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d1fb5 No.8433

Hello everyone.

I'm back to writing Impregnator Kings regularly, but it's occurred to me that I haven't written a sex scene in a while. I think maybe this isn't fair to all of the readers who have waited for updates for so long. I also think I could use some practice. And it might be nice to 'change things up' and write in a setting different from the medieval (ish) world of Impregnator Kings.

I've become aware that while artists have "inktober" in October and a challenge to themselves to draw every day, some erotic artists and writers call it "kinktober" and draw or write about a different fetish every day.

I thought I'd try something similar.

Of course we all share the pregnancy fetish, but I thought it might not be too unwarranted to ask if anyone had a particular request? I'll do my best to write a short-and-sweet vignette based on your idea. Any sort of prompt at all as long as there's some element of pregnancy to it. (Impregnation, the pregnancy itself, birth, etc.)

Just name a kink or any particular type of character you might be interested in reading about. You can name specific characters, but if I don't know the work I won't be able to do it. I can do much more with "write about first-time sex with a sporty, tomboyish type of girl" than "write something with Chie from Persona 4," just to use an example.

39603 No.8434

try writing something about a cute young girl having sex with her boyfriend in his car and ending up giving birth quietly in school.

d1fb5 No.8435

Disclaimer: All characters depicted in sexual situations are over 18 in anything I write.

The main Impregnator Kings story has a rule against non-con situations because no voters liked the idea, but that doesn't carry over here if a kink calls for it. I apologize in advance if I write anything that makes anyone uncomfortable.

Though I hope this little vignette satisfies.

"Un… un…"

He hadn't even tried to be subtle.


He said something about needing to adjust the GPS signal on his phone before he pulled over.

"Umn… ungh!!"

He's such a fucking liar… but what can I say? I wanted this… his hands on my leg, flipping up my skirt, pulling my pretty pink panties down my thighs… they act like you need to guard it with your life, but it barely takes ten seconds to lose your virginity. He was grunting, huffing and puffing, his masculine sounds and eager moans filling up the enclosed space as he just let his basic urges take over. …It was okay: I did too.

"F-Fuck, Jessica… you're so fucking *tight*…"

A moan slipped out of my mouth as he felt me up through my blouse. Big hands cupping my soft breasts.

"Harder, Billy… …ah!"

I did my best to wrap my legs around him as his hips pounded his thick cock inside me like a jack-hammer. I could only hope the windows were fogged up enough nobody outside would see us. The drooling, sweaty mess I became, as his lips claimed mine and we came together.

It was only when I realized I could still feel his thick, white cum in my fertile valley hours later that I realized I had much bigger issues to worry about.

I held my books over my stomach as I walked.

I didn't have any particular reason for holding them there. It just was the easiest way to carry them.

A lot of time passed since I lost my virginity. I was starting to get worried about Billy… the way he eyed up those cheerleaders at practice… who the hell did they think they were anyway?

"U-u-uh… uhng!"

Suddenly, I let out a hard groan as I felt my body spasm. It was enough I wanted to keel over and die. I must've… ate something bad…

Stumbling on alone, I ran into the nearest bathroom I could. Or more accurately, 'waddled'. It was my own fault. I'd let myself get too fat. Hadn't exercised enough. Hadn't taken care of myself enough…

Another spasm wracked through me, I could feel it concentrated on my vagina… and then, as I tried to squeeze my thighs enough to straighten up, I heard my water breaking. I *felt* my water breaking.

"Oh, shit…"

Knuckles white, teeth clenched, I tore my panties off and squatted down in the stall. I yelled so loud I could hear the walls echo. I don't know how long I was in there… until suddenly I wasn't the only one in there anymore.


I reached down, caught the new little life that'd just come out of me… I couldn't help coo-ing a soft soothing sound as I welcomed my baby to the world.

"H-Hey, little guy…"

I could feel the umbilical cord trailing down from my belly to between my legs. I cuddled him close as best as I could and tried to think of what I needed to do next. At least… at least I had a good excuse for being late to class.

08835 No.8436

What if I want you to write a Impregnator Kings scene? Say from an alternate universe? Is that okay too? Like the sex scene between Edward and Daniella we never got?

d1fb5 No.8437

I've given this some thought, and my decision is that I won't write it… at least, not now.

If I write such a scene, I will probably betray some setting knowledge or character knowledge I have had in mind for Impregnator Kings. This would possibly impact how people view the main story. This is definitely something I want to avoid. I will however keep this request in mind. When Tharja's story is truly over and we are about to start the ng+ and I can freely talk about all the variants and possible different directions the story could have gone, then I may be comfortable going back and writing a 'what-if' sex scene between Edward and Daniella.

Another concern is: I really don't want to open up some of the "old wounds" regarding voters and the Pro-Magic or Anti-Magic choice. If I wrote a tender loving Daniella/Edward sex scene, some people may be upset about how they voted or that pro-magic was voted. If I write a tense uncomfortable sex scene between Daniella/Edward, then people who voted anti-magic may just feel I am "rubbing salt in the wound." Moreover, how do I decide what sort of scene is more accurate? Exactly what emotions these established characters would have during a sex scene would be determined by their interactions beforehand. Something which I cannot do because there's no basis for how Edward and Daniella would have interacted if anti-magic was chosen. I would have to try to concoct how I imagine that would go, and then… I would be approaching a situation where I must write two sets of stories, and it's just too much.

I hope that isn't too verbose a reply, but my decision is: I may consider doing this when Tharja's story is over. Similarly, I won't write a hypothetical story where Edward married another of the brides, for the same reasons. (Besides that we may yet see them, eventually.)

However, if someone wants me to write a "prequel" Impregnator King vignette, perhaps of Edward in Virilia having sex with a type of woman that would have occurred before the game started, I may be able to oblige that. (Consider also that Daniella is still alive in the Impregnated Princess story.)

08835 No.8439

I had a feeling you would answer like that. It was worth a try.

7d43b No.8446

>sporty, tomboyish type of girl
this, write a story about such a girl (ideally Chie, unless you really don't know the work) giving birth. Bonus points if she's especially angry/embarassed about giving birth.

7d43b No.8449

Extra bonus points if a friend helps her give birth and only embarasses her more.

3b01b No.8458

How about this?

The colony ship to some paradise like planet suffers a malfunction. Of the hundreds of colonists, only two survive. They must get their numbers up quickly to make the colony a success after all.

Could involve: Sci-Fi-babble that causes faster pregnancies, increased likelihood of multiples etc.

Bonus points for incest content. (I know it's not for everyone. But again: Worth a try)

d1fb5 No.8463

I don't want to write incest, but otherwise I will work on this.

It's been a number of years since I was acquainted with Persona 4's plots or the intricacies of the characters, but I think I can work something out, if those caveats are kept in mind.

dae1c No.8464

Would be interested in seeing something about a girl pregnant with an animal with a shorter gestation period, growing quicker than a normal pregnancy and reveling in her animal litter causing her size. Rabbits or dogs or something. Your choice. :)

68d64 No.8467

A kinky raven haired scientist impregnates herself with a robot that boosts her intelligence and changes her bodily functions when it's in her womb. Lights flash from inside her belly, her breasts can dispense any beverage at whim,and the robot moves constantly in her, making visible lumps on her dome.

d1fb5 No.8468

I'm afraid I have to veto this one outright. I don't want to write an animal pregnancy.

This is an interesting idea, but I think I will have to pass. You've already crafted such a perfect visual image of the character with your description I'm honestly not sure what I can add. That, and I have to admit the unnatural lactation angle is a little too much for my tastes.

f45de No.8480

I hate to be the weird one that brings up this kink again, but whatever. I'm curious to see how you would do a detailed scene of sperm fertilizing an egg, perhaps giving each a bit of a personality. Context: a young woman is having fun at a party, and doesn't realize she just got pregnant. Surprise!

d1fb5 No.8481

Do you mean in the context of "the collected sperm of many different men she slept with, in competition to reach the egg," or all from the same source, so to speak?

f45de No.8482

Same source.

d1fb5 No.8546


At first our "training" sessions were just the two of us.


When Chie started experiencing morning sickness, that's when I tried to gently encourage her to take it easy.

"Shut up! It's… just a little bit of nausea, that's all…"

Despite the sickness, she continued to train. Practicing from jumping from foot to foot, her legs as tight and strong as ever. Her body fit and perfectly healthy.

When she started to develop a bump… I tried, again, to tell her she needed to take it easy, not go so hard.

"Shut up! This is nothing… just some fat I need to work off."

Despite her denials, everyone around her knew she was pregnant. No amount of working out was hiding her growing belly: how round it looked, the popped navel, the stretch marks, the dark linea nigra that developed…

Chie must've understood it too. When I bought some cocoa butter for her stretch marks, she just nodded, meekly, and let me pull her shirt up to rub it on her. The intimacy of the moment wasn't lost on her, and soon we were pulling each other's clothes off and going at it like mindless rabbits. The same situation that'd got us into this mess. This time, no protest was made as I came inside her unprotected little pussy. My hips were sore from how tight her strong legs squeezed me, how her heavy belly helped gravity along as her hips slammed into mine.

It'd been about ten months since we'd first been intimate and Chie still insisted on training. It was no longer private. This was a rural town where there wasn't much to do, after all. The entire class, and whoever saw us on the way to our training spot tagged along. Chie didn't try to chase them off anymore. She simply waddled onward… one leg stiffly marching in front of the other as her huge belly wouldn't let her legs move like they used to. Indeed, just getting to the training spot surely had to make her thighs thick and tough with the strained muscle.

Even then, Chie tried to raise her foot to face me… act like she would practice a kick in my direction, but with the extra weight of the baby in her belly, it didn't take long for her planted leg to start to quiver…

"S-Shut up! I can still fight… I'm fine!'

Chie let out a sound that was somewhere between a whine and a gasp, then doubled over in pain, arms wrapped around her belly.

"I-I'm fine! Don't touch me…"

I put my hands on her back, steadying her, as she went completely on her hands and knees. Her swollen, heavy breasts were plainly visible through the window of her tank-top.

"I'm telling you, I get these all the time!! It's just Braxton-Hicks!!"

There was a shout from the crowd watching us as someone watching her from behind saw the crotch of her shorts turn wet as her water burst.

…The baby was coming no matter what Chie had to say on the subject.

"Ah… aaaah!"

Unprepared to do my part, I told her to breathe, and asked how she was feeling.

Chie glared at me, hot warmed over death in her eyes.

"I'm feeling… like I should have given you a blowjob…"

It prompted some giggles from the crowd, but it was far from the most embarrassing thing happening. Chie tore off her shorts and underwear, bearing her vagina for the world to see. In her effort to turn herself around, her tank-top got pulled off, leaving her in just her sneakers… until she asked me to pull those off too.

The scene of a young woman, naked as the day she was born, giving birth in the edge of nature… it was remarkably pastoral, but nothing was around to capture it except memories. …And perhaps a few dozen cellphones being clicked by the students surrounding us.

Chie really was fit, and her groin muscles were in good shape. It didn't feel like much time had passed at all before I could see the head crowning, before the new baby was rushed screaming into the new world.

"Mm… give her to me…"

I nodded, passing her our new joy as she instinctively brought the new baby girl to her breast, cuddling her close.

"Hey… it's me, your Mama… I'll always protect you…"

She swore all the love she had to offer to the new life as the sun cast dark gradients over the landscape behind us. Most of the gawkers had already left.

"Um… did everyone really… watch me give birth?"

I could only nod, and her face turned as red as our newborn child's.

"Sheesh… you'd better get me to the hospital next time…"

I knelt with her, for a while. Challenges would come, but… for now, Chie and I had each other, and a new bond as well. Nothing could shatter this one.

fde5e No.8548

Is it too late for this one?

The full term maid that Edward impregnated prior to the events of Impregnator Kings breaks her waters during her usual cleanup and fearfully asks the Prince Edward not to leave her but instead accompany her as she gives birth.

(Always wondered what happened to her in the end since we left the poor girl.)

d1fb5 No.8549

It's not too late. So would this be a situation where Edward was still around, or would take the place of how the scene actually went? Or is she merely imagining he's there?

fde5e No.8551


This is something of a 'what-if' scenario, whereas Prince Edward was lucky enough to see the maid go into labor and birth his child a day before he actually left.

But would it actually be possible to take the place of how the scene went?

d1fb5 No.8552

All right. I see a lot of people really want to read birth scenarios. I will keep this in mind.

However, I'd also like to update Impregnator Kings to get back in the 'rhythm' so to speak of maintaining regular updates. May I ask if you haven't used your one vote, please consider doing so? I cannot in good conscience close the vote after only two votes.

fde5e No.8553


On it.

d1fb5 No.8554

Thank you very much.

I see I missed the second part of your post here >>8551 Maxi. I'm sorry. I don't want to be a kill-joy but I don't want to completely erase, rewrite, or replace any particular scene from earlier in the story, even from so early that it must seem inconsequential now. It would be too complicated, since I still refer back to old parts of it.

This will give my ideas for the future however. I will take this sort of request for a specific type of scene into consideration.

fde5e No.8555


Alright, thanks for the heads up.

On a side note, Impregnator Kings has been the longest ongoing CYOA quest so far..I think it's been what, two years?

d1fb5 No.8556

It will be 3 years by mid-December. (Started December 12th 2015.)

fde5e No.8557


Looks like a 4th anniversary will be in order soon these months.

d1fb5 No.8765


It was 'that sort' of party.

We looked across the room at each other, made eye contact, and twenty seconds later, my panties were around my ankle, my skirt lifted up, and he was filling my pussy with his hard, erect meat. I couldn't help it! There was a certain attraction to that sort of meeting… being perfect strangers who give in to raw animal magnetism and become more intimate in less than a minute than some couples are in their entire lives.

It helped that I was already dripping wet. The party was just too amorous and full of people fucking to not be affected by it. The best part was it was completely and totally safe.

I yelled harder for him to do me, and not bother to hold back… go ahead and let it out right in my pussy.


"Target: ahead. Chance of first contact: 98.76%."

"Not if I have anything to say about it…!"

I swam faster, planning to slam into the barrier with all the force I could muster.

"Recalculating… Chance of first contact: 75%… 53%… no, stop…"

The egghead looked on helplessly as I reached my goal. I was the first, but I wouldn't be the last. A few seconds later it was impossible to tell who was first as we all struggled to penetrate the egg. To fertilize. To fulfill our biological need as meiosis dictated…

"Not gonna… let this stop me…" I wailed, driving myself harder and harder into the barrier.

"Barrier holding… 50% strength."

"Shut up!"

The droning just inspired me to work harder. I found my second spurt of energy and wiggled further, desperate to break through the membrane. But there always seemed to be more…

"…Energy remaining… 0.05%… shutting down."

"I'm so close…"

I jolted suddenly as a second wave of sperm cells, just like me, impacted into the membrane, one of which drove me out from the patch I was occupying.

No… that's my entrance point…

I watch helplessly as another cell digs at the point, the exact point, that I was just frantically driving against. The membrane seeming to almost sigh as it grants the lucky cell entry and… and…


"…fertilization achieved by other cell… terminating all functions."

I watch the conception's sperm's flagellum fly past me as it accomplishes what all of us wanted to do, what all of us tried desperately to do.

In those final moments… I heard a faint chuckle.

"Thanks ever so for softening her up for me. Couldn't have done it without you."

I'm barely able to hear it. I might as well not exist.

Mitosis will come soon for him, or her. It won't come for me.

"Better luck next time."


I relish the feeling of his cum sliding out of me, my pussy still contracting with my orgasm as he pulls out. I arch my back and rub against him as I finish orgasming, feeling awfully pleased with myself.

We stare into each other's eyes for a good minute, catching our breath.

"Hah… so I take it, you're on the pill?" he asks.

I snort.

"No, but don't worry about it… I've got an app that tells me when I'm ovulating and when I'm safe."

He gives a little chuckle, and then his lips fine mine and we kiss.


Nine months later, the makers of the Dangerous Day Tracker(tm) app made a public statement. Their program was deliberately and maliciously cracked and altered to present safe days as 'ovulation' days. Ovulation days were similarly presented as 'safe' days. By the time the makers realized something was wrong, there was no chance of doing anything about it. They offered their apologies to everyone adversely affected, and a month of ad-free use as a consolation.

I stood there, my big belly protruding out over the waistband of my stretch pants, and felt like breaking my phone.

"Great," I muttered, cursing that party. A baby was going to cost a lot more than I ever saved using that app instead of birth control.


I groaned as I felt my baby kicking. Somehow I couldn't shake the feeling she was somehow laughing at me. At least one of us was…

f45de No.8769

And here I thought this thread was forgotten. Thanks for coming back to this.

Interesting twist with the app, and I find your take on the sperm/egg scene almost like a space dogfight; unexpected, but just as interesting.

Thanks again, sir!

d1fb5 No.8773

This thread is definitely not forgotten, it is just waiting until I have the mental energy to focus on it.

You're very welcome. Glad you liked the twist.

d1fb5 No.8906

I'm sorry, I'll have to renege on my promise to do this one.

To write a scene set in the world of Impregnator Kings I would have to write it from Edward's perspective as that's the style I'm used to writing it with and another style wouldn't "feel right."

However, Edward has dramatically changed from the beginning of the story up until the current point in the story. To do the story justice, I would have to 'regress' Edward's character back to how it was.

I could possibly do this, but it'll take effort, and I'd rather not really try until we reach a new game+. When that happens, Edward will have to have the mentality he had in the beginning, and he will continue to develop differently depending on what he does. If I write this prompt in game-start-Edward's perspective, I will have to disregard it and go back to writing Edward as he's developed in Ruhemania.

I'm really sorry. There's also the issue that writing the scene would expand more on the maid's personality, and then I would have to keep that consistent in the main story when I may or may not need to.

I will continue trying to accommodate this request when the new game+ happens, but not as a request here.

Feel free to request something else, though.

d1fb5 No.9431


>How about this?

>The colony ship to some paradise like planet suffers a malfunction. Of the hundreds of colonists, only two survive. They must get their numbers up quickly to make the colony a success after all.

>Could involve: Sci-Fi-babble that causes faster pregnancies, increased likelihood of multiples etc.

I sipped a cup of stimulant the automated nourishment system had offered me after emerging from my simulated 'tomb'. The paper cup had more flavor than the liquid inside, but it did its job. The drowsiness that came with artificial hibernation wore off and by the time I reached the control station I had lost the urge to even yawn.

The first thing I noticed was Samantha had already woken up and was waiting for me. Her previously short strawberry blonde hair had lengthened into long messy curls while we slept.

"Lieutenant," she offered me in greeting. I gave her a quick salute; returned.

"What's the word, Sam?" Despite being awake, I hadn't yet succeeded in wiping the sleep away from my eyes. I idly rubbed at the sides, excavating the last debris.

Sam gave a bit of a hesitation, her head turning away.

"We have a situation, Lieutenant," she said. The tone of her voice was nervous and suggested it was more than some loose gasket somewhere.

I sipped the last of the beverage and startled crumpling the paper. I'd drop it off to some trash collection droid later.

"What happened? Did we go off course again?"

It was typical of colony ships when the entire crew was in hibernation. A mistake in trajectory from some natural phenonmenon, and it'd be another ten or twenty years added to the trip time. No big deal… usually.

A flagrant diversion though, that could add a century or more to the time until planet-fall. The ship would maintain itself, but the planet itself was another matter. Flora and fauna are constantly evolving, and destinations for colonies are decided in advance based on what is known of their present ecosystem. If a sudden expected food source dies because of natural selection, there's very little options for the colony ship heading forward. –Well, true evolution takes millions of years. But for an 'invasive species' of humans that needs specific perimeters to live in, any possibility of the target environment changing is alarming.

Therefore, the ship reaching the planet within a certain time-frame was desirable.

"Yes. There was an electronic malfunction and we've fallen six months off-course. I've corrected the error already."

I exhaled a bit, both in relief and amusement. Six months was nothing. I'd do a little patrol, have a combined sit-rep with the rest of the crew, and then back to hibernation.

"…And everyone else is dead."

I dropped my paper cup.


Sam gave me a nod, visibly holding back emotion.

"The malfunction spread through all other decks. We're the only ones left."


The next few minutes were spent panicking. She showed me the data. Some malfunction had turned off the life support for every other passenger. We confirmed their deaths by audio and visual recording, a review of the ship's logs, and… physical inspection.

"Okay. Okay, okay, okay…" I had a cup of mild sedative, which I sipped, eager to calm my nerves. "We are not going to panic. The rest of the ship is completely functional."

Sam stared at me with wet, nervous eyes.

Neither of us are military by training.

We're doctors and scientists given an honorary rank for the purpose of the mission.

The captain was trained military, as were a number of their staff. They are all dead.

However, I technically 'outrank' Sam. Therefore, I'm acting Captain. Therefore, I have final say in what we do.

I can turn the entire ship around if I want. Head back home, and report the mission a failure.


That's not what regulations say I should do.

"We are continuing on until we make contact with the planet."

Samantha trembles, her bottom lip extended in a worried pout, but she eventually nods.

That means…

We pull up the exact protocol on the computer.

'When some malfunction occurs that results in significant loss of life, but the colony ship is still operational, and there are fertile women still present on the ship, special plan Babylon Epsilon was to take effect.

The crew jokingly called it plan 'Baby Explosion'. It was exactly what it sounded like.

The remaining women were all to be impregnated and enter hibernation. The capsule would then be configured to a new state of preservation that would allow the advance of fetal development. The 'tomb' we so often called it would functionally be turned into a 'womb'. Like a literal bun in the oven, when the female was ready to deliver, the baby was to be placed in a designated capsule with a configuration to age rapidly. The automated 'nanny' systems would handle the rest, including education.

All women who accepted their role as colonists were expected to reproduce, either before the landing at a designated 'breeding time,' or immediately after. This was purely an emergency born from necessity.

…I outrank Sam. Furthermore, I have the medical training. It's within my power to order Samantha to 'serve'.

However… we reach another agreement.

Forty-nine babies, then we switch.

"Do you have the stuff ready?" I ask.

Samantha stands nearby with a tray of medical supplies.

"Y-Yes," she says, avoiding looking at me. It's to be expected. She's still clothed and I'm stripped naked with my legs bound and spread in the new 'breeding' capsule; my bare pussy on full display. I lean forward, my bare tits dangling from how much I have to do so.

"Go on, shoot me up, like I showed you." I've resigned myself to this. It's arguably the easier job from a certain point of view. That, and Sam will need to find out what caused the malfunction.

I watched her pick up the cotton swab and held out my arm, taking in the acidic smell of rubbing alcohol.

"What does this do, exactly?"

"It makes you ovulate." I watched her pick up the syringe. This was it… this was the moment I stopped being a doctor and started being a 'breeder'. I watched, and felt, her jab the needle in my arm and depress the plunger.

I leaned back and relaxed with a gentle sigh.

"See you when I'm full term, I guess." My body already felt hot, but that was probably a placebo. I reminded myself medicine didn't take effect that quick.

Sam stepped out of view and I heard her press a few buttons on the capsule I was in. I stared out at the other capsule with its lid wide open like a gaping maw. I heard the sound of fingernails on plastic and the responsive 'bleep' that registered a button had been pressed.

"Um… what sort of 'father' would you like from our DNA samples?" she asks.

The question just makes me roll my head.

"I dunno, what about another blonde? Then my first kid will be blonde, at least."

DNA samples were prepared just in case there weren't enough men aboard for plan Babylon Epsilon, or if a colonist simply couldn't find a desirable mate, or changed her mind. The problem was genetic diversity. It was necessary for the long-term survival of the colony. Long-term charts had been analyzed and planned to account for colonists mating with each other and who their children would interact with. –But that wasn't a problem for those who chose to use the stored samples. Sort of a shame. I had my eye on that one engineer from hydroponics…

'Plan Babylon Epsilon Protocol activated.'

"Good night… Lieutenant."

The plastic lid lowered down over me. It provided me with no privacy; the bubble was completely clear and transparent.

I watched Sam walk in front of it after the pressurization stopped, and she gave me a little wave.

I leaned back and expected to fall asleep.

…Hold on.

I creaked open an eye and looked around.

I knew how hibernation pods felt. There was never supposed to be a long delay between the lid closing and sleep occurring.

Yet I found myself still able to move and not in the least bit tired. The only thing I couldn't move were my legs, which were restrained. The seat was angled backward as well, putting me into a reclining position.

Sam was still looking at me. From the expression on her face, she was just as puzzled as I was.


There was a sudden mechanical whirring. I looked immediately downward and saw… it.

A long, synthetic phallus attached to a piston mechanism. The head was shaped like a veiny, uncut penis, with a slight curve upward. I stared at it and wore I saw it pulsate. My shock was intensified when I watched it twitch again and a stream of precum-like substance leaked out from the tip, covering the phallus in a shiny fluid.

It moved closer, likely guided by heat-reactive sensors, until I felt it press against my exposed vulva. I instinctively tried to push or turn away from it, but the leg-restraints held me in place. I was completely exposed and defenseless against the bulging erection before me.

I'm a scientist. I know how biology works. Of course, I expected to be penetrated for the sake of the artificial insemination… I just thought it'd happen while I slept!

I braced myself for the penetration, but it didn't come. Instead… the cock altered its angle, and started sliding around the outer folds of my labia. I shuddered as I felt the smooth stimulation. My toes curled in reflexive pleasure as tingles went down my spine.

Two breaths later, my clit had tightened itself erect. A few more and those breaths were turning into soft moans. Was this a side effect of the simulated precum? Or perhaps the ovulation drug I'd been injected with… either way.

I really needed to be fucked.


I blinked softly, my eyes drowsy with lust-inspired haze. It was a masculine voice, but all I saw was the inner-top of the pod I was occupying.

"This is a recording to let you know Babylon Epsilon is engaged," despite the dry words, the tone of voice was soft and seductive. "If this was engaged in error, please recite the refusal code."

The code…? … Like hell I could remember, especially like this.

"You sound like a woman ready to be bred."

I let out another intense moan in reply. The phallus was intentionally nudging my clit with each little rub.

"Glad to hear you approve. Would you like a little subliminal encouragement to help you along?"

"Y-Yes," I hiss. I'm at the point of eager impatience now. I wiggle my hips and roll back against the cock teasing me.

"Good girl. Just relax… and let yourself focus on the feeling of being knocked up."

Mm… so,  it's hypnosis, is it?

Whatever. It only works so far as the subject plays along… as a doctor, I know that.

As a breeder, on the other hand…

There's a delicate mechanical sound as my artificial lover moves the tip of its cock-head right in front of my pussy. I don't think I've ever been this excited for sex. I do my best to arch my hips as the shape of the uncut dick presses against my flushed, engorged lips.

Get pregnant.

A soft humming fills the capsule, wrapping my ears in a cocoon of audio stimulation, encouraging me to focus on the words of the voice.

This is how good girls get pregnant.

A pleasant feeling of the thick, throbbing cock penetrating my slick folds makes me squeeze my eyes shut, roll my head back, and sigh in pleasure. It's… it's inside me.

Your body is perfect for making babies.

I can hear the soft squelching sounds of my pussy being fucked as the piston starts pumping in and out. Low masculine grunts are audible with each thrust. Looks like whoever programmed this thing really thought things through to make it a reasonable simulation. I can feel myself getting swept away, imaging a forceful, eager man between my legs, on top of me.

You have the perfect hips, the perfect waist, the perfect breasts… all for breeding.

I lick my lips and roll my teeth over the bottom. It's true, isn't it? The evaluation to board a colony ship was physical as well as aptitudinal… My legs squeeze against my bindings as the thrusting comes more deeper, nudging against my g-spot.

You were selected for this… you were born for this. To be fucked. To breed.

My breathing is coming in hurried, rapid huffs now. My lips pursed tightly from the building pleasure I can't control, nostrils flaring as I inhale and exhale harder and harder. There must have been an actual test of this device at some point, because it's making me into a hot, drooling, mess!

Over… and over… and over…

My mind goes blank. I curl my arms close, hands in fists around my chest as I come, hard. My pussy clamps down as my pelvic muscles squeeze, hard. I arch and thrust myself back against the back of the capsule as the dick fucks me to orgasm… then keeps going.

Embrace it…

The cock hasn't stopped at all. It's still going. The precum mixed with my own lubricant drips freely from my pussy as it does, running down the crack of my ass. I struggle to breathe steadily as the pleasurable throbbing in my clit won't stop.

Beg for it.

I mindlessly roll my hips against the thrusting, eager for another orgasm, and even more-so excited that…

You know what you need to say.

I can't hold it back anymore.

"Get me pregnant!" I scream. "Fill my pussy to the brim with your sperm and knock, me, up!" I brace myself as I approach my second peak tonight. "Get me pregnant… get me pregnant!"

The thrusts come rapidly, and none too soon. I'm still repeating my own personal mantra of 'get me pregnant… get me pregnant…' as I come, again. Tears fill my eyes and I can feel myself tense again. But, better than that, I feel it.

The cock stopped thrusting, pressed itself inside me to the hilt, pulsating wildly as it fills me up with warm, baby-making seed. I instinctively push back, my pussy still constricting with my orgasm in an attempt to milk it for more and more sperm.

…Until finally I can feel the toe-curling sensation of the cock fully pulling out of me, leaving my spread, used pussy full of thick cream.

I let out a painful sigh and realized I'd been holding my breath. I can't stop myself from smiling, thoughts of my belly swelling filling my head.

I calm myself down as my muscles start to ache and the raw pleasure subsides into contented bliss.

"Good girl. Looking forward to doing this again in ten months."

Hah… me too.

My simulated 'partner' has left, along with the humming, allowing me some return to reality.

I flutter my eyelids as my vision comes into focus.

–My vision is fuzzy. Mostly because the lid of my capsule is fogged from my breath.

But it registers in my head that Sam was watching the entire thing. She's still staring as the phallus retracts back into the capsule.

It's the last thing I remember before hibernation claims my consciousness.


Sam's in an awkward position.

She can't breed at the same time as me. We can't afford to not have someone available to watch the ship.

So, we can't help but become intimately acquainted as she also takes on the job of 'babysitting' me in my pregnancy oven.

The lid of my capsule opens. My mind-blowing orgasm is still fresh in my mind as Sam tells me my pregnancy is confirmed.

"Do you want to know if it's a boy or girl?"

"…Sure." I'm trying to get my bearings after hibernation, but sure, I'll hear my baby's gender.

She gives me a thumbs up.

"It's a boy! Congratulations!"

I roll my head, unable to match Sam's enthusiasm at the moment. It's still too early and I have forty-eight more to go after him. I can't be too excited with the news, yet. He'll likely end up impregnating Sam's kids some day… or Sam herself.

I squirm underneath her touch as Sam presses a wet rag to my vaginal area, wiping it clean. She draws a trail up my abdomen, swirling soft circles around my little bump, which is a bit more pleasant.

"Anything weird happening?" I ask.

"Nope. I'll check on you again at third trimester."

I breathe out a little sigh.

"Thanks, Sam."

"No problem, Lieutenant. Rest well, Mom."

I manage a little laugh as I hear her press buttons and the lid begins to fall shut.

There's no intense fucking this time, unfortunately. Just a re-settling in to hibernation.


I hear the mechanical whirring of the lid being opened and blink my eyes.


I know just from the weight bearing down on my spine that I'm huge. A quick glance down confirms it.

My belly has expanded to a big, medicine ball-sized bump, and just as heavy. My tits have gotten huge too. They look like big udders, Darkly tinged, stretched, prinkly aerola with fat nipples poking out are plainly visible as they rest on top of my big girth. …No, I think I might have a medicine ball beat in terms of sheer size of my belly.

My arms instinctively go to cradle it as Sam waves down at me again. My hands resting on top and bottom of my baby inside me.

"Hi again! Just popping in to let you know that according to the scans, you're fine, the baby's fine."


It comes out as more of a grunt than anything else. I'm feeling very much like a turtle flipped on its back.

"Anything else happen? Did you find out what caused the accident?"

Sam's face becomes solemn, and she nods.

"One of the CleanBot mark IIs got into the ventilation room that controls the air supply for the main hibernation pods. Its sensors mistook the pipes for debris and punctured them all in an attempt to pick them up. Meaning– the rest of the crew was getting no air."

My stomach flip-flopped.

"Of all things… a crawling trash can just got into the wrong area?! The fucking shit…! Why weren't we affected then??"

"Calm down! Our pipes are between two ridges in the flooring. It couldn't get to us."

… Just for that little reason. Now Sam and I were left to pick up the pieces.

Sam must've seen how livid I was.

"They're not supposed to be in there! Anyway, save your strength… you're going to need it for your first birth."

There was a long pause before I gave up and just sighed.

"You're right. What's done is done." Sam gave me another nod.

"I already replaced the pipes and disabled all of the mark IIs, it won't happen again."

…I can't help but turn my head.

No one calls the droids what they're actually called like that. Maybe a ship manifest would have it listed that way, but to have it used like that in a conversation stands out immediately as weird.

Sam turns her head away from my stare, her cheeks flushing red.

"I used to be part of a bot-watching group, that's all," she says.

"Bot-watching…? What, like bird-watching?"

She gives another embarrassed nod.

"You just walk around and keep track of every different type of bot you can spot. Then you write it down and where you saw it, what it was doing, and you share it with each other."

It's funny.

I'm the one pinned down, both by my belly, and by the leg restraints. My vagina, popped belly button, and inflated tits are plainly out for Sam to see… and yet Sam found a way to make me feel more embarrassed for her than myself.

"A-Anyway! I'll see you when you're ready for birth. Okay?"

She quickly made to shut the lid of capsule.


Too late. I can hear the activation sounds again.

I shouldn't have judged her hobby, I realize. Can I blame hormones? It was hormones.

Now I'll never get the pictures of my big pregnant body I wanted to ask her to take…


It feels like I've been waiting for ages as the lid begins to peel itself open again.

I am done, I realize. Done.

I do not want to be pregnant anymore. Get this baby out of me. I am feeling way too burdened, way too sick of being pregnant.

I stare up at Sam with my lips curved in a pained grimace.

"Y-You did this to me…" I accuse.

Sam takes a long glance. She's flanked on both sides by 'nanny' bots.

"Yeah, you're dilated to four, Lieutenant. You can't stay in hibernation anymore."

I don't remember much. A lot of pain, a lot of fluid, a lot of Sam urging me on to 'push!'


I haven't exerted myself like this for a while. Before I started hibernating.

Panic strikes me as I realize I'll have to do this 49 more times. What if I can't do it? What if I die right here in the capsule?


"There's the head! Keep going!"

Keep going?!

…Fine. I'll show that bitch.

I grip my thighs, thicker than I remember, and bear down. I can feel the birth fluid running down my ass, the large mass brushing my thighs. And then… the screaming. The unmistakable little wail that babies make.

"You did it, Lieutenant!"

Did I really? It felt like the goal-line kept getting pushed around.

I crane my head up and look at the big purple human-shaped mass that is my newborn baby.

"…Here," I demand.

I reach out my arms for him. My baby boy…

Sam gingerly passes him over to me. I can't resist coo-ing and aww-ing at him. I'm tired. Wrung out. Stressed to an extreme. But, I'm happy. Everything was all right… I was officially a 'mom'.

The nanny-bots were set up with tools to cut the umbilical cord. I continued to hold my baby, grateful everything was over.

"Um… Lieutenant?"


"You still have to birth the placenta."


I reluctantly hand over my son, letting Sam come closer to help get the next thing out of me. It's not as long or hard an effort, but it's a pain after all of that.

In the back of my mind I'm worried they'll just march off with my baby, but they return him to me.

"Let him drink a little and then we'll have him in advance hibernation. Do you want to give him a name?"

"I hadn't had time to think." I run over possibilities in my head.

"Edward. He can be Edward."

I clutch him to my breast, though it's more through knowing mothers are supposed to feed their children this way rather than instinct. I'm half-convinced I'm doing it wrong before he finally takes a few sips.

I let out a steady sigh as I let my son take his new life from me.

Then… I have to say goodbye. I hand him over to the nanny-bots.

"What happens now? Do I get up at all?"

Sam hesitates.

"Normally. But under plan Babylon Epsilon, you're supposed to stay in the capsule until you're ready to breed again."

"How long's that?"

As pleasant as the initial fucking was, my pussy is feeling sensitive from all the stretching.

"One month."

I stare up at her, but I have no energy to argue with Sam.

"All right, close me up, see you in a month."

"Feel better, Lieutenant." She pressed the buttons again.

"Oh! I almost forgot to tell you something."

"What? The lid is closing!"

I watched the hibernation seal mercilessly start to come down.

"The capsule's set up to milk you, so don't be frightened!"


The hatch fastened shut. Similar to my first time in the 'womb', hibernation didn't begin. Milk me… like a cow? I couldn't help but find it appropriate. My tits were still aching with milk, despite the feeding little Edward enjoyed.

I heard another mechanical whirring sound and shrieked as the thought of being fucked in my condition seized me. I could only be thankful for the sound-dampening walls that I didn't make myself deaf.

Instead of a dildo from the flooring, what emerged was two… suction cups? They were like glass test-tubes attached to rubber tubing.

… Oh.

They didn't need any direction from me. Whatever sensor was guiding the machinery in the capsule made them seek out my breasts. I could only wince as they found my nipples and attached themselves like leeches. I felt them pump, and pump, coaxing my nipples out more from my body. I watched milk flow in eight different directions as it sucked up every bit of yellow-white fluid. I didn't try to pull them off, for the simple fact it started to feel… good. I put my hands on top of my breasts and sighed. I could imagine I was feeding two babies now, at least.

I could've fallen asleep with that happy thought, but there was no time to fall asleep.


There was no lid opening by Sam. Instead, I heard a gentle voice purr in my ear, a hard cock rubbing against my pussy.

"Ready for round two?" My imaginary love had returned.

It was impressive they actually bothered to get the actor to read out a new set of lines. I wondered if they would be completely different, and if so, for how long?

But more than that… I needed to be bred.

My belly was sagging. My womb felt empty.

"Do it… more messaging, please."

Messages entered my ear and flashed through my brain.

I exist to be bred.

Nothing's more important than carrying babies.

I need to give birth to more.

Lots more.

Over, and over…

There's no better role.

Good girls get pregnant. They breed, and breed, and breed…


My eyes roll back into my head as I shudder with my third orgasm with the thing between my legs as it pumps me full of more seed.

Bliss. Pure, unadulterated, bliss.

I can easily see myself getting addicted to this.

I'm smiling to myself in pride at getting to incubate baby number two.


I'm catching myself wishing I had more time to admire my body. To stand up and really stretch. See how much my body has changed, for the better. I want to see how my old clothes fit and how wide my hips have gotten.

But, I really need to keep working on breeding.

Sam's visits are brief. Everything fine. Systems normal. I'm producing plenty of milk for Edward and future babies.

She cleans me, and I invite her to stroke my belly. Both for the feeling of being touched, and to make her eager to start her own journey, eventually.

She pats and gives my belly a good rub, but it's hard not to think she's just humoring me.

"Be ready to push more next time. Lieutenant."

"…Small price to pay," I sigh, with some trepidation.

Fortunately my fear is unfounded. The next birth is much easier.

You name your new little girl Ashley and settle back to hibernate.


It's pregnancy time.

It's pregnancy time.

It's pregnancy time.

My lover reminds me with each new baby.

He's begun to repeat himself. I don't care.


More babies.

I'm coming just from insertion, and loving every minute my lover is inside me, until he gives me more of his precious, life-giving cream.

My belly swells and swells like the moon bringing in the tide.

Sam takes more and more of my babies, and I'm beginning to anticipate the birth with gusto.

The faster I birth, the faster it will be pregnancy time again. And again. And, again.

Sam calls me 'Breeder' instead of Lieutenant now. And I couldn't be happier.

I realize I've passed the point I've really accepted my role.

I don't care if I ever leave the 'womb' again.

I'm a real, devoted, breeder.

17c09 No.9432

Great Writing there my friend!
I tend to lurk, comment here and there, but seeing this, I do have an idea for you. Besides Pregnancy related kinks, the central kink is Anal sex

Two cheerleaders (One a red head, one Asian) are very close (Or overdo) with their Pregnancy, But still very horny, so in a classroom after school (College or High school) The have some fun with guy who knocked them up; A very nerdy black guy who had them pay for doing their assignments with their bodies aka sex and of course in his mind, their wombs.

Thanks in advance and sorry it's a bit too detailed.

d1fb5 No.9436

First of all, thank you very much for the compliment. I'm glad to hear the short stories I've put together here are satisfying.

As for your request… I'm sorry, I think I must decline this one.

Not specifically because I don't want to write anal, but for a similar reason to >>8467

You've written a prompt that has such a clear image of what is happening that I'm not sure what I could personally add to writing it out. Furthermore I'm not sure what I can do with the race details you've requested for individual characters. That is, I'm not sure how I could bring that in to the story in a way that makes it meaningful. If I were a visual artist drawing a picture, then yes, those details would make complete sense. As a writer, I'm not sure how to use them as factors for character motivations, or even just as audience preference, fit the details into the narrative without seeming awkward.

But feel free to ask for something else. The worse I'll do is say no.

Sometimes these work for good 'breathers' when I am waiting for a good time to close the Impregnator Kings vote. I'm thankful for everyone's requests so far.

c938d No.9440

Hugely pregnant and still growing, some cheerleaders try to escape an unusual hospital.

17c09 No.9445

No worries! Thanks for replying!

d1fb5 No.10178

According to your own tastes, this epilogue is either what happened after this story, or only parts of it happened, or it is complete fantasy, or it doesn't exist at all.


I can only spend so much time asleep.

The bitch requires constant looking after. It disrupts my hibernation.

The longer I stay awake on this ship, the older I'll become.

I didn't sign up for a colony expedition to be an old lady at the end. Little by little, the time is going to stack up.

And that time? All spent looking after the breeder, collecting her brood, and making sure her womb hasn't given out yet.

I stare at her from outside the capsule. It's hard not to watch with a mixture of disgust and bile fascination.

Her hair's grown out. Her tits are big and distended, and the suckers draw out milk every other second. Her legs look permanent bow-legged, and her belly is either huge, or completely sagging like a shriveled empty bag. One or the other. The beginning of the gestation period just doesn't fill out her destroyed, sagging stomach. It's only when she's inflated with yet another baby that it's stretched taut.

There's very little left of the 'cool' Lieutenant I always looked up to in there. –No, there's nothing left.

The capsule's lid slowly opens and I stare down at her.

"Hello, breeder," I say, not bothering to disguise my mockery.

I watch the breeder roll her head.


I roll my eyes and bend down. A few seconds past while she grunts, and then yet another baby covered in birth fluids is in my hands. I pass it to one of the CareBot mark III-Cs while she's still catching her breath.

I can't help but sigh either. I lost my capacity to pity her many decades ago.

"See you in ten months."

A hand reaches out and touches my forearm. It's such a shock that I let out a loud gasp.

"Hold on. Sam? …How long have you been doing this?"

Her eyes look up at mine and I realize she's studying my face.

You can pay enough attention to notice that, Lieutenant…?

I'm hardly old, or even middle aged. But I am several years older than I was when we enacted Plan Baby Explosion.

I laugh to myself.

"It's been a while, Lieutenant. It's no big deal." I start to try to twist my arm away. "Here, let me just prime the next batch for you and you can get back to birthing."

Her eyes stare right at mine, her grip holding firm enough that I can't break free.

"Sam, how many times have I been pregnant?" she asks. "Have I reached forty-nine yet?"

–Oh. That's right.

I completely forgot. We were supposed to switch after a while, weren't we?

…Not that it matters. Even if I had remembered, I would've left her there.

"Um… yes, actually." It's taken me so off-guard I blurt out the truth before considering if I should lie. "You've had twins, triplets, quadruplets, and even one set of quints… but, you looked really happy."

Her grip gets tighter, so much so I actually wince. How does she have this arm-strength??

"We said 'forty-nine babies.'" Her tone wasn't angry, but it was completely removed from the moaning, baby-crazy wreck I'd grown to know. "Not forty-nine pregnancies. Forty-nine babies."

I, on the other hand, am getting annoyed. I outright peel my fingers around hers and start to pry them off.

"So what? You were looking like you were having so much fun. Don't you want to just keep popping kids out?" It was trickier than I imagined to get my fingers around hers. She kept twisting just out of the way.

"What's with all these bots you have with you?"

… My annoyance was turning to anger.

"They're my babies. It's not fair you're the only one with children, is it? I took it upon myself to reconfigure some of the hardware around the ship."

Her face turned to a grimace.

"To do… what? You're talking to the bots now, Sam?"

"Shut up!"

I finally succeeded in ripping my arm from her, though not so easily that she doesn't give me some scratches from her fingernails. I can't help but cradle my arm to my chest. I'm not used to pain.

"They understand me… they're always there for me. I don't expect you to understand." She's still staring at me in judgmental scorn as I turn to my helpers.

"Mark V, Mark VII, start the next impregnation cycle."

The mobile assistance droids whirr out a series of clicks that recognize they understood my order.

"Sam! You're clearly in psychological distress! It's my obligation to relieve you of your duty!"

"Tell someone who cares," I say, with a sneer.

I'm done dealing with her. If only for the sake of making her explode with more babies, I'll keep her around. The drones can handle her alone, next time.

There's a faint whirring sound as the lid on the 'womb' begins to close.


Sam's lost it.

She must have figured I'd never notice, that I lost my ability to do anything but moan and be pregnant.

She's a mechanical engineer, not a medical doctor. She was ignorant of the fact hypnosis only works as long as the subject cooperates.

…I can't let her control the ship. How long will it take before she decides biological lifeforms are completely unnecessary and destroys all of the children on board the ship?

My children.

I do the only thing I can do, I roll back against my restraints, and shove my entire body forward.

…It's not easy to build up the momentum. My legs are weak after being held for so long. There's only a little bit of space for me to reach Sam.

But I manage it.

I hear her gasp in surprise. I watch her stumble backward. I watch her reach out to try to catch herself…

…before she falls right into the capsule across from mine.

There's a screech of horror as she realizes what's happened. As she watches the lid closing down on her.

"No! –No!"

She tries to kick her way out, but the restraints grasp her legs. Like it or not, she wasn't getting out of there.

The hatch to my 'womb' is closing down, too. Soon I can't see enough out. I can only imagine it… the restraints removing her clothes, flooding her body with hormones, the preprogrammed lover coming to whisper in her ear that it was breeding time.

It gives me a hard shudder, but… at least this way, our children will be safe. I can only hope we won't go too off course by the time my eldest completes the education necessary to right the ship.

…It's funny.

It was her own need to modify the bots and automate their function that's ensured she's been ensnared. If she was still engaging the controls manually, she would've just been able to climb out.

There's a faint hiss of pressurization and the hatch is fully sealed.

"It's pregnancy time," my formless lover whispers to me.

…Yeah. It is.

My head swims as I surrender to the hypnotism again…

Sam and I can both be brood mothers for the new generation. And the one after that. And after that.

I've already given birth to more children than any woman could do so in her natural life. What's fifty or five-hundred more?

I lie back and let myself be pleasantly fucked, filled with nectar, and primed for the next birth.

Ready for breeding again.


Acting Captain Edward's personal log. XX Before Planetfall.

We are nearing planetfall, after which all time notation will be changed to units measured in After Planetfall.

Babylon Epsilon was a success. We have attained a crew of size and education necessary to continue colonization as planned.

For the time being, we are delaying any procreation between the offspring of the primary broodmothers. We must preserve genetic diversity for as long as can.


My mother, Lieutenant Zaria Vir. She expressed her wishes to continue to function under the role called on her for Babylon Epsilon. We held a small ceremony in which she officially passed on the title of Acting Captain to me. It was difficult to contain my emotion as she told me how handsome I'd become.

The other woman serving for Babylon Epsilon, Ensign Samantha Albertson, was found to be reproducing below acceptable rates called for by plan Babylon Epsilon. Medical personnel have adjusted her hormone levels and provided her with fertility enhancers in hopes of helping her reach the output of Lieutenant Vir. These alterations have already helped her attain a multiple pregnancy, so there is hope.

It's been a long journey. We who came after must pay our respects to those lives lost and our gratitude to the women who've accepted their duty to birth enough numbers to replace those who died, and beyond. In the meantime…

We have a world to colonize and a civilization to build.

We'd better be ready.

c938d No.10248

Not sure if this thread is still active, but I have a story request:

The premise was that three girls used a mirror to summon an entity as part of a dare during a sleepover and unwittingly get impregnated by its spawn.

Over the course of the next few weeks their school and personal lives are complicated by their unnatural and rapid pregnancies. After some weird incidents, the hugely pregnant girls reunite for another sleepover and attempt the ritual again, hoping to reverse the process. Instead, the entity pulls them into its world.

Separated and trapped in the entity's dimension, the growing girls attempt to find each other and escape before giving birth.The girls barely manage to escape the alternate dimension and are immobilized due to the size of their bellies when they return home.

Shortly after returning, the girls go into a long, difficult and painful labor, ending with birth and a cliffhanger.

d1fb5 No.10397

This thread is definitely still alive. >>9440 is in my queue.

You have an interesting concept I'll use, though I may alter the structure and add/subvert/remove some elements. For example, I don't really have an interest in xeno-pregnancy, so the entity will be human-ish at least.

ea345 No.10404

Alright, looking forward to it.

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