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c0c6a No.4340[View All]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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bba77 No.6400

Thank you very much. I always try to do this, for several reasons.

1. They are usually good ideas! They help me keep my brain thinking about the plot and the world and I am usually thinking "I should have thought of addressing that."

2. Even if they aren't 'good' ideas (meaning, viable), I can usually address 'why' they aren't possible in the story, and reveal a little more about the world or a character's motivations at the same time.

One example I think is that very early in the game, someone wrote about Edward possibly finding out what was in the oubliette in the dungeon by lowering Tharja down there, since she was trustworthy enough to keep the secret, and possibly light enough for Edward to pull her back out. I considered this possibility, and although it may have been 'physically' possible for Edward strength-wise, he probably wouldn't go through with it because he would seriously risk injuring her in an accident and then he'd have no back-up plan if that happened. Still, I was thankful for this suggestion because it helped me reconsider the problem. (That is, I had framed it as 'who could Edward get to lower him in the oubliette?' but someone found a good possible solution by reversing it as 'who could Edward lower into the oubliette?' It ultimately wouldn't have solved the problem, but it helped me consider how to pose problems and account for possible solutions in the future.)

3. I want to keep the game 'fair'. That is, I want the reader to be able to approach a choice in the story with the same knowledge as Edward would have. If the reader notices something 'off' or something that might become a problem, then Edward should be able to investigate and act, too. With all the resources he has at hand.

Keep in mind, for every 'hard choice' that appears in the story that seems a really tough decision with subtle consequences, there have been many, many times where the readers have successfully found a good solution to something that could have become a problem before it became a dire situation. (I know what these are, but it's probably not obvious at first glance.)

Furthermore, in addressing suggestions and requests, it encourages more of them. Something which I really want to do for all of the above reasons.

I will close the vote on the latest choice and write the update tomorrow.

Thank you for following along with the story. I hope this illustrates I really mean it when I say 'you are writing the story with me'.

I hope it's enjoyable.

bba77 No.6463

I know it's a joke, but just for the record, I am not Moe. I am writing Impregnator Kings and Impregnated Princess only.

Apologies also for the long time without an update. It was a combination of sickness and lacking creative energy.

a59ed No.6513

Are you okay aristo? I haven't seen anything from you either here or on DeviantArt in more than a week.

03303 No.6531

Yeah, were is he?

bba77 No.6532

Hello everyone.

I'm sorry so long has gone by without an update.

I think I mentioned it on my DA, but I have become involved in something recently that has taken up all of my creative attention, unlike anything I've been involved with since I started writing this story.

I mentioned earlier that the way I write Impregnator Kings is that I spend the day thinking of where the story will go, and then by the time I enter the evening, I usually have enough I can just start writing and be completely done in the time I have.

That is now not the case. I don't have the mental freedom to do this now. It is too much to wait until evening then try desperately to think and write at the same time.

The good news however is that this state is temporary and it is already slowing down. Soon I will have my usual freedom back again and updates will resume at their usual pace.

Apologies for everyone wondering where the next update is.

My DA will definitely also announce when I update or when it is near.

2db90 No.6533

Long time no writing aristo,
Hopefully u get ur groove back
Will be waiting for that new update

c195b No.6666

While we're waiting for the update, let's do some discussion.

Have you ever wondered our route what it would have IF we married the other bachelorettes?

Been watching some Fate series, made me think deeply what Arturia's world would been like..

d6838 No.6671

Absolutely. Although I think more about the queen Menace than Arturia. The egyptian theme sounded like huge orgies with a whole pregnant harem could have been a thing.

ca3b0 No.6672

Nice one oz,
Anyone got a link to the beginning i cant find it some odd reason

edc4d No.6673

I just get this nagging feeling we may still get a chance with at least one or two of the other girls, as at some point Edward will almost certainly have to try to build some relationships with nearby countries in order to gain allies and increase Ruhemania's overall relevance to the region (if Ruhemania becomes more prosperous in the meantime, that's a bonus), so someone like Arturia might not necessarily be out of play.

Still, since we're thinking about our dear witches right now, I kinda wish more of them survived than just Erika. Sounded like a couple of them might have made good harem material.

1304b No.6674

Well, Erika may not know if certain ones are really dead. If I remember correctly, she only specified that one was "definitely dead". This may imply that the other's fate is unknown and death was assumed. But, I may easily be overlooking something here.

I feel that if one of the potential spouses show up in this story, it may not be on the best of terms. We did seem to leave some hanging in odd predicaments since we did not choose them (Arturia, for example, wanted a child to help appease certain parties in her kingdom). Still, I would like to see how they are doing and get a second chance at them, if possible.

I feel that if we went down Arturia's path, we would have to be dealing with a person who may be a bit more distant and cold with us at the start than Tharja was, since her marriage with us was solely for the purpose of child-rearing with her and nothing more (if I remember correctly the proposal and the character in source material). And we may have been in charge of swaying certain (female) parties into being more willing to work with her. But that is simply my two cents on the matter.

5552f No.6675

bba77 No.6676

Sorry for the wait from me.

I am trying very hard to get something written by the end of this weekend, even if it's just a little update without a dramatic choice it will be enough for me to start the 'routine' of updating every day again.

When the game reaches a new game+, I intend to have another vote for which wife to pursue next. This will likely be only between the top three or four wives. (So between Flora, Arturia, Alena, and perhaps either Deborah or Menace, if the audience really wants either of them.)

Ideally, we could progress through all potentials eventually. That was always my plan, if I am able and can keep them distinct.

I hope it's enjoyable.

4e87b No.6677


Well, nothing the "Mad Rutting Beast" can't solve, right?

Also, I don't mind castle court politics and such, it helps stimulate my thinking.

But yeah, I guess Tharja was the softest among the candidates.

ef890 No.6681

If aristo is still a little busy and while the main story is in a little hiatus right now, is anyone interested in having a spin-off?
I'm thinking of a more foreign policy oriented story line since so far we have been more or less confined to the castle (and the immediate surrounding). And correct me if I'm wrong, aristo, but I interpret the way the NPCs reacted when we tried something outwardly directed to mean that the whole story is also intended to stay inside the castle for the foreseeable future.

So why not have an outlet for our foreign policy desires in something like a military campaign? This would have the benefit of being somewhat closed. Victory/defeat would be a natural goal and ending for a story like that; would give it more structure.

Of course it would be set in a parallel universe as to not interfere with the main story (and I'm thinking some years in the relative future as well just to be on the safe side). And of course you, aristo, would have complete veto power.

I have thought about the beginnings of such campaign and even though I have never written anything like a CYOA before, I'd like to give it a shot.

Is anyone up for that?

1304b No.6690

I would be interested in it, but as you have said, whether it happens or not is up to aristo.

On the subject matter, who do you plan on being our bachelorette(s)? Did you want to give us multiple choices or have one given to us? Do you plan on pulling them/her from the same pool aristo had given us (with permission) or did you have someone else in mind?

37af2 No.6692

Don't get us wrong, please believe, there have been similar sentiments on this side. There has been a fair amount of desire on this fanclub's behalf to write a one-off 'ode' to Aristo's novella, from a different viewpoint and choice perspective, but it really comes down to feeling 'icky' about violating the intentions of the original artist and their creation.

…that might sound like hyperbole, but -as- a writer first and foremost this is the general feeling held in that aspect, hence why the idea hasn't materialized on this end, though the thought certainly has.

Aristo sort-of has his own spinoff already, as it were. No disrespect intended and nothing personal with this opining, of course, simply responding to the circumstances and similar thoughts shared on a similar idea.

It really comes back to what Aristo's intentions are.

d6838 No.6696

I was thinking of a mix. There would be choices of taking known people with us into war. For example Beatrice; she promised to save Edward's life. Do we take her up on that or do we leave her in the castle to keep our children save instead? That kind of choice.

But there will also be new people along the way as we move from battle to battle. I don't want to give away too much about the campaign I have in mind, but there will be grateful maidens whenever you save a town/village from the enemy and there will be widows in need of consoling in case when a battle is lost.

And I plan on rewarding tactical brilliance. There will be some "hidden features" in the story that you can unlock by choosing the right kind of tactic. Sometimes the reward is a female companion.

And of course winning the war will have big a reward.
But given that the story will take place in a parallel universe, I fully intend to make you work for it! There will be no plot armor and guaranteed wins.

bba77 No.6721

Sorry, I have not been able to finish the update yet, but progress was made.

Really? All the previous threads are linked right at the top of the main thread. This includes an archive of the bbw-chan thread.

I have given this a lot of thought. My first instinct is that this story belongs to everyone. I have no ownership because your votes write it along with me. I certainly can't 'stop' someone from writing what they like about it. It would be silly to try. In that case, if someone wants to write their own take on the idea, that is fine.

There is only one concern I have. That is, if such a story was written, I would probably like to read it too. And if I were to read it too, I might see an idea I liked, I might think "I like that idea, I can expand on that and take that places," and want to copy it. That would not be fair. It'd be a much different situation from reading suggestions in the chat log or notes when readers vote. Therefore, I could not read it. However, it might be possible that a spin-off story of this nature would introduce some element to the game that I already planned on or that just develops naturally, and then it might 'seem' like I copied it, even though it was just a coincidence.

Perhaps if the premise was slightly changed or the characters were? For example, instead of starring Edward and Beatrice and Tharja, it could star 'aristocrat x' and 'witch x', and be set a few generations in the past in a pre-King Vlad Ruhemania. It could be a parallel universe where Ruhemania developed a little differently under the guidance of another aristocrat who rose to power instead of King Vlad, or some such thing.

Basically my only consideration is "if you want to, go ahead, but please change the world enough so there's never a problem of a conflict/overlap between the stories," just for the sake of avoiding this.

The thing to consider is that, like the priest told Edward, as the King, Edward is symbolically Ruhemania in human form. (Most) Everyone would be very invested in his safety and making sure he would not fall prey to an accident or even a simple bandit attack if he left the castle. That's not to say he can't leave the castle, or indeed, won't leave the castle, but he would certainly need an appropriate amount of guards and people to see to his needs if he were to travel. Of course, travel is definitely something Edward can do and may in fact get good opportunities to do in the future.

Please also consider the nature of the scenario that was voted: Ruhemania was always portrayed as a very remote, isolated country. Suddenly turning it into a trade empire or an important influence on foreign countries isn't necessarily impossible, but it wouldn't be easy and would take considerable investment. (Ricardo suggested one such method in the canonization of King Vlad as Saint Vlad.)

2db90 No.6722

I followed the link to bbw chan i think its down

bba77 No.6723

170b8 No.6732

Very well. Until I (or someone else) finds a satisfying solution, the project is on hold.

bba77 No.6733

I hope I never stifle someone's creativity so please do feel free if you have the idea.

I am also going to 'draw a line in the sand,' so to speak. There will be an update before April ends. (Hopefully not down to the last day.)

bba77 No.6762

Thank you all very much for the well-wishes and warm reception. It is good to be back with you all.

a59ed No.6789

I just thought of something. We know that Edward plus Beatrice has not resulted in a pregnancy and that tharja is interested in fertility magic.

What if Beatrice's trouble conceiving is supposed to push us towards making another large decision about the future of witchcraft in ruhemania (whether to allow human experimentation or not) and Edward's caught between his love of Beatrice/pregnancy and his morals about human experiments.

82a8b No.6790

Beatrice already dismissed that notion four weeks ago saying basically "sometimes these things take time. don't be impatient, silly mortal"

a59ed No.6796


What I'm getting at is that Beatrice's lack of pregnancy is actually caused by infertility (as a plot device) instead of the random chance of conception. It would be an interesting set up for another large plot point.

If Beatrice gets pregnant before it becomes an issue, that's fine by me and I'm wrong, but I think that it would be an interesting direction to take the story in.

(I came up with this based off of Edward's past exploits with quickly impregnating women).

bba77 No.6864

Hello everyone.

Just so no one is waiting, I wanted to say I won't be able to post the next update until after Mother's Day.

Though after this scene we will enter the Summer Faire and I anticipate the action will move a little faster.

I hope you're look forward to it. I hope it's enjoyable.

37af2 No.6865

Back when Vampires was (IS???) the general assumption *before* the Witch reveal, a mild musing was made regarding banging Tharja on her cycle/getting Ed-boy his red wings would *actually* end up impregnating her…who knows…maybe it works this way with Beatrice(???)
Also, tin foil hats on for the foot fetish pseudo-flood(???)

d46b7 No.6867

Just saying, kinda sad if someone actually tried to cheat their way for an option. Even if you like the foot fetish content, it still doesn't mean you should cheat for it.

My guess? Someone is trying to force it on everybody else, because if I remember correctly, one time this happened before. I think we all get a little suspicious when like ten new, random ID's just pop up.

And yeah, maybe we have to get our red wings before Beatrice gets pregnant. Sad we did not try it out.

bba77 No.6869

As long as there is no hard proof of vote-rigging, I have to give the benefit of the doubt. I trust every reader to use their one vote to honestly convey what they want from the story.

Similarly, if ten people who have never voted before suddenly see there is a foot-fetish option and choose it, even if they never voted in the story before, that is fine, as long as it is one vote for each individual. Because I want anyone who reads this to be comfortable to 'join in' and use their one vote, whether that's by following the regular updates, or just at one particular point. (Of course, I'm very happy to have regulars to look forward to reading their opinions and ideas.)

But, to anyone who might think "I just want my choice to win and I'll vote more than once secretly to do it," please don't. I always try to take into account every vote, even if it doesn't win. Even if it's not immediately satisfied, this especially applies regarding sex scenes. There was one voting option a while back where Edward could ask Beatrice to restore her virginity with magic before they had sex. I offered this a few times, and it got a few votes, but never enough to win outright. Then I decided since there was enough people interested, I included it in one scene later on as a means of satisfying those voters, since no one also said "What a turn-off!" or some such thing.

5209a No.6871

Of course, I understand that. Obviously we can't just start some McCarthy trials over a few votes.

I like your direction with choices, your method of inserting ones which perhaps are not enough to gather votes on their own. It seems like a fair nod to those who lose in this winner take all system.

Aristo, a great as story as ever, thanks for writing it.

bba77 No.6999

Hello everyone.

Apologies for not having an update yet.

We are entering a part of the story where all of the choices building up to it must come together and pay off at once.

My delay the previous month or so disrupted my rhythm with writing the update.

I must review the story this far and make sure I utilize every detail up to now.

Hopefully this will not take long. But that is why it has not updated yet.

Sorry for the wait on this. I know everyone has been very patient these past few months especially.

ca3b0 No.7001

No prob just keep enjoying your work as you update them aristo!

44478 No.7096

Aristo, is it alright with you if our game can have the main character as one of King Edward's distant bastard sons?

bba77 No.7097

I just got a note in my DA about something like this. Is that connected to this, Maxi?

44478 No.7098


Yes, I am the one who has sent you that note.

bba77 No.7099

All right. You have my answer there too, but that's fine as long as everyone knows that the stories are separate and we are making no efforts to make sure they match up. Good luck, Maxi.

4fd7b No.7227

Not to be a pest, but it's been over a month since the last update. Everything OK?

4fd7b No.7228


Boo, not over a month, my bad.

bba77 No.7229

Apologies for the wait.

The past week or so has not been kind to me in terms of creativity. I am working just will be slow.

bba77 No.7302

Hello everyone.

If you follow my deviantart account, you may have seen my promise to have an update by today.

I would have preferred a substantial update with a full sex scene and choice ready, but that is not what I had time to put together.

Still, rather than delay it further, I made an update with what I was able to prepare.

The key to Impregnator Kings has been continuity. Being able to update consistently is what let this story develop for so long.

I very much want, and am aiming to, get in this rhythm again. Therefore even if it's a small update I still posted it with the expectation it will be easier to add to it than save it and continue to write off posting anything with "It's not ready."

I just wanted to let everyone know there was a reason, and perhaps it was better to state it here than on DA.

Thank you everyone for your patience and I hope the story comes back as an enjoyable read.

bba77 No.7423

Hello everyone. The current vote is very close. Because of that, I've been hesitant to close it. But the needle must fall. So I am announcing I will close the vote sometime tomorrow. If you plan to vote, please do so.

Thank you very much. I hope Impregnator Kings is enjoyable.

4c6c2 No.7463

When’s the next update Aristo? You were doing so well on keeping schedule for a while…

bba77 No.7468

Sorry, it was a combination of the vote taking a little longer to get enough votes I felt represented the will of the audience (I like to have at least five) and other issues. I will close it now and have an update tomorrow or so.

9656a No.7538

Hello everyone. Sorry for the wait for the latest update.

It's rather brief by all standards, but the choice may be more consequential than it first seems.

Soon we'll begin the Faire portion of the game.

I hope everyone looks forward to it. I look forward also to seeing what happens. Remember, you are writing the story with me.

Please continue to vote.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.7627

Hello everyone.

The margin is very close. I'd like to have a few more votes, but the needle must drop eventually. So, I will close the vote some time tomorrow. If you plan to vote, please vote immediately.

In this instance I would have closed the vote on the Impregnated Princess side-story and written an update for that, but there are only two votes and I like to have at least three, so I could not do that, yet. If you're at all interested in that story, I encourage you to vote as well.

Thank you for continuing to follow the story. I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.7684

Hello everyone.

I tried to campaign against it, but it looks as though all the original threads of Impregnator Kings on pregchan: one, two, three, and five, are deleted. Of course they could not last forever, and that is the nature of writing on a chan: everything is very transitory.

However, I have picked working links to these threads from the internet archive. Even luckier, they seem to have saved the thumbnails of the pictures, if not the actual image files.

Thread 1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

Thread 2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Thread 3: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Thread 4 (bbw-chan, no images): http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

Thread 5: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

We are also one day away from the two-year anniversary of the original start date of the story. For those who have read, followed, used their one vote, or even glanced at it… I thank you.

A new update is coming soon.

I hope it's enjoyable.

8057b No.7685


And thanks for keeping it alive, mang.

3682a No.7686

I'm sure I'm not the only one who grabbed the old threads as soon as the announcement came. I have the html and image files on my computer.

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