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33e3d No.6245

I wrote this One Piece fan fic a while ago and had nowhere to post it. Enjoy! It's set in the Saboady arc just after the timeskip when everyone's meeting up again.

Usopp walked the streets of Saboady, a grin stretching from ear to ear. It had been two long years, but he was finally back, ready to meet his friends. He stroked his chin with one hand, admiring the thin beard he had grown, while his other hand squeezed the long staff-like weapon it carried. Yes, his friends were in for some surprises. In their long, grueling time apart he had transformed. He was not a boy anymore, but a man, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest of his crew and strike down their enemies. It would be a shocking development for them, he knew, but one they would have to deal with.
… just as soon as he could find them.
He scanned the streets for some sign of the other pirates. People thronged the streets, moving between buildings and the towering moss covered tree roots that rose up past ground level. The crowds were a mix of humans, fishmen, even minks. Some had the unmistakeable look of pirates about them, but none were quite as bombastic as his crewmembers. As he watched, a patrol of men in crisp white uniforms moved through, rifles knocked against their shoulders. Marines.
Usopp turned down an alleyway, dipping his head. Not that he couldn’t handle a little attention from the marines, not now after all his training, but there was no reason to pick a fight he could avoid. He followed the alleyway round a corner, out of sight of the marines, and into the backwash of a pub. Voices leaked out from inside, rippling in laughter and conversation. Familiar voices.
“Nami! Robin!”
Usopp all but jumped on the spot. He jumped to the tavern door and reached for the knob. His hand froze. This was their first meeting after two years. In other words, it was as if they were meeting for the first time all over again. They knew the old him, Usopp the coward, Usopp the weakling. It was time to set a new impression upon them. He straightened up, leaned his kabuto over his shoulder and set a cool, aloof expression on his face. He had to stop himself from chuckling. They might not even recognise him at first now! He couldn’t wait to see their faces when they realised he had changed. He opened the door and strolled inside.
Then he froze.
Nami and Robin were there alright, leaning against the bar, chatting together just like old times. Only not like old times. They had changed. There were little changes: Nami’s ginger hair was now a long, flowing cascade over her shoulders; Robin’s hair was slicked back behind a pair of sunglasses; they had both changed their clothes. These changes Usopp did not notice.
His eyes were filled with his friends’ bodies. It seemed that they had spent all of their time apart… growing. Growing bigger and bigger, until their bodies boggled the mind. They hadn’t grown an inch taller, but they must have quadrupled in weight. Each sported a vast pink belly, projecting out feet in front of them. Robin was perched on a bar stool, while her belly spread across two more in front of her. Nami leant back against the bar, one elbow hooked over the rail, her belly stretching out into the room. Even without their ludicrous stomachs their bodies would have been something to behold. Each woman now possessed titanic cannonball sized breasts resting atop their stomachs. Nami’s strained against an inadequate bikini, while Robin’s were barely obscured by her unzipped jacket. Likewise, Nami’s jeans were fighting a losing battle against a boat sized backside, while Robin’s sarong failed to hide the fact that her butt was overhanging the barstool she sat upon. All in all they were… huge.
Seconds passed while Usopp stood motionless in the doorway. The girls were wrapped up in some conversation, talking and laughing to one another. Nami reached out and began to rub the apex of Robin’s belly with one hand, while Robin stroked its sides with her own. Usopp felt the moments stretch out as he watched them act as if everything was perfectly normal. Then Nami spotted him.
“Usopp-kun!” she said, eyes glittering. She launched herself off the bar and ran towards him with surprising speed, arms spread to embrace him.
Usopp’s mouth reacted before his brain.
“You got fat.”
In an instant, Nami’s smiling face transformed, lips peeled back around shark teeth, eyes glaring. She reached him and punched him in the back of the head.
“I’m not fat,” she said. “I’m pregnant.”
Usopp’s brain caught up, but it didn’t do a much better job.
“You’re pregnant?!” he shouted, eyes bulging out of their sockets. He jumped back, pointing with one trembling finger at his friend’s colossal belly. His mind raced. Nami, pregnant! But this wasn’t just pregnant, this was something more, much, much more. There was only one explanation. “N-nami, did you have sex with a giant?!”
She punched him again.
Once he had recovered, rubbing at the big purple blotch around his eye, Nami cleared her throat.
“I ate the Mama Mama Fruit and became a Mama,” she said. She grinned and placed both hands on the side of her preponderous belly, as if presenting it.
Usopp scratched his head, careful to avoid the colony of bruises forming there. “Oh… A Devil Fruit power, I see… But what the hell kind of Devil Fruit is this?? One that makes you pregnant?”
Nami’s hands moved to her hips and she huffed. “Oh please,” she said. “It’s hardly the strangest Devil Fruit I’ve ever heard of.”
“Well, that’s…” True? Maybe. He shook his head. “But why would you eat one that made you look like this?!”
Nami shrugged, sending waves of motion through her chest. “It’s a long story, but it was an accident.”
Usopp shuddered, imagining her biting down into a Devil Fruit and suddenly bloating out like this. He couldn’t stop staring at his friend’s bizarre new body. He circled around her, poking and prodding at her belly. It was very warm, and very soft to the touch. And very big. Every time he looked at her from another angle he found himself shocked again by her sheer size. Even from behind, her belly spread out a foot to either side of her, inescapable. If she wasn’t giving birth to a giant then… He fished in his pocket and pulled out a measuring tape. He circled around Nami, looping it around her lengthways, then over the apex of her belly.
“Ahem,” she said. “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”
“Taking measurements,” Usopp said.
“I can see that,” Nami said. “Why?”
“How much do you weigh?”
Nami’s face flushed. “None of your business!”
“About two thousand pounds,” Robin said, from her perch. “Roughly.”
Nami’s blush turned crimson. “Robin!”
“There’s no hiding it,” Robin said with a smile.
“It’s all baby weight,” Nami said, folding her arms around her chest which, if she was to be believed, did not weigh ten pounds in each breast.
Usopp leaned back, scratching his beard. “Assuming an average birth weight of… and a body fat increase of seventeenpercent…” he reached a conclusion and nodded. “You must be carrying twenty eight kids in there!”
“Thirty,” Nami said, a smug smile on her face.
“Thirty?!” Usopp said. “Thirty babies?!”
“As of last month,” Nami said, stretching her arms over her head. “I thought twenty nine was going to be my limit but I pushed myself the extra mile to make it a full platoon.”
Usopp frowned. “Oi, oi,” he said. “What do you mean. You can’t put more in after the fact.”
“Normally,” Nami said. “Maybe. But I’ve eaten the Mama Mama Fruit. This is my power.” She patted her belly. “I didn’t start out this big. I had to work for it.”
“You had to work to get fat?”
Nami hooked her thumb through his mouth and stretched his cheek out. “It’s not fat. Got it?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“And yes,” she said. “I had to work at it. After I ate the fruit I only had a small, regular belly. One baby. At first I thought it was just going to get in the way, but then I saw how useful it could be. If I trained with it I could push myself further. Get bigger. Do more. I knew everyone else was working as hard as they could for two years, so I had to do my part.”
Usopp imagined her ‘doing her part’, splayed out on a bed somewhere shovelling chocolates and oranges into her mouth.
“Yeah,” he said. “I’m sure you worked hard.”
Nami’s eyes flared, but before she could respond there was a shout from outside. Boots hammered the ground. “It’s the Strawhats! Inside!” someone barked. Nami, Usopp and Robin all exchanged looks. The marines. A second later the door to the pub burst open and they poured in, rifles drawn. The other patrons dove for cover, hugging shadows and hiding under tables.
Usopp grinned and rubbed his nose. Nami had given him quite the shock, but now it was his turn to shock her. He’d take care of these marines no problem.
“Don’t worry Nami,” he said. “I’ll protect you.”
Nami laughed. “Protect me? I don’t need your help.”
She turned to face the marines and planted both hands on the side of her belly.
“Baby Boom!” she shouted.
Then, to Usopp’s bewilderment, Nami squeezed her belly with both hands. It stretched out in front, as if it were a balloon, and a bubble welled up on top of her belly button. It swelled until it was big as her head, then popped off, into the air. She went on squeezing, and more bubbles flooded out. Usopp saw with growing amazement that with every bubble that left her, her stomach shrank. It halved in size, still far beyond any ordinary human pregnancy, and left a dozen bubbles floating in the air. The whole display had taken seconds, and the marines had no chance to react. Then the bubbles popped.
Suddenly, the room was full of young women, all with the same ginger hair as Nami, all carrying swords, poles and other weapons. Usopp gaped in surprise. The marines did likewise, but the squadron of young women were staring them down. They fell upon them.
“How do you like my cute children?”
Usopp turned. Nami was grinning at him. He looked from her reduced belly to the female soldiers that had appeared from nowhere. The resemblance was undeniable. They had to be Nami’s daughters, but teenaged and ready to fight. As he watched, the marines rallied. One of them managed to get his rifle up as one of the girls charged him. He fired. Usopp heard a soap bubble pop. The girl vanished. Beside him, Nami winced and reached down to rub her belly. It bulged out, growing back to regain some of its lost size.
“Looks like she’s back on the bench,” Nami said. “Come on, we should get out of here while they keep them busy.”
Usopp was too dazed to argue. They made for the back door, Robin slipping from her chair, blossoming supporting hands from the bartop to ease her movement. They ran out, into the alleyway.
“There they are!”
More marines pressed in from the far end of the alleyway.
“Baby Boom!” Nami said again. She repeated her display, now shrinking her stomach even further. When she was done, she had no more than a shallow bump. The fresh flurry of bubbles popped, and more young women appeared, ready to fight. This time Usopp noticed more variance between them; some of the girls were shorter, younger, maybe as little as twelve, while others looked almost as old as Nami herself, and everything inbetween.
“Slow them down girls!” Nami said.
“Yes, Mama!” the girl shouted together. They rushed to engage the marines while the trio limped to safety at the alley’s near exit.
Usopp glanced at Nami. Without her belly she looked practically normal again. Well, okay, without her belly she looked like a distorted hourglass, vast breasts hanging around her belly button, waist flaring out into her butt and hips. But at least, he thought, she could run. He turned to Robin, still as pregnant as ever.
“Can you run?” Usopp asked.
Robin winked and crossed her arms over her chest. Flower petals flourished around her, and then a half dozen pairs of legs grew out from under her belly to support it.
“I can run,” she said.
Usopp shuddered. Something just looked weird about Robin’s caterpillar belly, but he wasn’t going to complain.
“Great,” he said. “Let’s get out of here.”
They sprinted away down the Saboady backstreets. The buildings blurred around them, bleeding into Usopp’s memory. All he could think about was the ability Nami had just revealed.
“That was amazing,” he said. “How did you do that?”
Nami smiled, although the expression was pained. Usopp had thought that without her belly running would be no problem, but now he saw his mistake. Nami’s vast breasts bounded up and down as she moved, bikini slipping and shifting with each step. He could hear the slapping sound they made every time they crashed down against her lower body. Nami endured, pausing to pat her neat bump with one hand. “I can let them out,” she said. “But only for a while. I can make them older, but it means they won’t last as long before coming back.”
“I see, I see,” Usopp said. He thought back, re-evaluating her other comments. Now they made a lot more sense. Fitting more babies in meant more soldiers at her disposal. Thirty seemed like a ridiculous number of children to carry, but it made a decent sized army to have at her disposal. Still he had to wonder.
“How do they get the weapons and the clothes?” he asked.
She glared at him. “Not the time, Usopp! Ah!”
Nami staggered to a halt, doubled over so that her breasts overhung her hips. Usopp couldn’t see what was wrong at first until, with a grunt, she jerked back, hands on the small of her back. Her belly grew before his eyes. It swelled out, lifting her heaving breasts, regrowing to a singleton full term. It quivered to a stop, belly button popping from innie to outie at the last moment. For now her breasts and belly were the same size, three grand pink spheres growing out of her body. Beads of sweat ran over her exposed skin. Nami moved one hand from her back to her belly, stroking it.
“They’re getting beaten,” she said. She took a few waddling steps forward before another growth spurt struck. Her stomach outgrew her breasts, stretching out in front.
“Can’t you just let them out again?” Usopp asked.
Nami shook her head. “They need time to rest. They- ah!”
Another growth spurt struck. At the same moment Usopp heard an explosion far behind them, and a crash of falling rubble. Looking at Nami’s rapidly swelling belly, it was easy to see what had happened. The marines had brought out the big guns and were dropping her children like flies. He remembered the titanic cyborg that they had squared off against two years ago. If the marines had brought another one to bear against them now, Nami’s girls didn’t stand a chance. Neither did he.
Nami’s belly had already regained half its lost size, and showed no signs of stopping. Her shoulders tilted further and further back, trying to counterbalance its weight, but her waddle was getting slower and slower. They had no chance of outrunning the enemy now.
“Nami, Usopp,” Robin said. She had her eyes closed and her arms crossed over her chest. Usopp only had to glance around to see arms sprouted from the rooftops with eyes opening out of their palms. Robin was searching for a safe hiding place. “This way,” she said.
She lead them round a corner into another alleyway. It terminated where two buildings backed into one another, leaving a narrow gap inbetween.
“Through here,” Robin said. “There’s a space on the other side where we can hide.”
“Are you kidding?!” Usopp said. “There’s no way you two can fit in there.”
Nami grabbed his cheek again. “Who’re you calling fat?”
“We’ll fit,” Robin said. “Just. Quickly.”
She stepped up to the gap, gingerly steering her belly into the space. Her extra legs vanished, and in front of her arms bloomed from the walls, ready to receive her belly and carry it through. She eased herself inside, the sides of her belly scraping the brick walls. She groaned but didn’t stop, disappearing inside.
Usopp whistled. “Well I’ll be,” he said. “Okay, Nami, you go next. Quickly.”
Nami hesitated next to the gap. “Ah… uh…” She pressed her belly up against it. Usopp’s jaw dropped.
“Did you get bigger than before?!”
He didn’t want to believe his eyes, but there it was. Nami had grown right back up to her previous size and then kept going. While she had been the same size as Robin before, she now had an extra half a foot of belly stretching out in every direction. She’d have trouble making it through doorways, let alone the gap between the walls.
“I had a couple of girls outside as guards,” Nami said. “Before you came in. They must have been caught.”
Usopp heard the distant thunder of boots. The marines had finished with Nami’s platoon and were chasing them again.
“Dammit,” he said. “Well try to squeeze through.”
Nami pressed herself up against the gap, but her belly smooshed up against the walls. Usopp Pressed his shoulder against her back, trying to shover her through.
“Hey! Hey! No! It’s too tight!”
“This way!” someone shouted from around the corner.
Usopp cursed. He grasped his kabuto and dug through his bag for ammunition. It looked like he would have to fight after all. Maybe he could hold them off until Luffy and the others arrived. He pulled out a pellet for his slingshot. For a split second he froze, staring at what he had drawn.
“This is it!” he said, spinning and pointing his kabuto at Nami.
“Ehh? Usopp, what are you-”
He pulled back and fired. The pellet hit Nami’s belly and burst into a cascade of clear, slippery oil. It splashed across the walls and ground and spread across her skin, making it gleam. Then he threw himself against her back, pushing hard. Nami groaned, and then slid through with a pop. Usopp dove in after her, just as the marines marched around the corner behind them. The strawhats held their breaths and pulled as far back as they could from the gap in the wall.
“Where’d they go?”
“Through there!”
“No way. Did you see those women? There’s no way they could fit through there, they’re way too fat.”
Nami’s knuckles cracked next to Usopp’s head.
“Did you hear that?”
“No. Come on, they must have gone this way. We need to find them or the Admiral will have our heads!”
The boots marched away. The strawhats gave a sigh of relief. Usopp took stock of the situation. The gap opened up into a narrow square space, some sort of light well for the buildings on either side. Nami and Robin were pressed up against opposite walls, their bellies colliding in the middle. He was squeezed into the space between, pinned by their stomachs, his head currently, and through no fault of his own, buried between Robin’s breasts.
“Sorry!” he said, pulling back.
Robin said nothing. Her eyes were closed again, and Usopp guessed she was surveilling the area.
“They’re patrolling,” she said. “We’ll have to hide here until things calm down.”
“My girls need a chance to rest anyway,” Nami said, sighing and rubbing the sides of her belly. “Usopp-kun, be a dear and rub under my belly button? I can’t reach that far.”
“Mine too,” Robin said, flashing him an affectionate smile.
“Yeah, yeah,” Usopp said, reaching round to rub both women at once. They each gave a satisfied sigh. He looked at himself, pinned between their two vast pregnancies, rubbing their stomachs. This wasn’t exactly the cool image he wanted to cut. Then again his first impression of Nami had changed pretty drastically too. He turned to face Robin, realising that he hadn’t stopped to get the story on her outrageous belly yet.
“So,” he asked. “Robin. What happened to you? Is this a new ability for your devil fruit? Or some kind of special training? Maybe Nami used her powers on you and…”
“No,” Robin said.
She smiled back.
“I had sex with a giant and got pregnant.”
“Oh,” Usopp said. “Okay then.”

aef77 No.6255

Well, for what it's worth, I liked it.

b8f80 No.6267

Literally not the worst fanfic I've ever read award. yay.

99406 No.6268

Fairly good story really.

a94e3 No.6269

Interesting idea. I rather like how you made the fruit actually quite effective despite the pregnancy theme :p Though Nico's final words are what made me smile most :D

91c3d No.6276

The last scene with the alleyway really made this for me. I love when the belly is put into a squeeze and this kind of content is almost non-existent.

edb00 No.6284

I only had time to skim through it, but I love it. Love the concept, love the thought put into the power (it's super cool), and I love the ending with Robin.

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