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c0c6a No.4340[View All]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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9656a No.10021

I'm beginning to seriously wonder if thread 7 will come back in full. I'll give it another week. If it doesn't, I may experiment with posting the text after the cut-off in a chat thread. It will lack images, but I don't keep them after I initially post them.

Hopefully this will be okay.

In the meantime, I want to bring up a genuine consideration.

I always aim to update the story as much as possible but as it has been clear, sometimes I'm unable to.

Lower page numbers and more users posting images means Impregnator Kings slips down to the 'danger' zone of being pushed off the site.

I don't want to just 'bump' the thread whenever this happens. It's unfair to other users.

But, I also want to maintain the latest thread without worrying about it being removed.

There is no section of the site dedicated to CYOA stories which work best with both text and images. I have no right to 'demand' one.

However, someone suggested I just use /b/.

This could be an option that solves the problem. /b/ gets much less traffic. The last post on page 10 is July of last year. In /d/ the last post on page 10 is mid-late March of this year.

Furthermore, it means that full threads will be kept as an archive on the site longer before I need to rely on the wayback machine to keep the thread.

However… I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by a move to /b/. We all know what /b/ is. There's plenty of threads in /b/ that are not very positive. Impregnator Kings depends on votes to exist. I don't want to lose voters or potential voters because they must 'wade into' /b/.

So, therefore, I want to ask as a future consideration: what is your reaction to the idea of moving the next Impregnator Kings thread to /b/?

At any rate, it will only become an issue in the future, so it's only something to think about. But if the bulk of voices is "I'd be okay with it," then I won't suffer much stress from the idea.

Don't hesitate to say 'bad idea' if you really think so.

5f579 No.10023

Hard to say. For archiving, I think we might have to edit/compress the story into chapters and post it somewhere else. Images will be lost, as will votes ad related flavor text. But the core content would be somewhere that doesn't drop old data as quickly.

For the rest… I think we'd have to get consensus. Homesteading in known hostile territory is always a risk, and takes support to succeed.

43943 No.10027

I've mentioned this before, but I have an archive of this sort already. A bunch of word docs, marked in places where the pictures appear, and the pics saved with matching numbers. (though there was a hiccup in numbers when I had laptop problems and had to get a new one, I should have all the content). However, I understand if that isn't what our illustrious DM would want, as he/she/they probably enjoy the banter of the players. Still, my archive of the adventure is available upon request.

/b/ is a tricky beast. Just reading the first couple pages makes me hesitant to go there. I'll follow if it goes there anyway, but I would hope that those that frequent /b/ would either join in the fun, or leave us be.

14a6e No.10028

I'd be okay with it.

f4932 No.10029

/d/ is already fairly /b/-like on any given day anyway, so let's not take a /b/lue pill please.

9656a No.10030

I'm not sure what this means. This means don't go to /b/?

f4932 No.10031

"On second thought, let us not go to /b/. It is a silly place."

5f579 No.10032

So what would you suggest as an alternative? Because the current way of things is probably not going to work much longer. We're already one bad case of writer's block away from the project getting swept to oblivion, and it's only going to get worse.

c0ba0 No.10033

>quest threads

/d/ is the artwork board

i think you're looking for /b/

9656a No.10034

I really must express my thanks that you are so invested in the story. I'm sorry if it's causing you undue anxiety about it possibly being lost to the gradual evaporation of all content from the internet.

That said, don't worry. Even if there isn't an update every day, it doesn't mean I'm not around and 'conscious' of where the story is at.

The only way Impregnator Kings really slips into oblivion is if I die. In which case, if I have advance notice of the impending death, I'll try to let everyone know my ideas for where the story was going to go. Anyway, that's not happening, at least for the foreseeable future.

For now we'll continue, at least until the current thread is full.

I really do appreciate this, Shadow. Is there anyway you could make this available, such as on megaupload or some such thing? It probably would be an easier fix. Or at least a back-up for when these hiccups with the Wayback Machine happen. If it would cause you undue stress, don't worry about it.

I do like a notation of "This option was voted," otherwise it does sometimes become confusing, but don't stress if that isn't there.

The banter I do follow so I know what people expect and how best to meet expectations. I'm not sure how newcomers who read the threads for the first time interpret it.

9656a No.10035

On that note, it seems that finally the archive of thread #7 is working properly again! This is a morale booster for me.

43943 No.10037


Here's me seeing if this will work. First link is the first three years (2015-2017), and the second link is 2018 & 2019.


d49f6 No.10382

>hand on cheek when we surprised her
Do I spy a Kaguya-sama reference?

518c2 No.10452

You always find really nice pictures of Tharja, aristo.

Just a little detail I enjoy.

cb5fa No.10453

Plus, today he's brought out tarot cards and now we're talkin'. Those are some interesting psychological tools. Dear ol' Eddy's in for an intriguing time.

f7600 No.10454

On a related side note, do we have a spare oubliette? Recent vibes may suggest we're not quite through with the backblow of King Vlad's legacy, particularly from his church cronies.

9656a No.10455

If there is one, Edward would have to discover it. He would know an oubliette is basically intended to be a dungeon that you never expect to free a person from. You throw a person down there and then forget about them. In cases of aristocracy being held captive, it's much more appropriate to use house arrest, where you give them normal accommodations with an armed guard. Of course, "appropriate" and what King Vlad may or may not have done may not coincide.

f7600 No.10456

Just hoping the religious hardliners won't get too nasty while we gently pull Ruhemania out of the darkest of dark ages.

f7600 No.10483

Heavy hangs the head that wears a crown… but at least Edward has plenty to console himself with. Not every ruler is so lucky.

f7600 No.10484

Also, trying very hard to remember this thread exists, and to keep my commentary here. I need to talk less on the actual story threads.

6cf8d No.10487

Ed-boy's precedent and true self as the same; he was honest about that when asked specifically regarding it in the most recent sequence. Being true to oneself is possibly *the* hardest thing anyone, much less a ruler of notable stature, can do.

Heartache and defeat is inevitable, yet as long as he follows his true calling (Impregnator King) we seem to have found quite a boatload of positive reinforcement quite literally due to being "that guy" when it truly matters.

9656a No.10506

Sorry, the latest update should have a ">No choice yet, further update coming soon" footnote. I forgot and then decided not to delete and re-upload.

Incidentally the previous thread is now 404'd. That is fine as there is a link to the internet archive right below the top post.

I want to bring up something to think about.

I know a number of people are interested in eventual birth scenes. I have said it before, but just to reiterate: there will be birth scenes, if pursued and people want to read them.

However, I am wondering how "realistic" to write these scenes.

That is, what are people's main thoughts about what they want to read in a birth scene?

>Birth scenes should be realistic as possible. Blood, fluid, scat, and distress. Like you would see in an actual true-to-life video.

>Birth scenes should be backed off from extreme ranges of the fetish. No scat, and less emphasis on blood. Just realistic enough to not feel uncomfortable.
>Birth scenes should have emphasis on pushing, breathing, and the effort of the delivery more than any description of viscera.

Anyway, this is not a hard poll right now, but something for people to consider. We have a bit of a way to go.

But now with me in a rhythm I can update every day, I feel more comfortable asking, because I do believe we will get to these issues.

74a26 No.10508

I don't want to read a birth scene. But if it has to come to it, I'd like it to be as clean as possible.

e13d3 No.10516

>Birth scenes should have emphasis on pushing, breathing, and the effort of the delivery more than any description of viscera.
Not that I wouldn't massively look forward to any and all birth scenes you decide to write. Intimate or otherwise. I just personally would like it kept cleaner than is strictly realistic.

b5a69 No.10517

>Birth scenes should be backed off from extreme ranges of the fetish. No scat, and less emphasis on blood. Just realistic enough to not feel uncomfortable.

I love reading about stretching and crowning and feeling the baby slip out. Just no scat or blood. I have an admittedly unrealistic fetish for the woman feeling sensual about giving birth.

f7600 No.10518

I'd prefer option two. Sanitized enough not to make people uncomfortable while not shying away from the fact of the matter.

758f8 No.10522


>Birth scenes should be backed off from extreme ranges of the fetish. No scat, and less emphasis on blood. Just realistic enough to not feel uncomfortable.

Yummy birth scenes without all of the gross stuff gets my vote.

758f8 No.10524

Here's something I noticed in the last two scenes between Edward and Beatrice. Beatrice addressed him as "Your Majesty" instead of "King" while in her elaborate dress, only calling him "King" again after he'd made his decision. And I can't help wondering if the urgency of the situation caused her to make an exception, because she only ever calls him "Your Majesty" when she's masquerading as his aristocratic mistress.

Just a peculiarity I noticed.

8206f No.10534

Women enjoying childbirth or labor pains or pressure…is it possible?

bbceb No.10535

I wish I could enjoy it just 1 time. Im dreamning of it every day of my life

ele from "russian chan on pregchan" thread

9656a No.10639

Hello everyone,

We're still a few votes shy of a place I'd feel comfortable closing the current vote. If you have not voted yet, and wish to, I urge you to do so.

I wanted to take the moment to point out we have reached a milestone.

Impregnator Kings has reached its fifth anniversary!

It has officially been five years since Impregnator Kings began. That's incredible. I did not anticipate how long I would continue this project, but I feel nothing but pride at having stuck to it, and gratitude that you have written it with me. That goes for if you were with me at the beginning, or if only you are reading and never vote, or if you only made your first vote just now.

I know it has not been a complete five-year effort from start to finish. There have been periods where I was blocked or otherwise was only contributing updates every month or even longer.

However, with the current work I've done, I am full of optimism that we are moving on to updating the story at a similar pace as during the first few months.

When I started out, I made the promise that when Tharja's story ended, we would move on to a different bride in a New Game+. I still feel I will be able to do this, though obviously only if you all are interested still in continuing with me.

I can't say conclusively when we will reach the end or how it will be measured, but that's because I am not writing this by myself. I am as eager to find out what happens as you.


I hope it's enjoyable.

Let's continue to work on Impregnator Kings into 2021!

ff3e6 No.10641


Now this is something that is quite important to me.

I'd say a hybrid version of option 1 that doesn't have scat but have everything else there.

For me, it wouldn't make sense that the CYOA would be highly detailed in everything else but have birth watered down, because that kind of takes away the birth-oriented people who enjoy this stuff.

Realistic birth scenes was one of the reasons why I've keeping track of this CYOA for so long, in hopes that the realistic elements of childbirth will be finally shown.

But alas,that might be just me.

9656a No.10642

I believe we can work out an easy compromise. There will be at least one birth scene that is "easy" and idealized. And there will be at least one birth scene that is more difficult and "realistic." More will be available if Edward makes the decision to choose to see them, but I promise at least one scene of each type. I hope this satisfies.

Though I will note the game isn't entirely realistic, yet. I've yet to depict on-screen miscarriages or other pregnancy complications, only mention them vaguely. That's something I'm not sure how to handle entirely yet either.

I suppose I might as well call a new poll.

What approach would people prefer to pregnancy complications being handled in the story?

>To maintain the current policy. It's fine to mention pregnancy complications that happen vaguely off-screen, but detailing them in the story would be too depressing.

>Realism. Some women will be at-risk. This won't necessarily mean they will never give birth, but they could lose their pregnancy.
>Absolute realism. For some women, pregnancy and birth could result in death. It's simply how life was in these times.

97997 No.10643

Option 1. This isn't a documentary. We're not here for even minor bad ends.

ff3e6 No.10644


Option 1.

f7600 No.10645

Ugh. Option 1, please. I'm here for the fun, not the realities.

9656a No.10646

Okay, that's enough to call the poll there. This is pretty much what I expected and how I have already been approaching the story.

To clarify: there won't be any depicted complications suffered by established characters the audience specifically chose to seduce.

At the same time, the story has already hinted that there are some women Edward has dealt with in the past who have suffered complications. I cannot alter the story I've already written because that wouldn't be fair. So, complications "exist," but they will be kept vague, off-screen and only mentioned/implied, not detailed in the story.

cc880 No.10647

Still can't believe it's been five years already.. Makes me wonder how far along Edward's women are right now.

97997 No.10648

There were? I don't remember that. Although clearly that means their "intrusion" into the story wasn't enough to sear into my brain. :)

9656a No.10649

From all the way back in thread #2:

King Vlad watches your face.

"I see you understand. I cannot allow what you suggest until all doubt is removed that you will remain my heir."

… There has to be a way to get what you ask. You're too close now.

What about once Tharja is pregnant?

He stares.

"And if she dies in childbirth, and the baby does not survive?"

You… know… that is a risk.

You know it too well.

You hated to even think of it, let alone remember it.

King Vlad must recognize the depths of the sad, crestfallen look on your face, because his tone actually softens.


Elizabeth is far enough along to be showing a tiny bump. Tharja is pregnant but has no bump yet.

That's not including Patchouli, Beatrice, the blacksmith's widowed sister, Malon, Mara, Nara, and the many other women Edward has slept with.

In fact, with time as it's passed, there are women in Virilia who would still be pregnant by him and not yet popped.

But, don't worry.

This is simply how time is progressing right now with the Faire, which is meant to be a major event where every day is accounted for.

Once it is over, we will enter a period where time will pass a bit faster, like it did when people made decisions week-to-week. That is my intention.

97997 No.10652

I guess I never read that as "Edward specifically remembers a woman who died giving birth to his child" and just read it as a theoretical worry that he carries around. Either way, passing mention at best.

9656a No.10653

That might not be what he's remembering, exactly. At risk of saying too much: he is remembering a specific event.

At any rate, it established "this is a world where pregnancy complications exist," so I can't violate that. But I can be vague and keep it out of the reader's face.

At any rate, it's good to have expectations aligned, much like how we established no nonconsensual scenes would occur in the story.

f7600 No.10658

The idea of Tharja using a smartphone to record Edward putting yet another woman in the maternity ward strikes my sense of whimsy. Pity I don't have the skill to put the image to paper, really.

0dc15 No.10659

Since we're at the topic of how things are run in Impregnator Kings, may I ask how will the process of labor/childbirth be run? Like will we be able to certain women having longer labor/birth durations and others relatively shorter?

I really enjoy the content Aristo has been bringing for us all these years, and I hope those elements will be worth waiting for.

9656a No.10660

My plan is simple: when a woman goes into labor, Edward can either stay around to watch and assist, or leave and do something else. If people want to see the scene, I will gladly write it. As promised, there will be at least one "easy" and one "less than easy" scene.

Length isn't something I've thought about extensively but that could certainly be a factor. Feel free to write suggestions as to what you prefer. I always try to satisfy and find a balance.

f7600 No.10661

How knowledgeable would Edward be concerning labor? Because the part most people want to monitor/witness might only take an hour or so, but dilation can take up to a full day or more, especially for first-timers.

Plus there's afterbirth and recovery.

9656a No.10662

Earlier parts of the story would hint not very much. The midwife in Virilia hated him because he created so much work for her, and would not let him stay around during a birth.

b2ac7 No.10663


Where there be instances Edward would be helping one of his women unassisted/alone in certain scenarios?

9656a No.10664

I'm very happy to hear requests and know what people want and expect out of the story, but I'm thinking I should hold off on making more promises at this time. If only because, I admit, we are a bit far away from getting to these scenes in the story and I don't want to accidentally forget or omit anything that I committed to.

That said, do not worry. I'm prepared to write many a different variety of scene.

Thank you for the contribution, always, Maxi. Feel free to leave any other details if you like. In the end, this game is to appeal to you, and everyone reading. I must know what things to focus on to help the reader 'get off,' to put it plainly.

f3a36 No.10666


Appreciate it, Aristo! We should be thanking you for running this CYOA for so long and still running. The quality of writing and immersive interaction you've put into this is admirable.

Looking forward to greater things in the future.

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