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7a1dc No.8713

When you're writing about how big pregnant bellies are, how do you like to describe them? By month? Diameter counts? General descriptors? "Overdue with ____"? Objects? I like to use objects myself, but I'm stuck on large, round things that aren't just "watermelon", "beach ball", and "boulder".

eb2dc No.8714

I tend to use all of the above, except diameter counts, as that's kinda hard for a reader to visualize. Using spherical objects is easy enough, but it does tend to get a little stale. Sometimes I try to shake it up by describing it as 'being large enough to fit X inside', or how its wide enough to easily be seen from behind.

I tend to write more about hyprepreg though, so it's kinda necessary. You can say 'overdue with a dozen kids', but as nobody has actually done that, its harder to visualize and so I try to avoid that, too.

f8148 No.8715

I tend to use relational comparisons. Whether or not she or someone else can reach around it. Whether or not she can reach objects, get in a car, etc. Something written into the story. Unless the character themselves says the month.

I can't imagine measurements or sports analogies well but I can at least hold my own arms out in front of me.

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