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Hey, the ( >>2 ) old thread got all filled up, so might as well start a second one! Post 'em if you got 'em.
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Username(s): LiterateinLabour

RP as: Male / Female / Shemale / Anthros / Pokemon / Pretty much anything except orcs and giant creatures

RP with: anything except orcs

Situations: Eggs, Unbirth and Rebirth, Births (highly preferred), Hyper Pregnancy, Long Pregnancy, Surrogacy, Demons, and Breeding, Mpreg

Happening to: Both or just one, I prefer to play the seeder or the carrier but leaning towards the seeder for right now

Settings: Any

Oc’s: (Optional)
I have a link bellow to my original characters, willing to do custom ones as well


My ideas are bellow in the link, since I don’t want to clog up my thread


Places I RP: Discord


- Lactation
- Long Pregnancies
- Surrogacy
- denied pregnancy (like having to keep it hidden from partner until the worst possible moment
- dramatic situations (stuck in traffic, baby too big to fit in the pelvis, the partner being ill at the time of conceiving)
- supernatural pregnancies (specifically demon, vampires, and werewolves)
- pain (screaming and grunting during the birth, holding onto partner and moaning)
- sexual stimulation (not like having sex during the labor but stimulating to help with pain)
- kissing/cuddling
- random births in public
- Midwives
- Illness (I have an autoimmune disease, so my characters are sickly)
- waterbirths

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Sent you a friend request on Discord.

8976a No.10391

Male looking to RP with men or women. You should be into playing submissive, heavily pregnant characters.

- Overdue pregnancies (40-45 weeks)
- Milfs
- Surrogacy
- Long births with lots of pushing, pushing, pushing
- Mpreg
- Non-con/reluctance
- Rough and/or painful pregnant sex
- Embarrassment/mild humiliation (e.g. sucking cock or fucking reluctantly)
- Male-to-Female transformation

Typical scenarios:

(1) College teacher becomes a surrogate on the side, gets hugely pregnant with twins. One of her students manages to get close to her and before she knows it, she's getting pounded mercilessly (dubious consent). Delivering the two 12 pound twins takes four hours each of constant pushing.

(2) Nerdy straight college guy gets a little carried away at a frat party and gets impregnated by one of the brothers. His body transforms until he looks like a pregnant milf from the neck down (except for his cock). Later, on spring break, one of his best friends fucks him (non-con/reluctance) while he's 42 weeks pregnant. He gives birth at 45 weeks pregnant, barely able to push the huge head out of his fat ass. (Baby is delivered at 18 pounds.)

My DA account: https://www.deviantart.com/pharaoh170

If you're interested in RP-ing with me or just want to chat, e-mail me at pharaoh1768@gmail.com

20d42 No.10405

wanna your e-mail, cause I dont like a discord because of.. Well, I need a time to think about what my answer to any message

>Grammar, fluent English

eng is not my native, but I will do my best

20d42 No.10406

>what my answer to any message
Got a wonderful mistake in my message!

I really like your wishlist, as well as your age. My english is not so grammar and fluent to chat on discord. But I can type something meaningful with e-mail !

e3e61 No.10451


I am one of the most flexible partner's you will likely find. I really enjoy my partner having fun with the RP, so I will go out of my way to play something you really like. I can play male, female, or futanari. I can even be pregnant as any of these genders, meaning that if you want something to play as mpreg, or just good ole fpreg, I can do that! If you want both of us to be pregnant, or just one of us, thats just fine too.

I am however somewhat picky with who I play with. I am only interested in women, so if you DM me, please know that I will be asking you to play as a female.

Pregnancy (2-5 Multiples)
Tight Clothes
Growth Spurts
Sexy Outfits
And many more…

My only real limit is Birth. Mostly anything else can be on the table, so long as it fits within the RP.

I am open to most scenarios, though I will likely prefer either modern or fantasy.

My discord is Lizzette#2117

Feel free to add me!

17801 No.10458

We still doing this? Lets try, I have a new(ish) ad

22 year old hetero male here looking for some long term, story RP. I only do SciFi or Fantasy settings (or both), really just no realistic modern stuff. I prefer a 75/25 split of story/smut, and like detailed responses. Fair warning, I only play males.
I'm primarily looking for women/feminine people and characters. I dont need you to respond with multiple paragraphs with every post, but responses made of just one or a few words are just a bad vibe. Oh, and, please have good grammar and spelling.
I do want pregnancy to be quite involved in the story, bot just something on the side. I hesitate to say pregnancy centric, but it should be a large element.
I'd love to hear your ideas, but, for the sake of beefing up this ad, here's some general ideas/frameworks for stories I'd like to build upon!
1. Hyper Pregnant Mecha pilots who are more powerful as they take in more babies.
2. Pregnant super soldier with her assistant corporal, the pregnant soldier being powered by genetically altered babies and being made immensely strong, wand wearing state of the art armor from head to toe
3. Professional surrogate woman with a body built for/modified for pregnancy, and she hires a body guard for a particularly dangerous time in war.

If these don't work for you, some franchises/IPs I would like to rp a story in are…
Mass Effect, Halo, Titanfall, Gundam (new to this one, bear with me), Elder scrolls, Destiny, Fallout

Now, as for kinks.
Loves: pregnancy (duh), oviposition, Alt preg, oviposition, unbirth, alien pregnancy, pregnant aliens/robots, hyper preg, mobile/badass pregnant women, pregnant clothing/armor, expansion/inflation (not blueberry)
Likes: birth, pregnancy transfer, stuffing, intersex characters, mpreg
Wont do: vomit, scat, pee, abortion, cucking, fatal belly burst, hyperfat/slob, furry, gore.

My discord is Armor#8127

8a816 No.10488

This is a story idea I've been wanting to do for a while now… chances are I posted it a while ago but whatevs.

It's about a woman in a crime family wanting to succeed her father and become the head of her family, the largest in the city. Her betrothed, a man she despises, turns out to be impotent, but nevertheless she has to get pregnant. She ends up going to a sperm donor. She eventually runs into a policeman while pregnant and it is discovered he is the sperm donor and technically the father. The two begin a forbidden relationship…

If you're interested in this story, there are some requirements:
- You must play the carrier
- You must have good experience in RPs
- You must be competent at writing (no one-liners, details are a must!)

Sound interesting to you? Find me at:
KaizukoX#9879 (Discord)

1da09 No.10500

If we were roleplaying together before and you still want to roleplay and want to try something else, please let me know. I’ve updated things since then

Contact is literateinlabor#1421
Roleplay Details
- 3rd person / second person / first person (I’ll always post in third person though)
- willing to do the carrier or the seeder
- wiling to do darker topics and NSFW
- text roleplay only
- no godmodding
- please post around a paragraph or more

RP as: Male / Female / Anthros / Pokemon / Pretty much anything except orcs and giant creatures

RP with: anything except orcs

Situations: Eggs, Unbirth and Rebirth, Births (highly preferred), Hyper Pregnancy, Long Pregnancy, Surrogacy, Demons, and Breeding, Mpreg

Happening to: Both or just one, I prefer to play the seeder or the carrier but leaning towards the seeder for right now

Settings: Any

Oc’s: (Optional)
I have a link bellow to my original characters, willing to do custom ones as well


My ideas are bellow in the link, since I don’t want to clog up my thread


Places I RP: Discord

- Lactation
- Long Pregnancies
- Surrogacy
- denied pregnancy (like having to keep it hidden from partner until the worst possible moment
- dramatic situations (stuck in traffic, baby too big to fit in the pelvis, the partner being ill at the time of conceiving)
- supernatural pregnancies (specifically demon, vampires, and werewolves)
- pain (screaming and grunting during the birth, holding onto partner and moaning)
- sexual stimulation (not like having sex during the labor but stimulating to help with pain)
- kissing/cuddling
- random births in public
- Midwives
- Illness (I have an autoimmune disease, so my characters are sickly)
- waterbirths
-birth denial
- induced labor (either due by sex or a traumatic event)
- practicing pushing before birth (small eggs or stones)

3e46c No.10502

Hi there! 39/m here looking to rp. I enjoy both mpreg and fpreg in a variety of scenarios.


Big babies/eggs
Resisting the urge to push
Holding the head/egg inside
Crowning with clothes on
Sex/sexuality during labor and birth
non-medical births

Excessive blood/gore
Focus on the pregnancy as opposed to birth

For mpreg scenarios I prefer to be the carrier and have a vibrating inflatable plug to simulate with. Willing to share video of me pushing and birthing as well.

Kik: pregguy Discord: Just_Pant #3191

90d57 No.10569

Hai hai. I'm currently very bored and I want to do a futa x scooby doo mpreg rp.
Kinks would be mpreg, weight gain, lactation, donut sized assholes
Comtant info is still the same. Sylica Telca #3800

333bb No.10570

25, Female. Average american girl Loves being pregnant and looking for close in age Male partner for RP.
I have a Discord for messaging purposes specific to this.


Let's chat.

I like:

- Big Pregnant Belly. Usually pretty late or full term.
- Dressing in tight elegant style clothes: babydoll tees, mini dress, skirts, bikini or one piece swimsuit, anything especially quick access for birth.
- Water breaking.
- Labor and birth. Either private or in some public settings.
- Natural and unassisted birth.
- Water birth.
- Birth of multiples or surprise births.
- Denial of being pregnant or giving birth.
- Rapid pregnancy and birth.
- Forced pregnancy and forced birth.
- Birthing aliens. (Not eggs)
- Birthing in random places: Home, vehicle, woods, iso cabin, cave, basement, abandoned location, island, etc.
- Birthing alone.
- Birthing standing up.
- Birthing traditionally.
- Birthing squatting.
- People watching as I birth.
- Pushing, urges to push.
- Communicating about the birth. "It's time!" "I'm giving birth!" "I need to push!" "It's coming out!" "I feel the head!" "Get it out of me!" "You put this baby inside me!" "I'm giving birth because of you!" Etc.
- Breathing, Panting, and Moaning.
- Long slow crowning.
- The aid of birth partner
- Master and Subordinate. (Dominance and Submission) maybe some resistance.
- Stranger aids in giving birth.
- Breeding schemes. More than one pregnant woman: either women go into labor individually or multiple can go into labor and give birth at the same time.
- Clitoral stimulation during labor and birth.
- Insertion: hands, tools, toys, to break water beforehand or even during labor and birth.
- Delaying or hindering pushing or birthing.

There's a lot of things I like.
I'm mostly not into things such as: Death, Gore, Fluids, Incest, Loli, Anal, sometimes sexual intercourse involving penal insertion is okay but not into oral. I'd prefer the thing that gets me pregnant in the first place to go where it needs to be. ;)

For the most part I am all about being pregnant and giving birth. It turns me on.

333bb No.10571

(Sorry had to make an update with the discord link use this instead)


980d8 No.10611

Hello, all! Just putting down my advert here. My name is Tyler, and I'm a furry who would like to set up an RP sometime. I play an anthropomorphic otter male, but I am willing to play other furry characters, both canon or furry, and both male or female. I do not play humans, sadly, sorry to disappoint! Tyler can work into -any- setting, be it fantasy, sci-fi, modern, or anything in between, and I'm happy to play any of the characters listed on my F-list page, linked here: http://www.f-list.net/c/Tyler%20McRae

While I am willing to play my female characters in an RP, do note that I don't exclusively do the kinks listed below. If you want to see my gals pregnant, laboring, or 'desperate', you gotta do something mutual. I'm only willing to do the act in return, though I'm always welcoming to see a partner be the one laboring~

Pregnancy/Labor/Birth are a given, of course, but other kinks I'd like to see: Sex during Birth, Birthing in Clothing, Birth Denial/Desperation (trying to hold a baby in, via muscle/thigh clenching, resisting contractions, etc), Semi-Hyper pregnancies (as in, far bigger than normal, but the woman's still at least -somewhat- mobile), perpetual pregnancy, and the like.

Non-Pregnancy-related Kinks I'd love to include: Ageplay, Ass Worship, Bathroom Desperation, Accidents, Farting, Hyper Gas/Scat/WS, and Public Settings.

Only Limits to worry about: Rape/Non-con/Force, Scat Eating/Smearing/Touching, Gore/Death/Snuff, Extreme Bondage, Filth/Slob stuff, Male Pregnancy (anal only, I'm open to cuntboy/male-herm pregnancies), and Footplay/worship (footjobs are still cool.)

Characters I seek tend to focus on Canons, Pokemon, Ferals, Cubs, Robots/Synthetics/Androids, Alien species, and the like, though I'm completely welcoming of others. Note that I do not RP with male humans in any capacity, but if you only play humans, and are willing to play a female human, I am more than willing to negotiate, if you have a good plot/setting idea to start with.

Contact info:
F-list: Listed Above
Discord: bloodclaw#9421
Telegram: @bloodclaw312
Twitter: @BigBootyOtter

17801 No.10612

This ad is still open

3e46c No.10640

Around for the next few days!

5afc7 No.10722

I am looking for a mpreg maybe oc rp
Things I'm ok with:birth,quick pregnancy, complication
Things I tend to stay away from depending on the day:smut lolicon(do not ask for this I'll soft block you)
My wattpad is @phantom_bitchh
My quotev is @phantom_bishh
And ask for discord if you want it thank you

47cce No.10732

New year, new ad I suppose. I’m a 22 year old male, looking for female/feminine people for Long term, story based romance rp in settings such as Fantasy, Scifi, or Science Fantasy. Please be fluent in english. I will not do a realistic/modern setting. I will also not sub and carry at the same time.
As for stories I enjoy, I love settings such as Destiny, Darkest Dungeon, Mass Effect, Halo and many more. Basically, settings with entire sets of lore, aliens/races, and all manner of ways to do a story. In these stories, I usually prefer we both play more action-oriented characters, unless there is a particularly interesting story where we are more domestic/docile. Also, stories that have a strong warrior become a hapless, docile breeding machine do not interest me.
Some general stories that I enjoy are…
Pregnant Knight/Viking/ Soldier. It could be a tale of getting the pregnancy to a certain place to deliver, or one of trying to defend a place, or perhaps even the pregnancy itself being a source of power.
A powerful mage woman decides to become a sort of travelling surrogate for a distraught kingdom or empire. This would have a carrier use her body to deliver babies across a dangerous, dark land.
A machine people for long have only been created via factories, and as such are chained to whoever or whatever own these factories. But, a kind of alchemy/magic arises that allows this machine people to create their young in their own bodies. Whoever is the first to do this is of great importance, and must be protected, and protect themselves, at all costs.
I’m open to other ideas too.
Kink list
Will do:oviposition, Alt preg, oviposition, unbirth, pregnant aliens/robots, hyper preg, mobile/badass pregnant women, pregnant clothing/armor, expansion/inflation, birth, horror preg, transformation, lactation, birth, pregnancy transfer, stuffing, intersex characters, mpreg
Won’t do: vomit, scat, pee, abortion, cucking, fatal belly burst, hyperfat/slob, furry, modern/realistic

Discord is Armor#8127

97e23 No.10755

Hello there everyone~

I'm looking for mutual pregnancy themed RPs. Where I play a femboy or muscle gut. And you play a female or futa.

I play over discord only. My tag is: 99 Problems#5502

I have an F-list as well. Hit me up on discord and I'll send it to ya~

08d46 No.10756

Looking for some birth oriented rp. I really love fantasy settings, but I'm really open to ideas. Ask me about some scenarios I have in mind
- fpreg or mpreg
- long, hard labors
- multiples
- breeding farms
- struggling to give birth/ trying to delay it
- public births
- oviposition
- hyperpreg
- Scat, piss, major gore
- furries
- underage characters

Find me on discord at owlbear#8937

1da09 No.10763

**Basic Information**
Call me Lit or Ari

Discord is literateinlabor#1421
💚24 year's old
💚 Female
💚Been roleplaying for around 10 or 11 years now
💚Does Pregnancy and Birth Rps (I lean more towards birth)

||” You sure this is a good idea, my lord? The pressure has been increasing for quite some time.” a meek voice asked, looking down at the demon who was sitting on the throne. He leaned forward, his chin resting on his hands with his legs shut as tightly as he possibly could. “I’ll be alright. Find my servant and bring him to me at once. This child won't wait long.”||

**Rp Information:**
Current Likes

Playing the Seeder
Paragraph Responses
Graphic Births
Romance (both regular cuddling and some sexual content)
Egg Laying
Birth Denial
Birth into Clothing

Long Pregnancy
Just Pregnancy
Pregnancy Sex
Sex just the hell of it.

Scat, Abuse, Torture, Piss, Shit, Popping, verbal abuse, humiliation

I have quite a bit, so please ask me about them


40df9 No.10764

Sent you a post Ari.

9a54c No.10856

Posting again because I'm too lazy to update my old post:

I'm 29 F looking to rp with any gender.

I'm currently into:
Rapid pregnancy, multiples (gotta love those huge bellies right?), large fetuses, fpreg only, though I'm okay with futa as long as she's the seeder, breeding, fetuses other than human, mainly alien or animal. I'm open to more darker things like non con, just message me for details. I like birth in different or abnormal scenarios, such as alone, in a forest, a stranger helping, public, etc. Though I'm not really into medical birth scenarios. I also prefer to use OC's rather than actual characters from shows and the like. I love belly play, belly button play, focusing on the belly and how big it is, minor belly abuse, maybe a few firm pats and putting pressure on it depending on the situation, it's not a must though.

Some dislikes/will not do: mpreg, scat, gore, vore, unbirth, breast pregnancy, eggs (I'm open to eggs if they hatch inside the carrier who then births them after more growth), death, unnecessary weight gain/breast expansion (don't mind a little but I want the belly to be the focus).

Other than that, I'm normally pretty open to suggestions, I may have missed something in the likes or dislikes but for now this is what I have lol.
Message me on kik: Pinkiepie7171 (can't change the username sadly) or discord: Vadania771#8885

e22c5 No.10857

I forgot to specify that I'm fine with human fetuses too lol

9c0dd No.10877

3c90b No.10880

Hey Hi, I'm looking to make a PR that can be quite long, I like to make stories that are not only sexual i like to be a little bit slow with that xd , I'm free 99.9% of the time so I like to have something quite agile.

I do not have something a preference to act and I am open to what you want but I have a taste for being the woman, I also accept futas or we can discuss it to reach a sane.

the long of the text:
i don't really care , some times i wrote long sometimes short .

major interest :
hyper pregnancy

-breast expansion
-gain weight

we can discuss it:
-mind break
-Scat / Gore / Vore (I like the vore but I don't like being the prey)
-idk be creative and ask me, we can discuss it and reach an agreement*.

definitely not :
-foot fetish
-clown fetish
* I like to make dirty RP where you expose your most twisted and ugly self that you get inside, be creative and do not limit yourself, I accept most fetishes so go ahead, I don't give a damn how strange it is, just do it.

contact :

91fe4 No.10889

Don't know if you browse this, but if you are, then I can't find your discord tag. Would love to try some rp with you.

90d57 No.10902

Hai hai! It's me again. I've got this idea recently. It's about a furry femboy mom and his human femboy son. It can be cute slice of life with lots of sexy fun

Kinks: mpreg, cum inflation, lactation, weight gain, incest

Maybe kinks: diapers, large cocks and balls, alt preg

I would love to hear your idea's too!! I'm pretty open to kinks except for feet, sweat, and a few more
Sylica Telca#3800

8976a No.10906

I just sent you a RP request on kik.

40df9 No.10961

Looking to do a Jolyne x male character rp where you would play as Jolyne. Wanting to have pregnant and birth. Prefer to do semi paragraphs responses more would be fine. We can discuss more who I would play as and what the plot of the rp is. Kinks that are hard no’s are any bathroom stuff, pedophilia, incest, alternative pregnancy, male pregnancy. If you have any kinks you want just ask and I will say yes or no.

Discord awesomepossum324#0169

4e341 No.10969

So hello everyone !
Here is my informations : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oHzVOEr4Lq_-qsB5fu_ydoBmrrOK8mDhW9JMFUd1e8E/edit?usp=sharing

And here is some suggestions for scenarios : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bM-4nF83Njt5fTtAabE_PJIofa9e0bPbA_zsTkJDTMI/edit?usp=sharing

Will be regularly updated so don't hesitate to check often.

PM me on Discord @ Daraen#7156

40df9 No.10981

Looking for someone to do a poke girl pregnant and birth rp. We would plan beforehand who you would play as and who would I would play as. I want to do canon pokegirl characters whether from anime or games. I like to write paragraph responses. We can discuss what kinks would be in the rp but some no’s to tell you is no bathroom related stuff, no incest or pedophilia, we would age up characters unless they are way too young like 8 years old. There is some more no’s but either way just ask if you would like to add a link. My discord is awesomepossum324#0169

24b5f No.11093

Just a quick bump. Haven't been able to match up schedules with my current partners, so looking for some new ones.

0f139 No.11096

New Ad

Hello there. I am a 23-year-old Male, looking for Female/Feminine RP partners for long term, story based RP. I prefer Fantasy and Sci Fi settings, and simply will not do modern/realistic settings. And I also prefer it to be a Romance/Adventure plot. (Note, I will do Mpreg plots but I top and prefer Feminine bottoms)
The go over preferred settings, some set universes I enjoy are Halo, Mass Effect, Titanfall, Destiny, Gundam, Darkest Dungeon and Fallout. In the stories I prefer if we both play action-oriented characters, as I find the housewife/princess/sex slave roles to be boring to play with. Bad ending plots are off limits.
For some general Ideas of story layout that I enjoy, here are some basic frameworks to build off.
1. Pregnant Knight/Viking/ Soldier. It could be a tale of getting the pregnancy to a certain place to deliver, or one of trying to defend a place, or perhaps even the pregnancy itself being a source of power
2. In desperate times, a military develops a sophisticated breeding program for it’s active-duty soldiers. In a surrogacy fashion, soldiers carry the next generation while still in the service.
3. In a dark fantasy setting, A woman falls pregnant to some sort of vile monster/demon/etc. It will surely kill her, or turn her into a vile demon herself, unless she embarks on a quest to find one who can save her from this horrible fate.
And I’m totally open to ideas!
Now, as for the kinks I enjoy.
Will do: oviposition, Alt preg, oviposition, unbirth, hyper preg, mobile/badass pregnant women, pregnant clothing/armor, expansion/inflation, birth, transformation, lactation, birth, pregnancy transfer, stuffing, intersex, multi womb
Won’t do: vomit, scat, pee, abortion, cucking, fatal belly burst, hyperfat/slob, furry, modern/realistic, underage.
If this sounds good, DM. I'd love if you come with your own ideas as well, and please message with more than just "hi" or "do you want to rp".

Discord ID is Armor#8127

90d57 No.11111

Hewwo. An odd request. I've been rewatching beastars and I came up with this kinky idea of a pregnant legosi rp. It can be futa x male maybe mxm.
Kinks would be some feminization, weight gain, lactation, cum inflation, getting more pregnant while pregnant, larger cocks and balls for futa's

ba330 No.11113

Looking to write!
Female, open to most pregnancy related scenarios. Surrogates, multiples, extended time, rapid growth, you name it, I can write it.

Experienced writer, I am pretty damn good at accommodation and adaptation. If you are willing to do a couple in the day to day moments, please let me know!


fd356 No.11118

Thought I might as well bite and give posting here a shot. Looking for potential partners interested in erotic pregnancy RP, especially if birthing is included! I’m primarily looking for those willing to play as and with Pokémon, though I also like a few regular furry species as well. Bonus points if you’re willing to play a species from a list of my favorites, or as one that I’m in the mood for! Admittedly I usually play males and am primarily interested in females, but I don’t mind playing females myself sometimes. Would strongly prefer those that are particularly literate, and can post anything longer than a single line.

My main method of contact and play is Discord (Telegram is also an option), just let me know you found me from here if you add me. We can talk more about scenarios and preferences once we meet!

Jordan Zoroark#8571

1da09 No.11178

Discord is literateinlabor#1421

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet everyone. I'm currently searching for some fantastic roleplay partners to distract me during the rest of this Covid 19 pandemic, and I'm excited to find some tremendous partners to talk to. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some friends as well.

Basic Information
I'm 25 years old and roleplaying since I was 15 years old, so I have about ten years of roleplay experience under my belt.
I write around a paragraph to almost three paragraphs and would prefer to have a partner who can write around that length
I will always do third person, it doesn't matter if you do first person or second, but mine will always be the third person
I will do male x male, female x male, and female x male
I can do fandoms as well, but please let me know which fandoms you want to do ahead of time.
For pregnancy roleplays (since this is one of my main things), I am willing to carry the baby or the partner, but I'm not looking to do the carrier all the time.

Story before Smut
Kiss Scenes
well developed plots
partners who understand that I can't post every day
partners who don't ditch me.

one-liner posts

Boku No Hero
Obey Me
Mr. Love Queen’s Choice
Final Fantasy
Genshin Impact

*any other fandoms, please dm me and let me know, please post more then one liners and don't send me messages with **hi, wanna rp?** *

kinks can be discussed
Ideas are here

b7b69 No.11230

Anyone here into Warhammer 40k? I've been wanting to do an rp in the universe. Nothing specific, I just love how dark, crazy and extreme everything is in 40k. If you're good at the lore we can pitch plot ideas to each other. I'd also be fine with another fantasy or sci fi setting. I'm sure we can both find at least 1 we both enjoy. Maybe you can show me a cool new one!

I'm 26/F in the USA. I'd like my RP partner to also be a friend I can play PC games with. Open to men and women.

I imagine long detailed RPs but we'll see how we vibe together. I work a lot and haven't done lewd RPs before so I don't know what to expect.

Prolonged Labor
Hyper and Overdue
Rapid pregnancy

Height difference between partners
Oversized babies/birth
Being submissive

pls no:
Furry, beastiality, zoophilia, scat/piss, incest, underage, fatal bursting

613e4 No.11236

any method to contact you? preferably outside of the Chinese spyware masquerading as a chat program known as Discord.

58bd6 No.11237


Oops, forgot about that.
I have an encrypted email at solarseas@protonmail.com , you can email me and we can work something out from there.

0de17 No.11263

Still open

ad486 No.11275

message me on kik: pregmeadow96

I'm a trans female who's pretty vanilla in terms of what i like to rp. mostly just want someone to worship my pregnant belly

d7480 No.11277

F/23 looking for written and audio roleplay partner!

- birth
- multiples / alien / fantasy

Message me on discord @beautyofamber#1943 !

05344 No.11278

Looking for semi literate to literate partners for romance roleplay. I can do either a sub or a dominant character and can do mxm, fxf and fxm

Discord is 妊娠護衛#4942

**Feel free to dm me**

Labor / Birthing
Hyper Pregnancy
Mpreg or Fpreg
Mind R***
Permanent Pregnancy
Accidental stimulation
Public Birth
Birth Denial
Belly worship (rubbing massage oil on the abdomen, playing with the babies when kicking around, kissing the abdomen)
Fetal movement
Water breaks / Long Labors
Encouragement from partners
Sex (kinks for sex can be a bit weird for me)

Non Con
Weight gain (non pregnancy)
Vomit, Scat, Piss

Characters (Photos I use but I can find more or come up with a quick character description)

Pairings I enjoy




24801 No.11283

Might as well give this a shot.

M/35 here, looking for someone who is up for a romantic, story driven RP that would likely run long and slow (my work takes up a lot of time). I tend to do paragraph posts (one or two liners never seem like enough effort for me), and sometimes get art commissioned of the RP if it goes well enough. I've been doing this for about 13-14 years now, and have a lot of experience in writing and world building. I used to have multiple RP partners, but life has slowly seperated everyone, and I have recently lost touch with my last RP buddy, so I figured I'd post here and see if there was any interest.

As far as kinks, I love things like fast gestation, large bellies, lactation, birthing (and oviposition), romantic/loving sex, multiples, and probably a lot of other stuff.

I also am a big fan of transformation as part of the RP; For one or either party involved. I'm also okay with most scenarios/existing universes, though admittedly if the RP takes place in a pre-existing world that I know very little about, I believe my performance would suffer a bit. That's up for discussion, though.

I'll write a quick blurb to show how I would post something in an RP:

Hearing his beloved cry out from the next room, Tobin quickly dropped the book he had been reading, and burst into the bedroom. His eyes fell upon his beloved, who had been thrashing in place and grabbing at the blankets on their bed. Other than her rigid, pained movement and grasping at her belly, she looked relatively fine… but when his eyes met hers and he saw the confusion and pain welling up in her gaze, he quickly moved to her side, taking her hand in his. "What's wrong!?…" was all he could get out before a small gurgling sound turned his attention downward, to her midsection. He had not noticed it at first, but Heather's belly was larger than it used to be- a small rounded bump that was slowly growing larger, pushing her shirt up as she grasped at his hand. "… oh my god! What… how!?" As he stared, the bump grew outwards into a dome, then further out, expanding like a balloon- slowly, but steadily. It almost seemed like he was in some sort of unreal dream, watching helplessly as his wife soon looked three months pregnant, than four… despite them making love only twenty or thirty minutes ago. It was when Heather's stomach had grown to the size of a pregnancy in its third trimester, that a gentle squeeze on his hand brought him back to his senses. He quickly turned his gaze upwards at his beloved- eyes full of the same disbelief and fear that she had shown only moments ago.

…something like that. I enjoy doing some worldbuilding myself (with input from my RP partner, if they are interested), then sharing the direction and exploration of that world, while maintaining an ongoing story that is full of romance and sometimes adventure. As far as dislikes, I won't want to deal with anything that involves violence, blood, death, humiliation, or toilet stuff. Other than that, I'm pretty much open to anything. However, if I am not too into a kink, my writing tends to suffer a bit, so fair warning there.

Anyways, if anyone is interested, drop me an email at gwbs1985@gmail.com

c5ee6 No.11284


Looking for someone to play the pregnant person. Fpreg or mpreg are equally good; you'll be pregnant.

Birth — long, hard pushing
Abnormally large babies (10-20 pounds)
Non-romantic relationships (e.g. friend's mom, roommates, neighbors)
Dubcon and noncon pregnant sex
Submissive partners
Uncomfortable pregnancy — physical discomfort from pressure in pelvis, embarrassing sexual urges, sheer size of belly/babies/breasts, etc.
Age difference

Enthusiastic consent
Hospital birth
Extended pregnancy progression — better to skip to the 38+ weeks pregnant part

I have written a bunch of stories that convey what I'm into: http://deviantart.com/pharaoh170

E-mail at pharaoh1768@gmail.com or Discord at Pharaoh170.

12768 No.11288

cant find you in Discord, it requires 4 numbers after #

fb2ba No.11290

You're right! It's Pharaoh170#0398.

297fd No.11293

Male here so I want to do a Pokémon rp with canon female protagonists and other female trainers like gym leaders or champions, or even just random female trainer classes like ranger.

So the rp would be I am a new Pokémon trainer and my goal is not to become champion but rather explore the region and see new Pokémon and new places. This rp would take place over many regions preferable starting in the Kanto region.

My character does not care about being champion or fighting gym leaders but they would still be involved with the game stories like stoping team magma or aqua from awakening Groudon/Kyogre.

You would play as various female trainers my character would interact ie Cynthia or Elesa though I would mainly like to have the female protagonists from the games but would also love to have other characters.

A thing to be stated is that all characters would be aged up to 18 years old. Everyone in the rp that would be in a sexual encounter or relationship with my character would be 18 or over.

I would like paragraph responses and I rp in discord so pm me if you would like to rp and I will send my discord. Kinks in the rp is Pregnancy, birth, pregnant sex, breeding, impregnating, being a dom.

My limits are any bathroom, filth, or gore kink, non pregnancy related weight gain, no smelling kinks.

We can discuss more kinks, more plot details, characters, and what region we would start in on discord. My discord is awesomepossum324#0169

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