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b370e No.7836

Intro with J.F. in tight spandex uniform w/ two babes by her side (in background).

Jane begins the workout session with the usual warmup stretches, and her sidekicks imitate the motions.

After a few moments, Jane says; 'Masturbate' and begins along with their sidekicks the finger herself
aggressively thru Her tight spandex. Her intonations of 'work-it' are echoed by her sidekicks while smoothly rubbing their clits. Janes spandex is quickly soaked with pussy juice as she draws her fingers away - sticky with labial leakings.

Other spandex clad women move out 'Insemitron-3000' sybian units unto the mats, separate ones for all three women.

Jane says 'Inseminate' and begins to fuck the sybian with the exact same cadence as her workout steps before,
by slamming her cunt directly down onto the long rigid phallus without even bothering to move her spandex,
she forces it thru the damp material past her labia (closeup) directly into her vagina in one strong motion.
(sound effect as sidekicks moan and groan as spandex ripping sound heard, Jane barely lets out a grunt,
her face spasms with intense pleasure - flushed)
They fornicate with the Insemitron, legs apart - facing forward and reciprocating directly up and down.
Jane chants each time they descend; 'and pump', 'and slide', repeating herself.
As time passes each of the sidekicks groans and moans (along with Janes) grow louder and more frequent.
Their motion becomes synchronized along with their moans and gasping, the longer they screw the sybians.
All the sybians are slick with Janes and her sidekicks fluids.

Jane's voice quavers as she yells 'and Orgasm!';
All three babes reach a simultaneous orgasm and moan with delight. The sybians detect each subject is fully
lubricated and has begun orgasm; Each units status indicator flashes ('inseminating') and beings to visibly pump
each babe with a solid stream of hot cum. Jane and her assistants don't stop their fornication for a second but moan
each time the shaft inside them throbs. The Inseminators soon fills each woman’s uterus full with its virile
seed - the sybians retract; and shut off.

Other spandex clad women swiftly move the now empty 'Insemitrons' away and off screen…

Jane now flushed, says; 'Gestate' and begins rubbing her belly and massaging her breasts.
Each woman leaks a puddle of excess semen onto their pad, as they fondle themselves.

After a while Jane, barely moans lowly; 'Lactate' as her spandex clad minions have already begin visibly leaking milk thru their
uniforms onto their mats below. Janes breasts begin to swell bigger as well as the bosoms of her assistants as the spandex
tightens and shows off her hard erect nipples, leaking a steady stream of milk. Jane kneads and massages the milk from her
engorged teats - each press spraying a stream of white fluid, occasionally this elicits a gasp or moan from Jane or her
assistants. It seems as if the more Jane squeezes her breasts the fuller and heavier they get, and the more milk they squirt.

Jane repeats her routine twice shouting 'Gestate!' or 'Lactate!' as each woman visibly begins to show her rapidly developing
belly - the spandex uniform of each soon begins to stretch to its limit, stretched by both swollen tummy and boobs.
Their belly buttons visible thru their taunt spandex uniforms.

Now as Jane and her sidekicks have expanded to a huge size (Twins?) she yells 'Birth!' and groans and pants as she and her
assistants bear down, their grunts and breathing overlapping. Jane is soon covered in a film of sweat as she accelerates her
contractions while barely grunting 'and push'. Janes companions manage to somehow synchronize their contractions,
each one visibly matching the rate of her own effort with Janes constant chant of 'and push'.

Soon each woman without uttering a word squats down low, legs apart and squeezes out a blob ripping right through their
soaked spandex, each grunting with a 'hrrrng!' as the effort consumes even Janes concentration.
Each woman manages to decant thier spawn onto the mat, landing with a wet *splat* each time.
The trio of mothers huff and puff - their abdomens still nearly as large as before, the placenta and umbilical
slide out of each womans stretched vagina landing sloppily on the now gore soaked mats.
The spandex bottoms now shredded and gooey with blood and slime - Jane manages to squawk; 'and Again!'

The whole scene repeat again with only a change of their birth position to on all fours with each womans arms and legs planted on the mat –
the camera angle a closeup of Janes twat.

After birthing both offspring the tits of each woman never stopped filling with milk while expanding - at that moment
each of the spandex brassier snap open and the trio of now gigantic breasts flop nosily down onto the chest of each woman,
spraying a stream of sticky yellow-white milk onto the mats of each.
Each woman separately manages to pickup their infants in both arms, as Jane lets out a satisfied gasp
of 'and Feed' while her children suck greedily at her saturated glands. Milk dribbles from everyone, and offspring onto
their mat as their heavy mammies produce a constant flow of milk.

^^^^ Video ends with mini-ads: If you liked Janes Vaginal workout - you'll love Janes Anal and Oral workout videos, as well
the new improved Janes Vaginal workout II (Aquatic-style); Call 1-800-CUM-FILL for a Free 'Insemitron 3000' catalog

22e70 No.7837

oh, this must be that 'weaponized Autism' I keep hearing so much about…

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