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We hit our thread limit, guys. So to start, thank you for continuing the good times, Moe.

To middle, thanks for the well-wishes, Shadow. I'm gonna need as much luck as I can find.

To near the end, what kind of cats do you have, Lim? And good luck with your own writing. I hope you have fun.

To finished, everyone remember that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday.
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e2b9e No.9736

Indeed, this has been very enjoyable, and while I'm sad that it's ending before all these ideas came about (or before we got any sex/impregnation), I'm glad that you're being kind enough to give us this closure.

I find it cool that you brought the idea of the rectal spirit ball into the rp, though some perverse part of me kinda wishes it had involved a hand up someone's rear.

It does make me wonder if the womb could have been used to give them some kind of power if a character lost their core.

I'm also curious about how the womb's magic would affect pregnancy, and if we would have been able to figure out how to manipulate their wombs to make them fertile, or to detect their pregnancy (perhaps down to the moment of fertilization)?

Though this brings up another question: TK obviously doesn't have a womb, so does he have magic in his testicles? I guess that would make impregnation/pregnancy a more literally magic thing rather than figurative.

Also glad to see that sort of thought put into Sakura's mechanics. Her series is the one I'm most familiar with, and thus she's been my fav character.

f5413 No.9737

>I find it cool that you brought the idea of the rectal spirit ball into the rp, though some perverse part of me kinda wishes it had involved a hand up someone's rear.

??? It does. The Volkenritter in this quest would have pulled the ball out through surprise butt fisting. With magic that makes it not as damaging as that would have been but yes, still butt fisting.

>It does make me wonder if the womb could have been used to give them some kind of power if a character lost their core.

This is something I thought about. You could create temporary mages by using a process similar to the Volkenritter's linker core stealing, but only tapping energy instead of stealing the linker core. Actually this is specifically from a doujin when Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate put on a butt plug that connects to their linker core, and they end up paying for sexual experiences by having their magic siphoned off. It ends with all of their magic siphoned off and they're not able to fight off a bad guy the next day and get defeated, but let's ignore that for a moment.

You could create false linker cores by storing a girl's magic, as well as writing her spells to that core. You can then implant that in a volunteer, and for a limited time, she can assist your team. She'll have only four or so spells, and a hard cap on how much magic she can use. This is something for much later though.

>I'm also curious about how the womb's magic would affect pregnancy, and if we would have been able to figure out how to manipulate their wombs to make them fertile, or to detect their pregnancy (perhaps down to the moment of fertilization)?

I haven't thought too much about manipulating fertility. Specifically I just had magic-attuned girls get fertile from a young age as a side-effect of being magic-attuned. If you guys had done the magic tendrils in a girl trick, you'd be able to detect the difference between a regular fertile womb, and a pregnant one.

>Though this brings up another question: TK obviously doesn't have a womb, so does he have magic in his testicles? I guess that would make impregnation/pregnancy a more literally magic thing rather than figurative.

In his prostate actually. The specific impregnation magic that I had planned for him is, like many others, an aspect of his healing magic. Quite simply, he can use his healing to restore his stamina (as has been shown with running), and he can use his magic to refill his prostate and testicles, letting him either magically prolong an orgasm (refilling as fast as he's ejaculating), or reduce his refractory period to almost nothing. This is incredibly necessary when dealing with a harem the size of which he would have. This was also hinted, but very vaguely, and you guys didn't select the option that would give more info about it. When you guys were given the option to masturbate, I mentioned that "It doesn't help as the need comes back really soon." Or something along those lines. However, if you'd chosen to masturbate, Mamoru's balls would have that same tingling sensation that TK gets when healing someone as he unconsciously tops himself off.

e2b9e No.9739

>However, if you'd chosen to masturbate, Mamoru's balls would have that same tingling sensation that TK gets when healing someone as he unconsciously tops himself off.

Cue people voting to masturbate in CYOAs to find out if anything happens. XD

f5413 No.9742

It literally would have given you a story hint. But yes, that may not be a road we wish to tread.

f5413 No.9747

Another plot hook that I had left. Why did Sakura look so familiar that Mamoru was convinced that he had seen her at the university? Because her father is a professor there and she visits him sometimes. You just happened to have seen her on campus before. You may have also taken Fujitaka's Archeology class this semester or the previous one.

7eed4 No.9748

That's surprisingly mundane yet makes a lot of sense.

f5413 No.9749

Sometimes it's the little things that help build the crossover. I hate how in a bad crossover you have the original events happening at the same time, but completely separately.

If I was lazy, I'd have Mamoru going to Keio University, and Fujitaka teaching at Towa University. But that'd lazy and stupid, so they're both at Keio university.

Rei and Honey Kisaragi both go to a private Catholic school? It may as well be the same school. Nanoha and Ami go to cram school? It's the same cram school.

Due to the uniforms, I have to keep some of the girls separate. The FwPC girls explicitly go to Verone Academy, and the Sailor Moon girls explicitly go to Juuban Middle School. However, I'd try to get as many of the girls to go to the same school.

f5413 No.9750

Speaking of going to the same school, Season 4 was going to have Vividred Operation. They have the misfortune of having their school crushed in a battle, so the entire student body gets transferred to other schools. Momo (the younger sister of the main character) goes to school with Sakura and when she learns that her classmate fights evil, just like her own older sister, Momo decides that she wants to be a Vivid.

That doesn't pay off until season 5, where I had planned a completely original second season for that. The Vivid Operations were grossly underutilized, and I had planned to remedy that. Momo would join the Vivids as Vivid Pink. Rei also joins as Vivid Black. That would give you a total of six girls, and up to three fused pairs at any time. As you can imagine, that means any of the girls can dock, not just other girls with Akane.

Also, none of this forehead kiss BS. Docking would have involved full on kisses, with tongue. Also, if the girls were pregnant while docking, their combined form would be pregnant with twins. If they mess up the detransformation, the babies might get swapped back into the wrong mother, or both of them might go with one girl.

f5413 No.9752

My notes on Vividred season 2 from June 21st 2014. Five and a half years ago, can you believe it? Stuff in brackets is new commentary.


Blue+Yellow is now Vividemerald. I'm not too sure as to what she looks like, but I know what her weapon is and it is /m/ as fuck. [The weapon was the Goldion Crusher. The Vivid system would not let the two of them fuse until the climax of that season when that weapon was needed.]


Red + Pink
Vividpink. No idea what weapons to give her.

Blue + Green
Vividcyan. Fights with a pole-arm. The polearm has a large blade like a bardiche on the front, a hammer on the back, and a spike on top.

Blue + Yellow
See above. No, I'm not spoiling the weapon, it's just that awesome.

Blue + Black
Vividnavy. A drill maybe.

Blue + Pink
Vividsapphire. Bec de corbin

Green + Yellow
Vividjade Sword bits

Green + Black
Vividceladon. Katana and Wakizashi

Green + Pink
Vividmalachite: Double ended sword

Yellow + Black
Vividamber. Regular beam shooting bits.

Yellow + Pink
Vividgold. Maybe lots of shield bits, AOE defense, helpful to protect teammates on an assault, or defending hurt teammates against a finishing blow.

Black + Pink
Vividlavender. Composite Bow. Arrows are barrier piercing against opponents. Arrows can also be used to buff teammates (sort of like how Kuroki used them to power up the alone).

On second thought, maybe I should have Blue + Yellow be Vividaqua, and let Green + Pink be Vividemerald. Also, maybe Black + Pink should be Vividruby.

f5413 No.9753

The general logic that I had when creating these fused pairs is that Black would doubledown on her partner's powers (with the exception of blue+black, since I couldn't come up with anything), and focus more on offense.

Docking with pink makes the transformation somewhat more humorous instead of practical, and more support focused (again, with the exception of Blue because there's only so much hammer related stuff I could come up with).

Docking with the colors would simply combine their weapons in the best way that I could imagine.

e2b9e No.9755

Season 4? 5? This could have gone on for like 20 years. XD And if you'll excuse me for saying so, but you missed an opportunity with the Blue & Black combo. They use gauntlets, and pummel their opponents until they're black and blue. *ba dum tish*

And if you'll excuse my derailing this with another silly question; taking into consideration your earlier tidbits, if we went for anal sex with a girl, would we have given them a power boost? I full understand that it's not as efficient or fast as our more magical energy transfer, but it would be fun. XD

f5413 No.9757

Considering we weren't even 1/4 of the way done with season 1 after 4 years, it would have taken 20 years just to finish season 1!

f5413 No.9758

And yes, anal sex resulting in a magic transfer makes sense. I didn't think about it to much because I'm not a fan of anal sex, but that's certainly a possibility.

f5413 No.9759

I hope everyone has a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

e2b9e No.9760

You too, Moe! And to everyone else!

7eed4 No.9761

Merry Christmas, Moe. And everyone else as well.

03f39 No.9763

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good fight (scene)!


I know, I know, but I was up before sunrise for once and the caffeine wore off a loooong time ago.

9bbcf No.9764

Oh wow
It crissmus
Merr crissmus
Well, it was only actually fun when the GM allowed it to be fun, that is, when he didn't involve any of his actual plot elements at all.
When it was plot time, it was time to talk until the plot happened and go when/where the plot told us to, but mainly SUFFER and FEEL BAD until we were all sick of it, and *then* he finally started letting us actually finish story arcs and complete character development. He thought the emotional contrast would make us more invested, despite creating a plot rail and subtly encouraging us to pick it, then using the effect of that choice to sideline a PC from combat for several sessions. Granted, there wasn't much combat happening in that stretch of time anyway, but the reason I was "emotionally invested" afterwards was because of the CHARACTER-centric (not PLOT-centric) moments, combined with the relief that I had finally gotten the green light to do some meaningful ass-kicking instead of moping IC about how my expectations of Misato (which were also her expectations of herself, because I am usually DAMN good at framing OoC issues in a story's context without anyone knowing) were so far removed from anything that she got to do, short of being reminded of how she had been traumatized in her recent past.
(I did not explicitly give her any character trauma; that too was the GM's idea.)
There's one scene that I feel encapsulates this whole thing. Misato and the combat-sidelined PC (Kei) went to talk to another PC's grandmother, who was LITERALLY BYAKKO of the Four Guardian Beasts. Turns out she's a lazy NEET who was just waiting to die so she could pass on the soul of Byakko to her grandson, and entirely refused to help Kei with her powerlessness.
Note here that TWO PLAYERS came up with this idea, partly because their characters were basically bros at this point (technically sisses, because they're both girls, but whatever.)
Later we find out that INARI HERSELF had actually triggered the powerlessness so that she could fix some damage done to Kei's soul.
IC, that's fine and good. OoC, that was a slap in the face to any initiative that the players could try to show in fixing their own damn problems. And that was how the entire campaign went until Misato basically recreated that part of The Dark Knight where Batman turned everyone's phones into sonar transmitters because she (by which I mean I) was sick and tired of the GM's heinous bullshit. I only think I got that bit of craziness through because the GM didn't know how to move the plot from moping to action, and because it's established that her family specializes in doing all the classic ninja tricks through magic. This includes magical surveillance.
So no, that campaign was actually incredibly frustrating and depressing outside of pure character interaction moments (which were heckin' amazing) until the GM decided it no longer needed to be.

But anyway, that's all good stuff, Moe. I insist that good worldbuilding is based on little conceptual connections and "Aha, this can go there!" moments between characters and setting (or in the case of a crossover, between setting #1 and setting #2.)
It's why I'm currently working on a TTRPG campaign that combines Senki Zesshou Symphogear with one of the most popular rhythm games for mobile devices currently: Cytus 2.
The more you dig into the lore in both of these sources, the more you find themes and concepts that parallel each other. The most important example is: Symphogear has phonic gain, Cytus 2 has emotional data. Different terms, same near-magical bullshit. It's great.
(Honestly, I could talk for *hours* about the deep lore that I've placed in my campaign that I oh-so-creatively named Symphogear CTS. But I'll only do so if people ask.)

And again, I hope you all have wonderful holidays.

03f39 No.9765

How did you and the other players refrain from outright drop-kicking your GM? If the dude wants to write angsty fanfiction, a campaign's not the place to do it.

You, on the other hand, sound like an awesome GM. This's the first time I've heard of a "Symphogear" campaign.

7eed4 No.9766

It's stuff like that that makes me take a look at my own games and take notes of what not to do.

f5413 No.9769

Man, that reminds me of a game where the DM trolled us hard with an evil murderous pixie. Completely ruined the fun by being too hard.

However, I'm also well enough aware how things being too easy can result in either boredom, or the players trolling the DM.

My approach was to try to find a balance of not too hard and not too easy, while also occasionally throwing out some BS difficulty (first Jadeite fight, and the mind control card comes to mind) to keep you on your toes. But while also letting you guys BS your way out of my traps.

f5413 No.9770

>first Jadeite fight

Which brings us to the next part. Each time you first made physical contact with one of the Shitenoh, you would have gotten a flashback to them swearing fealty to Prince Endymion. Each time, giving a greater and greater hint that they should be serving you, and not Queen Beryl.

The connection will be really blatant when Tuxie is killed protecting Usagi, and she revives him with the power of the Silver Crystal. The particular general will be seen starting to lose his corporeal form, only having it restored once Tuxie is revived.

This is a hint to getting rid of the shitenoh for good, as otherwise, they will simply revive, pulling some energy from Beryl/Metalia, and some from Mamoru (while also giving him a crazy dream between episodes). You will need to get them to return their loyalties to you to be able to get to Beryl and Metalia.

But, it's also a hint as to how to resolve one of final bits from Splash Star. The final battle in Splash Star is amazing. Saki and Mai both have two transformations, their original Bloom and Egret transformations, and then also the Bright and Windy transformations they get as their mid-season upgrade. In the final battle, they use the Bright and Windy forms they've been using all of the second season, and they're assisting by Michiru and Kaoru, two of the Dark Fall's lieutenants that have been spying on them, befriending them, and fighting against them on and off. After getting pretty soundly defeated, they get recharged by the power of the spirits. Saki and Mai transform back into their original Bloom and Egret forms, and the other two girls get the power of Bright and Windy. They transform, but not all the way into PreCures.

After an absolutely amazing final battle (I really can't sing its praises high enough). They defeat the final boss. Side note: This was going to be the final boss of season 1, ramped way up in difficulty, he would have absorbed the power of Metalia and the Dark King, requiring all of your combined efforts to defeat him. Anyway, after defeating him, Michiru and Kaoru collapse and start to fade away. They were created by the enemy and their life was sustained by him. Without him, they slowly fade away. In canon, the power of the spirits revive them, and the issue is resolved almost as quickly as it comes up, losing much of the emotional punch.

In the quest, the spirits of the Shitenoh would have appeared and told you to bind their life force to you, in the way that Endymion did to them in the past. As the girls are fading away, they swear fealty to you, and you rename them Zircon and Carnelian. Their soul is bound to those gems, and they share in your life force instead of the final boss's.

f5413 No.9771

Speaking of the Shitenoh, they will lose their physical forms once Beryl is defeated.

Michiru and Kaoru can be bound to stones as they've never been bound to stones. Their life force was simply tied to Akudaikan instead of to nature like normal humans. The binding ceremony shifts that tie from Akudaikan to a soul gem, that is then tied to you. The shitenoh have had their soul gems corrupted by Beryl, tying them to both you and her. With one of the two parties gone, they are no longer able to physically manifest, leaving themselves only able to serve as incorporeal advisors.

Speaking of Beryl, this is the one point where I shamelessly planned on railroading you, and I hope that you'll agree that my artistic vision was crazy enough to make this worthwhile, and not lame.

Let me ask you, what characters do Mamoru and Beryl share voice actors with?

03f39 No.9772

9bbcf No.9774

It was touch-and-go at times, but it mostly comes down to: when he's not involved in a serious campaign, he's just a fellow memelord who does stuff like picking traits from everyone on his Discord server, flanderizing those traits, asking everyone to design whatever random anime girl they want using a specific webapp, redrawing those designs in his own style, and giving those traits to them.
But when he's involved in something that needs to have deep emotional impact, he equates that "the character needs to go through hell, possibly literally too. In fact, let's just kill them!"

Trust me, I'm not that good. I'm completely floundering at getting the characters connected more deeply in the overall plot, giving them a reason to be important and continue on with the plot. Also, my pacing is horrible because I'm basically "on-call" in my home life at all times, so I get irl interrupted during my sessions all the time. It stresses me out to the point that I start doing stupid stuff instead of letting my GMing be as natural as possible, which causes a disconnect between my players and their characters.
But Symphogear is short for Senki Zesshou Symphogear, an anime where ancient relics of real Earth myth get turned into pink rock necklaces that some girls can sing to in order to turn those necklaces into magitech power armor. It's neat that they basically sing their own theme songs. They kill Noise, which are creatures that turn humans to ash on contact.


Yeah, it's a balancing act. I tend to err on the side of less difficulty. Your whole concept with the Shitennou and the Splash Stars is really good, a nice middle of the road that shows you're paying attention to themes and character purpose.
Tohru Furuya seems to have voiced Amuro Ray quite a few times, and Beryl's VA seems to be no stranger to Gundam either.
What are you planning, Moe…?

f5413 No.9775

>Tohru Furuya seems to have voiced Amuro Ray quite a few times, and Beryl's VA seems to be no stranger to Gundam either.

Any specific character that she played that had a deep emotional connection with Amuro?

03f39 No.9777

Come the final season, Chris-chan and Hibiki-chan have the best themes and transformations. (And no, I'm not gonna do the "change my mind" meme. :-P)

f5413 No.9778

b2f83 No.9779

True that.

9bbcf No.9781

I actually don't know Gundam that well, sorry.

Season 5 in general had the best-looking henshin scenes, by far. I agree that Hibiki and Chris were the top of that list, too. Hibiki's absolutely massive gauntlets compressing into the normal-sized ones sells the raw power and utility of Symphogears amazingly, and Chris makes a reference to another classic anime by titty-bouncing bullets into her revolvers.

I like how that link says Isshi-Baal.
Her gear is Ichaival, though. Gungnir is Odin's spear, but Ichaival is his bow. So yeah, fun stuff.

058bf No.9782

I've been working nonstop for the last month, so coming to check around and finding this is a little depressing, I'm not gonna lie. Happy to see you're doing okay, Moe, but, well, y'know. The general breakdown is pretty neat to have, though.

…Lalah Sune. I think I know where this one's going.

f5413 No.9783

Yeah, sorry for doing so, but sadly it was right thing to do. I'm glad you showed up, so you could at least hear the news. That also makes all the regulars having showed up. Thank you everyone. You were a great group of players, but I'm not done yet with the breakdowns, there's still lots more that I want to share with you.

As for the breakdown, well, that's to soften the blow a little.

And yes, I'm pretty sure you know where this is going.

This is the famous battle between Amuro and Lalah.

Anime version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUNw1d_nq7o

Compilation movie version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCBWan2FWGU

What I had planned was a remake of that scene, but the positions are switched. Tuxie would fill the role of Lalah, and Beryl would be Amuro. Sailor Moon takes Char's role, and I don't know who'd play Sayla/Artesia.

In the meantime, either the Andrew WK English cover of the song playing in the movie version is playing (Beginning), or the cover of the ending song (Encounters).

7eed4 No.9784

You have any planned children's names or any plans for the kids beyond Chibiusa?

5428f No.9785

I am terrible with names, so no no names planned. I'd use a name generator if it came to it.

I only had two scenes in mind. The first daughters from the sailor scouts might at the end of s5 dress up like their mothers. The other girls from s1 can do ojamajo doremi, since those girls look for younger than it says they are.

5f778 No.9786

In the "Parallel Sailor Moon" gag story, they were Ami Jr, Rei Jr. Mako and Mina.

64482 No.9788

Geez, did Usagi name all of them? Lol

f5413 No.9790

If anything, I'd use the names from that fake picture for sailor Moon Crystal.

f5413 No.9793

And now that I thought about it some more, it's Tuxie and Sailor Moon vs. Beryl and Nephrite.

Sailor Moon gets into position to land the killing blow on Nephrite. Tuxie's memories of Nephrite swearing loyalty to him return, and he yells at Usagi to stop. She does so, but that leaves her open. Nephrite gets a solid hit on her, and then Beryl moves in for the killing blow, then Tuxie throws himself in the way to shield her.

He "dies" Nephrite loses his physical form, Beryl has a breakdown at the fact that she killed someone she loved. Usagi also cries, and the Silver Crystal materializes.

f5413 No.9799

Kunzite not Nephrite.

9bbcf No.9800

Harsh, but valid. Though I saw a different Sailor Moon quest where they went back and found that the Silver Crystal just needed intense emotion to manifest.
So, since it was set up as a harem quest between all the Senshi and a 63'd Tuxie getting together with some guy who looks and cooks like Sanji and can turn into Kamen Rider Meteor, the guy writing it just had Usagi and Seigfried (the OC main character) share an intimate moment to make it manifest.
That quest is currently in the middle of a modified Black Moon Family arc. Chibi-Usa isn't convinced that her parents don't love her (which is stupid because Neo-Queen Serenity could never not make her love for Chibi-Usa disgustongly obvious to all and sundry), she feels worthless because she can't become Kamen Rider Build (and then UMINO, of all people, makes the Builddriver work to fight/save Petz. This is fine, he has to have *someone* be his girlfriend since the Senshi in this quest have a 0% kill/death rate aside from wrecking Metallia.
Basically, the whole thing is kinda power fantasy-ish, but it's fun, and the QM is mostly just sitting back and embracing the fact that his quests have supernaturally good dice luck and his players are all hypernerd fanboys who have taken what he started and run with it to the point that probably 70-80% of the worldbuilding is actually player-made.

f5413 No.9843

Anyway, moving on.

Once we reach the dramatic conclusion of season 1, we would have had a gaiden episode. Specifically, it's time to monetize your exploits. Tomoyo has been recording a lot of footage of your battles. Turns out, she created a compilation movie of this season of Super Mahou Shoujo Wars, and it's a massive hit in Midchilda. They want more, more, MORE!

So, the girls come up with the plot of the Splash Star movie. Tuxie features as the villain (Sirloin) and it's adapted for all of the girls to have a chance to shine. https://prettycure.fandom.com/wiki/Futari_wa_Pretty_Cure_Splash%E2%98%86Star_Tick_Tack_Kiki_Ippatsu!

Fate is still awaiting trial on Midchilda, so she can't participate. Either she's written out, her footage is exclusively from archive footage, or one of the younger girls uses Sailor Moon's transformation pen to look like Fate.

It would also have included that little short where Sakura tries to sing the opening to her own anime (Catch you Catch me)

b3e2e No.9844

Nice. I always thought that little short with Sakura was cute, and a nice 4th wall break.

f5413 No.9845

It really is great.

Now, in between recording, you'd have found a fair bit of time to sneak away for some nookie with your costars (Tomoyo has been recording that as well, also popular on Midchilda).

And after that, we move onto season 2.

Still not sure what exactly would have been the opening scene, but the first episode of Nanoha A's is a good candidate. It's just so epic, and it immediately introduces the Volkenritter, and by extension Shamal, and their fearsome practice of surprise buttfisting (with a portal, so it's merely painful, and not resulting in deadly anal fissures).

f5413 No.9846

Of the season 1 cast, Honey Kisaragi has gone missing, deciding to continue her fight against Panther Claw by herself.

Likewise, the Splash Star cures (plus Michiru and Koaru) have decided to retire. Saki and Mai show off some of the joys of the world to your newly bound servants. After that, the four of them take over as chief caretakers of all the kids that the girls had given birth to. The new home base is either Luvia's mansion once she no longer needs it, Tomoyo's mansion (assuming Sonomi moves elsewhere to reconnect with her father/grandfather if you achieve that side quest in season 1), or a new mansion bought from the proceeds from Tomoyo's movie sales to Midchilda.

As for the rest of the team, the original PreCures have the Max Heart season to do, Nanoha, CCS, Sailor Moon, and Prisma Illya also have their second seasons (out of several more) to do, so they all stick around to continue their story.

The big thing with season 2 is that it involves time travel. The game will take place in three times: present day, Crystal Tokyo (3000 AD), and alternate WW2 (Strike Witches timeline).

cc8a9 No.9850

Ah yes, the good ol'-fashioned wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

f5413 No.9851

Never got around to watching more of Dr. Who than a few episodes of the original.

Jumping back to the Gaien, I forgot, the CCS first movie would also take place then.

Back to season 2
Joining our returning cast are some new girls:
Yes! PreCure and Fresh PreCure. And I'll be honest, I haven't thought about how they fit. They're there because Heartcatch and Suite (the next two PreCures in the metaseries belong in Season 3, and it fit the pattern having 2 PreCure seasons per game (and letting second season PreCures stick around for a second game).

Fresh PreCure ties in with Tokyo Mew Mew because both teams have their transformed forms named after food. I was planning on making that a slightly bigger deal once I actually had to worry about it.

Season 2 also includes Shugo Chara. Again, I haven't thought too much about how it ties in to everything. It was included because I like oviposition, and instead of having eggs randomly appear, I'd have the girls have to lay those eggs.

Somewhat more defined, Strike Witches also takes place here. Overshooting back from 3000 to present day Tokyo takes you to the Strike Witches version of WWII. Here, you run into the Strike Witches obviously, but also members of the Kazanari Agency (the Precursors to Symphogear's Special Disaster Response Team Section 2), and Cure Flower, Cure White, and Sora. You'll be jumping back to this timeline a few times at key points.

On the opposite side, Crystal Tokyo will include some futuristic slums as well, and that's where Shin Cutie Honey will show up.

Final new addition is the previously mentioned Tokyo Mew Mew. Here, I actually have some strong ideas how to tie it into to metaplot. The endangered animals that the girls get power from are actually the last few survivors of planets that Galaxia/Chaos defeated and destroyed. They're on Earth to repopulate, and find a new homeworld. The two guys that run the cafe are Mau, just like Luna and Artemis, and they mention that fact to everyone, letting you learn that they aren't just mooncats. They also probably have some unresolved frustration at the two Mau advisors for not helping their home planet in the time of need (still need to work on the actual timeline).

The Mews get DNA from those other species, and essentially become Sailors of those other planets. The kids that Tuxie has with the Mews end up being that respective species and they help with the repopulation efforts of their races once they get old enough, becoming the actual Sailors of those planets.

b3e2e No.9854

Holy crap that's a lot of magical girls. Just trying to keep track of it all makes my head spin. XD

6b6d3 No.9856

>Holy crap that's a lot of magical girls.
*More Mahou Shojo of the End/Vietnam conflict flashbacks ensue*

9bbcf No.9857

Hmm…this does seem like a lot, but only because some of them aren't tightly incorporated.

I'm a bit surprised that you're tossing in dealing with the Kazanari family so long before Symphogear, since…well…the Kazanari family member you're most likely to deal with is kiiiiiinda completely off his rocker. And not in a good way.

Shugo Chara is a bit on the obscure side, and I wasn't too impressed, but the egg thing was an interesting angle. I mean, the show nearly makes that egg-laying joke for you! But I hardly remember what any of the villain's goals were, or anything like that, so it's little wonder that it's difficult to incorporate. It might actually be better if you tackle it from out of left field. Have some sort of mix-up between Hoshina Utau and Fate Testarossa (Utau is a singer, as her name implies, and Fate is voiced by Nana Mizuki, who is a singer if her 5 years in Symphogear have anything to say about it), and back up the Nanoha A's intro by an episode or two. It'd require taking some liberties with Shugo Chara's canon, possibly (at least, you could just follow Utau and let her lead you to this other group of fresh-faced magical egg-makers.)
As for season 2's Cures, I don't know for sure, but I recommend looking into the All Stars DX movies for potential connections. I think Fresh is the first season that gets one of those movies.

f5413 No.9858

>I'm a bit surprised that you're tossing in dealing with the Kazanari family so long before Symphogear, since…well…the Kazanari family member you're most likely to deal with is kiiiiiinda completely off his rocker. And not in a good way.

Since it's an alternate version of WWII, I can play fast and loose with the canon. However, it's a case of being able to have some cameos during the WWII section. I established that the original Cure White and Cure Flower were active at this point, and the Kazanari Agency was canonically established at this point as well.

In Symphogear related news, Tsubasa will be taking up the position of the third party that Fate had in S1. A little VA joke that Nana filled that role both time. Unlike Fate, she will not be recruitable this season. Crossing over Prisma Illya Zwei, The Prisma Illya version of Gilgamesh will release the noise from the Treasury of Babylonia (Symphogear) when opening the Gate of Babylon (Fate). This is the start of the Noise attacks. Your team can't do anything about it though. Tsubase (and later also Kanade) are the only ones that can fight the Noise.

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