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7df0a No.8115

This is a thread for people to share stories of actual things that have happened to them, in front of them, or they helped someone else deal with in real life without fear of judgement and/or getting into trouble. I know that many people have various degrees of one fetish or another to cope with real life occurrences. Others have exciting stories they wish to tell, but worry about being caught out and harassed by friends/family. This is a place to relate those stories, no matter how big or small, detailed or basic, a place to unburden such things that weigh on us.

No pictures. No names. If something happened with an not-legal-age person, even if with/to you, keep numbers super vague for the sake of protecting the site and not making people overly uncomftorble.

And please, be respectful. If someone's story is attractive to you, you can say so. But in the name of everything sacred or otherwise, do not humiliate or berate someone for confessing something here. It might be a very real thing for them, and it might be hard for them to admit it.

Let the sharing begin.

7df0a No.8116

I'll start.

I have been active on tumblr for a while. I have now found two diffrent accounts in which girls have gotten pregnant by accident, and carried their children to term.

One was in high school when she got pregnant. She was forced to drop out, and then forced to keep her child, even after the boyfriend bailed on her. She and I talked, she went deep into detail about the experiance of her pregnancy and birth, told me everything I ever could have wanted to know. She was vocal about how the boy used her, taunted her when he found out she was pregnant, and how being forced to drop out had ruined her education, being forced to give birth to a baby she didn't want had messed up her body, and having to raise the child she didn't ever desire in the first place had made her life basically unlivable. And it was all because of her parent's over-zelous religion.

I was as empathetic as possible, sent her money to help her when in trouble, even talked to her therapist when she told me things she hadn't told him. I did my best to be helpful, because she basically had no friends, isolated from everyone because she was raising her kid.

The other person is on her second pregnancy. She first got pregnant by accident when she was fresh out of high school or just graduating. She spent the entire pregnancy in denial, even as she went into labor. Her waters broke in a grocery store, and she was pushing as the ambulance arrived. She was starting to crown as they loaded her in, they had to cut away her jeans.

Once she started showing symptoms a few years later, she started a blog about it. She isn't as hard in denial this time, extremely candid about her desires, posting belly pics. Once more, the father has no interest in the kid, and once more neither does she. She put the last one up for adoption, and is doing the same with this pregnancy, this time carrying twins.

She often expresses how unhappy she is having gotten pregnant again. She's nearing delivery, and can't wait to get this over with.

I love it. Both these situations. The innocent, silly highschooler who let herself get pressured into letting a boy impregnate her, leaving her with a child that would steal away all her hope and happiness. Forced to vestate an unwanted child and give slow, painful birth to it. She tore super-badly, it was apparently an ordeal. It gets me on so many levels that she was backed into a corner, her future vanishing into nothing, because her body was doing what it was made by nature to do, against her will, totally unable to stop it. Even the people she should have been able to trust forcing her to scream out the baby she was tricked into having, that she already knew would wreck her life.

The woman on her second pregnancy, making mistakes, never wanted to be a mom, hated kids, yet nearing the delivery of her second amd third children that she knows will ruin everything, and is giving them up for adoption. I desperately hope she denies her labor again, even longer. I want that baby to squirt into her panties. And as soon as they're out, I want her to get herself knocked up again, as quickly as possible.

I want both these girls to accept that they are made for birthing, and that any denial of that is foolish. I want them to be forced to raise every child that a man decides to cum into their wombs, with no support from the father if he doesn't want to give it. I want them to accept they are made for aingle motherhood, that any man can impregnate them at any time, and then just leave them to swell with his bastard. I want them to feel helpless, enslaved to their own feminine forms, unable to deny the reality that their wombs are only empty because a man has not decided they should be pregnant once more, and all their education, all their jobs, are a waste, something that can be ruined and stolen away by something they have no control over.

I feel horrible about this. I'm super empathetic, their situations break my heart. I reached out to both, am STILL helping the younger one with mental health stuff and offering advice. I fully support women's rights, 100% believe nobody should be forced to endure anything they don't want to, that being forced to give birth, let alone raise a child you don't want is scaring and pure torture for the mom, and even worse for the kid.

But deep down, a part of me adores that this is the reality these two have found themselves in. I love following their stories, and I often find myself pleasuring myself as I read their accounts of how used they feel, how they hate what's happening to them, how they never wanted to get pregnant.

7b555 No.8118

My sister and I had sex. A whole lot. It started off innocent enough, comforting each other when things were rough. But one day we just… Just started feeling one another's bodies. And it felt so good, we didn't stop.

I had a pregnancy fetish. I didn't know she did. So secretly, we were both hoping that she would get pregnant with my incest baby.

Things slowed down omce I moved out of the house, but didn't stop. Not even when she started dating, though it only happened on holidays.

Her boyfriend was a shitty guy kinda abusive, and after living with him for a few years, she broke up with him. Came to live with me in my apartment. It's been about six mo ths since she moved in. We haven't slept in seprate beds once.

We just found out this month that she's pregnant. She had exactly one period a couple days after she moved in, hasn't had one since. We've been watching her belly get firm and round. It looks fantastic on her, but she's beven in hard denial, as have I.

Finally went to the hospital. She's twenty weeks. We both know it's mine, she's barely left the house without me except for collage, and even then she goes to classes and comes straight back.

She's devestated. I'm terrified. I don't know how we tell our parents that my sister is pregnant with her own niece or nephew. We're worried about the normal stuff, disabilities and mental defects.

But at the same time… She's pregnant. I made her pregnant, and now she's growing with my baby. My child.

Even when she's crying, she's rubbing her baby bump, and I know part of her feels just as thrilled as I am. She's going to swell with her brother's seed, going to open her legs wide and push out her niece or nephew, her daugher or son, her brother's incest baby, just like we'd both admitted to wanting years ago.

I know it's wrong, I know this is going to make things really hard on both of us, amd I feel awful for the baby that's going to come out of this. But… At the same time, this is my biggest fantasy come to life.

99797 No.8119

When I was in collage, my roommate admitted to me that her little sister, who I thought was just the sweetest little girl I had ever met, was also her daughter. She had been going through a deep depression, not talking to anyone and skipping classes. Finally she broke down and admitted that her father had gotten her pregnant on her graduation day as a "present", and basically kept her captive until she delivered. Some stupid religious thing or something. Her familly knew and made her swear not to tell anyone or they'd do something awful to her daughter. Apperently it was some super fucked-up familly tradition that only applied to females. I didn't press her for any more than she told me naturally. I still don't know what to do with that info, but I haven't admitted that I have something of a fetish for this stuff. Like the people above, I recognize its super fucked up, and I sure as hell wouldn't want to get knocked up with my dads baby. But I always fetishized about it? And hearing her tell that story got me way more excited that I would ever admit. It feels good to confess it though. And yea, turns out, there's still some really fucked up incest breeder cult shit going on, but nobody ever talks about it because it's gross. Lesson of the day. For those wondering, its been a few months since the confession, I'm trying to figure out if theres some way we can call the cops on them and have the whole fucked up familly arrested for this shit.

3c61f No.8124

I did something awful. My best friend is married, I've known her her for as long as I can remember. About 8 1/2 months ago, she got pregnant. What she doesn't know is it's not her husband's baby, it's mine. The three of us had a party at their house, having a great time, drinking and stuff. They both have a few too many, I'm still fine, and I see him go stumbling off to pass out in their bedroom.
I come up to my friend planning to excuse myself, but can't stop stairing at her. I don't know what it was. The way she moved or talked or looked at me. She put a hand on my chest, and I kissed it. Then I just kept kissing. All over her body. Stripping her as I went, and she just giggled and moaned as I put my mouth over that pussy I'd long given up on tasting. I did that for a while and then I stripped to. I took her, and she came at the same time I did.

I dressed her, put her in bed next to her husband. She didn't remember even a single thing from the night before. And a few months later she announced she was pregnancy. As soon as she annpunced her due date, I knew. But heres the big problem. Shes Hispanic. Her husband is Hispanic. I am white. And I am almost entirely certain that baby will look a lot more like me than her.

She's got two more weeks, but my familly always comes early. Ive been asked to be there during the birth. And watching her grow with my baby without her even knowing, that the first child shes going to give birth to, the one she is so excited to deliver, is one I snuck into her belly. It's been almost impossible to carry on a conversation with her without my eyes falling on her beautifully swollen belly and having to excuse myself. Doesn't help that she's very proud of her new shape and does almost nothing to hide it.

But in two (or one) week, were going to know. I'm going to watch my horrible secret come squirting out of that pussy that I found so delicious nine months ago. And it'll be the most satisfying, arousing moment of my life, mixed with my deepest shame and the loss of my best friend. I'm dreading it about as much as I'm anticipating it.

0a37f No.8125


d6d07 No.8126

I was a football player in collage. We were a Midwest team, so we were treated like royalty. It lead a lot of us to act like spoiled princes. And I was the quarterback, the star player.
Its years later now, but I know I ruined a lot of lives. I knew it was basically impossible for me to fail any classes, I was the backbone of the team. Me failing would result in fired teachers, not getting kicked from the team. And the school basically had a legel fund for sweeping crimes the good players committed under the rug.
I usually targeted the nerds. I hated the way they acted so smart, and the way they acted like they were into guy stuff to fit in turned my stomach. I knew they had the most to lose if they got pregnant, and they were the most desprate for romantic attention. All I had to do was stroll over, pile on compliments I didnt mean, visit their house and do some investigating to see when they were fertile. I'd ask them oit to dinner at their most vulnerable time, something quiet and isolated. And then I'd have sex with them. A lot were easy, some I told I would leave if they said no, others I just took anyway, or slipped them something over dinner if they seemed not worth the hassle.
I had it down to an art by the time I reached graduation. Freshman year I could impregnate a girl once every three months, by the time I graduated it was one about every month. I must have at least something like 31 diffrent bastards running around that town, assuming nobody popped out twins or that none of my one night stands conceived. A lot of them tried to take me to court, but the school always stepped in, and the cops were just as eager to see our team win as the staff. The girls would usually get expelled if they started raising a stink. I ruined their educations and made them into single mothers, I made the decision they should be pregnant, I chose the course of the rest of their lives. Watched the ones that took it quietly swell with by bastard, sometimes id even watch them deliver, or have someone else record it. It was always beautiful, knowing how much control I had over them, that my one choice, that sweet moment of release, stayed with them for so long after I broke up with them, caused them so much difficulty and hardship, changing their bodies and emotions until they went into painful labor (I made big babies) and gave birth, all because I decided they should. I felt like a god.
I write this now because karma came back on me. I was a god in collage, but real life was different. I tried to join the NFL, but I hadn't realized how huge what the school did for me was. I was actually stunned when I was first arrested for sexual assult. Nobody would draft me that first season, and then I went to jail. I saw why it was important to learn something other than football and fucking babies into bellies once I got out.
Long story short, I'm older and alone, still getting off to those old glory days where I was untouchable, planting my seed in whatever woman I deemed worthy of the punishment of single motherhood. Being the badass alpha male that everyone dreams of being. Now I have at least 30 kids that would hate me if I could even find them again, a reputation around town for being on the registry, and a shitty job I cant stand. Maybe confessing that what I did was wrong might bring about a change. Maybe saying I wish I could go back and do it all differently, that I can see now what a monster I was, might fix things.

d6d07 No.8127

Mine is a bit less dark and tragic then these other people's stories. If they really are true, wow. Just wow.

So a friend of mine got herself pregnant from a short relationship, the guy left, and she didn't want anything to do with him. Decided to give the kid up for adoption. I always kind of had a crush on her, but I didn't think she was into girls, so I never really pressed.

Now, I've had a pregnancy and birth fetish for as long as I can remember. I've studied it, I know all about it. I took so many "cute" pictures of her body as she got bigger, I must have at least one from every day of her pregnancy from the moment she started showing, and a few pictures she'd be flustered to know I have. ;)

So of course, on the day we go out for a girls day, I can see she's having contractions. As we drive to the first stop on our trip, I can see they're getting closer together, and she's in no small amount of pain from each.

A responsible friend would tell her that she's in labor, and take her to the hospital.

That day though… She was wearing the cutest pair of jeans, and I'd seen her undies… And I just started thinking how amazing they would look soaked with amniotic fluid, a head bulging behind the stretchy fabric…

I made a choice. After we finished shopping, I told her we were going to a nature resort by my house. Lots of waterfalls and rivers and stuff, very pretty. Thick trees, not a lot of foot traffic. Lots of privacy.

We we're just in front of this rock thing when her waters broke. And gooodddddd yes it was SO perfectly amazing. She just gasped, held her belly, and gave me this dear-in-the-headlights look. And then the wet spot showed up on her crotch as she squeezed her knees together, running down her thighs, and just… I couldn't have had it better if I could have controlled it somehow.

She says "my waters…" And I tell her to stay calm, that we're close to the exit, it'll be alright, just focus on walking and we'll be fine. We are, of course, nowhere near the exit, and I have us walk veeerrry slowly, so as to be gentile on her condition. I could smell her as she waddled next to me, sniffling and groaning so incredibly. I could feel my own panties starting to get soaked.

We walk and walk. She says she feels like the baby is coming, but I want it to be WAY too late to do anything about it before we stop. She says she wanta to push, and I assure her, falsely, that we're almost there.

Finally, it's too much. She falls to her knees, clutching her belly, looks up, and with tears swimming in her eyes, says "No, (my name), the baby is coming RIGHT NOW!"

I look down, and ahhh people it was a work of art. Her pants are soaking wet, and I can see her groin bulging. My brave woman had been walking this whole time, not pushing, as the baby slid down her birth canal, and was on the verge of crowning.

I guide her to the side. Oops, how unfortunate, the head is too far down. I pull out a pocket knife and slowly slice the fluid-drenched fabric, gasping as I see her soaking wet panties bulging with the head just behind her opening.

We sit there, next to a waterfall, as she births. Just me and her. I'm rubbing her groin though the panties, breathing in the smell of birth, listening to her scream and sob and push. Taking in every inch of her. I even recorded it on my phone, as much as I could without her seeing, and it's still as beautiful today as it was then. Though without the scent of labor and birth jt's not QUITE as stunning.

The craziest thing is, once the baby squirted into my hands <I had to move the panties eventually. :'( > and we walked back to my car, cord still dangling from the hole in her ruined pants between her legs, and drove to the hospital, she thanked me for being there, said she wouldn't have known what to do if not for me.

So the kid went up for adoption, amd much to my suprise and delight, she actually does, in fact, like girls. Who'd have thought? So we're going out now, and it's fantastic. Personally, I'm thinking about seeing if one of us can get preggo again, since it went so well last time. XD

33068 No.8134

I am a woman with a huge pregnancy and birth fetish. I am currently 28, and have had at least one child every year since I graduated. I'm pregnant with another now. I just feel so beautiful, sexy, womanly when I'm carrying a baby. And labor hurts so much, but feels so incredible. Like sex but a billion times stronger, until the pleasure becomes pain. I love how oit of control I feel, how submissive it forces me to be. Amd everyome is nice and polite when they see I'm pregnant, and people stop harassing me. But I can't afford any kids, I always have to put them up for adoption as soon as they're born. And as soon as they're out I have sex every night until my tests come back positive. I haven't had a period in years, just a baby every nine or ten months.

I don't even know how many orphans I've given birth to. I just don"t feel anything for them, I know I can't love them like they deserve. But I love feeling pregnant, my whole body gets swollen and sensitive, it's incredible. I think it was 16 kids that don't know I'm their mom, soms of them almost 10 years old now. 2 more about to be born in a couple weeks. And as soon as squirt them out, I know I'm going to want more inside me. I always do home births, I play with mysself while I'm in labor, film myself giving birth so I can enjoy it after.
I feel awful for the kids who dont have mom's. Its not fair to them. But its like an addiction, I just feel so empty. The first pregnancy was an accident, but every one after has been on purpose, and I haven't regretted a single one.

09887 No.8135

I am pretty sure I'm not pregnant. I had sex for the first and only time six months ago, and haven't had a period since. My belly is getting round and it's warm and firm. But I know you can't get pregnant the first time, my friends told me the bible said so. I kinda want to get pregnant though, I think pregnant ladies are super hot, and I'd love to feel what it's like to grow a baby inside you. Sometimes my belly moves, and I feel little pushes, but I've been eating lots of bread lately, and I'm allergic to glucose. It's just gas and stuff. I'm just waiting for the bloating to go down. I can't actually be pregnant, I can't afford a kid, and I don't know where the guy I had sex with lives. Goving birth wpuld ruin my life, my familly would disown me. But it's fine. I'm not pregnant. No matter how many tests say I am and no matter how big my belly gets, I know it's not true.

6ded3 No.8136

nice pasta

02cc0 No.8137

09887 No.8138


It does sound mostly bs, but I'm not exactly able to disprove her. And I've seen people addicted to crazier stuff. But mostly I'm chiming in to say the picture is fantastic. XD

d7eb1 No.8139



I just wished I had the same situation as you, except I have my own reputation to handle..

372c9 No.8142

Her father sounds like a truly evil individual. I hope he suffered.

082fd No.8154

I cheated on my husband. I'm eight months pregnant with some stranger's baby, and it's going to break his heart when I give birth and it looks nothing like him. He's wanted a kid his whole life, and I feel like I've ruined it for him.

372c9 No.8155

From the time I was 16 I had a crush on a girl who I had been close friends with since 4th grade. It became an obssesion and I made several attempts to ask her out and she rejected me everytime but I never gave up. She was raised in a very extreme jehovahs witness household and was a unofficial asexual since she was raised to have a negative viewing towardes affection. Her parents where very controlling and did not like me since my darker skin color obviously meant I was tied with the devil.

Anyway, shortly before we graduated Highschool all the seniors where signing everybodies yearbooks. I wrote in the back of her yearbook Roses are red, Violets are not blue, I will never stop loving you and then on the bottom I wrote
Я хочу положить ребенка внутрь тебя ( I want to put a baby inside you ) in Russian. She never bothered to try translating it in that time period.

We went to the same college and by the time we were 18 she severed ties with her family and became agnostic like me and we began dating shortly after. She changed alot after leaving her family and became much more open and adventurous. She eventully finally figured out what the Russian text I wrote in her book.

We are both currently 22 and have 4 kids, we never actually married ( cause the american marriage process is stupid ) but we are basically married. Teen parents are always potrayed poorly by american society and I was personally disturbed by alot of guys asking me so when are you going to dump the whore / bitch ?. I am fully deticated to raising my kids. My own parents also disowned me when I became a father cause they where good christians.

2a431 No.8156


Props to staying true to her,man. How would she react whenever you would remind her that you're sticking it out with your family through thick and thin?

44509 No.8157


OMG that's such a sweet story! Making your intentions abundantly clear. I imagine watching your dreams finally come true as her belly swlled with your child, or watching her open her legs and push your baby out of her body at long last must have been DEEPLY satisfying and beautiful. I'm glad you two are happy together. :3

This is another Mark in my book of "why religion is just the most evil thing in all of mankind", however… So exhausted with the church being all about hate as opposed to love. People are the worst. :/

e41fd No.8158

If this is real, aren't you throwing away money by not getting marriage tax credits? I don't understand what can be so bad when there are a lot of good legal advantages to being married.

0149a No.8166

Wife hated pregnancy, haven’t had sex since August 2016. Sister is hugely pregnant, masterbate to pictures of her.

9c689 No.8167

so give him kids that look like him.

6e962 No.8170

ты такой бля выродок и татарсрач
бля негритос, следует тебе вернуться в свою страну

372c9 No.8171


Did you know you need a marriage license to get married ?, Its fucking expensive and no one would attend the wedding anyway.

372c9 No.8172


I forgot to mention that our 4 kids where born at the same time, seeing her pregnant with quadruplets was far too amazing.

372c9 No.8173


I don't really need to remind her she never doubts my commitment to her and our kids.

92810 No.8174


The absolute most expensive marriage license in the US is like $115 (in Minnesota) and that's if you don't do the pre-marital courses. It's usually between $30-$60 everywhere else, and sometimes even lower. And if you affirm that you're unable to pay it it's generally waived or reduced.

You and your quads are going through more diapers than that in a week or so.

86b40 No.8179

I like how we pretend anything in this thread barring maybe this guy >>8166 is real.

Let's get realistic.

I'm an artist in the community but I'm desperately depressed because I draw what I can't have but I can't stop because at this point I live off the money. Any attempts I try to take to have self-care time I'm left feeling guilty for the money I'm not making.

70321 No.8182


Nah, these are pretty much pregnancy variants of the "I never thought this would happen to me" letters to Penthouse Magazine from way back.

f5084 No.8185

Beat me to it. Of course, a vast majority of the reading audience here probably have no idea what you're actually referencing or the fact Penthouse letters used to be the "OG" version of today's Copypasta.

372c9 No.8191


There all 4 by now by the way.

f73ff No.8245

Alright gramps

138c8 No.8811

>be me
>be US Marine
>be deployed to Afghanistan
>see combat but it's really nothing worth talking about
>spend entire deployment rubbing one out to pregnant Anne Frank hentai I found on /d/ at least six times day
>one day mid-deployment
>Staff Sergeant walks into barracks while I'm taking a piss
>sees pregnant Anne Frank pics on my laptop because I was dumb enough to leave it open
>extremely awkward conversation of how I came to possess preggo hentai of a Holocaust victim and why exactly I find it extremely arousing ensues
>get told that as long as I don't have CP, necrophilia, or footage of an actual rape (he implied the ANA did that), it's not that bad

Such is war in the 21st Century. No super-duper high-tech robot soldiers, no recording airstrikes on my iPhone, no hunting Mr. bin Laden in the caves of Afghanistan. Just me, sitting in the barracks, fantasizing about being a PTSD-afflicted post war Eugene Sledge and married to Anne Frank. Anne would comfort me after I woke up crying from a nightmare of having to lie dead still while Jap patrols walked right by me by telling me about how she had to do the same while the SS searched the room below her, all while the tears welled up in her eyes, being assaulted by horrible memories of her own. She would then strip off her nightgown, straddle me with her ready to pop belly rubbing into mine, and we would fuck like crazy while sobbing like lost children.

I have weird fantasies.

On a side note, this is what I'm gonna be telling my grandkids:

>"Grandpa what was it like to be in Afghanistan, fighting the big bad terrorists who did 9/11 because they hate our freedom?"

>"Imagine sitting in port-a-shitter in 110 degree heat with you laptop and a bottle of lotion, furiously pumping away to pregnant porn of a 15 year old girl who was murdered in the most notorious genocide in human history. That's what it's like."

dd030 No.8813

>be in a military family
>have cousins and nephews who served in Iraq and Afghanistan
>all of them say they spent 99% of their time jerking off to porn
>other 1% of the time is spent killing and/or raping civilians
>mfw they still brag about getting those sweet, sweet government handouts

This is why America's military is a joke. We're funneling money into the pockets of a handful of serial murderers and thousands upon thousands of chronic masturbators. Sorry if this seems like a strange tangent, but your story highlights everything wrong with the armed forces.

Tbh tho, pregnant Anne Frank is surprisingly hot.

138c8 No.8816

>other 1% of the time is spent killing and/or raping civilians

I didn't rape anyone :I

>We're funneling money into the pockets of a handful of serial murderers

Real talk: The Marine Raider Regiment (Corps equivalent of SEALs and Green Berets) are a bunch of fucking psychos according to the older NCOs in my unit. They had a unit literally called Task Force Violence and unsurprisingly blew away dozens of civilians in one engagement.

>but your story highlights everything wrong with the armed forces.

As much as it sucks a lot of the time, I really really fucking love it.

>Tbh tho, pregnant Anne Frank is surprisingly hot.

ikr, thank God for 4chan. Thought I'd never meet anyone with the same fucked up tastes as me.

I just wish I could save her by perforating some filthy Nazis with my M27 IAR.


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