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Roleplay Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/10/2022 (Mon) 13:08:19 Id:c6a32c No. 677
Hi everyone. I am a 29 year old female with a huge pregnancy, labor, and birth fetish. I am looking for some roleplay partners who’d be willing to write with me on Discord. I do prefer females over male partners and ask that you be literate. Third person POV and no one-liners. Things I love: Hermaphrodites Incest(mother-daughter) Both partners being pregnant Dark storylines(no rape) Teen pregnancy Demonic pregnancy Monster pregnancy(werewolf, vampire, etc.) Multiples Long labor. Erotic birth and labor. I won’t do anything with eggs. If interested please feel free to add me: Paige.#6954
Hey i sent you a friend request under Nala.#2517 because im interested
>>677 Me too W.Feist#4953
>>677 Hey do you her?
Hiya I sent a request!
>>677 Hello, I'm female and would love to discuss your ideas especially the dark storylines, would it be okay to add you ? Crystal-Tips#1196