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c0c6a No.4340[Last 50 Posts]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.

ad0fb No.4341

Will the princess story also be moved here?

c0c6a No.4344

It will. I must write a proper update and introduction for it.

It will get its own chat thread.

7ae29 No.4345

I don't seem to be able to vote on the other thread.

Do you mean Deviant Art with DA or where do I find you?

c0c6a No.4346

Yes, deviantart. But I guess if you don't have an account, notifying me here is fine. I am "aristocrat-mae".

Yours is not the only problem voting I've received notice from.

This is disheartening… if people literally cannot vote, maybe it would be better to return to bbw-chan.

7ae29 No.4347

Alright, I hope this gets through at least.
>Take Tharja by the hand and go off with her to her room for sex.
This option please

c0c6a No.4348

I'm sorry, this is turning out too unstable. We are going back to bbw-chan for now.


42cfd No.4382

We are trying to make another return.

Impregnated Princess will also come to pregchan when I have the next update ready.

There were a lot of good ideas in the bbw chan chat thread. I hope they make the transition.

42cfd No.4383

Oops. I see now I made a mistake in I forgot to tabulate the last vote.

It was:

>1 vote for option one, press on and question Sully about her oath.

>1 vote for option two, ask Sully if she's native to the castle.
>9 votes for option three, you should go see Tharja. Excuse yourself.

Go see Tharja.

42cfd No.4392

Hello everyone.

There will be a change coming to Impregnator Kings' gameplay soon.

We are reaching a stage where Edward is fully 'settled in' to the castle.

He has made decisions that will take time to play out.

Day-to-day decision making will matter a little less… for the moment.

I've been brainstorming on how to handle this.

It was asked far back when a timeskip would be used.

However, I don't think an outright timeskip would be appropriate.

Impregnator Kings 'works' because so much of the little scenes add up, after all.

However, it may take us, at this pace, many more months of real time before we get to an in-game time where the women Edward has had sex with realize their pregnant, let alone start to show baby bumps. I know many are excited to finally reach those stages. I as the author share this excitement.

Therefore, this is my proposal:

After the current day, time will start advancing by week.

Rather than decide activities on a daily basis, Edward will instead set goals to accomplish for the week.

I will then write scenes (with choices) that deal with these goals, the decisions Edward has already made, and any other events Edward must deal with in the week.

This way, time will start to progress faster, Impregnator Kings can keep the 'little moments' feel, and the audience still has the option to micromanage and make choices on how to interact with the characters.

I'm thinking something like this:

Week 1
Daily sexual activity: Sex with Tharja.
Also have sex with: Beatrice/Elizabeth/twin maids
Improve relationship with: Sully
Maintain relationship with: Ricardo/the senior guard

Then once this is decided, events for these characters would be written. Along with other events that are already set in motion: like the priest visiting, Edward's horse arriving, the architect arriving, etc. There will be choices for each of these.

Well, this is just a plan and is open to tweaking.

I bring this up here for feedback.

Does this sound like a good idea?

If not, I have others:

1. Continue writing day-to-day, but summarize more scenes to speed up the pace.
2. No change.

Please let me know what you think sounds like it will make the best game.

Thank you for following the story and helping sustain it so far with your votes.

I hope it's enjoyable.

f4c47 No.4393

As I was the one asking about the time skips, I am certainly open to this idea.
I have a suggestion though: Right now we have the so called first-past-the-post voting system where a simple plurality of votes wins. Since the voting for a whole week will get a bit more complicated anyway, I propose that we switch to a ranking-based voting, i.e. "I prefer option 3, but if I can't have that, I'd rather have option 2 than 4" something like that. A system like instant-runoff-voting maximizes voter happiness and seems well-adapted to "micromanaging" as you call it.

Short summary how it works:
Every vote ranks a subset of all the options (maybe all options, but I don't have to rank all if I don't want to) from most to least favourite.
In round one of the counting all ballots are distributed according to every voter's most favourite option. The least successful option is eliminated.
In round two all the eliminated ballots are distributed to the remaining options according to each voter's second favourite choice. Again, the least successful option is eliminated.
All further rounds proceed similarly by redistributing the ballots for the last option to be eliminated according to every voter's most favourite of the remaining options. In every round the least successful option is eliminated.
The process stops once one of the options reaches more than 50%. That option is declared winner.

f4c47 No.4394

>There were a lot of good ideas in the bbw chan chat thread. I hope they make the transition.

You're right. I summarize quickly what Roger Smith and I last talked about.

The topic was magic gold, economy and all that.

I was convinced that my earlier idea "Beatrice magics up gold ore and we mine it" won't work well with B's ego and suggested that instead she creates a whole cave system full of precious gemstones. Roger liked this idea.

Then I went on about an economic scheme I learned from english history where they basically forced dutch weavers to move to england by withholding the english wool they wove with. The result was that the high quality, high price fabric which was a dutch export before become an english export and boosted english economy.
Such a scheme has a chance of working in Ruhemania as well if one knows the exported goods and their use outside of the country well enough. It is also a non-traditional approach and might be something Ricardo hasn't thought of before.

A problem is that Elbania is our only (civilized) neighbour so that they basically can control our exports to the larger world. I proposed that we seek out an economical alliance or even unification with Elbania and that we improve the road system through the wilderness to that end.

Roger suggested that we can also improve our economy by improving internal roads and increasing internal trade. Improved roads could also be an incentive for traders to come directly to Ruhemania instead of buying our goods through Elbania. Both are great ideas from my perspective.
Another suggestion form Roger was that we also trade with our uncivilized neighbours, the step nomads in the east.

Regarding that last idea I want to add a piece of cautionary advice: YOU DO NOT FUCK WITH THE MONGOLS!
There are at least two famous sayings about military tactics: "Don't fight a land war in Asia" and "Don't invade Russia in winter". The mongols did both and won! In fact, they *waited* for winter to invade Russia, that's how badass they were. The only reason they didn't conquer all of Europe within the next five years were internal problems of their empire. We really do not want to mess with our neighbours to the east. Not one bit.
(And yes, they were other step people than the mongols, but seriously, we do not want to fuck with the turks, the scythians or the huns either.)

3ae9e No.4396

I see nothing wrong with the week by week basis.

ec619 No.4397

Well, as you say we can't keep going at the pace we are now that we're settled. Planning a week at a time, zooming in on key or unexpected events, sounds like a good idea.

That sounds incredibly time-consuming. I'd leave aristo to suggest the voting system, seeing as he's the one who has to calculate it all.

19c45 No.4398

Week by week seems fine.

9c852 No.4400

I'm cool with week-by-week, as long as there is an occasional pause to interact on a more personal basis.

Like, weekly advancement, but the occasional "AN IMPORTANT EVENT IS HAPPENING!" or "King Edward desires to see to a matter personally."

That would be the good stuff.

a9dbd No.4405

Why are there no new updates or posts from anyone else asking for updates, is there something I don't know?

dfe29 No.4406

Everyone needs a break.

a9dbd No.4407

I know I'm going to sound really rude but did Aristo ever say he was going on break for a couple days, cause I didn't see him say that.

I know he's been having problems with his hands or something that's making it difficult for him to write for a long period of time, but to just not update anything for 2 or 3 days when he's otherwise been pretty consistent with an update per day kinda has me worried…

dfe29 No.4408

I'm just trying to stay positive. :/

42cfd No.4409

I sincerely hope no one was troubled by the lapse in updates. I realize now that was probably the longest break without an update in a while. Maybe since even the wife-choice vote.

Apologies. I do not plan to make that the norm.

Yes, I was having problems with my hands, and was encouraged to take a break. (It's hard to tell an ordinary person what I'm working on that requires me to use them so much in the first place.) I did not announce this break because I thought it would be just a day and if I announced it I might be tempted to stretch it out longer.

I am feeling better now than I have been since even the Daniella/Beatrice climax.

But I think even if I had an accident that lost both of my arms I would still type with my nose or some such thing.

Impregnator Kings will continue. Impregnated Princess will be brought over in full when I feel I have the time to update that and give it a proper treatment. I have not forgot about that.

Sorry again to those who worried. The story is continuing.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9c852 No.4410

It's cool, Aristo. Just let us know when you need a break.

You wouldn't be the only one. I know that pretty much every CYOA author on this board has taken a break from their story for one reason or another. And you'd certainly deserve it.

You do good work, sir. Whatever you've got to do to keep it that way, you do it. We'll still be here.

80cf8 No.4412

Well I, for one am grateful for the current "break" in the story. As I have alluded to in the past, I am currently in the process of getting myself situated in the new life I have chosen for myself, and things are still hectic. I check in when I can, but it is sweet refreshment to see that the updates are slowing down. I say this because if they were happening at a faster pace, I would not be able to give each post and decision the attention it deserves. Keep up the good work, Aristo, and remember, this story is not worth your health deteriorating. As Murble said, take as long as you need; those of us that care will still be here :)

42cfd No.4420

Oh god this april fool's joke was too much.

I nearly had a heart attack.

9c852 No.4425

Got to admit, I fell for it.

I was even confused as to why there was so much spam on the front page and nothing in the actual boards.

I'm… a little slow on the uptake.

7f8f2 No.4427

I though it was legitimately gone. thank god it isn't

9c852 No.4452

You, uh, taking another break aristo?

9c852 No.4453

Sorry, just read your posts on DA.

I didn't think to check there first. Take your time.

42cfd No.4456

Update is up.

I couldn't find a good art to use that I wanted.

I wanted to find "a muscular woman, with pregnant and non-pregnant versions".

That doesn't sound too hard.

But keep in mind it has to look medieval (ish), it turned out difficult indeed.

That, and I wondered, "how muscular is too muscular for the audience?" Some images had a little realistic toned definition while others went beyond. This compounded the problem.

So I posted the update without an image.

Apologies. I know the image makes it better.

I'll try to find one for next update maybe.

Please continue to vote.

7f8f2 No.4463

That the problem with finding images…you can't really and i guess you would have to commission someone to draw it

7f8f2 No.4464

That is the problem. It is hard to find picture. i know the problem and the only way i could see fixing it is to commission someone to draw it which is a veeeeeeery costly way of doing it. but i shall do it

7f8f2 No.4465

and…..following my two post that seamed to didn't want to post but then post….you could try and draw it… also what i am going to try doing but….this one will take a looooooooong time to do and it would have to be later but i shall try none the less

d6838 No.4493

I'm back from my own small hiatus.

First things first: Questions, TODOs, treasury update.

- Why did Sully chose to enter the military? What did her grandfather do that King Vlad remembers him? Was he a witch hunter? (Low apparent priority)
- Is there another witch still alive? (Low apparent priority)
- Does Margaret appreciate her role as taster, or does the theoretical danger, and the slight distance it puts between her and Elizabeth, make her want to just focus on her other tasks?
- Are the towns of Ruhemania well-defended against banditry?
- What are Ruhemania's main imports and exports?
- What's the status of Virilia's military infrastructure? Are the other castles well-defended and can they be defended if need arises? (Medium priority. Ricardo probably can answer this or at least find out if we ask him to)
- How the hell does magic work? (Medium priority right now, but high priority in the long run. It seems Beatrice won't answer this one outright, but we keep getting bits and pieces of the answer)

- Write a letter home. Folks need to know Edward actually made it to Ruhemania and unexpectedly became King rather soon. (Low to medium priority, whenever we have time for it, but preferably not months from now)
- Find a place for Beatrice to practice her magic. (Low to medium priority; we're building a new tower if the architect gives his OK)
- Find a way to hide influx of magical money from Ricardo. (Medium priority)
- Find ways to make Beatrice less unpredictable. (Medium priority right now, but high in the long run)
- Knock up Tharja (High priority but without the curse and her fertility spell probably just a question of time)

We are currently down to 79% of what we started with and will be down to 19% and then hopefully up to ~70% again during the year:
- Taking Vlad's body on a grand tour cost us 10%
- A donation to the church cost us 10%
- hiring the daughters of the pig farmer as maids cost us 1%
Money that is already earmarked:
- hiring the architect will cost 10%
- the rest of the tower building enterprise will cost 40% (if nothing goes wrong)
- the summer faire will cost 10%
Expected income:
- Something like 50% before the end of the year.

d6838 No.4494

I had another idea the other day regarding Ruhemanian economy:

Given the almost complete absence of nobility here, there is little to no demand for luxury items. It seems like it doesn't help us to export them, because where is no demand, there won't be manufacturing. But: Not all luxury items need to be manufactured!
For example: Tame falcons and other birds of prey are a luxury item and a highly priced one (at least in in real-world europe during the middle ages). It is possible that Ruhemanian hunters can tame falcons from the abundant wilderness for us to sell.

In contrast to other ideas we had, this seems like it could be realised with a small number of royal decrees in a relatively short amount of time and bring a modest, but hopefully stable profit in the long run.

Whatever we decide, there is another thing we need to discuss with Ricardo in the long run: His successor. We know for sure (and everyone else probably assumes it) that Edward will outlive Ricardo by a wide margin. Bookkeeping for a whole kingdom is no small feat, especially if things stop being as quiet and orderly as they were under Vlad's rule.
He needs and apprentice and he needs him (or her) soon. And we need to tactful way to tell him that.

03d6a No.4507

When will the time going by a week go into affect?

6c5e1 No.4508

When the current day ends.

6c5e1 No.4541

Hello everyone,

We're almost at a point where we'll shift to weekly time-skips.

This does not mean that every update will make one week pass.

However, it does mean that the story will shift a little away from every choice defining exactly how and where Edward spends every part of his day.

There will still, of course, be the kind of choices in little scenes everyone has come to expect from this story.

I feel like this makes sense because the earliest parts of the story (where Edward had just arrived at Ruhemania and had a ready problem that would make itself known soon) depended on Edward's actions in the time he had until those problems made themselves known. Now he has more 'breathing room' so to speak.

(Also it will really help move along the state of each woman Edward impregnates. I think we're all eager for that.)

Of course if something happens in the story that his actions from day to day would be important, we will have a return to that style.

Moreover I want to stress that if this at all does not work for whatever reason as a format, we will try to find something that does work and fix any little problems. Please do not hesitate to give feedback here.

The chat has been much quieter since pregchan returned. I hope beyond hopes this means people are satisfied with how things are progressing and want things to continue a steady pace.

Please continue to use your one vote.

I hope it's enjoyable.

52ab4 No.4578

We learned something today:
"Elbania's the only port, and it's not a busy trade route."

That's not good for our export-import schemes. Not good at all. Unless we can make Roger's idea of improving trade within Ruhemania work, we might have to focus on other political goals.

Let's talk about the next week. Presumably the highlight will be the arrival of the architect. Do we have plans if he thinks a tower cannot be built? It would depend on the reason I guess. If he thinks the ground cannot hold a big tower, then maybe a smaller building can be built for Beatrice.
If he thinks, there isn't enough room to build the tower, I have some more radical ideas: Imagine the castle wall crumbling and falling into the moat (maybe a symbolic lighting strike at the place where "Daniella" committed suicide?). Then we'd have the opportunity and the need in fact to rebuild the wall and the moat. And because the moat would be partially filled with stones at that place, it might be reasonable to excavate a bigger moat and extend the castle walls outwards.
Obvious drawback: That would cost an immense amount of money.

ec619 No.4652

Ok, so we've voted to make love to Beatrice without gimmicks. I have… mixed thoughts about how this might turn out.

Possibility A: we get a genuine emotional connection with Beatrice without her various psychological defense mechanisms. Her need to be worshipped and insistence on titles helps her to keep people at arm's length, and we have to get through them to ever be more than a toy/client to her.

B: Trying to get past the witch persona to the 'real Beatrice' uncovers a deeper layer of crazy we are not at all prepared to handle. She already warned us by showing us how she made her witch-kill. The 'real' B was a woman angry or miserable or desperate enough to kill family for magical power.

What does it mean when you say to someone who did that, giving up everything for a whole new life, that you 'want her as she is, not as who she makes herself to be'? She's proud of who she's made herself to be. She loves being the Infinite Golden Witch and it fuels her self-worth. We might be attacking her entire sense of self and suggesting that we want to reduce her back to that mundane, unhappy person she was before that she clearly wants to forget.

This is the real penalty of the Beatrice route imo. We're now effectively therapist for a magical murderer.

I think she can be helped. She's already no longer isolated, has peers both mortal and witch, and is doing new and unfamiliar things. It might be possible in the long run to help her, basially, get a life: let go of her egocentric self-image and become more open to other people and roles beyond being a witch (being a mother might actually help here). Real intimacy might be part of that, but it's hella early to be trying that unless I'm hugely overestimating the size of her problems. That's why she's pouting and already doesn't seem into this: she's not ready to drop the Infinite Golden mask and be just Beatrice.

9c359 No.4658

Those are some very solid points. To those, may I also add one that was somewhat mentioned in one of the votes for that previous option: witch's boredom. Witches, in this story, don't *want* to do things the normal way. That doesn't help them become the best witches that they can be. It's almost like a cat's compulsion to scratch things, or a baby's nursing reflex.
I know one voter said they wanted to do it just to see what would happen…well, hopefully more will happen than just this, or else this decision was probably not a good one. It's a predictable result that likely could have been thought through beforehand.
That being said, creating a relationship with Beatrice that's deeper than her Infinite Golden emotional walls…that's a good motive. I hope this decision works out.

ec619 No.4666

Yeah, even putting all the armchair psychology aside a witch is going to be bored with vanilla.

The motive, as you say, is 100% right and in-character, but the timing seems way off. We'll see I guess.

1bbb7 No.4669

to be fair, recent developments and associated choices *are* very much in line with Edward's M.O., for better or worse as some see it. sticking to his guns, so to speak, has worked out so far. I personally don't see this as a movement towards panic; if anything it will show Beatrice we're not as 'base' as other humans she's encountered. or conversely, y'know, just let D(ick) do all the talking…

784d7 No.4698

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not providing an update with a choice just yet.

I really want to (and aim to) end new updates with a choice each time, but for the moment I thought it better to post the sex scene and get to writing the choice when I have a bit more time.

Until that time comes, I hope the new sex scene is satisfying.

625a8 No.4699

It absolutely was!!

60b39 No.4703

Man, I get the jeeblies every time I see a girl's face in the pose illustrated in the most recent in-story post. I feel like all my fears about this decision are now justified, but for a completely different reason than what I initially thought.

1bbb7 No.4711

"We've found a witch…may we rail her?"

784d7 No.4803

Hello everyone.

It came up recently where a reader asked: "Are write-in responses still acceptable?"

Let me be clear: write-ins are acceptable. If there's a choice that absolutely cannot have a write-in, I will state upfront "Please no write-ins for this vote," when I write the choices.

There are some choices especially where I want to encourage people to think of write-ins. For these I prompt the voter to think about it by putting "Something else. (Write-in)" as a choice. But the choice is always there.

Other than that, if I see a write-in response I really think cannot be accepted, I will try to say so immediately so the voter can change their choice. I really really try not to do this. So far the write-ins I've had to deny have been write-ins that were based on assumptions that contradict what Edward would know about the situation. I always try to give context for the situation on what Edward knows, but some occasions I have messed up. I apologize in advance if that happens again. (Also occasionally I had to deny a write-in which boiled down to "do both choices." I think those are the only two cases.)

That said, if you truly want to vote for a write-in, go ahead and assume it will be okay.

I don't think I've ever had to deny a write-in on the basis of "No, Edward wouldn't do that," or "That's too strange/silly." I said it at a much earlier time, but I trust you all not to suddenly decide to write-in a bizarre choice such as "Edward tires of marriage, he draws his sword and stabs Tharja," or some such thing which would obviously upend the story.

Never forget you are writing this story with me. Your votes, and the write-ins, are a part of that. The story belongs to everyone, and everyone is always free to use their one vote.

I hope it is, and remains, enjoyable.

d6838 No.4807

Yes, it still is enjoyable. At least for me. And I really like having the option to come up with a write-in. The others came up with a few quiet clever ones that I really enjoyed.
And I apologize for my being a bit unclear that it is a write-in as well as being quite late with my latest write-in. I know that doesn't make it easier for you to keep track of the votes if everyone keeps switching around.

784d7 No.4808

I'm going to repeat a small request/clarification I made on the main thread here because I think eventually that announcement will be buried in the story thread and no one will see it.

Changing your vote is fine, but please be clear who you are and which vote is being changed, especially if you are posting as pregnonymous and not your own unique handle.

I can, of course, reference and trace votes with the ID, but this takes time and is an easy thing to miss. Especially when there are many people changing their minds.

If you change your vote, please reference your original comment number with >> and then state "Changing this vote to 'something else'."

784d7 No.4839

Sorry everyone that I couldn't provide a real choice for this update.

The portion of Week 1 involving Beatrice is over with this update. Next updates will deal with other characters/issues.

Then we will move on to Week 2.

78a6d No.4895

We should talk to our two favourite witches in the near future. I think we all agree that we would like to have construction work on the tower completed as soon as possible and not spend more money on it than we absolutely need. What's the main reason for delays besides funding? The Weather. And maybe Tharja or more likely Beatrice knows how to hold off storms, lightning strikes and hail or at least soften the blows to maximize our chances during the construction period. Considering how theatrical Beatrice tends to be it doesn't seem unlikely that she learned how to manipulate thunder and lightning ages ago.

ee1a2 No.4908

Given how she conjured an unnatural lightning strike when Edward and Tharja first entered her manor, I'd say your assessment is accurate.

ee1a2 No.4936

Why must I be surrounded by softies?

edc4d No.4937

Now, now. Choosing not to off the senior maid is not a decision that should be seen as soft. We need to be strategic in how we proceed with things. We get absolutely nothing from removing the fat maid other than a morale boost from the other maids. This sort of power should be reserved for a true threat.

784d7 No.4960

Hello everyone,

The vote was very close this time. I didn't anticipate more votes coming even if I left it open longer, so I closed it with Ricardo winning.

There was one thing I wanted to address that was mentioned by one of the voters. That was that it'd be helpful if Edward knew the name of the senior guard, and he should at least ask him.

To be sure, the senior guard definitely has a name and Edward himself definitely knows it. Edward has spent so much time sparring and being friendly with the guards he can probably pick a lot of them out by sight and knows many of their names.

But, for the purpose of the story, I try to avoid giving characters names unless there's a very good reason to do so.

Ricardo and Edward met face to face and had a proper introduction. I could have avoided giving him a name and simply referred to him as "the master of coin" forever, but I had a clear image of what sort of character he was. (Remember Daniella and how her image was taken from the character Daniella of Demento/Haunting Ground? There's a character named Ricardo in that game. If I used images of men for Impregnator Kings I definitely would have been posting pictures of him as he met with Edward.)

The senior guard, by contrast, has had a relationship with Edward that unfolded a bit more distantly in the narrative. I've referred to him as 'the senior guard' so much that to actually give him a name has no point other than for the sake of giving him one. (Of course, if this changed, he would surely have his name revealed.)

You may have also noticed that when Edward updated the genealogy in Tharja's library, the narrative noted "You even manage to recall the name of Ricardo's mother," without mentioning what it actually was.

So, you might wonder: "Why the reluctance to give these characters name?"

The answer is simple:

Once I use a name, I can't use it ever again.

I've promised and plan to deliver on the promise that once Edward's route with Tharja as his wife in Ruhemania has finished, we will start over in a new game+ with a different bride. That means I can't use any names of any characters I've already used in Tharja's story again for characters in the new bride's story. Or ones after that.

Say, for example, that Flora the merchant's daughter was chosen for the next route. If I then introduced a character named 'Ricardo' who worked for her father's company, it'd just be too confusing. It'd be a sign that either I was being exceptionally lazy by re-using character concepts, it was somehow the same character, or that there's some reason 'Ricardo' is a common name among people who become accountants.

For this reason I'm reluctant to give too many characters names for fear that either I'll lose track somehow or I'll give away a truly brilliant name to some minor character with a small role in the story, and I won't get to use it for someone important down the line.

I hope the story remains enjoyable.

ee1a2 No.4996

I have to say that I feel kind of intimidated by all of the incredibly insightful and creative reasonings being suggested to cater to Beatrice's mindset, and am ashamed of myself for not being able to come up with such musings. I must be slipping…

784d7 No.5000

Hello everyone.

Thank you all, first of all, for the very nice comments made before and after the sex scene with Beatrice. I'm glad the writing and characters continue to satisfy.

You may be wondering why the new character in the latest update does not yet have an image.

She very definitely will have an image, but I did not want to provide it yet for fear of giving a spoiler for those who might recognize the origin.

This is justified from a narrative standpoint by that Edward is a bit too far away to really get a good look at her.

Please continue to use your one vote.

I hope the game is enjoyable.

784d7 No.5001

Sorry. In my haste to respond, I forgot to address a certain question:

"Do you have any other projects past or present besides this?"

The short answer is "no," this is the first and only, at least that's on the internet.

The long answer is "no, because this is the only sort of medium where I feel this sort of project could survive."

When pregchan went down last time, I felt a real sense of panic because I knew this sort of image board was the only way this game could maintain itself.

If I took it to a forum where people had to register, that would remove the sense of anyone, past or present, could come and read the story and use their one vote, as much or as little as they chose.

If I attached it to a straight internet-style poll with boxes to click, I would miss out on audience feedback/thoughts over the choices and the write-in responses.

That's why only this board could make sense for Impregnator Kings.

I've had other ideas for projects, but none of which I followed through on before now. Perhaps in the future this will change.

I also intend to continue Impregnated Princess, of course.

ee1a2 No.5002


That moment when you read the chat thread before reading the story update and inadvertently spoil a big plot twist >.<

9c359 No.5012

Nicely done with taking option 1, you guys. Obviously, the latest choice is a test as well. I don't think option 3 would be good here. She likely noticed the curious glance regarding the whole "Witch of Truth" thing, so glancing back would be a metaphorical step backwards; a sign of dependence on Beatrice that would likely undo the progress made with the previous decision. Option 1, playing along…we've been doing a lot of playing along with Beatrice's whims. I think that's a good way to pacify Erika, but it might set an unfortunate precedent; in a way, putting her and Beatrice on a similar level. I wouldn't put it past either witch to see things that way, and that is setting the fuse to some dynamite.
Option 2 is more risky, but Beatrice might be able to help if the risk turns bad, and I think Edward is being subtly pushed towards being his own man and actually taking sides by the story. I personally argue that such a moral isn't as necessary as the story is making it out to be, but that's a side point.

The biggest wrench in this decision, though, is Erika's title change. Does that mean that she no longer causes strife for its own sake? We simply don't have enough information, and we can't get more without tipping our hand even more than we already have. Sorry, I wish I could help more :/

ee1a2 No.5041

This can only end in tears…

8addb No.5042

Apparently not.

ee1a2 No.5043


I don't know about you, but my stomach fell out of my ass when I read how elated Tharja was about Erika moving in…

ee1a2 No.5044

Prince Humperdinck: First things first, to the death.

Westley: No. To the pain.

Prince Humperdinck: I don't think I'm quite familiar with that phrase.

Westley: I'll explain and I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.

Prince Humperdinck: That may be the first time in my life a man has dared insult me.

Westley: It won't be the last. To the pain means the first thing you will lose will be your feet below the ankles. Then your hands at the wrists. Next your nose.

Prince Humperdinck: And then my tongue I suppose, I killed you too quickly the last time. A mistake I don't mean to duplicate tonight.

Westley: I wasn't finished. The next thing you will lose will be your left eye followed by your right.

Prince Humperdinck: And then my ears, I understand let's get on with it.

Westley: WRONG. Your ears you keep and I'll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing your hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear God! What is that thing," will echo in your perfect ears. That is what "to the pain means." It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever.

7ccbd No.5045

I was so confused what that was till I reread it.
I also don't think this is what aristocrat meant with "to the pain" though. Most probably, it is exactly what it implies, fighting till one of them gives up.

48a11 No.5089


Well, yes. If she didn't have that reaction, then how could we be wrong? That was the point of the interaction - the players/their avatar are powerless, perpetually failing, and foolish.

ee1a2 No.5092


"The Menagerie is for Guests ONLY…"

ec619 No.5094

This Curator is equipped for gallery protection.

784d7 No.5097

Just a heads up I may not get to the next update until tomorrow or so.

Thanks everyone. Please continue to vote.

ee1a2 No.5098


"You are not a Guest…"

48a11 No.5102

Ugh. That last choice was ugly. Who makes that kind of mistake?

9c359 No.5104

Looks like Sci has a pretty good memory, considering his most recent post in the actual story thread.
Maaaaaaybe Edward should go get Tharja to give him the ol' "system diagnostic" again. Tomorrow, anyway.

48a11 No.5109

>"…even if you invite me back, that's not really going to matter if Beatrice or Tharja don't invite me back. –Get it?"

We need to get that worked out. We're supposed to be a king, not a witch's lackey.

aristocrat, are you dead-set on the witches being phenomenally powerful with respect to our character or are there ways we can challenge them?

More importantly, will any of them besides Tharja respect us as a monarch or is part of our story role to be treated like a peon by witches?

ee1a2 No.5112

The general audience seems to be completely disregarding Beatrice's advice to plan for manageable conflict rather than trying to make everyone happy. Edward is attempting to "try and make everyone happy" by not only having had sex with Erika and leaving her in his tower, no, he's actually going out of his way to find a place for her to stay!

If Beatrice finds out, and with her spying skills she WILL, may the Universe have mercy on your souls.

Well peeps, it's been fun. Peace…

ee1a2 No.5115

> we now know what Beatrice did to Erika to earn her malice, but I don't think we know what Erika did to Beatrice.

If Erika is petty enough to hold a grudge against Beatrice for doing something that was necessary and critical to the survival of all remaining witches, then she is not worthy to claim the title of "Witch"…

1304b No.5116

My question isn't if Erika deserves to be a witch or not, my question is what are the things that Erika has done out of revenge to Beatrice? I know it is probably Erika being… well Erika, but I am curious about it.

784d7 No.5123

Hello everyone.

I was reminded that someone in the chat thread once requested an anal sex scene.

I couldn't really work it into the story at the time because no character of disposition to try/offer it existed, but I think with Erika the opportunity presented itself. If a majority want to see it, I'll write it. If not, I won't.

Please continue to use your one vote.

I hope the story is enjoyable.

ee1a2 No.5124

One word: Hygeine. Or, more accurately, the lack thereof…

39433 No.5125

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that people get nasty diseases by doing that.

54263 No.5128

Hey aristo, just wondering if you had any plans about the "virila and surrounding kingdoms" map and geography. I understand we got witch babies to make… but any plans for the impregnator king to expand his border and horizons?

ee1a2 No.5130

There you go, Edward, just go ahead and word barf your story of how you met Beatrice to Erika and make it easy for her by not forcing her to figure it out herself. For fuck's sake, man…

784d7 No.5131

Do you mean creating a world map?

I could do that, but it would be a very involved project and would probably take away time from the day-to-day updates. I'd rather keep up the habit of daily updates than seriously work on a map. (Especially because I can't think making one would be sexy.)

As for "expanding his borders"… well, there have been hints of things to come. We are technically still in the "cool-down" period of the plot. (Even if the meeting with Erika seems otherwise.) Edward is still in the "honeymoon" phase of his rule as King of Ruhemania.

784d7 No.5132

Also, judging by the anal sex vote, I'm guessing a bit less than half of the readership is good/enthusiastic about anal, a little more than half is not, and there are a few "whatevers." Part of it may have also been the character, but I think probably not all that much.

This means the story will likely have no anal. Sorry to those who would have been enthusiastic about reading such a scene.

This does strike be as an opportunity to state another rule the story has had but I haven't articulated because I hadn't thought about it that much.

STDs definitely existed back in medieval times, and if someone like Edward had realistically had as much sex as he has, he probably would have contracted a few by now.

But, that's not sexy at all, so when it comes to Edward and women he can sleep with, at least, STDs won't be an issue. I aim for realism in depicting a medieval (ish) setting in a lot of ways with a few exceptions… and that's one of those exceptions.

I hope the story continues to be enjoyable.

8addb No.5137

For me, at least, it was the fact that it was Erika. I was rather paranoid that she may have cursed us then at that time, so that affected my choice. If it had been anyone else, I would of happily gone along with it.
I am happy to know that no STDs are going to be causing problems for us. It would be rather awkward for Edward and half the staff at the castle to have an "odd, itchy rash". However, I think the problem was that people believed that through unprotected anal sex, we would contract a disease, which is a real problem. The digestive tract (including anus) is home to a lot of bacteria and if your immune system isn't stong enough, you will get rather sick after sex. So, if you ever plan on trying to introduce anal again, I think you could address these problems in some way, like having some form of magical or practical protection (Edward's mortal enemy, a rubber) involved. However, I am just trying suggest things as a particpant in your story. I don't want to step over any boundaries here. I understand if you do not wish to write any anal scenes in the future.

784d7 No.5142

I'm always open to feedback and wanting to know where you guys want the story to go. I say a lot, but you all are really writing this with me. I couldn't write this thing myself.

I understand and will, perhaps, ponder ways to deal with that, but it won't be soon as I think that'd just be repeating the vote. The story will always focus on impregnation and pregnancy sex foremost.

Also, I do have limits as to what I will write, but anal sex specifically is not distasteful for me or I wouldn't have placed the option.I'm grateful for the consideration there.

ee1a2 No.5146

And with giving Erika the manor, you guys have decided to not only show that Edward is a liar who doesn't give a damn about his peasants, but you have proven Daniella to be correct. Fantastic job, guys. Really, astounding work on your part.

And now Erika wants an escort out of the castle. Tell me, how is it going to look if a 'lady' is escorted out of the castle when said lady was supposed to have left the castle grounds the day before? You guys just HAD to have sex with her, didn't you? I'm tempted to use Lex Luthor's "Motto", but I got the third degree the last time I spoke my mind about the general audience.

9c852 No.5148

Yeah. I'm really unhappy about how those last few choices went. We're really setting up some shitty scenarios for our self, here.

Especially with the manor with all the peasants. What the fuck? What was the logic behind that? We promised to keep people safe and we literally just threw them to the wolves.

Not okay. We're a shitty king.

8addb No.5149

I agree with you guys. We are throwing people under the bus here. However, we can still at least try save some of those people by at least trying to get Erika to agree that the villages are not just open-season. The common villagers, i.e. farmers, merchants, and travelers, should be considered illegal game (I feel bad just calling them that). Meanwhile, maybe criminals like murderers and bandits (that have killed) or people who are on the brink of death (from natural dieases or injuries not caused by Erika) are the people we would be okay if she used, since the previous are hurting other and the latter are not long for this world anyhow. This part is up for debate and juse my thoughts. The manor is bound to have some bandits (since that is the entire point of the search in Ricardo's eyes and probably met that criteria), since it is close to a populated area and would serve well as a base of operations. We could use the reason being for this agreement is that we may be a friend to witches, but we still have a duty to protect our people. It would also send up a lot of red flags for people if villagers started suddenly disappearing again.
Giving her every thing she wants right now is kind of making us seem like a spineless person, so being a little assertive with denying her at least one thing will help remind her that we are not some hapless yes man.

8addb No.5150

We could possibly frame the use of criminals for pets (some are exemptted from this, like petty thieves and tax evaders) in a way that the acquiring of them would interest Erika more than simply choosing random villagers. If what has been shown through the encounters we have had, she loves solving mysteries and riddles. Tracking down criminals (once again, not all) and taking them down could play towards that challenge-seeking side of her brain and satisfy her needs for experiments similtaniously. We just have to make sure we do not give off the impression that we want her to simply kill a person with no tangible evidence of the crime or act as our assassin by taking out criminals. Thoughts?

ee1a2 No.5155

See? What did I tell you? Now aristocrat has written a situation where there's no way Edward can keep Beatrice from knowing he had further interactions with Erika. Sometimes I really don't know why I bother.

edc4d No.5156

Maybe, but at this point we might as well try and actually freakin' TAKE HEED of Beatrice's advice about manageable conflict. We've been trying too hard to make everyone happy. It's so far blown up in our face eventually when we've tried.

d6838 No.5157

What do you mean "What did I tell you?" !? Of course Beatrice would find out! She's our freaking spy mistress. Did anyone really have notions of keeping this a secret from her? Come on!
As far as I interpret it, most people had that consequence more or less clearly in their minds and still made the decision.

Which brings me to
How is the coming confrontation with a definitely less-crazy-as-of-late Beatrice not the more manageable conflict then angering the completely-crazy Erika? Calculating for certain conflicts does not mean that risk management isn't still a good idea.

Just no. This is such a bad idea on so many levels.
First and foremost: Where is she supposed to find that many murderers to murder? This isn't New York we're talking about. There isn't a murder every night. We're talking about a small village on the outer most edges in a country that's full of untamed wilderness anyway. The is a murder every five to ten years maybe.
So what is she going to do? Maybe she should go after rapists to? And bandits? We all hate bandits, right? And since thieves are basically just bandits, petty thievery is now also punishable by deadly experimentation, I guess? And once they run out, anyone how's talking shit about the King is next?
What I'm saying is: This is the classic example of a slippery slope. We cannot simply say "use criminals", this will unavoidably spiral out of control. We either find a reliable way to control Erika first (which seems unlikely) or we never step on that slope to begin with and tell her very clearly what is expected of her as long as she lives in our property.

edc4d No.5159


Exactly my point about the whole manageable conflict thing. We've at least pleased Erika enough she won't be a headache to us (directly) for at least a short time. Yes, we will probably get yelled at by Beatrice, but that's better than having to deal with crazy bitch mode Erika again.

Plus we already did draw a line by not announcing that she was still around with that carriage. Erika probably wasn't too amused with that, but I'm sure she at least understands

Now in the long term? Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

8addb No.5160

I agree. We can not make every person happy, nor should we. We will one day have to deal with the Church to protect the witches, but I feel that is a long way off. We won't allow people to come here, all high and mighty, and try to step all over the rookie king. If someone does, we make an example out of them. What that means is something we will decide when someone else does.

But Erika is someone we should help out, not because of her character, but because of her strength. We currently have no defense against her, with Beatrice saying that Erika could easily level our castle, including all people inside, and neither Beatrice or Tharja would be able to match up to her destructive strength, alone or (probably) together. Beatrice has also stated that she won't die for us, so she won't even challenge her if Erika comes at us with full force. I doubt Tharja would be able to take on such a experienced witch, so that is not an option. Erika has also shown that we have no real defense against her "visits" besides a agreement among witches at the moment. If we go making enemies out of her now, we are sitting ducks whenever there are no witches around. So, until we have some viable, concrete defenses against this human equivalent of a nuclear bomb, we should avoid pissing her off too much.

8addb No.5161

Thank you for your feedback. I now see that we should not allow her, or any witch for that matter, should be given the right to kill as they see fit. However, we can not simply cut her off from all experiments all together. It will only lead to the witches becoming a tinking time-bomb (all work and no play makes witches bad girls). Beatrice is being reasonable at this time and being patient while we find viable bodies (if there are criminals that are executed or people who died naturally, should we use those?). I feel that if we ask Erika to use only the already dead or no corpses, she will not take kindly to it at this time. I was just suggesting an option, so thank you for your analysis on this viewpoint.

ee1a2 No.5162

What you all fail to realize is that Erika is unlikely to flat out attack Edward regardless of whether she likes him or not. Why? Because blatantly leveling an entire Castle, especially the capitol of the kingdom, would expose the existence of Witchcraft, which is something no witch in existence would ever do. So she's an extremely powerful and destructive witch. Honestly, who gives a shit, right?

As long as Edward is in his Castle, he is safe. Unless, of course, Erika decides to assassinate him by magical means, but that would be a violation of the Pax Bernkastel since Tharja is "using" his seed for her fertility experiments.

8addb No.5163

That does not mean you go and "poke the bear". I only stated the level of her destructive abilities to give us a reference at how strong she is. The scenario I have stated and you are using is simply a potential loop-hole we have made. We need to run it by Beatricr, who is more well versed in the Pax, to see if we hold any ground. If it doesn't, Erika can just as easily kill us by simply making us slip down a flight of stairs and claim innocence about the whole thing. It would be extremely hard to prove and even if Tharja tried to invoke the Pax using this clause, Erika could claim she had not known that Edward was a part of her experiments (which is true) and technically be safe, similar to how she weaseled her way out of the previous offense. Also, think of the women we have laid with. Erika knows about our needs and would target any women of child-rearing age we could have slept with and children that even remotely look like us to toture us in a similar way that she did to Vlad. This would not violate the Pax, so the witches would not be able to stop her. Plus, just straight antagonizing another witch with no rhyme or reason will only distance ourselves from Beatrice and Tharja. We swore that we would help the witches find their place in this world, and that includes Erika. If she gives us a good reason, then yes, we will go after her. But not now.

ee1a2 No.5165


"Ignorance, or DECEIT?"

A line from Beatrice, Edward, and Tharja's first meeting. Ignorance does not invalidate or excuse a witch from a Pax Bernkastel violation. It is up to the witch who has been wronged to decide whether she wants to take any action on the violation.

And many of the things you've stated that Erika could possibly do are why I wanted her out of the Castle as quickly as possible in the first place. Edward has life-barfed to a Destructive Witch. Sure, Erika could have found out on her own, which is what she did, but Edward didn't help his situation by flat out revealing everything about himself just because he decided to stick it in the crazy!

She is not more Powerful than Beatrice; Beatrice is the Immortal, All-Powerful, Infinite Golden Witch. Erika is a petulant CHILD compared to her…

8addb No.5166

Beatrice herself has stated (reluctantly and a bit engimatically) that Erika out classes her in terms of destructive power, while Beatrice states that she out classes Erika in creation magic. Both are powerful in their own rights and have their own unique uses, but in combat, I believe that destruction is more likely to the winner. In the duel, we saw that Beatrice was having a tough time with Erika, who was holding back as to not cause problems with accidental discovery. If she got to the point where she did not care anymore about witches being discovered again, I feel that Erika would win. You don't earn the title "Witch of Devestation" by being a pushover.

Once again, we do not know if this clause holds any water. Therefore, we should review it with Beatrice before we try to start something. It might impress Beatrice that we thought it out this much.

And that line you are using. It is supposed to pose the question if Erika truly did know that Beatrice was there, not that ignorance was not an excuse for a violation. Plus, she genuinely has no idea about our "experiments" with Tharja.

8addb No.5167

Actually, you are right. It is up to the witch to decide what to do in that case. However, we still do not know if it is a violation to kill us.

ee1a2 No.5171


Go back and read the description of the duel again. Beatrice wasn't "having trouble with Erika" as you claim, it was clearly stated that the duel had reached a "stalemate" because the witches were evenly matched.

Beatrice also didn't reveal that Erika outclasses her in terms of Destructive magic; it was only hinted at/inferred by Edward and not outright stated by the Infinite Golden Witch.

Besides, the ONLY reason Erika would be more skilled in Devastation magic is the same reason why Maria, bless her, was so weak: She spends all of her time focused on it. In that respect, I feel that it is not only unfair, but downright insulting to the Infinite Golden Witch to suggest, or even give the slightest hint, that Erika, the Witch of Devastation, could possibly be more powerful than her. A mature witch understands the importance of being versatile and keeping her different disciplines strong. A petulant child focuses on one area and nothing else.

27532 No.5176

I stopped following once we had Daniella killed, and I'm just popping in to ask one question. Are there any fucking bellies yet?

1304b No.5177

Nope, but there is now a another witch that is essentially Beatrice's anti-thesis; crazy, immature, and destructive. We also have more than likely impregnated Tharja, Beatrice, Elizabeth, and a blacksmith's widowed sister. Sully is also warming up to us, though sex may be a ways off. Plus, we are now progressing by weeks, so bellies should start popping up soon.

1304b No.5179

Oh and that crazy witch, Erika? Well, we did what no man should have done; we put our dick in crazy. Probably knocked her up, which can easily be either a positive or negative experience for both us and her.

27532 No.5187

So in four threads + whatever went down on BBWchan, there's been next to no pregnancy. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?

c137a No.5188


I'd be just patient, we are planning long term.

d6838 No.5190

Well, the emphasis on impregnation instead of pregnancy is right there in the title ;-)

1304b No.5191

Still, it would be nice to have a few bellies around here. All we have to do is be patient and cautious.

d6838 No.5192

I was just reminded of this gem of pure wisdom.
> Zapp Brannigan: As my protégé you should know that the only way to deal with a female adversary is to seduce her.
> Kif: *groans*
> Zapp Brannigan: This time we are sure she's a woman, right?
> Kif: Yes.
It seems like Commodore64 Zapp Brannigan agrees with the decision to fuck Erika ;-)

784d7 No.5194

There will be many bellies. Edward has had sex to impregnate four witches, two normal women, and can expect four (perhaps five) more fertile women to have sex with soon. Those are only the knowns. Not including any more fertile women he meets or summons to the castle.

Bellies don't appear after a day. Soon the time in story will pass. Remember, barely a month of in-game time has passed since Edward arrived in the castle. It would make no sense for the women he knows to have huge bellies yet.

In the mean time, there have been many sex scenes with a focus on impregnation. (Also, there are many images of Tharja already pregnant, if you look for them. You don't have to wait for me to post them.)

I hope the story is enjoyable.

27532 No.5195

Well, to be honest I've found game itself to lacking. I'd go in to detail, but like I said I haven't been here for the latest parts, and it feels like I'm just picking at an old scab.

6a560 No.5201

We haven't had one of these in a while:

- Why did Sully chose to enter the military? What did her grandfather do that King Vlad remembers him? (Low apparent priority)
- What's up with Beatrice's portrait? (low priority)
- Are the towns of Ruhemania well-defended against banditry?
- What are Ruhemania's main imports and exports?
- What's the status of Virilia's military infrastructure? Are the other castles well-defended and can they be defended if need arises? (Medium priority. Ricardo probably can answer this or at least find out if we ask him to)

- Ask Beatrice to control the weather during construction of her tower to minimise construction time (low priority since construction hasn't started yet)
- Start planning the summer festival (low priority since it's also some weeks away)
- Make Ricardo train a successor. (Low to medium priority, but only as long as Ricardo is healthy)
- Find a way to hide influx of magical money from Ricardo. (Medium priority)
- Gradually shift more an more responsibilities to Margaret in order to eventually have her replace Helga as head maid. (Medium priority)
- Find ways to make Beatrice less unpredictable. (Medium priority right now, but high in the long run)
- Find ways to make Erika less dangerous. (High priority)
- Confirm pregnancies, especially Tharja's. (High priority, but probably a formality)

We are currently down to 79% of what we started with and will be down to 19% and then hopefully up to ~70% again during the year:
- Taking Vlad's body on a grand tour cost us 10%
- A donation to the church cost us 10%
- hiring the daughters of the pig farmer as maids cost us 1%
Money that is already earmarked:
- hiring the architect cost 10%
- the rest of the tower building enterprise will cost 40% (if nothing goes wrong)
- the summer faire will cost 10%
Expected income:
- Something like 50% in taxes before the end of the year.

Is there something you would like add to these lists?

8addb No.5202

I would like to add "Investigate potential clause with Beatrice." It could help us whenever we have to deal with a hostile witch in the future, but I think we can wait on that for a while since we are not currently in danger of it.

c54f3 No.5203

Minor correction: The money for the architect isn't "earmarked" anymore, it's already spent. Hence we're down to 69% of the treasury.

What "clause" do you mean? A protection-clause against other witches? She already told us that she isn't willing to kill other witches, but that she will take non-lethal means to protect us like she did with Erika.

8addb No.5204

It is simply a clause in the Pax that may protect us because we (or more precisely our sperm) are vital for Tharja's experiments. Thus, if something were to happen to us, the witch would be breaking the Pax by interfering wit her experiments. This is not a way for us to have Beatrice be lethal towards witches, but a way to be somewhat protected under the Pax.

c54f3 No.5205

I really don't think nitpicking the pax rules will help us. The way Beatrice answered previous questions about it makes me think that it's more the spirit that counts than the precise wording. If she or Tharja or Erika ever invokes the pax, she will have to call on the help of other witches to enforce it and those other witches may very well answer with "Are you crazy? We're not starting a fight over some mortal!".

But I'm flexible. If someone else thinks trying to include Edward in the pax is a worthwhile undertaking, I will write it on the list.

a59ed No.5206

I was just thinking about our future with Tharja, Beatrice, and Erika and I found a concern about our children. At least Beatrice will try to help her daughter/s become involved in witchcraft (willing to bet the same for Erika) and that requires the blood of a dead relative. Who is going to die for this? The only options are the parents and all of our children.

The worst part is that having sons (and therefore avoiding the witch problem) can just lead to a succession crisis should our heirs get killed for making witches.

This doesn't seem like something that will end well (assuming that we get that far).

If this has already been mentioned, sorry for double posting.

8addb No.5207

We may need to come to a mutual agreement among the witches that our children (which would include all of our children with them and our sons) are off-limits to said practice of sacrifice. However, we do not have or know of any of Maria's books at this moment, so we do not have to worry about that too much in the immediate future.

ee1a2 No.5209

>> 19761

>> 19760

>> Well, I would like some conformation about it before Beatrice is put into another dangerous situation.

You dare question the Power and Ability of the Infinite Golden Witch? You feeble little mortal…


Ahahahahahah! Do you really think Ethereal Beings as POWERFUL as Witches will bend to the will of a mere mortal? You are more stark raving mad than your illogical forum posts had led me to believe, Ahaha.

1304b No.5210

(How did he/she know I was crazy? Play it cool, play it cool…)
Yeah, we would need to be on very good standings with all the witches for them all to even be in the same room, let alone make an agreement with. It is just that without some form of agreement, all of our children are potentially on the chopping block, with each of the witch's children being related and thus be under threat of being used as sacrifices to make new witches. We also left a lot of bastards behind in our home kingdom, so they are targets as well. But as I stated, this is not a problem at the moment because there are no known Maria's books out there.

It is just that one wrong blow and our child may be hurt. Even the strongest people can be hurt at times. Just look at what happened to Erika, when she was double-teamed by Beatrice and Tharja. Based on the description, half of her body was gone. Not torn apart, gone. And I don't think any of the witches know spells that would protect or regenerate a fetus from that kin of damage. Plus, while all of the cells in the child may be partially hers, they are also half us. When regnerating, the process may not recognize the cells of the child as her own and simply not heal them. Thus, child gone. And fetuses in general are rather fragile and witches are probably not an exception, no matter how much they try to separate themselves from the natural order.

Oh and by the way, I would like to remind you that this is the same "feeble, little mortal" that first proposed the hypothetical clause of the Pax that you used later to help your argument.


So I guess we are both mad here, aren't we?

I look forward to arguing these types of things with you in the future, Scientist. You don't fail to impress me with such a unique viewpoint on the matter. Though I sometimes feel as though you hold Beatrice in too high of regard at times, I can not deny that you have good, logically-sound points in these discussions. Thank you.

8addb No.5211

Sorry, my ID sometimes changes on me at times. I have no idea why this keeps happening.

8addb No.5222

Aristo, are you okay?

784d7 No.5228

I am okay, just tired.

I sometimes miss making at least one update a day because of a holiday or busy day. I post these notices on my DA account and sometimes here.

I will take another day before the next update. The vote is still up.

8addb No.5232

So, I have a question. Someone in the story thread brought up the fact that Ricardo is probably not getting any real favors from us, since Elizabeth has already been kind of claimed by us and Margaret is all work and no play (for now). So I have a question; should we hire an apprentice for Ricardo that is to his preferences? Similar to how he helped find us a stablewoman that is to our likings, we could have him find a assistant to his likings. I think he would appreciate the help and the company. It would leave us with a more content Master of Coin and a new woman to interact with. Now, a problem with this idea is that if anything happens to Ricardo, we may not be able to easily insert Beatrice into being the new Master of Coin. The assistant may want to take over his role when he passes, so that may raise conflict between them. But this is only a question to see what people think about this idea. If you have thoughts to add, I welcome them.

This isn't something we would have to do immediately. We could wait a little while to see if he would like that kind of thing, see what Beatrice has to report on him, or see if we have the funding to even afford one. So, thoughts?

cd045 No.5233

Beatrice should *not* be the Be-All-End-All of the kingdom's finances, in any sense. She might be applicable as a replacement for Ricardo, but if the source material is any indication, leaning on her gold (read: talents) will cause a lot more drama and potential headaches and heartaches.

8addb No.5234

Good point. We should not become overly dependent on any of her large "deposits", though we should have her do a small "donantion" to our treasury every now and then. Nothing too big (somewhere between 1/10th and 2/10ths of current treasury size). How often is something we can decide if or when it becomes an option. An influx of gold can cause an deflation in the actual price of a gold coin and make things more complicated. Then again, this is a thread about impregnanting different women, so maybe that is over thinking things.

ee1a2 No.5235

Any deposits from Beatrice will only be possible AFTER Ricardo has passed on

8addb No.5236

"Sometimes I can still hear his voice…"


But yeah, Ricardo probably will be around for a while. However, back to the original subject at hand: Should we hire an assistant for him that fit his preferences? Like I said, I think he would appreciate the help and the company.

8addb No.5252

So now, Ricardo has left us with three options when it comes to noble houses: use native nobles, foreign nobles, or our own flesh and blood children. Each have their own pros and cons.

Native nobles have more connection with the people than a foreign one would, but they may prove to be hostile towards the crown overtime.
Foreign nobles are the opposite. They may be more loyal, but they may end up hurting our relationships with the common people ("You let a foreigner run your own country?"). However, they may have the added bonus of strengthening relations with our neighboring countries and future trading partners.
Finally, our own children. This may prove to be useful and safe, but it is also the longest plan to implement. We would still be in charge of the title until they grew to the proper age, so their responsibilities would be stacked on us for a very long time.
Maybe we can do a mix on a case by case basis?

We also have been shown that our country doesn't really have any foreign trade going on right now. We will need to figure out a marketable product for us to use for trade in the future, preferably something only our country can produce, if we want any hopes on heloping this country grow.

30a5f No.5254

I like this! This is going to be fun. I haven't really considered anything other than giving title to Edward's sons and daughters, but Ricardo is absolutely right: There are other ways and some of them might give us a big advantage if we play our cards right. We have a chance to become more popular with our people and make friends with Elbania. And there is so much scheming to do aroung it! My inner Machiavelli loves this. ;-)

A mix of the three options seems the most reasonable to me. And we have already taken steps to implement one of those: We have our summer festival and had already planned to let Beatrice have a closer look at our guests in order to assess their loyalty to the crown. We could easily invite the landless nobles in addition to the castellans and do the same to them.

I'm not quite sure how we will get to know the elbanian aristocrats though.
They probably won't make the trip through the wilderness just for a festival. And if we advertise that we want to give titles away before we invite them for an official state visit into the castle, that will attract exactly the wrong kind of person.
We could reach out to the elbanian king or queen to recommend some of his/her subjects without a title but that would give a foreign king/queen a significant influence on our interior politics just by pre-selecting superloyal nobleman. And unless we have an immediate bond of trust and friendship with the queen (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) we shouldn't let anyone exert that kind of influence.
We could try to organise a state visit into the neighbouring country ourselves and bring Beatrice with us. But if we spend our time in and around the king's/queen's castle, then we will again see mostly close friend of the king/queen.
The best option would be an elbanian duchess who was supposed to be the next queen but her brother/cousin/… stole the title from her. Her and her allies can have ruhemanian titles and she will stand firmly on our side (and lie happily in our bed) for it. And if we want, we have the option of conquering Elbania to right this wrong. First Elbania, then the world! [insert maniacal laugh here]

But back to serious thoughts. Ricardo's options aren't the only ones. We have even more: If one of the ruhemanian or elbanian aristocrats is a young, single female, we can combine two approaches: Edward impregnates her, gives the title to her son and lets her rule in his stead until that son is of age. (Remember that the patriarchy isn't all encompassing when it comes to inheriting titles and ruling the land: Tharja was crown princess herself until she married Edward. The same can work on a lower level)

Or: We can tie our offer of a ruhemanian title to the condition that the elbanian noble who wants it must marry a ruhemanian noble.

To decide which title to give to whom, I think a good first approximation could be based simply on geography: Those parts of the land closest to Elbania can go to Elbanian aristocrats. They have the biggest incentive to tame the wilderness and build better roads to our neighbour for example, they know best want kind of ruhemanien products would have a market in Elbania, and the people closest to the border will be more likely to know and understand elbanian culture, customs, … and are therefore less likely to be alienated by a foreign duke or duchess.

8addb No.5258

So, Margaret has been keeping a secret; she doesn't want to try anything with us (partially) out of fear of pregnancy. Now that we know this, we are left with a two options; confront the problem or let it be.

If we confront her about it, we should explain that we understand that there is a lot of weight that comes with becoming a mother. And that maybe she just has her reasons not to be a mother. However, we do not force our seed on those unwilling to bear the child. We are more than a "mad, rutting beast". So if Margeret wants to pursue a relationship with us sometime in the future, she wouldn't have to worry about impregnation on our part. It is a gamble, but it could get our foot in the proverbial door.

We could also respect her privacy and let it be. Who knows? Maybe seeing some people enjoying pregnancy may open herself up to the idea of joining motherhood.

30a5f No.5259

I say we let her be. She has had weeks of constant interaction with us and didn't let anything slip. That seems to me like she wants her privacy.
Once her sister gets pregnant and loves it, she will come around.

30a5f No.5260

Oh, but speaking of Margaret… What we definitely should do is ask for a progress report on her new teaching duties. We gave her those duties as preparation for a future promotion; we need to know if she can handle it. And also if a certain fat somebody gives her any problems now that she is once again part of the maid hierarchy.

8addb No.5261

I am slightly worried about the Chruch here. We knew how they were under Vlad's rule, but we don't know how they are under our rule. Are they okay with our exploits? Are they okay with unmarried women popping up pregnant? And what if they have switched out the priest for a young priestess in hopes of seducing more money out of us?

0ad0d No.5262

Aristo once clarified that unmarried mothers aren't socially ostracised in this world like they would have been in the real world because otherwise the whole premise of this story wouldn't work. And the church is at least tolerating extra-marital sex as long as it leads to children (taking the "fruitful and multiply" part seriously I guess).

If they really send a nun after Edward, then a. kudos, b. Edward would totally fall for it because we know from the very beginning that he has a thing for nuns and c. if he can talk the nun out of her habit and into his bed, then he can also talk her out of the shady plans her superiors have come up with. So I'm not worried so much on that front.
(In fact I would really like to see Edward knocking up a few nuns)

8addb No.5263

I know, right! Nuns seems like an very appealing option, but we probably won't see one for a while. They first need to know where they stand with us and if sending a seductress is even necessary. We would have to make that chapel that Ricardo recommended if we want that character around more than once a month (if they are even introduced). But that causes problems of their own, since it gives the Church more influence on our land and increases chances of detection. We probably shouldn't worry to much on a chapel since we do not have the funds to build one at this moment.

784d7 No.5264

I didn't say this, exactly. I said a backstory of every girl Edward impregnates being made to give up their child (to an orphanage or otherwise) was too dark. Other aspects of pregnancy outside wedlock being shunned might be present.

Certainly there wasn't much of it in Virilia because Edward just didn't stop and the impact of a woman being pregnant out of wedlock was lost as it kept happening. Go back to all the maids congratulating the matchmaker. Some of them sound truly happy, but one is also basically saying "You too, huh?" Also as mentioned, the first few women Edward impregnated were sent away from their positions.

Of course Edward is King in his very own castle so he doesn't have to worry about that now.

0ad0d No.5265

Yeah, subtlety gets lost over time. It's been over a year, man.

784d7 No.5266

Sorry, just clarifying.

Also, it's been about six months. The game's not yet a year old. But if it does reach that… I really want to thank everyone for staying along with it, until now and then.

0ad0d No.5267

Curse you, weird american date formats!! What moron came up with that idea to place the month in the first place!? Aren't imperial units not bad enough? Do you have to mess with dates as well? AAAARG

8addb No.5277

The part I am worried about there is if Margerat gets open about pregnancy, but gets pregnant by Ricardo. I would prefer if the bastards being sired here be ours. We could use the reports you mentioned as a oppurtunity to try to get close, if not as lovers, then as friends and also show her we are not as lust-crazy as she may think. It may lead to her opening up to us romantically if we play our cards right, though we shouldn't expect sex for a while if this happens. If not, we at least make a better friend out of our future head maid.
Though, now I am curious as to what other reasons she has to not pursue a relationship with us. She has said it is because of Elizabeth's fauning over us, which makes sense. I wouldn't be completely comfortable in a polygomous relationship involving one of my siblings. But now we know she is opposed to pregnancy as well, something we are renowned for. Maybe our reputation is the reason she went to Ricardo instead of us, since she at least could guess that Ricardo wouldn't try to impregnate her unlike us. I am curious if this rejection also stems from her past (i.e. close friend/family member died in childbirth) and if either of the siblings would be willing to enlighten us on it.
As I have said in a previous post, I believe that when the right circumstances appear, we tell her that we never force our children onto those who do not consent to it. I say this because I believe she sees us as our past-title suggested us to be: a mad, rutting beast. I am not particualarly fond of it since it implies we will put it in any hole that suits us. So if she ever wants to pursue a relationship with us, we can guarantee that we will never force her into a situation she did not want to be in. It will get us started, at least, on opening up her mind to the thought of being a mother. Thoughts?

784d7 No.5281

I will leave the current vote up a little longer to get more votes before closing it.

ee1a2 No.5284


If all else fails, we can always have Edward give Beatrice the green light to start working on creating an unattuned spellbook as well as "grooming" Elizabeth. Any woman vehemently opposed to being impregnated would make a fine blood sacrifice, indeed! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

8addb No.5285

I thought Maria was the only one who had the knowledge to do that. It would probably take a long time to research that and I am not sure Elizabeth would be comfortable with a sibling's murder.

e6a06 No.5286

No, every witch can do that. Maria was special in that she spent all her time only doing that.

8addb No.5287

Oh, so Maria was essentially at the forefront of engineering these new books, but not the only one who could do it. Thank you for the insight. Still, these books probably require very specific materials that are hard to obtain, otherwise we cold jus flood the country with them. Also, I am not entirely okay with killing Margaret to fulfill the requirement for Elizabeth to be a witch. Killing like that just feels wrong and we are putting a lot of effort towards her being the new head maid. I think two witches in this castle is enough. Plus, I don't think Elizabeth would make a good witch, with her clumsiness and general attitude.

ee1a2 No.5288


Oh? So you mention traits that hinder her from being a good servant. How mundane of you…

Witches come in all varieties of mannerisms and personalities, and Beatrice has heard feelings of suppressed resentment and jealousy toward Margaret flow from Elizabeth's mouth; traits that would facilitate her acceptance of killing her sister with the right kind of prodding, Ahaha…

8addb No.5289

We are not killers. This is not some story where we help murder people people left and right. Vlad and Daniella were necessities to survive. Margaret is simply a girl that needs a bit of the old Edward charm to be wooed. If we just keep adding people to the ranks of witches, it will cause more problems of being under the radar and more potential for fighting within ranks. Like you said, Elizabeth is a jealous woman. What is to stop her when she is a witch from trying to monopolize us and harming any woman who could potentially bear our seed? Maybe instead of indulging her hatred and envy, we instead help her resolve them peacefully. If you think these feelings go away after the event, they don't. Hatred for the person becomes sorrow for the lost and jelousy becomes regret of what they did. It solves part of Margaret's problem with sleeping with us and improves our relationship with Elizabeth at the same time.
And like I said, we are currently preparing Margaret to be the new head maid, a role she is better suited for. It would be senseless to just cast her aside on a whim and lose all that we worked towards. And Elizabeth would not be a good substitute for this.

8addb No.5291

Becoming a witch doesn't change who you are or your qualities. Do you think Erika was a goody-two-shoes before she was a witch? Time may change aspects of you, but it won't change your whole being. The reason why I mentioned Elizabeth's clumsiness and jealousy was because that is something that will translate over to her being a witch. And if you think that we could just have her wrapped around our little finger, you will be in for a rude awakenining. Allowing someone to go along with their whims doesn't earn love or loyalty, it only tells them they are allowed to do as they please.

edc4d No.5292

I'm trying to remember if this was addressed before or not, but I am a little curious if the daughters of witches might not be born with at least a latent ability with magic. Maybe they aren't full-blown witches but possibly more than just a mere mortal (there's a mix of science and fantasy to this - children in the womb ARE particularly sensitive to things, hence why smoking, drinking, and diseases are such bad things for pregnant women, and sometimes this is used as a means of explaining supernatural abilities and stuff in anime and other fantasy settings). We really don't want our children killing each other to become witches, I'm sure, so if there's any alternative method to giving them magic, it might be a good thing to figure out.

Of course, it may be a factor few to no witches ever actually tried having families, so what we've got going with Tharja, Beatrice, and Erika could be uncharted territory.

edc4d No.5293


And I almost forgot Patchy.

ee1a2 No.5296


I don't think there's any wiggle room or getting around the "blood of a recently deceased blood relative" ritual requirement, or at least, I haven't found any evidence to suggest that there is a way around it. Like I said way back when we were discussing choosing Beatrice over Daniella: Sure, it's dark, but if you want to dance, you've GOT to PAY the Fiddler, Ahahahahaha!

8addb No.5305

I can agree in trying to find an alternative to becoming a witch, if there is one. This isn't out of fear for our life, but of our children's. Children of witches are not protected by the Pax (as far as we know) and thus be targeted by othe witches.

ee1a2 No.5380

What the hell is going on? Why does everyone suddenly have a foot fetish?

8addb No.5381

I think the support for the foot-worship is more for trying to please Beatrice than it is that people have a foot-fetish.

57cff No.5382

I agree with this >>5381 . Tharja is already very, very, very pleased. We are pleased, we get to have a threesome afterall. Beatrice will be very, very pleased. Afterall, remember, she did say:
>You think you understand Beatrice more.

>–But, where did her feet enter this picture?

>She cackles, rolling on the bed a little, kicking said feet.

>"Ahaha. I do enjoy having my feet properly worshiped… I show them only rarely, you see. I was delighted to find you so eager!"

It just seems the smartest thing to do, imo.

8addb No.5383

I am the guy who wrote the write-in. I was considering adding a little foot-foreplay into the option since everyone was leaning that way anyway. It would of just been that after the feet, we would do the Triangle.

The Triangle is as follows: Edward on the bottom, Tharja close enough to our face to be eaten out, and Beatrice receiving the seed. Those on top are open to go at each other while we help with our hands (and a little guidance).

My question is: if I opened up a new write-in with this alteration (to add feet foreplay), would people consider changing votes for it?

57cff No.5384

I think aristo isn't just going to have it be footplay, and no sex. Probably a mix of sex & footplay.

In all honesty, probably around half of the people who voted 8 are footfags. Just my guess. Other half probably only voted 8 to appease Beatrice. Maybe you can try to shift votes around, but t b h, not a lot of people seem to care that much whether footplay happens or not. It might happen. But the footfags have a lot more votes. For example, when Erika was around, a lot of people were arguing about what to do, few are doing that now. Kinda weird in all honesty.

Also, Aristo might break that new write-in, off, further splitting the people that don't want the foot play to happen.

Don't mean to ramble, just what I think.

8addb No.5385

Thanks for the insight. I understand footplay isn't the only thing we would do in sex. The Triangle is just the option I would like as an option for something we can do after we get Beatrice "hot and ready" with the foot-worship.

It is a bit weird how so many people popped up all of the sudden, but I guess when things seem to be going your way anyway, you don't need to vote or speak up.

ee1a2 No.5387

They popped up when they realized they could get away with any nonsensical retardation they could come up with…

8addb No.5388

While I may not agree with it, I (partially) understand what they are trying to acomplish. But whining about it solves nothing, so either cast a vote and try to convince people to change or don't and accept what happens.

And don't go insulting any of the foot-fetish people here. We are on a site dedicated to pregnancy fetishes, so who are we to judge them? A foot-fetish is rather tame in comparision to a lot of other fetishes out there.

57cff No.5389

This is a reasonable answer. I voted 8, but I can see why someone wanted the write-in. Either they don't like foot stuff, do think its the best option, or something else. Seriously, I think The Scientist has done this shit before. He complains if a vote doesn't go his way. He did it with Erika to.

Seriously, lets not overrate how important this is. We are on a FETISH board. Its not we are voting on something that will cause World War 3

8addb No.5390

I was just trying to make an interesting sex scene. I am perfectly fine if we end up with the foot. I am just a bit frustrated with Scientist at the moment. He/She comes into the thread he/she has essentially sworen off and calls this story "too boring". But I guess I am getting a little heated here. Sorry.

ee1a2 No.5397


Well, your approval is why I wake up in the morning.


There's no point in casting a vote when it has almost no chance of succeeding. If my math is correct, the vote currently stands at Write-In: 10; Foot-Worship: 16. The footfags are going to get what they want in this scene even if I were to cast a vote for the write in. It is inevitable, so why should I waste my valuable time and breath on trying to get them to reconsider?


Edward has already done many things to "Please" Beatrice. I feel that the Tricycle position will be enough entertainment to keep Beatrice interested and not walk away. It's not like she is going to destroy Edward if he doesn't lick her feet every time he has sex with her. Besides, she may see this as a blatant attempt to pander to her interests, which might anger or bore her when she realizes Edward is just suggesting it because he knows what she wants and is not offering any sort of challenge. In other words, being a submissive. Now, it's been stated that Beatrice loves submissives that she can have her way with, but honestly, it's choices and decisions like this that make it seem like Edward is just letting himself give in to the demands of the witches, as in, be a little peon in the face of beings so powerful. In essence, it's decisions such as these that make this post here >>5109 hold water.

Oh, and as >>5195 stated, this game and story is extremely lacking as of late.

Go ahead, criticize and hide behind your pregnonymous shield. At least I actually hold myself accountable to what I say and deal with the consequences of it by keeping my tag.

57cff No.5398

Lol okay. You're such a warrior, having a name on an imageboard. You're the next MLK or Gandhi. Okay buddy. Give me a break. No one is forcing you to read the story, nor comment. Don't like the story, just don't read it, or make your own.

784d7 No.5404


Apologies for not closing the vote sooner, but I was mostly occupied the last day, and when I wasn't, the site was refusing to load.

I'm a little surprised to see such support for foot-play. When the first foot-scene appeared in bbw-chan, there seemed to be a few people who said 'not really into this.'

Well, regardless, feet has won, so feet will be had. Since a number of people outright said "not into feet," there will be a segmented non-feet part to it too. (The 'triangle' position that was voted for.)

The next update may take a day or so to go up. Sex scenes usually take longer.

I hope it's enjoyable.

de3ca No.5406

For what it's worth, aristo, I like how it seems you're going to handle this. I'm not a fan of footplay, but I'm not against it either, and I approve of still incorporating the write-in after the foot stuff.

784d7 No.5408

The footplay part of the latest sex-scene is up. Those who aren't interested are free to ignore it.

The next update will have the non-feet part, as well as the next choice. I will put another comment here in the chat thread for everyone to see after I update it.

784d7 No.5414

Hello everyone.

The new scene is up, this one only has a slight reference to feet, so hopefully it is acceptable.

Apologies for the time it took to write, I don't intend to make that the new 'normal'.

Sex scenes always take longer, and I had to think of how to approach depicting this position.

Hopefully it meets expectations.

I want to remind everyone that even if you think or know you are going to be out-voted, your vote still matters even if your choice doesn't have the majority. I try to take into account the wants of every reader even if an individual vote goes a different way. And, you never know, sometimes a vote can end up reversing when it looks like it will go one way.

I hope the story is enjoyable.

1304b No.5445

I got a question for the thread:
What kind of relationship do we want with Sully? Do we want her as a genuine lover (like what we are trying to do with Beatrice) or just another fuck-buddy (like the nondescript blacksmith's widowed sister)?

Personally, I am going for lover. It makes things more interesting.

84c45 No.5450

I want her just as a fuck buddy. Too many true lovers will complicate edward's life to a point where he cannot be an effective king any longer and has to concentrate almost solely on his relationships. And I for one am not ready to abandon our political goals before we really tried.

99c1e No.5452

This. Let's not try and become husband-wife with literally every girl that is possible. Besides, Sully probably has her own goals.

8addb No.5453

Good point, but we are trying to have children with these women. Wouldn't it be good that they actually love us, even just a little bit? Plus, I don't think aristo is planning on making it that we are solely working on maintaining relationships. We still make political decisions every now and then. These decisions so far are not conflicting with any of the women currently.
Though, this guy >>5452 does have a point. Becoming pregnant and having a lover may throw a wrench into her plans to be a warrior. Her job right now kind of hinges on having her cast her feminine side aside. But having us as a lover will help protect her from some malice from within the castle.

8addb No.5454

Just to clarify, I am not saying we openly say that we are lovers. It simply that as lovers, she would be more open to recieving help from us than if she was just a fuck-buddy.

ee1a2 No.5492

You horny bastards

ee1a2 No.5503


Perhaps this is just a rumor that requires clearing up, but I seriously doubt it given Margaret's stern rejection of Edward when he pissed her off.

Your idea that she was wary of Edward, feeling that he might force an unwanted child upon her, is logically sound, and would make sense given her knowledge of Edward; not the "Mad Rutting Beast", but all the gleeful talk she heard from Elizabeth about becoming a royal mother and bearing children alongside Tharja. This incident could very well have been the catalyst that led her to rejecting even a strictly groping relationship with Edward.

What irritates me, among other things in this situation, is that she didn't give Edward the chance to show her that he would NEVER force a child on any woman who didn't absolutely want it. This is a character trait of Edward's that was established back at the beginning of the story: Edward is a charmer who doesn't violently force his will on the women he pursues.

And if Margaret prefers to not have a relationship with Edward, hey, it's her loss, because she is missing out on an incredibly amazing man. She just shouldn't be surprised and stand frozen in shock, eyes wide, mouth agape, if Elizabeth ever materializes a dagger in her chest, with Beatrice's help, of course.

8addb No.5504

Maybe we should be the ones to help clear up this problem. Talking it out and starting as friends (like with Sully) may help with clearing up her messed up view of us and help open herself up to us, though we should make sure Elizabeth is at a point where her jealousy would not lead to a bad result. We don't have a book so it would be a wasted effort if she did something irrational.
We should hear why she doesn't want to be pregnant, since most of our ideas are just hypotheticals right now and we could form a plan to deal with it. But for now, let's focus on the sisterrace we do have: Elizabeth.

d393c No.5505

Anyone else starting to think Scientists fetish isn't impreg but just murdering people and jerking off to Beatrice cause he's getting creepier every day now?

19560 No.5506


I'd just ignore him if I were you. He's just another guy who likes to rant and over think .

ee1a2 No.5507


I understand your confusion. Advanced science and topics have always baffled primitive man.

36ae5 No.5508

Nah man I get science well enough, it's your Beatrice cosplay that weirds me out. You know there's like cons and stuff you can go to for that sorta thing right? You don't gotta alt as her on a chan board just to get off.

84333 No.5509

Kek. All he's good for is ranting when things don't go his way.

ee1a2 No.5515


And you people wonder why I choose to not waste my breath on "convincing" you to think of alternate possibilities when it comes to votes.


You single me out, yet are completely content with The Wizard of Oz's analyses. Fascinating…

It's fine, though. The truly brilliant throughout history were always initially shunned by the the plebeians, after all.

36ae5 No.5517

Except Oz isn't an asshole who keeps trying to talk everyone into killing our children to make more witches so yeah he kinda has a leg up on you there.

ec619 No.5519

W of Oz is super enthusiastic and likes to do long-term planning essays for a smut quest. I don't mind that, I doubt anyone does, it's kind of endearing how into it he/she is.

You on the other hand keep attacking other posters' choices in this choose-your-own-adventure, are showing a worrying level of hatred for fictional characters and like to roleplay as a crazy person.

You need to dial it down several notches. Just chill, don't worry so much about controlling every detail.

f580f No.5521

All y'all need to take a chill pill. It's just a fictional fetish story on a fetishist board. It'll be okay.

ee1a2 No.5522

> W of Oz is super enthusiastic and likes to do long-term planning essays for a smut quest. I don't mind that, I doubt anyone does, it's kind of endearing how into it he/she is.

You might be new here, but I don't have enough evidence to make an objective statement either way. I was super into this story in the beginning and, to a certain extent, towards the middle of the story, but started trying to be silent when my posts were met with such disdain.

> keeps trying to talk everyone into killing our children to make more witches.

There is no other way to create witches who are related to Edward, at least, no other confirmed way that the characters know of. It is inevitable, and if you don't like it, then you should have voted for Daniella back during the confrontation. You either shit, or get off the pot.

And speaking of Daniella…

> showing a worrying level of hatred for fictional characters and like to roleplay as a crazy person.

Couldn't this be seen as an expression, although different, of how "into it" I am?

36ae5 No.5523

I didn't start playing until after the board came back so I can only guess at what this whole Daniella thing was about. But if it's anything like that whole Erica deal went I probably would've voted for her over Beatrice cause she's fucking crazy and the whole witch thing in general is fucking crazy too. I'm in this game to be king and get laid so yeah I couldn't give a damn about some ancient hag with a god complex and a laugh that curdles cheese. Give me Sully any day over that nonsense.

784d7 No.5525

There is no need to guess. It's all written in the previous posts which are properly linked. They're all archived perfectly now and it is possible to read the story from the beginning to its current spot without missing anything. This is something I am very glad is possible because for a time it looked like the story would disappear with along with the site's server.

(Though part of me worries about the portion of the story that was only put on bbw-chan. It is too much to re-post over here, unlike the Impregnated Princess story.)

Of course, that being said, there's no need to do so. This is everyone's story and everyone is entitled to use their one vote however they like. That goes for everyone, whether they started reading from the beginning or joined later or only just saw it now.

The next update will come soon. The vote is a little close so I thought I'd leave it up longer. It's not a dramatic decision by any means, but sometimes votes that seem trifling end up shaping the story in ways I don't even anticipate.

I hope the story remains enjoyable.

ee1a2 No.5526


>Though part of me worries about the portion of the story that was only put on bbw-chan

I have all of that archived, and could post it over here in a manner much the same way I did when pregchan went down, and I feared everything was lost. But with all of the vitriol being flung my way recently, I am less inclined to do so. I am not in the habit of rewarding those who dislike me.

36ae5 No.5527

Get off the cross, other people need the wood. That's the exact sort of stuff that makes people think you're a dick to begin with. Good job with that self fulfilling martyr complex.

ee1a2 No.5529


My my, you're an uncouth little rodent, aren't you?

1c5de No.5531

geezus do you hear yourself talk, or are you too self-absorbed to notice?

ee1a2 No.5532


Well, your approval is why I wake up in the morning :)

ee1a2 No.5534


And yet you people were all too eager to have Edward just hop into the hay and have a romp with Malon the second she arrived!

What's with the sudden strict strategy when it comes to Elizabeth, who was here long before Malon arrived? Edward already knows that she's a bit scatterbrained(it's one of her character traits), so this might just be a manifestation of said trait, albeit more pronounced. She may be slacking, and she may be getting too comfortable around him, but can you blame her?

1. He hasn't touched her romantically since he fucked her like a dog in that other laundry room.

2. She's pregnant and her hormones are all over the place.

3. She is the ONLY sister Edward has any chance of sleeping with.

I don't get you people. She misses Edward terribly. Give the poor, innocent girl some slack, geeze.

8addb No.5535

I did vote against having sex with Malon off the bat, so do some fact checking before you try to frame your arguement in your favor at the expense of others.
And I am pretty sure we are all not saying we whip out the birch and go to town on her for being a bit lazy. I just want her to be honest with us and say that she is rather horny instead of her making a habit of lying to us and getting lazy because of it. We can still have sex with Elizabeth, but we can't let her become lazy/dishonest and be a burden to the other maids. If she does, she will become hated and mistreated by the other maids that have to pick up her slack. And I even said that if Elizabeth believes that she is really so horny that she can't think straight enough to fulfill her tasks, we would help relieve it. So don't paint me as the monster so you can play the martyr.

5811f No.5536


I guess that I'll respond to you with my thought process.

I regret the vote I made to pull Elizabeth aside.

I don't think that we should have ended up going down this decision tree at all and that it was wrong of us to pull Elizabeth away from whatever Margaret was having her do. It was our right as king, but we should have done it at a different point in time (like after breakfast, lunch, or dinner when we normally see her). If we show such obvious favoritism to one servant, we risk turning the other servants against her (like what already happened with Elizabeth).

Elizabeth is also unfortunately caught between us and Margaret because Margaret is the key of our plans for a new group of servants and doesn't exactly like what we are doing with Elizabeth.

As a servant, Elizabeth could be a lot better (she might have been getting a lesson with the pig farmer's daughters). Helping her get better could endear us to Margaret (i really don't care about having sex with Margaret, it's probably better in the long run to not have children with her, if only for genetic diversity if Margaret does have kids).

ee1a2 No.5538


>I look forward to arguing these types of things with you in the future, Scientist. You don't fail to impress me with such a unique viewpoint on the matter.

>I can not deny that you have good, logically-sound points in these discussions.

I find myself wondering whatever happened to this sentiment of yours. It was yours, was it not?

> do some fact checking before you try to frame your arguement in your favor at the expense of others.

It's almost as if you assume my intention was to make an argument at the expense of others; your disdainful tone makes that clear. And by the way, in order to avoid confusion in the future, I'd suggest getting a proper tag with a proper reputation to boot!

>So don't paint me as the monster so you can play the martyr.

Your accusations are assumptions and vitriol, nothing more! This irritating trait of yours, coupled with your tendency to ignore critical details within the story, makes conversing with you tedious at best, and intolerable at worst.


> If we show such obvious favoritism to one servant, we risk turning the other servants against her (like what already happened with Elizabeth).

Your concern, while noble, is misplaced and useless. Edward removed Elizabeth from the hierarchy for the exact reason you propose. There is no threat of any more mistreatment of Elizabeth since she is thusly removed from the hierarchy.

8addb No.5539

My enjoyment of these discussions has dwindled as you brought insulting anyone who doesn't agree with you to the table moreso than actual arguments.

You openly have insulted the other voters by calling them "horny bastards".


And that is only a recent example, so forgive my confusion when it comes to your tone.

You can easily look back on my choices by clicking on my ID and see all my responses light up. Works for everyone. I am consist with my ID, when I am not travelling, and when I am, I will try to make efforts to keep it clear as to who I am.

So, take a chill pill and either take part in the thread and vote or don't and watch what unfolds.
Your choice.

5a54d No.5540


I know that she was out of the normal hierarchy, but she can still be mistreated by the servants socially. It's not too far of a leap from "Elizabeth gets special treatment from the king, I don't like that" to "we don't talk to Elizabeth"

ee1a2 No.5542


>You can easily look back on my choices by clicking on my ID and see all my responses light up.

Don't insult my intelligence. I am well aware of the feature which you are referring to.

So, you admit to being not just tedious, but thin-skinned as well? That's going to get you into trouble someday.

>So, take a chill pill and either take part in the thread and vote or don't and watch what unfolds.

You have no idea how I have tried to abstain from the threads, especially when I saw the story being steered in a, how do I put this tactfully, stale direction. And even when I felt the urge to formulate a cleverly woven(I thought) argument, evident in this post here: >>5503, it was immediately met with ridicule and jest by these uncouth lovelies >>5505, >>5506, >>5508, >>5509.

At least I have, mainly, kept my walls of words isolated to the chat thread as of late, unlike a certain other individual…

8addb No.5543

This site does not exactly come with a manual (as far as my knowledge goes). I genuinely did not know if this feature was common knowledge or not and was simply trying to inform you on it.
And I am pretty sure the ridicule comes from that last paragraph detailing Margaret's murder. You have been talking about killing for the witch sacrifice her for quite some time, citing the major reason being that she refused our advances. However, you rarely entertain the possibilty of trying to have research done on possible other methods of becoming a witch that may not involve murder.

784d7 No.5555

Hello everyone.

I'm seeing lots of good suggestions and requests for where to take the story in the next week.

I'll leave it up another day or so to make sure everyone has the chance to discuss it, if they wish. I will also be brainstorming ideas.

Remember, we are still in a 'cool-down' state of the story after the climax. Yes, even the scenes with Erika arriving were technically 'cool-down' periods.

I hope it's enjoyable.

ee1a2 No.5602


>this is a full-on no-win scenario

I think the term you're searching for is "Kobayashi Maru".

9c852 No.5616

Can we discuss time passage? It's something that kind of concerns me.

I understand that we've moved to a "weekly" model in order to consolidate time as best as we can. But the thing is– our current IK thread is almost 5 months old, and that's just part 3.

I don't remember how old the story as a whole is, but it must be closer to 7-8 months.

Most characters that we impregnated as soon as we got to Ruhemania (and lifted the curse) are approximately what, 6 weeks pregnant?

While I appreciate the level of detail and choice aristo is giving us, the scale makes it seem likely that we've got another year before our labors end up yielding any "fruit."

That's a long time. That's a long time for anyone to keep reading, and that's a long time to stay invested and interested in the story when low points in the story literally take weeks to resolve.

I'm not picking on you, aristo. I've very much appreciated the work an effort that you've put into this story. It's marvelous. But I think if we continue this same trend, you'll find that your audience shrinks significantly before you get to the "good parts."

As such, I think we should brainstorm solutions here. I don't think we should glaze over all the details we've established in this story for the sake of fan service, but I think we need to find a better balance between the two.

I'd propose frequent updates again, but I remember the mental and physical burnout that you suffered at the beginning of this venture, so I think that idea is out.

I don't know what level of consolidation/time-skip you or the audience is comfortable with, but I learned a long time ago from incentive systems that many games adopted, that if the periodic reward given is too infrequent and outside of a perceivable proportion to effort, attention, and contribution, the game falls apart.

Either way, I think this is something important that we should talk out. Unless I'm alone in feeling that we're going too slow (though I suspect from some comments in this thread, that I am not).

8addb No.5617

I do agree that the story seems to be progressing a little slowly lately, but part of that is on us as the audience. We are sometimes given the option to cut things short, but choose to continue down that path. I am not to say that we should start skipping more options in the thread to speed things up. Sometimes, those are very vital decisions we have to make. I am just stating an observation.

784d7 No.5619

Thank you for writing this. This is something I have also been contemplating. I am planning to make the time skips a little longer in the future. But, the time to do this is not now. Edward is still solidifying his relationships and learning things. Furthermore, there are still problems he can deal with and fix. (And still problems he can create.)

Consider for example the situation with Elizabeth that was handled as the scene before the current one with Ricardo. Elizabeth had a problem that Edward was only vaguely aware of. This was a situation that would have existed and continued to exist if there was no scene with her. Imagine if, as a result of a time-skip, we instead had a situation where several months had passed with Elizabeth having that problem. Elizabeth may have become desperate for some solution and taken matters into her own hands. It possibly would have snow-balled into a real conflict. Would this have been 'fair' though? There were enough readers who recognized the problem to say 'we should have a scene dealing with that, if possible'. I obliged. Now Elizabeth's situation is moving in an altogether new direction that it wouldn't have been if we had simply glossed that over with a time-skip.

I understand of course that conversations with Ricardo may not be as 'interesting' as full sex scenes or dramatic choices that alter the country, but… keep in mind, you are writing the story with me. I myself do not fully know where the choices will end up going, and these little choices can sometimes end up being very important in the long run.

I am thinking the time-skips will eventually be either one month or one season. Perhaps even years if Edward lives to a healthy age. As of now, there is still much to anticipate.

In the meantime, please continue to use your one vote. If I am convinced everyone who may be inclined to vote has voted, I will close the vote and write the update. (If I am able.)

I hope it's enjoyable.

cd045 No.5621

for what it is and what it is worth, the Clan formally finds the continuing adventures of Edward and his impeccable Johnson interesting. toast to the author, author!

of note for actual commentary, the format of the story is fine for the segment it currently encompasses, in our opinion. thanks for listening to suggestions ready and able-like.
peace son.

ee1a2 No.5644


What was your purpose in writing this post, exactly? My purpose was not to convince anyone to change their vote, merely to bring attention to a detail in the story that they may or may not have been aware of.

I have a better idea for why this story is going in the direction it is: the quality of the reader base has reduced drastically.

75bef No.5656

Just for the record, the submissives have kind of driven me off of this cyoa. I have a feeling they might be aristo on VOIPs, tbh.

75bef No.5657


To explain: footplay is fine, I don't have a foot kink but I'll roll with it. Foot worship, OTOH, is something more specific. Based on the results of voting in this RP, a lot of the audience either enjoys being the bitch of powerful women who act like little girls, or it's aristo on other IPs dodging the will of the crowd.

75bef No.5658


This story isn't about breeding, it's about femdom, with breeding as the lure to keep people reading.

70d0e No.5660

This tbh, really don't enjoy femdom, surprised its so popular

00376 No.5688

Ready for another one of my crazy ideas? No? Okay, here we go:

Edward should talk with monasteries around the castle in order to convince/order them to send some (preferably a lot of) monks east wards to the nomadic people of the step. I presume they are not followers of the church and thus in urgent "need" of missionaries. Converting a whole people of heathens is an undertaking worthy of a King of divine right and can be comfortably be carried out from within the castle walls by issuing certain orders.
If the monks protest the expense and/or danger inherit in such an endeavour and try to use that as an excuse, we can hire mercenaries for their protection or pay them some "pocket money" with Beatrice's help. This is exactly the kind of expenses that should be covered with magical money because even the monks will be keen not to tell anyone about the money they received: They'll simply look better if they go on mission purely out of piety and not out of greed.

The pros are obvious: If it works well, we will have the church firmly on our good side and we will be able to leverage that for something really useful. Edward will surely make a name for himself (and his offspring) on the international stage. Best possible case: He gets a shot at being whatever the equivalent of the Holy Roman Emperor is. Not quite so good, but still worth considering: Maybe we get Vlad's sainthood for free instead of that ridiculous amount of money Ricardo spoke of.
Even if the plan does not fully succeed, the effort still counts and can surely be leveraged for something useful. Even if the missionaries completely fail, having fewer monks around the castle is a bonus in and of itself.

Cons: If there are witches in the east, they might not like being in the sphere of influence of the church.
In any case: The step nomads will also be reminded of the presences of their neighbours and Ruhemania might not like their attention so much. (On the other hand, I'm still hoping for some kind amazonian tribe just beyond our borders)

784d7 No.5706

Hello everyone.

I am still writing the update. Apologies for the wait.

The reason for the delay on this one is partially because it is a sex scene (which takes longer) and also because I simply could not think of a natural choice to have everyone vote on for this scene.

In those instances, I can either post an update without a choice, or I have to write one scene, then follow it up with another one that will get to a choice. I hate posting updates without a choice unless it helps keep the suspense, so this will take a little longer.

(Especially when the scene following a sex scene must be non-sexual, it is difficult.)

Just to let everyone know there is a reason and I expect to have the update ready soon.

I hope it's enjoyable.

784d7 No.5726

Hello everyone, the latest discussion/consensus for the next week's activities is up.

Let me repeat that I very much want to hear 'crazy ideas' for what Edward should do. The idea about possibly investigating the east for converts for the Church is a direction the story might otherwise never have taken. I always keep notes, and by coincidence saw a way to bring this up in the story right away.

You write the story with me. This is everyone's story. I hope it's enjoyable.

I know I say the above things a lot, because it is true.

Please continue to use your one vote.

Thank you, everyone.

ee1a2 No.5727


>for what Edward should do.

I really don't care much for what Edward does or doesn't do at this point.

81e67 No.5729

Then why are you even here?

3c4c4 No.5730


Would you like to see yourself out the door?

ee1a2 No.5731


Would you like to be a jackass?

3f241 No.5732

Seriously, scientist, what's up with the hostility? There's absolutely no need for that and you know it. You're not a fan of the way the way the story is developing? Fine. You don't like questions the newcomers are asking? Okay. But none of that is a reason to lose your cool. And this isn't a I-had-a-bad-week kind of issue either. We've been asking you for a more civilised tone for a long time. It's time you change something. I'd prefer it if you didn't leave but the attitude has to go.

d6838 No.5734

A very interesting idea to say the least. But also a very, very challenging one. Certainly high up the ladder of difficulty, maybe only behind the notion of conquering the whole damn continent that was entertained in the very beginning of the story.
I don't know how obvious it is just how much of a challenge this is. Just for sake of clarity and for the purpose brain storming I'll spell it out:

1. Perhaps the most direct problem is that this is a story in medieval times. Which means that books, all book, each and every one of them are rare and pricey items. Every book is painstakingly written and/or copied BY HAND over a long time. For someone from the 21st century like me it can be hard to grasp just how much wealth Tharja's library for example represents. If we want to impress Patchouli with quantity (even if just for the reason that we don't know what books she has already read), we need HUGE amounts of money.

2. Beatrice said that Patchouli is one of the older witches which probably translates to several centuries at least. On top of that she is one of the top 3 witches in terms of power. That means that if we want to impress her with rare and hard-to-come-by books, we need to go more or less directly to the impossible-to-find and believed-to-be-lost-forever variety. Everything that's merely "hard to come by" by mortal standards, every book that has been looked away in the private collection of some cardinal or some king, every volume that is a one-of-a-kind in a library on the far side of the continent, she has probably read all of those! She is powerful enough and has had more than enough time, to break in or sneak in or simply walk in to each and every one of the known libraries on this continent and read through everything and it wouldn't have mattered to her whether it was the super-secret library of forbidden books in the heart of the holy church itself.

3. To someone who calls herself and is called by others the witch of knowledge, someone who has had centuries to read, even a book that she has never come across might be terribly boring if it is about a topic about which she already knows all there is to know. Or even just enough to not care for everything beyond what she already knows. There will be little to no sense in giving her a book about the unique folkore dances of southern Ruhemania if she already knows about the folkore of the rest of Ruhemania for example. (Completely ignoring the question of how we would even find out what she already knows about)

As I see it, this leaves us with a rather restricted set of options. I can only see three to be honest:

A.) Find a book in a small and almost completely unknown monastery in the ass-end of the country that has been written by a completely forgotten, never famous monk, which has never been copied or translated and still has some interesting topic. That's not impossible, but very close.

B.) Find a way to trade with the other end of the planet. If we manage somehow to get acquainted with the step nomads, they might take our equivalent of Marco Polo to the far east and back. Such a mission, if successful, has a chance of bringing back books which were never close to Patchouli's part of the world neither in terms of location nor in terms of topics. Pulling off such a mission is also not quite impossible, but close. It is certainly a multi-year undertaking and will take tremendous work before the mission can even start.

C.) Fake having a book of the believed-to-be-lost-forever kind and somehow survive her wrath when she comes to Ruhemania and finds out. I honestly have no idea how that would have even a chance of succeeding, but I'm open to surprises.

ee1a2 No.5735


> Would you like to see yourself out the door?

So, in essence, you are supporting rudeness of others aimed at me, yet when I respond with rudeness, I am the only one being called out on for being hostile? It's funny how that works. I give up with you people. I could be silent for weeks or months on end, and you'd still jump my shit for just coughing in your general direction. So kindly remove your head from the orifice located between your ass-crack, and buzz off, because honestly, I expected better than finger-pointing from you, Oz…

81e67 No.5736

It's worth noting that there appears to be two wizards of oz in here. One does not have the w capitalised.

d6838 No.5737

No that's just me on mobile vs me on my laptop.

d6838 No.5740

> So, in essence, you are supporting rudeness of others aimed at me
I did nothing of the sort.

Furthermore it is completely irrelevant to the way YOU are behaving. Nobody is forcing you to respond in kind when somebody writes something rude on the internet. That's entirely your choice. And that choice is what I and others are criticising.

81e67 No.5745

In addition to wizard's point, the "I respond with rudeness" argument does not work very well when the first post in the chain of rudeness is usually you.

ee1a2 No.5746


>I really don't care much for what Edward does or doesn't do at this point.

And how is this rude, exactly? Please, enlighten me with your knowledge.

8addb No.5747

So aristo, it has come to our attention that there has been a bit of confusion about our IDs. After a bit of a talk, we decided to go with the b19ac account from now on to avoid anymore confusion. My sister deleted her earlier vote, but I do not remember the code for mine. To help in the future, we will now go under "Duo" from now on. I hope this helps clear up the confusion.

784d7 No.5748

That is fine. Thank you.

81e67 No.5749

>> 5746
It's an "I don't care" response. It provides nothing productive to the discussion, either as a suggestion or as a criticism, and is unlikely to inspire anything positive at all. As such, the only reason to post an "I don't care" response is to be disparaging, which is often considered rude.

ee1a2 No.5751


Would you kindly stop placing labels on me and using "grasping at straws" logic just because you want to justify your compulsive need to complain about me? It was just a statement of my lack of interest in what Edward does at this point and it wasn't meant to be "disparaging" as you claim.

784d7 No.5752

Hello everyone.

I want to apologize for the lack of finding good images of Sully for the upcoming scenes.

It turns out she's one of the less popular characters and it's very difficult to find any sort of erotic art of her at all.

I know the images set the scene and make the experience better, so this is something I feel I should apologize for.

Part of the reason for the time it took for this (relatively) short update was a futile search for suitable images.

81e67 No.5753

Well you told me to enlighten you with my knowledge, so I did. :)

81e67 No.5754

And whoops bad timing on my post there, sorry aristo.

47145 No.5789

Damn I missed the "
>How is her pregnancy? Is she having any cravings yet, or other symptoms?
>Ask more about her work with Sully. Was it really that easy to convince her?
>You wonder if Tharja would know anything about summoning the Matchmaker again. Ease into a discussion of her library. Does she ever have a way to find new books? " Vote.

I really hope we see the other options show up again, I really want to see all of them. More (not JUST sex) intimacy and interaction with the women really adds to the story in my opinion.

A potential scene I´d like to suggest as an idea/plotbunny would be a witch party where they talk about their pregnancies and motherhood. Might be a spinoffscene without Edward present.

784d7 No.5790

I understand. I will do my best to have more scenes like that.

However, well, I do like your idea of a scene where the women talk about their pregnancies without Edward around, but it would be breaking one of the fundamentals of the story (that the story is always told from Edward's point of view, the audience knows and experiences what he experiences) to depict it. I don't want to break that without a very good reason.

Rest assured, the other characters ARE doing things (and possibly interacting) while Edward isn't looking.

ee1a2 No.5791


While there was no mention of women discussing pregnancies in my original suggestion, I did flirt with the idea of Edward holding a proper Witches' Party in the unused Ballroom of the Castle. But this was back when Beatrice handed Edward the puzzle to unlock her womb after Pregchan blew up and the story moved to BBW-chan for a time. Still, it's nice to see others are thinking about similar things :)

37af2 No.5794

Aristo, in light of suggestions such as >>5789 and >>5791, a potential thought occurred. Apologies for the unsolicited advice, and prefacing this with a 'hear you loud and clear' on not wanting to break on of the major tenants of your writing style.
That being said, if there is enough interest on your end and/or the side of us, the audience, mayhaps it might be prudent for some sort of special one-off scene or scenario involving the Witches who are in the family way, maybe even for Halloween or something.
In light of Edward's point of view being absent, Tharja could possibly serve as his 'better half' and be the primary audience interaction vessel, just for said instance and acting somewhat akin to your Impregnated Princess scenario in a sense but not a full-on spinoff. Just a random thought that happened to occur as the thread and line of discussion therein was being observed!

4de39 No.5797

Or it could be a dream / premonition / vision that Edward has. He doesn't need to be part of the scene to have a vision of it.
The world is sufficiently magical to make this possible in principle. It's just a matter of whether this can be made to fit naturally in the flow of the story.

784d7 No.5803

Hello everyone.

I have a quick question for you all.

In the previous weeks since we started having the updates be on a time-skip, I gave these scenes individual titles.

In the current week, I've been eschewing that in favor of a more stream-of-consciousness style where Edward is making decisions over scenes that are chronological but not given a set time/order.

Do you prefer one over the other?

Have you not noticed?

Is one more distracting?

My thoughts are the titles and compartmentalizing of the scenes is good for organizing, but distracting both for the reader and the writer and that it's better to just write the scenes as they come. On the other hand, is that too hard to keep track of?

Let me know if you have any thoughts.

Please continue to vote.

I hope the story is enjoyable to you all so far. Thank you for writing it with me.

8addb No.5804

I think that having it be title-less scenes is alright, since it adds a bit of mystery to what may happen.

Well, with the idea of a witch's party, is there really any rules that would restrict us from attending? I understand this is a witch's party, but I do not believe it has been stated that there is a rule that a witch's husband can not come with her.

47145 No.5806

The "stream" feels more natural and less like going through the checklist used to decide stuff for the week. I like it better that way since it´s an opportunity to show scenes that aren´t results of our votes but Edwards character and voted on short term goals.

Regarding the Witch party maybe "show" it as told by Beatrice and Tharja after it ends. When I suggested it I wanted more of the womens perspectives - ergo without a man present or a major topic. Edward is almost never not the center of the story due to the format. That isn´t bad but a few scenes with different perspectives could be a nice addition to the story.

47145 No.5807

The "stream" feels more natural and less like going through the checklist used to decide stuff for the week. I like it better that way since it´s an opportunity to show scenes that aren´t results of our votes but Edwards character and voted on short term goals.

ee1a2 No.5808


The Witch in questions husband would not only have no place to sit, but also violate the strict tradition of a Proper Witches' party having One host and twelve guests. The host doesn't receive a seat, she is expected to mingle; and the other twelve seats are meant for twelve other Witches.

ee1a2 No.5888

Quick question. Is anyone else put off by the horde of anonymous users promoting the "submissive" option? We've had Edward be submissive to Beatrice before, so going down this track would, I feel, be just another re-hash of the same thing, and turn what could be an interesting and unique experience into a stale and unsatisfying one.

bba77 No.5889

Everyone has a right to their one vote, whether it's their first vote, their 100th vote, or their only vote ever. There will never be a qualifier on someone's right to vote, other than that they vote only once.

That said, I did feel like another foot-focus scene would be re-hashing the last scene too much at this point, and so that option was deliberately excluded this time. If the Beatrice-being-dominant sex option wins here, I will similarly exclude that from options for future sex scenes with Beatrice. At least for a while. Until I feel enough time has passed and I have confidence I can make the idea interesting again.

The vote is still open. I will give it a little longer before I close it.

I hope it's enjoyable.

bba77 No.5912

Hello everyone.

It was a very close vote for the nature of the latest sex scene. For all the people who voted "dominate Beatrice," I want to say: please do not feel disappointed that, in the end, 'submit' won. There will definitely be a dominance-oriented sex-scene with Beatrice in the future. (I'm quite certain those interested in the breast-play/oral will get their turn too.)

I am glad to see it was a very healthy vote. I hope everyone looks forward to the update. It should take a day or two to write. Please look forward to the update then.

I hope it's enjoyable.

26f08 No.5913

>There will definitely be a dominance-oriented sex-scene with Beatrice in the future.
Which is fine with me because the next sex scene with Beatrice is most likely the one in the next week when Edward attempts to knock her up again. Knocking her up while she's tied up or something will be a very enjoyable scene for me at least.

75bef No.5914


It's not a horde of anonymous users, it's clearly someone manipulating the votes using different IPs, as the last bit in the main thread showed them screwing up.

37af2 No.5915

do you guys have enough tin-foil hats for everyone in the Clan? because it appears the last vote was as rigged as a genuine American 'democratic' process. We didn't really want to buy into Scientist's 'conspiracy theory,' (seriously, who bothers with this kind of thing - vote rigging a CYOA - on pregchan of all places?) but it seems he was on to something, as the most recent anon pointed out as well there were obvious issues towards the end of the vote with poster IDs.

bba77 No.5916

I don't know if this is possible, but…

If it were true, I'd think the votes would be more closely packed together. With the exception of the one vote which was clearly an error and not counted, there's no entire block of votes coming in all at once, which is how I would imagine a sudden person trying to get more than one vote would work.

Let me say, unless there is overwhelming evidence of manipulation, I must count the vote as what it is. Furthermore, I like to think I can trust the readers to follow the system of one person = one vote. If there is a person reading this who ever considered voting more than once or actually did so, my personal appeal is this: please don't. It's just not fair. The story is not just written by me. It's written by everyone, and everyone must have their one vote.

Thank you. Update will come later.

Look forward to it.

bba77 No.5948

Hello everyone.

Apologies, but I've been struck with computer problems.

None of the story has been lost. That is not an issue at all.

But I wanted to provide this notice for those wondering where I've been and where the update is.

ee1a2 No.5964

>"Be that as it may, I told you: there is no magic that does that. You and your body were prepared to submit to me, so you listened when I told you not to come until I granted you permission."

Apologies, Infinite Golden Witch, but I'm afraid I have to call bullshit on your statement regarding mind control magic. Why is that? Because of the following words spoken by Erika…

>"A geas compels a person to follow a command… or else. It's dreadful, dreadful magic."

I love you as a character, Beatrice, but I'm afraid you just gave Edward false information.

40580 No.5968

I applaud your attention to detail and memory!

Nevertheless there are several possible or even reasonable interpretation beside "bullshit" ;-)
a.) Beatrice could simply not know about this spell and overestimating her knowledge she claims that it therefore doesn't exist.
b.) She could absolutely know it but doesn't want Edward to find anything out about this "It's dreadful, dreadful magic." Whatever Erika meant by that it certainly sounds like something that has "not suitable for mortal brains" written all over it.
If we want to be generous with Beatrice we could say she just wants to protect us by not telling us.

The literal statement is false for another reason: Strictly speaking even a spell like the red truth is a bit of magic that temporarily takes away control over one's body. Only this spell is applied to yourself and your own body instead of other people.

And outside of the story, aristo has not exactly said but hinted very strongly that magic in this world functions mainly follows the "because the plot demands it" principle and not an actual, thought-out set of rules about what is and isn't possible.

ee1a2 No.5969

>not an actual, thought-out set of rules about what is and isn't possible.

The rules and traditions of magical research in this world may be more realistic than you realize :)

a59ed No.5980

Are you okay aristo? How's your computer?

bba77 No.5981

Hello everyone.

I decided to take the weekend off because I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to push it. New update is up now. (It's not sexy, but it's a start to the new week.)

Computer issues are resolved, for now. I anticipate updates moving forward at their usual pace.

I hope it's enjoyable.

bba77 No.6005

Hello everyone.

Something came up this weekend so I will likely not be able to write the latest update until Sunday at earliest.

Sorry to make everyone wait.

a59ed No.6010

How has everything been aristo?

bba77 No.6018

Sorry for the unintentional hiatus. This sex scene is written in my head but not typed out yet.

I'm going to aim for the weekend. This delay will not become the norm.

bba77 No.6036

Hello everyone.

I am still working on the latest update. I anticipate it will be ready by tomorrow at latest.

However, there's another issue I wanted to point out and draw attention to.

When pregchan went down early this year, the story migrated to bbw-chan for a duration. Scientist went so far as to personally re-post the entire story there. The link was here: https://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/613.html

But, as you can tell from a quick click, that link doesn't work. bbw-chan's erotic literature page finally pushed it off page 10 and it was deleted.

I checked now, and this thread: https://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html which is where the pregchan story continued, is on page 10 and on the verge of being deleted, it seems.

I of course have my own version saved, but I'm wondering if any reader has archived this? Or possibly if that part of the story could be brought to preg-chan's server? It might be too much to hope for, but ideally I would like the story to be accessible to everyone and keep it so any person with enough time could start reading it from the beginning and catch up to the current update.

If not, I might ask the bbw-chan mods if they will help me preserve it.

bd61c No.6037

I wonder aristo can u archive the whole story?
From beginning till latest to a pdf or Microsoft word with all the choices we made even without the pictures

bba77 No.6041

I could do that, and if the previous thread went down and I have no choice, I would do that.

But, I wonder if perhaps a reader could handle this?

Whenever I look at old parts of the story, I have the urge to correct typoes, anachronisms, etc.

The less time I have to spend archiving the story, the more time I have to spend writing it.

e34e9 No.6071

Hey guys, I noticed something and my mind just ran rampant with it.

Edward's curse was lifted before he actively tried to impregnate The Infinite Golden Witch, but she still experienced her womanly curse despite the virility of his seed. Now, this could just be attributed to a bad timing issue (similar to how Tharja was very near the start of her menstrual when Edward finally arrived in Ruhemania), further affected by the "challenging" game Beatrice made of having Edward earn the key to her womb with her Witches' Party puzzle.

Here's where my mind has run away with this idea: What if Beatrice, The All-Powerful, Precious, Immortal, Infinite Golden Witch is barren? Granted, a Witch of her power would probably be able to rectify such a situation, but evidence shows that she hasn't delved too deeply into fertility magic. Oh, she's mentioned what it would take if Tharja wanted to increase the fertility of her own womb, but from what little Beatrice has revealed about her magical research, she seems to have mainly focused on strengthening forms of magic that solidify her Infinite Beauty, Preciousness, and, most importantly of all, her POWER.

What do you guys think or make of this proposition. I, for one, would find it interesting, if not incredibly tragic, if The Infinite Golden Witch were unable to receive Edward's virile seed and let it take root in her Precious womb.

a5c5d No.6073

Nice. If it turns out to be true, this gives Edward and Tharja some leverage over Beatrice. We can do her a favor by using Tarja's fertility magic, that's good if she owes us something.

8addb No.6075

I would have to agree that this would make for a rather interesting revelation to come upon, though it is a bit too early to assume she is infertile. We have only been with her for about a month or two, I think. It may take a few times to be able to with certainty whethe it is true or not. But, I think it would be a unexpected twist.
To see the Golden Witch finally wanting a child, but being unable to bear one. This would be rather heartwreking (did I spell that right?) to hear. This information, if she wishes to share it, could lead to Tharja having a set goal in mind with her magic; turning barren Beatrice fertile. Up to this point, she has probably had a general idea of what she wanted from her experiments; stronger legs and back to support many growing children, more eggs to be formed in her ovaries, increase overall fertility, etc. She has simply been doing anything that struck her fancy every day. But now, she would have a focus and endgoal in mind. This would lead to a large growth in her standings as a witch.
Like Wizard said, it also gives us a bit of leverage with Beatrice. Why we would need it, who knows. Tharja is the only one here who has a) a functioning workplace and b) potential materials to work with. Plus, Tharja probably has more experience in this form of magic than Beatrice does, with Beatrice probably has slim to ni experience when it comes to altering a woman's fertility. Doing this kind of thing would no doubt bring us a lot closer to Beatrice as a lover and friend than simply being an accomplice.
All of this is based on circumastance, however. It will probably be a while before we have enough evidence to even suggest Beatrice's infertility, which may not exist. So, let us see in the coming weeks.

bba77 No.6095

Hello everyone.

I am still working on the new scene. Writing new sex scenes is becoming more difficult because I must think of a new way to approach them each time.

However, I noticed the parts of the story that were on bbw-chan have now been removed for being too idle. The mods or whoever runs the site there never responded to my request to archive the page.

Does anyone have it archived? The concern is not for myself but for the readers.

If not, I will have to take care of it myself, eventually, which will remove time I could spend writing.

9c852 No.6130

It's been a week and a half since the last update.

Is everything alright, aristo? Do you need to take a break for a while?

bba77 No.6131

Everything is fine. Part of it are sex scenes are more involved to write, part of it is I keep running out of time. Part of it also was I was trying to figure out how to get the bbw part of the story back.

I'm aiming for a Friday update.

Please follow my DA. I post notices about update statuses there usually instead of here.

8addb No.6172

I hate to say it, but we will have to stop Beatrice's spying and focus on teaching Tharja after the priest is done. She has brought up a lot of points that suggest that Tharja will need to learn how to defend herself eventually. And I would rather that be sooner rather than later. So even though I do not approve of the creation of books, I do want her to be safe. Besides, we do not necessarily have to use said books.

bba77 No.6174

Hello everyone.

The next update will come tomorrow or Monday.

This is less not having time and more I must give careful consideration to the next choice.

I don't mind saying the latest poll result was an unmitigated success.

I hope it's enjoyable.

e34e9 No.6177


I think you are misunderstanding the way spellbooks work. Any spellbook that Beatrice creates will not be used as a tool to teach Tharja because Tharja already has a spellbook of her own.

Plus, Beatrice even said herself that she is not allowed to "teach" her anything or even help her with her magical research: Tharja must experiment with magic and learn EVERYTHING on her OWN. Beatrice mentioned that it is taboo for a witch to teach another witch or help her with her magical research.

All Beatrice can do is express her concern to Tharja and encourage her to broaden her focus to other forms of destructive and defensive magic, instead of narrowing her focus on nothing but Fertility magic. If Tharja is to survive, she must have a versatile arsenal of magic that she is equally adept in. She must become a diversified "red mage", so to speak.

8addb No.6178

I understand how the spellbooks work. The problem I have with them is that they revolve around family murder to work. If it was not for that reason, I would be all for them.

When the option came up for Beatrice to stop the espionage and begin tutoring Tharja, it also mentioned that she would be creating spellbooks on the side as well. So, if we are to have her teach Tharja, she will be doing her own thing on the side.

And I feel tutoring is far different than teaching. With teaching, you are actively participating in their progression, monitoring and controlling it. With tutoring, you are leaving more of the student to their own devices and pointing them in the right direction.

bba77 No.6186

Hello everyone.

I'm posting to say we might be entering a time where there may be more updates with no choices before an update with a new choice is posted.

In the old days, since there was very little time-skipping, it was easy to make new choices from scene to scene. They all followed each other seamlessly and the audience was also choosing what Edward was doing as the new scene.

However, now that we are in a period in the story where time skips are the norm and the schedule is more pre-determined, I confess the difficult part of writing lately (which I think contributes to update-slipping) is that it's hard to think of new choices for every update.

Many times, new scenes must be entirely established before I can give the audience a proper choice. This means I have to write out the end of one scene, then 'shift gears' to write out a new scene. It is not always easy.

I have disliked posting updates without new choices in the past and always tried to avoid it, but I think I am realizing that with the scenes coming out over a time-skip, it makes more sense to write one, post it, and then start the next one with a fresh mind that is only thinking about that new scene.

This will probably lead to steadier updates.

Of course, if it doesn't work, I will reverse this policy. I will still strive to try to end new updates on a choice.

I hope it's enjoyable.

94b11 No.6191

Tharja wanting Edward to live as long as possible might just the motivator she needs to learn more than just fertility magic. She will need defensive spells and health spells for the occasions when Beatrice isn't available for some reason. AND she should definitively learn shapeshifting in order to fake her death and afterwards become Edward's second (and then third) wife. That's the only way she can stay knocked up for the next fifty, sixty years without giving her abilities away.

bba77 No.6212

Hello everyone.

I saw that this vote was a close one. Thank you everyone for following along with the story and using your one vote.

I want to say to those who voted "no slavery," and that it repulsed them on some level: don't worry. I hear you too. All votes count, even if the choice doesn't win in the end.

I hope the new update scheme is satisfying. It has made things easier for me.

I hope the story is enjoyable.

bba77 No.6227

Hello everyone.

First, my apologies for not having an update yet. This is just a temporary setback because I've been busier than expected. I expect it will clear up by the end of this week.

However, to my surprise, I realized that we've officially passed the one-year mark for when this story first began!

Thank you very sincerely for following along and using your one vote all this time. This story would never have come as far as it has without you. This isn't my achievement, it is everyone's achievement.

Therefore I'd like to ask if anyone has any feedback they'd like to give?

What has been your favorite part of the story so far?

One thing I really like to hear is does anyone have a favorite sex scene, or perhaps at least a favorite girl they like reading a sex scene with? I am always looking for ways to keep them interesting.

Thank you once again. I hope to continue to write this into the next year and more, if I am able.

d6838 No.6230

Well Happy Anniversary to us :-)
*champagne poppers pop*

My favorite sex scene was the one with Tharja in which she "promised" Edward that she will bear more children for him then all the other women he knocked up combined.
Close behind are the scenes with Elizabeth where she begs to be bred.

f9cbb No.6232

This story is just so different than it was in the beginning. I think that I started reading around the time that we left for ruhemania, and the world just feels so different now.

My favorite sex scenes are the ones where someone is trying to get pregnant followed by ones with a dominant female (but not feet stuff)

f9cbb No.6233

Congrats on a year of writing this aristo

10bec No.6241

I love just about anything with Beatrice. Favorite scene with her is probably her teaser trailer scene or ones where she is dominant. Her character really shines when you want it to and has imo the most interesting backstory/secrets. Favorite sex scene is probably erikas, lots of new things there but still made fun. She was the only girl i felt Edward wasnt either obligated or supposed to take for himself but he conquered her anyway.
Great job so far Aristo lovce where the story has gone! Fair is very hype and I can't wait to delve into some of the more shrouded characters like sully or Margret!

919e9 No.6242

Honestly, I liked the dominant scenes with Beatrice the most. Especially the feet scene, even though I know a lot of people hated that scene/thought it was rigged.

0a409 No.6243

Apparently I'm somewhat in the minority, but I vastly prefer the Tharja sex scenes. Congratulations on the anniversary, and here's to another year of naughty fun!

bba77 No.6272

Well, here's something I didn't know that could happen.

The current thread of Impregnator Kings is telling me I cannot upload a new reply because it has reached the maximum amount of posts.

I will create a new post.

I hope no one tried to vote and found they couldn't. There is a clear majority, but if anyone did, reply here with your attempted vote.

bba77 No.6273

Vote is closed for that. New post is up. The latest update will soon follow.

Posts are now capped at 500 replies. I was planning to move the current thread because it was getting a little unwieldy, but this solves that problem for me.

If at all possible, please try to have more general reactions/commentary apart from votes in this chat thread than the actual game post so I won't have to make so many different posts as the game continues.

I hope it's enjoyable.

3ec26 No.6280

Wow, that was something! I really enjoyed that sex scene, aristo.

And such interesting details… Beatrice taking the initiative in kissing Edward? "Soft" kisses and gently stroking his cheek? Could it be that Beatrice has developed feelings beyond lust for a mere mortal?
Let's hope for it. That was something we wanted for a long time. And whatever the next big crisis is going to be, having Beatrice a bit more securely on our side will certainly help.

7ae68 No.6281

Most certainly sir. I noticed this as well.

I enjoy the sweetness of Tharja's scenes, but Beatrice has a hotness that I very much enjoy. Hopefully we got her pregnant this time.

I wonder if Tharja's fertility magic could give us an early indication…

Anyway, thanks much sir for writing this and working with this bunch of pervs and overthinking nerds. I look forward to more in the new year!

bba77 No.6282

Thank you both very much. I'm always eager to hear feedback on the quality of the sex scenes and which were hits, so to speak.

Week 6 was a little longer than usual, but I think it is time to move on to week 7. Please feel free to discuss what you want Edward to do in the upcoming week in the main thread.

bba77 No.6285

Happy new year, everyone.

I don't want to push on the story until enough readers have the chance to look over the current setup for the new week, so updates will wait until then. (I imagine it will take that time for people to recover from new year's celebrations anyway.)

Thank you everyone for following along with the story.

bba77 No.6326

Hello everyone.

Since the votes are close for both stories, I thought I'd use this time to talk about a little "behind-the-scenes" action.

That is, what do I actually do when I write an update for Impregnator Kings? How do updates get made?

Well, of course, I have to write them.

The average update takes between 1-2 hours to write.

That's not including brainstorming, researching, or anything else. Strictly speaking, from the minute I start typing the update until the update is done. Even the shortest update that is only a few paragraphs takes at least an hour. (Back when there were multiple updates each day, I really was typing so much I developed problems in my arms and hands. This problem didn't really go away until the weekly time-skips started and I got a little more opportunity to rest.)

But where does the update 'come from'?

Of course it begins with the vote. If there is a clear favorite response and almost no chance it will be out-voted, then I will start thinking of the outcome. The 'brainstorming' session, so to speak.

There's no special method for this. I basically just think about the story and let my mind wander. I think about what characters will be affected and why and what they would do and if it would matter to Edward and what he could do about it. If he can do something, that sets the stage for a further choice. If not, I will think of what scene to move on to next.

If the vote has enough votes (generally speaking I like to have between 5-10 at least, with 5 being the near-absolute minimum, and only if they all vote for the same option unanimously), I will close the vote. If there is an overwhelming favorite, I may just start writing the next update without even closing the vote and then close the vote and update it at the same time. This risks the situation that a vote may look a clear favorite and then be overturned, but in the entire history of the voting, this has only happened once. (I won't say which one until maybe the game ends and I can include it as a post-story discussion before the new game+.)

I have long-term notes about how the story will possibly develop as well. But not as many as some might think.

For example, when the story was first being written, I had only a vague idea about which brides would be presented and only knew I wanted to hit certain "types" of brides. I knew the first votes would revolve around meeting the matchmaker, but not even 'who' the matchmaker was, yet. These weren't set in stone because Edward's overall personality was not decided upon. If the first vote had turned toward "Edward is a miscreant who forces himself on girls," Impregnator Kings would have turned out very different. Indeed, it set the whole tone of the story.

It goes without saying that when I present a choice, I have vague ideas for the outcome of all presented options. Some more than others. I also of course try to be flexible in case an ad-lib I didn't anticipate appears and gains traction. To be sure, the ad-libs are never a "problem". The only possible problem is if the ad-lib contradicts the setting of the story or some knowledge Edward would know about, in which case I have no choice but to say 'Sorry, this won't fit' and give an opportunity to the person to re-vote. Fortunately these times are rare. There have been some very clever ad-libs that have influenced the story.

However, sometimes even I don't know where a choice will end up leading until it's actually voted and decided upon and I need to start writing.

A good example of this is a choice from 'early' on, when magic was not yet introduced. The choice was "Tharja brings up the subject of shaving each other's pubic hair, do it, or don't?"

When I first came up with this, it was meant to be purely cosmetic. I had written quite a few sex scenes by then and I realized that, unlike the modern day when pubic hair shaving or grooming is wide-spread, probably every single woman ever introduced in the story was going to have pubic hair.

I thought to myself "some readers might have their own preferences for bare pubic areas, and this gives me an opportunity to introduce some variety if it's voted yes," so I offered that as a vote.

However, when it was actually chosen and I started to write, I realized… wait a moment.

It's difficult to shave oneself in such an awkward area even in the modern age. It's unlikely a medeival(ish)-age Tharja would be able to do this by herself. It'd be perfectly reasonable if she asked a servant for help.

Then this led to "what if Tharja asked Elizabeth to help her?" And suddenly this little vote that I originally intended to only be for the sake of a little personalization suddenly had big consequences. It set up the whole scene of Edward taking Elizabeth's virginity. Without that vote, that scene may not have happened and Elizabeth's relationship with Edward may have been very different.

Certainly, I did not intend that consequence when I offered that choice, but that's how it ended up. This is why I always say "You are writing this story with me." Your vote may determine things even I don't anticipate.

So I am always brainstorming throughout the day when I am not actually writing about where the update could take the story. That's for a normal update. But what if the update requires a sex scene?

In this case, I can't really 'brainstorm' too much during the day. Thinking about sex is more distracting than other subjects. Therefore I have to wait until I can truly have time alone to plan how a sex scene will go and write it.

Sex scenes take much, much longer to write than normal updates. Four-five hours is completely normal. Even a very brief glossed-over sex scene can take two or three hours to write.

Besides just the writing, what also do updates entail?

Sometimes I have to pause writing to do some research. I can't be 100% faithful to real history (I think it'd be impossible), but I try not to make any obvious mistakes. This is why I always say it is a medieval(ish) setting. If you look closely, you might see some mistakes. Ones I can think of off the top of my head was one time I made reference to potatoes (which are native to the Americas and wouldn't be found in a medieval(ish) setting), and sometimes references to modern biology sneaks their way in. (Medieval sexual biology would not know what 'sperm' is, nor the details of insemination of ovum, etc. Sometimes these references sneak in because we take such knowledge for granted in the modern day and its role in this kink.)

I also must find pictures to post. This can sometimes be the hardest part of the update, especially if the character I used for a portrait is rather obscure. (Sully very quickly ran out of appropriate sexual pictures, and even Tharja has little art left of her I haven't used at this point.)

Another consideration is reader feedback and discussion. Sometimes there is speculation and planning of where certain choices will go, and I try to incorporate this into the updates to answer questions and make sure the readers have all the 'tools' necessary to vote. I also try to be sensitive to reader enthusiasm and what the reader wants to read. The purpose of the story is to entertain. If I do nothing but create a boring story that depresses everyone and can't inspire readers' interests, then I have failed.

Finally, I have to keep the updates faithful to continuity so there are zero contradictions. This is not too big a problem with all of the story easily archived and "find and search"-ing a word or two solves any doubts I might have.

After that, I post the update into the thread, do a last-minute check for typoes and other errors, and hit 'new reply'.

I hope it's enjoyable.

a3c93 No.6332

Thanks for this aristo. I've seen a lot of cyoa threads but never an in-depth explanation of the writing process. You did the right thing not planning too heavily, and I'm glad we've been able to surprise you.

Have you found yourself writing faster as the quest's gone on? You must have sunk hundreds of hours into this by now and I'm wondering if the practice is sharpening your skills.

>Medieval sexual biology would not know what 'sperm' is…

Van Leeuwenhoek first observed spermatozoa in 1677, so it's not drastically out of place. His clever method of lens-making could easily had been discovered earlier. Okay, egg cells and what sperm actually do were a lot later.

So far I've thought of this world as somewhere between Medieval and Renaissance depending on location (cosmopolitan places eg Veneta vs backwaters eg Ruhemania) and what's convenient for the story. It won't be a big deal unless a technology could resolve a plot point and we're not sure if it exists or not.

>I also must find pictures to post.

For my part I don't mind if there isn't a picture for every update. It's fun to have, especially for a sex scene, but you shouldn't feel obligated every time.

On that topic, do you have picture references for what the male characters look like?

bba77 No.6333

I hesitate to say I find any part of writing Impregnator Kings 'easy' or 'more easy'… but I will say that I feel I don't have to 'worry' so much now.

When I was first writing the story, I was terrified I'd fail to include an important detail that I would rely on later, or that I would contradict what was established in the story because of some accident or carelessness. This hasn't happened, and I don't worry so much about this anymore.

As for picture references for the male characters, I started out planning characters this way, and Ricardo was given that name from the Ricardo in Haunting Ground/Demento that Daniella's portrait was also used from and originally I was going to use portraits from there for him too. I decided eventually against using any portraits for males. As for what Edward looks like, I do give some details (his preferred hair style was described in one update), but I try not to give anything too concrete so the reader can more easily imagine the details they like themselves. Subjective descriptions like "He's handsome, fit, and well-built" are much better to illustrate him than specific qualities, which someone may not think are "handsome" at all.

d16c1 No.6343

I have thought about the festival and I think it would be a good opportunity to announce Tharja's pregnancy publicly.
We have a lot if not all of Ruhemania's important people in one place including anyone who might still be opposed to Edward's rule. Announcing that the Edwardian dynasty has already started will derail some possible plots. For example: All but the most ruthless adversaries will hesitate to simply kill Edward in order to move the ruling power back to Vlad's family if it means that an innocent child would have to be killed too.
The reactions to such an announcement will also give us clues as to who is on our side and who isn't. Of course that's nowhere near definitive, but a small clue is better than nothing.

Small Bonus: The announcement will plant the idea of pregnancy in the minds of all visiting women making them a bit more open to seduction.

a59ed No.6344


Conversely, announcing her pregnancy publicly may make other women less likely to sleep with us if they think that they might be breaking up a budding family (even though Tharja is totally into all of that).

bba77 No.6345

Hello everyone.

Just to be sure, please feel free to continue to suggest any last-chance possible requests for scenes. I intend to address them all.

I hope it's enjoyable.

305fa No.6347

These last two sex scenes were really fun, aristo :)
I absolutely love Elizabeth's submissiveness. I know, it's not everyone's favourite idea to have Elizabeth be a sex slave, but I for one really like it and look forward to sex scenes with her.
And having Edward so preoccupied with Beatrice that he didn't even hear the maid enter was hot and hilarious at the same time. :) Keep up the good work!

bba77 No.6349

Thank you very much! I'm always eager to hear feedback. Especially on the sex scenes because what is sexy is so subjective.

37af2 No.6351

Thanks for always making sure to touch on the suggestions and inclusions from the audience, even if they are just brief asides or flavor text. Keep on keeping on, author Aristocrat.

bba77 No.6400

Thank you very much. I always try to do this, for several reasons.

1. They are usually good ideas! They help me keep my brain thinking about the plot and the world and I am usually thinking "I should have thought of addressing that."

2. Even if they aren't 'good' ideas (meaning, viable), I can usually address 'why' they aren't possible in the story, and reveal a little more about the world or a character's motivations at the same time.

One example I think is that very early in the game, someone wrote about Edward possibly finding out what was in the oubliette in the dungeon by lowering Tharja down there, since she was trustworthy enough to keep the secret, and possibly light enough for Edward to pull her back out. I considered this possibility, and although it may have been 'physically' possible for Edward strength-wise, he probably wouldn't go through with it because he would seriously risk injuring her in an accident and then he'd have no back-up plan if that happened. Still, I was thankful for this suggestion because it helped me reconsider the problem. (That is, I had framed it as 'who could Edward get to lower him in the oubliette?' but someone found a good possible solution by reversing it as 'who could Edward lower into the oubliette?' It ultimately wouldn't have solved the problem, but it helped me consider how to pose problems and account for possible solutions in the future.)

3. I want to keep the game 'fair'. That is, I want the reader to be able to approach a choice in the story with the same knowledge as Edward would have. If the reader notices something 'off' or something that might become a problem, then Edward should be able to investigate and act, too. With all the resources he has at hand.

Keep in mind, for every 'hard choice' that appears in the story that seems a really tough decision with subtle consequences, there have been many, many times where the readers have successfully found a good solution to something that could have become a problem before it became a dire situation. (I know what these are, but it's probably not obvious at first glance.)

Furthermore, in addressing suggestions and requests, it encourages more of them. Something which I really want to do for all of the above reasons.

I will close the vote on the latest choice and write the update tomorrow.

Thank you for following along with the story. I hope this illustrates I really mean it when I say 'you are writing the story with me'.

I hope it's enjoyable.

bba77 No.6463

I know it's a joke, but just for the record, I am not Moe. I am writing Impregnator Kings and Impregnated Princess only.

Apologies also for the long time without an update. It was a combination of sickness and lacking creative energy.

a59ed No.6513

Are you okay aristo? I haven't seen anything from you either here or on DeviantArt in more than a week.

03303 No.6531

Yeah, were is he?

bba77 No.6532

Hello everyone.

I'm sorry so long has gone by without an update.

I think I mentioned it on my DA, but I have become involved in something recently that has taken up all of my creative attention, unlike anything I've been involved with since I started writing this story.

I mentioned earlier that the way I write Impregnator Kings is that I spend the day thinking of where the story will go, and then by the time I enter the evening, I usually have enough I can just start writing and be completely done in the time I have.

That is now not the case. I don't have the mental freedom to do this now. It is too much to wait until evening then try desperately to think and write at the same time.

The good news however is that this state is temporary and it is already slowing down. Soon I will have my usual freedom back again and updates will resume at their usual pace.

Apologies for everyone wondering where the next update is.

My DA will definitely also announce when I update or when it is near.

2db90 No.6533

Long time no writing aristo,
Hopefully u get ur groove back
Will be waiting for that new update

c195b No.6666

While we're waiting for the update, let's do some discussion.

Have you ever wondered our route what it would have IF we married the other bachelorettes?

Been watching some Fate series, made me think deeply what Arturia's world would been like..

d6838 No.6671

Absolutely. Although I think more about the queen Menace than Arturia. The egyptian theme sounded like huge orgies with a whole pregnant harem could have been a thing.

ca3b0 No.6672

Nice one oz,
Anyone got a link to the beginning i cant find it some odd reason

edc4d No.6673

I just get this nagging feeling we may still get a chance with at least one or two of the other girls, as at some point Edward will almost certainly have to try to build some relationships with nearby countries in order to gain allies and increase Ruhemania's overall relevance to the region (if Ruhemania becomes more prosperous in the meantime, that's a bonus), so someone like Arturia might not necessarily be out of play.

Still, since we're thinking about our dear witches right now, I kinda wish more of them survived than just Erika. Sounded like a couple of them might have made good harem material.

1304b No.6674

Well, Erika may not know if certain ones are really dead. If I remember correctly, she only specified that one was "definitely dead". This may imply that the other's fate is unknown and death was assumed. But, I may easily be overlooking something here.

I feel that if one of the potential spouses show up in this story, it may not be on the best of terms. We did seem to leave some hanging in odd predicaments since we did not choose them (Arturia, for example, wanted a child to help appease certain parties in her kingdom). Still, I would like to see how they are doing and get a second chance at them, if possible.

I feel that if we went down Arturia's path, we would have to be dealing with a person who may be a bit more distant and cold with us at the start than Tharja was, since her marriage with us was solely for the purpose of child-rearing with her and nothing more (if I remember correctly the proposal and the character in source material). And we may have been in charge of swaying certain (female) parties into being more willing to work with her. But that is simply my two cents on the matter.

5552f No.6675

bba77 No.6676

Sorry for the wait from me.

I am trying very hard to get something written by the end of this weekend, even if it's just a little update without a dramatic choice it will be enough for me to start the 'routine' of updating every day again.

When the game reaches a new game+, I intend to have another vote for which wife to pursue next. This will likely be only between the top three or four wives. (So between Flora, Arturia, Alena, and perhaps either Deborah or Menace, if the audience really wants either of them.)

Ideally, we could progress through all potentials eventually. That was always my plan, if I am able and can keep them distinct.

I hope it's enjoyable.

4e87b No.6677


Well, nothing the "Mad Rutting Beast" can't solve, right?

Also, I don't mind castle court politics and such, it helps stimulate my thinking.

But yeah, I guess Tharja was the softest among the candidates.

ef890 No.6681

If aristo is still a little busy and while the main story is in a little hiatus right now, is anyone interested in having a spin-off?
I'm thinking of a more foreign policy oriented story line since so far we have been more or less confined to the castle (and the immediate surrounding). And correct me if I'm wrong, aristo, but I interpret the way the NPCs reacted when we tried something outwardly directed to mean that the whole story is also intended to stay inside the castle for the foreseeable future.

So why not have an outlet for our foreign policy desires in something like a military campaign? This would have the benefit of being somewhat closed. Victory/defeat would be a natural goal and ending for a story like that; would give it more structure.

Of course it would be set in a parallel universe as to not interfere with the main story (and I'm thinking some years in the relative future as well just to be on the safe side). And of course you, aristo, would have complete veto power.

I have thought about the beginnings of such campaign and even though I have never written anything like a CYOA before, I'd like to give it a shot.

Is anyone up for that?

1304b No.6690

I would be interested in it, but as you have said, whether it happens or not is up to aristo.

On the subject matter, who do you plan on being our bachelorette(s)? Did you want to give us multiple choices or have one given to us? Do you plan on pulling them/her from the same pool aristo had given us (with permission) or did you have someone else in mind?

37af2 No.6692

Don't get us wrong, please believe, there have been similar sentiments on this side. There has been a fair amount of desire on this fanclub's behalf to write a one-off 'ode' to Aristo's novella, from a different viewpoint and choice perspective, but it really comes down to feeling 'icky' about violating the intentions of the original artist and their creation.

…that might sound like hyperbole, but -as- a writer first and foremost this is the general feeling held in that aspect, hence why the idea hasn't materialized on this end, though the thought certainly has.

Aristo sort-of has his own spinoff already, as it were. No disrespect intended and nothing personal with this opining, of course, simply responding to the circumstances and similar thoughts shared on a similar idea.

It really comes back to what Aristo's intentions are.

d6838 No.6696

I was thinking of a mix. There would be choices of taking known people with us into war. For example Beatrice; she promised to save Edward's life. Do we take her up on that or do we leave her in the castle to keep our children save instead? That kind of choice.

But there will also be new people along the way as we move from battle to battle. I don't want to give away too much about the campaign I have in mind, but there will be grateful maidens whenever you save a town/village from the enemy and there will be widows in need of consoling in case when a battle is lost.

And I plan on rewarding tactical brilliance. There will be some "hidden features" in the story that you can unlock by choosing the right kind of tactic. Sometimes the reward is a female companion.

And of course winning the war will have big a reward.
But given that the story will take place in a parallel universe, I fully intend to make you work for it! There will be no plot armor and guaranteed wins.

bba77 No.6721

Sorry, I have not been able to finish the update yet, but progress was made.

Really? All the previous threads are linked right at the top of the main thread. This includes an archive of the bbw-chan thread.

I have given this a lot of thought. My first instinct is that this story belongs to everyone. I have no ownership because your votes write it along with me. I certainly can't 'stop' someone from writing what they like about it. It would be silly to try. In that case, if someone wants to write their own take on the idea, that is fine.

There is only one concern I have. That is, if such a story was written, I would probably like to read it too. And if I were to read it too, I might see an idea I liked, I might think "I like that idea, I can expand on that and take that places," and want to copy it. That would not be fair. It'd be a much different situation from reading suggestions in the chat log or notes when readers vote. Therefore, I could not read it. However, it might be possible that a spin-off story of this nature would introduce some element to the game that I already planned on or that just develops naturally, and then it might 'seem' like I copied it, even though it was just a coincidence.

Perhaps if the premise was slightly changed or the characters were? For example, instead of starring Edward and Beatrice and Tharja, it could star 'aristocrat x' and 'witch x', and be set a few generations in the past in a pre-King Vlad Ruhemania. It could be a parallel universe where Ruhemania developed a little differently under the guidance of another aristocrat who rose to power instead of King Vlad, or some such thing.

Basically my only consideration is "if you want to, go ahead, but please change the world enough so there's never a problem of a conflict/overlap between the stories," just for the sake of avoiding this.

The thing to consider is that, like the priest told Edward, as the King, Edward is symbolically Ruhemania in human form. (Most) Everyone would be very invested in his safety and making sure he would not fall prey to an accident or even a simple bandit attack if he left the castle. That's not to say he can't leave the castle, or indeed, won't leave the castle, but he would certainly need an appropriate amount of guards and people to see to his needs if he were to travel. Of course, travel is definitely something Edward can do and may in fact get good opportunities to do in the future.

Please also consider the nature of the scenario that was voted: Ruhemania was always portrayed as a very remote, isolated country. Suddenly turning it into a trade empire or an important influence on foreign countries isn't necessarily impossible, but it wouldn't be easy and would take considerable investment. (Ricardo suggested one such method in the canonization of King Vlad as Saint Vlad.)

2db90 No.6722

I followed the link to bbw chan i think its down

bba77 No.6723

170b8 No.6732

Very well. Until I (or someone else) finds a satisfying solution, the project is on hold.

bba77 No.6733

I hope I never stifle someone's creativity so please do feel free if you have the idea.

I am also going to 'draw a line in the sand,' so to speak. There will be an update before April ends. (Hopefully not down to the last day.)

bba77 No.6762

Thank you all very much for the well-wishes and warm reception. It is good to be back with you all.

a59ed No.6789

I just thought of something. We know that Edward plus Beatrice has not resulted in a pregnancy and that tharja is interested in fertility magic.

What if Beatrice's trouble conceiving is supposed to push us towards making another large decision about the future of witchcraft in ruhemania (whether to allow human experimentation or not) and Edward's caught between his love of Beatrice/pregnancy and his morals about human experiments.

82a8b No.6790

Beatrice already dismissed that notion four weeks ago saying basically "sometimes these things take time. don't be impatient, silly mortal"

a59ed No.6796


What I'm getting at is that Beatrice's lack of pregnancy is actually caused by infertility (as a plot device) instead of the random chance of conception. It would be an interesting set up for another large plot point.

If Beatrice gets pregnant before it becomes an issue, that's fine by me and I'm wrong, but I think that it would be an interesting direction to take the story in.

(I came up with this based off of Edward's past exploits with quickly impregnating women).

bba77 No.6864

Hello everyone.

Just so no one is waiting, I wanted to say I won't be able to post the next update until after Mother's Day.

Though after this scene we will enter the Summer Faire and I anticipate the action will move a little faster.

I hope you're look forward to it. I hope it's enjoyable.

37af2 No.6865

Back when Vampires was (IS???) the general assumption *before* the Witch reveal, a mild musing was made regarding banging Tharja on her cycle/getting Ed-boy his red wings would *actually* end up impregnating her…who knows…maybe it works this way with Beatrice(???)
Also, tin foil hats on for the foot fetish pseudo-flood(???)

d46b7 No.6867

Just saying, kinda sad if someone actually tried to cheat their way for an option. Even if you like the foot fetish content, it still doesn't mean you should cheat for it.

My guess? Someone is trying to force it on everybody else, because if I remember correctly, one time this happened before. I think we all get a little suspicious when like ten new, random ID's just pop up.

And yeah, maybe we have to get our red wings before Beatrice gets pregnant. Sad we did not try it out.

bba77 No.6869

As long as there is no hard proof of vote-rigging, I have to give the benefit of the doubt. I trust every reader to use their one vote to honestly convey what they want from the story.

Similarly, if ten people who have never voted before suddenly see there is a foot-fetish option and choose it, even if they never voted in the story before, that is fine, as long as it is one vote for each individual. Because I want anyone who reads this to be comfortable to 'join in' and use their one vote, whether that's by following the regular updates, or just at one particular point. (Of course, I'm very happy to have regulars to look forward to reading their opinions and ideas.)

But, to anyone who might think "I just want my choice to win and I'll vote more than once secretly to do it," please don't. I always try to take into account every vote, even if it doesn't win. Even if it's not immediately satisfied, this especially applies regarding sex scenes. There was one voting option a while back where Edward could ask Beatrice to restore her virginity with magic before they had sex. I offered this a few times, and it got a few votes, but never enough to win outright. Then I decided since there was enough people interested, I included it in one scene later on as a means of satisfying those voters, since no one also said "What a turn-off!" or some such thing.

5209a No.6871

Of course, I understand that. Obviously we can't just start some McCarthy trials over a few votes.

I like your direction with choices, your method of inserting ones which perhaps are not enough to gather votes on their own. It seems like a fair nod to those who lose in this winner take all system.

Aristo, a great as story as ever, thanks for writing it.

bba77 No.6999

Hello everyone.

Apologies for not having an update yet.

We are entering a part of the story where all of the choices building up to it must come together and pay off at once.

My delay the previous month or so disrupted my rhythm with writing the update.

I must review the story this far and make sure I utilize every detail up to now.

Hopefully this will not take long. But that is why it has not updated yet.

Sorry for the wait on this. I know everyone has been very patient these past few months especially.

ca3b0 No.7001

No prob just keep enjoying your work as you update them aristo!

44478 No.7096

Aristo, is it alright with you if our game can have the main character as one of King Edward's distant bastard sons?

bba77 No.7097

I just got a note in my DA about something like this. Is that connected to this, Maxi?

44478 No.7098


Yes, I am the one who has sent you that note.

bba77 No.7099

All right. You have my answer there too, but that's fine as long as everyone knows that the stories are separate and we are making no efforts to make sure they match up. Good luck, Maxi.

4fd7b No.7227

Not to be a pest, but it's been over a month since the last update. Everything OK?

4fd7b No.7228


Boo, not over a month, my bad.

bba77 No.7229

Apologies for the wait.

The past week or so has not been kind to me in terms of creativity. I am working just will be slow.

bba77 No.7302

Hello everyone.

If you follow my deviantart account, you may have seen my promise to have an update by today.

I would have preferred a substantial update with a full sex scene and choice ready, but that is not what I had time to put together.

Still, rather than delay it further, I made an update with what I was able to prepare.

The key to Impregnator Kings has been continuity. Being able to update consistently is what let this story develop for so long.

I very much want, and am aiming to, get in this rhythm again. Therefore even if it's a small update I still posted it with the expectation it will be easier to add to it than save it and continue to write off posting anything with "It's not ready."

I just wanted to let everyone know there was a reason, and perhaps it was better to state it here than on DA.

Thank you everyone for your patience and I hope the story comes back as an enjoyable read.

bba77 No.7423

Hello everyone. The current vote is very close. Because of that, I've been hesitant to close it. But the needle must fall. So I am announcing I will close the vote sometime tomorrow. If you plan to vote, please do so.

Thank you very much. I hope Impregnator Kings is enjoyable.

4c6c2 No.7463

When’s the next update Aristo? You were doing so well on keeping schedule for a while…

bba77 No.7468

Sorry, it was a combination of the vote taking a little longer to get enough votes I felt represented the will of the audience (I like to have at least five) and other issues. I will close it now and have an update tomorrow or so.

9656a No.7538

Hello everyone. Sorry for the wait for the latest update.

It's rather brief by all standards, but the choice may be more consequential than it first seems.

Soon we'll begin the Faire portion of the game.

I hope everyone looks forward to it. I look forward also to seeing what happens. Remember, you are writing the story with me.

Please continue to vote.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.7627

Hello everyone.

The margin is very close. I'd like to have a few more votes, but the needle must drop eventually. So, I will close the vote some time tomorrow. If you plan to vote, please vote immediately.

In this instance I would have closed the vote on the Impregnated Princess side-story and written an update for that, but there are only two votes and I like to have at least three, so I could not do that, yet. If you're at all interested in that story, I encourage you to vote as well.

Thank you for continuing to follow the story. I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.7684

Hello everyone.

I tried to campaign against it, but it looks as though all the original threads of Impregnator Kings on pregchan: one, two, three, and five, are deleted. Of course they could not last forever, and that is the nature of writing on a chan: everything is very transitory.

However, I have picked working links to these threads from the internet archive. Even luckier, they seem to have saved the thumbnails of the pictures, if not the actual image files.

Thread 1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

Thread 2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Thread 3: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Thread 4 (bbw-chan, no images): http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

Thread 5: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

We are also one day away from the two-year anniversary of the original start date of the story. For those who have read, followed, used their one vote, or even glanced at it… I thank you.

A new update is coming soon.

I hope it's enjoyable.

8057b No.7685


And thanks for keeping it alive, mang.

3682a No.7686

I'm sure I'm not the only one who grabbed the old threads as soon as the announcement came. I have the html and image files on my computer.

a59ed No.7689


Don't be such a whiny little turd anon, Aristo isn't beholden to your will. If you're unhappy with the update speed, go write your own CYOA and get back to us about it.


Can we keep the complaints (and complaining about the complaints) to this thread instead of the normal one?

9656a No.7690

It is all right. I am glad there are people who are looking forward to an update. Hearing "hurry up," is better than apathy. The story would die without readers.

That said, I am very grateful for the patient readers who are both supportive and respectfully waiting for me to update. I know compared to the pace I once kept it must seem glacial now. But this is only temporary. I am confident we will reach a point that I can quicken the pace.

Thank you also for using the chat thread for this sort of talk. It is true that reaching the bump limit happens quicker now.

Further updates will come soon.

9656a No.7707

Hello everyone,

I must apologize as I do not have an update or even am I ready to announce I am back to working on updates just yet. This situation will change within the next few days.

I am writing to dissuade any doubts that I may be 'tired' of the story and have just abandoned it.

This is not the case.

I am prepared to work on the story for some time.

I don't want to use such absolute words as 'forever,' but to put it in context, if I could only ever work on one creative work for the rest of my life, Impregnator Kings would be it. Not to say in a pretentious manner that Impregnator Kings is some sort of pinnacle of artistic expression, but that it is genuinely a joy to work on the story and watch everyone use their own vote to write it with me.

However the reality is writing it requires the attention it deserves and that means I also must deliver on the content you all expect. Therefore I don't want to force another sort of 'slapdash' update right now. Especially at a sensitive scene where I really feel I must deliver on the sex scene I've already set up. (As well as the soon to follow intrigue that will be the product of all the choices that have happened.)

Please believe me. If I was tired of the story, I would announce I was abandoning it. It would be the only fair thing to do for everyone who has followed me for over two years.

Neither is it on 'hiatus'. The past few weeks have simply been a time I could not put my full creative energy into the story, but that will very soon change.

Thank you everyone for following along with the story and have patiently been awaiting an update. I do not for even a second take you for granted and hope to deliver what you're waiting for soon.

I hope it's enjoyable.

e9648 No.7708

Thanks aristo. Happy new year, and hope the writing goes well.

ff522 No.7709

Happy new year aristo

5bee4 No.7710

The holidays are always busy, and good writing takes time. It's all good. And Happy New Year!

9656a No.7711

Thank you very much.

On a separate note, I'm keeping a very close eye on the sixth thread of Impregnator Kings which is no longer being updated but is still on the site. It seems the web archive has not archived this thread to its current (completed) state. I'm not sure what triggers that, but until then I hope it remains available on this site. In case it creeps too close to page 15, it should have a few bumps left as I made a new one before it reached the full limit. Of course, that only applies until the web archive updates.

e9648 No.7737

I have mixed feelings about the last choice. I think we're right to nip Tharja's idea in the bud - because it wasn't right to mess with Sully's self-image for the sake of Tharja's latest fantasy.

On the other hand, I'm a little concerned that our response is undermining the guards' tradition and pushing Sully towards seeing her oath as 'just symbolic'. It seemed like her oath mattered to her a lot, snd I don't want to undermine that 'living as a man' part of her either.

Tharja seemed to be pushing her to see herself as a man, and we seem to be pushing her to see herself as a woman who happens to have a guard job, when what she originally saw herself as was a woman who swore to live as a man, a mixed picture rather than purely one or the other.

Basically I don't want to change Sully's gender stuff at all. Not in a tumblr-y political way, I just like her. She's a tough little sweetheart who's great just as she is, and she's got a unique point of view. I hope that we effectively picked that option already.

9a5d0 No.7739

I very much agree with this.

9656a No.7741


Thank you both for commenting. Having feedback like this really lets me know what everyone wants and expects from the story and lets me make the necessary adjustments to keep it entertaining and engaging. Especially a subject like this, it's very warranted.

The issue of Sully's gender (and Edward's view of it) is something I try to approach delicately. Edward's thoughts on her situation are what make the most sense to him as a medieval (ish) aristocrat, but they are not necessarily Sully's feelings about herself, and Edward's little speech was more to persuade Tharja than Sully. (And we soon learned Tharja's issues regarding it were less a direct attempt to make Sully more masculine and more to connect with her.)

That said, there is probably a part of Sully's character that could have gone along with what Tharja was telling her, given the nature of her oath and her knowledge of her grandfather, which is why Edward's intervention was a viable choice. Exactly what that would have entailed story-wise, we won't know, because that option wasn't chosen. (I don't always have complete plans of the ramifications of choices I offer in the story, and that was the situation here.) This wouldn't have changed "who Sully was," so much as "how she expressed it." A change more of attitude than a shift of identity according to standards we have in the modern era. To those who hope the choice meant the status quo regarding Sully: don't worry, your wishes are heard and will be followed.

I will always strive to make sure everyone who reads Impregnator Kings is comfortable reading it, otherwise it would be impossible to create a story that entertains.

New update coming soon.

I hope it's enjoyable.

663c3 No.7744

I feel I should mention that, as a reader of this particular quest, I think a socially-awkward Tharja is adorable. But in order to avoid accidentally creating friction in the harem, she might want to brush up on the queenly arts of diplomacy and tact if she wants to try connecting to them. However, in the meantime, she's still awkwardly adorable and I like it. :-)

95a0b No.7827

Is there an online archive of the previous threads? They're no longer on here.

9656a No.7828

Just what is here: >>7684 The links all work, although there are only thumbnails for the pictures, and the bbw-chan thread does not have even those.

Thread six is still up, but on page 14. It is not yet fully archived on the web archive, so I may have to 'bump' it when it gets to page 15… I feel bad doing it because it's ended, so hopefully it will archive it first.

21d3c No.7829

Can you not just make an account on the archive site and tell it to take a new screenshot, or is it more complicated than that?

9656a No.7830

Oh… well, I show my own ignorance there. I didn't know you could do that, I thought it only saved pages 'randomly'.


That is thread 6. Although thread 6 is still up on pregchan with the full images, it now has an archive too.

9656a No.7831

I will close the voting some time tomorrow. Please use your one vote if you plan to do so but haven't yet.

9656a No.7878

Hello everyone.

The vote is close, so that is why I am leaving it up one more day. If you wish to use your one vote, please do so.

The vote will close tomorrow.

I hope the story is enjoyable.

9656a No.7885

Hello everyone,

There seems to be emerging a favorite in the current vote, but I will not be able to start writing until tomorrow, so the vote will be up one more day. Please, if you wish, use your one vote if you have not already. Even if your vote won't change the outcome, seeing how people want to vote and hearing what they hope will happen helps me write the story.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.7909

Hello everyone.

I want to offer my apologies that I don't have an update ready yet. I am aiming for tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the new dimension of politics King Edward will find himself in with the Faire.

Thank you everyone for reading along and following the story as long as you have. That includes if you're a new reader who only discovered it yesterday.

I hope it remains enjoyable.

ad227 No.7910

Don't sweat it, aristo. We all know, life isn't good at respecting other people's plans :-)

I for one enjoy your story very much and look forward seeing more of Ruhemanian politics.

5bee4 No.7912

Take your time and do it right. And take care of yourself too.

b40c8 No.7923

One question about the merchant policy, Aristo… how does it work for traders of perishable goods?

Are they supposed to let foodstuffs go stale while they wait for the space to fill up? This might sound nitpicky, but in a world before refrigeration food needed to be sold fast to a guaranteed buyer. Someone's gonna be left out of pocket if the supply chain gets interrupted.

(I strive for consistent economics in my pregnancy fetish stories)

a59ed No.7924


This is actually a good point (though with the travel time involved to get here, there probably aren't that many perishable goods coming)

9656a No.7925

I will have a scene with Ricardo addressing this question. (I could have also addressed it if option 3 was chosen and Edward asked 'is it perishable', but that didn't happen.)

f4086 No.7926

I had a huge grin on my face reading your post. Both because it is incredibly nitpicky to think about that and because it's exactly what I do all the time :D

b40c8 No.7927

Awesome, thank you.

Then perhaps you'll also enjoy a small nitpick to my own nitpick: the medieval period wasn't actually 'pre-refrigeration', as I wrongly put it: ice houses, spring houses and cool cellars were all in operation. They're not perfect and you've still got issues of transport but short-term storage of fresh stuff near where it's made is feasible.

Ruhemania has very cold winters so ice houses (or at least covered snow-pits, the more primitive form) should actually be quite common. If not we should introduce them!

5b566 No.7928

That's actually a good point. You know what was a really valuable commodity before the age of refrigerators? Ice! Places with cold winters harvested ice and sold it to warmer places.
Another unexpected opportunity for trade. Maybe Ruhemania just needs to right King in charge to make it prosperous after all :-)

9656a No.7982

Hello everyone.

SOrry for the lack of updates this week. Impregnator Kings will update tomorrow.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.8216

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to take the chance to remind everyone the chat thread exists and should be used primarily for discussion outside of voting to save on the post comment count which will mark when we need to make a new thread.

I wanted to address this question:
>And technically we also haven't verified that Sully is pregnant. Or did I miss something?

This is true Edward hasn't verified Sully is pregnant, but he also hasn't received notification that she isn't pregnant, in the form of her saying she menstruated recently. Something which Beatrice has reported several times. At the same time, as the story is told in Edward's narrative, it's Edward's perception and what he's thinking in his mindset at that particular moment having just finished inseminating Beatrice, not a hard statement of objective fact.

Apologies for the long break between updates recently. Hopefully this is a thing that will come to an end and I will be able to continue writing.

I hope it's enjoyable.

bc730 No.8217

You haven't disappointed us yet Aristo. Glad to see you back.

f7195 No.8218

when I want to see 1 part of this interactive story. writes error 404, please correct (sorry for mistakes, I used an interpreter, I'm from Russia)

9656a No.8219

You must follow the links here: >>7684 and here: >>7830 The original threads are deleted from the site. The Internet Archive still has them.

a6635 No.8221

спасибо за помощь.transfer: thanks for the help

9656a No.8250

Hello everyone.

I wanted to take the moment to say I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I am going to make every attempt to have one done before the weekend ends, and hopefully follow it up with another if it leads to a vote that is quickly resolved with a clear favorite that reflects the will of the audience.

I really apologize for the 'down time' that the last few months have been. I want us to return to the old normal and hope I will be able to accomplish that soon.

In the meantime, I thank those who have continued to read for sticking with the story, and thank those who have just discovered it and found it intriguing enough to want to follow new updates.

I hope it's enjoyable.

9656a No.8416

Hello everyone.

Our current story thread will soon reach the limit of comments that can be attached to that post. When we are close to that point, I will make a new thread. I don't believe it will happen for a few more choices, but I wanted to draw everyone's attention to it. (I believe the limit is 500 comments?)

I don't anticipate it happening, but if a post reaches the limit while a vote is up, please tell me here you attempted to make a vote so it can be counted.

I hope the story remains enjoyable as we approach the rising action of the Faire part of the current plot of King Edward married to Tharja in Ruhemania.

f0dd1 No.8421

As a side note from a reader about the choice to recruit women into the soldiers' ranks:

Even if some women reject the King's advances, they might still become a highly dedicated and loyal personal guard for the King, Queen, and assorted mistresses. Especially if said guards are running from lives of abuse or poverty.

9656a No.8426

Hello everyone.

It took almost a year, but a new thread for Impregnator Kings was necessary. It has been posted. I provided the past threads a little more in-depth summaries than I've used before, hopefully to entice new readers to look at the archive and see if it interests them.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how much I've enjoyed writing this story with you all. It is very satisfying to interact with everyone, take the votes, and change the direction of the story, beyond what I ever could have planned on my own. Each of you has as a much a claim to the story as I have. Sharing this experience has been worth all the time and effort for me. I hope it had been for you all as well.

As such, I am making the best of my efforts to resume updating Impregnator Kings regularly. Writing Impregnator Kings now is a very different experience from writing it when it first began. I will do all I can to deliver on the build up that has accumulated since the beginning, until the new game+ option is chosen.

I hope it's enjoyable.

62046 No.8473

To: The Wizard of Oz
Subject: Rap in a semi-medieval context
Link: https://youtu.be/RNKT-INYShg

2be84 No.8474

Oh, god I almost forgot about that. Well, time to re-learn the lyrics to "Men in tights"…

2be84 No.8475

> The problem with dream sequences is now I can't justify it in terms of the narrative.
@aristo I understand your reasoning and agree that a dream sequence cannot just be put anywhere anytime. But I think that more is possible. For example this whole Erika situation. We voted that it was an overreaction. It is a part of the human condition to overthink things, especially things we cannot control. Like witches. And when we're overthinking, sometimes those thoughts follow us into our dreams. I think would have been possible to have a dream sequence involving Erika. Something along the lines of
> Edward tells Beatrice & Tharja he needs to think about it and will inform them of his decision first thing in the morning. He falls asleep still debating the issue with himself. During the night he has a dream in which Erika kills him in a completely ridiculous way. He wakes up and realises that his worries are indeed completely ridiculous and resolves to tell Beatrice & Tharja that no action against Erika is necessary for now. With the decision having been made, his subconscious calms down, he falls asleep again. This time it's a sexy dream of an overdue Erika already planning on having more of Edward's children.

I know, it's not quite fitting, because the decision is better made on the spot like it happened in the story. But something along those lines is still possible for future decisions, don't you think?

9656a No.8497

Sorry for the wait. I'm going to attempt to have an update ready before the weekend is over. Work will come on the prompts in the 'kinktober' thread after that.

9656a No.8499

Oh yes. Sorry Wizard, I meant to reply to this as well.

You present a nice idea I hadn't fully considered before, but there are some concerns that prevent me from fully embracing the idea.

1. Player comfort requires any scenes of the narrative commenting on choices be delicate. I may risk appearing to be editorializing on choices if I make the narrative scrutinize certain choices overmuch, especially without good justification provoking it. Edward does reflect on his actions and logic, but I try to depict Edward's internal thought process as directly following arguments voters make to justify their choices, as long as it fits the popular consensus. I don't want a reader, making their one vote, to ever think they are being made fun of by me. That is not my business. Of course, characters in the story react to Edward's choices and make criticisms of his reasoning if they discern it and their characterization calls for it, but not so for me, the author. Playing with the narrative itself dealing with choices in the form of dream sequences may risk the appearance of violating that.

For an example, consider the scene in the third thread in which Edward investigates Daniella's room after she died and he reflects on the pro-magic/anti-magic choice based on what he finds. I'm confident I presented this in a way that satisfied readers on both sides no matter their vote, while also playing with Edward's own internal doubts and uncertainties in a way that showed more sides of Edward as a character and kept Edward's characterization true to how he made his choice. However, if I had perhaps not had this scene, but written a scene where Edward imagined/dreamed what life would be like if "anti-magic" was chosen, then that is not revealing any new information. Even if it's merely a sex scene, the purpose of its inclusion may get muddled.

Everyone has the right to their one vote without criticism from me personally in how they use it.

2. We will, eventually, reach a point in the story where all of the girls Edward impregnated develop bumps. (If I am able.) I fear if I conjure descriptions of Edward caressing imagined bumps, it will lose its impact when the story reaches that point and I must write a description again. I know reading that "I'm saving it," must be disappointing when I have been writing this for years now, but it steadily gets closer and when it does finally happen, I want to milk it for all it's worth.

3. I don't want to risk people thinking "dream sequence Erika" or whoever else Edward might imagine, would accurately be a depiction of the character's actual motives.

That said, there are ways I can incorporate parts of your idea, I think. Something like it was very briefly done with Edward's dreams of a wedding ceremony with a Tharja he hadn't yet met, so something similar to this might be possible. I will give this more thought.

Thank you for bringing it up and letting me know your ideas.

62046 No.8586

In all the busy hustle and bustle of the upcoming Danksgiving holiday, The Royal (We) just had a chance to check back in on Ed's Misadventures. Just the two cents of this particular party, but this recent episode is perhaps indicator numero uno that Ed *probably* needs a little more physical activity (that doesn't involve a little bump and grind, even though there's nothing wrong with that…!) before the potential martial endeavors of the Faire come to pass, if there is in fact time for him to practice such things in his weekly itinerary. Again, just a passing thought, also happy Holy Days everyone!

c7ce9 No.8587


Thank you for the reassurance, aristo. I guess I'll have to wait until Edward's girls grow bumps. It's been a long wait, I must say.

9656a No.8589

It's been a real privilege to be able to write for you all. Thank you for staying with the story for so long. You are the real writers and drive of Impregnator Kings.

That said, I hope the next update meets expectations, as it should introduce some new characters. I will aim for a Friday update.

78dd0 No.8590

Oooooh, will we get to see the new priest and the nuns already? I'm excited!

9656a No.8591

Apologies, not those characters. Indeed, though Edward's made his choice, but the priest has not even left the castle with the order to deliver it to the Church's organization, so it's impossible they'd be introduced before the Faire is over.

9656a No.8618

Hello everyone.

An interesting issue had been brought up in my deviantart by a reader. That is, what the new game+ may look like regarding the wife choices.

When I first announced there'd be a new game+, I expected I would simply take the top three girls who got the most votes from the first poll (Arturia, Flora, Alena) and have another vote with only them. Only three candidates.

However, given that we are almost at the third year anniversary of the beginning, it may be worthwhile to re-think that.

No decision is being made, yet. There is still much left for Edward in Ruhemania, if possible.

But, I wanted to see if there was any interest in possibly introducing more bride choices to replace some of the original less-popular brides.

I think I have a better grasp of what people want to read, are attracted to, and are repulsed by, now. And I do have some good ideas for new potential brides as well.

Of course, I would still include Arturia, Flora, and Alena in this hypothetical new list.

Let me know if you find any particular idea preferable.

I hope the game is enjoyable.

0c0c0 No.8619

Different choices would also be interesting.

Is it clear that a new game would be played with "the same" Edward, i.e. would the decision of playing as a good guy still be in place because it came before the bride choice? Or would we also have to re-establish Edward's character?

9656a No.8623

Edward will still be the same person, but he will be the person he was when he made the choice in Virilia. He at least will not be so involved with fighting and sparring that he became so in Ruhemania. (Before reaching Ruhemania that was only one of many hobbies he pursued.)

I don't think I have it in me to re-define Edward's character entirely by now. It would feel too strange to change him to the paranoid power-hungry archetype I initially offered as a choice.

Consider the new game+ less of a "do-over" and more of a "rewind," in that respect.

9656a No.8659

Hello everyone.

Apologies for the wait. I realized in the time it took me to update the three-year mark for Impregnator Kings since its start has passed.

I'm not sure if I had been asked "do you see yourself still writing this in three years" I would have answered with "yes." At the very least, it would have been impossible if the story had not been received as well as it has been.

I want to thank everyone for reading and continuing to vote. Whether you were here from the beginning or off and on or just discovered it yesterday. The story would never have lasted as long as it had without you. Thank you for writing this story with me.

There's still a lot to go, if I am able.

f2678 No.8660

Let me be the first to thank you for your amazing work over the last three years, aristo! It is incredible that you are still able to do this after so long (and that you are still willing to put up with us ;-))
The story is still a lot of fun and I for one very much look forward to what the next three years will bring :-)

Here's to you, to Edward and Tharja, and to their sexy future! *raises glass*

c7ce9 No.8661


Three years.. is quite a long time.

But hey, looking forward to that ride as long as the train hasn't stopped.

9656a No.8678

Hello everyone.

I hope everyone's enjoying their holiday. I'm still working on the next update.

However, I thought perhaps this would be a good time for an informal poll.

I'm really curious to know.

What would you most like to see from Impregnator Kings this upcoming year?

>A return to daily updates.

>Reaching a point in the story women are visibly pregnant with Edward's seed.
>Reaching a new game+.

I know what everyone must be thinking from seeing these choices. "Hold on, those aren't mutually exclusive." You'd be right. They aren't, necessarily. If I reached a point I was making daily updates again, we likely would progress with the story faster, and the other two would follow naturally. We would progress faster to a point the girls would become visibly pregnant, and likely even get closer to a satisfactory ending for "this" path of Edward's story.

But, in terms of what would give you the most satisfaction, what would your choice be?

A return to regular engagement and knowing there will be a new chapter of Edward to read every day?
Or moving toward payoff of all the buildup that's accumulated?
Or the anticipation of the next journey and how the change in setting might open new possibilities?

Well, it's okay if you don't have an answer or the answer is "all three."

But I am curious to hear feedback and thought this would be a good opportunity to ask with the new year coming.

Feel free to ad-lib as well, of course.

Thank you very much.

c7ce9 No.8680


Technically,I would say all of the above. However, that answer does not provide good feedback.

So I will be more specific, listing the options in order by PRIORITIES.

Option 2 - That was the motivation for keeping me in choosing options, knowing I will be eventually rewarded at some point in time.

Option 1 - Consistency is fine, but I worry that you might not be able to keep up with that consistency. Daily updates give you a pressure to keep the pacing, regardless of stuff you have to deal with IRL. My concern is that you might not be able to keep up with constant updates for long in the long term.

Option 3 - My least priority, but I do want to see a pregnant Arturia and how her pregnancy affects the kingdom she is in. Her introductional backstory looks interesting to further explore.

a59ed No.8681


I'd like to see option 1, or something like option 1. A consistent weekly schedule would be nice and help advance the plot faster to reach the other choices. Based off of what I remember you saying in the past, there are enough things being juggled that anything faster than a week probably results in something getting dropped.

c518b No.8682

Option 2 its been a long time comming to see some results

73259 No.8683

Option 2 would be my top priority, getting to see Edward's lovers finally rounding out and enjoying their pregnancies. Option 1 would be nice, though I think it might be a little ambitious- aiming for one to three a week might be a more sustainable pace. I'm personally rather invested in the Tharja storyline, so I don't really relish the idea of it ending in favor of a New Game +, but I am curious as to who the options would be in NG+. Still, I'd be totally satisfied to not see NG+ for another year or two.

034e1 No.8684

Option 2.

I'm enjoying the story, but when it takes 3 years to get to pregnancy content in your pregnancy fetish story, we may have taken a weird left turn somewhere.

b40c8 No.8685

I think the story's reached a bit of a Zeno's Paradox state - more and more words about less and less. Some of our recent interactions have been a bit dull - I'm sure they'll have consequences down the line, but it still slows down the pace a lot and there's been very little fetish content.

I don't think a faster schedule necessarily cures that problem - a more efficient fast-moving story does. The world of webcomics in particular is littered with thrice-weekly stories that took years to resolve a single arc.

New game+ is something I wouldn't think much about. Resolve the story we have first before worrying about the next adventure, I say.

So… Option 2. From a non-fetish perspective I want to see some consequences for earlier decisions, from a fetish perspective I really, really want to see our various, well-developed characters reacting to their pregnancies taking hold.

62046 No.8686

Without parsing words too much and rehashing what you have already stated yourself, the general feeling on this end is somewhere in the "a little bit of all 3 options" department. This story-thread is basically the main and only reason (the royal We) still visit pregchan with any sort of semi-regularity. As long as you're not boring yourself, and that doesn't seem to be the case, it will continue to be worth the interest to see where things lead.

03c2e No.8687

I share Maxi's concern about option 1. I also don't know if I, or other players, would be able to keep up and vote every day, especially when life starts throwing curveballs. In my opinion, burnout is a real danger for both audience and author. Slower is fine, consistence is appreciated.

Also, I have openly admitted that I am not a greedy man, so after working on and impregnating the new three sisters we're getting to know, I'm fine with focusing on proceeding with seeing bellies get rounder and other consequences happening. I'm looking forward to New Game Plus, but I am in no rush to get there.

9656a No.8688

Hello again. Checking back, I'm glad to see the consensus is what I was imagining everyone would want.

I will admit, the days of daily updates are likely over, but not definitely. The story has changed from when it first began. In the first few months, I was very focused on the story. I was not just writing it, I was reading, re-reading, and then double-checking that reading again. I was very concerned with potentially making a mistake in the story's internal logic or narrative. I knew if I contradicted myself, the story would fall apart.

Years later, the story is longer, and the details are more deeply ingrained in my mind. I still must reread it and check for details, but I am less 'afraid' that I will lose one thread and the story will collapse. Of course this means I sometimes let my attention wander or become preoccupied with something else. (Or deal with some issue.)

Daily updates may be impossible, but 'almost daily' may be possible. I don't want to put hard limits because part of the allure of writing is being able to update it as long as there are votes.

Of course, I myself am eager to reach a point where we will have pregnant bellies on the main female characters and all the bumps that brings. All I can say is please bear with me. We will gradually have those develop. (Elizabeth at least is showing, even if the focus isn't on her.) The Faire time will be a bit of a return to focusing on Edward's daily activities as his actions have a little more weight that will be seen immediately instead of week to week. I can only hope you find it delivers on the intrigue promised and the new female characters are enticing.

9656a No.8734

Hello everyone.

Following Moe's example, I wanted to point out that the best (well, only) way to get in touch with me besides pregchan itself is through my DeviantArt account, which is over at aristocrat-mae. I announce updates there, future plans, and I have some non-sexual parts of the story (with some limited commentary) uploaded.

I don't know if there's any interest in my creation of a twitter or anything else. At any rate, if you're wondering when updates are posted, follow that account because I always give a journal notice of "I have updated, with/without a choice."

a53b9 No.8740

This is at best tangentially related to Impregnator Kings, but considering it features Best Girl and one of the newest additions to our cast going head-to-head in a pregnancy competition (tell me that's not something Edward would dream of), I figure I'd share XcelZero's newest Fire Emblem growth poll.

b40c8 No.8812

Calling it now, Emerald Knight is a woman.

9656a No.8824

Hello everyone. Thread #7 was pushed off page 15 and is now a 404.

However, the archive still has it over here:


New update coming soon.

9656a No.8852

Apologies for the late update.

Updating once every two weeks or once a month is not the ideal I want to strive for. I'm hoping to quicken my pace in the upcoming week, if I am able.

9656a No.8913

Hello everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed a return to the quicker pace Impregnator Kings was known for.

We are ending the brief section in which Edward is guaranteed to ask all questions and returning to normal choices.

I do not think I am revealing any big secret to let the readers know that after this scene, Edward will have a series of choices to make one after the other. Potentially.

One of the reason I dislike it when I lapse into a delay in updates is because it throws off the mutual 'rhythm' we all share between voting, updates closing, and updates being posted. I know I missed a few regulars in the last few votes before closing them, but hopefully this warning will help.

Of course, I also know people are also busy or may choose to not use their one vote. That's your right. But in the name of giving fair warning, I just wanted to make it known more choices are coming.

9656a No.8929

The new thread is currently up. As well as a choice.

Thread #8 has been saved for when this thread eventually 404s. ( https://web.archive.org/web/20190601012420/https://pregchan.com/d/res/48104.html )

I'm nervous to rely on archive.org so heavily, but it is the easiest way. It is much easier to follow than simply collecting the raw text, and most sites would not allow the nsfw content anyway.

Thank you for reading along.

9656a No.8930

While I'm at it, I thought maybe cataloguing all the sex scenes I've written for Impregnator Kings would be worthwhile.

This doesn't include very brief asides of "and then Edward had sex with someone." Only full-treatment sex scenes.

For ease of reference and possibly to entice new readers, I also put what positions were used and what the focus of the scene was on.

Thread #1:
1. The matchmaker. (Missionary, the softness of her body.)
2. The female pirate. (Dream sequence. Missionary, the cross-dressing and surprise aspect.)
3. Tharja. (Missionary, her legs around your waist. Defloration, Tharja's excitement.)
4. Tharja. (Handjob.)
5. Tharja. (Hands and knees. Tharja promises to birth six children with each pregnancy over the next 20 years.)
6. Tharja. (Cunnilingus, followed by sex, with legs over shoulders.)

Thread #2:
1. Elizabeth. (Elizabeth on top, Edward unable to use his hands, gradual defloration.)

Thread #3:
1. Elizabeth. (Edward ties Elizabeth up and dominates her.)
2. Beatrice and Tharja. (Edward on top of Beatrice, Tharja on top of Edward.)

Thread #4:
1. Elizabeth and Tharja. (Tharja on Top of Elizabeth, Edward behind them taking his pick of who to penetrate.)
2. Beatrice. (Cunnilingus, Beatrice uses magic to masturbate Edward to orgasm.)
3. Elizabeth. (More binding and domination.)
4. Tharja. (Caressing testicles.)
5. Beatrice. (Edward being dominated, feet-play, Edward with his legs up in a submissive position.)

Thread #5:
1. Tharja. (Tharja straddles Edward in total darkness.)
2. The blacksmith's widowed sister. (Missionary, her not knowing Edward's reputation, an older woman who is still a virgin.)
3. Beatrice. (Sex as an intimate equal. Beatrice in Edward's lap.)
4. Elizabeth. (Impulsive, dominant sex in a closet.)
5. Beatrice. (Cunnilingus, missionary but Edward keeps his hands behind his back.)
6. Erika. (Straddling, Edward masturbates her to orgasm, competition-play throughout.)
7. Beatrice and Tharja. (Foot-worship. Beatrice straddles his thighs. Tharja straddles his face.)
8. Malon. (Missionary, in the hay, first-time.)
9. Malon. (Hands and knees.)
10. Elizabeth and Tharja. (Tharja beneath Elizabeth, Edward on top of Elizabeth. Tharja instructing Elizabeth.)
11. Sully. (Equal position with them both sitting on the bed facing each other, Sully 'clean's Edward's cock with her tongue.)
12. Beatrice. (Beatrice pretends she's pregnant, then straddles and dominates Edward with commands.)
13. Sully. (Sully sits on Edward's lap with her back to his chest and his cock between her thighs, imagining it's her own, then rides him.)
14. Beatrice. (Play at 'seducing' Beatrice, she re-creates her hymen.)

Thread #6:
1. Beatrice. (Sex while clothed.)
2. Sully. (Eager, on the bed)
3. Beatrice. (Fellatio.)
4. Beatrice. (Impulsive sex in her noblewoman-persona.)
5. Tharja. (Tharja on top.)

Thread #7:
1. Sully and Tharja. (Missionary, then bent over.)
2. Sully. (A sexy inspection, in almost-full armor.)
3. Beatrice. (Naked except for a fur, foot-massaging as foreplay, light-domination over Beatrice in missionary.)

Thread #8:
1. Elizabeth. (Worshiping her tiny bump. Then aggressively, up against a wall.)
2. Cordelia. (First-time nervousness. Cordelia has her hands against the wall with her backside exposed.)

9656a No.8952

Hello everyone,

When Impregnator Kings first began, there was a poll on what sort of character people wanted the story to be driven by. This became the basis of Edward.

What I took most from the poll was that people were uninterested in depictions of non-con/rape scenes in the game. I've seen no sign of a shift in this attitude and it is pretty much etched into Edward's personality by now.

However, I feel that this isn't enough to really define what people would like to read or what they are comfortable reading.

Every girl up until now in Impregnator Kings has pretty much asked Edward to give them babies. Robin, we've seen, is not of this mindset at the present state of the story. At what level does resistance, and Edward's charms to penetrate that resistance, cross the line into discomfort for the reader? That is something I have been meditating on and want to find out.

Therefore, I'd like everyone reading who has an interest in Impregnator Kings to respond to the following poll.

This is less "what is rape/non-con," and more "what am I comfortable reading?" At what point does something cross a line?

If you have no opinion there is no need to vote, if you have a strong opinion, please do vote.

This is not a 'majority rules' poll. Nor should you feel constrained to one option. If you wish to elaborate, please do so.

>1. It's okay if the girl acts reluctant at first, and says "yes" before sex.

>2. It's okay if the girl starts off saying firmly "No," as long as she says "yes" before sex.
>3. It's okay if the girl acts reluctant and never says "yes," but never actually verbally says "no," either.
>4. It's okay if the girl starts off saying "no," but then acts like she's getting in to it and doesn't complain or resist after a while, without explicitly saying "yes".
>5. It's okay if the girl starts off saying "no," and still says "no," when sex happens, but it's clear she really doesn't mean it when she says "no." (Her words don't match her actions and she gives her consent in other ways and doesn't really want to stop. Kissing, hugging, wrapping legs, etc.)

Remember, this is less "what qualifies as non-con/rape?" and more "what can I read and still be comfortable?"

I've long had it as a guiding principle that I must write a story people enjoy. If I only write something that depresses people then I have failed as a writer. So, please, if you have any strong opinion, let me know.

3b781 No.8953


Option 3.

9656a No.8954


I've fucked up my own poll.

Okay, this is ostensibly "I'd be fine reading the option I selected and all levels underneath it but not the options above it." So voting option 3 would mean 1, 2, and 3 are okay for the story, but 4 and 5 are too much.

At least, that was my intent when writing it. If there seems some exception "3 and 1 are fine, but 2 isn't," then go ahead and note it.

I'm really sorry. I should've made that more clear. As of now I just realized "holy shit, I really don't want to misinterpret these results."

If that's not what you had in mind when you voted, please re-vote/clarify.

fc61c No.8955

I'm okay with all of these situations…. if I had to choose the one that makes me the most uncomfortable out of them, though, it would be #4, with #5 a close second, mostly because of the no explicit "yes" part.

edc4d No.8956

Option 3 is probably the line. Edward has never forced the situation on anyone and generally proceeds with some kind of permission from his partners. No reason that should change now…

62046 No.8957

Option 4-ish seems like the area where Edward's character would corral him to thereabouts, from what we can recall at the moment at least. So, everything therein and about seems fine…? Maybe we didn't read this right either…

2f5b6 No.8958

I agree with the other posters. From a character perspective, Edward would draw the line somewhere between option three and four.

Personally I would be also be okay with reading option-five-style content.

034e1 No.8959

Option 1.

I'm trying to read Ed as a fairly "good person." I realize some of these lines get blurred a bit based on period context and immersion, but the reality is that any options outside of Option 1 and *maybe* Option 2 are highly coercive.

I'm not going to go all-in here and virtue signal. I like the story. I've stuck by it for a long time now. I'll likely continue reading it regardless of the outcome of this, but I would still like to interject with the thought that for me personally, an Edward who engages in coercion in a sexual context is going to give me a lot of dissonance in associating him as a "good person."

97997 No.8960


3 is probably appropriate for a "good guy" that seduces women - in ANY time period - in fiction. (Notice I said IN FICTION.) We can all act like we'd only ever have sex with a women under the conditions of 1, but that's a little too much virtue signaling for a fantasy about a guy who tries to knock up as many women as possible.

9656a No.8961

Thank you all very much. I think I have a good idea of everyone's expectations now.

To be sure, this wasn't to set the tone or what occurs in the upcoming sex scene with Robin… Robin is an established character and I must honor her personality I've already depicted… but also something for me to take into account for the future.

That being said, if anyone further wishes to reply, please do so. If anyone feels uncomfortable about the tone or content of a future sex scene, please also speak up. This is about reader engagement and comfort, which is important to me. It is not talking about "what constitutes non-con." Non-con will not be depicted in the story, and all scenarios presented were meant to be with a partner who did consent (even 4 and 5). The problem is I am writing from Edward's perspective and not the girl's nor an omniscient, therefore I can't insert explicitly into the narrative "I said no, but really it was more a reflexive action than me really wanting him to stop, and I hoped he'd continue." I realized if I tried something like that from Edward's POV it would probably come across as more rationalizing than an objective truth and possibly taint the scene. Even a later fix (like a conversation afterward where the woman says 'No, that was fun!') probably wouldn't undo the distaste felt. Therefore, this poll, to judge more effectively where the 'line' was in that situation.

Anyway, the update will come soon. Please look forward to it.

1d8a0 No.8962

Fashionably late to the party, and I find myself looking at your question from a 'gameplay' perspective, and the perspective of Edward's personality. Edward will maintain better standing staying within Options 1-3, as well as staying true to his personality.

As for myself, I'm comfortable with all options. As long as there is no trauma caused.

97997 No.8966

Did the last update to the story go missing? I can see it on the front page but it's not there when I go to the thread.

9656a No.8967

It's there. You probably just need to refresh.

edc4d No.8972

Well, while there really wasn't a wrong way to go in terms of what Edward was going to tell Robin in the latest poll, my rationale was that going into the history of the Mad Rutting Beast seemed better suited for another occasion (like, sometime after just having had sex with her) and might come off as bragging.

Either way, at least we can put Robin's strategizing skills to use, and maybe this might also show Robin how dumb her parents' plot was.

9656a No.9236

I thought it might be more appropriate to move this discussion over here so as not to clutter the main thread. Specifically regarding this comment:

> (Also if we somehow manage to marry Tharja and Edelgard's children, unification could happen without a war.)

Edward would be aware that marriage between half-siblings (in this case, if he were to impregnate Tharja and Edelberg, and then try to have those two children married) would not be allowed by the Church due to the laws of consanguinity. That is, they'd be too closely related. The only way it would work would be if Edelberg's child was never recognized as his, or if Edelberg had a husband who claimed it as his.

>"Your ceremony with Princess Tharja will be a formality. In the eyes of the Church and the Heavens above, that document is enough to deem you have wed," she says.

>But, what if King Vlad backed out?

>"…Short of a complication due to consanguinity, that isn't possible."

>–What did that mean?

>Your question gets a laugh from your father.

>"It means unless you and Princess Tharja turn out to be brother and sister, you're married. And I can tell you: that's not the case."

Not sure if it's appropriate to interject, but this would have been an idea where Edward would be aware of the complications.

fc07b No.9325

Just noticed you posted this here. I was assuming that Edelgard's child wouldn't be recognized by Edward. Kinda pie-in-the-sky thinking, but whatever.

9656a No.9521

Hello everyone.

Given it's the nanowrimo, I am going to attempt to fulfill it this year. This may come in the form of Impregnator King updates or the 'kinktober' requests. This might not necessarily mean the story updates every day, but I will aim for that.

I am going to attempt to have the Faire arc of Impregnator Kings done by December. Or perhaps just a little bit into new years.

That is a goal, but not a promise. I wanted to let everyone know that an end to the Faire will eventually happen and that events are moving apace.

I hope it's enjoyable.

fc07b No.9528

Kinktober requests? Is this the genderbent quest version, or something else?

9656a No.9529

No, but that I will work on, too. It's this: >>8433

3da26 No.9816

First off, I hope that you're okay Aristocrat, as we haven't heard from you in a while.

Secondly, I saw a post you wrote about a month ago, saying that you're worried about CYOAs going missing. I responded there, and I'll write it here too, to cover my bases: I've been archiving the story as we've gone along, by which I mean that I've been pasting it into a Word doc, and saving the pics. Let me know if you ever need a copy.

4e92b No.9817


Aristo does post the occasional update about his progress on deviant art if you haven't seen them

9656a No.9819

Thank you for being concerned. I am okay, medically speaking. It's a combination of being busy and stress from being busy that is preventing me from getting back to the story. In the past, my free-time was in blocks that I used to write the story. Now it is in short gasps that interrupt my progress. I am trying to improve and/or adjust.

Yes, I'm worried very much that at this point access to the story would be lost. Not just for me, I have my own logs too, of course, but for others, cutting off any new potential readers. The story is very long now, but I'm hoping it can still be enticing.

At any rate, thank you very much for the offer. >>9817 is right in that I make frequent posts on my DA about the status, including when updates are posted and if there's a choice.

5f579 No.9948

I hope everything's alright. I know it's hard to keep a project going, but signs of life would be welcome about now.

9656a No.9950

There will be an update monday. Even if it's small.

Sorry for the delay. It's a combination of stress and responsibilities.

5f579 No.9951

With the state of the world right now, I just wanted some confirmation that you weren't dead. Sorry to be a bother like that.

9656a No.9953

It's understandable and not a bother at all. It is motivating to know people still want the update. Thank you.

9fe5a No.9954


We're with you, Aristo. Still living in hope we finally get to Edward's fully pregnant harem.

9656a No.9990

I'm… confused. It seems some of the wayback machine links of previous chapters in the main index/explanation of the story now re-direct to earlier captures of the site, which mean some threads are missing half their content. The urls are not the same, they just re-direct to a different, older url.

Thread 5 and Thread 7 seem to be the affected ones. The others are fine.

Thread 7's archive should be from Sept. 30th 2018. Thread 5's should be from June 19th 2017. Instead, they are from March 7th 2018, and December 26, 2016. These are not even close.

Has anyone else noticed this? How long has it been like this?

I myself have my own copies of the threads, so they are fine, but this is concerning.

9656a No.9991

Apparently sometimes captured pages disappear because of maintenance and this is temporary. I am hoping that's the case here.

If not… I may have to find some other solution.

9656a No.9994

Okay, Thread #5 is back to normal. Hopefully Thread #7 will soon be too.

Next update will be soon. I hope everyone's enjoying the return to the usual pace. The ideal pace.

43943 No.10010

I know I'm enjoying the uptick in pace. Thanks for keeping us in mind.

9656a No.10021

I'm beginning to seriously wonder if thread 7 will come back in full. I'll give it another week. If it doesn't, I may experiment with posting the text after the cut-off in a chat thread. It will lack images, but I don't keep them after I initially post them.

Hopefully this will be okay.

In the meantime, I want to bring up a genuine consideration.

I always aim to update the story as much as possible but as it has been clear, sometimes I'm unable to.

Lower page numbers and more users posting images means Impregnator Kings slips down to the 'danger' zone of being pushed off the site.

I don't want to just 'bump' the thread whenever this happens. It's unfair to other users.

But, I also want to maintain the latest thread without worrying about it being removed.

There is no section of the site dedicated to CYOA stories which work best with both text and images. I have no right to 'demand' one.

However, someone suggested I just use /b/.

This could be an option that solves the problem. /b/ gets much less traffic. The last post on page 10 is July of last year. In /d/ the last post on page 10 is mid-late March of this year.

Furthermore, it means that full threads will be kept as an archive on the site longer before I need to rely on the wayback machine to keep the thread.

However… I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by a move to /b/. We all know what /b/ is. There's plenty of threads in /b/ that are not very positive. Impregnator Kings depends on votes to exist. I don't want to lose voters or potential voters because they must 'wade into' /b/.

So, therefore, I want to ask as a future consideration: what is your reaction to the idea of moving the next Impregnator Kings thread to /b/?

At any rate, it will only become an issue in the future, so it's only something to think about. But if the bulk of voices is "I'd be okay with it," then I won't suffer much stress from the idea.

Don't hesitate to say 'bad idea' if you really think so.

5f579 No.10023

Hard to say. For archiving, I think we might have to edit/compress the story into chapters and post it somewhere else. Images will be lost, as will votes ad related flavor text. But the core content would be somewhere that doesn't drop old data as quickly.

For the rest… I think we'd have to get consensus. Homesteading in known hostile territory is always a risk, and takes support to succeed.

43943 No.10027

I've mentioned this before, but I have an archive of this sort already. A bunch of word docs, marked in places where the pictures appear, and the pics saved with matching numbers. (though there was a hiccup in numbers when I had laptop problems and had to get a new one, I should have all the content). However, I understand if that isn't what our illustrious DM would want, as he/she/they probably enjoy the banter of the players. Still, my archive of the adventure is available upon request.

/b/ is a tricky beast. Just reading the first couple pages makes me hesitant to go there. I'll follow if it goes there anyway, but I would hope that those that frequent /b/ would either join in the fun, or leave us be.

14a6e No.10028

I'd be okay with it.

f4932 No.10029

/d/ is already fairly /b/-like on any given day anyway, so let's not take a /b/lue pill please.

9656a No.10030

I'm not sure what this means. This means don't go to /b/?

f4932 No.10031

"On second thought, let us not go to /b/. It is a silly place."

5f579 No.10032

So what would you suggest as an alternative? Because the current way of things is probably not going to work much longer. We're already one bad case of writer's block away from the project getting swept to oblivion, and it's only going to get worse.

c0ba0 No.10033

>quest threads

/d/ is the artwork board

i think you're looking for /b/

9656a No.10034

I really must express my thanks that you are so invested in the story. I'm sorry if it's causing you undue anxiety about it possibly being lost to the gradual evaporation of all content from the internet.

That said, don't worry. Even if there isn't an update every day, it doesn't mean I'm not around and 'conscious' of where the story is at.

The only way Impregnator Kings really slips into oblivion is if I die. In which case, if I have advance notice of the impending death, I'll try to let everyone know my ideas for where the story was going to go. Anyway, that's not happening, at least for the foreseeable future.

For now we'll continue, at least until the current thread is full.

I really do appreciate this, Shadow. Is there anyway you could make this available, such as on megaupload or some such thing? It probably would be an easier fix. Or at least a back-up for when these hiccups with the Wayback Machine happen. If it would cause you undue stress, don't worry about it.

I do like a notation of "This option was voted," otherwise it does sometimes become confusing, but don't stress if that isn't there.

The banter I do follow so I know what people expect and how best to meet expectations. I'm not sure how newcomers who read the threads for the first time interpret it.

9656a No.10035

On that note, it seems that finally the archive of thread #7 is working properly again! This is a morale booster for me.

43943 No.10037


Here's me seeing if this will work. First link is the first three years (2015-2017), and the second link is 2018 & 2019.


d49f6 No.10382

>hand on cheek when we surprised her
Do I spy a Kaguya-sama reference?

518c2 No.10452

You always find really nice pictures of Tharja, aristo.

Just a little detail I enjoy.

cb5fa No.10453

Plus, today he's brought out tarot cards and now we're talkin'. Those are some interesting psychological tools. Dear ol' Eddy's in for an intriguing time.

f7600 No.10454

On a related side note, do we have a spare oubliette? Recent vibes may suggest we're not quite through with the backblow of King Vlad's legacy, particularly from his church cronies.

9656a No.10455

If there is one, Edward would have to discover it. He would know an oubliette is basically intended to be a dungeon that you never expect to free a person from. You throw a person down there and then forget about them. In cases of aristocracy being held captive, it's much more appropriate to use house arrest, where you give them normal accommodations with an armed guard. Of course, "appropriate" and what King Vlad may or may not have done may not coincide.

f7600 No.10456

Just hoping the religious hardliners won't get too nasty while we gently pull Ruhemania out of the darkest of dark ages.

f7600 No.10483

Heavy hangs the head that wears a crown… but at least Edward has plenty to console himself with. Not every ruler is so lucky.

f7600 No.10484

Also, trying very hard to remember this thread exists, and to keep my commentary here. I need to talk less on the actual story threads.

6cf8d No.10487

Ed-boy's precedent and true self as the same; he was honest about that when asked specifically regarding it in the most recent sequence. Being true to oneself is possibly *the* hardest thing anyone, much less a ruler of notable stature, can do.

Heartache and defeat is inevitable, yet as long as he follows his true calling (Impregnator King) we seem to have found quite a boatload of positive reinforcement quite literally due to being "that guy" when it truly matters.

9656a No.10506

Sorry, the latest update should have a ">No choice yet, further update coming soon" footnote. I forgot and then decided not to delete and re-upload.

Incidentally the previous thread is now 404'd. That is fine as there is a link to the internet archive right below the top post.

I want to bring up something to think about.

I know a number of people are interested in eventual birth scenes. I have said it before, but just to reiterate: there will be birth scenes, if pursued and people want to read them.

However, I am wondering how "realistic" to write these scenes.

That is, what are people's main thoughts about what they want to read in a birth scene?

>Birth scenes should be realistic as possible. Blood, fluid, scat, and distress. Like you would see in an actual true-to-life video.

>Birth scenes should be backed off from extreme ranges of the fetish. No scat, and less emphasis on blood. Just realistic enough to not feel uncomfortable.
>Birth scenes should have emphasis on pushing, breathing, and the effort of the delivery more than any description of viscera.

Anyway, this is not a hard poll right now, but something for people to consider. We have a bit of a way to go.

But now with me in a rhythm I can update every day, I feel more comfortable asking, because I do believe we will get to these issues.

74a26 No.10508

I don't want to read a birth scene. But if it has to come to it, I'd like it to be as clean as possible.

e13d3 No.10516

>Birth scenes should have emphasis on pushing, breathing, and the effort of the delivery more than any description of viscera.
Not that I wouldn't massively look forward to any and all birth scenes you decide to write. Intimate or otherwise. I just personally would like it kept cleaner than is strictly realistic.

b5a69 No.10517

>Birth scenes should be backed off from extreme ranges of the fetish. No scat, and less emphasis on blood. Just realistic enough to not feel uncomfortable.

I love reading about stretching and crowning and feeling the baby slip out. Just no scat or blood. I have an admittedly unrealistic fetish for the woman feeling sensual about giving birth.

f7600 No.10518

I'd prefer option two. Sanitized enough not to make people uncomfortable while not shying away from the fact of the matter.

758f8 No.10522


>Birth scenes should be backed off from extreme ranges of the fetish. No scat, and less emphasis on blood. Just realistic enough to not feel uncomfortable.

Yummy birth scenes without all of the gross stuff gets my vote.

758f8 No.10524

Here's something I noticed in the last two scenes between Edward and Beatrice. Beatrice addressed him as "Your Majesty" instead of "King" while in her elaborate dress, only calling him "King" again after he'd made his decision. And I can't help wondering if the urgency of the situation caused her to make an exception, because she only ever calls him "Your Majesty" when she's masquerading as his aristocratic mistress.

Just a peculiarity I noticed.

8206f No.10534

Women enjoying childbirth or labor pains or pressure…is it possible?

bbceb No.10535

I wish I could enjoy it just 1 time. Im dreamning of it every day of my life

ele from "russian chan on pregchan" thread

9656a No.10639

Hello everyone,

We're still a few votes shy of a place I'd feel comfortable closing the current vote. If you have not voted yet, and wish to, I urge you to do so.

I wanted to take the moment to point out we have reached a milestone.

Impregnator Kings has reached its fifth anniversary!

It has officially been five years since Impregnator Kings began. That's incredible. I did not anticipate how long I would continue this project, but I feel nothing but pride at having stuck to it, and gratitude that you have written it with me. That goes for if you were with me at the beginning, or if only you are reading and never vote, or if you only made your first vote just now.

I know it has not been a complete five-year effort from start to finish. There have been periods where I was blocked or otherwise was only contributing updates every month or even longer.

However, with the current work I've done, I am full of optimism that we are moving on to updating the story at a similar pace as during the first few months.

When I started out, I made the promise that when Tharja's story ended, we would move on to a different bride in a New Game+. I still feel I will be able to do this, though obviously only if you all are interested still in continuing with me.

I can't say conclusively when we will reach the end or how it will be measured, but that's because I am not writing this by myself. I am as eager to find out what happens as you.


I hope it's enjoyable.

Let's continue to work on Impregnator Kings into 2021!

ff3e6 No.10641


Now this is something that is quite important to me.

I'd say a hybrid version of option 1 that doesn't have scat but have everything else there.

For me, it wouldn't make sense that the CYOA would be highly detailed in everything else but have birth watered down, because that kind of takes away the birth-oriented people who enjoy this stuff.

Realistic birth scenes was one of the reasons why I've keeping track of this CYOA for so long, in hopes that the realistic elements of childbirth will be finally shown.

But alas,that might be just me.

9656a No.10642

I believe we can work out an easy compromise. There will be at least one birth scene that is "easy" and idealized. And there will be at least one birth scene that is more difficult and "realistic." More will be available if Edward makes the decision to choose to see them, but I promise at least one scene of each type. I hope this satisfies.

Though I will note the game isn't entirely realistic, yet. I've yet to depict on-screen miscarriages or other pregnancy complications, only mention them vaguely. That's something I'm not sure how to handle entirely yet either.

I suppose I might as well call a new poll.

What approach would people prefer to pregnancy complications being handled in the story?

>To maintain the current policy. It's fine to mention pregnancy complications that happen vaguely off-screen, but detailing them in the story would be too depressing.

>Realism. Some women will be at-risk. This won't necessarily mean they will never give birth, but they could lose their pregnancy.
>Absolute realism. For some women, pregnancy and birth could result in death. It's simply how life was in these times.

97997 No.10643

Option 1. This isn't a documentary. We're not here for even minor bad ends.

ff3e6 No.10644


Option 1.

f7600 No.10645

Ugh. Option 1, please. I'm here for the fun, not the realities.

9656a No.10646

Okay, that's enough to call the poll there. This is pretty much what I expected and how I have already been approaching the story.

To clarify: there won't be any depicted complications suffered by established characters the audience specifically chose to seduce.

At the same time, the story has already hinted that there are some women Edward has dealt with in the past who have suffered complications. I cannot alter the story I've already written because that wouldn't be fair. So, complications "exist," but they will be kept vague, off-screen and only mentioned/implied, not detailed in the story.

cc880 No.10647

Still can't believe it's been five years already.. Makes me wonder how far along Edward's women are right now.

97997 No.10648

There were? I don't remember that. Although clearly that means their "intrusion" into the story wasn't enough to sear into my brain. :)

9656a No.10649

From all the way back in thread #2:

King Vlad watches your face.

"I see you understand. I cannot allow what you suggest until all doubt is removed that you will remain my heir."

… There has to be a way to get what you ask. You're too close now.

What about once Tharja is pregnant?

He stares.

"And if she dies in childbirth, and the baby does not survive?"

You… know… that is a risk.

You know it too well.

You hated to even think of it, let alone remember it.

King Vlad must recognize the depths of the sad, crestfallen look on your face, because his tone actually softens.


Elizabeth is far enough along to be showing a tiny bump. Tharja is pregnant but has no bump yet.

That's not including Patchouli, Beatrice, the blacksmith's widowed sister, Malon, Mara, Nara, and the many other women Edward has slept with.

In fact, with time as it's passed, there are women in Virilia who would still be pregnant by him and not yet popped.

But, don't worry.

This is simply how time is progressing right now with the Faire, which is meant to be a major event where every day is accounted for.

Once it is over, we will enter a period where time will pass a bit faster, like it did when people made decisions week-to-week. That is my intention.

97997 No.10652

I guess I never read that as "Edward specifically remembers a woman who died giving birth to his child" and just read it as a theoretical worry that he carries around. Either way, passing mention at best.

9656a No.10653

That might not be what he's remembering, exactly. At risk of saying too much: he is remembering a specific event.

At any rate, it established "this is a world where pregnancy complications exist," so I can't violate that. But I can be vague and keep it out of the reader's face.

At any rate, it's good to have expectations aligned, much like how we established no nonconsensual scenes would occur in the story.

f7600 No.10658

The idea of Tharja using a smartphone to record Edward putting yet another woman in the maternity ward strikes my sense of whimsy. Pity I don't have the skill to put the image to paper, really.

0dc15 No.10659

Since we're at the topic of how things are run in Impregnator Kings, may I ask how will the process of labor/childbirth be run? Like will we be able to certain women having longer labor/birth durations and others relatively shorter?

I really enjoy the content Aristo has been bringing for us all these years, and I hope those elements will be worth waiting for.

9656a No.10660

My plan is simple: when a woman goes into labor, Edward can either stay around to watch and assist, or leave and do something else. If people want to see the scene, I will gladly write it. As promised, there will be at least one "easy" and one "less than easy" scene.

Length isn't something I've thought about extensively but that could certainly be a factor. Feel free to write suggestions as to what you prefer. I always try to satisfy and find a balance.

f7600 No.10661

How knowledgeable would Edward be concerning labor? Because the part most people want to monitor/witness might only take an hour or so, but dilation can take up to a full day or more, especially for first-timers.

Plus there's afterbirth and recovery.

9656a No.10662

Earlier parts of the story would hint not very much. The midwife in Virilia hated him because he created so much work for her, and would not let him stay around during a birth.

b2ac7 No.10663


Where there be instances Edward would be helping one of his women unassisted/alone in certain scenarios?

9656a No.10664

I'm very happy to hear requests and know what people want and expect out of the story, but I'm thinking I should hold off on making more promises at this time. If only because, I admit, we are a bit far away from getting to these scenes in the story and I don't want to accidentally forget or omit anything that I committed to.

That said, do not worry. I'm prepared to write many a different variety of scene.

Thank you for the contribution, always, Maxi. Feel free to leave any other details if you like. In the end, this game is to appeal to you, and everyone reading. I must know what things to focus on to help the reader 'get off,' to put it plainly.

f3a36 No.10666


Appreciate it, Aristo! We should be thanking you for running this CYOA for so long and still running. The quality of writing and immersive interaction you've put into this is admirable.

Looking forward to greater things in the future.

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