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To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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9656a No.7878

Hello everyone.

The vote is close, so that is why I am leaving it up one more day. If you wish to use your one vote, please do so.

The vote will close tomorrow.

I hope the story is enjoyable.

9656a No.7885

Hello everyone,

There seems to be emerging a favorite in the current vote, but I will not be able to start writing until tomorrow, so the vote will be up one more day. Please, if you wish, use your one vote if you have not already. Even if your vote won't change the outcome, seeing how people want to vote and hearing what they hope will happen helps me write the story.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.7909

Hello everyone.

I want to offer my apologies that I don't have an update ready yet. I am aiming for tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the new dimension of politics King Edward will find himself in with the Faire.

Thank you everyone for reading along and following the story as long as you have. That includes if you're a new reader who only discovered it yesterday.

I hope it remains enjoyable.

ad227 No.7910

Don't sweat it, aristo. We all know, life isn't good at respecting other people's plans :-)

I for one enjoy your story very much and look forward seeing more of Ruhemanian politics.

5bee4 No.7912

Take your time and do it right. And take care of yourself too.

b40c8 No.7923

One question about the merchant policy, Aristo… how does it work for traders of perishable goods?

Are they supposed to let foodstuffs go stale while they wait for the space to fill up? This might sound nitpicky, but in a world before refrigeration food needed to be sold fast to a guaranteed buyer. Someone's gonna be left out of pocket if the supply chain gets interrupted.

(I strive for consistent economics in my pregnancy fetish stories)

a59ed No.7924


This is actually a good point (though with the travel time involved to get here, there probably aren't that many perishable goods coming)

9656a No.7925

I will have a scene with Ricardo addressing this question. (I could have also addressed it if option 3 was chosen and Edward asked 'is it perishable', but that didn't happen.)

f4086 No.7926

I had a huge grin on my face reading your post. Both because it is incredibly nitpicky to think about that and because it's exactly what I do all the time :D

b40c8 No.7927

Awesome, thank you.

Then perhaps you'll also enjoy a small nitpick to my own nitpick: the medieval period wasn't actually 'pre-refrigeration', as I wrongly put it: ice houses, spring houses and cool cellars were all in operation. They're not perfect and you've still got issues of transport but short-term storage of fresh stuff near where it's made is feasible.

Ruhemania has very cold winters so ice houses (or at least covered snow-pits, the more primitive form) should actually be quite common. If not we should introduce them!

5b566 No.7928

That's actually a good point. You know what was a really valuable commodity before the age of refrigerators? Ice! Places with cold winters harvested ice and sold it to warmer places.
Another unexpected opportunity for trade. Maybe Ruhemania just needs to right King in charge to make it prosperous after all :-)

9656a No.7982

Hello everyone.

SOrry for the lack of updates this week. Impregnator Kings will update tomorrow.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.8216

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to take the chance to remind everyone the chat thread exists and should be used primarily for discussion outside of voting to save on the post comment count which will mark when we need to make a new thread.

I wanted to address this question:
>And technically we also haven't verified that Sully is pregnant. Or did I miss something?

This is true Edward hasn't verified Sully is pregnant, but he also hasn't received notification that she isn't pregnant, in the form of her saying she menstruated recently. Something which Beatrice has reported several times. At the same time, as the story is told in Edward's narrative, it's Edward's perception and what he's thinking in his mindset at that particular moment having just finished inseminating Beatrice, not a hard statement of objective fact.

Apologies for the long break between updates recently. Hopefully this is a thing that will come to an end and I will be able to continue writing.

I hope it's enjoyable.

bc730 No.8217

You haven't disappointed us yet Aristo. Glad to see you back.

f7195 No.8218

when I want to see 1 part of this interactive story. writes error 404, please correct (sorry for mistakes, I used an interpreter, I'm from Russia)

9656a No.8219

You must follow the links here: >>7684 and here: >>7830 The original threads are deleted from the site. The Internet Archive still has them.

a6635 No.8221

спасибо за помощь.transfer: thanks for the help

9656a No.8250

Hello everyone.

I wanted to take the moment to say I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I am going to make every attempt to have one done before the weekend ends, and hopefully follow it up with another if it leads to a vote that is quickly resolved with a clear favorite that reflects the will of the audience.

I really apologize for the 'down time' that the last few months have been. I want us to return to the old normal and hope I will be able to accomplish that soon.

In the meantime, I thank those who have continued to read for sticking with the story, and thank those who have just discovered it and found it intriguing enough to want to follow new updates.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.8416

Hello everyone.

Our current story thread will soon reach the limit of comments that can be attached to that post. When we are close to that point, I will make a new thread. I don't believe it will happen for a few more choices, but I wanted to draw everyone's attention to it. (I believe the limit is 500 comments?)

I don't anticipate it happening, but if a post reaches the limit while a vote is up, please tell me here you attempted to make a vote so it can be counted.

I hope the story remains enjoyable as we approach the rising action of the Faire part of the current plot of King Edward married to Tharja in Ruhemania.

f0dd1 No.8421

As a side note from a reader about the choice to recruit women into the soldiers' ranks:

Even if some women reject the King's advances, they might still become a highly dedicated and loyal personal guard for the King, Queen, and assorted mistresses. Especially if said guards are running from lives of abuse or poverty.

9656a No.8426

Hello everyone.

It took almost a year, but a new thread for Impregnator Kings was necessary. It has been posted. I provided the past threads a little more in-depth summaries than I've used before, hopefully to entice new readers to look at the archive and see if it interests them.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how much I've enjoyed writing this story with you all. It is very satisfying to interact with everyone, take the votes, and change the direction of the story, beyond what I ever could have planned on my own. Each of you has as a much a claim to the story as I have. Sharing this experience has been worth all the time and effort for me. I hope it had been for you all as well.

As such, I am making the best of my efforts to resume updating Impregnator Kings regularly. Writing Impregnator Kings now is a very different experience from writing it when it first began. I will do all I can to deliver on the build up that has accumulated since the beginning, until the new game+ option is chosen.

I hope it's enjoyable.

62046 No.8473

To: The Wizard of Oz
Subject: Rap in a semi-medieval context
Link: https://youtu.be/RNKT-INYShg

2be84 No.8474

Oh, god I almost forgot about that. Well, time to re-learn the lyrics to "Men in tights"…

2be84 No.8475

> The problem with dream sequences is now I can't justify it in terms of the narrative.
@aristo I understand your reasoning and agree that a dream sequence cannot just be put anywhere anytime. But I think that more is possible. For example this whole Erika situation. We voted that it was an overreaction. It is a part of the human condition to overthink things, especially things we cannot control. Like witches. And when we're overthinking, sometimes those thoughts follow us into our dreams. I think would have been possible to have a dream sequence involving Erika. Something along the lines of
> Edward tells Beatrice & Tharja he needs to think about it and will inform them of his decision first thing in the morning. He falls asleep still debating the issue with himself. During the night he has a dream in which Erika kills him in a completely ridiculous way. He wakes up and realises that his worries are indeed completely ridiculous and resolves to tell Beatrice & Tharja that no action against Erika is necessary for now. With the decision having been made, his subconscious calms down, he falls asleep again. This time it's a sexy dream of an overdue Erika already planning on having more of Edward's children.

I know, it's not quite fitting, because the decision is better made on the spot like it happened in the story. But something along those lines is still possible for future decisions, don't you think?

9656a No.8497

Sorry for the wait. I'm going to attempt to have an update ready before the weekend is over. Work will come on the prompts in the 'kinktober' thread after that.

9656a No.8499

Oh yes. Sorry Wizard, I meant to reply to this as well.

You present a nice idea I hadn't fully considered before, but there are some concerns that prevent me from fully embracing the idea.

1. Player comfort requires any scenes of the narrative commenting on choices be delicate. I may risk appearing to be editorializing on choices if I make the narrative scrutinize certain choices overmuch, especially without good justification provoking it. Edward does reflect on his actions and logic, but I try to depict Edward's internal thought process as directly following arguments voters make to justify their choices, as long as it fits the popular consensus. I don't want a reader, making their one vote, to ever think they are being made fun of by me. That is not my business. Of course, characters in the story react to Edward's choices and make criticisms of his reasoning if they discern it and their characterization calls for it, but not so for me, the author. Playing with the narrative itself dealing with choices in the form of dream sequences may risk the appearance of violating that.

For an example, consider the scene in the third thread in which Edward investigates Daniella's room after she died and he reflects on the pro-magic/anti-magic choice based on what he finds. I'm confident I presented this in a way that satisfied readers on both sides no matter their vote, while also playing with Edward's own internal doubts and uncertainties in a way that showed more sides of Edward as a character and kept Edward's characterization true to how he made his choice. However, if I had perhaps not had this scene, but written a scene where Edward imagined/dreamed what life would be like if "anti-magic" was chosen, then that is not revealing any new information. Even if it's merely a sex scene, the purpose of its inclusion may get muddled.

Everyone has the right to their one vote without criticism from me personally in how they use it.

2. We will, eventually, reach a point in the story where all of the girls Edward impregnated develop bumps. (If I am able.) I fear if I conjure descriptions of Edward caressing imagined bumps, it will lose its impact when the story reaches that point and I must write a description again. I know reading that "I'm saving it," must be disappointing when I have been writing this for years now, but it steadily gets closer and when it does finally happen, I want to milk it for all it's worth.

3. I don't want to risk people thinking "dream sequence Erika" or whoever else Edward might imagine, would accurately be a depiction of the character's actual motives.

That said, there are ways I can incorporate parts of your idea, I think. Something like it was very briefly done with Edward's dreams of a wedding ceremony with a Tharja he hadn't yet met, so something similar to this might be possible. I will give this more thought.

Thank you for bringing it up and letting me know your ideas.

62046 No.8586

In all the busy hustle and bustle of the upcoming Danksgiving holiday, The Royal (We) just had a chance to check back in on Ed's Misadventures. Just the two cents of this particular party, but this recent episode is perhaps indicator numero uno that Ed *probably* needs a little more physical activity (that doesn't involve a little bump and grind, even though there's nothing wrong with that…!) before the potential martial endeavors of the Faire come to pass, if there is in fact time for him to practice such things in his weekly itinerary. Again, just a passing thought, also happy Holy Days everyone!

c7ce9 No.8587


Thank you for the reassurance, aristo. I guess I'll have to wait until Edward's girls grow bumps. It's been a long wait, I must say.

9656a No.8589

It's been a real privilege to be able to write for you all. Thank you for staying with the story for so long. You are the real writers and drive of Impregnator Kings.

That said, I hope the next update meets expectations, as it should introduce some new characters. I will aim for a Friday update.

78dd0 No.8590

Oooooh, will we get to see the new priest and the nuns already? I'm excited!

9656a No.8591

Apologies, not those characters. Indeed, though Edward's made his choice, but the priest has not even left the castle with the order to deliver it to the Church's organization, so it's impossible they'd be introduced before the Faire is over.

9656a No.8618

Hello everyone.

An interesting issue had been brought up in my deviantart by a reader. That is, what the new game+ may look like regarding the wife choices.

When I first announced there'd be a new game+, I expected I would simply take the top three girls who got the most votes from the first poll (Arturia, Flora, Alena) and have another vote with only them. Only three candidates.

However, given that we are almost at the third year anniversary of the beginning, it may be worthwhile to re-think that.

No decision is being made, yet. There is still much left for Edward in Ruhemania, if possible.

But, I wanted to see if there was any interest in possibly introducing more bride choices to replace some of the original less-popular brides.

I think I have a better grasp of what people want to read, are attracted to, and are repulsed by, now. And I do have some good ideas for new potential brides as well.

Of course, I would still include Arturia, Flora, and Alena in this hypothetical new list.

Let me know if you find any particular idea preferable.

I hope the game is enjoyable.

0c0c0 No.8619

Different choices would also be interesting.

Is it clear that a new game would be played with "the same" Edward, i.e. would the decision of playing as a good guy still be in place because it came before the bride choice? Or would we also have to re-establish Edward's character?

9656a No.8623

Edward will still be the same person, but he will be the person he was when he made the choice in Virilia. He at least will not be so involved with fighting and sparring that he became so in Ruhemania. (Before reaching Ruhemania that was only one of many hobbies he pursued.)

I don't think I have it in me to re-define Edward's character entirely by now. It would feel too strange to change him to the paranoid power-hungry archetype I initially offered as a choice.

Consider the new game+ less of a "do-over" and more of a "rewind," in that respect.

9656a No.8659

Hello everyone.

Apologies for the wait. I realized in the time it took me to update the three-year mark for Impregnator Kings since its start has passed.

I'm not sure if I had been asked "do you see yourself still writing this in three years" I would have answered with "yes." At the very least, it would have been impossible if the story had not been received as well as it has been.

I want to thank everyone for reading and continuing to vote. Whether you were here from the beginning or off and on or just discovered it yesterday. The story would never have lasted as long as it had without you. Thank you for writing this story with me.

There's still a lot to go, if I am able.

f2678 No.8660

Let me be the first to thank you for your amazing work over the last three years, aristo! It is incredible that you are still able to do this after so long (and that you are still willing to put up with us ;-))
The story is still a lot of fun and I for one very much look forward to what the next three years will bring :-)

Here's to you, to Edward and Tharja, and to their sexy future! *raises glass*

c7ce9 No.8661


Three years.. is quite a long time.

But hey, looking forward to that ride as long as the train hasn't stopped.

9656a No.8678

Hello everyone.

I hope everyone's enjoying their holiday. I'm still working on the next update.

However, I thought perhaps this would be a good time for an informal poll.

I'm really curious to know.

What would you most like to see from Impregnator Kings this upcoming year?

>A return to daily updates.

>Reaching a point in the story women are visibly pregnant with Edward's seed.
>Reaching a new game+.

I know what everyone must be thinking from seeing these choices. "Hold on, those aren't mutually exclusive." You'd be right. They aren't, necessarily. If I reached a point I was making daily updates again, we likely would progress with the story faster, and the other two would follow naturally. We would progress faster to a point the girls would become visibly pregnant, and likely even get closer to a satisfactory ending for "this" path of Edward's story.

But, in terms of what would give you the most satisfaction, what would your choice be?

A return to regular engagement and knowing there will be a new chapter of Edward to read every day?
Or moving toward payoff of all the buildup that's accumulated?
Or the anticipation of the next journey and how the change in setting might open new possibilities?

Well, it's okay if you don't have an answer or the answer is "all three."

But I am curious to hear feedback and thought this would be a good opportunity to ask with the new year coming.

Feel free to ad-lib as well, of course.

Thank you very much.

c7ce9 No.8680


Technically,I would say all of the above. However, that answer does not provide good feedback.

So I will be more specific, listing the options in order by PRIORITIES.

Option 2 - That was the motivation for keeping me in choosing options, knowing I will be eventually rewarded at some point in time.

Option 1 - Consistency is fine, but I worry that you might not be able to keep up with that consistency. Daily updates give you a pressure to keep the pacing, regardless of stuff you have to deal with IRL. My concern is that you might not be able to keep up with constant updates for long in the long term.

Option 3 - My least priority, but I do want to see a pregnant Arturia and how her pregnancy affects the kingdom she is in. Her introductional backstory looks interesting to further explore.

a59ed No.8681


I'd like to see option 1, or something like option 1. A consistent weekly schedule would be nice and help advance the plot faster to reach the other choices. Based off of what I remember you saying in the past, there are enough things being juggled that anything faster than a week probably results in something getting dropped.

c518b No.8682

Option 2 its been a long time comming to see some results

73259 No.8683

Option 2 would be my top priority, getting to see Edward's lovers finally rounding out and enjoying their pregnancies. Option 1 would be nice, though I think it might be a little ambitious- aiming for one to three a week might be a more sustainable pace. I'm personally rather invested in the Tharja storyline, so I don't really relish the idea of it ending in favor of a New Game +, but I am curious as to who the options would be in NG+. Still, I'd be totally satisfied to not see NG+ for another year or two.

034e1 No.8684

Option 2.

I'm enjoying the story, but when it takes 3 years to get to pregnancy content in your pregnancy fetish story, we may have taken a weird left turn somewhere.

b40c8 No.8685

I think the story's reached a bit of a Zeno's Paradox state - more and more words about less and less. Some of our recent interactions have been a bit dull - I'm sure they'll have consequences down the line, but it still slows down the pace a lot and there's been very little fetish content.

I don't think a faster schedule necessarily cures that problem - a more efficient fast-moving story does. The world of webcomics in particular is littered with thrice-weekly stories that took years to resolve a single arc.

New game+ is something I wouldn't think much about. Resolve the story we have first before worrying about the next adventure, I say.

So… Option 2. From a non-fetish perspective I want to see some consequences for earlier decisions, from a fetish perspective I really, really want to see our various, well-developed characters reacting to their pregnancies taking hold.

62046 No.8686

Without parsing words too much and rehashing what you have already stated yourself, the general feeling on this end is somewhere in the "a little bit of all 3 options" department. This story-thread is basically the main and only reason (the royal We) still visit pregchan with any sort of semi-regularity. As long as you're not boring yourself, and that doesn't seem to be the case, it will continue to be worth the interest to see where things lead.

03c2e No.8687

I share Maxi's concern about option 1. I also don't know if I, or other players, would be able to keep up and vote every day, especially when life starts throwing curveballs. In my opinion, burnout is a real danger for both audience and author. Slower is fine, consistence is appreciated.

Also, I have openly admitted that I am not a greedy man, so after working on and impregnating the new three sisters we're getting to know, I'm fine with focusing on proceeding with seeing bellies get rounder and other consequences happening. I'm looking forward to New Game Plus, but I am in no rush to get there.

9656a No.8688

Hello again. Checking back, I'm glad to see the consensus is what I was imagining everyone would want.

I will admit, the days of daily updates are likely over, but not definitely. The story has changed from when it first began. In the first few months, I was very focused on the story. I was not just writing it, I was reading, re-reading, and then double-checking that reading again. I was very concerned with potentially making a mistake in the story's internal logic or narrative. I knew if I contradicted myself, the story would fall apart.

Years later, the story is longer, and the details are more deeply ingrained in my mind. I still must reread it and check for details, but I am less 'afraid' that I will lose one thread and the story will collapse. Of course this means I sometimes let my attention wander or become preoccupied with something else. (Or deal with some issue.)

Daily updates may be impossible, but 'almost daily' may be possible. I don't want to put hard limits because part of the allure of writing is being able to update it as long as there are votes.

Of course, I myself am eager to reach a point where we will have pregnant bellies on the main female characters and all the bumps that brings. All I can say is please bear with me. We will gradually have those develop. (Elizabeth at least is showing, even if the focus isn't on her.) The Faire time will be a bit of a return to focusing on Edward's daily activities as his actions have a little more weight that will be seen immediately instead of week to week. I can only hope you find it delivers on the intrigue promised and the new female characters are enticing.

9656a No.8734

Hello everyone.

Following Moe's example, I wanted to point out that the best (well, only) way to get in touch with me besides pregchan itself is through my DeviantArt account, which is over at aristocrat-mae. I announce updates there, future plans, and I have some non-sexual parts of the story (with some limited commentary) uploaded.

I don't know if there's any interest in my creation of a twitter or anything else. At any rate, if you're wondering when updates are posted, follow that account because I always give a journal notice of "I have updated, with/without a choice."

a53b9 No.8740

This is at best tangentially related to Impregnator Kings, but considering it features Best Girl and one of the newest additions to our cast going head-to-head in a pregnancy competition (tell me that's not something Edward would dream of), I figure I'd share XcelZero's newest Fire Emblem growth poll.

b40c8 No.8812

Calling it now, Emerald Knight is a woman.

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