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e2e89 No.6607[View All]

As promised, I present you what is hopefully going to be a worthy successor to FF.
Before you guys dive in, I do have one thing I'd like to note.
please do note that while I am not a stranger to writing erotic stories, I'm also not a professional writer or a native English speaker.
So don't be surprised if you come across a minor spelling error once in a while, all I can ask is please do be gentle.

Lastly, because I still have no idea if the Twine passages I made work for you guys, I will first present the mechanics to the game and in the second post I will put the actual story.
If Twine does work for you please do tell, otherwise I will have to find another way for you guys to keep track.

As the story progresses Zahlia will have to eat and drink to stay alive and feed the young she's gestating.
Food and drinks can be found all over the world, but be warned, some might have additional effects on Zahlia's body and/or mind.

Sometimes Zahlia will come across dangerous creatures, if handled poorly these might wound her.
There are 2 forms of wounds: deep wounds and light wounds.

Deep wounds are more serious and can only be healed with the 'Healing hands' ability or the help of certain creatures.
These wounds lower 'Natural Beauty' by 5.

Light wounds are far easier to deal with, they heal over the course of a few days on their own.
However, if 'Healing hands' is used then these will heal together with any deep wounds.
These wounds lower 'Natural Beauty' by 2.

Being wounded impacts the 'Natural Beauty' status for as long as the wound exists, scars aren't a thing in this world so there are no lingering penalties to 'Natural Beauty' after the wound is healed.

Natural Beauty:
Natural Beauty tells you how easily NPC's are swayed by Zahlia.
Many encounters can yield better rewards or outcomes if Zahlia successfully bargains.
Every encounter in which bargaining is possible has a secret set score, if Zahlia has a natural beauty score equal or greater than the set score then it passes.
If Zahlia doesn't then it fails and the outcome will be worse than that if Zahlia hadn't bargained at all.

Sometimes Zahlia will come across hints on how to deal with some creatures, these snippets of knowledge can lower the set score if aquired before bargaining.

Natural beauty can be increased by certain items or encounters in game and is decreased temporarily by wounds.

This stat measures Zahlia's interest in pregnancy, it is increased by items or encounters.
Many encounters require a set preggophillia score to initiate.
This score can be lowered by a few points if Zahlia successfully bargains, making the deal more appealing to her.

Lastly, pregnancies with some creatures requires certain perks, these perks can be picked up through edibles or spells.

Most women are looking to have children at some point in time, Zahlia is no exception to this. Therefore, this stat starts at 3.
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cb55f No.6829

Write-in with a twist on option one: Zahlia should ask whether or not the protection Maela enjoys from her bud-dy (yeah, I'm a sucker for bad puns, sue me!) would extend to her too if she agrees to do it. At least while she's in the temple.

In story I think this is reasonable to ask because Zahlia has heard a lot of strange people and "people" telling her how dangerous Nymeria is. The very first person she met wants to fuck her right away and right there. The next one is a mysterious, stalker-y figure whose only quality is that he doesn't want to rape her. And now a story about jackals!? She must be freaked! No matter how much she is enjoying the general attention or the thought of being pregnant herself, in my mind she still has safety on the very top of her priority list.

Outside of story, I think it's nice to have a place to retreat should things get ugly further down the line. A base of operations so to speak.

45757 No.6831

Agreed. Also, that pun was bad and you should feel bad. :P

21f65 No.6832

Option 1 and get a supply of food on your way

54b7d No.6837

Option 1

2b018 No.6839

Option 2.
While Zhalia is warming up to the idea of being pregnant, I don't think she's really ready to want to be pregnant. As a reader, I'd love to see option 1; however, I think that option 2 is more appropriate.
Option 3 I think would happen if she had someone with her.

d99d4 No.6841

option 1

bd506 No.6843

Option 1 for sure

60c81 No.6845

I already voted, so this is more of a chat thing.

Might be a bit early, but I think we should plot out our next moves in regards to Elos. We now are at the required preggophilia to have a roll in the hay with Elos. Holly was screwed by Sole, and I imagine Elos will be little different.

With that in mind, I think our next move after this choice should be to go back to Elos, and bargain to get more questions from him. The wording of our deal should be very tight.

Something similar to "You will assist me on my journey around this strange land, the minute we have sex." Just a shot in the dark, some others probably have better ideas.

31dee No.6846

I vote the same as this person.

46579 No.6848

I vote for this

f12b2 No.6849

While I want to vote option 3, facing down packs of jackals by herself is way too much to expect of Zahlia. I would rather not get pregnant until we figure out more that's going on around here.

With that in mind, I vote for option 2. I'm pretty curious to see who Markus's friends are and learn about whoever cut off his junk.

Thanks for the shout out Taco.

0ef43 No.6857

Option two. It's too early to start filling up like this, we barely know who they are.

5fde1 No.6861

Option 1

ce496 No.6874

From the sound of it, the jackals need a sent to track her. So I'm really down for her to search the city. Plus I want her to find more items. But the next reasonable step is to check the stables.

So Option 2 and then try to explore the city

8b4ac No.6877

option 1

d7667 No.6893

Option 1

ee546 No.6898

Option 1

f4d36 No.6904

option 1

cb3ff No.6905

Option 1

dd004 No.6915

Option 1

e2e89 No.6916

I'm closing the vote, needless to say that option 1 got the most votes.

I will probably make it a bit harder in the future to get knocked up, the people who voted against it actually had some really good points RP wise.
However, this is being done democratically so option 1 it is.
(No worries for the people who voted for option 1, I won't make it nigh impossible either. This is a fetish forum after all.)

e2e89 No.6936

Just a bit of a headsup.
I obviously wasn't able to make the next part yesterday, today might be the same case.
I will try to complete it in the evening, but since this weekend is very busy for me there is a chance you'll only get to see it next Monday.
My apologies for the delay.

e2e89 No.6942

I got some rather unpleasant news to share I'm afraid.
This week is going to be just as busy as the weekend was for me, so I'm going to have to put the next deadline for myself on coming Monday.
Currently I simply have too many obligations to take care of which take up all my time and are keeping me from writing the next part.
Normally I would just spread the story out over a few days and slowly chip away at it, but this one will probably be for many, if not for everyone, the most interesting one so far.
Therefore, I want to put in a good chunk of time and write it in one go to make sure it's of good quality, instead of doing small pieces at a time and possibly make mistakes or break cohesion of the story.
Next week most of my obligations will have been taken care of and it should be business as usual again.
My opologies in advance, but on the bright side that does mean you will have 2 stories in one week next time.
Of course, it is always possible that I do manage to find a few hours I have nothing to do and will write it then, so do keep an eye on the topic.

984a2 No.6992

This dead?

e3c4d No.6993

I'm under the impression that Golden Taco is to be assumed busy until further notice. So I'd give him another week or so

e3c4d No.6994

I also missed that he said by Monday, so Probably check back tomorrow

984a2 No.6995

He said Monday almost two weeks ago

e2e89 No.7003

Hello guys,
It has been a while hasn't it?
As a short answer to if this story is dead I can say: No!
I fully intend to continue the story, however there is currently one problem.
In short, I'm just extremely busy.
The longer version is that there are 2 reasons I'm extremely busy.
Those reasons I prefer not to share with the internet as they are rather personal, but one takes up a massive amount of my time and the other causes a lot of inconvenience which in turn becomes rather time consuming as well.

I really hate to say it which is also why I've been rather silent, but chances are I'll have to shelve this CYOA until halfway next month.
On the bright side in one and a half month I'll be sitting next to a pool somewhere in the caribbean, during which I'd say there is plenty of time to crank out these parts.
Quite a few times I've tried to sit down and work on the next part for a few hours, but either something else comes up or I'm too fed up with my obligations (which are quite similar) to work on this.
I sincerely apologize for this, I wish I could have made my previous deadlines, but sometimes life likes to get in the way.

Lastly, if you guys want to continue this CYOA earlier (which I fully understand), there is another way.
I am willing to hand over the story to someone else on a few conditions.
Firstly, Someone will have to volunteer, preferably someone with some experience with CYOA's or writing.
Secondly, that someone will need the support from a large group of the others involved.
Now, if no one steps up or if you guys prefer to keep me as the writer then I promise that I will try to find a some time to write, the uploads however will be on a irregular basis with sometimes a lot of time inbetween if I can find time at all.
The reason I started this CYOA was to give back to a community I've been part of for a while now, however if stepping back and letting someone take over will contribute more then I fully support that.

Let me know what you guys think.

45757 No.7004

I'd honestly rather you stay in charge, but you COULD delegate the writing to someone else for a while. Give them a quick outline, let them write and send to you for proofing, and you post with credit.
If you'd rather not/can't, then I'd be happy to wait until you can get back in the saddle.

eef4c No.7153

Think you'll be getting back to this any time soon?

0a330 No.7157


Alright, here's the deal.
For the last few weeks I've been considering several options regarding this CYOA and how to continue it at a decent pace.
Right now, as I said before, I have some time off and yes I can continue the CYOA regardless of having less privacy to work on it than I had hoped for.
The problem however is that after about 4 weeks normal life is going to start again and I will have once again 0 time to work on this.
That is the main problem I have been trying to solve here, however I'm sad to say that no matter my desire to partake in the community; I'm not a wizard and thus I cannot make extra hours appear out of thin air every day.

For this reason I see only one viable option to continue the CYOA as planned.
Hereby I'd like to announce I'm looking for someone to take the torch from me and carry it on.
I naturally will continue to support the CYOA by providing my personal files on the story and offer to proofread and give hints if desired by whoever is willing to take over the CYOA.

I truly hope someone is going to step up as I feel this world I've created has plenty more interesting stories to tell regardless of who's writing it.
It saddens me that I am forced to step down here, however I think this is the best way forward.

a6506 No.7158

>I'm not a wizard and thus I cannot make extra hours appear out of thin air every day
Even being a wizard doesn't help with that ;-)

aed52 No.7159

Well, I would be interested to take over, but I seem to have a habit of making people disappear off the face of the earth, so…. maybe you don't want to hand it over to me? (FF wasn't the first CYOA I'd tried to take over and the same thing happened.)

0a330 No.7160

I suppose it's true if Pregchan's expert on wizardry says so. :P

Of all people potentially taking over I'd prefer someone active and well known, you definitely fit the bill.
Let me know how you want to me to contact you.

Here's to hoping my trip home isn't going to be cut short into the next episode of aircrash investigation then. :P

aed52 No.7161

Yeah, let's hope. I put my email in the spot for it. I look forward to your mail.

51058 No.7162

Well, to be fair to you, it's probably just that since they finally had an outlet for responsibility, they took it to go do other things they're interested in.

aed52 No.7163

Before they'd even finished handing it over to me? That's not responsible.

eef4c No.7164


Not responsible? They weren't handing over nuclear launch codes. How much handover material did you get / how much did you need?

0a330 No.7165

Yo guys calm down, there's no need to bicker about the past.
I've send Lucifer all the files and I'm still open for consultation if he wants it (That is until Lucifer's curse catches up of course :P).

14f5b No.7193

Before people start asking questions about how things are going with the transfer of this CYOA, let me answer them in advance.

Short answer: I have no clue.
Long answer: As stated in my previous comment, I have given Lucifer all my files and he should be able to get started. As for why he hasn't responded or posted anything, I have no clue.

If Lucifer would be so kind to let me know, then I (and some others I imagine) would greatly appreciate it.

94bed No.7194

It's the curse!! *screams in super high pitch and runs around flailing arms in the air*

b9323 No.7195

Sorry, my life's gotten a little busy. I'm chugging away on the next section, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Hopefully I will have it done by next Sunday, then once I see what people think of my writing, I can get to a more steady pace. My bad for not keeping y'all updated.

14f5b No.7197

Good to hear the curse hasn't gotten you instead this time. :P
I look forward to see what you're going to fabricate.

b9323 No.7223

Okay, here's the deal. I ended up scrapping everything I'd written on Saturday, because I realized I was ALREADY conflicting with things Taco had already written. I'll get this thing out asap, and I'm sorry for the delays.

59565 No.7224

Sorry to be so bothersome with my writing ;P
But take it easy though.
Having deadlines is good, but sticking too much to them and stressing about them will burn you out quick on this stuff.

230af No.7264

Okay, status update. I've barely had enough time to eat and sleep, let alone do anything else recently. It seems like I'm not going to be able to take over like I'd hoped….. I'm sorry to drag this out. Anyone else want to take a crack? I can forward what Taco sent me, or he can send you the stuff directly.

aa427 No.7265

When I got the Fertile Faerie notes from you, I had some intentions of continuing on or starting something new, but I have doubts regarding my writing ability and posting consistency in the project. Maybe I'd try for something biweekly or monthly, like some of the other quests on this site.

While I can't guarantee any action being taken, I'd still like to see the notes if you'd be willing to share.

e2e89 No.7268


I realize you haven't asked me about this and that is fine by me since I've handed over the project to Lucifer and have given him full control.
But I want to let you know, that I would totally fine with you taking over instead.

If you are doubting you writing ability then this is a great way to improve.
I personally write a lot of stories that come to mind and I always use them to experiment with new vocabulary or writing styles.

As for the consitency, you can't be much worse than me or Lucifer ;P

Anyways, it is completely up to Lucifer.
However, if he goes completely dark then hit me up in a week or 2, I can probably get you the files you need.

69d5c No.7269

I was referencing when FF went under months ago. That was SD gave free reign and when I considered continuing or restarting. No permission was needed because SuperDeformed opened it up and then fell off the edge of the Earth.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. If I intended to continue this thread, I would've asked the author's permission first.

e2e89 No.7286

Looks like you've misunderstood me as well.
I just wanted to express my support if you did want to continue.
I'm not writing Lucifer up just yet, but it seems he won't be able to do so.
Therefore, I simply offered the files later on it time in case Lucifer also disappears and is unable to help you out with that regard.

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