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22b6b No.8347

Kinda specific but I have this kink where people give birth to dragons and I was wondering if anyone else here would be interested in reading something like that? If yes I might post it here.

d83be No.8348

I think so. I do love reading the kinky ideas of others. you never know what you are going to get ^^

873b4 No.8387

Sounds cool!

d1cc4 No.9441

ABSOLUTELY!!! people giving birth to dragons is my main kink and its so hard to find good content of that. PLEASE feel free to powt, and if not here, please link to where you do!

5a171 No.9463


I actually have written some! I'll likely post it on here thanks to the interest.

8c6de No.9465

I remember once, years ago, seeing a comic-strip style drawing of a female adventurer who got raped by a dragon and gave birth to a half-human/half-dragon daughter.

Can't remember what it was called though, can't seem to find it again either.

d1cc4 No.9471

>>9463 aaaa im so glad!! ive had my mind on it for weeks hoping. im excited to see it posted! <3

741f9 No.9473

25f2b No.9474

Dunno, that link is just giving me a blank page.
Viewing the source code for the page comes up empty too.

741f9 No.9475

Cause it's a link to exhentai. You have to be logged into the e-hentai forums to view it. Used to link you to a page featuring a sad panda if you weren't logged in but I guess they changed that part.

It's why I called it a panda link.

28820 No.9482

Yep, that's it. Thanks :)

d1cc4 No.9548

been checking back on this thread all week, and now its my bday! sure would love a present….. :think emoji:

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