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e406f No.8536[Last 50 Posts]

We hit our thread limit, guys. So to start, thank you for continuing the good times, Moe.

To middle, thanks for the well-wishes, Shadow. I'm gonna need as much luck as I can find.

To near the end, what kind of cats do you have, Lim? And good luck with your own writing. I hope you have fun.

To finished, everyone remember that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday.

3d5ec No.8538

Yay, new thread. We need to archive the old one.

7eed4 No.8539

Thanks for the reminder about daylight savings.

9bbcf No.8542

Two cats. One is der snd kinda mellow, though she takes a long time to warm up to most prople.
The younger is also kinda skittish, but also playful and constantly forgets that she has claws.
I've been having fun so far, though balancing a meme tone with slightly more serious parts is a bit weird.

8777c No.8543

>Shin Super Mahou Shoujo Wars discussion

Oh no. This is going to be the worst entry in the Super Mahou Shoujo Wars series, isn't it?

Thanks for creating the new thread though.

8777c No.8567

Well, I had a fun series of events. Started feeling under the weather on Thursday, got annoyingly sick on Friday, and I was sick as a dog yesterday, spending all day in bed recovering (and watching Daredevil. It's a good show, I highly recommend it). I had another MCing gig today, despite not having fully recovered. Thanks to the power of Sudafed and Dayquill, I managed to make it through the day. Hilariously, my ex-girlfriend got added at the last minute to sing the national anthem, and I mean that literally. I had already announced the singer for the national anthem, and she was standing in the wing pointing to my ex. I guessed correctly that they were changing a solo to a duet instead of switching singers.

Then I get a dose of imposter syndrome with a bunch of people telling me what an amazing job I did, followed by comments of what a cute pair me and my co-MC made. Spent some time talking to the girl I actually like, and then sat around half-passed out while my parents and the parents of a girl I used to like but never hit it off with were chatting, and joking that they were negotiating the dowry.

I feel like I'm in a harem anime.

058bf No.8568

And obviously, the correct choice is to sleep with all of them.

…You all knew what I was gonna fucking say, don't act so surprised!

8777c No.8570

I expected nothing less from you. However, I'm going to sleep with some Nyquill instead.

7eed4 No.8571

Enjoy your rest, sounds like you earned it.

9bbcf No.8572

Later, Blue.
Moe needs to get more date flags first.

de1e7 No.8574

Feel better soon, man.

5c0f6 No.8575

But isn't having a cold the perfect opportunity for a girl to fawn over and take care of you, thus building up the relationship?

You all know you've seen many anime with this trope.

More seriously, take care of yourself, dude. Get some rest, have some soup, and watch Bueller's Day Off.

8777c No.8588

Well, a little blogging.

Three months after moving in, my master bedroom is finally painted, which let me put the furniture in place instead of the "I'm going to paint this weekend" configuration that it's been in since I moved in. That let me unpack some more stuff (almost done unpacking!), and most of the rest I can unpack once I find out where the shelves of my entertainment center disappeared to. Now I just need to buy a dining table and a side board, and I'll have all the necessities. After that, I'll just need some decorations (mirrors, pictures, etc.) and I can say I'm finally moved in.

22b2d No.8592

Good job on the progress, man.

bce1f No.8593

Yeah, nice to hear that's all coming along for you, dude.

7eed4 No.8594

Hey, congratz

8777c No.8599

Yes, the choice was between allowing TK to transform or fight it. I'm glad my hints conveyed that.

>As for the choice, assuming it's an actual choice in the end.

Of course it is. This quest is not on rails, or at least I try to make it not be. It's more like a highway. You can choose to switch from the main highway to the scenic route, get off on an exit and dick around, or keep going. All roads eventually lead to Rome, but you guys are in control of how to get there.

The only real thing that's scripted is the fight against Queen Beryl. I've already got the dialogue, actions, and insert music ready for that.

Back to the choice that you had from my last post. Staying as Mamoru would have given you a little more story progress. Transforming is going to give you more foreshadowing. Objectively, staying as Mamoru was probably the better choice, but I'm downright giddy that you guys chose to transform.

058bf No.8600

Just saying, I wouldn't have been surprised if you'd had it go "You stand up straight and brace yourself. You're good." and then Mamoru promptly keeled over.

As for between the two, I'd rather go Kamen. There's really only so much we can do as Mamoru in any given day before we jump over, and since we're playing the two characters thing as legitimately as we can, we can't exactly justify doing shit as either one that they'd only know if they had access to the other's memories.

058bf No.8601

Okay, so I think it's about time we see about getting back the third thread. We've got the first two archived, but we need the third one and the other discussion thread.

8777c No.8602

A few posts still missing, but the thread is up on archive.org. https://web.archive.org/web/20171113125739/http://pregchan.com:80/d/res/28802.html

058bf No.8603

That's okay, enough was there for what I needed to confirm.

8777c No.8611

I just realized, this quest turned 3 years old just over a month ago. It all started on October 25th 2015.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me through all of this. As always, I wish I had more time to spend on this. I hope you all enjoy playing this as much as I enjoy running it.

456c4 No.8617

Whoo! Time for an anniversary party! [sets out cakes and drinks]

8777c No.8627

And there's even a party in the quest right now, so it works.

7eed4 No.8633

*drowns the chat in eggnog*

058bf No.8634

Speaking of throwing a fucking party, oh my god the DLC character announcement for Smash. All of my fucking yes at that.

cde35 No.8635

Who is it?

058bf No.8636

Motherfucking Joker from Persona 5 out of goddamn nowhere.

cde35 No.8638

That's unexpected.

c85c2 No.8642

We never saw it comiiiiiing~

c85c2 No.8643

Also, sorry for the double post, but I am running a quest of my own. No preg content yet, and I'm not sure if there will ever be (it's kinda hit-or-miss on that site, and I need all the active readers I can get), but hopefully you'll all think it's fun.
Link below:

74daf No.8663

You guys sure love throwing the quest off the rails. It's a good thing I have no problems rolling with it.

Good luck with the quest Limits, I hope you get to the preg content faster than I am.

058bf No.8664

>off the rails

A good GM can craft a fun game with a fleshed out world and comprehensive story.

A good party can figure out the best ways to fuck all of that up right from the gate.

A better GM can figure out how to still make it work out and the game will get even more fun to match.

A better party will take that as their cue to muck it up even harder.

A great GM will start to account for the party doing their own thing and the story will become amazing.

A great party will start actively throwing wrenches into the works whenever they can just to see what'll happen.

The best GM and parties will take all of this and turn it into an experience they tell stories about for years to come.

Guess which of those stages we're at?

204a3 No.8665

I'd like to, but the caffeine wore off way too long ago to try.

5c0f6 No.8667

Rails? What rails? There's no rails when you're sailing in uncharted waters, me hearties!

9bbcf No.8668

I mean, I logistically can't write the quest with the number of active readers I have per session, and no offense, but play-by-post isn't my style. If I just write something and then leave it alone for long enough to get votes, I'm likely to forget its existence. So "livestreaming" my writing is ideal for me.

2d5cb No.8673

Happy holidays to my fellow questers. May they be merry and bright.

5c0f6 No.8674

Merry Christmas to all!

2d5cb No.8675

058bf No.8676

I hope to god we get to pull something like that at some point.

8777c No.8677

Merry Christmas everyone.

Also, congratulations on defusing the trap. That was going to be a quick-time event like with Mercury's transformation (first person to reply controls the action), but thanks to defusing the trap, you guys get to have time to figure out how to land.

058bf No.8679

Fucking knew it.

058bf No.8692

Random thing I felt like sharing, I found this Nanoha/RWBY crossover fic earlier this evening and started reading it. Right at the end of the chapter I'm on, Nora just cleared the room and hugged Fate out of the blue.

Ren: Nora!

Nora: What? Look at her! She's just so huggable!

See, Nora gets it.

519ff No.8695

Nora is love. I adore her.

519ff No.8696

Happy new year, y'all. Hopefully it's good to you.

7eed4 No.8697

Happy new year to you too!

9bbcf No.8699

As long as it keeps the tone of early RWBY, that sounds amazing. Their different methods of weapon transformation would complemeng each other in an amazing way.

a68d3 No.8701

It starts just before Vol2 of RWBY, so it's a lot of school time shenanigans and the Nanoha side sort of powering down a little to match. Mostly. Signum got ahold of Jaune for training, that goes as well as you think it would.

60c65 No.8702

Is this where I cringe on behalf of Jaune?

058bf No.8703

Feel free, I sure did. Though if it helps, it did him a world of good.

Seriously, when it comes to Jaune, it's like there's two of him. Canon Jaune who kinda is, y'know, Jaune, and Fanfic Jaune who literally just needs a single excuse from any direction to become a fucking badass.

9bbcf No.8704

To be fair, by your definitions, Fanfic Jaune is who everyone thought Canon Jaune was, and who everyone wanted him to be.
S3 was just a hard swerve that the series didn't need, only "foreshadowed" through the theme music (and there are quite a few anime where the OP is completely different from the tone of the show), and introduced a crappy yangire dude while unclearly portraying Pyrrha's hard choice (which directly led to her death/the bad guys winning, like Infinity War if the Russos cut out any dialogue about the meaning of the sacrifices that the Avengers were asked to make. In other words, if Infinity War was shit.)

60c65 No.8706

Something tells me you reacted similarly to Pyrrha's death as I did to the last episode of "Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox."

b3f88 No.8727

Well, I'm glad that was just Couchy's humor and the site actually being dead.

b3f88 No.8728

*And not.

7eed4 No.8729


058bf No.8730

I had about even odds of it being maintenance or downtime as I did the site dying, honestly.

eead0 No.8731

Still can't hurt to have a backup place to go just in case, though. What's a viable option?

8777c No.8733

So, if Pregchan ever actually goes down, we have a few options.
Backup solutions to get in touch with me:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Questing_Moe
Gab: https://gab.com/Moe
Fiction.live: https://fiction.live/user/moe.overload
asstr (the comment form is broken, but my email is at the bottom of each chapter): https://www.asstr.org/~Moe_Overload/
f-list: https://www.f-list.net/c/Tuxedo%20Kamen

So, follow me to avoid any such issues in the future.

9bbcf No.8735

I'm still pretty impressed that you remembered my fiction.live username. (Also, I'm planning on running the latest session of my own quest on there tonight.)

eead0 No.8736

Is Gab like Twitter? The format looks similar.

8777c No.8738

I have a good mind for useless trivia. It's how I'm juggling the storyline and events for this quest mostly in my head.

9bbcf No.8739

As a follow-up to my previous statement, I should be running the latest session of my quest in about an hour. Search for "ficton.live" and "badass blacksmith quest", maybe add "ross", "leemo", and "rufa" if you need to.

8777c No.8747

It's like twitter, but they're all about free speech and no censorship.

8777c No.8748

>I think Moe straight up admitted we're off the rails at this point.

Yes, you guys are, and it took a while for me to plot out the new direction you guys decided to go in. It took a while because I didn't expect you guys to charge headfirst into a boss fight without any backup. Admittedly, Karehan is not as strong as Jadeite powered up by a jewel seed, but it's still wasn't a smart idea.

058bf No.8749

>wasn't a smart idea

Nonsense! Sure, we're outnumbered and outgunned and in what's clearly an unwinnable boss fight that we just have to survive until the timer runs out and the cutscene kicks in, but what's the worst that could happen, we DIE? HAHAHAHAHA!

All seriousness though, this actually presents us more opportunities than you'd think, Moe. From the villain side of this, we've essentially forced Wood Man's hand quite a bit here. Sure, it means we're staring down the barrel of a MotW, but it also means he's off his game at least a bit because of this. On our end, it's both a perfect chance to talk to a villain without any of the girls nearby and a chance to see how we can stack up in a fight when it's just us and our collective ingenuity standing between us and painful death, re: the ultimate motivation to do better. We're basically the ultimate backup character in Tuxedo Kamen, but making us change up our strategy to fight as a frontliner is a good exercise. And in character, it's a good chance to transfer that hubris lesson from yesterday to Kamen himself. We saw how easily shit can escalate with Sakura and Nanoha, well, now it's happening to us. And above all else, we should never forget this one simple fact.

Blue plays the long game. This is FAR from the worst outcome I predicted happening.

058bf No.8751

I am not going to lie, I pulled this idea straight from my ass in the middle of writing that post. I got to the part where I was grousing about not having Smoking Bomber, and just went "Wait a tick, we HAVE seen these kinds of attacks before…" and went from there.

9bbcf No.8753

Ugh. So I binged through Symphogear AXZ in a few hours last week, and was pretty brutally disappointed by it. Here's hoping the 5th season plot hook leads to something good.
Also, my Badass Blacksmith Quest was put in the Featured Stories of fiction.live. I'm excited, and I'll be running the quest tomorrow, from 5-9:30 PM CST with a break in the middle for food.
Also also, I'm terrified and excited to see if we can pull off Blue's Plan Madlad. Come on, manga power, don't fail us now!

3290b No.8754

[hums Hibiki's transformation song and proceeds to fall down an earworm rabbit hole]

9bbcf No.8756

I'm a bit partial to Maria's Black Gungnir transformation BGM, because it's a bunch of men chanting in a language that could be either Sumerian or some kind of Scandinavian.
It's very imposing. Too bad Maria isn't a deeper character after G.

d14da No.8757

My bet's on Sumerian. I think most of the transformation songs are Sumerian, or close enough to it.

da7cf No.8758

Klaatu barada…nnnnecktie…?

058bf No.8759

Nah man, it's Klaatu Verada Ne–*Sneezes*–o.

…I said it! I said it. You all heard it.

9bbcf No.8761

Fun fact:
A linguist fed all the songs through some programs, and came up with a combo of English, German, Japanese, and bastardized Sumerian.

862d0 No.8762


8777c No.8774

Apologies for the delays. I've been having trouble focusing lately. I need to get back into the groove soon.

058bf No.8776

S'cool, mate. I mean, I'm legit nervous about whether or not I may have either become the messiah or just inadvertently doomed everyone into following my lead, but it's cool, no pressure.

…Just kidding there's a lot of pressure.

9bab4 No.8777

No worries, man. Focus is tricky. You do what needs doing.

9bab4 No.8778

7eed4 No.8779

8777c No.8780

They missed a joke by not having Yamcha be Mercury (because they're both useless).

058bf No.8781

>implying that Mercury is useless

You. Me. Pistols at dawn.

8777c No.8783

058bf No.8785

…Well, that could've gone a lot better. Damn you, Moe! You just couldn't let us munchkin our way out of it, could you?! COULD YOU!?!

But that's okay, because I have a really good idea of what just happened and, well, I'm perfectly okay with it. This might even aid my long-term plans a bit, as well…

8777c No.8786

I don't think I made it some sort of ultra convoluted secret, but I do love hearing you guys speculate. So, go ahead and speculate.

058bf No.8787

It's not, literally anyone who has enough context can figure it out. I'm just glad it happened at all.

8777c No.8788

You say that (and I'll spoil that I'm 99% sure that you're right), but there's no less than two possibilities, and I'm curious if you guys don't come up with anything else that I hadn't considered.

058bf No.8789

Well, okay. I guess I'll stop fucking around with it and break it down as I see it. Anyone else wanna pitch in, feel free.

There are only two options I know of when someone says "Lancer" with a capitalization. The one I'm certainly hoping is that it was "Photon Lancer", which means Fate just showed on the scene, hence my excitement because Best Girl. So if I'm right about things, she's about to hand Karehan his own ass and take out that Uzaina for us. Not out of any sense of trying to save us, mind you, she's still a villain at this stage technically, so it's more likely a case of ganking Karehan while his back is turned thinking he might have a Jewel Seed. Either way, it saves our bacon. Maybe she'll stick around, maybe not, but it gives me an angle in the future either way.

OR she could be here not to side with Karehan, but to kick our ass specifically. The odds of this are lower, but it's a possibility. If that's the case, we're probably gonna wake up with Bardiche to our throat and a very stern-faced glare from an adorable girl aimed at us. Or Arf threatening to break our kneecaps, either or.

The second Lancer I know of is FSN, which in this particular case would mean Prisma Ilya. If someone was using the Lancer Card in that particular situation, though, it's almost assuredly to save our ass, because it would mean the Uzaina's eating a Gae Bolg and Karehan'll cut his losses. I'm pretty sure that's not the way Moe's going, just on account of having to add even more girls into the relationship chart, but the possibility does exist.

22af0 No.8790

So much information conveyed with a single capitalized word.

9bbcf No.8791

I second this bit of theorizing. I'm trying and failing to think of valid alternatives, unless Moe's giving us his version of a Banpresto Original.

8777c No.8793

Yup, those are the two things I wanted you to think of. One of those is correct.

7eed4 No.8794

While the former is more likely, the latter would be immensely amusing though we'd probably end up being in conflict with harem lord Shirou Emiya

058bf No.8795

He can bring it. That dumbass doesn't deserve Sakura.

9bab4 No.8796

[starts humming the "Unlimited Blade Works" tune]

8777c No.8798

I am the boner of my sword.

058bf No.8799

In the interest of heading things off, I'm just gonna go ahead and get all defensive now and get it out of the way by reminding y'all that I said up front the idea was gonna be hit or miss and you guys agreed with me to do it. Don't anyone start acting like they knew from the start it was gonna go wrong or anything, I'd have to start cutting people.

7eed4 No.8800

eh, I agreed with it so not like I'd have a leg to stand on anyways.

8777c No.8801

Honestly, the biggest mistake was deciding to solo a boss as a thief class several posts earlier. I added the monster of the week to give you guys something that had less potential of earning you a game over, but barring some incredibly impressive write-ins, that was a battle to be lost. Fortunately, the mysterious interloper had been scheduled to be in the area before you guys decided to go offroad with my plot.

That's not to say that plan Madlad wasn't audacious, I just can't justify you guys unlocking a season 2 finisher this early in season 1.

Oh, and proof that the mysterious guest was planned from the start?
>Staying as Mamoru would have given you a little more story progress. Transforming is going to give you more foreshadowing. Objectively, staying as Mamoru was probably the better choice, but I'm downright giddy that you guys chose to transform.

058bf No.8802


I'll get you next time, Moe. Next time.

I've still got my long-term plans!

058bf No.8805

From the main thread, moving it here so as not to take up too many more posts

>Not everyone knows where the bus is going. Some of us *cough*me*cough* haven't seen Sailor Moon.

tl;dr The whole plot of the episode is that Jadeite's working at Rei's shrine and getting them to sell "love amulets" that hypnotize people into getting on the 66 bus at 6PM which the youma of the week cosplaying as a bus driver then hauls off into the warp zone and drops them in a pocket dimension for them to drain energy from at leisure. It's totally isolated from the rest of everything and it basically takes getting pulled along for the ride in order to actually get in there, so if we were to go in right now we'd be pretty much in the same bind we were in with the Uzaina, up against a MotW with no support and lacking a deus ex to save our asses this time.

…Well, that's not entirely true, the deus ex from the actual episode was that this was also Rei's introduction, so Sailor Mars could potentially be what pulls our ass out of the fire, pardon the pun, but frankly that isn't a gamble I think we're capable of making right now.

f5413 No.8809

>Two encounters with Usagi that went to canon,
>that whole thing with Nagisa at the chanella store,
Nagisa and Saki. And if I do say so myself, I quite like how I turned a Sailor Moon filler episode into a Splash Star foreshadowing event.
>we in character know Honoka,
>Saki and Mai this morning,
>and most importantly, we came across them all doing their little training thing the other day that got Sakura brained by a soccer ball and stepped in to check on her when that happened
Everyone except Saki and Mai.
>and then ran into Honoka and Nagisa in the forest just before all shit went down there, so we have actual context that yes, all these girls have been hanging out and investigating weird shit going on around town.

9e620 No.8853

The post limit on the latest thread has reached the limit, so I'm sticking my vote here: Option two, politely asking the women to leave to talk to the police, but adding "I realize you're deeply upset, but now is not the time to be throwing around accusations like that. Your children need you to have clear heads for their sake."

f5413 No.8854

Thanks for the heads up. Here's thread 5. >>>/d/56352

f5413 No.8870

>"There's nothing we can do now." Usagi states sadly, and her cat seems to meow in agreement. She turns to leave.

Haha. That's what I get for watching the episode muted (because it was the middle of the night and I didn't want to wake my roommates). It's Luna that said that. No wonder it seemed a little out of character for Usagi.

Still, it wouldn't have worked if it was Luna that said it in my post, because of the present company.

7eed4 No.8931

You still alive Moe?

f5413 No.8933

Somewhat. Alternating between really busy, and not feeling my muse. Started writing something up tonight, maybe I'll get it done later today, when it's not the middle of the night.

1cf78 No.8934

Give it all the time ya need, man. I'm struggling to write myself, so I know whatcha mean. We can do it!

7eed4 No.8936

No worries. Like Fem said take as much time as you need. I was just worried since we hadn't heard from you in a while.

da7cf No.8937

The Muse can be a right awful cunt, please believe. Meditate on GOD son, and practice the Supreme Mathematics to achieve WISDOM.

f5413 No.8946

A small confession with the newest post. >>>/d/58050

I had to fudge the timing a bit, and you sort of got railroaded. Deciding to wait would have gotten you the Crystal version of this scene, but it would have taken longer for the bus to arrive. Long enough for you to find a good hiding spot to watch.

I don't like fudging the world like this, but I sort of wrote myself into a pickle.

f5413 No.8947

Also, since I love seeing if anyone an guess my foreshadowing. What's that cute puppy doing at the shrine?

058bf No.8948

I never trust dogs, no matter how small or cute they are. The only exception to this rule is Ein, and he's in a completely different genre.

9c31c No.8994

Sorry for delays. I've been busy, and then playing Particle Fleet when I'm not busy. I'll try to get an update out Sunday night.

7eed4 No.8995

No worries Moe. Hope you've been having fun with the game at least.

39e8d No.8996

[tiredly waves from where I've half melted over the desk] No rush, man. We'll be here.

dd738 No.8998


Real talk though, you do you, and we'll sit here eagerly awaiting your next post.

84236 No.9020

Take care of yourself first. We'll he waiting. And like the Mascot I am, I'll find something to eat while I wait.

d3ea4 No.9021

Not it.

f5413 No.9022

And I'm back, after a whole freaking month.

Since my last post, things have been going swell, and that's not sarcasm of any kind.

0736c No.9023

Congrats on your good fortune. :-)

c01ef No.9054

One more day until my vacation. Just one. More. Daaaayyyy….

dda15 No.9185

And of course I'm recovering from a con cold. [sigh] Ah well. I knew it was a risk.

a25ae No.9191

It's alright. Moe kinda vanished again anyways.

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