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e3bc0 No.7517

So,as some of you already know, Arkone's back from his long hiatus.But due to personal reasons he's decided that he cannot fully devote his time to the game.
However, he did state that should the time come that someone decides to bring it back, he's willing to fill in the role of the artist.

Guess what, I think we're back(somewhat)

Now that we have Arkone's greenlight for a return, that only means we just need to find people who can fill the specific roles for making up the game.

We are currently looking for:

SFX/Music editors
Game programming(renpy)
Artists(for backup in case Arkone gets busy)

You can contact me on my email or post on this read if there are any of you interested in joining to help the project.

da275 No.7520

>pointed here from the "Arkone deleted lolwaitno" thread
I have some experience with Ren'Py, and what I've seen of Birth Story doesn't look like it needs anything super-complex in that department.

e3bc0 No.7521


Got a Google account so we can add you in the group?

d8bfc No.7523

Muchel Birtheinstein is willing to offer their assistance in the writing department!

793b1 No.7524

I don't know anything about programming anything, but once you get something semi-coherant together and if my schedule frees up a bit, I might be willing to guest-write a scenario.

e3bc0 No.7526



e3bc0 No.7527

Quick update, Discord server is up for those who are interested in actively helping out.


71dea No.7532

Thought it could be interesting to add to scenes that are there already but only have one option. for example, the amusement park, or the dream sequences.

e3bc0 No.7533


We are in the middle of refining some of the existing scenarios, so that takes priority for now.

The dream scenarios are special, so further brainstorming is required.

fc943 No.7535


This is something I've always wanted to see, especially since they used to have an "under development" message.

2f4b8 No.7537

Just another quick update, I thought it would be best to officially start accrediting TBS 2's new group of contributors. It's also to show any interested potential contributors on which part of the project do we lack.

Artists(character layout and background images):

Sound Editors(BGM and voice lines):
Mr Pinchy

Coders(Renpy and game logic) :

Writers(scenario writing and game flow script):
Magnum Flare

There are also a lot of notable users in Pregchan who are either providing feedback or lurking in the Discord channel. Despite playing a less active role on the project, they are still considered vital to improving the game overall.

71dea No.7539

That bonus 4 picture with an art class could be a pretty hot scene imo.

e05f9 No.7540

I would offer my hand in the writing department buuuuuut it looks like there is enough already.

e05f9 No.7541

Apparently it has expired…

ebe8c No.7542

I can help make music if you need that.

e3bc0 No.7543

0c26f No.7545

Updated discord link:


a6eb6 No.7549

Another quick update, we now also have an official Deviantart account.

It's still bare bones, but I shall be updated the account from time to time with related content and updates.


c4137 No.7552

Can you guys add Chinese female character wearing a roundly glasses with long black ponytail ?

a6eb6 No.7553


If I recall correctly, Xun fits that description.

4a24f No.7555

Well, I think you are right. But can you make the glasses little bigger and shape roundly ?

c046d No.7562


I'll take this into consideration.

cc3a5 No.7563

Okay, thank you so much for the respon! Hope to play the Birth Story 2 soon !!!

cd07e No.7564



af415 No.7565

Loved the Xun scenario. :)
When the "Push" and "Hold" options came up during class though, I was hoping that pushing then might lead to a "silent birth" scenario, like the one where Tesy and June are on the park bench in the latest one.

Hoping that route gets added :)

77e4c No.7566

Yay back in business
Birth 2?
Good luck didnt expect much birth , mr pinchy and maxi gonna work on this project,
Hope this project kicks off with a bang!

71dea No.7567

>7566 hopefully literally ( ° ʖ °)

f9543 No.7569

Oh, sweet! That's so awesome to hear - I'm willing to do both writing and Sound editing / mixing; hell, I have a digital keyboard, I could compose something possibly (though I don't want to throw -too- much at the board.) I'll see about sending an email

e9240 No.7570


That's wonderful, in that case feel free to join the Discord group and message me there.

d7c76 No.7616

So how is the the development ? When you release it ?

2bb17 No.7617


If you have been checking the Discord group or the official Deviantart page, you should know.

0aa07 No.7641

Late to the party, but if you need a proofreader for the scrip, I may be able to help.

0aa07 No.7642


Fuckin' mobile.

6f0b0 No.7665


You can try contacting me on Discord or visit or Discord group if you're still interested.

f1821 No.7698

Any Update or News on the development ?

6f0b0 No.7699


We'll probably arrange a meeting of some sort to address that.

6d966 No.7700

Okay then,

71dea No.7721

no updates yet?

77e4c No.7722

Cant rush updates, its just the start of the year
Ill bet there just start comming back from there vacation

dda7d No.7853

Bumping this up to remind people this project still exists

Also could any of our previous contributors (writers, programmers, etc) who haven't been by the Discord in a while just check in? One of the staff was trying to do a roll call/status update.

2e736 No.8243

Is the discord server went down?

dda7d No.8244

I'm not sure what's going on with the Discord server right now. I'll post any information when I find out about it

dda7d No.8247


So it seems the situation is that Maxi has retired from being part of the Birth Story project, and as a result the Discord server was closed down (probably could have just changed ownership instead…)

I wouldn't take this as the project being dead, though. Someone else will just have to take the lead role Maxi held, though.

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