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448bb No.6157

What triggered it? How did you respond to it? When did your interest turn from fascination to lust?

448bb No.6158

I wrote a thing for my Tumblr blog, so I'm just gonna copypaste it here.

When I was seven, I had an older cousin, a pretty twenty year old with freckles and auburn hair, who used to babysit me while my mother was at work. She was nice, and I enjoyed spending time with her; and besides, I thought she was very beautiful, and I just liked looking at her. I remember vividly the feeling of absolute fascination when she lifted up her shirt and pressed my tiny hand to her belly to feel the kicking inside. She was pregnant three times in the next five years, and our family thought it was so cute how curious I was, called me “precocious”. They never could have guessed about the root of my interest.

When I was eight, I found a hardcover book on my mother’s bookshelf, Woman’s Body by Dr. Miriam Stoppard. My mom didn’t like me to read it, kept hiding it around the house because she was afraid that I would find the section about sex, pages and pages of neutered, asexual diagrams of couples making love in different positions. She would have been more embarrassed had she known which sections I was really looking at. The edges of the pages about pregnancy and childbirth became soft and creased with over-use.

When I was ten and just teaching myself how to draw, a family friend bought me a notebook full of plain, coarse white paper for sketching. On my wall, I hung up bright, colorful pictures of unicorns, dolphins and Digimon, pictures of tortoises and koi fish created in my experimental phase of Chinese brush painting; but the contents of my notebook were entirely different. To me, since it had a cover on it, that meant it was like my secret journal, a diary in pictograph form. The pages were filled with drawings and comic strips of girls with big bellies, girls in short skirts, girls hiding secret pregnancies.

When I was twelve, I would stuff blankets under my nightshirt while I lay in bed, pretending that I was pregnant in my head while I stroked my lumpy baby, a grown-up version of a childhood game that little girls like to play. I didn’t know about masturbation yet, only knew that the tingling feeling between my legs when I imagined having a huge, round belly was… different. It wasn’t just fascination anymore. This feeling was new. I liked it.

When I was thirteen, I masturbated for the first time, to a sexual fantasy that involved my boyfriend (whom I hadn’t yet begun dating at the time). I was home sick from school with a bad cold when I suddenly realized that I could get off in my own head, and nobody would know what I was thinking. I spent the next two days at home laying on the couch with a fever, sniffling and coughing and eating soup and masturbating furiously to the thought of him fucking me on a beach at night, and giving me a baby. I found an unopened box with a brand new vibrator in my mother’s closet, and it mysteriously disappeared. She never put two and two together.

When I was fifteen, I sewed myself a fake belly and then took public transportation to a part of town where I knew that I wouldn’t have to accidentally run into any of my friends or classmates. I just wanted to know what it felt like, to be perceived by others as pregnant. It turned me on so much that I sometimes had to duck into the bathroom of a McDonald’s or a Tim Horton’s so that I could sit perched on the edge of the toilet seat with my hand in my panties, eyes squeezed tightly shut so that the hand rubbing my fake belly could pretend a little more easily.

When I was sixteen, I confessed to my boyfriend - who I’d been dating for two years at that point already - that I had a pregnancy fetish. And I’m so glad that I did, because I discovered that day that he has one, too. Many, many amazing conversations have sprung from this disclosure. We spent days examining my darkest, most intense sexual fantasy involving pregnancy over the phone, and I masturbated throughout. He told me that he wanted me to wear a fake belly while he fucked me, and it was music to my ears.

And so, by the time I was twenty, my little kink was fully fleshed out. I’d progressed to reading stories, looking at pictures, and watching videos online. I dabbled in writing and drawing myself, but I was always too afraid of being discovered, or of opening up about my most deep-seeded wishes and desires to others - even others with the same fetish. Every few months I’d become extremely ashamed of my fetish, and stop engaging it in entirely; but eventually, reluctantly, I’d swing back around to it in a moment of weakness, find myself scrolling mindlessly through DeviantArt or Pregchan or Google again trying to find the type of content that was erotic enough for me to fantasize about. I always went back to it in the end. And now I know that I probably always will.

And so that was how, just over a year ago, I came to create this blog (chubbyandfertile.tumble.com) at the age of twenty-five. I just wanted a place where I could feel free to express my desires, without fear of judgment, discovery, or reprisal - only a very, very select few of my friends know about this fetish (mostly just a couple of other open-minded online friends that I met in chat rooms). I’m so very glad that you guys are along for the ride with me, but if I’m being perfectly honest, this blog is absolutely just about me expressing my darkest fantasies.

a7932 No.6161

Since a very early age, around seven or eight, I was fascinated with lactation. I mean it was basically cumming with lady nipples. What's not to like? Of course back then I didn't know about cumming or sex yet. I was just super into the act of producing and excreting milk. The internet was still new back then when I was in middle school. I remember when E-hentai was still this really small site. I always enjoyed the doujins and mangas posted on the net with lactation, and it just so happen those titles also had pregnancy. Pregnancy grew on me as I keep seeing it over and over again. I wasn't as into as today until started reading birthing titles. Then I was hooked. I guess it's thanks to stuff like mr.151 tentacles that I am a full-blooded preggo lover today.

6abde No.6163

The earliest I can remember being aroused (without understanding that it was arousal) was when I was around five or six years old. From a fetish perspective, my entire K-12 school career was awesome, since at least one teacher somewhere in the school got pregnant every year. I regret that two of the teachers, whom I really wanted to see pregnant, conceived after I left the school.

6a84a No.6165

I was about 10 years old. I just got the DSi and connected it to the internet for the very first time. Prior to this, I would type in safari at school, 'how to' for certain projects and one result that was always there was "how to get pregnant." I think I opened the page once but immediately closed it. Back to the DSi, I downloaded the(extremely inefficient) internet browser and looked up whatever I liked. And, unsurprisingly, I looked up pictures of pregnant women and was mystified. I eventually got into sonic and found a fanfic titled "Tails' wasted time" and read all of it. I was enthralled by the idea of pregnancy, the good and bad of it. I eventually moved on from sonic and went to pokemon, looking up different pokemon pregnant. It was a glorious feeling. It just kinda spiraled from there and now here I am drawing pregnancy on a regular basis.

b623a No.6166

I was around 12 or 13. Somehow I stumbled across preggoporn.com or some other variation and the rest is history.

eede4 No.6180

I ended up with a less direct route down the preg path.

Growing in a conservative household, I didn't have anything beyond the bible and the rare Swimsuit Sports Illustrated when I was 13/14. But my dad did have a stash of fantasy books that by Piers Anthony. I read them for the fantasy adventure stuff, but they also included ecchi sort of situations at times, and sex was refereed to as 'summoning the stork'. There was never anything explicit, but there was enough to get me excited and try to get my vivid imagination to fill in the gaps (to no success really).

But when I was fifteen, I figured out something else that indicated that sex was/had happened. Near the beginning of a couple movies, 'Look Who's Talking' and 'Look Who's Talking Too', there is a scene of sperm whooping it up as they head down a soft pink tunnel until they find an egg and fertilize it.

These scenes would sit in my subconscious for a few years until I discovered Gaia Online (I know, I know, but it was all I knew how to work with). It was there I started my rping career (and looking back, man was I crap at it back then, but then weren't we all?). In my eagerness to pursue new and more exciting subjects, I found an open-minded gal (at least I hope she was), who was willing to try rping this with me.

It wasn't until sometime after I got my first laptop, that I pursued more material, though sadly my particular kink has proven hard to come by again and again.

I'm still bigger on impreg than pregnancy itself, but over the years the beauty of the round female form has rather grown on me (lame pun intended).

ac90f No.6182

(It's Yours!)
The world in the palm of your hand
(It's Yours!)
Twenty-three million of useful land
(It's Yours!)
>The seed and the black woman
(It's Yours!)
Double LP from Wu-Tang Clan
(It's Yours!)

72682 No.6187

My interest began after seeing a heavily pregnant teacher at my old school when I was 5.
Then, I started noticing pregnancy more among my aunts, teachers, and strangers.
I was really curious to how they had a baby grow inside them and wanted to see what their bare belly looked like. To me, it was like a third boob.

Then, when I was 11, and discovered fapping, I had a dream that my mother and my milf aunt where fully pregnant at the same time. Then another dream where my mother gave birth to an alien and it looked like the baby from Men in Black 1. My milf aunt got knocked up at this time.

A few months later, I would use my vhs drive to record pregnancy scenes from tv and movies. I also recorded scenes with busty women as well since it was my major fetish at the time.

Then a few weeks later, I find out that my mom was also pregnant. This would set both my mom and my aunt seven months pregnant. My mother also had excessive amniotic fluid, making her tummy bigger and more sore.
From then on I would spend lots of time rubbing and kissing her huge belly, yet she would not shown me her bare belly despite my curiosity.

One night, I snuck into her room while she was sleeping alone facing out of bed.
I lifted her shirt and saw that she had lots of stretch marks, veins, and a huge black woman's linea nigra(she's Mexican). And it was kicking.
It was like she was pregnant with an alien and it wanted to come out.

Being that it was both the first bare belly and the sexiest thing that I've ever seen, my pubertal sexual urges overtook, and ended up fapping while caressing her huge belly.

It was the most questionable thing that I've ever done and I have no sexual attraction to her whatsoever, but her belly not only sparked my fetish, but my favorite type(s):

Later on, I got a PSP and used it for porn and that's it.

bfe9a No.6188

Well, I've always been interested in pregnancy, for literally as long as I remember, even before I was old enough to really have any sexual attractions; as a wee lad, all I knew was that these strange ladies with the round tummies with babies in them were pretty, and fascinating. I'd say I first discovered it was a sexual thing when I was twelve years old; my dad and I had just gotten our first internet-enabled computer, and I was home alone. After googling a lot of pregnancy-related shit, I somehow wound up on good ol' pregnantobsession, and at first, I was scared. I wasn't supposed to be on these sort of sites! But soon, this fear gave way to something else… I realized that I really like what I was seeing, even more than when I saw regular naked women in R-rated movies. And the rest as they say, is history.

Also history are the awkward conversations that followed because I was a dumb little shit and didn't know how to erase my browsing history. But that, I think, is another story, for another day.

a4e8f No.6214

I must have seen a birth scene on TV. There were tons of medical shows on in the 90's. ER. Chicago Hope. I remember a particularly weird episode of Quantum Leap, even. I don't know what triggered it, but around that time I started to play differently with my baby doll under the covers in bed at night. I'd push her plastic baby doll head against my vulva as hard as I could underneath my underwear and pretend I was giving birth to a baby. I forgot all about it until I was in my late teens and putting away a medical book at the library. I flipped randomly though it and came across a medical illustration of childbirth. Before then I was disappointed at how I wasn't as horny and easily aroused as my teenage peers. But, one look and my pussy was wet and I was just aching and ended up in the library bathroom with a very confusing orgasm.

I forgot about it again until my mid twenties when I lived alone for the first time in a while. I stumbled across some doujinshi and then I knew it was no mistake. This was a thing.

I fantasize during sex sometimes. I never tell my boyfriend, but I imagine he's some noble king and I'm his concubine and he has to knock me up for the good of the kingdom. I imagine they make me give birth in front of the whole court to prove it's the royal babe.

Funny thing is, I still might never get pregnant or have children. And, outside of sex I have a horrible fear of it going wrong. I have a reoccurring nightmare of telling everyone I'm pregnant, then miscarrying and being called a liar. I dream that dry, black, sandy blood bleeds out of me. Not sexy at all. Get it together, subconcious!

2f5d4 No.6247

This is kinda dark, but I lost my virginity to a heavily pregnant babysitter when I was 8. She was 16, my parents knew her parents, hired her because with a kid on the way she wanted to make some money before the birth.

She was juust barely showing when she first started babysitting me. She was a weird girl, very beautiful but an outcast because of her behavior. Super sexual, wanted attention constantly. Honestly looking back on it she was probably abused herself. But I was fascinated by her being pregnant, and she'd talk about it constantly, have me rub her belly and stuff as she got bigger. She liked that I was so fascinated I guess, and also that I was completely inexperienced and young. Idk if she was like actually a pedophile or what.

But, well, anyway, at 8 months pregnant she was crazily hormonal and she took my virginity. I was confused during the whole thing, didn't really want to, but went along because she got mad when I started to pull away. She later apologized to me, but we did it again a couple more times before she gave birth. It was awkward and uncomfortable, definitely not a good way to lose my virginity lol.

But, well, it planted an obsession with sex and pregnancy into my head. I had my first consensual sex at 14 (and if people ask this is when I tell them I lost my v card) with a girl who had a slight pot belly and I mentally pretended she was pregnant. My high school was trashy, tons of girls got pregnant while single, and I made moves on all of them. Didn't succeed every time of course, but by the time I graduated I'd slept or hooked up with a few cute pregnant girls. Even had a pregnancy scare with a girlfriend, which was both terrifying and hot.

In college there are virtually no pregnant girls, unfortunately. Well, it's for the best, only bad for me. I flirted with a 6 months pregnant girl, but she had a boyfriend.

So anyway, yeah. Even though it was abusive and mentally scarring, she gave me a lifelong fetish from it, trying to recreate and control those memories.

e96bb No.6251

I was five when I realized my fetish, having dreams of a woman growing comedicaly pregnant at a rapid pace and finding myself drawn to the film LOOK WHO'S TALKING with Kirstie Alley's pregnant tummy. I remember those dreams without understanding why I had them until I realized that my mother was pregnant with my brother while I was at a young age.
I don't remember her pregnancy but I surely elieve that those dreams and her pregnancy supplanted the fetish deep into the coils of my brain…

e96bb No.6252

Sorry I typed this from a phone

30654 No.6292

I think I started liking pregnant woman when I was about 6 years old when my mom was pregnant with my little brother. I get very shy around pregnant woman which sucks.

14596 No.6293

My (non-sexual) interest in pregnancy began when I was a kid; there was always this smell around pregnant women that drew my attention to them.

My sexual interest started after I got the Sims 3 my freshman year of highschool. It started innocently enough, just making my sims paint pictures of their pregnant bellies but eventually escalated to looking up pictures of pregnant women and finally looking up pregnant porn (this is the point where I started masturbating).

6a20a No.6295

When I was around 13, I "accidentally" came across the Pregnant category in a porn site. I tried to get out because at the time, I thought porn was bad. However, I came across this gallery that featured an amateur modeling taking off her clothes, and I got really horny. As the model got naked and showed her big pregnant belly, I slowly began to feel more aroused. The bigger breast size, the milky tits, and the popping out belly button is what brought my fascination. Ever since that day, I found women undergoing pregnancy sexy.

7b263 No.6311

around 12 years old but honestly i remember being first interested in it when i was told about the fucking virgin mary

b8b33 No.7040

I was about seven and I was reading one of my dad's old Fantastic 4 comics. Sue Storm was pregnant and giving birth and her body really enticed me at the time. I'd always been fascinated by pregnancy, but that was the first time I specifically remember being turned on by the idea of pregnancy and childbirth.

Because we didn't have internet for a while, I had to create my own fantasies about my classmates and favorite cartoon characters becoming pregnant and giving birth. I even catalogued my fantasies for a while in a notebook.

e4e0e No.7041

I was young. Probably 8. A girl I really liked (same age) stuffed a jumper up her shirt and we played family.
That was the first time I kinda felt some kind of fascination.

Fast forward a year and a girl in P.E (gym for you Americans) was doing stretches and her shirt rode up and thats when I was like "whoa i like bellies I guess"

From there, I just took out science books from the library, and looked at the childbirth section.
I, uh, did that a lot.

When I was 14 I finally actually confessed it to my girlfriend at the time, and she was like "I dont wanna be pregnant, but I don't mind showing you my belly any time you want!"
And that was cool.
That's the first time I ever got to see/feel a belly close up. She did, on my 15th birthday, wear a fake belly.
We broke up, like, a few months later.

Speeding up to 16, a girl I fancied (2 years older than me) and I got drunk. She asked about what I was into and I said something along the lines of "I like pregnant bellies" and she was like "Oh, that's my thing too".
We dated for 7 years. Broke up a few months back.
Needless to say, literally all of our fantasies were fleshed out and I know by the age of 17 I just KNEW this wasn't just some fascination - this was full-blown LUST.

So yah, that's practically it.
Unfortunately, years of having my fantasies fulfilled has left me thirsty to the point where I am dying of "dehydration" :^)

baed6 No.7043

We use the term "P.E." in the States as well; we just use it interchangeably with "gym." (You were quite lucky to meet ladies like that, by the way).

86682 No.7046

This guy has such a cool story lol

c553e No.7052


It's not because of your older cousin, either this is genetic or chemical (pheramones), but having a positive encounter with pregnant women can set you up - you learn pregnancy is wonderful, beautiful and how did she get there is sexy.

c553e No.7053

I never saw my mother pregnant at all, my brother was born 14 mos. after me.

Seeing a teacher who was pregnant at age 8 or 9 is what started my own fetish or attraction.

And learning about sex when I'm in middle school only helped expand my fetish, LOL.

8270a No.7059

the same thing happened with me

a9758 No.7070

If I had to pick an exact point, it would be when I saw a woman giving birth on some TV show when I was eight. I barely remember anything about the actual show, but I remember clearly the effect it had on me. I was always pretty icked out by pregnancy, but this was absolutely mortifying because of how horribly she was screaming, and I guess my mother noticed at some point and tried then to put things in perspective, explaining where babies came from, that I was perfectly capable of having a baby one day too and how it was the most wonderful thing on earth. Instead of calming me, this totally drove the horror home for me. That was going to happen to me?! I went to bed that night scared out of my mind and had plenty of nightmares in the months after.

Anyway, I feel like that fiasco was the tipping point. Over the next few years, my phobia slowly turned into a weird phobia-fetish hybrid on its own. Maybe it was a coping mechanism? I don't really know, but all my personal fantasies were of the darker kind and still are, and I pretty much learned to accept it. Nobody IRL knows about my kink, but I did make the mistake of telling an online friend who immediately tried to badger me into liking more vanilla things. It was just…awful.

Soooo yeah. I'm very tokophobic, disgusted by babies, and also turned on by this stuff at the same time. Since I don't think I'll ever willingly get pregnant, I'm more than content with fictional junk.

abb16 No.7071

My mom is a midwife since I was still a toddler. She has so many books about pregnancy & other stuffs. She taught me while I was reading them, from fertilization, gestation, labor. Sadly she never let me see the real labor, so I was trying to find it myself when I was elementary. Well, thats what made me deeper into this…

4c7f8 No.7075

I'm male. I've only ever been interested in other people in that condition. Some weird guys seem to fantasize about themselves that way. I just cannot relate to them. I like it on other people.

but, I'm also in my early 30s. I was a child when Look Who's Talking 1 came out, and I became utterly fascinated with the entire phenomenon. The entire process became a thing of great curiosity to me, but the interest was always there, even before that.

I swear I'm a little more 'feral' than other people. Supposedly humans have a vestigal organ in our noses/brains that we used to use to interpret pheromones. I swear that thing functions with me, because I've been able to tell a lot about people by the way they smell. I do not make a habit of smelling people or whatever, mind you, but I swear I can smell intimate changes on people. How stressed they've been, how well rested they are, how sad or happy they've been… and if pregnant.

Women smell precious and wonderful. Not because of perfumes, shampoos or lip gloss, but just their skin and hair. Pregnant women, immensely moreso. Trying to describe what it does to my body and feelings is like trying to explain colors to the blind, but at times I almost feel like an idle drone if they need something done for them. It's incredibly bizarre to experience. I kind of want to get my vomeronasal region examined and see if perhaps it's functioning in me for some reason, or if it's all in my head.

It's just something I've always done. Even as a kid I was the 'little helper' whenever one walked by, or babysat me, or was a family friend growing her own family.

It's very primal. I've always wanted to either work full time with them as an occupation, or be one of those dads with dozens of kids. But I also have strong feelings against using a profession to creep on women and am too concerned about first/second cousin incestual relationships, polygamy and accidental inbreeding to ever pursue rampantly knocking women up.

e2e4d No.7120

One of the memorable books I had growing up was How Your Body Works. Most of the book caught my attention by drawing various parts of the body like a machine.

One part that stood out that was drawn normally with people, was the part showing a woman during pregnancy, leading up to labour and birth. That part stuck with me.

I also vaguely remember seeing briefly on TV and scene where a pregnant woman is in labour at home, and her only help is an older person who is about to phone for help, but suddenly faints, leaving the pregnant in labour on her own. I have no idea what TV programme it was, but that one scene is the earliest memory of seeing a pregnant woman in labour in media.

a65c2 No.7121

i remember that I had this weird fascination for babies and the first legit exposure was to the documentary "In the Womb". It was the edited version, but it was still great. Then I, in my dumb early years of liking pregnancy, just search pregnancy on google and looked at the images until iike page 40+. Looking back, I was an absolute madman since I searched them IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS. They were oblivious about it though and I hope it stays that way. I was still alien to the fetish concept since I just thought that I like it. Around that time I had the dream profession of OB/GYN, but that soon faded away as I realized I suck at Biology T_T

Of course, once I got older (2nd/3rd year High School) and have my own computer, I began going deeper. This was probably the time I began the interest in birth too. I remember searching YT for birth videos and googlevids. To satisfy my need of birth pictures, I remember going to bookstores and ripped the plastic of pregnancy book just to read it.

Once I studied abroad in US (4 years ago). I started finding stuff like this site and even began tumblr account since I noticed that there's quite a lot of preg/birth post there. My fetishism grow and adapted to more about the aspects of birth (though pregnancy still turns me on).

Then there was a time of drought of content where there's so many repost and uninteresting pics/vids about preg/birth, so I began writing about one. It grew until I had 24 stories in my DA gallery. This was 2015. Shortly after I found the concept of RP which was fun since I can interact with people with similar taste.

On a side note, I had began not enjoying coming here tbh, mostly because of how crazy the community's "drive" can be. Alien/Animal/Furry/Tentacles/Insects/futa/pedo preg and birth is for me, already crossing the line. There was a second line, which is "preggify" characters that I know and/or love that triggers me the most. For me, making them pregnant ruined the character for me, but that's just me.

There. That's my story.

e84f8 No.7144

between the beginning of 6th grade and the end of 8th, every single one of the female teachers I found attractive got pregnant. Of course, they all got pregnant right before the school year started, in an attempt to pop just before next year's summer break. It's 3 months of extra maternity leave if you hit that bullseye. Thusly, They were massively pregnant for the entire spring semester.

watching a woman you subconsiously want to fuck swell up until she's clearly incapable of moving well, all while constantly stroking her body, Sometimes affectionately, sometimes with submissive impatience. Leaves an impression on a kid.

Have two or three more women do the exact same thing and you've got a fetish.

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