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bd553 No.8281

She is taking the contraceptive pills but i want to get her pregnant. How can i get her pregnant without leaving the pills? is there a way to increase chances?

f9ae9 No.8282

This is a shitty joke right? This is bait?

0be20 No.8283

Grabbin' peelz

dd965 No.8286


how i can get pargnante?

e9d23 No.8288

Anon has been reading too many doujinshis and DeviantArt expansion sequences…

92715 No.8289

how is babby formed

how girl get pragnat

0ed1d No.8291

How do u get pregante

61567 No.8292

how git pringat

a2f3d No.8293

am i pregananant?

080dd No.8294

how to get pergert?

74777 No.8295

If a women has starch masks do it it mean she been pregant before?

6e38b No.8301

Are these systoms of being pregarnt?

92715 No.8302

You *did* contact the stork, right?

5e25c No.8303

Dude, this is really fucked up. She clearly doesn’t want to be pregnant and you need to respect that. Even if this is some dumb bait post, I think we all need to have a little talk about the lines of fantasy and reality when it comes to this.

If you were to go forward with something like this, that is abusive (see: reproductive coercion) and can land you sexual assault charges in a lot of places, or at the very least domestic violence charges. Especially if it is provable, like the case of the man poking holes in condoms to do this to his girlfriend.

Let me speak on my perspective as a woman. I like to fantasize about being pregnant. Yet, I am not currently in a place in my life where being pregnant would turn out well for me. I don’t have a partner and I am not financially stable enough yet to start a family. At this time, I like the idea of being pregnant but certainly would not like to be pregnant. A post like the one that started this thread terrifies me. Posts/photo captions about how women should always be pregnant and that’s what they’re best for terrify me, even if I know the person doesn’t likely actually feel that and it is akin to some dirty talk. It’s those sort of things that keep me from disclosing that I am female a lot of the time when interacting with this community and why I will never post pictures of myself online when I am pregnant as I have seen what the captioned will do with them.

Bodily autonomy is hugely important! And anytime that your kink starts trying to take that away from someone without them consenting to play that way, that’s abuse, plain and simple.

Alright, soapbox over. Thank you for attending my lecture everyone. Please don’t do fucked up shit with people who are not up for the fucked up shit. :)

d8568 No.8304

>and why I will never post pictures of myself online when I am pregnant as I have seen what the captioned will do with them

I smell another SpookyDice >.>

a9871 No.8305

I don’t know that that means?

22518 No.8306

SpookyDice used to regularly post here. After becoming a surrogate, some creep harassing her for pics, and then tried to convince us that she wasn't really pregnant. She had already stated multiple times that she wasn't comfortable posting pics for the same reasons you gave.

e8d86 No.8309

This is all so obvious it's a shame anon had to write this at all. Keep fantasy and reality separate, people.

d7a3d No.8312

As a matter of fact, yes! But it requires a concoction of bleach and ammonia.

22518 No.8313

Who knew crystals have so many uses.

c037e No.8314

Honestly I would never even say I was pregnant. Why dangle that carrot? Use the experience to make my art/ writing more real? Maybe.

And I never believed she was either. Lesbian twin pregnant surrogate for other lesbians? Give me a fucking break.

70716 No.8315

Would that be the same SpookyDice that posted two Youtube videos about how Pregchan "fell for it"?

4d2c1 No.8316

No, that would be the same SpookyDice having two videos made in her name by the same jagoff who harrassed her.

That whiny-ass man-child had a serious vendetta against her because she didn't provide him the only thing close enough to female interaction in his life.

70716 No.8317


Ah OK. I was only peripherally aware of the whole saga.

f5226 No.8420

Replace pills with suitable placebo.
Ignore jealous feminists.
Fuck girlfriend.
Impregnate, hopefully.
Failing that, get a better girlfriend who isn't a dyke.

63633 No.8430

It saddens me reading shit like that. I mean, yeah, i love looking at womens pregnant bellies as much as any other anon here. It's a fetish site after all. I always love to read/hear the girl's perspective that are into this kind of stuff.

But reaching a point where people take things way too seriously that start creeping women all around, its just plain wrong. Ruins the fun for both sides and for everyone.

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