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First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.
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1d3f6 No.7611

Don't feel bad, I'm enjoying it.

Also, I'm not SEELE, I don't have a script that I expect you to follow. I have a framework for the future, and I'm evolving the world as you guys make changes to it.

>we made Moe add Poisony to the secret Harem Get list.
You did. I needed a while to figure out the mechanics of it, but I have added her to the secret list. However, I don't have the story requirements yet to unlock her. Until I write down some specific requirements, it's going to be a case of do I feel if you guys did enough to convince her. I've got an idea for the story requirements, I just need to hash it out and get things locked in place.

71e3c No.7612

bce0f No.7613

The shame is real *rings shame bell*
See, Naru is in a tricky position here, especially regarding hooking her up with Yuuno, due to his age.
(Though if by some absurd miracle we get the Princess PreCure in on this, I'd let Yuuno go with Yui Nanase.
I have ranted before how she's the most underrated character in that season.
Victim of the Week 4 times, but she still hung out with the Cures, still wanted to be a Cure at one point, and saved the Cures' collective asses in two very climactic struggles.
WITHOUT POWERS. She's highly qualified and underrated, and is the only reason I care about the Princess Cures.
This is a fine birthday present.

e5c9b No.7619

Anyone making Hellsing Abridged references gets points in my book.

Since we've been bringing up the subject of setting Yuuno up with a few girls, and I notice that Egret and Bloom are taking a liking to him in our latest post, why not start there? We have Black and White, and I'm not a greedy mascot, so why not let Yuuno have the mini versions?

71e3c No.7620

*Record scratch*

You… suggest we give girls up whom we actually have a better than great chance of Harem Get'ing?

…Guys, I think someone killed Shadow and started using his account.

a96dc No.7621

It'd be an interesting way to build an alliance and more trust, though. Show the girls Tuxie's not crazy-jealous-possessive and he trusts them to make good choices, even if they don't choose him. That'd go a long way.

If we're gonna build a happy harem, we need to prove we can provide more than sex and pregnancies. Off the top of my head: Protection from threats, emotional support (which was done with Sailor Moon, along with a gentle kick to the ass), and trusting the girls to trust each other and be mature about sharing and exploring other options, are good starts.

a96dc No.7622

Adding to that, I know I said maybe Tuxie wouldn't share easily, but this is Ferret-bro we're talking about. He seems like a good dude.

71e3c No.7628

So, derailing the previous line of whether or not Shadow's been replaced with a pod person or a creepy stuffed doll with an antenna ball on his head while the rest of the unlockable characters are robots because who knows to ask if anyone's played Eiyu*Senki. I started checking it out and I'm enjoying it so far, even if Himiko feels pretty painfully like Usagi at times. Those times being all the time.

b21ed No.7631

Is it PS3 only? Because that limits its availability to me :<

71e3c No.7632

Nah, it came out on Steam the other week, and you can buy it straight off of Jast USA's website as well. It's cheaper to get it on Steam and then buy the 18+ restoration patch, though.

e5c9b No.7635

I'm just not greedy. And since I don't know the source material (yet. I'll be changing that soon), I don't care for the characters as much. And I didn't know they would be easily aquired as I can't read people well.

On a personal note: my laptop died. I may not be on as much, but I hope to fix that in a little while and continue playing and archiving these fun threads.

a96dc No.7637

Good luck with the laptop fix, man.

1d3f6 No.7640

This came as a great shock to me, but there is a distinct lack of pictures featuring a wet Sailor Mercury. I thought that would be an obvious thing that people would draw, but I guess not.

0be98 No.7671

The womb as a source of magic might not be too far off. I mean, that's where life is made, by some weird, bizarre fact of biology and chance and evolution.

b21ed No.7675

This is actually a theme I've explored in certain ideas of my own.

71e3c No.7680

You naughty boy, you.

0be98 No.7682

Like for stories? Would you be tempted to post any here?

3f217 No.7692

Good to see the site back. I was worried it was just me having problems accessing this place.

99085 No.7693

Yeah, this was getting a little old with the 403s and whatnot. I hope it's fixed now.

b21ed No.7694

Vaguely tempted, perhaps. Maybe someday.

3f217 No.7695

[thumbs up] Works for me. :-)

e5c9b No.7696

As stated before, of the anime featured in this game, I have only seen CCS (and that was years ago, hence why I only remember the general plot and not many specifics). This game has inspired me to start watching others, starting with Pretty Cure (because Crunchyroll doesn't have Nanoha). And speaking of Crunchyroll, where did they did get Pretty Cure from, a VHS cassette? I don't mind if video quality isn't the best, but man, the muffled sound bugs me!

*Ahem* Anyway, thanks guys for getting me into something that looks quite entertaining. It's also kind of cool to go "I remember that from the game."

c165c No.7697

You're welcome. :-)

(Happy holidays to my fellow questers, by the way.)

e5c9b No.7701

Merry Christmas to all!

d0ed6 No.7754

No one cares, and no one asked, but I'm sharing my opinion on Pretty Cure anyway. It was… okay. I like that they actually punch and kick their foes, but it seems to do nothing until they bust out their deus ex machina attack. I like Nagisa and Honoka as characters, but the show feels bogged down by magical girl show tropes that I don't remember being in my favorite magic girl shows (CCS and Princess Tutu). Maybe the other series with Honoka and Nagisa will be better, but that has to wait until I get a laptop again.

But watching the show has helped me to appreciate the work GM Moe puts into making this a fun and interesting game. I also look forward to spending more time with those girls (still don't want Poisony, and I am not looking forward to Pollun). Thanks again everyone!

1d3f6 No.7755

I came up with a way of creating synthetic magical girls. It's not something critical to the story (although it could be an interesting sub-plot for the final game, but that doesn't matter since there's no way we're reaching season 5). However, it spoils a bunch of things from season 2, and as much as I want to share it, I don't want to spoil it.

>But watching the show has helped me to appreciate the work GM Moe puts into making this a fun and interesting game

Thanks, but would you mind elaborating on that?

d0ed6 No.7756

Synthetic magical girls? Color me intrigued.

To elaborate, I have mentioned before that coordinating and synchronizing four sets of events can't be easy, and it must have taken a lot of thought. But it also involves those tropes I mentioned. Long transformation sequences are shortened or cut, there's more taking action and less hesitation from the girls so we see them closer to their best, and the fan service keeps us teased and amused with the promise of what comes later. And as one that took every undergrad creative writing class my college had to offer, writing well is hard, and you do a good job of juggling all these things good sir.

0fc83 No.7757

>Synthetic magical girls
Cue the Mahou Shoujo of the End/Vietnam conflict-style flashbacks.

71e3c No.7758

Yeah, it is *NEVER* a good thing when people start synthesizing or mass producing magical girls, cyborgs, or super soldiers. Or all three, thanks StrikerS.

73c1c No.7760

…. dare I ask?

1d3f6 No.7767

Apologies for the delayed absence. I'm still alive, just busy. And when I have had some free time, I've been playing Particle Fleet (great game), or just haven't had my muse.

7c64e No.7768


b21ed No.7770

Nothing that's an actual story. I just have a setting where life, energy, and superhuman abilities are pretty explicitly tied together.
So naturally, more powerful people are also more fertile. I put a natural limit into that, though, because it wouldn't make sense otherwise: if there is a large power disparity between partners, then impregnation becomes more difficult, generally.

b21ed No.7771

HeartCatch is a superior season in every respect anyway.
It even has a pregnancy visual gag that's the continuation of a breast size visual gag.

b21ed No.7772

Third season of Nanoha. That's when it stops pretending it's not basically Gundam, but with outrageously developed girls instead of robots. :P

402b3 No.7773

Hoo boy. If I get to that point, I'm in for a helluva ride, aren't I?

402b3 No.7774

Side note, this looks like an intriguing concept. I hope you have fun with it.

b21ed No.7775

Yes and yes.

1d3f6 No.7780

The new Card Captor Sakura series came out while I was super busy last month. I just had a chance to watch the first episode. It's gorgeous. Completely changes my plan for how Card Captor Sakura was supposed to fit in the game timeline, but changes have already been made. Not that we have any hope of reaching game 4.

71e3c No.7781

Oh please, we've done just fine with four (and now five or six) regulars up to now. As long as you keep writing it, we'll keep playing it. >_>

abedc No.7782

Agreed. I'd like to game with y'all for however long is feasible. :-)

71e3c No.7783

On a random note, I found a crossover fanfic last night that works… far better than I expected it to. Nanoha season 1… and Castlevania, specifically the Sorrow games. It's not the best thing I've ever read, but it's had some moments.

Nanoha: -On the subject of a two-on-one spar with Soma- Don't worry, this is just practice. It'll be fun!

Yuuno: This is the guy that scares DEATH. I reserve the right to be intimidated.

71e3c No.7786

Hey Moe, when you have a few minutes, would it be too much trouble to ask if you could list off all the stuff we've had Kamen try to cast Reinforcement on so far? I want to compile a list, but I haven't had the time to go through and catalog everything we've already done so far.

1d3f6 No.7787

Rose: turn into armor-piercing dart, claw, or ???
Cane: Extend the cane.
Cape: Reinforced armor.

Ears: Prevents pain and ringing from loud noises, but loud noises can still drown out quieter ones.
Eyes: Had no effect when tried.
Muscles: Allows you to maintain your peak burst performance (ie. run long distance at a sprint, jump as if you weren't tired)

The first set of powers is derived from your magical energy control skill. This is also what you used to look inside of Nanoha and help bring some order to the chaotic storm of her magical potential. The second set of powers is derived from your healing skill, unconventional ways of directing healing energy to improve yourself.

b21ed No.7788

We might want to try Reinforcing the domino mask then, at some point…

abedc No.7789

So they can act like polarized sunglasses, or take impact damage?

71e3c No.7790

We've tried the mask, actually. Magic just bounces off of it.

In a day or three when I have some time I'll go ahead and throw together a list of stuff we should try experimenting with.

1d3f6 No.7791

Yes, that too. Also, the difference in behavior between the what happened when TK tried powering up his eyes and tried powering up his mask is an important detail.

abedc No.7792

And meanwhile, I'll be over here giggling my ass off at the thought of leveling everyone up like Pokemon.

1d3f6 No.7793

What? Sailor Moon is evolving.
*Evolution Music playing*
Congratulations! Your Sailor Moon evolved into Super Sailor Moon.
*Evolution fanfare plays*

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