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454c1 No.6514[Last 50 Posts]

First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.

af708 No.6515

Hey, it's been fun and Moe's a good GM. I'm just glad to be part of it.

1d3f6 No.6528

>First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

>Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Get your popcorn ready because there's more fighting coming up in the next post or two. Also, I require a royalty on ticket sales.

>Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

Feel free to link him the thread. "Those are some good ideas for anime RP mechanics. Where'd you find them?" "Pregnancy fetish imageboard."

>In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.

Thanks, and that's the plan.

>Hey, it's been fun and Moe's a good GM. I'm just glad to be part of it.
Thanks, Miniskirts.

7e3a1 No.6544

Thanks, but I'm just the mascot and I go with the good ideas of the actual heroes most of the time.

Humor aside, thanks.

Also, a personal note, I'm currently moving and don't have internet there yet, so you might no hear from me for a bit.

71b25 No.6545


>>Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

>Feel free to link him the thread. "Those are some good ideas for anime RP mechanics. Where'd you find them?" "Pregnancy fetish imageboard."

Boy, that would be a pretty freaky/awkward conversation.

Making magical girl crossovers are not a new concept, but we don't care about that and just have fun mashing up similar spots in those 'verses. Besides, Moe promised lewds in the future.

Adding in anything Nasuverse or Madoka is way too risky, in a sense though.

Oh, and keep it up Moe.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

a56ac No.6549

>>>Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.
>>Feel free to link him the thread. "Those are some good ideas for anime RP mechanics. Where'd you find them?" "Pregnancy fetish imageboard."
>Boy, that would be a pretty freaky/awkward conversation.

I'll say. My GM buddy is asexual.

Additionally, why would adding in Magica Madoka be dangerous? Is it because Kyuubey's choices for magical girls are absurdly powerful? (ie, Mami and her gigantic firearms)

68846 No.6550

It's because Madoka as a series is both a gigantic deconstruction of the magical girl genre in general, and more importantly a GIGANTIC trainwreck of pain and suffering that none of us want to go into, like, EVER. It's a great series in and of itself, but it was created with the express purpose of making the audience cry tears of blood.

2bc88 No.6553

Adding to that is also the fact that the girls are semi-undead and prone to a one-way transformation into a murderous juggernaut of suffering and death…

a56ac No.6554

Well, crap. Now I'm reconsidering my decision to watch the show and board the Feels Train.

68846 No.6555

It's a great series. It's just going to hurt you and even knowing this in advance will not make it any better. It's very much like Dangan Ronpa in that regard.

71b25 No.6557

>Additionally, why would adding in Magica Madoka be dangerous? Is it because Kyuubey's choices for magical girls are absurdly powerful? (ie, Mami and her gigantic firearms)

It's like watching an old-school 80's Super Robot show, then watching Evangelion.

A trainwreck ending for the latter that you couldn't tear your gaze away from.

c7882 No.6559

You're not entirely wrong regarding the overpoweredness of some of the Madoka Magical characters. Homura can freely manipulate temporal frames of reference (pausing, rewinding, and possibly speeding up time), and Madoka literally earns the nickname "MadoKAMI".
However, Usagi can kinda sorta also do the divinity thing, and even an *average* main character in Nanoha-land could blow away pretty much any other magical girl team (except for maybe the Symphogear team.)

1d3f6 No.6561

>Anyway, I'm entirely fine with Nanoha having no ranged ability yet. In her animé, it definitely took her a few episodes to get into a stride.

Yeah, I was hoping people wouldn't lambast me for that decision. It takes a while for Nanoha to find her niche.



6d4d6 No.6563

As promised, I'm going into more detail regarding the digression of my previous post.
The two seasons of PreCure that I was talking about are HeartCatch and Happiness Charge. HeartCatch's team leader (Tsubomi, as mentioned in the quest) has a grandmother who is a 90%-retired Cure herself, and despite her claims to being weaker than in her prime, she still possesses technical skill and raw power *FAR* beyond the HeartCatch team just before their final fight. She is also, for the purposes of this quest, really good friends with Honoka's (Cure White's) grandmother. This leads me to shadowrun that, in this quest, they were once a PreCure team together. While Honoka's grandmother in canon shows no such ability, I have learned never to underestimate the elderly in a PreCure season. Most of them are either very skilled, very powerful, or they have copies of the scripts for their respective seasons somehow. Or some combination of the three.

Happiness Charge is very similar to HeartCatch, but with enough differences to distinguish itself. It has the second-best non-magical secondary character that's the same age as the girls out of *any* season, because he's good enough at martial arts to kick the mooks around…at least until they gang up on him. Note: he can *actually damage* the mooks. Very few non-magical can lay claim to that. It also has Oomori Yuuko, who makes up for the fact that the writer decided to split Cure Moonlight's characteristics into two sisters (thus making one kind of awful and the other barely-existent.) This season also cranked things up to eleven with a false ending that made the traditional Christmas episode go to a REALLY dark place, and led to an uncommon/really deep bit of character development for their leader.

So, let's break it down. In Team HeartCatch, we have:
Tsubomi: the fearless leader, except she's not. She's actually very timid (and shares a seiyuu with Fate Testarossa-Harlaown), and is trying to reinvent herself. She loves flowers, which automatically makes them a VERY IMPORTANT THEME.
Erika: despite being the blue to Tsubomi's red, Erika got all the brashness and presence that Tsubomi lacks. She loves clothes, so that trait is kinda-sorta addressed in Erika-focused episodes.
Itsuki: her fairy partner was born halfway through the season. She kinda loves martial arts? She feels somewhat pressured into it to make up for her sickly brother, because her family owns a dojo. So she looks and acts almost like a boy, to the extent that Tsubomi had a crush on her for a while. But she is as girly as any on the inside, so she thinks her fairy partner is *just the cutest thing*! Hilarity ensues.
Finally, the badass dressed in violet and silver, Moon-shadow Lily. Er, I mean ~*TSUKIKAGE YURI*~. Anyway, her tragic backstory (her fairy partner gets killed protecting her from the bad guy's cheap shot in *the first 5 minutes of the damn season*) leaves her cold and aloof. Because did I mention that without your fairy partner, you *LOSE YOUR POWERS*? So she's a badass and she knows it, the eldest of Team HeartCatch by a solid 3 years, but she lost her powers. As far as she knew, she was the last line of defense for the world, and she blew it. Enter two oblivious but good-hearted little noobs (except one's a legacy and she doesn't know it), and if it were me, I'd be sick of them in an instant. But then they do something that completely derails the emo train, which I think is something that participants in this quest should watch for themselves.

On the other side, we have the members of Team Happiness Charge:
Megumi: The leader. Bright, cheerful, always willing to lend a helping hand, even at things where she will bungle and fail. Heck, her name can even be translated as "Goddess of Love" (her last name is Aino.) Sound too good to be true? I'll leave that for you to decide, after you watch this season too.
Himeko: There is a clear divide between well-written and badly-written characters this season: their theme colors. If the theme colors tend towards warm colors, they're pretty great (good guys only.) If the theme colors tend towards cool colors, they kinda suck or they don't get enough screentime. Himeko is blue (a cool color.) She also kicks off the plot by being a whiny, cowardly brat, so she is clearly the suck. She kinda gets better, but that just makes her less interesting. Though she does *kinda* get an *almost* cool moment.
~*THE YELLOW CURE*~: Her entire identity is a spoiler that is poorly kept from the audience. For anyone who watches this season, don't watch the OP or ED until Episode 8 or so. If you can still figure it out…Well, it's not that hard if you understand how things work with PreCure teams. But it's hilarious if you figure it out before then, because the reactions of her teammates-to-be are priceless once they put the pieces together.
Anyway, she's basically the Team Mom, but with a devious and manipulative side. First Cure of her kind, people. Her emotional maturity is good enough that her character "development" is more of character *revelation* (and executed flawlessly), but not so good that she won't manipulate her teammates into doing what's best for themselves, or just troll them. She's tied with Yuri for my favorite Cure ever, but for a completely different reason. Yuri's a larger-than-life badass. This Cure is a down-to-earth, genuinely nuanced person.
Iona: her name is weird, but the worst part is that she's supposed to measure up to Yuri. None of the other characters are so blatantly compared to their correspondingly colored HeartCatch character as Iona (and her older sister Maria) are, and so naturally, Iona and Maria fail the hardest. Maria is basically Cure Moonlight without the main character status and effects of a character-developing tragic backstory. Enter Iona, who has the main character status and *too much* effect of a character-developing tragic backstory. That's just what happens when it's not properly counterbalanced by undiluted awesome. So Iona spends the first half of the season being a sorta-whiny, mostly-violent little bitch. She kinda gets better afterwards, but condensing a whole character arc between her and Maria into one episode did neither of them any favors. Also, by getting better, she again just kinda falls in line like Himeko does. Whatever.
Blue (not Midnight Blue, thankfully) gets special mention here, despite not being a Cure. He's the god who hands Cure powers out to little girls like candy. Remember how I said that cooler colors in Happiness Charge PreCure is a sign that the character will either suck (Himeko, Iona) or not have enough screentime (Maria)? Yeah, just imagine what it's like for a guy who's literally named Blue. He *personifies* suckiness and bad decision-making skills, aside from picking out girls to become Cures. If he had been named Purple instead, nothing on Earth would've survived.
Also getting special mention is the completely normal guy with the name that I've forgotten. He snarks at Megumi a bit, but he's good people. He does martial arts in Iona's family dojo (OK, this part was a rip-off of Itsuki instead of Yuri. M'bad.) He then helps teach the other Cures. He can also smack a few weekly mooks around like he's actually good, which automatically makes him more useful and a better character than Blue. He is the second most worthy character of "Honorary Cure" status. (I'll save #1 for another day.)

Finally, the important stuff: weapons, armor, and skills. All Cures are roughly the same in armor, so we're ixnaying that part.

HeartCatch's Weapons:
Tacts that generate different levels of attacks (always start as finishers, but some are formation-specific combo finishers.)
All members of the team eventually gain badass capes that give them the ability to fly.
Itsuki gets a tambourine, though. It can create a shield of magic, pelt an enemy with energy shots, or empower a combo finisher further.
Yuri can do the two-person combo finisher by herself. She's just that fantastic.

Happiness Charge:
Everyone gets cards that contain different clothing designs. Most of these designs have different types of MAPWs, but some boost their abilities in civilian form (detective outfit allows them to see trails, to an extent. It helps in trying to find lost people.)
Aside from that, each girl has individual attacks and a few full-team combo finishers. Megumi and Himeko also get a unique two-person combo finisher.
The yellow Cure is amazing support in every way. She can teleport, shield, possibly heal (at least re-energize/resupply), and her singing simultaneously buffs allies, debuffs opponents, and makes the monsters extremely docile and easier to purify.
Iona is kinda average. She has some martial arts skill, but all the girls can fight by the time she joins.

So yeah, that sums that up. Next time: Why Nanase Yui is the single person most worthy of becoming a Cure…Who never did :<

1d3f6 No.6564

Nice writeup. One factual error. I'll cover it when I get to it in the quest.

6f943 No.6565

You can talk nerdy here anytime. :-)

5e049 No.6567

Really? Did I overestimate the power of Tsubomi's grandma, or was it the assumption that she Cured up with Honoka's grandma in your quest? Those two are my favorite seasons, so I'm pretty sure I got all my information right :<

Thanks! I am about to do just that :D

So! I left everyone with a topic after my last huge wall-of-text. So most of you are probably wondering who Nanase Yui (or Yui Nanase, if you said her name like an English speaker) is. Some savvy individuals may have already looked up her name on Google and found a bunch of pictures of a cute girl who bears a fair resemblance to Akemi Homura before she met Madoka. Don't worry: she doesn't do anything like what Homura does. Instead, she's the team leader's roommate in Go! Princess PreCure.
This season is a very mixed bag for me. On the one hand, Kirara is the second or third-best yellow Cure, imo (it's a toss-up between her and HeartCatch's Itsuki.) On the other, the season ender tried to make a cannonball's splash in the deep end of the metaphorical pool…but it belly-flopped instead. I liked the character's different ability options, but the characters were mostly average to me.
Regardless, my biggest point of contention is, as I mentioned before, with this season's treatment of poor Yui. Two words: No Respect. Without Yui, the Princess Cures would've completely failed to save the world (and themselves) at least twice.
First, the Cures were fighting the first midboss of the season. He had turned into some giant crow monster (because his name in Japanese is pronounced ku-ro-zu), and he was handing the girls their asses on a silver platter. The prince of the good guys, who is actually a pretty decently written character, charged Yui with a sacred task: deliver upgrades to the Cures so that they don't get wrecked. He had a decent reason for not doing it himself, though I can't remember it now. Yui had quickly seen through her roommate's secret identity business (helps when you're the first Victim of the Week), and so became kind of the support network for the Cures, so she agreed, despite being told upfront that she was taking a risk. It's not like she's a Cure, after all. But she does it anyway, and *GETS SHIT DONE*. Cures get their upgrades and then proceed to beam Close in the face until he's defeated. Also, I should remind you that she is an adorably timid girl, the kind that you want to hug and protect her smile. And she just charged into danger without powers. Like a badass.

Her second act of saving the day occurred near the end of the season. I should note here that when someone becomes a Victim of the Week in this season, they become stuck inside of a cage. Under certain circumstances, people inside the cage can become aware that they're inside it, and can even pull a little prison break action. The only person who has ever done this in the season on anything close to their own initiative is–you guessed it–Yui. She had help from some broken shards of the Cure's weapons, but she got out of the cage on her own, and then proceeded to rally everyone nearby to get out of their cages, as well. Since these cages were feeding negative emotional energy to the Big Bad, all of a sudden her energy flow dwindled enough for the Cures to mount their comeback. This was an extreme act of will, and Yui nearly made it look easy. This, in spite of how much the season basically shafted her (and not in a good way!)
Evidence of Shafting #1: Yui was Victim of the Week a grand total of FOUR FREAKING TIMES. That's a record for PreCure seasons, and only Naru Osaka has a worse track record with monsters in the entire genre. (She also got shafted by her show, and probably deserves to be standing with Usagi on the frontlines *cough*Moe*cough*.)
Evidence of Shafting #2: She settled for less regarding her dream. In this season, the dreams of the characters are important. The bad guys twist those dreams to create Victims of the Week. Yui's first caging (in Episode 1, natch) revealed that her dream was to be a writer. After finding out that her roommate was a Cure, she harbored a slight dream to be like the other Cures. After her second caging, she had changed her dream. Granted, she eventually moved up to writing her memoirs of her experiences as the Cure's unofficial cheerleader/biographer as a children's book, but the simple fact of the matter is that *she deserved better*. She has the potential courage, sense of duty, and kind heart required for the powers. All she needed was for the plot to back the fuck off of her and let her grow in confidence.
Well, anyway, I've said my thoughts on the matter. Yui's better at being a Cure *without ever having powers* than some actual Cures of other seasons (I'm looking at the Smile PreCure; they're idiots.) If I was Moe, I'd give Yui, Naru, and a few girls from other magical girl shows a fighting chance at being not shafted by the plot.

10105 No.6568

Well, if Moe follows anything even remotely resembling SRW Character Ascension/Tragedy Aversion rules, it's possible. I mean shit, one of my favorite bits in SRW3 was just recruiting Bernie from Gundam 0080. It's entirely possible for us to get away with it if it comes up.

5e049 No.6569

1d3f6 No.6571

>Really? Did I overestimate the power of Tsubomi's grandma, or was it the assumption that she Cured up with Honoka's grandma in your quest? Those two are my favorite seasons, so I'm pretty sure I got all my information right :<
Not telling. :P Depending on how you vote, it can come up very soon.

I don't know. Naru's there to make Umino happy.

68846 No.6573

Bringing the Touhou talk over to here so we aren't clogging the main game up with it any further, but honestly Limits, you don't need much of a plot for that series. Hell, the Pocket Wars games which are more or less just straight up gatcha RPGs pretty much run with "Giant Touhou fanboy gets dropped into Gensokyo and is now doing his best to just stay alive and not nerd out too goddamn hard in the process." Hell, he runs into Sanae about midway into the game and she starts asking him how the SRW series has been going since she left. As for mechanics, you pretty much have to decide from the start whether danmaku is a thing or isn't, and the medium you're working with usually has a lot to do with that decision.

Naru's also at no point ever shown to have any potential as a magical girl, just an above average level of importance to the early plot due to her and Nephrite being a thing for awhile. Though, on that subject, I would not be opposed to somehow averting Nephrite's demise if we somehow get a chance to. Dude got a pretty raw deal, all told.

…Actually, that reminds me of something mildly important. So, assuming my memory of the backstory isn't completely off-base here, the four Dark Kingdom commanders were all formerly Prince Endymon's retainers before Beryl turned them evil following the Moon Kingdom's fall, correct? That usually never means anything worth a damn for the good guys because it's not like the information does them any good when said commanders are trying to murder a bunch of middle school girls, but seeing as how we're playing the reincarnated dude they used to work for, I wonder if we might be able to turn it in our favor somehow should we encounter a situation where that's possible. Goddess knows I'd like to see Nephrite not die for making a face turn, though Zoicite can go straight to hell. It's just something that came to mind to mention.

fcf23 No.6574

>I wonder if we might be able to turn it in our favor somehow should we encounter a situation where that's possible
That's going to be very relevant, very soon.

68846 No.6575

Bwahahaha. SRW Syndrome strikes again.

Not even joking, I love SRW just for the simple fact that if there's even a halfway remote chance of a character being considered a "good guy" at any point, it's an automatic 68.25% chance you can recruit them at some point if you don't fuck it up. Hell, Excellen made a running gag out of "Oh, we're used to letting people who tried to kill us join up."

61479 No.6576

Meanie :<
And no, Naru is there to be shafted by the plot because filthy normies get out blah blah blah insert meme here. There's no good reason for her circumstances.

It's funny. I mention the acronym "TPW", and your reply mentions it by its fuller name. That being said, I don't want to pick low-hanging fruit. I don't want to use a straight TPW adaptation (read: rip-off) in the mechanics! This is even true when considering that a TPW adaptation is probably the best way to run a Touhou quest in terms of the mechanics.
Er, actually, there's a Touhou SRW now that I think about it. Second-best, then (and I don't want to encroach too closely on what Moe has.) Most canon Touhou mechanics are far too "blink-and-you-miss-it" for play-by-post questing, while everything else that I can think of is a different set of mechanics in Touhou costumes.
However, TPW mechanics are lacking in a few areas as well! No bombs (though bomb spellcards only exist in aggressor-defender duels, which partly explains it), and health mechanics work differently. I have…a few ideas on how to modify things to more closely match canon Touhou though. They're pretty rough, and I don't expect to get any time to think with Easter this weekend, but I should have something working in about a week, maybe around next weekend. It should still be mostly TPW, but with a few callbacks to how things work in the main games.

>>6573 part 2. Naru being powerless is exactly what I'm arguing *against*. She deserves a chance to be awesome too! :< (If she blows it on her own, it's her fault.) And yes, the Dark Kingdom's Shitennou once faithfully served Prince Endymion. I think that's a manga-only thing, but that's OK! Our first vote firmly established that Moe gets to pick and choose from whichever source material sounds better or more complete :D

I am appeased.

Yeah, I read an LP of OGs where she drops that line. It's pretty great. In fact she's just a great character in general.

ca624 No.6577

Well, since we bring up SRW's penchant for changing people's fates (and sometimes history as a result), I did have a couple of fun thoughts about random things that could happen, but it would require getting to Sailor Moon S which is still quite a long way off.

Regardless of that, I wonder who the Mahou Shoujo equivalent to Bright Noa is. The ol' Brightslap is a potent tool, and it may be required somewhere along the line (hell, if Bright managed to slap the fail out of Shinji Ikari in SRW, it's definitely worth having the option available)

1dce6 No.6579

Speaking of Bright slaps, back when this was supposed to be a cleaner quest (in the /m/ threads that I linked earlier), Tuxedo Kamen was supposed to fill that role vis a vis Ishika from Infinite Stratos. After some "corrections" by Mamoru, Ishika would stop being the stupid harem anime protagonist that he is.

338b9 No.6580

These both sound like amazing things, and they make my heart happy. I just don't know how well Infinite Stratos fits into the genre.

ca624 No.6581

Well, what I had in mind was trying to find out who could smack some sense into the girls and not look horrible doing it (don't think Kamen can get away with doing that except maybe to Usagi). Sailor Uranus and Neptune probably could use a good smack somewhere along the line (actually related to BOTH things from S I was thinking of, one of which being a particularly major thing)

68846 No.6582

Normally, I'm against violence directed towards women. Brightslaps, however, are considered a gender-indiscriminate method of correcting dumbassery according to the Geneva Convention, and are therefore acceptable to use regardless of the recipient.

And FUCK did Ishika need one. I actually gave up IS after a few episodes because I just couldn't take the stupidity anymore.

6f943 No.6583

I got curious and looked for the Bright slap on YouTube. It was actually there. XD Either Amuro doesn't weigh much, or that was one hell of a slap, because he went flying.

I can see how the Bright slap could be a useful tool, much like the Gibbs slap.

79f7b No.6589

I've been combing through my memories of magical girl animé, and there's only one man who's a hardcore enough dude who might also show up in this quest to have a chance at being like Bright: Commander Genjuurou, the military leader of team Symphogear (and the literal uncle of the sword-wielding Symphogear member, who's voiced by Nana Mizuki. It's going to be hilarious when Tsubasa meets Tsubomi and Fate.) Personally, I think he might have too much of a sense of "honor" to ever use it, though.

a2c25 No.6596

Now put on your thinking cap for a bit, and ask yourself: When Tsubasa meets Tsubomi, who will Genjuro inevitably run into?

5936c No.6600

No one that he shares a voice actor with! :V (That was why I said that I thought that would be funny. Tsubasa, Tsubomi, and Fate are all voiced by Nana Mizuki.)
But for a serious answer, I'm going with the secret society of granny Cures, since I don't know what you're getting at.

9f7dc No.6604

>Either Amuro doesn't weigh much, or that was one hell of a slap, because he went flying.
I was going to say "it was in space, so no gravity". Except it wasn't, and the White Base crew were already on Earth with Amuro freaking out.

And well, flipping enemy generals to do TM's bidding would be a fun twist to the canon story.

68846 No.6605

>And well, flipping enemy generals to do TM's bidding would be a fun twist to the canon story.

Welcome to Super Robot Wars.

68846 No.6655


So, this has been me the last few days.

1d3f6 No.6659

Not sure if you meant to post that here, but it's privacy protected.

10105 No.6660

Honestly don't have a better way of showing that .gif. Just assume it's a Persona 5 joke.

10105 No.6661

Honestly don't have a better way of showing that .gif. Just assume it's a Persona 5 joke.

2585e No.6662

But I won't get to play Persona 5 :<

68846 No.6663

I saved up spare cash for months so I could pull the trigger on a PS4 just for P5. I do not and will never regret it.

97f2c No.6664

I'm aiming to get a new computer first, since computers have other uses, but I've run across a few surprise major expenses in the past few months, so it's kinda hard to justify buying any new gaming stuff.

7480b No.6668

Surprise expenses: screwing people even more effectively than surprise buttsex. I think we all know it. :-/

1d3f6 No.6694

Sorry for the delay, but I've been alternating between sick and busy. Hopefully all the rest I had today will get me feeling better.

d4554 No.6699

No worries, hope you feel better soon.

1d3f6 No.6860

Oh, and Limits, since you were talking about reinforcements last month…


6191d No.6863

New fight! [makes popcorn and passes it around]

1d3f6 No.6872

Since you seem to like my fight scenes, you my enjoy some of my older work. It was my first experiment with girls fighting and having lots of clothing damage.


Oh, and happy Mother's Day everyone. I'm surprised that we don't have something special happening like on April Fools. This should be the biggest holiday of the year on this chan.

62d55 No.6902

I'm sticking a disclaimer here as so not to clutter up the game thread proper: I should mention that I've never tried using a staff on a person (thankfully, I've never _had_ to try), but I do live in a rural area with lots of trees. The stunts I mentioned happened on dead branches, hence the overhead swinging.

a8912 No.6926

Our votes this time around seem to be a bit scattered. I think we should try to get our votes unified so Moe knows what to do.

I personally think we should throw a volley of charged roses at, I think it's Jedite, as our opening move. What comes after I'm mutable on.

2f7c7 No.6931

In that case, we'd need an ammo count.

a8912 No.6932

Of our magic levels yeah. I think earlier in the story Moe said that he doesn't have a hard limit on our rose supply.

68846 No.6933

No, we just restocked on ammo this morning. We've definitely got a bullet counter here.

1d3f6 No.6935

The best laid plans of mice and men.

I had no intention of going with an ammo counter, but I ended up doing it anyway. You were up to 25 after getting the two dozen from Kaoruko. You're down to 19 now.

As for magic levels: not in danger of passing out.

6191d No.6938

Is there any way we could work out a compromise of some sort with our suggestions, by chance?

68846 No.6940

I'm sticking with my vote. I really think we should test the waters without giving away anything that we can do first and give the girls a chance to fall back.

1d3f6 No.6943

Speaking of your vote. You correctly figured out the hints in the post, but your vote to charge in and pull aggro while the girls regroup would have resulted in TK having a very bad day.

fab30 No.6944

I'll acknowledge that. I suppose I was forgetting SRW rules for a bit, one of which is "If a boss shows up, hit him with fucking EVERYTHING." I'm still worried this is going to bite us in the ass in the long run, but then again, it's not as if we've hit our stride yet either.

1d3f6 No.6945

Think of it as more like sending the thief to solo a boss in Fire Emblem. Not the best of ideas.

7a40b No.6946

I don't think you want to know how I play Fire Emblem, Moe. I'm told it's very headache-inducing when I'm not taking it seriously.

28273 No.6947

Dangit, now you've piqued my interest.

1d3f6 No.6948

I'm assuming you let people die, skip treasure, and don't wait until level 20 to promote characters.

fab30 No.6949

Good lord, no. I just fuck around a lot when I'm bored and do generally stupid or "why would you do that" sort of moves or just use lower tier characters with no regards to whether they're worth a fuck or not if it makes me laugh.

I also apparently have stupid insane luck, according to my friends. I once ran Joshua with low health into a room full of five Knights in one of the early maps in Sacred Stones because he had an Armorslayer… and I forgot to equip it before ending his turn. He walked away from five corpses the next round. Steel's a motherfucker when it crits. Five times in a row.

af6e3 No.6950

Hahaha, that's great. Say, do you play the new (overly simplified) mobile FE (FE Heroes)? Despite itself, the tactical roots are actually pretty strong.

fab30 No.6951

I gave it a shot, but I got bored pretty fast. I'm one of those odd heretics who still uses their phone primarily just as a phone and little else even in this day and age, so mobile games don't really interest me any.

bee7a No.6952

That's fine. Like I said, it's very simplified, built more around getting units with valuable skills in order to schlep them off on units who have the power to use those skills best. Lots of tinkering and min-maxing, not as much of the mainline FEs in that.
Also, the complete lack of several stats (namely Skill and Luck) leaves me scratching my head. But it is a good gateway to Fire Emblem. If you want people to ease into it, get used to some of the mechanics and general tactical concepts, then Heroes is fine.

a8912 No.6975

With the newest update…
Yech, It's that goddammn smug smile of his.

Right so we know our charged roses can penetrate that shield of his but lack the momentum to do any damage afterwards. Depending on how far out that shield extends we might be able to use our rose as a dagger to keep it's momentum up as it breaks through.

So here's my plan, have Mercury bring up her mist, try to skirt around behind him, empowering our mask in the hopes it allows us to see through this stuff, then try to stab at whatever is holding the jewel seed. If we can't find it then that muscle group female suggested last time. Hopefully Moon uses the mists to grab her tiara.

This sound good to you guys?

fab30 No.6996

So, speculation time for the class. Since we're talking about the age old SRW tradition of averting enemy deaths by just recruiting them instead, who do we know of who's most likely to get that treatment at this point?

I think the two *guaranteed* ones on this particular end are Fate and Alph/Arf, though hilariously Arf might actually jump ship BEFORE Fate does if the lady Dr. Testarossa is as batshit here as I remember her to be, but pretty much every other enemy I can think of that we'd have an interest in turning to our side doesn't do so in canon.

We're obviously shooting for the Dark Kingdom generals on account of their shared history with Kamen/Prince Endymon and the fact they were basically corrupted into serving Beryl to begin with, though as stated before I think we've got a vastly better chance of recruiting Jadeite, due mostly to the fact that we have the chance to make it work at all, and Nephrite on account of canon. Zoicite's an actual backstabbing fucktard and fights dirty as shit, so who knows if he's redeemable at all by the time it would come up, and Kunzite's got stats like a brick shithouse so there's a possibility we might not even survive an attempt at turning him without some hax on our side.

Aside from them, who else can we think of? The only other two names I can come up with are Poisony, just on account of hot female villain so naturally we'd want to give it a try, and, ironically enough, Beryl and Precia Testarossa both for the same exact reasons, but they're both super high up on the villain chain so that's probably a pipe dream at best. Anyone got any others?

32fce No.6997

If the HeartCatch section of the plot happens soon, I want to try and save Dr. Sabaku and/or Dark PreCure. You'd have to watch basically the whole season to see why, though, considering that the first thing he does in the first few minutes of the season is something that would make him absolutely unforgivable to most people.

32fce No.6998

But he gets an effective last-minute redemption arc in there (sorry for the double post.)

fab30 No.7000

HeartCatch was one of the ones you liked, right? I might have to check it out at some point.

af6e3 No.7002

Yes. HeartCatch and Happiness Charge are my two favorite seasons. They were written by the same people, and it shows, but they have their own quirks that set them apart from each other and every other season. HeartCatch sets its tone in a very poignant way almost *immediately*, and then it lightens up until the end, when it drops all the feels on you and hands you some fairly dark implications regarding a certain character's actions. Also, it shakes up the connections between a character's color and their personality/timing for joining the team a little bit. Also also, Cure Moonlight is the single best thing about any PreCure season ever (though the butler Sebastian from the DokiDoki season and the yellow Cure from Happiness Charge are close seconds.)
Happiness Charge is a step forward in some ways, and a step back in others. As mentioned before, the yellow Cure is amazing. Granted, it's for a completely different set of reasons than Cure Moonlight, but that comparison is a microcosm of the comparisons between the seasons in general. Cure Moonlight is, in many ways, larger than life. The yellow Cure from Happiness Charge is far more…human, more relatable, and it doesn't hurt that she's also the *single best* support Cure in *any season*. So that's a reflection on how Happiness Charge is a bit more focused on meaningful character interaction than, in my opinion, any other season. It also shakes up the team creation order even harder than HeartCatch did, though its character color/personality matches are more traditional.
But, again, it takes some steps backwards. The purple Cure in Happiness Charge, Cute Fortune, is an immensely inferior Cure Moonlight rip-off. There's another character who would've fit that mold far better, but she isn't a main character, so she gets shafted on screentime. Also, this season has the highly problematic issue of putting an intelligence (I use that term loosely) behind giving out PreCure powers to people. This season implies that pretty much any female *could* be a Cure, but most of them just aren't, for reasons that are arbitrary and inadequately explored. And that's just one of this character's many fuckups in Happiness Charge!
But the ending story arc is pretty cool. It explores something that's not commonly addressed in this genre.

53c59 No.7009

[tired wave] Hey, everyone. I've been pretty sick since last Friday, and I (perhaps stupidly) finalized the adoption of a puppy this Sunday. The sleep deprivation is real, y'all. So I won't be around for the quest for I dunno how long. Sorry.

d4554 No.7013

No worries. Have fun with the pup.

1eabe No.7036

Looks like I'm back. I'd offer a puppy picture, but for some reason the option here is borked.

d4554 No.7039

I think it's because /C/ is chat only, no images.

7b8d0 No.7111

I know this is outside the character canon, but is there a chance Tuxie could learn to charge his roses, then use four or five to create restraining seals of sorts?

d4554 No.7112

That sounds actually kinda cool.

df62a No.7113

I think that would depend more on whether Moe's skill build is more for a "set" role, re: tank, healer, etc., and he's already got all of our skills figured out and it's just a matter of learning them as we level up, or if it's more up to us to experiment with our abilities and try to come up with ways to utilize our expanding MP pool. If it's the former, we might or might not have the ability, but if it's the latter, I'd say hell yeah to the idea, because Chain Bind is OP as fuck.

Though, I wonder if part of it will also have to do with how… inspired we are when we try and copy someone's move, as well as whether or not their style of magic is even compatible with ours. For example, I don't think we could recreate Chain Bind as we are right now, but maybe once we meet Rei and see her ofuda tags in action, we might have enough "samples" to be able to try it out ourselves. What do you guys think?

2453e No.7114

I think that reminds me of some Quincy stuff from Bleach, just with roses instead of vials of magic liquid.

And honestly, that's pretty damn rad :3

7b8d0 No.7117

Learning from someone else's example is a good idea, if it can be done.

7b8d0 No.7118

Interesting trivia: Endymion was known in Greek myth as a shepherd or astronomer who was so handsome, the Titaness personification of the Moon, Selene, fell in love with his sleeping form and asked Zeus to grant him eternal sleep so he would never age or die. Endymion and Selene had fifty daughters, likely representing the lunar months and the weeks.

So Moe's not too far off the mark with Tuxedo Kamen seeking out a harem to impregnatem 'cause guess who Mamoru and Usagi are partially based on?

1d3f6 No.7131

>Endymion and Selene had fifty daughters.

I need to thank Takeuchi and the Greeks even more. We won't get to 50 daughters during Season 1 (I have 15 girls planned for the harem, with 3 secret characters planned, and open to more if you guys change the story enough, have fun speculating). However, Season 2 has about 47 girls and at least 5 secrets between new and returning characters, that are ripe for breeding. Adding those two together, we get over 50 daughters. So if we make it that far, we can beat the original Endymion.

S3: ~48

I don't even want to count seasons 4 and 5, but it's a shit ton of girls to knock up. So many magical girls to knock up, so little time.

7a056 No.7132

*Insert maniacal cackling here*

af6e3 No.7133

And about half of those are Cures, right? :V

1d3f6 No.7137

They do make up a large number of the girls yes. Especially, if you're counting unique girls, and not number of pregnancies. For example, The five seasons of Sailor Moon are in each of the five seasons of this game, and I'm ensuring a 1 year gap between games to resolve all pregnancies so the girls can be impregnated in the next season.

df62a No.7138

Timeskips?! Fine, but there better be some midpoints during epilogues or something where we get to see progress. Ain't no point fetishizing putting a bun in the oven if you don't get to watch the dough rise, y'know.

1d3f6 No.7141

If everything goes according to plan, the final battle will have the girls at full term (or as close to it as possible considering that they aren't going to be knocked up at the same time). Births will take place during the epilogue, and then the returning ovens will be preheated for new buns in season 2.

9560b No.7142

If we're involving the Sailor Starlights, will we go with the version of them being women in disguise, or sex-shifting men?

1d3f6 No.7143

Women in disguise. Sex shifting men are the nopiest nope I've ever noped.

9560b No.7146

I don't get why the anime went that route myself. Women in disguise makes more sense to me. I wouldn't say no to someone who could change their sex at will, but it didn't friggin' make sense in the anime.

1d3f6 No.7149

Apologies for the delays. A combination of being busy, and then not having my muse when I do have free time, is behind the slowness.

I have the mental image of what's happening next scene, just need to translate that into words.

9560b No.7150

I know your pain so well, Moe. I'm attempting to make a novelist of myself, so that struggle is very real.

1d3f6 No.7167

Bah! Muse is back. I've got about half of the post done, and I started working on some multimedia shenanigans. My test video works perfectly. The actual video does not. Mumble grumble. I'll see if I can't put it together, otherwise you'll get the audio and the video separate.

a3e59 No.7168

Gambatte, dude.

4e6c7 No.7233

Now feeling slightly guilty for suggesting we burn the plushie. :-P

71e3c No.7234

It probably would've ruined our chances of mending fences with Tomoyo forever, yeah.

4e6c7 No.7235

And ruined a shopkeeper's livelihood to boot. I don't think insurance covers "random acts of mahou-shoujo."

1d3f6 No.7246

Thanks for mentioning the whisper in the main thread. It was so long since I wrote that that I forgot about it. It took me until just now to remember what was the cause of the whisper.

4e6c7 No.7247

No prob, man.

4e6c7 No.7250

So I don't clutter up the game thread:

"Bastard!!" was released by Viz in nineteen volumes before they let the rights lapse; I guess the stuff involving Hell and a woman called Porno Diane got to be too much for 'em. [shrug] But it's available in scanlations on some sites.

If you need a reason to read it, aside from the rampant luscious women and references to 80s rock and D&D, here's what Greg McElhatton of icomics.com had to say:

"If this was a movie, you'd have been blasted through the back wall of the theatre of by the opening music alone. This is loud, head-banging, technicolor fun…I'm sure some purists out there would be shocked, but I love it. If you're going to do an homage to your greatest influences, why not go all the way?"

0fc83 No.7251

Bastard!!! is the best. The Judeo-Christian mythos run amok is fun too, atop the Araki-level musical in-referencing.

4e6c7 No.7252

Araki as in "Baoh" and "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"?

1d3f6 No.7253

I have to admire a character that has this in his wikia article:

>At one time he planned on creating a harem of every woman on the planet.

Audacious and admirable. Tuxedo Kamen is going to stick to just making a harem out of every magical girl in the world, but similarities exist and are noted.

71e3c No.7254

As I said, Megadeth is a new personal goal we need to commit to fulfilling.

4e6c7 No.7255

Or in this case, the ultimate Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber. (It'd be close enough, I think?)

1d3f6 No.7259

No worries Limits. Things take up people's time.

0fc83 No.7260

The very same.

4e6c7 No.7261

Awesome. :-D

a3203 No.7271

Thinking we may be able to score some alone time with Moon during stuffed animal cleanup.

4e6c7 No.7274

I'm almost afraid to ask, but if there're the Four Horsemen of Super Mahou Shoujo Wars (Yattsu Kishu or Shi Kishu in Japanese, if you were curious), what's that make me?

71e3c No.7275

The Banpresto Original.

4e6c7 No.7277

I'm afraid I don't get the reference.

4e6c7 No.7278

Never mind, I googled it. I guess that's not so bad. :-)

1d3f6 No.7288

A little behind the scenes info on what that last post just did, because it did a lot.

Sailor Moon already had the hots for TK, but now she's going to be actively working to prove herself as good enough to date TK.

Luna's been forced to agree with you (kicking and screaming, but that doesn't matter) and, now she's going to be using you as the metaphorical carrot to motivate Sailor Moon as the metaphorical stick of her nagging has been less than effective. That's going to both soften Luna's opinion of you each time she uses it, and get Moon to focus on you.

Sailor Moon was the easy mode girl (as in, you'd have to try hard to not get her, easy mode), but you've accelerated when you get her.

Also, I figure this is as good a place to mention as any. Each of the girls has a condition to satisfy to get her into the harem. This is of course based on what I think of their character. They haven't all been locked down yet of course, but that's an ongoing effort. I quite like Jupiter's trigger, so I'm looking forward for us to get that far.

71e3c No.7289

Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter

Harem Get Condition: Remind her of her old senpai.

Joking aside, bwahahaha. I figured this would be enough to clinch it with Usagi, yeah. As I said before, Motivation Is Key with Usagi. In canon, she was quite content to sit back and fantasize about Tuxedo Kamen, but now we've gotten her off her ass and I'm looking forward to seeing the difference.

I'm also glad at the opportunity to bring Luna around. I for one am always happy to make friends with a kitty, and it helps that Luna's generally one of the smarter minds in the room, even if she can be a naggy little shit on a bad day.

Coincidentally, I'm looking forward to the point where her human form comes into play, even if that's several seasons from now. I just want to see that moment when she does it and everyone in the room fucking loses it.

2453e No.7290

I read a fanfic once where Usagi was a huge chuunibyou before becoming Sailor Moon. That story went *off the damn rails* in the best way possible. It's nowhere near complete, it probably never will be, and it has a purposely-crafted unfortunate title, but it's amazing fun all the same.
It is Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon.
As for the harem conditions, I don't think it'll be too difficult to convince Honoka, but everyone else…hmm…I think Moe might have to guide us to that bit by bit over time. I feel like I know most of the characters, but not well enough to figure out how they'd react in those kinds of situations.

1d3f6 No.7291

>I think Moe might have to guide us to that bit by bit over time.
Yes, the characters will certainly be getting more fleshed out. Those scenes should give you the info you need to figure out how they tick, and what would reasonably convince them to join the harem (in the oversexualized universe that this crossover is taking place in, because I don't think you'd be able to convince anyone except possibly Manga!Usagi to be in a harem in canon).

4e6c7 No.7292

If we encourage the girls to bond, would they later be able to tell us interesting details about each other that would help make future sexytimes somewhat easier to achieve?

1d3f6 No.7293


And with that, episode 3 has come to an end after six months. Seems like a good time to get feedback. Any questions, comments, or concerns?

7a056 No.7294

Can't really go much into it right now while at work, but who here thinks we should put Nagisa through some kind of martial arts training? The stats really hammer home not only how bad she is at physical fighting despite her propensity for charging in, but also how much it might work in our favor with her.

4e6c7 No.7295

If we do that, we need a style that suits her best. And boy, are there a lotta styles to choose from. Maybe shotokan-ryu? It's an Okinawan art that I'm partial to 'cause Dad made first-degree black belt in it way back in the day, and I made it to blue belt before I went after amateur theater more seriously.

71e3c No.7296

I'm more of a kendo guy myself, so I'll leave it to you guys to work on this one. I'm pretty sure we shouldn't go with judo no matter what, though. It probably wouldn't do us any good to even accidentally imply she try to imitate or be more like Honoka.

fe993 No.7301

Since this quest has a connection to the solar system, this seems like an appropriate place. Safe solar eclipse viewing to everyone that's able to make it!

9df45 No.7304

Seconded! :-D

1d3f6 No.7306

Congrats Limits. The series revealed in this episode is in fact Splash Star. Unfortunately, some bad news, Heartcatch only has Kaoruko (Tsubomi's grandmother that runs the shop). The actual heartcatch plot is scheduled for a later game where it has a greater thematic integration.

Anyway, with this, we have 5 series correctly guessed. There are 7 total series (I'm not counting Sailor Moon and Crystal as separate series). As for the last two series in this game, I'll be vague, but you guys have been on the right track during some earlier speculation/hoping.

71e3c No.7307

Oh god, we're getting Madoka! Abandon game!

99c69 No.7310

[tries to catch Blue's ear and can't, being too short and cursed with T-rex arms] We can't abandon ship yet! [flails cartoonishly]

71e3c No.7312

I'm kidding, of course. Mostly.

So, given Splash Star's inclusion in this season, does our resident PreCure guy want to give us a full breakdown of that one? I feel like it might be a good idea to know what all we're getting into for it.

99c69 No.7313

[gets notepad and adjusts glasses] Agreed.

2a6dd No.7314

I wouldn't mind getting a bit more information on it as well.

d0aa5 No.7319

OK. I didn't actually watch any of Splash Star for one main reason: it's very similar to the first two seasons. You have a sport redhead and a brainiac purple-haired girl who start off kind of at odds with each other, they get visited by two fairies, they become Splash Star PreCure.
Most of the season was Toei's attempt to walk a fine line between rejecting all the tropes that had made them so much money in the previous two seasons because they were told that audience wanted something different, and sticking to said tropes because they were providing Toei with mad money.
As a result, there a bunch of tiny differences between the seasons that are absolutely meaningless, though I've heard Splash Star finds its own identity about halfway through the season. Until then, they're basically just a discount Nagisa and Honoka, by virtue of Nagisa and Honoka being first. Later on, they will gain useful barriers, and be generally a bit more mystically inclined than ol' Punch and Judo (:V)
(But I shouldn't mock Nagisa and Honoka too much. In the fourth All-Stars movie, they managed to block a runaway freighter ship that was sliding down a ramp of slime that the villain of the movie had created. They basically just hit it really hard once, except it didn't crumple at all. It just STOPPED. This freighter had bowled over the two newest Cure teams without any effort when they tried to stop it.)

99c69 No.7323

That all sounds pretty disappointing. Thanks for explaining.

21540 No.7324

It is, kinda, but it gets a little better. Also, Mai and (I think) Saki have a bit more ranged attack focus, so they aren't as goofy-statted as other Cures. That is, if Moe's doing the stats that way…

1d3f6 No.7326

Splash Star has an opposite flow as compared to the first season. The original PreCure came out strong(ish, Pissard was a weak opponent, but even he had his moments) and had a lackluster second half. Splash Star is a fun retread of the first season for the first half of the season, and then it does its own thing for the second half and is better for it.

The finale of Splash Star is amazing, but if you haven't watched the whole season, please don't spoil yourselves.

At it's core, both shows are monster of the week shows with an overarching plot. The episodes themselves are pretty interchangeable, and I'm more referring to the season-spanning plot when I rate the stories.

a87d5 No.7331

This is all true from what I've seen and heard.
Still going on record as saying that my favorite seasons are any seasons where the two major words start with H and C. That is to say, HeartCatch and Happiness Charge!
HeartCatch is just distilled awesome (complete with a pregnancy visual gag), and Happiness Charge's only shortcomings lie with the god who acts as mission control for the Cures, along with the two sisters who could *almost* be as awesome as Cure Moonlight if they were fused together.
Fortunately for that season, the final story arc is pretty great in how it stretches the characters, and Cure Honey is literally the second-best Cure of all from a literary character standpoint, only under (obviously) Moonlight.

This all reminds me, please don't squander Nanase Yui like Princess PreCure did. She deserves so much more than the hand that season dealt her ;_;

71e3c No.7334

Random note, but has anyone else checked out Warriors All-Stars at all? I'm enjoying it so far.

Though I've somehow managed to turn poor Sophie into the biggest pervert. She's walked in on every guy in my army in the bath so far to the point it's become a running gag.

c78aa No.7335

Not yet. Maybe I can convince my friends to buy it, since they actually have a PS4.
Said friend really enjoys most of the games that show up in that game.

1d3f6 No.7336

No PS4 (although I see it also has a Windows release), and no time.

e5c9b No.7348

I don't usually post here, but this particular situation calls for it. I'm going to be gone for a week to a business convention. I doubt I'll miss anything too naughty, so all I ask is 1. Be a gentleman and 2. Don't get us killed.

343bd No.7349

Having just gotten back from a convention myself, I wish you luck and chances to relax on yours. :-)

71e3c No.7351

…San Japan?

343bd No.7353

Nan Desu Kan, actually. I was a panelist again. [glows happily]

71e3c No.7354

Oh really? What panel?

343bd No.7355

I read folk hero stories and fairy tales aloud; works that people stateside stopped hearing after the 1950s.

85224 No.7356

Sounds fun :)

343bd No.7358

It really was, and gratifying that people came to hear the stories. I like to think Granma, the original owner of the books, would be very pleased. :-)

Anyway, who're these two new girls on the battlefield, exactly?

a5379 No.7360

Splash Star, the second team of many to come (heh) in the Pretty Cure series.

71e3c No.7367

…Well, that was a thing. So, if anyone else plays Fate/Grand Order, uh, so I won't go into too much detail, but I just got Tuxedo Kamen'd. Glass rose thrown and big dramatic speech when we're in trouble and everything.

This whole arc of the story has been surprisingly great with little jokes like this, but god damn.

cc569 No.7369

I *think* I know what part you're talking about, but I'm only in Orleans, so I'm not sure.

71e3c No.7374

Yeah, I'm still in Orleans. Considering how DARK AND SERIOUS Singularity F was, they've worked in an almost stupidly surprising amount of humor into this chapter.

I also make no excuses for myself as I play this game. I've been playing it for two weeks now and I've got two 4-star Riders whom I haven't even so much as glanced at since summoning them, but Medusa is my strongest character and I've already done Ascension on her. I've only finally had her for about two days now.

a1bae No.7375

I'm towards the end of Rome myself. Been having a lot of fun with it.

7a056 No.7376

It makes me sort of wish we had a quest game going of it here, but it really wouldn't be any different than the Kancolle one in execution and an actual proper FSN quest is something I don't really think anyone can do justice for if they tried it. Fate's a series where it's amazing if you bail it but only a very low percentage of those that try can do so, and failing at it is so much worse than not trying at all.

7a056 No.7377

bail it = nail it, stupid autocorrect.

a7961 No.7378

Welcome back to both Shadow and Moe. I hope the business convention went well and that recovery is quick, respectively.

72f54 No.7387

So, I'm at a thing right now. It's fucking great.

d44c2 No.7388

Have a blast, and come back safe.

a9731 No.7389

We got the VIP tickets, turns out. I may have gotten Nobou Uematsu to sign my FF4 soundtrack.

Why yes, I am beside myself at the moment with glee.

1d3f6 No.7400

So much for getting the update out early this week. Been busy. Should have something out tomorrow.

3d2cd No.7401

No rush, no worries.

1d3f6 No.7407

This new power may seem pretty lame. But I'm looking forward to when you guys figure out how to abuse it. That should be a blast.

71e3c No.7408

Well, it's basically one half of being able to ignore a flashbang going off in our faces, for starters. And Sailor Moon's screaming, obviously. Nothing else immediately comes to mind, but I'm sure we'll think of something.

We really need to figure out a way to see through the Shabon Spray, though. The fog of war thing is gonna catch up to us sooner or later if we don't.

3d2cd No.7434

Now might be a good time to introduce Tuxedo Kamen's clairvoyance, then. (Clairvoyance being "present sight"; meaning if you have it, you can see anything that's happening right that moment, or find lost objects, pets, people, etc.)

In the manga and most recent anime, when Mamoru touched the ground, he could locate the other Senshi. We could probably stretch that to a logical extreme: As long as some part of him is touching the ground (or perhaps anything of the Earth, like trees and stones), then he can find virtually anything or anyone.

c2f3b No.7436

Maybe not that powerful at first, but I'm all for him being a sensor like that. Good catch, Femanon :)

a1bae No.7438

That would be fairly useful.

3d2cd No.7440

Aw, thanks guys. :-)

4ad35 No.7445

Hey Limits, would it be weird if I asked for your e-mail address? Nothing dirty in mind; it'd just be nice to chat geeky stuff, I think.

b21ed No.7448

Hmm. No offense, but while I am interested, I'm a bit hesitant to give that kind of information out in a semi-public place like this…

4ad35 No.7450

Totally understandable. No offense taken. I'm trying to think of a way around that myself, since I don't wanna wind up attacked like poor SpookyDice was.

2e862 No.7452

Let me know if/when you come up with something (junk accounts, maybe?)

1a7f1 No.7453

Good idea. You can drop me a line at d1sp0s4bl3@outlook.com I won't be keeping it for long, just long enough. Please say something like "Hey, it's Limits" in the subject line.

And if our fellow mahou-shoujo questers would like to say hi, same rules apply: Mention who you are, and nothing dirty. At all. Just geeky goodness.

e077f No.7454

Sent :)

e077f No.7455

From the main story thread, I have to say that Nepu is another series that I've always wanted to get, but have never yet gotten :<

71e3c No.7456

You should, they're great. The series never really does anything super special as far as gameplay goes, but the personality of the series is just the best. And these days, every game in the series except for one of the spinoffs and the new one that just came out yesterday are available on Steam.

1a7f1 No.7457

What's it about, exactly?

5fd4b No.7458

Video Games: The Anime: The Video Game: The Musical: The RPG: The Fanservice: The Anime: The Neppening: The Video Game.

In a nutshell.

0a3fe No.7459

10/10 explanation.

(For the boring 0/10 explanation, girls who are the goddesses/personifications of various video game systems/companies go around keeping their worlds safe.)

1a7f1 No.7460

Thank ya both for summing it up.

6191d No.7478

Be sure to grab some coffee, Moe. Caffeine is extremely good for headaches, so I grab coffee whenever I get a migraine. Hope you feel better soon.

1d3f6 No.7479

I think it's more lack of sleep plus stress than anything else. It got better after I got some sleep.

55c64 No.7480

Sleep, "great nature's second course, that knits the ravelled sleeve of care."

1d3f6 No.7481

Nice Shakespeare reference.
It also causes you to oversleep and be late to work.

55c64 No.7482

Sounds like someanon forgot to set their alarm this morning. :-P

1d3f6 No.7484

No, more like turning the alarm off when I meant to hit snooze. Fortunately, I have a backup alarm set, so I was only half an hour behind.

1d3f6 No.7486

Prepping some pictures for the upcoming section. I love how CCS doesn't even try to hide how much Tomoyo is perving on Sakura.

cceea No.7490

Were I the GM, that line right there would be enough to get submitted to the "Shit My Players Say" Tumblr.

71e3c No.7491

I got a pretty good reaction out of my friends when I quoted myself from >>7138 without any further context to them.

cceea No.7554

You have the nerve to discuss Pregchan offline? That's enviable.

7a056 No.7556

Context is everything. I occasionally talk about this game and I occasionally do stuff like quote that line as "something I heard on a board I go to", but no one has any reason to connect the dots.

53e14 No.7557

So you're being smart about it. Good.

68e51 No.7560

There are a lot of things I'm comfortable sharing with my friends. My participation in this game is one of them, but the details of said game beyond "It's a magical girl game and we're Tuxedo Kamen and we're AWESOME AT IT" are not.

cceea No.7561

Makes complete sense to me, man.

a96dc No.7573

So with the announced cleanup and eventual page cap, I thought I should ask: Moe, is there a GDrive file or dropbox of some sort with the previous game threads saved in it? If not, could we help somehow?

6918f No.7574

A pastebin would probably work as well.

1d3f6 No.7576

Sorry, I've been gone for a while. Really busy on my end.

I have both old threads downloaded and saved. I was planning on doing some spelling corrections before putting them up as downloads though.

a96dc No.7577

Sweet, looks like we have nothing to worry about when the thread cleanups happen. :-) Thanks man.

1d3f6 No.7583

I know some of you guys are less than comfortable with the inevitable sex scenes with Sakura, Nanoha, Fate, and Tomoyo (if you unlock her). As a courtesy, I'm planning on pastebinning them and linking them instead of posting directly in the thread once we reach them, so those that understandably don't want to read about pubescent elementary school girls having sex don't have to.

However that brings up a point, are there any specific fetishes or kinks that you'd like me to include or exclude?

The reason I brought it up is that the topic of incest came up in CCS. In the anime, Syaoran is engaged to his second cousin (and if you successfully woo Sakura and prevent that engagement from being broken, they'll eventually get married), and Tomoyo and Sakura are also second cousins and there's some unrequited lust happening right now.

*Spoiler* for Tomoyo's unlock requirements, you're going to have to get Sakura to return Tomoyo's feelings, and build a sexual relationship as well. *End Spoiler*

However, that led me to creating a really fucked up backstory for Tomoyo and Sakura's family involving incest, sex slavery, and snuff. (Side note: I'm not a fan of snuff, but it very conveniently explained five deaths that would otherwise be an annoying plot hole in my story.)

Without spoiling too much, in that backstory, Masaki Amamiya would be an example of what could happen to TK if he ends up abusing his powers.

Let me know if that's something you don't mind being explored in the quest, or if that's something you'd prefer I stay away from and just focus on TK building his harem of willing pregnant girls.

7c64e No.7584

I really have no preference either way…. I'll just skim anything I'm not interested in.

a96dc No.7585

First, I hope everything is okay now.

Second, thank you for providing the option to pastebin the underage stuff. Even imagining the lolis as older has its limits, so I really appreciate your consideration.

Third, the most important things to be explored in the quest itself are, in my mind, the girls' limits:

Are they willing to be impregnated at a future date? (Usagi's obviously a yes, but anyway.) Are any of them comfortable with the idea that bisexuality and polyamory will be encouraged? If they all make friends with each other, will they be okay with the idea of loving their friends romantically, or would they be afraid of ruining the friendships?

What are limits they'd like to expand? What're the limits they never want crossed? Who would want to be made love'd to, and who would want a hard fuck? Would anyone appreciate light bondage as the ultimate expression of trust?

The more chances Tuxie has to build trust and consent, the better for him and everyone else. His ladies need to know they'll be cared for and respected.

71e3c No.7586

Gonna level here, Moe. I'm okay with a lot of things as long as they have an endgame that hits my checklist, that checklist of course being a lot of the stuff we're here to see, but I've pretty heavily lost my taste for dark plot type backstories (or frontstories, for that matter), especially stuff like rape, NTR, sex slavery, and snuff, over the years. Blame FSN. I understand the purpose of tragedy and drama in what makes a character tick, but my heart just cannot do that sort of thing anymore.

It's your story and I won't tell you how to set it up, and it's not like just this one backstory is going to make me quit this game or anything, but it's a pretty hard pill for me to swallow if that's what ends up happening.

On a more lighthearted note, though, I'm always amused to acknowledge my double-standards on this kind of subject. While I'm full brakes 110% opposed to the idea of us having one of our girls taken from us by someone, either by something dark like NTR or even something just as simple as Sakura and Syaoran falling in love with each other, I pretty much always find myself plotting, at least in private, at what the best method of taking someone else's girl would be, such as Meiling. I'm greedy like that.

As for other kinds of kinks and such, honestly about the only kinds I'm grossed out by are the "bathroom" fetishes, and I'm not a personal fan of stuff like S&M, if a girl likes to be tied up and spanked I'm not gonna judge her for it. I feel like cosplay is kind of a given with the kind of game this is so that's not really worth bringing up, but really that's about it. As long as we're the ones knocking these girls up I'm pretty okay with things.

e5c9b No.7587

Why would you want to take Meiling, man? She's cute, sure, but too annoying for my tastes. XD

As previously stated, I have no problem with the loli or the incest, but I do tip my hat to you Moe for making the extra effort for those that are uncomfortable with it. You are a true gentleman.

As such, I don't think I have too much to worry about in terms of kinks, but for the sake of clarity, I do not enjoy: 'bathroom' fetishes, blood or gore, hard bondage (light is okay), abuse (emotional or physical), or extremes in just about any area. If you saw my F-list, you'd see a lot of 'No's but I figure I don't have to worry about most of those here.

71e3c No.7588

As noted, primarily greed. You put five girls in front of me and I'll pick one or two as favorites but I'll still happily nail all five.

And I must argue your dislike of extremes on one point, Shadow. That point being… extreme vanilla. Embrace the diabetes, man.

b21ed No.7589

No bathroom fetishes, and I'd rather not deal with guro, snuff, and loli stuff. If character death helps you get rid of plot holes, I'll tolerate it, but I'd rather it not be connected to the sex scenes.
Also, light bondage is kinda OK, I guess.

1d3f6 No.7590

>First, I hope everything is okay now.

Thanks for the concern, but everything's OK. I just have a lot of real life commitments that come first. Some times, I just run out of spare time with which to do stuff for this quest.

>Are they willing to be impregnated at a future date?

Since this is an impregnation quest, yes, they're all OK with getting pregnant. Some of them more eager, some more wary, but all willing, and will be happy about it.


I just ran through the list of girls in the quest. Sakura is the only girl I'd say is completely straight, but Cure Black and Bloom are also pretty darn straight. The rest of the girls range from being mostly straight, but still interested in girls, to Tomoyo being almost completely lesbian (but her backstory makes that a little more complicated).

>being romantic with friends, polyamory

Harem management is probably going to be one of the things that you'll have to do later in the game. Nipping jealousy in the bud, dealing with romantic conflicts, helping the girls navigate the fact that some of them have crushes on the others, dealing with the fact that they're all in a harem together with old friends and new allies, and with the girls experimenting sexually both to find what they like, and who they like. The ideal end-state will be all of the girls in the harem, pregnant, happy, completely in love with TK, each romantically involved with at least one other girl, and comfortable enough with all of their harem-mates to have sex with any of them, whether one-on-one, or as part of a threesome or moresome.

>If character death helps you get rid of plot holes, I'll tolerate it, but I'd rather it not be connected to the sex scenes.
The NPCs that I'm referring to are already dead, so no, no sex scenes related to the death.


>Death/dark stuff.
I'll go back and make some changes to make Masaki's backstory less dark. The deaths will just have to be a tragic accident instead of the intentional/ritualistic death that it is in the current backstory.

>Why would you want to take Meiling, man? She's cute, sure, but too annoying for my tastes. XD
Word of God agrees with this post. Meiling is not a romanceable girl, Syaoran gets to keep her.

Ferret-bro is the only one that's allowed to get shit on. He may be the broest of all ferrets, but he's also the betaest of all males. Optional side-quest: Since Nanoha's heart will belong to you and Fate, help Yuuno get over his crush on Nanoha, and potentially build a harem of his own with the minor characters from the shows.

e5c9b No.7591

You have be there, sir! One cannot have too much vanilla.

Like a good DM, you've really thought things out. And I'm all for helping our Ferret-bro get some. …I really need to watch Nanoha if he's this bro in canon.

71e3c No.7592

>No Meiling
As noted, it was more of an amused commentary on my own double standards regarding NTR and Netori. I wasn't expecting us to actually get ahold of her, because god does that boy need to get laid, and as much as I found them fucking adorable in Tsubasa I'm sure as shit not giving up our claim on Sakura.

I think he's more bro here because Nanoha really doesn't have much in the way of males who do, well, anything of value. The first series sort of hints at the idea of him and Nanoha being a thing, but by A's she and Fate pretty much take the Yuri Ball and run straight to the nearest bedroom with it. He's a total bro either way, but it makes you feel bad for him to an extent.

That said, I would absolutely be okay with taking him under our wing and letting him build a minor girls harem. That shit would be hilarious.

"Kamen, I need dating advice."

"Roses, my friend. Roses for days."

1d3f6 No.7593

a96dc No.7595

I agree, let's throw the bro a bone.

And that's not an invitation for jokes, guys. :-P

7a056 No.7598

Oh, it's a shame you feel that way. XD

a1bae No.7599

Agreed with us taking Yuuno under our wing and teaching him our ways.

1dbed No.7600

>implying that Fate won't join Nanoha in TK's harem

Well, I'm all for Yuuno following in TK's footsteps.
Just, not before some kind of timeskip >_>

a1bae No.7601

… Yuuno x Chibiusa?

71e3c No.7602

Limits, you're my buddy, but I believe you misunderstood me if you think I'm not all about pulling a Harem Get on Fate and I feel moderately offended by it. You should be ashamed of yourself, man.

And I could totally see us hooking Yuuno up with Usagi's friend Naru, though that one depends more on whether or not we can keep Nephrite alive, which I'd prioritize more. Nephrite definitely deserves better if we can help it.

"…Yuuno. Would you please explain to me why you took my daughter to a love hotel last night? And for your sake, make it good."

a1bae No.7603

And then it turns out that it's actually Chibiusa truly taking after her daddy and constructing herself a reverse harem of the secondary male characters.

a96dc No.7604

[slides outta chair laughing]

71e3c No.7605

Part of me is horrified by this idea, part of me is highly amused by it. I'm not sure which is winning but I'm laughing either way.

e5c9b No.7606

Yeah, we'd have to watch out for her mom on that one. *still snickering*

*snickers turn into laughter* Okay, now I find myself torn between this and helping Yuuno get his own little harem.

78e7b No.7607

I almost feel bad at this point because sooner or later Moe's gonna come see this and be like "Aw fuck guys c'mon" and have to start furiously rewriting his season three script or something. XD

a96dc No.7608

I don't think there's ever a script that survives contact with viewers, players, readers, editors, or what have you. :-)

71e3c No.7609

Especially not with us. I'm pretty sure just by virtue of us talking about the idea of it back when we first fought her, we made Moe add Poisony to the secret Harem Get list.

1d3f6 No.7610

I love it when discussions blow up like this. Gives me more fodder to work with. It may be a bit of a moot point since I doubt we'll get to game 2 and have Chibi-Usa show up, but you guys do know that Chibi-Usa's defining characteristic is her unhealthy and overpowering lady-boner for her dad (and that's not to imply that she's a futa; no futanari in this game).

I'm not opposed to you passing her off to Yuuno to be part of his harem, or even to have her build her own reverse harem (although that's something I'm less interested in writing, so it won't have as much focus if you go down that route), but that's something that you proactively have to change the story to get. Of course, you guys have changed the story in a few places already so far, so there's nothing stopping you from setting that up if that's a goal you want to shoot for.

1d3f6 No.7611

Don't feel bad, I'm enjoying it.

Also, I'm not SEELE, I don't have a script that I expect you to follow. I have a framework for the future, and I'm evolving the world as you guys make changes to it.

>we made Moe add Poisony to the secret Harem Get list.
You did. I needed a while to figure out the mechanics of it, but I have added her to the secret list. However, I don't have the story requirements yet to unlock her. Until I write down some specific requirements, it's going to be a case of do I feel if you guys did enough to convince her. I've got an idea for the story requirements, I just need to hash it out and get things locked in place.

71e3c No.7612

bce0f No.7613

The shame is real *rings shame bell*
See, Naru is in a tricky position here, especially regarding hooking her up with Yuuno, due to his age.
(Though if by some absurd miracle we get the Princess PreCure in on this, I'd let Yuuno go with Yui Nanase.
I have ranted before how she's the most underrated character in that season.
Victim of the Week 4 times, but she still hung out with the Cures, still wanted to be a Cure at one point, and saved the Cures' collective asses in two very climactic struggles.
WITHOUT POWERS. She's highly qualified and underrated, and is the only reason I care about the Princess Cures.
This is a fine birthday present.

e5c9b No.7619

Anyone making Hellsing Abridged references gets points in my book.

Since we've been bringing up the subject of setting Yuuno up with a few girls, and I notice that Egret and Bloom are taking a liking to him in our latest post, why not start there? We have Black and White, and I'm not a greedy mascot, so why not let Yuuno have the mini versions?

71e3c No.7620

*Record scratch*

You… suggest we give girls up whom we actually have a better than great chance of Harem Get'ing?

…Guys, I think someone killed Shadow and started using his account.

a96dc No.7621

It'd be an interesting way to build an alliance and more trust, though. Show the girls Tuxie's not crazy-jealous-possessive and he trusts them to make good choices, even if they don't choose him. That'd go a long way.

If we're gonna build a happy harem, we need to prove we can provide more than sex and pregnancies. Off the top of my head: Protection from threats, emotional support (which was done with Sailor Moon, along with a gentle kick to the ass), and trusting the girls to trust each other and be mature about sharing and exploring other options, are good starts.

a96dc No.7622

Adding to that, I know I said maybe Tuxie wouldn't share easily, but this is Ferret-bro we're talking about. He seems like a good dude.

71e3c No.7628

So, derailing the previous line of whether or not Shadow's been replaced with a pod person or a creepy stuffed doll with an antenna ball on his head while the rest of the unlockable characters are robots because who knows to ask if anyone's played Eiyu*Senki. I started checking it out and I'm enjoying it so far, even if Himiko feels pretty painfully like Usagi at times. Those times being all the time.

b21ed No.7631

Is it PS3 only? Because that limits its availability to me :<

71e3c No.7632

Nah, it came out on Steam the other week, and you can buy it straight off of Jast USA's website as well. It's cheaper to get it on Steam and then buy the 18+ restoration patch, though.

e5c9b No.7635

I'm just not greedy. And since I don't know the source material (yet. I'll be changing that soon), I don't care for the characters as much. And I didn't know they would be easily aquired as I can't read people well.

On a personal note: my laptop died. I may not be on as much, but I hope to fix that in a little while and continue playing and archiving these fun threads.

a96dc No.7637

Good luck with the laptop fix, man.

1d3f6 No.7640

This came as a great shock to me, but there is a distinct lack of pictures featuring a wet Sailor Mercury. I thought that would be an obvious thing that people would draw, but I guess not.

0be98 No.7671

The womb as a source of magic might not be too far off. I mean, that's where life is made, by some weird, bizarre fact of biology and chance and evolution.

b21ed No.7675

This is actually a theme I've explored in certain ideas of my own.

71e3c No.7680

You naughty boy, you.

0be98 No.7682

Like for stories? Would you be tempted to post any here?

3f217 No.7692

Good to see the site back. I was worried it was just me having problems accessing this place.

99085 No.7693

Yeah, this was getting a little old with the 403s and whatnot. I hope it's fixed now.

b21ed No.7694

Vaguely tempted, perhaps. Maybe someday.

3f217 No.7695

[thumbs up] Works for me. :-)

e5c9b No.7696

As stated before, of the anime featured in this game, I have only seen CCS (and that was years ago, hence why I only remember the general plot and not many specifics). This game has inspired me to start watching others, starting with Pretty Cure (because Crunchyroll doesn't have Nanoha). And speaking of Crunchyroll, where did they did get Pretty Cure from, a VHS cassette? I don't mind if video quality isn't the best, but man, the muffled sound bugs me!

*Ahem* Anyway, thanks guys for getting me into something that looks quite entertaining. It's also kind of cool to go "I remember that from the game."

c165c No.7697

You're welcome. :-)

(Happy holidays to my fellow questers, by the way.)

e5c9b No.7701

Merry Christmas to all!

d0ed6 No.7754

No one cares, and no one asked, but I'm sharing my opinion on Pretty Cure anyway. It was… okay. I like that they actually punch and kick their foes, but it seems to do nothing until they bust out their deus ex machina attack. I like Nagisa and Honoka as characters, but the show feels bogged down by magical girl show tropes that I don't remember being in my favorite magic girl shows (CCS and Princess Tutu). Maybe the other series with Honoka and Nagisa will be better, but that has to wait until I get a laptop again.

But watching the show has helped me to appreciate the work GM Moe puts into making this a fun and interesting game. I also look forward to spending more time with those girls (still don't want Poisony, and I am not looking forward to Pollun). Thanks again everyone!

1d3f6 No.7755

I came up with a way of creating synthetic magical girls. It's not something critical to the story (although it could be an interesting sub-plot for the final game, but that doesn't matter since there's no way we're reaching season 5). However, it spoils a bunch of things from season 2, and as much as I want to share it, I don't want to spoil it.

>But watching the show has helped me to appreciate the work GM Moe puts into making this a fun and interesting game

Thanks, but would you mind elaborating on that?

d0ed6 No.7756

Synthetic magical girls? Color me intrigued.

To elaborate, I have mentioned before that coordinating and synchronizing four sets of events can't be easy, and it must have taken a lot of thought. But it also involves those tropes I mentioned. Long transformation sequences are shortened or cut, there's more taking action and less hesitation from the girls so we see them closer to their best, and the fan service keeps us teased and amused with the promise of what comes later. And as one that took every undergrad creative writing class my college had to offer, writing well is hard, and you do a good job of juggling all these things good sir.

0fc83 No.7757

>Synthetic magical girls
Cue the Mahou Shoujo of the End/Vietnam conflict-style flashbacks.

71e3c No.7758

Yeah, it is *NEVER* a good thing when people start synthesizing or mass producing magical girls, cyborgs, or super soldiers. Or all three, thanks StrikerS.

73c1c No.7760

…. dare I ask?

1d3f6 No.7767

Apologies for the delayed absence. I'm still alive, just busy. And when I have had some free time, I've been playing Particle Fleet (great game), or just haven't had my muse.

7c64e No.7768


b21ed No.7770

Nothing that's an actual story. I just have a setting where life, energy, and superhuman abilities are pretty explicitly tied together.
So naturally, more powerful people are also more fertile. I put a natural limit into that, though, because it wouldn't make sense otherwise: if there is a large power disparity between partners, then impregnation becomes more difficult, generally.

b21ed No.7771

HeartCatch is a superior season in every respect anyway.
It even has a pregnancy visual gag that's the continuation of a breast size visual gag.

b21ed No.7772

Third season of Nanoha. That's when it stops pretending it's not basically Gundam, but with outrageously developed girls instead of robots. :P

402b3 No.7773

Hoo boy. If I get to that point, I'm in for a helluva ride, aren't I?

402b3 No.7774

Side note, this looks like an intriguing concept. I hope you have fun with it.

b21ed No.7775

Yes and yes.

1d3f6 No.7780

The new Card Captor Sakura series came out while I was super busy last month. I just had a chance to watch the first episode. It's gorgeous. Completely changes my plan for how Card Captor Sakura was supposed to fit in the game timeline, but changes have already been made. Not that we have any hope of reaching game 4.

71e3c No.7781

Oh please, we've done just fine with four (and now five or six) regulars up to now. As long as you keep writing it, we'll keep playing it. >_>

abedc No.7782

Agreed. I'd like to game with y'all for however long is feasible. :-)

71e3c No.7783

On a random note, I found a crossover fanfic last night that works… far better than I expected it to. Nanoha season 1… and Castlevania, specifically the Sorrow games. It's not the best thing I've ever read, but it's had some moments.

Nanoha: -On the subject of a two-on-one spar with Soma- Don't worry, this is just practice. It'll be fun!

Yuuno: This is the guy that scares DEATH. I reserve the right to be intimidated.

71e3c No.7786

Hey Moe, when you have a few minutes, would it be too much trouble to ask if you could list off all the stuff we've had Kamen try to cast Reinforcement on so far? I want to compile a list, but I haven't had the time to go through and catalog everything we've already done so far.

1d3f6 No.7787

Rose: turn into armor-piercing dart, claw, or ???
Cane: Extend the cane.
Cape: Reinforced armor.

Ears: Prevents pain and ringing from loud noises, but loud noises can still drown out quieter ones.
Eyes: Had no effect when tried.
Muscles: Allows you to maintain your peak burst performance (ie. run long distance at a sprint, jump as if you weren't tired)

The first set of powers is derived from your magical energy control skill. This is also what you used to look inside of Nanoha and help bring some order to the chaotic storm of her magical potential. The second set of powers is derived from your healing skill, unconventional ways of directing healing energy to improve yourself.

b21ed No.7788

We might want to try Reinforcing the domino mask then, at some point…

abedc No.7789

So they can act like polarized sunglasses, or take impact damage?

71e3c No.7790

We've tried the mask, actually. Magic just bounces off of it.

In a day or three when I have some time I'll go ahead and throw together a list of stuff we should try experimenting with.

1d3f6 No.7791

Yes, that too. Also, the difference in behavior between the what happened when TK tried powering up his eyes and tried powering up his mask is an important detail.

abedc No.7792

And meanwhile, I'll be over here giggling my ass off at the thought of leveling everyone up like Pokemon.

1d3f6 No.7793

What? Sailor Moon is evolving.
*Evolution Music playing*
Congratulations! Your Sailor Moon evolved into Super Sailor Moon.
*Evolution fanfare plays*

6ee29 No.7795

[stops cackling long enough to Like this comment]

6ee29 No.7797

The game thread has reached its reply limit, so I'm putting my write-in vote here: Tuxie should help Nanoha control her power in order to protect the structural integrity of Sakura's home. Let's tell Moon to give Sakura a boost to get Wood sealed, and have Black and White on standby in case something goes wrong again.

1d3f6 No.7798

Thanks for the heads up, I've created a new thread. This is thread number four now.


71e3c No.7800

Okay, so this is mostly just me spitballing right now because it's five in the morning and I can't sleep, but I've had a couple observations over the course of the game for things we could try experimenting with regarding our powers, or things we should practice with/keep in mind about ourselves. By all means, if people have something to add go for it. Anyway, here goes:

(DISCLAIMER: It's five in the morning and I can't sleep, so I'm tired and not about to troll through the entirety of the game so far for specific details of shit we've pulled that I don't remember off the top of my head right now. If I've missed us doing something somewhere, apologies in advance and please feel free to point it out. Thanks.)


–Roses change form and gain attributes, to either a dart or a claw, but Moe's (plainly) hinted we can pull another one out. Maybe by focusing on the petals?

–Messing with the cane lengthens it out, which is good for pulling a surprise fuck you in a fight if the enemy isn't expecting it, but we need to practice with the physics more so we don't keep getting thrown off balance whenever we hit whatever we're aiming at. We should also seriously try figuring out our focus with it to make it hit a length we want and stay there, because being able to go from cane to staff/spear length and give us a two-handed weapon would be incredibly helpful if we went up against someone like Jadeite again. We also need to figure out a way to stress-test the thing if we were to get it to staff length, because it'd be useless to us to pull a staff against someone and they just cut it in half with a sword.

–Cape works as a defense, but only at the moment we focus into it. This well enough for swooping in to protect someone all dashing hero-like, but we should try and see about whether or not we can reflect shots with it, Mario's cape in Smash Bros style. Probably wouldn't work on beam-type attacks, but imagine the look on a youma's face if she threw a fireball at us and we just went NOPE and threw it back in her face.

–Top hat. We've not messed with it yet. Might be interesting to try and see if we can go Kung Lao/Oddjob on someone, or it might do something else. Who knows?

–Gloves/Shoes. Might be useful to see if they help with any climbing/MMX-style wall-jumping we could try or if it'd help our footing in a slippery/icy situation.

–Magic of any kind just slides off our mask or is actively deflected. I'm not sure how to make use of this just yet but it feels like something we need to make sure to always keep in mind.


–Ears can be soundwave-blocked while eyes can't be sharpened. I don't really see a pattern here, so maybe we should mess with our other senses to see what happens? Just a thought.

–Our stamina can be temporarily boosted by focusing, but I want to try seeing what happens if we seriously focus our magic into our limbs. Main points of that:

-I want to see are if we can gain a super hi-jump to go with our already pretty great jumping skill. Go from being able to get off ground level with a single leap to getting straight to the top of a building sort of jump. So probably specific magical focus on our legs in that regard.

-Our arms are another priority, to see if we can get a strength boost out of a physical attack. Those kinds of abilities are always useful.

-General strengthening of our own body. You'd think defense by that, but I also mean secondary healing/damage reduction so that we don't shred ourselves from doing something in a powered-up state. Punching through solid wood at 8x strength? Pretty cool. Breaking our hand in the process because our hand only has 1x durability? Not so much. Jumping like Superman is great until we break our legs on the impact, so same principle. If we're gonna power up, we need to BE powered up for it, or we're just gonna explode into a finely-dressed pulp otherwise.

–This might not work out for us beyond a screaming headache, but it might be worth it to see if focusing magic on our brain does anything. Probably(Totally) won't work on our amnesia issue, but it might provide an INT boost in a given situation. What I'm really hoping for, though, would be that empowering our brain would allow us to think/perceive faster, thus causing a slowdown effect. Not QUITE something like Time Alter, but more like Blade Mode. Something we can use in short bursts in a fight, that sort of thing.

I'm sure there's other stuff we can try out or pull off, but that's all the stuff I can think of at this point that's directly related to Kamen and our existing skill set. If anyone's got any suggestions or wants to point out anything I missed, feel free to sound off.

e5c9b No.7801

Me too! I'll be here as long as you are. We nerds must stick together!

He he he. Glad to see my funny thought went over well. After all what is a Mascot for but to be the comic relief?

Wow you have put a lot of thought into this. Great ideas Blue.

And here's hoping I can get a laptop so I can archive thread 3 Before it eventually dies. Anyone know how long it'll be on life support?

71e3c No.7802

A few weeks at best, probably. We only just hit the edge of it so we've got some time. Though we should also consider when to archive this thread as well, since I know we're getting up there in posts.

And thanks, I've been kicking around the thoughts for awhile but I finally got a chance to compile it into something resembling a list. And to add to it, that all is JUST for our Reinforcement skill as applied to ourselves and what we have at this point in the game. There's a bunch more we could do that involves the others as well, probably enough to make a separate list in itself.

6ee29 No.7803

[passes Midnight some light roast coffee; that kind of roast has the most caffeine. source: I have a milder form of insomnia.]

We could borrow a trick or two from Youko Kurama with the roses: Imagine a hailstorm made of razor-sharp petals, for instance, or making the stem grow long and flexible enough for a pair of painful handcuffs for the villains. (Or if we really wanna be assholes, make a rose stem rope and do shibari with it.)

Hey, maybe we could make our cape like Spawn's? Also, very good call on making Tuxie's body tougher. You're right that being able to enhance strength or speed or jumping ability is meaningless without being able to enhance durability as well. And focusing magic on the brain could correlate to Tuxie's clairvoyant abilities as well, perhaps.

71e3c No.7804

I appreciate it, but I'm a Pepsi/Dr. Pepper kind of guy. But yeah, insomniacs unite.

And yeah, there are a lot of problems with a lot of body/self-related power ups out there. Take DBZ for example. You either don't think about it at all, (How many goddamn SSJ forms are we up to now?) or on the rare occasion you do think about it, it's in the form of something you can't use without a recoil. (Kaio-what?)

Most magic-based shows are exactly the same way. Canonically speaking, the Senshi can jump across rooftops all night with no problems. They don't bother thinking about the physics of it if Usagi were to grab a civilian and leap out of the way of an attack at that kind of speed. However, real world logic dictates that unless that civie has some sort of magical protection of their own, being grabbed and launched around like that at such speeds is a GREAT way to get fucking whiplash, if nothing else.

Meanwhile, you've got stuff like Fate/Stay Night that takes it in the opposite direction. Shirou and Rin both note in the early parts of the VN that using Magic Circuits in any way causes INTENSE amounts of pain, and they're just simply used to ignoring the fuck out of it due to magi training. And don't EVEN get me started on Emiya's method of "building a Magic Circuit". The only reason that shit didn't kill him years before the start of the series is because he's a cheat. There are a lot of little details I'm skipping over in that case, but the point is that it LOVES to interject mortality into the fantasy for the sake of drama, but the points it brings up aren't exactly wrong.

So we have to find a balance between handwaving and making sure the physics are thought through. Fortunately, it just so happens that working through a writing idea and figuring out all the details of it while otherwise mentally unoccupied happens to be a hobby of mine, and I'm more than happy to lend my skill for the sake of the game. XD

71e3c No.7806

Amusing line of questioning we should pursue in the near future: Can Raising Heart access the internet? Because the idea of an Intelligent Device with access to the internet is both a gold mine of hilarity waiting to be explored and opens up a wonderful number of possibilities for information collection later on.

6ee29 No.7807

[starts cackling again at the idea]

71e3c No.7808

I've actually got more ideas for things to throw at Nanoha and eventually Fate than almost any of the other girls, to be honest. Nanoha's setting is really easy to play with in that it's essentially just sci-fi using magic as a power source. There's a reason people call it the Gundam of mahou shoujo shows.

b21ed No.7811

And it's not just because Nanoha and Fate's designs are very Gundam-like, either!

71e3c No.7812

Exactly. In Nanoha-verse terms, magic is a science and all the shooty explosions and dramatic awesome lightshows are just really really REALLY advanced maths. We can work with maths much better than something that's completely unexplainable because the best explanation that was ever written for it was "fucking magic, now stop asking".

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