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aac05 No.7965

can anyone add a link too some discord servers ?

1ee48 No.7994

Couldn't find a pregnancy discord at all, so I just made one real quick.


Nobody right now, but hopefully we can get enough people interested to start a community if there's enough interest.

99aaa No.7995

…there are already so many pregnancy discord’s that if either of you spent the seconds it took me you could have found several…

Existing thread: >>8177
Impreg-nation: https://discord.gg/fZbAd5b
AnimePreggosHQ: https://discord.gg/AaKcXPx
AnimeMPreggoHQ: https://discord.gg/gB9wzVn

There are many more but I can’t be bothered to paste them all.
Just use google next time, yeah? Or just do some basic searching…

1ee48 No.7996

Hey, no need to be rude. I'm not exactly deviantart savant and I did use google but I got a bunch of images of the MLP character 'discord' being pregnant. In hindsight, I should have googled "Pregnancy discord server" instead.

There's no reason for being unnecessarily rude to a fellow community member who was only looking to help out. You could've been putting that energy into helping OP four days ago instead of waiting for someone to come around and be "wrong" about something so you can prove them right. That's just an unhealthy personality.

Eitherway, since it seems pregnancy discords already exist, I'll be taking the one I just made down shortly. No need to split our small community further into another discord.

aac05 No.7998

please don't give up on the server i am in the sever right now i just DM you

1ee48 No.7999

Hmm, I don't know. There are already a couple established discords up that one user above me already posted (though their channel activity is low, but that could just be the nature of an NSFW channel.)

I guess I could brand our discord as 'Pregchan's Unofficial Discord', that way it'll have some relation to Pregchan's community and a reason for existing.

You seem interested enough (thanks for the encouragement btw), so I'll leave it up for a little while longer to see if there's any more interest in a Pregchan Discord. No promises though.

c6bbf No.9644

เจ็บท้องคลอดลูก โรลเรท#2694
my discord

a44a1 No.9645

Can you post invite link again?
The one you posted already expired

6f944 No.9648

All these link are expired. I try them all and they said it’s expired. So what going on

a0cef No.9652

All the other links were from last year and it doesn't look like they're coming back, so I've made one
And this link is set to never expire

e410b No.10130

hate to necro, but i made a thing:

38218 No.10190

Brand new Discord server, Maiesio-Nationalism: https://discord.gg/93bzECH

38218 No.10191

Forgot to mention, dudes only server. But it's pretty chill there. No photo ID required.

d994c No.10199

Chill server, owner posts from an infinite collection.

6fc13 No.10207


What the fuck is Maiesio-Nationalism?

78d77 No.10218

>>10207 I guess they hate anyone who doesn't have a pregnancy fetish since Maiesiophilia is the name for pregnancy fetish, and if you use the same logic as white nationalism this is the only translation

02aa8 No.10219

I saw an ad for this small dicked dipshit's discord server on pixiv, where he bills it as "a men-only server … where you can freely post anime tiddys AND say the N-word."

It's the same brand of racist, fuckbrained incels who've been trying to co-opt pregnancy art as a banner of their political movement for years. Stay well fucking clear.

Go eat a wheelbarrow of cancer, chrisguy. Get mad, stay mad.

69e90 No.10220

Shit, what a teardown

d19d2 No.10222

Truly the proverbial carrot on the stick of fascism.

38218 No.10223

I've been truly BTFO'd. I take this L.

0ec41 No.10229

Ok pedophile

d319d No.10232

aren't you like a kid?

6fc13 No.10236


That's sadly what I was expecting

956d6 No.10237


1. Incels are not a "political" movement as you proclaim them to be.

2. Most Incels are guys who are just awkward and bad with women, not the violent fuckwads that you and the rest of the media paints them to be. I mean hell, can't guys who are bad with women just live their lives without being lumped in with psychos who want to shoot up a highschool because becky didn't go to prom with them? Fuck's sake, man.

I will agree, though, that chrisguy is one fuck-nugget who is making things harder for the rest of us normal dudes who are just bad with women.

e6f63 No.10238

Saying nigger aint racist

6fc13 No.10240


Are you going to say that it's just "ironic racism"?

You are who you pretend to be, so fuck off.

e6f63 No.10241

Nigger gets more power the more people like you act like its the end of the world when people say it

78d77 No.10242

Don't you love it when people show their real colors on this site about fucking pregnant women? Like who in their right mind actually believes this shit and then posts it on A PREGNANCYFFETISH SITE!? Of course the n word is racist. Just because YOU don't think it is doesn't make it true. Go back to your cave if you feel like talking that shit or post pregnant related shit.

52f04 No.11099


Chill, growing server. Lots of categories and organized channels.

13247 No.11100

sir this is an imageboard

098e2 No.11101

take your pills boy

9c8fe No.11103


Shit-tier own tbh, I would've pointed out how shitty your art is and how little you've managed to improve your awful posing and anatomy in what, three years? If anything's ruining the white race it's cucks like you. Kill yourself.

0025e No.11112

Dont cut yourself on that edge

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