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6aed3 No.8768

Hey, the ( >>2 ) old thread got all filled up, so might as well start a second one! Post 'em if you got 'em.

d51a6 No.8771

I'm a 21 year old guy looking to rp with people over Discord.

Likes: Beastiality, Labor/Birth, and most other things. I'm super into passionate relationships and pleasurable births.

Limits: Gore, Vore, Death, Harm, etc.

Discord: Asthanad#9874.

05fac No.8772

New Ad Post!
24-year-old Black Male from USA here! Opening up once more for RPs with Female/ people who play Female charachters!

Must have (Deal Breaker if not agreed too):
Anal Sex (A ton of it, not just once)
Interracial Pairings (Black male/Non-black female)

Loves/ always want to do:
Birth sex (Anal only)
Large Breast (no hyper)
Mupliples, no more then 3
Large bellies
2 or more women
High school scene
College scenes
Babysitter (female)
Incest (also Interraical, Young mom/Son, Older sibling/younger sibling*, Cousin, Aunt/nephew)
Big brother/little sister
Big sister/Little brother
Shota father
Love/ romance
close friendships
Next door neighbor
Anime setting/characters (Ask about this, but will say yes to Bleach characters)
Teen pregnancy
Shota/Teen girl
Shota/Young Milf
women 16-25 (in looks, can be much older then they look if they are)
Belly rubs/Anything belly play
Story/Plot (No mindless breeding)

Like/can do:
Gothic/Emo/Goth girls
Women 25-35 (in look)
Father/Daughter and Uncle/niece (rarely)
Oral sex
4 or more babies (Please don't make the belly larger then overdue with Triples at time of birth)
Rapid pregnancy (As fast as a few days)
Anal pregnancy/birth (Female only)
Breeding (With Plot)
Drag use (Fertility drugs, mind altering drugs)
OOC play (if your IRL female only, but note I do have a girlfriend)

No/Do not suggest:
Rape/ non-con (If she doesn't give consent, it's rape)
Furries and Anything non-human like (all character must have human skin and bodies)
Impregnation dice roll (F-list/chat users)
Just sex.
No Anal
Black women (Also counts to half black women with dark skin)
Degrading sex
Sex only RPs
Naruto Males
Gender bent characters
Lolis (Girls 13 or younger in looks, 14-15 are iffy at best)
Raceplay/Racism (that is not part of story)
Asking me to play a thug/BBC type
White (or any) race extintion (Besides males of other races)
OOC rudeness
'I can play this' People
'Hi' and silence people
ASKING FOR ABORTIONS! (I am pro-chioce, but I do not like or want Abortion rps)
Abuse (of any kind)
ASKING TO NOT HAVE MY 'MUST HAVES' IN AN RP! (My characters are made for a reason)
Playing a character I haven't made

Alright, now what that's done, as above, I have my F-List main profile linked, you can see my other kinks on there if I missed any there.

Email: KoolKen256@Gmail
F-list: *linked in another post*
Skype: Koolken256 (Should come up as Kenneth Huffman)
Discord: Koolken#3541
Kik: Koolken256 (Note: No Rping over Kik, please us for messaging me to chat)

If you have any questions, message me!

536c6 No.8775

Looking for new roleplayers to roleplay with!

I tackle pregnancy, impregnation, cum inflation and breeding, but I don't do gore, vore, snuff, death, watersports, or anything cub related.

If interested, send me a message on my Discord at Soma#5450.

Thank you!

eeb36 No.8804

I am looking for a female, or someone convincing enough to play a female for mpreg play. I enjoy slice of life scenarios. My kinks include, but arent limited to, pregnancy, birth, multiples, lactation, excessive cum, eternal pregnancy, getting pregnant while pregnant, unbirth, light medical (checkups and ultrasounds), some science, and im sure a few im forgetting. I am looking for someone with experience. If interested, hit me up on discord at alwaysontheline #8047. When you do, please let me know youre from here….i get a lot of spam.

eeb36 No.8819

Username(s): alwaysontheline

RP as: male human

RP with: female humans, or people who can convincingly play a female

Situations: mpreg mostly, preg, birth, penis enlargement, lactation, checkups, mild science,

Happening to: me mostly
Settings: (Examples: Medieval, Fantasy, Modern, Realistic, SteamPunk, Etc)

Oc’s: (Optional)

Places I RP: (Some examples include Skype, Discord, Deviantart, etc.)
and also
seems that a lot of people have adopted
Not into:
Happening to: me mostly
Settings: modern day


Places I RP: discord

eeb36 No.8820

alwaysontheline #8047

198fd No.8823

I'm a dude, looking for RP with women. Short and sweet is good - I like a light and responsive RP.

Likes: Any pregnancy, especially weird/unusual pregnancies. Breast preg, ball preg. Love straight mpreg.

Limits: Ridiculous hyper, especially blueberry.

Discord: Lio#4365

848e0 No.8849

hey there, does anyone know of anygood pregnancy if just plain kink adult RP discords? It seems like all the hentai discords I used to go to shut down their RP channels and I really don't want to go back to F-List chat as last time I used it (like 2 or three years ago) it was very trans-unfriendly.

580cf No.8864

Sounds like someone should make one. Why is there no Pregchan discord?

75d4d No.8865

Well, technically the Discord server for the Impreg-Nation dA group serves that function, as a lot of the artists and regulars who used to frequent this site (before various spam and trolls ruined the experience) and the couple of rare ones still here are all in that server anyway. That being said, while you probably could find someone, it's also not much of an RP server, mostly just art and random conversation

94e66 No.8893

Hi there!

I'm male, 27, looking to do a little labor and birth roleplay!

my kik is sunshinepop27

I like:

- Long, natural labors
- Big gushy water breaking in unexpected moments/in public/in a car
- Contractions start uncomfortable, but quickly become strong.
- The mother describes what she is feeling as each contractions pushes the head further down into her hips.
- The mother feels like the baby is going to pop out at any moment
- The mother has urges to push before she is dilated and has to resist the growing urge
- The mother goes through transition before its time to push, the contractions grow intense, she may feel suddenly hot, nauseous, afraid. She is desperate to push, but has to wait just bit longer.
- The physical effects of labor are intense, sweating, shaking, flushing, feeling the urge to bear down or poop
- The time to push comes and the mother's body takes over, lots of grunting, moaning, changing positions to get the baby to move.
-Long slow crowning

More interests!
- Rapid pregnancy and labor (from not pregnant to pushing in a few hours!)
- Surprise twins!
- Magical or alien pregnancy
- Mpreg (not my favorite, but I'm willing)

- I pick up a pregnant hitchhiker and check her into a hotel, only to get a call that night that she is in labor.

- I order a pregnant callgirl who arrives at my hotel room and goes into labor before we can begin.

- I go on a blind date with a pregnant woman whose water breaks in the middle of dinner.

-sexual roleplay

e3e61 No.8895

Hello! I am looking for RP partners (obviously.)

I can play as Male, Female, or Futa. I am willing to be pregnant as male, female, or futa.
I will only play with Females. I almost always RP with pregnant partners, but its not 100% required if the plot is interesting.

I am into:
Female Pregnancy
Male Pregnancy
(Borderline) HyperPreg. Nothing immobile.
Fetal Movements, especially if its strong enough for the mother to react to it.
Small/Ripped Clothes
Cravings, Pregnancy related weight gain
Breast, Butt, Belly Expansion

Not into:
Scat, etc.

I ask that RP replies are 3+ sentences at minimum. I am very flexible on RPs, and will likely go out of my way to make you happy. I will ask for a reference photo as I am a very visual person.

If you think you can handle that, send me a message no Discord at Inari#7093

94e66 No.8902

Hello all!

You can reach me on Kik or discord: MidwifeMike

Name: Michael
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Kinks: long difficult labors, water breaking, hard pushing, urges to push, crowning, different positions, groaning, homebirth, birth in a cabin, car, or other unusual location, first time moms, petite moms, big babies, rapid pregnancies, magic pregnancies

I like when the mother really wants to push but she can't because she's not fully dilated yet so she has to fight it. I also like when she doesn't totally understand all of the thiggs she's feeling, like, I always kind of like it when a mom feels the head starting to press down and thinks that she is about to poop. I really like that overwhelming physicality of labor right before she starts pushing. I love it when the mom is in transition, right before she is fully dilated and the contractions are wild and her body is hot and tired and she feels like pushing and throwing up all at once. It's really primal.

Also, anytime my partner has the mom talk about feeling the head starting to press down or like it's about to come out any second.

I generally play as my OC Michael Carter, a male midwife who specializes in single moms.

30d28 No.8903

I'm a female looking for pregnancy/labor/birth roleplaying. Inexperienced, but open.
I'm on tumblr


f87b4 No.8904


Roughly, where do you happen to be located?

Also, holy shit your tumblr. I need a girl like you.

1c07e No.8911

I had to update my contact info. I'm not using kik anymore

You can reach me on discord: MidwifeMike#4876

Name: Michael
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Kinks: long difficult labors, water breaking, hard pushing, urges to push, crowning, different positions, groaning, homebirth, birth in a cabin, car, or other unusual location, first time moms, petite moms, big babies, rapid pregnancies, magic pregnancies

I like when the mother really wants to push but she can't because she's not fully dilated yet so she has to fight it. I also like when she doesn't totally understand all of the thiggs she's feeling, like, I always kind of like it when a mom feels the head starting to press down and thinks that she is about to poop. I really like that overwhelming physicality of labor right before she starts pushing. I love it when the mom is in transition, right before she is fully dilated and the contractions are wild and her body is hot and tired and she feels like pushing and throwing up all at once. It's really primal.

Also, anytime my partner has the mom talk about feeling the head starting to press down or like it's about to come out any second.

- an eighteen year old mom goes into labor and goes to the Birth center on her own.
- a young couple gets stuck in traffic and gives birth in the car

eeb36 No.8912

im in. do you have discord?

dc772 No.8940

Hi there.

I’m someone looking for new RP.

Animal pregnancies
Womb inflation

Alien pregnancy
Insect pregnancy
Birth (as long as it is not exceedingly painful and drawn out.)
Us both playing pregnant characters

I won’t play out sex at all. Do not ask

My Kik is YoungMommy155. Please tell me you are from pregchan when you contact me.

0870e No.8951

would anyone be interested in an mpreg superfetation story? I prefer to carry. Hit me up on discord at alwaysontheline#8047

9cc28 No.8975

My discord is tentaclesnlipstick #3075

I like long descriptive rps, a paragraph minimum and first or third person perspective. I rp myself, ocs or characters from mutually liked fandoms. I also rp fpreg, mpreg, trans preg and alien preg but no furries!

Hard limits are no bathroomplay, no pedophilia of any kind, no ddlg, no blood, no death, and no incest.
I like birth, realistic preg, hyper preg, eggpreg, alien/animal preg, preg sex, birth denial, and much more!

My favourite scenes are public births, I have a fascination with experimental pregnancies and birth in front of classes, groups of doctors, etc. Give me a unique rp idea and I'll probably love it!

9b801 No.8978


Also, hit me up if you like fantasising over mic!

af4ce No.8979

Love how 80% of the people here are male, or maybe there are some female in the old thread but im too lazy to check :p

Sorry, abit off topic.

8a816 No.8980

Might as well throw my hat into this ring!

I’m always down for fetish RP’s with anyone regardless of gender.

Things I like:
- Pregnant bellies (obviously)
- Bellybuttons
- Belly/Bellybutton worship

Things I don’t like:
- Vore
- Extreme things (guro, scat, etc)

Find me via Skype - HipsterDoofus - for more info. Can’t wait to meet you!

ab3b1 No.8982

Hi all… new female RPer throwing herself out there.

- long detailed responses
- birth
- impregnation
- multiples / alien / fantasy
- medical settings

- furry preg
- mpreg
- gore
- scat

My discord is Chicken Nugget#2283. Prefer male partners mostly interested in birth. Let me know you're from here when you hit me up.

67371 No.8983

Just sent you a friend request

I was unable to send you message, so I go by sklmn

41e13 No.9016

sent a few requests on discord.
trans guy looking for someone to rp with, im open to a lot of things, particularly fond of eggpreg, mpreg, and rapid preg.
not fond of hyper.
death and gore are a no.


737e5 No.9018

I am looking to role play with anyone that’s detailed with their labor/birth roleplays. Add me on Snapchat @ Lauren101C, or discord @ ThatOneBitch<3#4592. Send me a scene and we can get started :).

4f413 No.9033

i might just be dumb but i couldn't find a way to dm you, so i sent you a friend request instead

4f413 No.9034

my tag is Jophes btw

77b10 No.9036

Hey so I added you on discord and we started taking, but I now can’t send messages to you. Not sure what’s wrong. Could use another service.

8a816 No.9037


I’m always down for fetish RP’s with anyone regardless of gender.

Things I like:
- Pregnant bellies (obviously)
- Bellybuttons
- Belly/Bellybutton worship

Can do any characters - OC’s, characters from movies, games and shows, also furries and ponies

Things I don’t like:
- Vore
- Extreme things (guro, scat, etc)

I will not discuss my gender with you. I did it one time with another RPer and he just left.

I look forward to meeting you! ^^

4f413 No.9038

Same here. I think we got blocked mate :/

c62ba No.9041

I’m going to try this again :) I prefer to be the one carrying, I’m Lauren, 19, USA, I’d really do just about anything, send me scenes on discord @ ThatOneBitch#4592 or Snapchat @ Lauren101C

0b7fb No.9042

I tried on discord. Still couldn’t get it to work. I added you on snap though. :)

6d870 No.9044

looking for rp partner. I'm male but can play either male or female.
I like wholesome rp's and just playing out the pregnancy, watching a belly grow.
I like pregnant lolis and ageplay too, especially if there's incest involved (preferably brother/sister or mom/son). also just generally young pregnancies are good, especially having to go to school with a big belly.
also back to back pregnancies are good, having someone be a little breeding slut is a favorite.
hmu at discord kona@0319

4c577 No.9045

I can't send you a friend request for discord, but I leave mine to speak:
Ai the ignis#5543

4c577 No.9046

Hello my name is Ai you can find me in discord as Ai the ignis#5543, I am looking for a female partner who likes an erotic romance.

I like it:
Mainly pregnant sex.
Sex at home or also public.
Birth scenarios (human only)
In the home or public.
Normal or sex-induced labor.

I do not like:
Rapid pregnancy

9a005 No.9055

Really into pregnancy and impregnation. It's been a while since I tried rping over any instant messaging other than f-chat, but I'm not really giving my f-list here. I'm a woman if that's important to you, but I'm fine rping with either gender and playing either gender. I'm 31 years old.

I don't really have many OCs and mostly rp fandom characters. The characters I'm willing to do porn rp with are mainly Touhou Project (Primarily Reimu and Marisa, but Sanae or Cirno are also possible), Vocaloid (Miku, either of the Kagamine Twins, Kaito, Teto) Touken Ranbu (which I have a couple Saniwa ocs for, but also either of the Okitagumi) and Pokemon (any of the main playable protags for the main games). I'm also experimenting with/working on a gender swapped version of Monster Girl Encyclopedia where all the monsters are ikemen if you want to play with that, but regular MGE is also fine.

Regardless of which gender I'm playing I'm usually more comfortable playing the submissive partner except in m/m where I can do either, but I can be dominant too even while playing a female character. I don't like doing long term rps, but I can manage more than a one-shot if you want me to.

Like: Impregnation, pregnancy, pregnant sex, multiples (no higher than 4 or 5) , monsters/non-humans, non-con/dub-con fempreg, gender transformation (m2f, but also f2m), Crossdressing/otoknoko/traps/reverse traps, small breasts, underage (no younger than 14).

Dabbling in/experimenting with: Mpreg (particularly Omegaverse, but also f2m gender transformation in combination with pregnancy if you see that as counting)

Stuff I'm willing to do despite it not doing much for me: Birth (not going to play it out realistically though), Futa

Dislike/won't do: Tentacle pregnancy, ovioposition, bestiality (monsters and non-humans don't have to be humanoid, but should be sapient), Incest, bathroom stuff, insectiods, vore, guro or any of the more disgusting or out there kinks. Fast pregnancies.

The only instant message thing I have nowadays is discord.

My Discord handle is Troublesomeknight#7480

9a005 No.9056


there should be a "," between non-con/dub-con and fempreg fffft. I think you know what I mean though.

9a005 No.9057


Oh, right. I forgot to mention I can also do Fate/Grand Order, though I currently can only play the Chaldea Master/Ritsuka/Gudao/ko.

Also I can play out pregnancies, but not too drawn out since as mentioned before I don't do long term.

54b53 No.9088


I don't do RP on discord, but I do it on F-list if anyone has an account there. I've been mostly using this one as a hub account of sorts for my other profiles. So send me a note if you also have an account and we can play something.

f402e No.9238

A same-sex ship of Miku/Luka will be great, esp they're a couple and either one or both of them pregnant.

251f5 No.9263

I changed my discord name a little bit, but I’d really love to roleplay on discord, I’m a female, age: 19. And would love to roleplay pregs. Pm me with your scenes or what you want to do, and let’s get started :).

251f5 No.9264

My discord is Audrey<3#4592

ee14e No.9294

I've got a couple of years experience, looking for some people to rp with.

I'm mostly into birth, but as of late I'm longing for some rp's that start off at impregnation, then timeskip to somewhere in the middle of the pregnancy and then timeskipping to the birth.

I like to keep it in the realm of the possible, prefer one large baby over twins, never really go for triplets or more. I'm more than willing to experiment, but like I mentioned before, birth is my main thing :)

Know that I'm living in Western Europe, so timezone-wise it could be a bit awkward if you're from the US, though I'm a bit of a night owl.
An rp partner with a good grasp of English is preferred.

You can find me on Discord through JB#8350

8a816 No.9307

My favourite franchises are as follows: Mario, My Little Pony, Attack on Titan, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Doom, Wolfenstein, Dungeons & Dragons, Berserk, God of War, IT, Star Wars, FNaF, Cuphead.

I like doing RPs with characters from any of the above. If anyone has a similar interest in any/all of these, let me know in my Discord.
Once again, it is KaizukoX#9879

811fd No.9312

Hi all! I love more realistic pregnancy stuff, emphasis on the characters and story and how the pregnancy is impacting them. Open to all sorts of different settings and plots.

I like pregnancy, lactation, weight gain, ageplay (me younger), taboo roles, power differences, romance.

Not into incest, birth, or furry stuff.

Please email me at asgindiv@gmail.com to set up a roleplay! I like good writers, and people willing to rp more sporadically as per the schedule of a busy student :)

eea55 No.9314

Hey you all! Long time lurker here. I have not roleplayed for ages now, and I really need a nice way to relax a bit and forget about some personal stuff going on lately.

I have to admit, I am usually pretty kinky and open to all ideas, but lately I have been craving a specific type of rp. Mainly one more wholesome and vanilla, if that makes any sense? A more plot-driven one, with more focus on the story and the characters than just purely sexy stuff. The pregnancy part would be somehow realistic (like no hyper, mpreg or similar stuff) and with some timeskips here and there. The plot and setting can be literally anything tho! Modern day, medieval fantasy, you name it. Just not fandom stuff this time around.

I'm usually way more comfortable with people who can play female characters decently, but (almost) everyone is welcome! Just be a bit flexible with timetables and not too exigent since I lack confidence and I get myself overwhelmed really fast…

I think that is all? Anyways if you wanna hit me up, my discord is Smiley#5626. I also have kik and gmail if for whatever reason discord is not your thing. Thanks for reading!

8a816 No.9316

Anyone out there with a belly button fetish? I’d love to have more partners with that, especially when it coincides with their pregnancy fetish.

4f413 No.9339

spent an embarrassing amount of time getting this written up lol

sup. 27yo guy looking for some peeps to rp with.



Big babies (i.e. 10+ lbs.)
Going overdue
Multiples (no more than quads)
Rapid pregnancy
Belly movement
Outie belly buttons
Stretch marks
Linea negra
Tight skin
Belly play (from cutesy stuff like rubbing and kissing to things a little more kinky~)


Water breaking
Malpositioned babies
Vocal births (moaning, grunting, maybe some screaming here and there)
Assisted births (i.e. having to help the mom by using medical tools, their hands, etc.)
Orgasmic births

Other Stuff®

Fluff & romance
Interspecies (love me some monsterXhuman pairings <3)
Slice of life


Sexual assault
Bathroom stuff
Hyper pregnancy (anything past quads basically)

I'm only really open to playing with ladies. literacy and good grammar are a must. I would prefer to play over discord (mainly on account of aim, yim, and kik all going kaput.) so if you're interested hmu :)

4f413 No.9340

fuckin christ forgot my discord tag lmao


e813d No.9369

Looking for an rp partner. I like big pregnant bellies(overdue), multiples(2 to 3), rapid pregnancy,belly play, water breaking and vocal labor/contractions.

Mainly looking for female partners,good grammar and literacy, prefer discord [HeavyCarnage#3197]


9cb15 No.9400

I sent you a friend request on discord if you’d still like to role play 😄 ThePinkTerror771#8885

8a816 No.9404

Okay… another update. XD

I will allow mpreg, as long as partners who are really into it are the ones carrying.

You know where to find my tag. :)

4f413 No.9405

9339 here. yes i would still like to play! finally have time to respond to my friend requests :)

9e85d No.9427

Hey there folks! Looking for rp partners. I'm usually a furry rp'er, but I can play human or monster characters. I prefer playing male characters with female partner characters, but can play the opposite (females with males, or females with females). I've been roleplaying for over 10 years so far, and have dabbled in story writing as well.

You can find my insterests and some of my characters on F-List

But a quick rundown:

Pregnancy/hyper pregnancy
Breast expansion
Belly expansion (liquids or semi-solids)

I can play as a protagonist or antagonist, though I prefer protag more recently. I prefer a good mix of story and kink/sexy scenes, and lately have been wanting to do some adventure style roleplay (either fantasy or sci-fi).

I prefer emails, or notes on F-List since I tend to be busy and can't make it onto chat programs all that regularly. Feel free to reach out to me through my email or on F-list.

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