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88963 No.8584

Tumblr has been removed from the app store for featuring inappropriate content. In response, basically all adult content creators either have been banned, or are about to be. Especilly of a pornagraphic nature, though that is certainly not the only target.

Fortunately, everyone's favorite dark birth erotica writing t-rex isn't taking that shit laying down. I know this isn't the perfect place for this, not everyone looking up prrg stuff on tumblr will know of this site. But SOME will. And every little bit is going to help, especilly for people trying to make a living producing this content.

If you were hit by the purge, you can post your tumblr name, and share links to other places your work can be found, or reach out to fans or contacts regarding how to rebuild. If you lost a bunch of favorite artists/authors/actors, you can search around here and see if any of them have popped up. If you had friends or contacts that you have lost, you can see if you can locate them here.

This is the thred to just give people the heads up on where you are, who you are, let them know it's ok and everything isn't lost.

It'll be ok. We'll find a way together. :3

fd2f3 No.8585

All of Bubble Pop's edits are on https://inkedmaiesiophilia.tumblr.com/

We better upload these somewhere else.

64eb3 No.8620

Moving my stories and art to DA as well as looking into Pillowfort and other options. I most write and it doesn't LOOK like Tumblr is taking down written posts at the moment but I'm not holding my breath.

Current tumblr is royalbirthchamber.tumblr.com
DA account will be up tomorrow. Just archiving shit.

Wattpad is actually a decent place for sharing stories - no real fetish scene but they don't ban NSFW stuff so…ya know.

998ff No.8622

Crossposting this from the other Tumblpocalypse thread:


It's a crawler program that lets you scrape an entire account's content (pics, text, replies, etc) basically instantly. Save what you can, while you can!

6cfd3 No.8624

Aren't there a ton of pornographic accounts on tumblr? So wouldn't this purge cause them to loose a lot of money?

06013 No.8625


Their stocks dropped like Wile E Coyote off a cliff already, this will royally cripple them in the long run.

c5161 No.8626

I feel while we're here, we should make a list of all the artist you guys know from Tumblr or big in Tumblr and see if they have any other way to be reached out, especially following this stupid purge.

69c1a No.8628


This artist has been on hiatus for awhile. I sent them a message, but with no reply. If anybody has the ability to easily archive their stuff, that would be pretty cool.

934dc No.8629

Doesn't seem to actually work, unfortunately…

ae509 No.8630

What money?

Anyway Tumblrripper works for you own account. Tumblr itself also has an account exporter in settings.

db0dc No.8637

Not sure if this helps but there's talk of a new site in development that will not only house nsfw content like tumblr but also have your nsfw blogs transferred to it about a week before Dec 17th. i don't know how reliable the news is nor if this will work on sideblogs (ie, mine) but felt it worth mentioning that we ought to expect word about it on sunday 9th if it's true.


e1deb No.8639

A Tumblr user has a plan for a possible rescue, seen here: https://honedperfection.tumblr.com/post/180811031153/december-17th-a-rescue-plan

e1deb No.8640

Oops, sorry. I didn't realize you'd found this first. My bad.

6ac98 No.8641

Glad to know we're finding alternatives. This sorta is regarded as a bad move for tumblr, seeing most blogs have some kind of NSFW.

97556 No.8644

It's not just sorta a bad move. Verizon (who oens Yahoo, who owns Tumblr) is just making a decision without considering all the factors. If they're trying to continue using Tumblr to make money, they won't get any.
If they're preparing to sell, they'll get peanuts for it.

e1deb No.8645

This could be a large part of it too: this link explains the rules behind FOSTA and SESTA in simpler terms.


4ed8e No.8646

everything your doing protesting and stop this isn't going to work tumblr is going to do it either way.

ddea1 No.8651


We aren't protesting, we recognize this cannot be stopped by us. This is the artists and authors of Tumblr trying to recoup their losses, or for people who had formed friendships over Tumblr to get back in touch with each other. It's about trying to heal and move on, not prevent something beyond our control.

75e72 No.8652

Who's protesting?
We're just sitting back with popcorn enjoying the show, watching Tumblr committing financial suicide by kicking out the majority of its own customers.

Not so much protest as setting an example, to show the consumers actually do have some power.

(Just a pity it takes something like this to encourage them to get off their apathetic butts and actually start using that power…)

ae509 No.8654

Pretty sad that every art site has to get taken over by porn until it can't handle it anymore.

1689a No.8655

Well, people gotta jerk off somewhere…

fe194 No.8656


I find it more sad that most art sites leave themselves open to porn for so long, only to turn without warning on the people who had done nothing wrong until they changed the rules. Also, it wasn't Tumblr being overrun with porn, it was overrun with bots peddling real child porn. That got Apple's attention. They only want apps that are 100% safe for work, and to them, Tumblr was now a liability. No longer willing to allow and leeway, Tumblr was told either ban all new stuff, or enjoy not being on iPhones anymore. That's what this was all about. Tumblr being lazy until someone forced them to do something, but the someone in question reaching way, way too far.

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