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c1572 No.6412

My Girlfriend and I have been together for nearly a year and the topic came up yesterday about "sexual tastes". To be honest I was unsure how to answer, I mentioned some minor favourites but avoided my main one.

Nothing gets me more excited better then pregnant women, everything about it to the belly, expansion of both the belly and breasts, lactation, even contractions.

But unfortunately it's a very limited fetish that can only really be satisfied through porn, there's nothing she can do (short of the obvious, which isn't an option) to bring that fetish to the bedroom. Fake belly maybe but I feel that would be weird.

So I would to hear how some of you told your partners about your fetish and what advice you can give me?

60993 No.6413

Dude, She asked, you should have just been honest. Tell her, and admit you are kind of embarrassed by it, so you hesitated to tell her when she asked.

1d42c No.6414

i told my girlfriend about it and it was really hard.
Some things that are important:

- Stress that it is just a fantasy/taste and has nothing to do how much you love/care for her or how she satisfies you sexually.

- You said that it's very limited and can only be satisfied through porn, DON'T EVER SAY THAT TO HER, unless you want her to feel like shit.
Tell her what you enjoy that she CAN do for you, like talking about it, telling you to imagine her pregnant or getting her pregnant and so on. Be creative but include her.

- Let her ask questions, but always be aware of how your answer would make her feel.

- Ask her if she is okay with it, stress point 1 again, and if she has any questions. Say that you don't have to incorporate it in your relationship if it makes her feel uncomfortable.

of course if thats not true, then don't say that, but be aware of possible consequences.
When I told my GF, she was very accepting, she asked me some details what I find attractive about it, what exactly I fantasize about, etc. She used that to tease me here and there, but recently she doesn't do it because it takes her own mood. She did some CS catering to my tastes with me though. :D I'm very lucky.

dd09d No.6415

With my now wife it came up it conversation. She was asking if I had any sexual kinks and I just told her. She was cool about it. I had hoped telling her about it would make things more fun when she was pregnant, but hormones can be a real bitch. She had zero sexual desire during the pregnancy.

a74f0 No.6416

It's important to remember that it's a sensitive subject for many people. And unlike other kinks, this one is so supremely sexually dimorphic. It's as different as Mars from Venus, and the reasons a partner may find it bad are different.

If you're female, the risk is the male partner, if they're a judgemental idiot or insecure, or perhaps just jaded, may be concerned that a woman with a pregnancy fetish may be interested in using reproduction to entrap them. I mean, it's only tangentially related to a pregnancy fetish, but related. In general a woman with interest in pregnancy is considered a prize, because in this politically charged world, emphasizing the genders for breeding can be seen as distasteful or shameful and sexist. It's not like a woman can run around sharing pregnancy with other people, they just act baby-feverish. Society considers that harmless at worst and adorable at best.

If you're male, the risk is you. A female partner may be concerned you'll try and get her pregnant, or run around on her wily nily impregnating anyone with their legs spread and uterus available. Or that you may creep on her friends. Or people in public. You'll need to bear in mind that they'll question your ethics or sanity and the depths of your perversion. So the trick is to defuse possible accusations and worst case logical conclusions before someone can even reach them.

In both cases, you run the risk of someone assuming you're a pervert with no self-awareness or self control. It's not a given, but it's a possibility, sooo.. tread lightly, and always remember that, worst case scenario, they may come to those judgemental and hostile conclusions, repeat them to your peer group and suddenly you're the odd-man out.

Some things to casually slip into conversation; you don't go 'hunting' to gawk at pregnant people in public (photography, other) you don't have any interest in kids at the moment, you're not a whatever-ethnic-background-you-are supremacist (that can be a source for some peoples interest in it, terrible as that is) and that the only real avenue for you to enjoy it is pornography, art, games, comics and erotica. Anything else unless you're interested in actually starting a family is not to your interests.

But the trick is not to overload the partner with all these checklist like things, but to reassure them if they have questions about the severity of your interest and the basis for it, what you like about it, what stirs your passions for it. In general pregnnacy as a fetish can't really be played outside roleplay or family starting, so.. you don't need to.

Lactation, however, is totally different! That you can play out at any time with a woman (or, technically, even a man with hormones messed up…)

1d42c No.6419

yes to this, very good points and good advice.

20164 No.8822

Interesting topic, though I`m pretty late in jumping in.
My gf and I had a chat years ago about fetish. Frankly I`m kinda embarrassed to talk about mine, so I only give her a clue to google about, which is maiesiophilia (forgive me about the spelling). It`s been years now and she`s okay with that. Most of the time we just imagining her being pregnant but no real planning of getting her to be pregnant. I`m just not so ready with kids.
One thing that I note is that if anyone mention a certain fetish can only be satisfied through porn, then he/she should get help. I mean I can still get aroused with non pregnant girl.
She also found out in my phone that I saved some pictures of pregnant hookers, but I explained it carefully and she understands.
Then again, having a fetish doesn't mean that one only can be satisfied with such condition.
I like the chipmunck guy on youtube though. He kind of straight forward on his fetish, even though he never show his face.

dbf92 No.9052

with my ex gf (not due to telling her), i just told her "i find pregnant women attractive"
it's an easy line, it's not too evasive of a statement like "i masturbate to pregs daily."
she may ask questions, reassure her that you're not looking to knock her up before you're both ready and wanting a kid.
now the real kicker, mine ex is incredibly understanding, she didnt even mind the fact that i like it for "enlarged proportions" reasons, much like how im into large breasts.
the real hard part for was telling her about the alien pregnancy part of my fetish.
i explained to her about how many times it's portrayed as the woman getting rapidly pregnant, or the fact that its an alien so the idea that im jerking off to a woman with a human child in her doesnt make it feel weird.
thank god she was stable and didnt freak out about it.

6fc4c No.9053

A message to pregnancy fetishists, never ever hesitate once the topic has come up. She wants to talk about it because she hopes your tastes align. My last ex, when she asked, I smiled ruefully, rolled my eyes and just said it. Her eyes lit up and she grinned like an idiot. We had the same kink.

There ARE good outcomes to that conversation, I promise you. Not every girl thinks we're weirdos. Impregnation is polled somewhere in the top 5 for women's sexual fantasies (I forget where I saw that poll though). It's likely something you'll have in common with a lot of girls.

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