some results

73259 No.8683

Option 2 would be my top priority, getting to see Edward's lovers finally rounding out and enjoying their pregnancies. Option 1 would be nice, though I think it might be a little ambitious- aiming for one to three a week might be a more sustainable pace. I'm personally rather invested in the Tharja storyline, so I don't really relish the idea of it ending in favor of a New Game +, but I am curious as to who the options would be in NG+. Still, I'd be totally satisfied to not see NG+ for another year or two.

034e1 No.8684

Option 2.

I'm enjoying the story, but when it takes 3 years to get to pregnancy content in your pregnancy fetish story, we may have taken a weird left turn somewhere.

b40c8 No.8685

I think the story's reached a bit of a Zeno's Paradox state - more and more words about less and less. Some of our recent interactions have been a bit dull - I'm sure they'll have consequences down the line, but it still slows down the pace a lot and there's been very little fetish content.

I don't think a faster schedule necessarily cures that problem - a more efficient fast-moving story does. The world of webcomics in particular is littered with thrice-weekly stories that took years to resolve a single arc.

New game+ is something I wouldn't think much about. Resolve the story we have first before worrying about the next adventure, I say.

So… Option 2. From a non-fetish perspective I want to see some consequences for earlier decisions, from a fetish perspective I really, really want to see our various, well-developed characters reacting to their pregnancies taking hold.

62046 No.8686

Without parsing words too much and rehashing what you have already stated yourself, the general feeling on this end is somewhere in the "a little bit of all 3 options" department. This story-thread is basically the main and only reason (the royal We) still visit pregchan with any sort of semi-regularity. As long as you're not boring yourself, and that doesn't seem to be the case, it will continue to be worth the interest to see where things lead.

03c2e No.8687

I share Maxi's concern about option 1. I also don't know if I, or other players, would be able to keep up and vote every day, especially when life starts throwing curveballs. In my opinion, burnout is a real danger for both audience and author. Slower is fine, consistence is appreciated.

Also, I have openly admitted that I am not a greedy man, so after working on and impregnating the new three sisters we're getting to know, I'm fine with focusing on proceeding with seeing bellies get rounder and other consequences happening. I'm looking forward to New Game Plus, but I am in no rush to get there.

9656a No.8688

Hello again. Checking back, I'm glad to see the consensus is what I was imagining everyone would want.

I will admit, the days of daily updates are likely over, but not definitely. The story has changed from when it first began. In the first few months, I was very focused on the story. I was not just writing it, I was reading, re-reading, and then double-checking that reading again. I was very concerned with potentially making a mistake in the story's internal logic or narrative. I knew if I contradicted myself, the story would fall apart.

Years later, the story is longer, and the details are more deeply ingrained in my mind. I still must reread it and check for details, but I am less 'afraid' that I will lose one thread and the story will collapse. Of course this means I sometimes let my attention wander or become preoccupied with something else. (Or deal with some issue.)

Daily updates may be impossible, but 'almost daily' may be possible. I don't want to put hard limits because part of the allure of writing is being able to update it as long as there are votes.

Of course, I myself am eager to reach a point where we will have pregnant bellies on the main female characters and all the bumps that brings. All I can say is please bear with me. We will gradually have those develop. (Elizabeth at least is showing, even if the focus isn't on her.) The Faire time will be a bit of a return to focusing on Edward's daily activities as his actions have a little more weight that will be seen immediately instead of week to week. I can only hope you find it delivers on the intrigue promised and the new female characters are enticing.

9656a No.8734

Hello everyone.

Following Moe's example, I wanted to point out that the best (well, only) way to get in touch with me besides pregchan itself is through my DeviantArt account, which is over at aristocrat-mae. I announce updates there, future plans, and I have some non-sexual parts of the story (with some limited commentary) uploaded.

I don't know if there's any interest in my creation of a twitter or anything else. At any rate, if you're wondering when updates are posted, follow that account because I always give a journal notice of "I have updated, with/without a choice."

a53b9 No.8740

This is at best tangentially related to Impregnator Kings, but considering it features Best Girl and one of the newest additions to our cast going head-to-head in a pregnancy competition (tell me that's not something Edward would dream of), I figure I'd share XcelZero's newest Fire Emblem growth poll.

b40c8 No.8812

Calling it now, Emerald Knight is a woman.

9656a No.8824

Hello everyone. Thread #7 was pushed off page 15 and is now a 404.

However, the archive still has it over here:


New update coming soon.

9656a No.8852

Apologies for the late update.

Updating once every two weeks or once a month is not the ideal I want to strive for. I'm hoping to quicken my pace in the upcoming week, if I am able.

9656a No.8913

Hello everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed a return to the quicker pace Impregnator Kings was known for.

We are ending the brief section in which Edward is guaranteed to ask all questions and returning to normal choices.

I do not think I am revealing any big secret to let the readers know that after this scene, Edward will have a series of choices to make one after the other. Potentially.

One of the reason I dislike it when I lapse into a delay in updates is because it throws off the mutual 'rhythm' we all share between voting, updates closing, and updates being posted. I know I missed a few regulars in the last few votes before closing them, but hopefully this warning will help.

Of course, I also know people are also busy or may choose to not use their one vote. That's your right. But in the name of giving fair warning, I just wanted to make it known more choices are coming.

9656a No.8929

The new thread is currently up. As well as a choice.

Thread #8 has been saved for when this thread eventually 404s. ( https://web.archive.org/web/20190601012420/https://pregchan.com/d/res/48104.html )

I'm nervous to rely on archive.org so heavily, but it is the easiest way. It is much easier to follow than simply collecting the raw text, and most sites would not allow the nsfw content anyway.

Thank you for reading along.

9656a No.8930

While I'm at it, I thought maybe cataloguing all the sex scenes I've written for Impregnator Kings would be worthwhile.

This doesn't include very brief asides of "and then Edward had sex with someone." Only full-treatment sex scenes.

For ease of reference and possibly to entice new readers, I also put what positions were used and what the focus of the scene was on.

Thread #1:
1. The matchmaker. (Missionary, the softness of her body.)
2. The female pirate. (Dream sequence. Missionary, the cross-dressing and surprise aspect.)
3. Tharja. (Missionary, her legs around your waist. Defloration, Tharja's excitement.)
4. Tharja. (Handjob.)
5. Tharja. (Hands and knees. Tharja promises to birth six children with each pregnancy over the next 20 years.)
6. Tharja. (Cunnilingus, followed by sex, with legs over shoulders.)

Thread #2:
1. Elizabeth. (Elizabeth on top, Edward unable to use his hands, gradual defloration.)

Thread #3:
1. Elizabeth. (Edward ties Elizabeth up and dominates her.)
2. Beatrice and Tharja. (Edward on top of Beatrice, Tharja on top of Edward.)

Thread #4:
1. Elizabeth and Tharja. (Tharja on Top of Elizabeth, Edward behind them taking his pick of who to penetrate.)
2. Beatrice. (Cunnilingus, Beatrice uses magic to masturbate Edward to orgasm.)
3. Elizabeth. (More binding and domination.)
4. Tharja. (Caressing testicles.)
5. Beatrice. (Edward being dominated, feet-play, Edward with his legs up in a submissive position.)

Thread #5:
1. Tharja. (Tharja straddles Edward in total darkness.)
2. The blacksmith's widowed sister. (Missionary, her not knowing Edward's reputation, an older woman who is still a virgin.)
3. Beatrice. (Sex as an intimate equal. Beatrice in Edward's lap.)
4. Elizabeth. (Impulsive, dominant sex in a closet.)
5. Beatrice. (Cunnilingus, missionary but Edward keeps his hands behind his back.)
6. Erika. (Straddling, Edward masturbates her to orgasm, competition-play throughout.)
7. Beatrice and Tharja. (Foot-worship. Beatrice straddles his thighs. Tharja straddles his face.)
8. Malon. (Missionary, in the hay, first-time.)
9. Malon. (Hands and knees.)
10. Elizabeth and Tharja. (Tharja beneath Elizabeth, Edward on top of Elizabeth. Tharja instructing Elizabeth.)
11. Sully. (Equal position with them both sitting on the bed facing each other, Sully 'clean's Edward's cock with her tongue.)
12. Beatrice. (Beatrice pretends she's pregnant, then straddles and dominates Edward with commands.)
13. Sully. (Sully sits on Edward's lap with her back to his chest and his cock between her thighs, imagining it's her own, then rides him.)
14. Beatrice. (Play at 'seducing' Beatrice, she re-creates her hymen.)

Thread #6:
1. Beatrice. (Sex while clothed.)
2. Sully. (Eager, on the bed)
3. Beatrice. (Fellatio.)
4. Beatrice. (Impulsive sex in her noblewoman-persona.)
5. Tharja. (Tharja on top.)

Thread #7:
1. Sully and Tharja. (Missionary, then bent over.)
2. Sully. (A sexy inspection, in almost-full armor.)
3. Beatrice. (Naked except for a fur, foot-massaging as foreplay, light-domination over Beatrice in missionary.)

Thread #8:
1. Elizabeth. (Worshiping her tiny bump. Then aggressively, up against a wall.)
2. Cordelia. (First-time nervousness. Cordelia has her hands against the wall with her backside exposed.)

9656a No.8952

Hello everyone,

When Impregnator Kings first began, there was a poll on what sort of character people wanted the story to be driven by. This became the basis of Edward.

What I took most from the poll was that people were uninterested in depictions of non-con/rape scenes in the game. I've seen no sign of a shift in this attitude and it is pretty much etched into Edward's personality by now.

However, I feel that this isn't enough to really define what people would like to read or what they are comfortable reading.

Every girl up until now in Impregnator Kings has pretty much asked Edward to give them babies. Robin, we've seen, is not of this mindset at the present state of the story. At what level does resistance, and Edward's charms to penetrate that resistance, cross the line into discomfort for the reader? That is something I have been meditating on and want to find out.

Therefore, I'd like everyone reading who has an interest in Impregnator Kings to respond to the following poll.

This is less "what is rape/non-con," and more "what am I comfortable reading?" At what point does something cross a line?

If you have no opinion there is no need to vote, if you have a strong opinion, please do vote.

This is not a 'majority rules' poll. Nor should you feel constrained to one option. If you wish to elaborate, please do so.

>1. It's okay if the girl acts reluctant at first, and says "yes" before sex.

>2. It's okay if the girl starts off saying firmly "No," as long as she says "yes" before sex.
>3. It's okay if the girl acts reluctant and never says "yes," but never actually verbally says "no," either.
>4. It's okay if the girl starts off saying "no," but then acts like she's getting in to it and doesn't complain or resist after a while, without explicitly saying "yes".
>5. It's okay if the girl starts off saying "no," and still says "no," when sex happens, but it's clear she really doesn't mean it when she says "no." (Her words don't match her actions and she gives her consent in other ways and doesn't really want to stop. Kissing, hugging, wrapping legs, etc.)

Remember, this is less "what qualifies as non-con/rape?" and more "what can I read and still be comfortable?"

I've long had it as a guiding principle that I must write a story people enjoy. If I only write something that depresses people then I have failed as a writer. So, please, if you have any strong opinion, let me know.

3b781 No.8953


Option 3.

9656a No.8954


I've fucked up my own poll.

Okay, this is ostensibly "I'd be fine reading the option I selected and all levels underneath it but not the options above it." So voting option 3 would mean 1, 2, and 3 are okay for the story, but 4 and 5 are too much.

At least, that was my intent when writing it. If there seems some exception "3 and 1 are fine, but 2 isn't," then go ahead and note it.

I'm really sorry. I should've made that more clear. As of now I just realized "holy shit, I really don't want to misinterpret these results."

If that's not what you had in mind when you voted, please re-vote/clarify.

fc61c No.8955

I'm okay with all of these situations…. if I had to choose the one that makes me the most uncomfortable out of them, though, it would be #4, with #5 a close second, mostly because of the no explicit "yes" part.

edc4d No.8956

Option 3 is probably the line. Edward has never forced the situation on anyone and generally proceeds with some kind of permission from his partners. No reason that should change now…

62046 No.8957

Option 4-ish seems like the area where Edward's character would corral him to thereabouts, from what we can recall at the moment at least. So, everything therein and about seems fine…? Maybe we didn't read this right either…

2f5b6 No.8958

I agree with the other posters. From a character perspective, Edward would draw the line somewhere between option three and four.

Personally I would be also be okay with reading option-five-style content.

034e1 No.8959

Option 1.

I'm trying to read Ed as a fairly "good person." I realize some of these lines get blurred a bit based on period context and immersion, but the reality is that any options outside of Option 1 and *maybe* Option 2 are highly coercive.

I'm not going to go all-in here and virtue signal. I like the story. I've stuck by it for a long time now. I'll likely continue reading it regardless of the outcome of this, but I would still like to interject with the thought that for me personally, an Edward who engages in coercion in a sexual context is going to give me a lot of dissonance in associating him as a "good person."

97997 No.8960


3 is probably appropriate for a "good guy" that seduces women - in ANY time period - in fiction. (Notice I said IN FICTION.) We can all act like we'd only ever have sex with a women under the conditions of 1, but that's a little too much virtue signaling for a fantasy about a guy who tries to knock up as many women as possible.

9656a No.8961

Thank you all very much. I think I have a good idea of everyone's expectations now.

To be sure, this wasn't to set the tone or what occurs in the upcoming sex scene with Robin… Robin is an established character and I must honor her personality I've already depicted… but also something for me to take into account for the future.

That being said, if anyone further wishes to reply, please do so. If anyone feels uncomfortable about the tone or content of a future sex scene, please also speak up. This is about reader engagement and comfort, which is important to me. It is not talking about "what constitutes non-con." Non-con will not be depicted in the story, and all scenarios presented were meant to be with a partner who did consent (even 4 and 5). The problem is I am writing from Edward's perspective and not the girl's nor an omniscient, therefore I can't insert explicitly into the narrative "I said no, but really it was more a reflexive action than me really wanting him to stop, and I hoped he'd continue." I realized if I tried something like that from Edward's POV it would probably come across as more rationalizing than an objective truth and possibly taint the scene. Even a later fix (like a conversation afterward where the woman says 'No, that was fun!') probably wouldn't undo the distaste felt. Therefore, this poll, to judge more effectively where the 'line' was in that situation.

Anyway, the update will come soon. Please look forward to it.

1d8a0 No.8962

Fashionably late to the party, and I find myself looking at your question from a 'gameplay' perspective, and the perspective of Edward's personality. Edward will maintain better standing staying within Options 1-3, as well as staying true to his personality.

As for myself, I'm comfortable with all options. As long as there is no trauma caused.

97997 No.8966

Did the last update to the story go missing? I can see it on the front page but it's not there when I go to the thread.

9656a No.8967

It's there. You probably just need to refresh.

edc4d No.8972

Well, while there really wasn't a wrong way to go in terms of what Edward was going to tell Robin in the latest poll, my rationale was that going into the history of the Mad Rutting Beast seemed better suited for another occasion (like, sometime after just having had sex with her) and might come off as bragging.

Either way, at least we can put Robin's strategizing skills to use, and maybe this might also show Robin how dumb her parents' plot was.

9656a No.9236

I thought it might be more appropriate to move this discussion over here so as not to clutter the main thread. Specifically regarding this comment:

> (Also if we somehow manage to marry Tharja and Edelgard's children, unification could happen without a war.)

Edward would be aware that marriage between half-siblings (in this case, if he were to impregnate Tharja and Edelberg, and then try to have those two children married) would not be allowed by the Church due to the laws of consanguinity. That is, they'd be too closely related. The only way it would work would be if Edelberg's child was never recognized as his, or if Edelberg had a husband who claimed it as his.

>"Your ceremony with Princess Tharja will be a formality. In the eyes of the Church and the Heavens above, that document is enough to deem you have wed," she says.

>But, what if King Vlad backed out?

>"…Short of a complication due to consanguinity, that isn't possible."

>–What did that mean?

>Your question gets a laugh from your father.

>"It means unless you and Princess Tharja turn out to be brother and sister, you're married. And I can tell you: that's not the case."

Not sure if it's appropriate to interject, but this would have been an idea where Edward would be aware of the complications.

fc07b No.9325

Just noticed you posted this here. I was assuming that Edelgard's child wouldn't be recognized by Edward. Kinda pie-in-the-sky thinking, but whatever.

9656a No.9521

Hello everyone.

Given it's the nanowrimo, I am going to attempt to fulfill it this year. This may come in the form of Impregnator King updates or the 'kinktober' requests. This might not necessarily mean the story updates every day, but I will aim for that.

I am going to attempt to have the Faire arc of Impregnator Kings done by December. Or perhaps just a little bit into new years.

That is a goal, but not a promise. I wanted to let everyone know that an end to the Faire will eventually happen and that events are moving apace.

I hope it's enjoyable.

fc07b No.9528

Kinktober requests? Is this the genderbent quest version, or something else?

9656a No.9529

No, but that I will work on, too. It's this: >>8433

3da26 No.9816

First off, I hope that you're okay Aristocrat, as we haven't heard from you in a while.

Secondly, I saw a post you wrote about a month ago, saying that you're worried about CYOAs going missing. I responded there, and I'll write it here too, to cover my bases: I've been archiving the story as we've gone along, by which I mean that I've been pasting it into a Word doc, and saving the pics. Let me know if you ever need a copy.

4e92b No.9817


Aristo does post the occasional update about his progress on deviant art if you haven't seen them

9656a No.9819

Thank you for being concerned. I am okay, medically speaking. It's a combination of being busy and stress from being busy that is preventing me from getting back to the story. In the past, my free-time was in blocks that I used to write the story. Now it is in short gasps that interrupt my progress. I am trying to improve and/or adjust.

Yes, I'm worried very much that at this point access to the story would be lost. Not just for me, I have my own logs too, of course, but for others, cutting off any new potential readers. The story is very long now, but I'm hoping it can still be enticing.

At any rate, thank you very much for the offer. >>9817 is right in that I make frequent posts on my DA about the status, including when updates are posted and if there's a choice.

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