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38052 No.8012

Hi…I'm new here but I've been writing pregnancy/birth stories for decades. My stories are at Wattpad,please check them out.

b2170 No.8014

Whoa, Stevie D?

03ea3 No.8016

your stories are AMAZING!

7b439 No.8022

I do not think This person is Stevie d.

Just compare the writing between Stevie d’s pregnant with puppies (3) - http://archive.is/DAj90
And this person’s stories. The writing styles are quite different and don’t quite match up. Not to mention the subject matter of these new stories falls very much in line with the types of stories found on Wattpad (for example: oh no, my moms boyfriend raped me and now I’m having his baby at 15!).

Not to mention, who is this community even posts on wattpad?

243b2 No.8026

The Wattpad stories are also filled with spelling errors.

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