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ab066 No.6254

I've seen usage kind of drop off, and there was a lot of work put into it so that artists could have an actual, scientifically derived reference for "how pregnant" someone should be based on how many children they are having and how far along they are.

So yeah, just reminding everyone that this is a thing and that you should share with other artist friends.

(Assuming they didn't save a copy for themselves. I've even added some detail notes recently)

a33f2 No.6259

Interesting, was hoping it had the Fundal height as well as a calculator for waist circumference. All I can find is anecdotal evidence from different chat forums.

I found and bunch of women sayding their Fundal height with twins was on average 10 cm ahead then with singletons, but nothing about other multiples.

Also, if Tess starts out at 38-30-38 what would those look like at 40 weeks with twins? A ballpart figure would at least be nice.

I'm working on a small game and trying to figure out a simple way to display body stats.

ac57c No.6265

Research suggests that Fundal Height is unreliable, though it is a useful means of -detecting- the presence of multiples. This "rule of thumb" came about before ultrasound was a thing, so I doubt there's been much further study beyond that.
Also, as the calculator can't estimate weight gain from fat, it's difficult to say what the measurements end up becoming.
But for the sake of speculating, pregnant women do put on a few protective pounds…
It's generally agreed that pregnant women also go "up a cup" or two on average, but I'm not 100% on how that affects band size and/or bust measure. The butt size would increase somewhat proportionately with it though.
The waist measure was a particular problem we considered too. "How much percentage of her belly circumference is added to the waist measure, and what percent of the waist measure is overlapped by Tess's growing belly?"
Taken to infinity, the arc of the belly sphere cuts directly through the middle of her waist; a distance of 13.66", with the rest of her waist being 15". (1.66" is thus an upper bound)
Realistically though, a full term belly only cuts through maybe a foot of the full 30" around, leaving 18" normal, so you would add 6" to the belly circumference to get the measure.
There would have to be some sort of waist measure-influence function, tapering off as her belly circumference dominates the overall numbers. Think you could make that work?

ac57c No.6266

Whoops, I meant 1.33" as an upper bound. Bad math.

a33f2 No.6270

Fundal height is still used a fair bit and would be useful in the context of a story.

As for the issue of Bust Waist Hips measurements, they provide a much better representation of size when you do not have visuals.

In my case, a simple character stat screen is all I have to convey the size of the character.

I hate it when authors resort to fruit or sporting equipment. And given the clinical nature of the game I'm developing, having a doctor tell the player character that they are beach ball sized would be kind of crazy.

I just figured having those extra bits of calculations would be helpful to literary artists more that visual artists.

de934 No.6271

I can give some anecdotal input on bra and bust size changes. My pre pregnancy starting stats were 5'4" and 97lbs. I wore, on average, a 36B. First full gestation put on 50lbs. Went up a cup size, band size didn't change. Dropped back to 120lbs, +/- 5 pounds, and my cup size returned to a B. 5 years later, starting at 135ish, another baby. Another 40 pounds. Again an increase in cup size, no real increase in band size. Lost all the weight, kept wearing the same bras. Amongst the next few pregnancies and lactation and everything… I'm now at around 160lbs, give or take 5 on any given day. My bra size is 36/38 b/c depending on bra make and model, so to speak. My highest weight was 190lbs, right before delivering my daughter in August. Flat out, I expect my hip spread to be a permanent change, even after losing the "baby weight" and getting back down to something that doesn't aggravate my hip injury. The band size will probably drop into a solid 36, and the cup size will probably also stabilize into a B. I don't feel like my ribcage was permanently affected, but I've seen it in other women, especially after multiples. Not much change to cup size for them though, afterward.

Fundal height ran pretty true to rule during my pregnancies, with some jumps of growth here and there.

a33f2 No.6279

With the bust size thing it's fairly simple since most women only gain a cup size or two.
My GF actually went from a B to a C, then up to an E when her milk came in, then back down to a C when our twins stopped nursing. The next pregnancy she only went up the average cup size then back down to the C cup again.
I wish I could remember what the fundal height was, but I can not, I just remember her being all belly.
Any way I've been playing around with some numbers and I think I found a simple formula to get what I want, and it at least seems to be accurate with the anecdotal evidence I can find on single and twin sizes.
It's in java script so I hope it posts it with out breaking it, but you can hit Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome to test it out with the values. Just Copy+Paste to the console, edit the variables and hit enter.

var babyNum = 2;
var pregWeek = 37;
var waistBase = 26;
var pregSize = Math.floor(( 0.75 + babyNum / 2 ) * (pregWeek / 1.25));
"Fundal Height: " + pregSize + " cm, Waist Size: " + Math.floor( pregSize / 2.54 + waistBase) + " inches";

Variables are fairly basic, and it does not account for the +/- 2 cm to fungal height, but it seems to give me results that are within an inch or two range of what I could find from women reporting their waist circumference during their pregnancy. Sadly my data is limited, as you can imagine not all women go around sharing their measurements online.

56fb7 No.6286

A pity it doesn't calculate weight gain

51ef7 No.6287

I remember, back in the day, there was a calculator that would do a small story, depending on your inputted criteria (As well as other, silly stuff)

0e288 No.6288

Is this what you were talking about?

ac57c No.6289

Yeah, turns out it's not the most accurate thing in the world for modelling realistic sizes. Go figure.

That is *exceptionally* informative! Permanent hip spread was kind of a given, but the weight fluctuation was more surprising. I'm guessing it would be safe to say you started 'underweight' the first time, which contributed to the higher gain? And was that first one overly big or overdue?

With TheGirlfriend's input now, I might be able to program something… but I'd again only be speculating for 'Tess'. For any person/character higher or lower than the "generic average" weight set for her, there's an inversely proportionate modifier…. and those SUCK.

51ef7 No.6290

It wasn't quite that one, the one I saw had alien stuff in it.

de934 No.6296

No, she wasn't terribly late, maybe a week or so, and rather tiny. 6 pounds, 6 ounces. My boys and my youngest girl all rang in between 8/2 and 8/8 and were 2 days over due for the boys (all three of them) and 11 days extra for the baby girl, who was NOT the heaviest, like you might expect.

Yes I started out underweight for my first. Gained pretty much exactly 50 pounds. I've put on an average of 40 each subsequent time, give or take a few. The post partum loss seems to be exactly 30 pounds in 3 to 4 months. After that…. its been a wild variance. I've breastfed all three boys and I'm still nursing the baby (she's 4 months). My band size is still stable, but my poor breasts can be pretty confused. At any given time either of them can range from my usual B cup to a solid D, and will not be the same size. And I do mean solid. They feel noticeably firmer when a baby doesn't eat well. It's sort of painful. But that firmness can also alter their shape slightly. An "empty" breast is… wel… floppier. The top sort of flattens out a little. A full breast is, as expected, rounder and plumper. Having breastfed throughout a full pregnancy, I can also tell you these changes occur concurrently with the growing belly. Around week 25 or so (for me) the milk switches to colostrum. If I'm not lactating while pregnant, colostrum production begins around then. Usually only a couple of drops if I look for them in my bra. In case the info is relevant.

Somewhere there is a breakdown on what weight gain goes where. If the average gain is 35 pounds… like 8 is a baby, a pound or two for placenta, a couple of pounds for fluids, a pound for boobs, etc. It was nifty.

ac57c No.6315

Well that was upsetting, somebody managed t break it for a bit. I thought I protected those ranges. :/

Either way, it has since been reverted to how it was on January 3rd.

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