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5f59a No.7061

anyone have the most recent version of birth story?

1663c No.7062

What happened to Arkone? Even his pixiv is gone now

b6df7 No.7063

Arkone has taken an unknown indefinite leave of absence. He has cut all ties with the team as well as taken back all assets of the game.

It might have something to do with irl stuff, but I wish him the best of luck regardless of whether this is the end or not.

b8074 No.7064

>Arkone has taken an unknown indefinite leave of absence.

AKA "Mom/girlfriend/wife found his porn stash and made him delete everything".

5f59a No.7065

is it at all possible to get some mirror going or is that out of the question

ea79f No.7066

Well shit, hopefully he back soon,

I was still working on a scenario T.T

582cd No.7067


I have the updated version on my desktop. But I'm withholding it until I get permission from Arkone. I think there's a reason why he removed all the game files on our team's Google Drive, and until I have his approval - I won't upload it as gesture of respect.

Besides, this project would be nothing without him.

5f59a No.7068

understandable. i actually had the updated version myself, but accidentally deleted it while getting rid of clutter, so you could imagine my frustration when I came back to retrieve it. given the circumstances, i dont see him giving an approvalon a full on mirror, but if the idea of a temporary download was ever considered, id be grateful.

7defd No.7069

It reminds me of last time when Arkone suddenly vanished while making former version of TBS :(

7152b No.7076

This is a shame. I've worked with Arkone, he seemed to be a nice person. That, and his work was pretty darn top-notch. Hopefully it isn't something that's causing him undue duress IRL. Whether he returns or otherwise, I with him the best.

49be2 No.7115

Anyone have a link to the previous version of Birth Story?
Think it was 1.09 or 1.10.

I got it from a Mega upload link before, but can't find it again now.

fc387 No.7155

all links of any existing versions are gone. I would also appreciate any mirrors.

44afc No.7279

so, any update on this? my hard drive sadly died and i really want to play it again

71ae6 No.7443

Any updates on this?

dbf21 No.7444


Only what you see.

9ddaa No.7473

Why don't remake or make the new one. Let's say "Birth Story 2" ? With new character and scenario

4cd16 No.7474


Sure, go ahead and start drawing that new character's normal and birth sprites, practice Python using renpy, and come up with the game flow. Then rip some voice lines from some Japanese VN and slap everything in.

Boom, congratulations on your new 'remake'!

fc3ce No.7475

Been studying Python lately (which Renpy uses for more complex actions). But I'm definitely no artist :)

4cd16 No.7476


Yet Arkone played all those roles save the scenario writing..

5a198 No.7477

Indeed. Arkone was, for a large majority of the game's history, the sole creator, and even if more recently he started to take scenarios from the community, he still made the art, the code, and basically everything else about the game. Making a "Birth Story 2" without his input, seems rather…. well, rude, I guess.

72bef No.7488

I have zip files of TBS versions 1.0.7, 1.0.9, 1.1.0, and 1.1.1 so I do have a small archive of the game. So it's not all lost to history.

0819b No.7489

Before everyone goes asking for links for the game, do remember that Arkone must have deleted everything for a reason and it is only right that we respect his wishes.

1d886 No.7492


I feel the problem with these sentiments is that, while certainly nobly intended, it's not like Arkone made a speech about how he regretted his words and deeds before deleting everything. It's possible a parent caught him, or maybe he was just bored of it, or one of any hundred of other reasons.

As far as making another birth story being rude… If we used tessy, or specifically the set of characters used here, then yes, that could be considered a bit rude. But if we just use the groundwork to create an entirely new birth story… I have bad news, but in any form of artistic pursuit, that's going to be inevitable. It's not like we're making "Tessy Birth Story 2: Bigger, longer, and uncut, not to mention better than Arkone's lame one!" we would be taking the artists and resources we've gathered to help with the original project and moving on to a new project. Which, frankly, I think is not only fine, but something the artist would have approved of.

As far as not sharing it in order to respect his wishes, I direct you back to my first point, nobody knows what his wishes were. We can ASSUME that by deleting it he didn't want it shared anymore, but… at the same time, he didn't say that, and enough people had already downloaded it that sharing it was inevitable unless Arkone asked people to not do it, or delete the versions they had.

another valid point is that many people, including myself, contributed to this project. Arkone was a key part, but by far not the only one. For some of those people, seeing their scenario come to life was almost magical, and saying "Ope, Arkone is gone, now all of your work is locked away forever because we have to respect his wishes!" is completely ignoring the wishes of those who wanted their worked shared in this format in the first place.

4cb2f No.7493

Good points. I thought this thread was coming close to being Chrisguy3 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Also, game studios routinely make "spiritual successors" when someone else holds the rights to the original game.

af4dd No.7494

>It's possible a parent caught him, or maybe he was just bored of it, or one of any hundred of other reasons.

I hope people like Maxi who have worked longer with Arkone can perhaps shed some light on what happened so that we can act more appropriately.

ceea8 No.7495


If I knew, then I would have told you all by then.

He just left our group chat, wiped all the Tesy files on the Google Drive folder, and disappeared. Even tried sending a message to him, nothing.

1663c No.7496


I agree with you guys to the extent that I've started mapping out how I would make my spiritual successor to TBS. Turns out I really don't want to make any art for it

4cb2f No.7497

You could always make it text only, put it behind a Patreon paywall, add only a couple of new sentences a month, and then somehow make tens of thousands of dollars a year.

1663c No.7498


I've definitely considered making it text only, but I'm caught up in a mix of laziness and overambition.

e7a80 No.7499


Should you actually plan on making a successor to TBS however, I'll send you the last updated version of it for you to use it as reference.

It's to you only, and any other part of the team.

1663c No.7500


Thanks for the offer Maxi, but I still have my copies of TBS (1.07 and later). I have been using it as a rough guideline, but I want to take my version in a slightly different direction (not quite so on rails as Arkone's version).

4cd16 No.7501


No problem, just gonna go out here and say you have my support should you ever intend on continuing with that project.

39b93 No.7502

Guess who's back (not completely back tho), and looks like my absent cause a bit trouble here so maybe I should say I'm sorry about that.

Haven't been here lately since I'm focusing on some IRL stuff (financial problem), and actually there's no reason behind why I delete all my stuff, you can say that I like to do something like that when I get bored or stresed.

Just want to make it clear, If you want to share my stuff, I allow it, and about creating a game or something based on my game, then please do, It actually make me happy when my game is being used as reference or even make the sequel of the game, feel free to use it and don't worry about the copyright thing or something like that.

And while I'm at it, I'll put this thing here.


1663c No.7503


Holy shit, he lives! Welcome back Arkone

1e02f No.7505

Bring those cold pepsi and chips, guys! He's back!

4cd16 No.7506


Just a quick question arkone, are you intending on continuing the game or was that your final work?

b7e43 No.7508

Arkone banzai

04ed6 No.7511

You can say that's the last update, unless I found the motivation to continue it. Playing my own game is nice but it lack the surprise aspect for those who create it.

Thinking about making the Patreon for people that think this game is worth something and want to support it (think of it as donation), while still make it free to play, but I kinda feels bad when I do that while people give me theire story for free, so I'll hold on that idea.

43c58 No.7512


If they did the patreon, does that mean you'll be working on it again?

e72e9 No.7513

On second thought, I don't think I will create the Patreon, since I don't want to turn my hobby into some kind of work, I'll make my game when I feel like to (even though I want some earning from something I create).

And actually, if anyone want to create a game, I'll gladly contribute my drawing.

While I make the game, actually the most tiresome process is programming, if anyone is willing to do this job, I may consider continuing the project.

4cd16 No.7514


So you're willing to do the graphics should the time someone decides to bring the game back or make a new one?

1ab34 No.7515

Yes, as long it's not something complicated and still within the range of my drawing skill

4cd16 No.7516


Can you send me the source code then to see if we can use it as reference?

01dd0 No.7518

As long as I can work from a moderately detailed script (dialogue, some basic notes on anything more complex) I can bang out Ren'Py code in my sleep.

f4f6a No.7519


*points to leh contributor thread*

1d886 No.7525

W00t! It's good to see you back, friend!

17b43 No.7528

Anyone has unlocked the "Secret Scene Old Park" ? I hard to find it. I know there is a clue on the menu. I just repeat again and again, but seems doing the same scene. Please help !! Need Guide

71ae6 No.7529

>>7528 on the bench while Tesy and June are talking before they sit down. you need all the other park scenes to reveal the code.

ebbc4 No.7530

Okay, Thanks!
I know what do you mean. By the way, "Birth Story 2" is really been under development ?

94413 No.7531


Aye, I guess you can say. A lot of people has stepped up to make this game great again.

22390 No.7534

Hail Arkone!!!! Hail!!!!
Thank you man. I thought you were 'dead'. Still playing version 1.1.1.
Thank you for updating this game. Not as 'ecchi' as I expected but thank you for your effort.

cc499 No.7860

Hey, could you perhaps share the game with me, as I cant seem to find it.

1663c No.7861

66d06 No.8092

1.1.2: Very very nice!

Minor proofreading:

'Picking one of gravel paths' -> 'Picking one of the gravel paths'

'that Tesy would some what familiar' -> 'that Tesy finds somewhat familiar'

'The person was covered in the darkness by shadows' -> 'The person was standing in a dark shadow'

'tightening in her stomach, catches Tesy by surprise' -> 'tightening in her stomach catches Tesy by surprise'

'only to find she was gone' -> 'only to find her gone' (or 'only to find she is gone')

'it's warm rays' -> 'its warm rays'

'of the crickets, are very' -> 'of the crickets are very'

'holds her stomach in her arms' -> 'holds her stomach with her hands' (holdings something in your arms is to cradle it like a baby, a bit too high to be feasible)

'now, rather intense heat' -> 'now-rather-intense heat' or 'now rather intense heat'

'Tesy slow moves' -> 'Tesy slowly moves'

'reminded of that her Braxton Hicks' -> 'reminded of her Braxton Hicks'

'very shaky step' -> 'very shaky steps'

'Now, that the' -> 'Now that the'

'focuses her mind to what' -> 'focuses her mind on what'

'a looks up' -> 'and looks up'

'That all they are' -> 'That's all they are'

'play of her discomfort' -> 'play off her discomfort'

'doesn't not satisfy' -> 'doesn't satisfy'

'Well alright' -> 'Well all right'

'with you while' -> 'with you for a while'

'returns friendly the gesture' -> 'returns the friendly gesture'

'is begin to cause' -> 'is beginning to cause'

'would panic herself' -> 'would also panic'

'become, even more' -> 'become even more'

'and being panic that way' -> 'and panic from that'

'chance of she acted normal' -> 'chance if she acted normal'

'around Tesy stomach' -> 'around Tesy's stomach' (or 'abdomen'?)

'under her breathe, as silently pushes' -> 'under her breath, and silently pushes'

'the piece in her mind fall' -> 'the pieces in her mind fall'

'I'd thought I'd' -> 'I thought I'd'

'slips of and falls' -> 'slips off and falls'

'a little slippy' -> 'a little slippery'

'true at peace' -> 'truly at peace'

'sits up, and rubs her stomach, to ease the pain' -> delete one or both of the commas.

(By the way, is the blonde person in the park only spotted on the first playthrough, with no further appearance?)

'keep her legs seal together' -> 'keep her legs sealed together'

'it's eagerness' -> 'its eagerness'

'friends genuine comment' -> 'friend's genuine comment'

Slight disconcertion–if choose 'Admit' (after the all-Push bench playthrough) on the last Push/Hold choice on the bench, the positions sudden teleport to their beginning standing positions (Tesy standing on the left), instead of June on the left with her head on Tesy.

'looks at June' -> 'looks at June'

c6006 No.8234

Hey how do you get the middle secret sceen

f56eb No.8236

Ciel's birth route. leave pants on.

5bab2 No.8237

Sounds like the "Don't shit your pants" game.

c079a No.8242

Hey guys did the server went down?

c47f0 No.9206

How can you guy find all the secret scenario? I spend week just to play but couldn't find all of it

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