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(101.02 KB 850x741 Tharja-title.jpg)
Impregnator Kings, thread #16 aristocrat 06/28/2022 (Tue) 00:00:50 Id:66b045 No. 88
Impregnator Kings began as a project I wanted to try writing back in December 2015. There were many CYOAs on pregchan, and I thought I could entice readers to vote, too. Since then, we now have a story that has gone on since then (with some slowness on my part here and there) that continues today. I had no idea where we were starting from or how long and where exactly it would end, but we're still going strong. This despite several board jumps. This is the latest one. Please read the notes under this line. I often have to remind people of them, and while I don't mind doing so, it does take up a comment or two in the post count. Everyone is free to vote in Impregnator Kings when a poll is called for. This applies to everyone, whether they followed the story from the beginning, just started reading, or only just passingly noticed there's a vote. The only rule is to please only vote once in each poll. Posting your reasons and persuasive arguments for why you made a choice and why it is the best choice is encouraged. It helps me understand more about reader expectations and what the audience wants to read. However, please do not post side-discussions or emotional reactions in the thread. For those, please use the latest chat thread, located here: https://new.pregchan.com/c/res/36.html This will help keep down on the posts that count toward the post limit (and when I will have to make a new thread). It will also keep the atmosphere of the thread genial. I want every reader to be comfortable voting however they like. For clarity, please write your vote: "Option 1/2/3" or "Write in:". Please make this the first line, and then write whatever commentary you would like. This is for my sake and makes it much easier to tabulate and calculate which option has won. Of course, I will still count every vote regardless, but it makes it a little easier for me. Please don't write "I think option 4 is fine but now I vote 1." Instead, consider writing. "I vote option 1. At first I thought option 4 seemed fine but now I vote for option 1." This is much easier. Please also write out your full vote. Do not reply to another vote and say "I agree with this reply and vote for what they voted for." Please don't do this because there have been issues where a person has made a mistake in which reply they meant to click. Please be unambiguous with your vote. Write-ins are encouraged. If they are impossible because of a conflict of some character motivation or established facts about the world, I will note this and explain why it's impossible to the best of my ability and give the reader a chance to select a new option. There are also sometimes issues where someone proposes a write-in that combines two options. Depending on the situation, this can be acceptable or not. Feel free to ask, if you like. Furthermore, if there's a particular thing you want Edward to explore, or a particular sex-scene or type of character you want to see, by all means say so, either in the chat thread or when you vote. This lets me know audience expectations and wants, and has allowed me to take the story in interesting ways. (Certain characters and scenes may not have happened without knowing audience expectations and ideas.) You are writing the story with me! One last thing to note is no non-consensual sex scenes will be depicted in the story. It was decided to exclude these to maintain a positive tone throughout the story and will not be violated. For that matter, every character depicted in a sex scene is "of age." This means over 18. Birth scenes will eventually be available to witness or not, and will be to various degrees of depiction as I learn audience expectations.Furthermore, no life-threatening complications with pregnancy will be depicted. (But may be mentioned as having happened in the past, and they are still a worry for the characters in the story.) Thread #1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html Thread #2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html Thread #3: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html Thread #4: (warning, it was on bbw-chan and the link has a defunct connection to some pop-up ad. Just refresh and it should go away.) http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html Thread #5: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html Thread #6: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html Thread #7: https://web.archive.org/web/20180930122947/https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html Thread #8: http://web.archive.org/web/20190601012420/https://pregchan.com/d/res/48104.html Thread #9: https://web.archive.org/web/20201013192858/https://pregchan.com/d/res/57807.html Thread #10: https://web.archive.org/web/20210303103506/https://pregchan.com/d/res/79111.html Thread #11: https://web.archive.org/web/20210517073757/https://pregchan.com/d/res/86445.html Thread #12: https://web.archive.org/web/20210628010408/https://pregchan.com/d/res/90879.html Thread #13: https://web.archive.org/web/20210901124305/https://pregchan.com/d/res/93297.html Thread #14: https://web.archive.org/web/20220321094845/https://pregchan.com/d/res/96873.html Thread #15: https://web.archive.org/web/20220620223133/https://pregchan.com/d/res/105852.html (Or https://pregchan.com/d/res/105852.html until the old pregchan is removed.) Don't be intimidated by the sheer size of the archive. It's a fast read, more or less, and I always do my best to keep it accessible. The first three threads likely set the tone the best in terms of intrigue the story contains and what Edward can do. There are many important characters, but these are the current loves Edward has: Tharja: Edward's dear wife. Their mutual trust changed their relationship from attraction and infatuation to love, very quickly. Mania: A more traditional 'witch' who came to the Faire to set up a cart selling her breast milk. Mutual consideration soon led to both exposing their hidden sides to each other. Love bloomed between them as they truly saw each for who they were. A character who is 'loved' will never betray Edward, and Edward will be happier to be around them, impregnate them, etc. But at the same time, he won't allow them to be harmed and other choices that consider their feelings will be 'locked in' without a choice being presented. Other possible love interest (at the moment): Beatrice: The Infinite Golden Witch. Fickle and capricious. She's sworn to serve Edward (up to a point) as repayment for the debt she owes him of saving her from being pursued by witch hunters. Now that Edward has seen her 'human' side, can he better understand the boundaries that separate her heart form his? Should he? Can he? Though that possibility seemed closed from a mistake months earlier, the window seems to be open again. The last thread ended on an update that needed no vote. Please wait and anticipate the newest update coming soon.
There's about half left on your plate when Tharja suddenly steps up from the table. It's a violent enough movement that you jump in your seat. "I'm not hungry anymore, I need to go!" She rushes for the door, pushing it open with her entire body before waddling away. You think it may be the fastest you've ever seen a pregnant woman move. Your instinct is to catch up with her, but you're held back by your taster asking you to please remain until the end of the meal. Otherwise, they can't be sure of potential slow-acting poison. ... You reluctantly sit down while your mind flits to possible explanations. Maybe Tharja needed a chamber pot? You try to shake off the idea and just tell yourself it's all right. Tharja is either in a rush to get your 'surprise' ready. Or, she ate too fast. Either way, you suppose you can't worry. Nothing could happen to Tharja. Literally. Her book makes her immortal and even if she tripped she'd be fine. ... You finish eating. The maid who comes to clear your table informs you that your wife has asked you to please waste a little bit of time before coming to the new tower, Darling. Those were her exact words, and she was told to repeat them as said. ...Okay, you suppose you won't question it. You have a choice of how to 'waste' time, then. ...You ponder wasting time with the maid, who's rather thin with a large bust, but you push that aside. You're still a bit tired after impregnating Venti. Furthermore, you're guessing the surprise Tharja has in store for you involves sex on some level. You'll exercise caution. What else is there to do? --There's the matter of Corrin, but you imagine that would take an involved amount of time. Moreover it would make the mood very somber as you're sure he'll need direction as much as Robin and Camilla did. Ah! You've got it. You should follow up with either Sister Kiara or Father Tomas about Sister Rosette. They've surely noticed the difference by now. That you've changed her routine so she has more time to rest. Hm... If you remember correctly, Sister Kiara would be in the Chapel, but Father Tomas would be in the clergy room? You believe that must be the case. Sister Kiara... she's the real brains behind the operation. Moreover just thinking about her voluptuous figure makes you feel a rush of excitement. Father Tomas, is of course, a bit of a naive man. Technically in charge. Whatever. Who should you go see? Choice time: >Sister Kiara in the chapel, of course. You can't charm her if you don't talk to her. >Hang your head with a sigh and just go to see Father Tomas. Talking with him is sure to waste time.
>>118 Option 2. This whas a bit of a brain teaser at first, and I'm sure it'll probably go the other way- almost voted for Kiara myself. But as dull as Tomas is, especially compared to his nuns, I've got a hunch that it might behoove us to follow protocol a bit on this one. Also I'm still not sure on Kiara, something about her skeeves me a bit.
>>118 Option 1
I'm going to go with Option 1 Not for any attempts to try to seduce her (still a bit early for that, plus Edward needs his energy for whatever Tharja's up to), but he hasn't had the chance to have a proper chat with her, so this might be a chance to get to know her beyond just being the brains of the group. Perhaps he might learn something to put to use later. Plus ignoring people seems to not go well...
Option 1
Option one
>>118 Option 1
Option 1. Glad things have transitioned smoothly to the new board.
(425.39 KB 850x1332 Kiara-grateful.jpg)
Of course, Sister Kiara. It made sense in a number of ways. She'll be able to subtly give you the real information on Sister Rosette. Father Tomas will only offer vague statements about faith at best. At the same time you can use her as a gauge of the clergy's intentions. If Sister Rosette's treatment prior is truly dismissed... you know you'll have to re-evaluate your impression of both Sister Kiara and Father Tomas. Certainly, Father Tomas didn't impress you with the condescension he expressed toward Mania. Did Sister Kiara sympathize? You'll have to see. Feeling hopeful, if cautious, you move toward the chapel. No one stops you. ... Ah. Indeed, there's Sister Kiara, praying at the altar. A few candles are lit. ... You stare, enraptured. Such a pure woman. Full of pure devotion. Holding on to her purity for the sake of God. Begging to be taught the joy of sex and motherhood and how God intended all women to feel so blessed. The idea of her robes falling around to drape a taut round belly that swells... You're practically leering at her when she finishes praying and stands up. It seems your presence didn't go unnoticed. "Oh, Your Majesty." She smiles, turning toward you with the full radiance of the sun. "I am so glad you're here. I was praying for you." T-Truly, you ask? She nods. "I praised God that He delivered us such a fine King that saw fit to help Sister Rosette in a manner no one had yet been able to do." Oh. Aaaah. Sister Kiara goes on to talk about how lovely it is that you lightened Sister Rosette's workload. That she has always thrown herself headlong into labor as a means of devotion, despite assurances that there are limits. Your attention wanders when she refers to 'labor' and how wonderful it would be to help both Sister Kiara and Rosette embrace that joy when the time to birth their babes comes, but you recover your senses when she stops talking. You simply nod, trying to make her believe you hung on every word. --It was a problem you believed had a secular solution, you decide to say in reply. She nods. "At any rate, I expect that soon Sister Rosette will feel true joy in being alive. That devotion in service is more than rote sayings made in exhaustion. She'll be able to open her heart and be blessed with eyes wide open and bright with energy. All thanks to you, Your Majesty." ...Wow. You truly have impressed Sister Kiara. At least, she's barely stopped with the praise. In fact, the distance between you... if you were to reach out your hands, she could take them. It gives you a lovely opportunity to admire her skin. Her body. Though you don't dare let your eyes wander. "Ah, but forgive my near-rambling. I simply needed to say what must be said." You nod. You appreciate that. ...This is the perfect time to set the ball rolling. While emotions are high and Sister Kiara is surely feeling charmed. Or at least impressed. You well down the pride from her talk and the lust from your dirty imagination and set your mind to work. There are definite words you can use to increase your relationship with Sister Kiara here. You would be a fool to walk away from such an opportunity! But, which way to go...? Choice time: >Turn the praise back to Sister Kiara. Compliment her that it must have been her guidance and piety that have directed you in how best to handle the... relations you've had with the clergy. >Thank Sister Kiara and make an invitation to see her again in the future. The truth is you have many subtle quandaries you believe you would benefit from spiritual guidance on... you would appreciate it the most if a learned choir Sister such as herself would grant you her wisdom and blessing.
>>130 Option one.
>>130 Option 2. I think it's more merited based on our previous interactions with Kiara, we do actually have some issues that we might could use some additional input on, and it tees up our appreciation for her over Tomas.
>>130 Option 1. She's flirting with us. Let's actually return the flirt and give some chase. It seems to be what she is looking for.
Option 1 Though I think it'd be worthwhile to open the door to future conversation with her.
Option 2. Uhh... I hate being socially inept, because I can't tell if she's flirting with us. I don't think she is. I think she wouldn't accept the compliment as a nun is supposed to be humble, and she takes her position at least somewhat seriously. I'm also one to be more direct, and this would set us up for later.
>>130 Option 2
Option 2 This was a tough one, but Edward is going to need to take the slow and steady approach with Kiara (and eventually Rosette). Now isn't the time to be trying to charm her just yet (particularly when there are other things to tend to after this). It also might be seen as a more subtle form of appreciation to come back to her later. Seeking her out for advice would show Edward knows she is more knowledgeable than Tomas. On that same note, she'd probably see right through any sorts of hollow praise meant to flatter her right now.
>>130 Option 2.
>3 votes for option one, directly compliment her. >5 votes for option two, suggest you'd like to meet her later. Suggest reasons to meet. Poll closed. Update soon.
(226.96 KB 640x864 Kiara-blush.jpg)
...You must be humble, you say. Humble before her and God. It was mostly intuition that led you to find the best resolution for Sister Rosette. Of course you grew up a loyal follower of the Church, but you were still in the process of adjusting your expectations to that practiced here in Ruhemania. Perhaps, would Sister Kiara be willing to guide you further? She seems quite learned. And practiced when it comes to guidance in ways of the Church's teachings. ... You're not sure if that was the right direction to take. Is it all right to acknowledge that Sister Kiara not only told you when to avoid provoking Father Tomas, but also apparently covered for you by inventing a reason for Father Tomas not to hear the contents of your correspondence with Albert? "..." She brings up a soft hand to caress her cheek, blushing. "Oh, Your Majesty... you honor me. Of course, I will gladly do so. If you'd like, I'll hear your confession at any time." ...Confession? Wait a minute. You ask Sister Kiara if that's something a Sister could do. You were under the impression only priests could hear confession. She shakes her head no. "I can hear your confession. I can offer you guidance and ways to avoid sin. But I can't offer you penance or absolve you of the sins you've committed." ...Oh! In that case, it sounds perfect. You can easily 'confess' to Sister Kiara and she'll guide you. "There is the confessional here, but a more private place may be appropriate, Your Majesty. Let me know what you decide." You nod. Then, you have a plan. Tharja's library should suit your needs. It can also be convenient to her room. You'll just need to ask Tharja for privacy... temporarily. Or you can make one of the newer rooms into a personal study. "If there's nothing else, I should continue my service, Your Majesty." You nod. ...May you ask for a blessing, you say? Sister Kiara smiles at you. That in itself is a blessing. "Of course." You hold your hands out while Sister Kiara makes a sign of prayer. "In the name of God and the Church, continue to bless this wise King and may his reign be long." The variation sends a shiver down your spine. You thank Sister Kiara and exchange one last goodbye before moving on. ... It's only when you're a way away from the chapel that you realize you specifically asked Kiara for guidance in 'adjusting expectations to Ruhemania' and she took that to 'hearing your confession.' Is that one and the same, or just pretense? --Well, either way, it is an excuse that will hold water. If you came to Sister Kiara merely wanting 'guidance' it might sound strange that you didn't seek out Father Tomas. A sort of 'guidance' that comes from a 'heard' confession without needing penance... that's much more plausible. That was probably her message to you. She truly is smart. You wonder what life she led before she took up her vows. She must have been an aristocrat...? You'll puzzle that out later. In the meantime, you think you've wasted enough time. To Beatrice's tower. Hopefully you'll be a little more used to her stairs and won't confuse it with your own. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
It's hard not to think more about thetwo Sisters as you go to Beatrice's tower. Was she flirting with you, or just grateful? Nuns aren't above flirting, as you know, but... At any rate, it was too early to defile the chapel with impulsive sex with Sister Kiara. Perhaps next time. The idea is wickedly devilish and puts a spring in your step as you cross out into the yard toward Beatrice's tower. To your surprise, you see Tharja waiting in front of the door. She's seen you too, as she starts waving an arm. Even from this distance you can see her belly lift and shake. You increase your walking pace. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.
"Edward!" You put up a hand to wave back. Of course, you see her. She's in an excitable mood. She's been alluding to something for a long time. Her plan, whatever it is, must be complete. You finally get within distance you can give her a proper embrace with a kiss. "Mm..." You're careful not to get too carried away in public, even if it is your wife and her belly is right up against your body. But Tharja surprises you by turning her body and using one finger to open one side of her robe. She only reveals an inch or so of bare skin, but it's enough. She's completely nude under her robe. Only with her tiara and footwear. ...She must be cold, you ask. "Not so much. Thoughts of you always keep me warm." The feeling is very mutual. You can feel your member beginning to stir and pull itself erect. Tharja must have felt it too, as she pulls her clothes shut and steps back, a bewitching smile on her face. "This way, Edward." She turns and pushes the door to Beatrice's tower open, before waddling her way inside. So, it's another chase. You have a distinct feeling of deja vu as you enter behind her, making sure to shut the door. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
Tharja is waddling up the stairs in front of you, shaking her hips side to side and letting her belly slip into view from the side. It is both alluring and... tiresome. It takes long enough to get up the stairs, doing it while pregnant must be terrible. You're getting a first-hand lesson on that right now. Each step feels like it takes forever. At least this tower is more recent in construction. Time has yet to weather it. You keep a hand on the wall and watch your pregnant wife's ass as you climb Beatrice's tower. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
You reach the top with Tharja. The wooden door that separates the stairs from the entrance of Beatrice's sanctum stands shut. Tharja steps toward it, then turns toward you. She has a playful smile on her face that you swear has a sexual appetite to it. "Will you close your eyes, Edward?" Hm? You're feeling the urge to be playful yourself. Do you need to? Tharja laughs with some embarrassment. "I can't sneak inside the room with my belly like this. When I was thinner, I could, but..." Ah. Your mind goes back to when you first met. How Tharja led you down the dark passageway to her room. How she coyly invited you to chase. It's the same idea. You understand that. She wants the surprise to be leading you to the door. But the reality of her pregnancy is getting in the way of her fun. Hm... there's something beyond that door. It must be more than simply Beatrice and Tharja ready to please you with their bodies. But the need for Tharja to make this sort of request adds an element you can play with. Maybe you can show her your own surprise? Choice time: >Acquiesce. You'll shut your eyes and let Tharja enter first. >Give a condition. You'll shut your eyes and let Tharja enter if she strips herself naked. >Make her earn it. Press her against the door and embrace her, first.
>>279 Option three. Let's steal a kiss while we're at it.
Option 3.
Option 3
>>279 Option three
Option one. She's been working on this for a while, let's let her have this moment.
Option 3
Option 1. She's a smart lady, she knows what she's doing
>>279 Option one, because this is clearly important to her and we're not THAT much of a jerk..... right, guys?
>>279 I've forgotten there's some past meaning to this as this was the same thing Tharja did when they first met. So I'm switching my vote back to one.
Maybe trusting the wife is better. Switching to Option 1 as well.
>5 votes for option one, shut your eyes, let Tharja enter first. >3 votes for option three, take advantage and flirt first. Play along with Tharja. Poll closed. Update soon.
The urge to act the part of the playful husband eager to shower his wife with affection until she can't stand it is very strong. Especially with her big round beautiful belly in front of you. Especially with her clad only in a robe. Just a little bit of a loosened belt and you would be able to see it poke out. At least a belly button. But, no. She has something in mind, and you trust it will be worth the anticipation. You tell her you understand. You stand ramrod straight and shut your eyes fully without scrunching your face. "Thank you, my husband." The playful lilt at the end of her voice is music to your ears and you know your acquiesce has been appreciated. ...Still, it's very difficult not to cheat. You hear the door creak as Tharja slips inside the room. Followed by the door creaking again as she shuts it behind her. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
Your palms are positively sweating as you wait on the other side of the door. You're tempted still to make a surprise of it and push open. You hear the sound of footfalls. Or at least, you think you do. No matter how much you strain your ears you can't make out the other side. It occurs to you then that it's a fool's errand: Beatrice has magic to hide any sound she wants to from you. If that's the spell being used right now, you hope it's let down so any call to invite you in would be heard. You shift from foot to foot. "Come in, my husband." Her tone isn't soft and inviting. It's dark and sultry. Enticing. ...Finally. You bring up a hand to press it to the door. You're so eager you don't think to bother with the metal handle. A creak, identical to the one heard when Tharja entered, fills your ears as you open the portal. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
... The room is more occupied than you expected. Beatrice and Tharja are there, but so are four other figures. Sully, Noi, Elizabeth, and Robin. All four with those white robes draping from their bodies. All four with their bellies peeking out of the center with the sides draping over it. All four cleanly shaven with no trace of pubic hair. ...Oh. You see why this was so important to Tharja. These are the women she 'initiated' for you. You try to hold in the emotions, but it's too much to be staring at six women you've made pregnant in one place. You practically fall back to the door as you move to close it. ...Good afternoon, ladies, you greet them. It draws mixed reactions from the girls. Robin's face is flushed red. Her hands are tightly wound up in her dress and she looks to the side. She's clearly nervous. Perhaps less so from being seen by you and more being around the other fertile women. Noi gives you a big brash smile and a thumbs up. She looks just as big and muscular as when you last saw her. Sully looks almost taciturn. You think the look she's given you would look more suitable on a newlywed than a soldier. Her hair is noticeably longer. Elizabeth stands stoic and ramrod straight as if trying to be the perfect maid. Her lace collar around her neck. Her belly droops lowest out of all the girls on her slender frame. You're reminded she was technically the first to be confirmed pregnant in Ruhemania. She maybe be eight months along or bigger. Beatrice has changed to a lighter blue colored robe, and, of course, has her full bush of blonde pubic hair to contrast everyone else. She greets you with a respectful "Your Majesty." Her tone is one she'd use as a noblewoman addressing a King, but her faint grin gives her amusement of the situation away. And then... Tharja. Your lovely wife. Right before you. She rushes right at you in a sheer black robe and embraces you, putting her belly between her body and yours as she leans forward to kiss. "Welcome home, Edward." .... Aaaah. That's right. Ruhemania is your home, and your seed has literally and metaphorically taken root. You embrace her right back, wrapping your arms around her back and kissing. Even daring so far as to grope her backside and squeeze a bit of her ass. A sight no doubt all of the other girls can see. ... You're careful not to let the kiss last too long. Your mind is spinning with questions. You keep your voice to a faint whisper and ask Tharja... could she have brought yet more women? Cordelia... Camilla. Tharja gives a small blush before answering: "At the very least, I doubt Robin would've gone along with that." --Ah. You understand. You doubt any of the Chrisania sisters are going to be enthusiastic of sharing group sex with each other. Or even group cuddling and caressing. Sorry, you whisper. You weren't thinking with your right mind. Privately, you could lament that Malon or the blacksmith's widowed sister could be present, but you're not sure if Tharja even knows about them. Even Mania's presence would be nice. An opportunity to impregnate her again. But... you understand. This is Tharja's 'society'. Girls she's 'initiated' for you. Tharja gives you a devious little smile. Then steps aside. "Edward... my husband..." You turn your head to watch her go. You're aware now that Beatrice altered the decorating. There are two beds in this room as part of the change in furniture. Moreover, they're huge. Noi could easily lie down in one without dangling her legs off the side. There's definitely room for comfortable bouts of sex, even with all of these girls. Perhaps more. "Why don't you get reacquainted? I know you've been eager to see us all again," Tharja urges. Ah. Yes. That's a good idea. --Your head turns to the four girls you haven't had a chance to truly reconnect with. Robin came the closest but she stopped before you both had actual sex. Seeing her bare belly so perfectly round sit on her seems like a good place to start. ...But then, there's Elizabeth. You haven't spoken an actual word to her in a while. Perhaps it's best you appreciate her belly first. Noi. Her muscles practically overshadow her belly. You were hoping it would be gigantic to match her size, but it seems almost modest when sat in her frame. --She's still grinning. Sully's showing the biggest change in how you remember her. She seems practically coquettish in how she smiles at you. Her smaller breasts have become full and engorged with milk. --Of course there's no reason you can't show a little regard to Beatrice. She's in her 'noblewoman' persona at the moment. It always feels different to engage her as your 'mistress' than your witch. Tharja you're sure will be most happy if you concentrate on the other girls. She does love it when you give another woman your attention. You feel almost like a child at a Faire. So overwhelmed with things to see, unsure what to do first. Indeed, the temptation to just declare a big 'belly pile' is high, but, you'll follow Tharja's lead. Which girl to concentrate on first...? Choice time: >Robin. You want to tease her a little more, praise her body, and coax her to love being pregnant. >Elizabeth. There's a lot of belly to rub and admire on her. >Noi. Her body always fascinates you, and the exact extent of how pregnancy changed her is something you want to inspect. >Sully. Discover the physical and inner changes. >Noblewoman Beatrice. Interacting with her as another 'mortal' should be amusing for both of you. And a good excuse to grope her belly further.
>>414 Aristo, a thousand thanks for this well-awaited scene. It's even better than I imagined it. Thank you. Thank you. Now for the vote, as much I really want to explore the furthest pregnant belly there is with Elizabeth...Beatrice deserves the first taste - time to show her we still remember and love her.
>>414 Elizabeth. Aside from Tharja, she's the girl here we've known (in the biblical sense) longest, and she could use the comfort after the strain of the Margaret situation. Really liking where this is going, Aristo.
Yessssssssssssss. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you so much for this beautifully written post, aristo. It was worth the wait. I have my inclinations of voting, but first, a question. Is this a purely aesthetic choice on whom we want the sex scene to focus on? Or are there relationship dynamics at play with whom we choose first? It will radically change who I vote for in this scene.
>>414 Elizabeth. Enjoy that massively pregnant body. See if her milk has come in yet.
Sully. I have a feeling it wont take much to get her milk to letdown.
>>418 This will not change how the girls feel about Edward or make them 'jealous' or anything like that. But I don't want to say the order doesn't matter because that implies I write the scenes beforehand without taking what led up to them into account and I never do that. At any rate, the answer is these are scenes for Edward to reconnect with the pregnant girls in whichever order he likes. There's reasons none of them will mind 'waiting their turn' so to speak. (Tharja set this up, after all.) >>415 This is a vote for Beatrice? Please everyone please remember it's best for me to be able to read votes like: "I vote for X The reason is because Y." Not, "I was considering voting for option Q but now I'm thinking I should vote for Z but I'll go back and vote for X." Please continue to vote.
>>414 Option 5. Beatrice.
Okay! Definitely want to check out our biggest girl. Option 2. Elizabeth.
>>414 Voting for Beatrice. Even in our little harem, rank hath its privileges. And besides that, even if we are interacting around those who don't know Beatrice is a witch, WE know, and we need to respect that.
Option 2. Elizabeth. She'll appreciate going first the most, I think.
I'll change my vote from Sully to Beatrice
>>414 Sully
Sully. It feels like it has been YEARS. I miss her.
First off, new Pregchan feels very...odd. Second, good to see the CYOA to end all CYOAs is still going relatively strong. Very glad that Aristocrat has been able to re-focus his efforts. Third, Sully. She took an unsolicited bonk on the head for Ed, and that should be repaid, if nothing else.
>4 votes for Elizabeth. >3 for Sully. >4 for Beatrice. We have a tie. I will come back later, and if there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the result. Please do not feel the need to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update come faster. Furthermore, those who voted for Sully, please feel no pressure to change your vote. Please do not change your vote to play 'kingmaker'.
I’m voting for Beatrice. I think the “Infinite Golden Witch” would greatly appreciate a little favouritism.
>>414 Sully It’s been a while since our last moment with her
>>425 Changing my vote to Sully due to discussion thread convo.
Changing my vote to Elizabeth
>>431 Beatrice, she'd expect as much
>5 for Elizabeth >5 for Sully >4 for Beatrice Still not closing the vote, but I think I need to officially make a request now. If you are changing your vote, please link back to your vote, and say "I am changing from Option 1 to Option 2." Clearly state how your vote is changing. It's a little difficult to search back through the thread, find the name, do mental math, and come back to tabulate the new result. This will make things easier. Clearly state how you are changing your vote, from what option to what new option. And link back to your original comment. The vote is still not closed. Please continue to vote.
Beatrice please.
>>448 I'll change my vote to Beatrice. Sorry for the flip-flop.
>5 votes for Elizabeth. >5 votes for Sully. >6 votes for Beatrice. Approach Beatrice as your 'mistress'. Poll closed. Update soon.
(166.26 KB 1000x1412 Beatrice1.jpeg)
You make it clear by looking at each of them in turn that you appreciate all of them. Very much so. But... Your attention lands on Beatrice, and your feet carry you over to her. Beatrice, you say. You reach out your hand to take hers, but more importantly, looking down as to where her hand is gives you a reason to stare down at her breasts. They're beautiful as always. They sit comfortably on top of her belly. Despite their size, they don't droop or sag in the slightest. They defy all logic in their size. ...You raise Beatrice's hand to your lips. The kiss you press to it reminds you just how impossibly soft they are. It's enough to encourage you to press another, then another, trailing down to tease the top of your finger. It's a gesture she seems to like, as it gets an amused smile from her lips. "Well, Your Majesty?" ... Your other hand comes up to rub her belly. You curve your hand upward with your palm open until you contact the underside of her bump. Deciding you'll start from the bottom and work your way up, you let your hand circle around and around. Her skin is soft. Smooth. It gives pleasantly under your hand as you stroke it. Up and down. Against the hard, tight, round belly underneath. Beatrice is pregnant. Pregnant with your baby. This is your baby in her belly. You outright stare as you continue to rub. Your other hand lets go of hers and you bring it down to trace along the side of her torso and the curve of her hip. Until you're rubbing her with both hands. "Mm..." she murmurs. "You really like what you see, Your Majesty?" God, yes, you whisper back. She lets out a hot breath of a shudder. "I'm so glad," she whispers back. You continue to rub Beatrice's beautiful round belly. Your thumbs stretch out along her belly button to tease around the navel. Your eyes running up and down to appreciate the linea nigra. You moved your face so close to see that your forehead bumps into Beatrice's breasts, but you don't care. You're completely enraptured in the sensation of stroking Beatrice's perfect, big, baby bump. "...Mhmhm." You're vaguely aware of a suppressed laugh. Then, you hear Beatrice's voice in your ear. "Give. In," she says. ... Choice time: >Yes. >No.
>>531 Option 1
>>531 Option one.
Option 1.
>>531 Option 2. We're in charge, let's get her as thirsty for us as we are for her. Tease her a bit.
Option 1
Option 1
Option two. I know she's proven trustworthy so far, but something about her whisper sets off my radar. Besides, she might enjoy us asserting ourselves a little.
Option 2 Even though the girls have put this all together for Edward, it's a mutual reward. If Beatrice wants Edward to give in, she needs to earn it.
>5 votes for option one, give in. >3 votes for option two, don't give in. Give in. Poll closed. Update soon.
(821.65 KB 1000x750 Beatrice2.png)
You lost track of what's happening. One second, Beatrice is whispering in your ear to give in, and you forgot what happened after that. Your mind only catches up as you realize you're naked, Beatrice is on her hands and knees, you have your arms wrapped around her body to grope her tits and belly, and you're thrusting your cock in and out of her as fast as you can. "Ah--!" Well, more 'knees and elbows' than 'hands and knees.' Either way, your cock feels like it's on fire with pleasure. Like it's been lit that way for several minutes. The front of your crotch hit's Beatrice's soft rump with hard slapping noises as you grunt your pleasure right back at her in a mutual serenade of pure lust. Your eagerness to fuck her after all this time must have driven you mad. You think of the other women watching your performance. They must be aching at the thought you'll be doing this to them next. It makes your crotch muscles tense harder and you can feel your phallus flexing and bulging inside Beatrice's tight, slick, wet folds. Ah... you're going to come. You bring your head closer to Beatrice's ear and tell her so. Two can play at whispering dirty talk in each other's ears. You tell Beatrice you're going to come right inside her and re-enact when she was first knocked up. You're going to come so hard she'll wind up having twins when she does get pregnant. You're going to let out so much cum it'll drip right from her filthy, spread pussy. All the other girls here are going to get a good show of Beatrice so thoroughly satisfied from your dick that they'll practically beg to be next. Beatrice gets to be the first fucked absolutely silly. ... You can feel Beatrice's walls constrict with each sentence you utter. It's so blissfully satisfying to turn the tables like this. Go on, go on, you urge. Beatrice wanted you to give in, so just surrender! "Mmmmm~mMM!" Beatrice lets out a low hum that rises in cadence to an orgasmic moan. Even now you can tell she's trying to hold back, but you've overwhelmed her. As if you needed more evidence, you can feel her folds grip and suck your invading phallus. Her body shakes against you as she shudders from her orgasm. You can feel her tits jiggle and her belly heave... And then, you let go. True to your word, you spurt enough cum that you fill up Beatrice's pussy on your first spurt. The second easily seeping out around your dick, followed by the third and fourth. You feel a mixture of satisfaction and pride at cumming inside the pregnant Beatrice. Then... it's over. You gently extricate yourself, scooting back on your knees. At some point, Beatrice fell on her forearms, leaving her head cradled on the back of her hands. Her big ass sticks up in the air in an incredibly lewd fashion, your cum visibly dripping out from where you so vigorously fucked her. It spills down her thighs as she continues to shudder, making no move to preserve her dignity or hide that you pleasured her to complete incoherence. ... Despite that, your cock doesn't feel sore or worn out at all. You feel like you're ready to keep going, easily. You turn and only are aware of a pile of discarded clothing as you stand up. Your cock is still dripping with a combination of your cum and Beatrice's juices from the intense plowing you just gave her. You gaze out among the other girls... Tharja looks shocked, but intrigued. Naturally. She's likely never seen Beatrice like that. Sully looks the most bewildered. She alternates between glancing, blushing, and looking away. Noi doesn't hide her appreciation and openly grins at you, giving you a thumbs-up. Robin's huddling her arms together, her eyes hold a mixture of longing and fear. Elizabeth is the most stone-faced. Though the tinge of red in her cheeks shows you she was at least aware. ... Now then... Choice time: >Approach Sully. >Approach Noi. >Approach Robin. >Approach Elizabeth. >Savor the anticipation. Vocally ask 'Who's next?'
>>543 Option 5. I'd like to go for Elizabeth or Sully next, but we should have some fun with the girls first.
Option 4.
>>543 >>545 Changing from option 5 to option 4: Elizabeth. If I could ask for some gentle teasing banter ("Whoooo's next..." while walking down the line) before picking, that'd be nice, but decided I do want Liz to go next.
>>543 Option 4
That escalated quickly. I'm going with Option 5. Time to have a little fun and see who wants it more.
Option 5 You are now manually hearing Goldberg's entrance music.
>>543 Option 4
Option five. Let's get playful. We can always ease our way to being more gentle as we slowly lose steam.
Option 4 >>548 I like that idea
>>543 Option 1 I still would like a moment with Sully
>>543 Option 4. Elizabeth.
>1 vote for option one, choose Sully. >6 votes for option four, choose Elizabeth. >3 votes for option five, cockily ask 'Who's next?' Approach Elizabeth. Sorry but this isn't an instance I can combine five with four. Five is potentially eliciting an actual volunteer and the volunteer would have their feelings hurt if Edward then went on to Elizabeth instead. He'd know this, so he won't do it. Poll closed. Update soon.
(289.64 KB 960x1280 Elizabeth-choice.jpg)
You step around the gathered pregnant women until you reach... Elizabeth. Elizabeth's been the most patient one. Happily taking your seed and then carrying it, despite her thin frame. Your face leans in close to hers. You can feel the heat from her cheeks. Your hand goes to stroke her belly. ...She's indeed sagging. She's dropped. You're not sure how many weeks she has left. Your lips press a kiss to her neck. Is she pained, you whisper? "...I feel no pain, Your Majesty." Mm. Then what does she feel, you ask? You expect to hear something like 'pleasure' or 'joy'. Instead, she takes in a breath, holds it, and then tells you: "Pride." ...Oh wow. You let out a husky little grunt as you can feel your desire for Elizabeth spike, as well as the size of your girth. The feeling is mutual, you say. She's beautiful like this. But, how do you lay your hands on her? She's not Beatrice and she's farther along. It would be too much to simply bend her over right there and pound her into the ground. Though, you're reminded Elizabeth enjoys it most when she's submissive. In that case... Choice time: >Direct Elizabeth to the bed, flat on her back. >Direct Elizabeth to the bed, on her hands and knees. >Skip penetrative sex, box her against the wall and masturbate her while whispering how she belongs to you.
>>687 Option 3. Little tough, since who knows how long we'll actually have til Elizabeth pops, or how many more chances we might have to bed her before our child arrives, but this feels like something she'd enjoy. Plus I'm a sucker for dirty talk.
>>687 Option 1
>>687 Option 3. Something different!
>>687 Option 3. I don't mind a bit of variation myself, plus it would definitely make Elizabeth valued in a unique way.
Option 1: Have to be a Bit more Gentle to her since she is so far in
Option 1 Might be the best Option here
Option 1.
>>687 If we're not going to Mad Rutting Beast her from behind, I vote Option 3.
>>687 Option 3
Option 3. She can have a little pride, but let's give her a little humility, too. Though I'd like to add a note to players and GM alike to make a mental note to give her some penetration later. Can't have her thinking she's lesser than the rest of them.
>>692 >>693 Did this person vote twice? Ten minute difference, same ID. Please only vote once, everyone. Voting is still continuing.
Option 3 Sounds unique and fun. I'm sure Ed the chance to fuck her will come before she gives birth as well.
option 3, please. that sounds so hot
>>687 Option 3
>>687 Option 3.
>3 votes for option one, bring Elizabeth to lie flat on her back on the bed. >10 votes for option three, dominate her while capturing her in the corner where you can privately whisper how she's yours. Assert your dominance over your slave. Poll closed. Update soon. Only one of the vote1s was counted. Please again, only use your one vote. Otherwise it just wouldn't be fair.
... Your eyes play around Elizabeth's naked body, taking in the shape of her overstretched belly, then they crawl upward over her engorged breasts until you meet her eyes. At first, her gaze remains passive and stoic, but then she sees the fire in yours and you can see her eyes widen. You pounce. An arm around Elizabeth's midsection, you turn her and direct her until she has her back against the wall. Until you're directly in front of her and boxing her in. No one can hear what you say now if you keep your words low. No one can see what you do with your back interposed. Easily, at least. You give a husky little laugh, leaning in to purr in her ear. You whisper that pride is the perfect feeling for a slave to have when pleasing her Master. And the fact she's so diligently carrying your child... you're very pleased. Very pleased indeed. "..." You hear her breathing become a shudder. You can feel her breath against your neck. Your words are obviously having an effect on her. She deserves a reward, you say. One for each month you've missed being able to give her one. Your hand comes to stroke her belly, but just for a second. You turn it until you're rubbing her with your palm, then dip underneath. Traveling around the tight curve until your fingers find her crotch. With your height and arm length, there's no difficulty. "Ah~" Despite that, Elizabeth goes on her tiptoes, leaning back against the wall for support. You whisper to her. That's good. Very good. You're going to coax an orgasm from her now. Give her pleasure that will rival the moment she brings your offspring into the world. You start to rub up and down with your fingers, cupping your hand around her pussy. It's no surprise to find she's wet. Your hand is soon slick with fluid. Elizabeth for her part tries to bite her lip, but she can't resist. Little moans escape from her mouth. Her eyes blinking back hot tears. Her hips begin to thrust back against your touch. Her stance as wide as she can make it so she can spread her soft thighs apart and give you better access to her swollen wet pussy lips. You lean in and close your lips around the lobe of her ear, giving a toothless little nip. Your other hand comes up to stroke her breast. You roll around the mammary to find how sensitive she is. You remember enough of Elizabeth's body to feel the difference between her pre-pregnant body and how she is now. Her modest chest now holds proud breasts. Breasts full of milk for the birth to come soon. You're rewarded with a full throated appreciative moan for your trouble so you continue the attention. Your playful bite to the ear trails to kissing. Along the sides of her cheek until you reach her lips. Her mouth hangs open with her tongue eager to meet yours. You realize then just this little attention is stimulating her to the point of ecstasy. That she's anticipated this play since before you were gone, likely. You move closer and give her the opportunity, which she takes. Her arms, formerly bracing at the wall, come out to grab around your back and cling to you. Catching you under your armpits, her little hands pressing hard against your muscular back. Suddenly her weight has shifted and you're the thing holding Elizabeth up. So... you do. Months in bed didn't dull your ability to support a precious woman you've gifted with your seed. One with a baby in your belly. She holds you tight as you stroke her to orgasm. Her knees buckling and her hips shaking with need. You can feel her moaning into your mouth until she twists enough for air that your lips separate and her screams of pleasure echo through the room. You can feel her swollen pregnant bump rub against your midsection as she rolls back and forth against you. Her mind obsessed with pursuing more pleasure at your hands. You send her on a blissful journey to paradise until you can feel her pussy spasming. Her fluids leaking all over your palm. You sneak a glance downward and are treated to the sight of her belly cresting and falling like a wave... until she finally starts to droop. ... Before her strength fully bottoms out, you guide her to the bed. You roll her on to her side, but it's futile. She rolls on her back like a turtle, burdened with her big belly. Arms above her head and still shaking. Lips twitch and you think you hear faint words of 'thank you, Sir.' You swing her legs over the bed for good measure, careful to set her away from the edge. ...Two pregnant women you've fully pleasured and satiated. A glance tells you Beatrice has turned to lie on her back in the spot she was laid. She'll be fine, you tell yourself. More than that... There's three girls left. Robin's very conscious of how you played with Beatrice and Elizabeth until they were both so overcome with pleasure they couldn't think. She turns a profile to you and sort of tries to hide her scared expression under and arm. --It has the side effect of making her generous pregnant belly much more apparent. You know despite her fear she'd be happy to join them. Noi's grin looks incredibly cocky, now. You think she'd love nothing more than to clap you on the shoulder... then pick you up and settle you between her legs. Sully meanwhile fidgets. Her hands keep playing with her long hair. She must be nervous about being next. Your cock, meanwhile... it's hard, erect, and dying to indulge in the next of your pregnant maidens, so to speak. Tharja attends to Elizabeth off to the side. You catch her whispering pleasant things in Elizabeth's ears and stroking her hair. That leaves the decision to you. Full of vigor, you next decide to focus your attention on... Choice time: >Noi. It's time to play with the gentle giantess. >Robin seems so wound up she could burst. See if she will once you start complimenting her. >Sully. See how much she's embraced her feminine side.
>>737 Option 1. Playing off on the fact Edward's on max energy, it would seem fitting that he'd go after the one that might require the highest of wills and endurance.
>>737 Option 3, Sully. I want to see how much she's come into her femininity in spite of her guard vow. Plus, I wanna see how much more we can wind Robin up, lol. I really enjoyed this bit with Elizabeth, Aristo. It was something new, and the dirty talk Ed gave her was delightful. Thank you.
>>737 Option 1. Noi.
Option 1: Noi. Let's take her on while we still have the energy to.
>>738 Agreed, option 1.
>>737 Option 1.
Option 3. Sully.
>5 votes for option one, enjoy time with Noi next. >2 votes for option three, approach Sully. Choose to focus on Noi. Poll closed. Update soon.
You bring a hand to cover your smile as you settle on your choice. You remove it to reveal your cocky smirk. Then you step forward until you stop in front of... Robin. She gives a little squeak, until your expression changes and you playfully side-step her to get to Noi. You only wish you could see the look on her face as you approach Noi, who's grinning like mad. "Heh... welcome back, King." You turn your face up to her and see her eyes are actually misting. ...It's good to be back, you say. You don't plan for this to happen again. Especially when... You let your next words trail off as your hand goes to stroke her belly, gently parting her robe. You turn your attention toward admiring her bump. Hard, round. A sphere set in Noi's muscular abs. Up close, you see there's at least just enough belly to stroke as the others. It just doesn't stand out on Noi's humongous frame. "Oh, you want to see all of her, King?" --What? Noi smiles down at you as you blink up at her, and then flexes with her eyes shut. Your eyes bulge as you feel Noi's body muscles shift and she arches her back, putting more of her belly on display. She's... huge. You could believe she's carrying twins. Or one giant of a baby. --Your hands immediately move to touch. You're unable to help yourself. Noi is amazing. Oh, Gods. You can feel your erection throbbing with need, rekindled by such a dramatic and impressive display. You almost want to claim trickery but it's very real. Then, Noi relaxes with a soft sigh and her belly settles back to normal. What amounted to normal for her, at least. "Heh. Sorry she's so shy, King." It's fine. You lower your lips to press against her belly and kiss it. It's more than fine. You're just feeling your lust get out of control again. You bid Noi to remove her robe, and she slowly lets it fall off each shoulder and pool on the floor like a great tablecloth. You need her. But, how? Choice time: >Mount her. The bed is long enough. Put her on her back. The size difference may be awkward, but you want to be enveloped by her body with her belly in front of you. >Sit on the side of the bed, have her climb on top of you. --Not rest her weight on you, but keep herself up with her legs. You'll be able to touch her breasts, belly, and face easier. >You want to reduce her to a satiated ball of flesh like the others before you spend time caressing her. Have her lie on her back and spread her legs. You'll lick her pussy to orgasm.
>>768 Option one
>>768 Option one.
You sly dog! I knew something was up. Excellent curve ball. Love the subversion of expectation. Before I vote, I would like to ask if a write-in is possible or if the available options are too similar. Could we have Noi mount Ed cowgirl-style and have her giant belly resting on his torso? I'm imagining Ed looking up and seeing literal mountains of breast and belly on top of him.
>>771 Yes, this is basically option 2 so I will count it as that.
Option 2
>>768 Option two. It shows trust.
>>768 Option 2
If Aristo finds this write-in acceptable, would some sort of extended pregnant belly play and-or belly worship session initiated by Edward be applicable here? There's still a bit of a lingering bad taste from poor Noi's mishandled episode during the faire involving the performance troupe, and this seems like a rather potentially apropos situation to make up for that in a rather intimate way.
>>776 I can incorporate this into any choice here.
Word is bond. Option 2.
>>768 Option one. Trust is well and good, but Noi's a big strong girl, accidents happen (especially in the throes of passion), and this is probably the first action she's had in six months. I sincerely doubt there's meant to be any threat here, but better safe than sorry. I do want Wu Tang's belly worship, though. That sounds great.
>3 votes for option one , mount Noi on the bed. >5 votes for option two, have Noi climb on top of you. Place Noi on top of you so you can properly appreciate her body. Poll closed. Update soon.
You turn around, and her with you, as if positioning her for the start of a dance. If Noi has no objection, you explain, you'd appreciate it if she used her height and muscles to climb on top of you. You want to properly appreciate her breasts and belly. The best way to do that is facing her and watching her move. "..." Noi blinks her eyes before giving a little nod. "I... sure, King." Heh. She sounds nervous at the opportunity. That's fine. You bend your knees and sit on the edge of the bed, telling Noi that you don't mind. --You trust her. Of course, sitting on the bed has the side effect of leaving your erection pointing straight up. And giving Noi's body a chance to cast its shadow on you. --She truly is unique. There's so much muscle on her legs she struggles to spread them enough to put you between them. "I'll, ah... try this on my knees." Her hands come up to steady herself on your shoulders. You can feel the size of her palms and fingers wrap around you. She slowly starts to climb on top. Or rather, position herself above you. She's yet to set her lower body on you. Aware of her weight, you let Noi make her moves. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
(1.19 MB 1000x1500 Noi_assertive.jpg)
Noi climbs onto the bed and settles up on her knees. Her thick muscular thighs are on each side of yours. ...It occurs to you that her body hasn't changed. It's been six months of you sleeping. You've lost some of your muscles. Yet, after six months of pregnancy, Noi looks exactly the same. It hasn't caused her to shrink or lose any bit of definition, save from where the babe sits in her abdomen. It's intriguing, and arousing. What has she been doing? Is she training, even with child? Or is this a side-effect of whatever miracle made her such a veritable giant of a woman? You gulp as you consider, but Noi is ignorant of your thoughts and moving her body on her own. You let out a loud breath as you feel her wet folds slide across your penis. Up the shaft and teasing the head. ...She's wet. Of course she would have to be after watching the display you gave the other two girls. The side of the bed is sinking and lets out a pitiful whine of a creaking noise, but the frame holds steady. Even like this, Noi's much taller than you. You have to crane your neck up to look into her eyes... and even that action is distracted by her breasts. "Hey... King." She breathes, her voice heavy and musky. "I want to do this, over and over." --Oh? What's that, you ask? You're worried the answer may be 'tease you,' as she hasn't moved on to penetration. But, her eyes are too serious for that. She must be leading to something else. "I... wanna be bred by you," she breathes out, her tone husky. "I want to fill the army with our babies... the General thought it was a great idea." That's an eyebrow raiser. She gives a laugh, likely in reaction. "I promise... they'll be giants too. And muscular." You whisper... you'll love your children with her no matter what or who they are. She gives you an embarrassed grin that stretches across her face. "I know. I Want that too. But... I want them to stand out. I want them all to know they were wanted. That they have worth. That King Edward will fill me with more and more babies...!" You feel the sticky folds of her love canal as it finally descends around your cock. Your member sliding right in. --This part of Noi grips you tight. Her hands reach up to intertwine with yours. "Does it feel good?" she whispers. You think the question unnecessary. You're shuddering up and down your body. Pleasure tickling your spine. Overwhelmed with the feeling, Noi starts to move her legs. "Yeah. Make babies with me, King." "Think about how strong they'll be." "You know I can take it." She punctuates that last assertion with a particular flex of her vaginal muscle, coaxing an audible moan from your lips. "Every day makes me happier because I'll get to meet our children..." "I wanna meet more and more and more..." "Please..." You hear a sudden sniff from her and look up. You realize now she's on the verge of crying tears of joy. "So, cum." "Cum hard in me!" Ah! You don't need more to oblige. Her belly is in your face and her breasts are heaving hypnotically. Your cock is under too much pressure and Noi's words are sweet as candy. She must be feeling it too, as she bites her lower lip and rides out her own orgasm right above you. Her eyes looking over her bouncing breasts as she fucks herself on your erect, turgid cock. You lose each other in the ecstasy of the experience, before Noi lifts herself off, and collapses on the bed next to you. ... As opposed to dosing, you feel energized. Noi said... such strong words to you. Right from the heart. You turn and admire her form. Her face is full of pure bliss. You reach up to stroke her cheek, and she turns her head to offer an invitation for a kiss. One which you take and exploit while the aftershocks of your orgasm pulse through you. The passion shared as your tongues wrestle... Noi is ever energetic, even here. Eventually you pull away. ... Oh, boy. You gaze back at Noi and see the look of absolute adoration on her face. There's practically hearts in her eyes. Indeed, you can feel the strength of her heart beating as you continue to hold hands. You've seen this on the faces of two girls already. You think... Noi must be very close to telling you she's fallen in love with you. She likely still needs to understand it herself. Though her words were moving for you as well. You'll have to think about your own feelings for the gentle giantess who just needed love and affection to overcome her self-pity and guilt. ... There's two girls left. You let out a sigh. You idly pick up a length of hair from Noi's head, brush it against her cheek, and watch her coo in mirth before letting your hand go. You gracefully depart the bed, regarding the women you haven't yet given your attention. Sully... looks almost scandalized by what she witnessed. Her blush is intense and she doesn't hold eye contact. Just peeping. Robin, on the other hand? Her demeanor has changed. "Soldier, I'll thank you not to discuss sensitive military planning when there are persons uninvolved in the room." Her voice is crisp, and the statement earns her a 'Yes, Sir,' from Noi, who practically waves rather than salutes. Well, she is lying on her back with her legs splayed open and your cum dripping from her orifice. It's a little bit of an awkward situation. You decide the best thing to do is coax Robin's ego and tell her 'military planning or not,' your intent on impregnating women in your castle is no secret. Even over and over. "..." It seems to satisfy her and she nods in recognition before her expression turns meek again. Mm. Two girls left. The wound up Sully, on one hand. The somewhat more humbled Robin. You think Noi's outburst took Robin out of the state of mind where she was nervous about being around so many others, and so exposed. She likely won't jump if you approach her again. In that case... Choice time: >Choose Robin. You want to guide her to pleasurable pregnant sex now that the ice is broken. >Approach Sully. You have wondered about her and what she's been doing while so obviously pregnant.
>>932 Option 2, Sully.
>>932 Option 2
>>932 Option two. Welcome back, Aristo!
Option one, Robin. It's not going to get better than this. Thanks again, Aristo! And Happy New Year all!
Option 2. Sully.
>1 vote for option one, approach Robin. >4 votes for option two, bring yourself around to face Sully. Direct your attention to the blushing Sully. Poll closed. Update soon.
(122.77 KB 1024x1821 Sully-pregnant.jpg)
​You'll be too tempted to continue the conversation with Robin if you go on with her now. You're here to enjoy the moment with the women you've made pregnant in the castle. You gently explain in a hushed voice to Ribn that you're going to focus on Sully next. She nods and steps aside. ... You step toward Sully and her lips curl in a soft smile. "...Your Majesty," she says. You tell it's all right. 'King' is fine here. --Though you don't remember. Was Sully ever so formal? She must be in shock that you've awakened after so long. You reach out a hand and touch her shoulder. You're reminded her hair has definitely lengthened. Has army life treated her well since she became pregnant, you ask? Her smile fades to an expression of surprise. She makes an audible 'oh' sound. "I kinda quit, King." --What? Really? You meet eyes with her and she nods. "Since the fall I... have problems, sometimes." Namely, her balance. She can't ride a horse and keep herself on it. She has dizzy spells sometimes, and the pregnancy hasn't helped. "So... I quit. It was my own decision." She lives in the peasant settlement now, doing manual labor. ... Your heart aches. You silently curse the Old Guard and their unseen treachery. That they'd sabotage a comrade just by association. She hears the distraught grunt you let out and watches how you hang your head and moves to comfort you. "It's all right, King. I don't regret it. And, it'll be easier to be a mother this way." ...Yes. That's the silver lining. Sully's effectively a peasant now. It'll be harder to visit her. She may get her own husband. But the moments you shared and the babe in her belly will always be her and yours. Wrapped in tenderness you embrace her in a hug. You do your best to hold in your emotions. Perhaps... was there an outcome where she would've won the jousting tournament? You'll never know. But, there's a here and now, and she's pregnant and yours and her belly is rubbing against your midsection. ...She smells nice, you whisper. You can feel the heat of her blushing again. "The Princess helped me bathe." Ah. That explains it. You had surmised as much since everyone save Beatrice had their crotch shaved bare. Your hand sneaks down to sandwich between your bodies, part her robe, and steadily rub. Judging by the size, it's likely one. Middling. Not as distended as Elizabeth, or prominent as Robin's. You deduce it's likely owing to her muscles and constitution. She hasn't lost that, at least. How should you proceed... She has problems with balance. Having her climb on top of you feels like too much. In that case...​​ Choice time: >Gently guide her to the bed, lie her on her back, and slowly take her. >She's still a fit, able woman. Take her to the bed and have her get on her hands and knees. Admire the tight muscles in her legs and thighs.
>>946 Option one. Really nice commissioned artwork btw, Aristo. Perhaps I could also refer you to some decent preg artists I know as well.
>>947 I've yet to successfully commission any artwork for Impregnator Kings. That said, a very talented artist did complete a piece for me that is based in the IK storyline. I'm still saving it for the time to use it in the context of the story, though I'm sure it's been posted separately before. Please continue to vote.
Option 1.
>>946 Option one. Poor thing, if we weren't already in such troubled financial straits I'd say we should look into a pension program for wounded guards, though that's probably a bit too modern for the setting. ...wonder if our knight (Dimitri, if memory serves) has a wife yet.
>>946 Just have to step in a moment to say, pregnant tomboys are a rare treasure, and Sully's a great one.
Option one. We can test her at a later time. And if for some reason 'later' never happens, I think this would be a fitting way to send her off.
>4 votes for option one, lie her on her back and make it a scene of gentle lovemaking. Treat Sully with care. Poll closed. Update soon.
Good on everyone for being gentle with Sully. Concussions are no joke. (I'd know: I've had two, maybe three.) Also, congrats to Tharja for giving Elisabeth some aftercare once her turn was up. Finally, welcome back, y'all. Sidetracking complete. Back to the beaten path.
You whisper to Sully that you'd very much like if she lay back on the bed. You'll make this as gentle for her as possible. "..." Her lips turn in a little frown. "I'm not made of sand, King. I just have trouble feeling dizzy once in a while," she says, indignant. Oh, there it is. A little bit of that forceful personality Sully showed you when you first met. Or talked, at least. You soothe her with gentle words. Of course, you understand. But she's also pregnant. She deserves consideration. "..." Sully eyes you with some suspicion. "The rest of the girls here got a real pounding, King." --Well. You have a hard time arguing with that. All right, you say. How about this? It's not just that you want to make this gentle for Sully. You want to make it gentle for yourself. You're not as strong as you once were before your illness, yet. Even back then when you were, a sexual marathon with so many women was... difficult. You dare not mention Venti. Tharja may appreciate hearing you knocked up another girl, but likely not Sully. Sully looks at you askew, still not fully buying into your words, before she sighs. "All right. You've earned a break, King." She sits her butt on the bed, spreading her legs. Her pussy on full display. It's incredibly lewd to have her just... invite you, so suddenly. "C'mon." ...You come on.
Sully's belly precludes intense missionary sex. But you are able to see what you're doing very easily. It just takes a little simple alignment and... "Ah!" ...you're inside her. You're about to ask how she feels, but you remember the annoyed comment from before and simply trust. Sully's a strong woman. She'll let you know how she feels. Uncomfortable, painful, or... "...Aaaa~aaah..." ...pleasurable. You settle between Sully's legs. You thrust slowly, It's nice to be able to set a slow pace contrasting your previous sessions. Sully's body is responding, You think about how far she's come. From the time you first met as Prince and soldier to learning about her 'tradition' and then Tharja's initiation. You watch her belly bounce up and down with your movements. As she raises and lowers her hips in time with your hips thrusting. Her swollen breasts bounce along with the rhythm. It's a simple motion but... no less hypnotizing. "King... e-even if I'm a peasant now... I'll always have your baby. I'll always raise your baby. I'll raise him to be like you." Her words are sweet like nectar. This may... be the last time you see her. At least without help. You'll draw too much attention going into the settlement. You whisper to her that you know. Sully's been a very special person. She'll be a very special mother. Because... she was there from the beginning. "Ah!" You feel her pussy tense up around you. Her legs press around at your sides. You think she's close. It'll be easy for you to outlast her at this rate, but... maybe you should try to make yourself come, simultaneously. You start to pick up your pace, using the freedom to change angles when you slide inside her. In and out... You watch Sully start to cry out, her hands reaching up to grab the sheets. "God, King... I can't stand it." "Your dick is too good." "H-Harder, please." "I can take it, I really can!" "Fucking cum hard with me!" You hilt yourself inside her, gripping around her hips. You can feel her shudder, you can feel her tremble. Your own cock is convulsing, letting out its latest load inside her. A beautiful mutual orgasm... Sully's face contorts in stretched muscle. You can't help throwing your chin out in reflex as you feel like a bow with a string pulled taut. It's a few seconds before it's over. You can relax. "..." ... You slide out of her and gently wrap around her back, lifting her so she can sit up. Then, you press a tender kiss to her lips. One of growing passion and affection. Her tongue fights yours until you're both out of energy.
(324.51 KB 682x968 Robin-request.png)
Sully eventually takes a moment to doze, still sitting up. You're wet from sweat and your cock is dripping freely with your fluid, but there's one option left... You turn toward Robin, a cocky grin on your face. --Or so it starts out. You expected her to still be nervous or ever shy, but it looks like being left for last and being able to watch everyone's treatment has desensitized her to the wanton sexual atmosphere. Her gaze is serious as she meets your eyes. "Your Majesty... perhaps it would be better if we pause," she says. Pause? "Pause?" Tharja echoes. Oh, she had been to the side. You feel ashamed you almost forgot your wife was in the room. You mentally chide yourself. Robin shifts her stance, it makes her prominent belly shift. It shifts a lot. Was that a kick? "If possible, I'd like to have sex in private." Tharja frowns. "But I brought us all here to celebrate as a group." You stop and hush Tharja. If Robin doesn't want to have sex, or only wants to have sex on her terms, and those terms are private between you and her, then that's how it should be. She mustn't be pushed or cajoled. "..." Tharja makes a shy face, ashamed. "Yes, sorry my Husband." It's all right. --To be clear, you say to Robin, if it's matters of state Robin wants to discuss alone, that can happen properly when they're in the armory or someplace more suitable for discussion. That's not the case, is it? Robin's face blushes and you see her eyes widen. "Of course not! It's... pure sex." Her gaze goes shy as she admits it, suddenly turning away from your gaze. ... You can't help but laugh. Both from the sudden vulnerability and the sight of her in that beautiful robe of Tharja's. All right. In the meantime... what about a cuddle? The bed has enough room for everyone. Personally, you'd prefer it, too. As little time as you've spent in Tharja's room, it feels like months have passed. You need a break. Robin smiles at that. "Cuddling sounds wonderful." You feel arms embrace you from behind. A full belly and a pair of swollen breasts pressing against you as Tharja nuzzles the nape of your neck. It seems as if she decided to start early. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
Tharja manages to arrange a comfortable spot for every pregnant woman on the huge bed. It's better than your wildest dreams. They breathe and sigh and moan in the most adorable of ways. Tharja is there by your side to soothe you. Her hands caress your penis. You feel them wet with something slick... you guess she must have created another sort of lotion that would help you recover. Indeed, you're having trouble keeping your eyes open. The cocoon of flesh around you is just so warm. So many girls. So many bellies. They're all yours. They're all the result of your seed taking root. All of them had been virgins, with the possible exception of Beatrice, but there's no need to think about that. That means beyond a doubt they are yours. Beautiful. Lovely. All of them. The only thing that could make this better would be if Robin's sisters were here. --And Malon. --Or if Mania were here and pregnant with your child. --And Venti. --And that blacksmith's widowed sister you visited in the peasant settlement. And Sister Kiara and Rosette. And all the new maids hired. --Oh, and of course, the new female soldiers... Mara and Nara... Even Erika with all her unpredictable behavior would be a welcome addition. You roll over chuckling at the foolishness of yourself. You are truly mad. You'd work to impregnate the entire world of women of age, at that rate. ... Ah. Your mind flits to one last candidate. Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge. Was she still pregnant? ...No, she was large enough to show when you saw her last. Then months leading up to the Faire. Then six months asleep... she likely has given birth. Beyond that, she has no reason to visit again, and the Pax Bernkastel would keep her away. Oh well. You muse that as much as you'd like to, you really can't impregnate the entire world. --But you can at least impregnate a large chunk of it. ...It seems a few girls are dozing or writhing against you and the others. You should decide how you'll spend your time in this little love pile. Choice time: >Just let yourself doze and recover your strength. Robin still has her request, and it will better prepare you for tomorrow. >All the girls you've impregnated are here, right now. A little bit of rubbing and hands-on measuring would let you tell every belly apart from another.
>>1125 Option 2
>>1125 Option 2. Some rubbing and belly play/worship sounds lovely.
Option one. Because I'm boring and old enough to like the idea of a good night's sleep.
Option 2. It sounds absolutely delightful.
>>1125 Option two, gotta know the difference between each belly.
>1 vote for option one, rest and sleep. >4 votes for option two, cuddle and get better acquainted with every girl's bellies. Take advantage of the position to identify each girl by everyone's sizes and shapes of their bellies by touch. ​All bellies are here for the taking. You cannot resist. You roll your back... it's obvious who is behind you. It's Tharja. You know how big she is. You rub her belly every night. She will likely have twins. Beautiful heirs for your Kingdom. If you're truly fortunate, then Tharja's intuition will be correct and one will be a boy and one will be a girl. You slide a hand over covers until you feel... hard muscle. And a very thick body. It's Noi. Her belly is a little protrusion, but you know this is just her muscles overtaking the baby. She can stratech on command and show you. You can hear her laugh as you stroke her abdomen and she rolls back a little bit, giving you a tease as the belly you can touch widens. You smooth your hand around. Your other hand finds... Beatrice. She is likely carrying one, but her perfect body shows it off wonderfully. There's no doubt she's pregnant, though you can't be sure exactly what time it occurred. Especially with her admittance that she was 'hiding it' from you. Still, you gently rub circles around it, growing more intimate with the ridges... you have to be gentle. You don't want to provoke her. As if you're swimming in a lake, your hand then finds a very big belly indeed. The body of the girl is small and thin. It is Elizabeth, and the moan your touch elicits confirms it. She is so very big. You cannot guess the exact number. She is so thin that it could only be one. Also to consider is she was the first to have your seed take root. You'll have to keep watch of when her birth may come. It could be a month or a week. The next rub finds Sully, and hers is... well, normal. It feels a bit of distaste to call any woman's belly 'average', but it fits what you feel. Her muscles are there, but she doesn't have the sheer girth of Noi. Her belly must surely only be carrying one. Still, she curls up pleasantly at your touch and you can hear, and feel, her laugh. With how she looks now, it's as if you knocked up a working peasant girl instead of a soldier. You then find your way to Robin and she immediately lets out a little cry at the poke. Oops. You suppose she'd be the last girl in the mood for your rubbing, since she wasn't, for lack of a better word, 'fucked absolutely silly' by you... yet. But, you're intimate with Robin's petite form and how her huge belly hangs off of it. There's no comparison. Even to Elizabeth. You take turns hugging them, memorizing them. You're confident you can recognize each girl by touch of her belly alone. --At least until they get bigger or pop.
(423.19 KB 1000x1000 Robin-trance.jpg)
​Unfortunately good things must end, and the girls must leave before it gets too dark. You hang back to talk with Tharja. Robin still wants her time with you... and you want it to be private. You ask her to please make sure Beatrice is not watching the inside of the tower with her magic. "I'll try, my husband. It's technically her tower, but I think she'll listen. Just don't keep her waiting all night...?" she whispers, voice soft. You nod. It'd be a bit of a rudeness to kick Beatrice out of her home. You watch the girls gradually shuffle out. All of them seem to have trouble walking. Noi is more because of her size in general, but Elizabeth seems especially wobbly. You can't help but grin. Soon, you're left alone with Robin, your last view being of watching Beatrice's ass underneath her robe as she shimmies down the stairs. ... You turn to Robin. All right, you say. It's just her and you. What is it? "..." You watch Robin bite her lip, her face flushed. She must be about to ask for something special. Something, perhaps, that the other girls wouldn't understand? "Your Majesty... King..." Her eyes widen as she finally gets up the courage to voice her desires. "I want to hurt you!" ... Um. What, you ask? Of all possible things Robin was about to say, you didn't expect that. Hurt... you? "..." She nods. "When I accidentally sat on you the wrong way the other day and heard you wince... it kinda... um... not that I liked hurting you, especially in such a sensitive spot, but... it made me start to think." Her eyes look up at you with fascination. "You're the King... having you under me... having you play along and call me things like 'Mistress' or even 'Queen'... it makes me really, really wet." There's a glint in her eyes and you realize she's quite serious. Meanwhile, you... um. She's not looking to physically cut or maim you, is she, you ask? She shakes her head no. "No! Of course not! --Well, maybe tie you up, call you mean names, and demand that you pleasure me, or else I punish you?" Her face goes as red as a beet as she fully explains the extent of her desires to dominate you. ... Wow. Pregnancy hormones have gotten to Robin in a huge way. You've seen girls get needy, and even demand sex, but this is a new level. "Please? Please, please, please?" she begs. You can see she's rubbing her legs together. This idea is really making her squirm. You don't doubt she's wet and ready for you. ... You must confirm a few things. You're both alone. No one will hear you both if she truly takes advantage of the situation. Will she absolutely stop if you ask her to stop, you ask? You'll explain the concept of a 'safe word' with her soon, but that's enough to ask of her now. Meanwhile, Robin is enthusiastically nodding her head. She even raises a hand to wipe at a wet eye. She seems to have realized the gravity of what she's asked. "I promise I'll stop. I'll never breathe a word of this either. Ever. You have my word as your General. And... well, you know. As... future mother to your child." She blushes again. ... You have to admit it's somewhat cute that the most petite girl is asking for such subservient play from you. Second, that any play doesn't alter your relationship outside? You're King. She's your subject. Robin nods again. "Just a little play... in here... where no one can see," she says. A part of you thinks this isn't that far from what you've done with Beatrice, but it feels a little different. Beatrice is an equal to you in many ways. She has otherworldly magic you couldn't hope to control. You danced together with an equal display of seduction on both ends. There were times you dominated her, or at least it felt like it. Robin has a fantasy and it involves you being beneath her, if she's going to go so far as to ask permission to tie you up, call you names, demand service, and give punishment if you don't. Hm... In terms of trust, you really do believe Robin. She has never betrayed you before. She's been strong-willed about things she thought was right, but she's always submitted to your decisions. This is more a question of if you're actually interested in this play. In that case... Choice time: >This... actually sounds very intriguing. It might even help you relax. Agree to it, with the safe word, of course. >This is just too much. You hate to do it, but deny Robin her request. >Maybe a compromise of exact limits can be reached? (Write-in.)
>>1133 Option two. That's really not my cup of tea.
>>1133 Option one or three, depending on how you want to rule this, Aristo. I'm up for it, but no calling her Queen. It's a weird line to draw, I know, but Tharja's not even Queen (yet). Lord/Lady General should do.
I'll admit, I'm not really into this either, however I'm a little intrigued where this might go, so I'm going to let Robin cook. Maybe this just comes as a result of being bossed around by her family for so long that she wants to be the one in charge for once. Option 1. However...yeah. 'Queen' is a bit much for her to hope for.
Option 1. Not my cup of tea, but I feel like we owe her.
>>1135 >>1137 Asking to not call her "Queen" is very valid and will be counted as part of option one. >3 votes for option one, agree to her extreme dominance sex play. >1 vote for option two, refuse outright. I am going to leave the poll open a little longer. Please continue to use your one vote if you wish.
Option three: light bondage and pain is okay, roleplay is fine, but no demeaning/abusive language. I'm the fourth person not to be into this, and I want to caution the others that agreed to this to keep her happy. There's going to come a point where we can't keep all of them happy. But of course, we're all bleeding hearts here, and we're torn between ourselves and a fictional character. I wonder if this makes me a hypocrite, considering my vote.
>>1142 I want to re-iterate that sex scenes are for the benefit of the audience, not the storyline and characters. If the act truly disgusts, please vote 'no'. Edward will satisfy her other ways. Don't worry.
Option two
>>1140 option one
Option 2, would rather not have that
>>1142 Option three Agreeing with the points that shadow is making. Some pain and demanding language is fine. Keep abusive words and namecalling to a minimum.
>>1150 Agreed. Option 3
>4 votes for option one, indulge Robin. >3 votes for option two, refuse outright. >3 votes for option three, it's fine, but not too far, and no demeaning and abusive language. (Or calling Robin "Queen.") See what Robin has in mind, within limits. Poll closed. Update soon.
​You think it over, letting out a considering, audible grunt. ... Condition one. You won't call Robin 'Queen'. Robin nods. Good. Condition two. She will call you nothing outright demeaning like 'lowly worm' or 'pathetic'. "..." Robin actually looks mildly disappointed at that one. You think it must be the power play that's interesting to her. "Servant?" she offers. --Well if you're calling her 'Mistress,' then 'Servant' seems appropriate. All right, you'll accept that. Condition three, you really don't want her to do anything that will leave a lasting mark. You are still going to be sleeping with a number of women, not just those who were in these walls tonight. Having one ask why your rear is bloodied is not something you want to explain. She winces, but nods. "Fair enough. I understand, Your Majesty." All right. You also explain the concept of a 'safe word' with her. That you'll say something specific to tell her 'stop this immediately'. That way, if you scream in pain or say 'no', she knows it's fine to just play along and continue without worrying about you. Robin hesitates. "What if I want to gag you?" she asks. ...Hrm.​​ Choice time: >Say you'll tap three times. >No gagging.
>>1157 Option one, though I think a limit of gagging or bondage might be appropriate.
Option 1.
>>1158 I think I was unclear here. What I meant was either gagging OR bondage, so we don't get in a situation of "oh, I'll tap three times" but then we can't bloody tap.
Option two
>>1157 Option one.
>>1157 Option 1
>>1157 Option two.
>>1157 Option 1
>5 votes for option one, allow gagging with an out. >2 votes for option two, no gagging. Allow gagging. Poll closed. Update soon.
(551.40 KB 720x960 Robin-ready.png)
...You'll allow gagging. If you're gagged, you'll tap her body three times. However, you won't allow her to restrict your hands at the same time as she gags you. It's one or the other, and she can switch as she likes. Robin nods. "That's fine, Your Majesty." Good. So... It seems like you've worked out all of the issues with Robin's fantasy. She wants to be your 'Mistress' and you're her 'Servant'. You suppose you'd better let her make the first move. Robin seems to catch on that you're waiting for her, so she advances. "Your Majesty, I want a consideration, too." What is it, you ask? You expect she's going to ask to be carried or something. What she says instead is surprising. "I want to really lead this. If I say 'lick my pussy' don't say you'd rather start by kissing me instead. If I'm going to punish you, don't suggest ways to do it, as we already discussed our limits. If I decide I'm going to tie you up, you must let me. --Just, don't try to direct what I want. Unless you're ready to be punished, don't say no. And even then, do it if I insist." ...Wow. Robin really wants to outright lead you around by the nose. That's beyond what the most henpecked husband would tolerate. You're thankful you're in complete privacy for something like this. At the same time, you muse this is probably going to be Robin's only chance to do this with you unless you specifically manufacture another session like this. You'll make it special for her. Of course, she goes on to say, if you really don't like what she's doing, she'll heed the safe word, always. "Trust me, Your Majesty...?" she asks, voice vaguely vulnerable. You trust her, you say. You add on a nod to make sure it's unambiguous. "..." You watch her eyes light up, a wicked glint in her eyes, and a broad smile on her face. "Well, then... kneel, my Servant," she says, in a strong voice. It's more commanding than she even uses toward her troops. You let out a soft little sigh as you realize you've agreed to let loose something very interesting in Robin's fantasy. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.
You follow Robin's command and take a knee. You move as if you were a knight kneeling before a princess. You get down on one knee with your elbow perched and head bowed to the floor. Slowly, to emphasize every motion. "Mm... not like that, Servant." There's a hungry lilt to her voice. "Both knees flat to the ground, press your head to the floor." --Wow. That's beyond what you expect. You feel blood rushing to your face at even the thought of it. If anyone knew you were doing that... At the same time, you can't deny there's appeal. A taboo. ... If she makes you hold that position for too long you'll say the safe word and cut it short. You deliberately move to do as she says. You take as submissive a bow as you can. One suited to a lowly servant begging for forgiveness. "Mm! Very good." You can hear the lust in Robin's voice. A sheer hunger from inside her very depths. "I'm satisfied. You please your Mistress. You deserve a reward, Servant." You hear her turn and sit on the bed, a ruffling of fabric. "Servant, you may open your eyes and lift your head now." ... Yes, Mistress, you say. You might as well stay in the spirit of things. What you see, from the angle you see it, is very nice. Robin, the sides of Tharja's white robe trailing down the round sides of her belly, leaving her navel to poke out. Her legs crossed just enough to tempt you with a view of her shaved pussy... moreover the expression on her face. One of confidence and delight. Arousal spikes through you, and you can feel your member hardening. You'd love nothing more than to climb on top of her. Lick her delicate pussy lips. Stroke her big, round belly. "Ah, a rule, Servant. Never lift your head higher than your Mistress's." She punctuates it with a trail of her tongue over her teeth. "The Servant is always lower." Her hand reaches out to stroke your cheek. "But that's good, isn't it? You get such a wonderful view, after all." ...Try as you might, you simply can't maintain eye contact with Robin anymore. You just stare at her from head-down. Her belly, her pussy, her legs... Robin doesn't seem to mind. "That's fine. What you're doing is correct. Worship me, Servant. Praise me. What do you like most about my body, right now?" ...Ah. You're about to say you'd like the chance to examine all of her, but you remember at the last second that Robin said she wants to be in control, and that means not leading her by suggesting what you want her to let you do next. In that case, she's asking you your opinion. Just play along. Choice time: >Her belly. She knows you love her belly. You know it's what she expects to hear. Say it. >Your eyes can't help but be drawn to her pretty shaved pussy. She's obviously aroused, and that's enticing. Say that. >Actually... the way she's holding her legs is enticing. Teasing without showing. The same for the robe that hangs over the sides of her body and leaves a little imagination... say that.
Option 1. I'm a simple guy.
>>1321 Option one. It's the obvious choice for a reason. And I'm always up for a little belly worship.
>>1321 option one
Option three. She's expecting the first, and the second feels like it's a bit too direct for the current power dynamic. Besides, I'm sure she'll appreciate that we like more of her body than just her belly.
>3 votes for option one, her belly. >1 vote for option three, her mystique. Praise her belly. Poll closed. Update soon.
...Her belly. The way it crests. The way it curves. The way it takes up so much of her petite frame. Knowing that it's yours and that she will give a wonderful birth... it fills you with joy just being around her. Just seeing it. "Hmmm~..." she purrs like a cat. "So in other words, you are so stricken by the beauty of my belly, you are always worshiping it." Yes, Mistress, you say. "Why don't you come closer? I'm saying you're allowed to touch. With your hands." Of course to do that, you have to crawl. If you stood up, you'd be violating her 'don't lift your head higher than your Mistress's' rule. So, you do. Like a mutt pursuing some treat. It's wildly appropriate, but you're able to get yourself in front of her body. ...You reach up and stroke her belly. "Ah!" Robin gives a little jump at your warm hands on her skin, perhaps breaking character for the first time, but she's soon back to smiling like the confident Mistress. You swirl your hands all around. The skin taut like a drum. The linea nigra trailing down the middle. The popped belly button... six months and already popped. You start shaking with arousal. She still has three more months like this. You want to pounce on her with how much you're working yourself up. You can't help but slide your hips in a small little hump in an attempt to get stimulation on your member. "Ah, touch the belly. No touching yourself, even if it's just to thrust your hips." ... Oh. Oh, that's hard. And so are you, that's why she ordered it. You're not ready to disobey so you stay still while you touch... and touch... fingertips around underneath the bottom curve and stroking all over. Ghosting your hands from the side of her torso down the curves of her belly to the middle of the belly button, teasing her. Robin enjoys the attention to, sighing as you do it. "That's enough, Servant. Let me decide what to do with you next..." You nod, head bowed, and take your hands away. You're anticipating it yourself after she worked you up like that. You hope it's something good. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
"I've decided this bed is not comfortable enough, my servant." There's a long pause as she rolls up to her feet. She's surely joking. That bed is perhaps the height of comfort with its size. It's while you're pondering the point of her assertion that she hits you with the next part. "You're going to become my chair." ...Wow. You've carried pregnant women in your arms. Both in a bridal carry and piggyback... but having one outright sit on your back is a new one. "You must, of course, stay perfectly straight so I do not slide. Are you able to do this, Servant?" Robin's lightweight to start, and you doubt she's put on enough pounds through pregnancy to really break you. If it was Camilla or Noi you'd balk. As it is... You straighten your back as rigidly as you can. You are ready, Mistress. There's no greater honor than to serve as her chair. --You add on a little bit to let her know you're finding it fun, too. She obviously appreciates it because her face lights up. She's genuinely happy. "Such a perfect Servant! Such a wonderful Servant. Get ready to serve your Mistress." She makes a show of walking around you. Her legs making a waddling gait and the underside of her belly making a wonderful sight. Until there's a moment you can't see her. And... her butt is against your back. Not plopped down, but considerately and slowly set on you. --You thank Mistress for her consideration. Robin giggles. She actually giggles. "You are my most highly regarded Servant. I must keep you fit and able to serve." Her hands go to stroke up and down your back, on both sides. Meanwhile, you focus on remaining as still as possible. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
Suddenly you feel a hand slap your backside. It's not exactly painful, but it's unexpected. Enough you let out a sharp gasp. The weight on your back and the rigidness of your posture means you can do nothing but arch your neck. You hear another giggle behind you? "Did that surprise you?" Robin asks. You're not sure what to say, so you keep silent. But, Robin doesn't let you off so easily. Her hand comes down to strike you more. "Servant, you must answer every question your Mistress asks you. Do not make me repeat myself." ...Yes it surprised you, you say. You add on a belated 'Mistress' after a moment. You vaguely remember when you did this to Camilla, but you never thought you'd be on the receiving end. Robin's being nowhere near as forceful as you were, but the sting that a woman is doing this to you is there. ...Of course, that's the point. "Very good, Servant. This is just me testing the quality of my dear Servant. A punishment would be something much more intense." She gives you two more smacks before she rolls herself back to her feet. "All right, Servant. I think it's time you lick your Mistress." You hold still as Robin circles back to the bed. This time, instead of closing her legs and teasing you, she spreads them wide. It shows off her smooth, shaved pussy. But more than that, having her legs spread means her belly dips a bit into the cleft. The twin image takes your mind off your stinging rump and you eagerly crawl forward. You're powerless to resist the command in this state of mind. ...Yes... Mistress, you say. Your jaw is hanging open and your tongue is protruded through your lips as you orient your face right in front of Robin's beautiful pussy. It glistens with arousal and begs to be licked. You prepare yourself to obey. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
"Listen closely, Servant, you're allowed to touch my belly with your hands and fingers, but not yourself. Understand." You barely have the time to say a response. Yes Mistress, you say. Then, your mouth is pressed against her shaved, smooth vulva and you're licking her with gusto. Your hands go to rub her belly while you work. This is more than enough. Stroking her belly is better than stroking yourself. Stroking her pussy with your tongue is a wonderful addition. Especially as you hear her start to sigh in reaction. It's not too long after she's arching her hips just the slightest to direct you. "Mm... such a good Servant... lick that clit of mine..." Her voice is breathless but focused. She isn't letting herself get lost in the sensation. --You on the other hand... The warmth in your mouth and around your face, combined with the soft skin of her generous bump and the hard tautness of the womb underneath is driving you onward. As if it were a spur and you were a beast of burden being kicked by the rider. Your tongue finds her clit and gives it a delicate lick. Even now you keep a state of mind to not get too reckless with how you approach it. "Aaaa~aah!" Robin's moan tells you all you need to know. And so you follow. Robin lets herself fall back, until her back is fully lying on the bed. She's in the very picture of ecstasy as you expertly service her pussy, treating her like the Mistress she wants to be. And.. strangely... That's enough of a reward for you. Though you're sure more is coming. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
​You make Robin move her hips, moan, and keen. It's all a very pleasant experience. Robin's been very good with you. It's not terrible to let her slip into the 'Mistress' role at all. You credit it to your positive, upfront and clear communication about your desires. Something that's paying off for Robin as your tongue flicks against her clit one last time. "--AAaa~!" You watch her convulse, and keep softly licking. Her thighs closing around your head as she rides out her orgasm. She makes the cutest little noises as she does. Pleasant moans in her high-pitched voice. "Good... good Servant." She starts to recover her wits and you stop licking. You hear her sigh and stroke your hair. "I'm going to allow you to let me know your desires in how we finish this, my Servant, for being so good." She cups your face. "Which would you prefer? Being blindfolded, or having your hands tied. Please choose."​​ ...Uh. You didn't think that's how you were going to proceed but you can't say it's entirely unexpected. Actually, didn't you do something like this with Beatrice? You honestly can't remember. It 'feels' like you may have done so. She's stroking your cheeks, rubbing her soft fingers over your lips, and staring into your eyes, waiting for your answer. ...In that case... Choice time: >Your wish is to be blindfolded. >Your wish is to have your hands tied. >...This is a trick. She's going to do both. Tell her you want both, to play along and let you know it's fine. >This is a trick, but you have one of your own. Tell her you don't want either and start 'disobedient' play for her to punish you.
>>1345 Option 1
>>1345 Option 3. I say we play along, let her have her fun. And if she wasn't intending this as a trick, she'll probably appreciate this response all the more.
Option 3.
Option 3. Even if she isn't expecting it, it will be a pleasant surprise for her.
>>1345 Option 3
>1 vote for choice one, be blindfolded. >4 votes for option three, request both blindfold and hand restraint. Play along with a likely trick. Poll closed. Update soon.
You can spy an obvious trick. And even if it isn't, it will get her surprise. Master, you say. Your preference is for both. To be both blindfolded and have your hands tied. "..." Robin looks down at you with surprised eyes. It looks like you were correct. She wasn't expecting that. But then, she is sitting up, leaning in close to your face and squishing your cheeks. "Oh? Is that what my lovely, handsome, strong Servant would like? You will have it. Let's take these cases off some of these pillows." ...Ah. Looks like you're really in for it. You hope you don't regret this decision. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
​Robin is very slow and deliberate with how she ties your bindings. Your hands are tied enough that you can't easily slip out, while not being enough to cut off your blood flow. The blindfold also is done in a way you would have to truly work to make slip. It'd be impossible to just read up with your hands and do it. Robin has your hands bound behind your back. You can't see her, but you can hear her. Her breathing is deeper and huskier. You sit there kneeling while she surveys you like a work of art. "Yes, it's time to begin, Servant." She claps her hands. "I will give you a special dispensation. For this time only, you may raise your head above that of your Mistress's." ... That's very fortunate. You have very little awareness for where she's speaking from at the moment. Moreover, standing up with your arms bound is difficult. "What's wrong? Are you passing on this opportunity?" she asks, a teasing lilt to her voice. --Oh, she is a tease. You make up something that you would prefer to remain as a proper Servant, with your head held low. You hear a very pleased giggle. ​​ >No choice yet, further update coming soon.
​You end up crawling on the bed, with Robin guiding you. You can practically see the smile on her face as she directs you on how to move. Which knee to raise, and when you've made it far up enough to lie on your back. It's a little awkward with your arms behind you, but you don't mind. There's enough give to flatten your hands, It leaves you with your erection pointed straight at the ceiling. There's no doubt how she's going to take you. Indeed, you're not disappointed. You can already feel Robin start to climb up on the bed. "I hope you're ready for your reward my Servant..." She emphasizes the word 'Servant,' Not that you needed the reminder. Her weight gets on the bed, and then...stops. ...What's wrong, you ask? "N-Nothing." You can feel the bed rocking. One side of her leg approaches your chest. "Come on... Come on--!" Oh no. You clamp your lips shut and do everything you can to keep from laughing. Robin's having some trouble due to her size. You can see it now. She's definitely not built like Noi. Getting her legs around you and mounting you without her belly getting in the way is too difficult. Ah. You are so dearly tempted to make a comment, but you bite your tongue. "...Mmmrrggh!" She plops next to you, apparently giving up. You're about to let yourself smirk when you hear her voice again. "Darn it..." she murmurs, quietly. ​​ ... It's not a frustrated, angry sound. It's a saddened and hurt sound. She's truly disheartened by the reality of the situation. ...That's not fair. You did your best to satisfy the other girls. Robin should really have her own share of the fun. But, what's a good solution? Choice time: >Suggest her finishing you with her hand, or mouth. You'll beg for it, for her. >Suggest her climbing on your face so you can lick her more. That's something she'll be able to get her legs around. >Suggest just calling the mistress-servant play and embracing her as yourself. You can worship her body properly.
>>1413 Write-in: suggest her untying our hands so we can help her up, then tucking our hands back under us so she still gets her play. Good servants help their mistresses.
>>1413 Option three
>>1413 Option 3. Enough of this.
>>1414 >Write-in: suggest her untying our hands so we can help her up, then tucking our hands back under us so she still gets her play. Good servants help their mistresses. I vote for this write-in. I think we would satisfy Robin the most be threading the needle between helping and giving up on the servant-play.
>>1414 I also support this write-in. Though I cross my fingers that this is the right option for her feelings.
>>1414 Agreeing with this write in
>2 votes for option three, suggest calling off the dominance play and appreciate her body normally. >4 votes for write-in, help her up enough to go back to her desired dominance play. Break 'character' enough to simply help her get into position, then continue. Poll closed. Update soon.
​You say the safe word. Robin shifts off of you. "Oh, was it getting too much?" she asks. Mm... on the contrary, you say. You want to keep going, but you can clearly hear what's going on. Why doesn't she untie your hands, you offer? You can lift her up into your lap and then she can do what she likes. You'll even hold your hands behind your back again. There's a little pause from Robin. "...Okay. But as far as we're concerned, I got on top of you without any trouble." You nod, smiling. Good. It was a sound decision to take this 'out of character' for a moment. "Well... I'll let you out then." Robin's hands come up to go to your blindfold. It has the side-effect of pressing her belly and breasts against you. It makes you exhale in delight as you savor the feeling against your chest. Soon. Soon you'll be inside her. It's so close you can feel it. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.​​
​It really is a necessity that she removed your blindfold as well as the bindings on your hands. You needed both to truly 'steer' her. You don't need a repeat of the other day when she scrunched you in a painful place. It takes some effort. It's hard to avoid her digging her knees into your body. But she gets her arms around your torso finally. More than that, your cock is rubbing against her slit. Ready to penetrate. "...Mistress says keep those eyes closed and your hands behind your back, okay Servant?" You nod, winking them shut and placing them back. Mistress's wish is your command, after all. There's a long moment, and you suspect she may draw out her teasing... before she lowers herself on top of him. Your cock spearing through her wet cleft.​​ >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
You let out mutual gasps as your cock finally penetrates her slick, wet pussy. Of course, she's wet and ready for you. What else would you expect after you licked her so well? She spends some moments catching her breath. Being on top of you with a baby in her belly seems to have made her underestimate how far you would go inside her when she sat down. She adjusts her hips, which shifts the position of your cock inside her. You can't keep in a groan of pleasure. It feels... good. "...I'm going to move." You feel her start to roll her hips. Soft rhythmic movements. Slow. Soft. You can't help but writhe on the bed. You're a good Servant and keep your eyes shut, but you have to imagine her breasts bouncing with the movement. Her hair shaking. She makes a little 'mm' sound, and you can practically see her biting her lip in concentration. In a way, it's better to have your eyes shut. It lets your mind's eye imagine what's happening and forces you to rely on your other senses. The headiness of the atmosphere. The feel of her hands steadying herself against your abdomen. The force of the bed underneath you pushing back against her thrusts. And, of course, the walls of her crevasse squeezing you. After being with so many women, you know this is going to be the last orgasm you experience. You're anticipating it so much that the feeling is amplified by a hundred degrees. Small, petite Robin, with her disproportionately big belly. You can see it rising and falling over you... ...then you cum. Hard. You just can't take it. You're too sensitive after everything else. Robin seems to realize it, as her movements slow, and then stop. "Haha. Did your Mistress give you permission to cum, Servant?" ... Oh. Robin's tone is playful, but maybe you should have asked. You ask Robin for forgiveness. It just felt too good. She lets out a sigh. "That's fine. I didn't tell you not to, and the look on your face tells me you needed it." She goes on to tell you that she doesn't mind that she couldn't orgasm with you. You already did a wonderful job earlier with your tongue. "All right... let's go back to being King and subject." You open your eyes just in time to watch her roll herself off of your phallus. Your load of white semen seeping from her orifice and staining your skin. It gives you a proud feeling that makes you smile. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
​You stay with Robin for some afterplay cuddling, but not as long as you did already with all of the girls. It's practically dark, and the last hour or so has felt like you've been at it for six or seven months. A little bit of hugging, stroking, and kissing is fine. Robin appreciates it, too. Her belly... you can't wait to see her birth. What sort of child will she bring into the world? You hope for one who is just as brilliant as her. She finally disentangles herself and starts to use the 'blindfold' you'd been using to clean herself free of your fluid. There's... a lot. Not just your sperm, but your saliva as well. You help by picking up her clothes from the corner all of the girls had theirs stacked in. "It was a wonderful time, Your Majesty." She gives a little bow. That's good. You were afraid she'd start calling you 'Servant' when you talked with her privately. That just wouldn't do. But, Robin is smarter than that. At any rate, she's also big and a little unwieldy. You help steady her as you both make the trek down the stairs of the tower. It's especially harder with so little light, and the soreness that came from so much sex. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.​​
You're thankful the stairs of Beatrice's tower are much more steady. It seems the skill of the architect combined with the workers created much more uniform steps. As well as the new construction. When you reach the bottom, you probably shouldn't be surprised, but you are anyway: Beatrice is waiting for you and Robin with a torch. "I thought it would be my responsibility to act the part of a good host, Your Majesty." It's appreciated, you say. The sun really was waning. To the point you need to watch where you step. Beatrice walks you both back inside the castle proper to where you can find your way by yourselves. Robin departs for her room. You wait a moment to see if Beatrice will say anything, but she doesn't. Though... She does briefly hold solid eye contact. Without her moving the rest of her face, you see her wink. ...Heh. You can't suppress your smile as Beatrice goes. You decide to take a long last look at her receding form as she does so. ... Oh. Right. Now you have to climb the stairs to your own tower before you can sleep. You prepare yourself for more muscle strain as you head that direction. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
You make your way to your tower entrance. The guard is there to greet you. He tells you that your tower is empty. Good. ...Though. You stop and ask him, what happens if you don't come back to your tower? At what point do the guards assume the King has suffered foul play? The question confuses the soldier, though he confides the Princess had been by earlier to say you would be late coming, if at all. Ah, Tharja thought of that. You can't help but smile. But, otherwise there's no standing orders for 'when'. Protocol is in place, though. It's been organized by your General, that means Robin. "Though, to be honest, Your Majesty... we're aware you're not always going to come back here. At least, alone." Heh. Looks like you've come a long way from dealing with eager inexperienced soldiers who assumed Beatrice was an assassin who left you in your tower to die. At any rate, that's something you, Tharja, or possibly Robin could decide. --If you worried about assassins. Which you really don't. Not while you have two of them locked up and a peaceful country. You thank the soldier and begin to climb the stairs of your tower. You take your time, as you need to keep watch with your torch. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
Your bed is made up. Your things are arranged. Your room looks definitely 'lived in' by now. And thank God. You change into nightclothes, fall into bed, and stare up at the ceiling. You think about how you should get to running your Kingdom. Of course there was the dealings with the moneylenders... you already set that in motion with Camilla and Ricardo. They'll be summoned and you can attempt to negotiate from a position of strength with the reality Tharja was being taken advantage of. Robin's plans are also in motion... you don't know if you'll ever really have cause to invade Elbania, but Robin would like to think you would. Let her have her grand battle plan. Mania... you want to see her again. She's no longer pregnant. You can share your first child with her. The thought makes you shiver in happiness. A true babe with Mania... you find your eyes misting. But beyond that, she's let you know what the peasants expect from you: Oana's execution as your assassin. Publicly. And they want a gruesome spectacle. After all you've uncovered, you have no reason not to grant it. Cordelia... you've left the question of whether to sell future horses or keep them as weapons up in the air. You're much more concerned for the well-being of Eclipse as your horse and Malon as a beautiful girl in your life. A beautiful fertile girl. Erika will show up sooner or later. Beatrice and Tharja have given their permission, as well as you. You'll have to prepare for that. Even if it's just mentally. Father Tomas... he still seems to have the illusion of you as a 'moral' man. Moral as in how the Church would like you to be. It's probably best not to disturb that. You have the feeling you'll be able to get away with a lot of things if he likes you. BUt, speaking of liking you, you've also impressed both Sister Kiara and Sister Rosette. Siser Kiara in particular seemed to be ready to become more intimately acquainted with you. Over hearing your private confession. You'll have to make use of that. That leaves Corrin... He's likely to ask what you want to do with Elbania. Something about their Queen? Right. You'll think about that in the morning, you're wearing out your brainpower by over analyzing in the dark. ... No, your brain turns to sex and impregnating more women: Mania, not pregnant. Should be fertile. She's already proved she can birth a child to term, which means she should be able to birth more easily. She also has part of your heart. You wish you could be around her more... Perhaps in the future you could summon her to the castle again. That'd be much easier than going out. The commoners know your face. Even the peasants. That's right. You haven't even had sex with Mania even once. You must find some way to manufacture another visit. Venti, not pregnant. Though you're improving that. You may very well have sent her on her way today. At any rate, your beautiful songbird could always deserve attention. Her figure is so very comely. Yes, you don't regret anything when it comes to the time you hired her. The two Holy Sisters. Not pregnant. This situation deserves caution. They're Sisters after all. You'd be encouraging them to break their vows... and yet that just makes you want them more. Oh, God. Which one first? Kiara? Rosette? Perhaps both at once? Your mind runs wild at the thought of debauched sex between two beautiful young nuns. Sweet, caring nuns. So innocent and full of God's grace... ...Oh, and there's all the maids and soldiers and other women in the castle. When it comes to the maids, the only ones you really know are the twin maids who were once pig farmers. That could be as good a place to start as any. Or perhaps just wait until one catches your eye. The idea of having sex with a soldier in full armor like you once did with Sully is also appealing. --Oh, that reminds you of the blacksmith's widowed sister. Next to Elizabeth, she may have been the first woman you impregnated here. You should ask Mania about her, perhaps. ... Your mind flits to one last person before consciousness overtakes you. Choice time: >Margaret >Witch Bernkastel >Albert
>>1447 Option 3- Albert. I don't think Margaret's worth the angst right before bed, and Bernkastel is probably best left alone too. Let's think on brother.
>>1447 Option 3, Albert. Nothing like a bit of homesickness
Option 3, Albert. The others are better considered when more alert.
>3 votes for option three, consider the issues with Albert. Albert... your brother. Your persecuted brother. You'd apologized, and he accepted. Your sins forgiven, but not forgotten. You considered whether you should attempt to interpose yourself in any other aspect of his life. He did complain of boredom. Perhaps your brother's face around the castle wouldn't be so bad? You could possibly assign him to work with Corrin. Diplomacy. --But, suppose you didn't. Suppose you just left him in Virilia to make his own way. Albert will be left in Virilia. And it may not be this year, it may not be in a decade, but eventually your Father will die. That means your Dukedom will go to you. Of course, you are far, and he is near. You would be much better off awarding your lesser titles in Virilia to someone else. Albert may even suggest... himself. Could you trust him? Would you trust him? Money from the holdings of Virilia would be very useful. Probably not as good as Ruhemania's, but money just the same. ... You should discuss it with Corrin. You'll mention it to him and if he likes the idea... Well, it'll be a decision to make. You have to consider both sentiment and desire to make amends as well as practicality. Hah... There's other issues with other people but you can't keep your eyes open or your brain working anymore. You fall asleep. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
​After so much time indulging yourself in sex and belly-time, your dreams are very, very pleasant. You imagine yourself with a near harem of women, those gathered and those not. You can tell Tharja from Beatrice from Noi, from... anyone else, just by belly touch alone. It's nonstop euphoria that lasts the entire dream before light begins to waken you, streaming from the covering over the window. ...So much for that, reality needs to assert itself. You sigh and roll out of bed. ... Despite your disappointment that every day can't be an orgy, you realize that as King, you have a number of things you can do. You have to set your priorities. You'll have three distinct times of the day to accomplish your goals. Early morning, early noon, afternoon. The days are growing shorter so you won't be able to work too far into the evening. You'll have two meals with Tharja, Beatrice, and your taster, at least. Unless you decide to skip them, for a good reason. You're not some dog who feasts on scraps just for the sake of a little more leisure. You consider the early morning... Sister Rosette would be available to talk to in the morning. You should catch her doing chores with no maids around. That's the likeliest time. You're not sure if you'll see her any other part of the day. Sister Kiara would likely be available as well. But she'll be in the clergy's quarters, or perhaps conducting her own devotion in the chapel. If you choose wrong you might get stuck talking to Father Tomas instead. Venti you imagine would be available any time of day, if you wished it. Those are the closest people you could meet immediately. However... If you wanted to meet Mania during another part of the day, it would be a good idea to go task a messenger to summon her. You simply can't run to the peasant settlement, run back, and continue your day. Or, you could let Corrin know you're ready for your meeting. He does seem a bit anxious, and that's the last of your advisers you really have a pressing issue to talk with. In that case... ​​ Choice time: >Sister Rosette. Even if you have nothing in particular to talk about, meeting and getting to know each other will bring you closer. >Search for Sister Kiara. Risk running into Father Tomas instead. You could do with one of her 'confessions'. >Find Venti. Getting her pregnant is a priority. It should be easy enough, since you know where her room is. >Find a messenger and task them to find and bring Mania to the castle so you can meet her later. >Business before pleasure. Find a way to contact Corrin and let him know you're ready for the meeting about the state of your country's ties to its neighbors.
Option 5. Business before pleasure. We've put off talking to Corrin for quite a bit now.
>>1460 Option 5.
Write-in option, check on the messenger with Erika(if memory serves me right). Or any matter regarding her coming over. I still remember her saying how 'very pregnant" she was on her letter. It certainly paints one for visualization. Also, potential witch ally, if we play our cards right.
>>1460 Option 5
>>1464 supporting this write-in, if said write-in is acceptable.
>>1464 >>1467 I cannot accept this write-in as it's already been addressed. Erika's messenger was checked in on back in Thread #14 and he has already departed with the message that she may come. He said she was in Chrisania. He described her as a noblewoman. He also said there were no calamities that he knew about that were happening recently. At any rate, anything Edward could do regarding Erika showing up is already done. Tharja even has a section of the castle ready for her. It happened around the same update Edward met Malon again if you want to go back and check. Please continue to vote, though it looks like we have a clear favorite. I will close it later anyway when I'm ready to actually start writing.
>>1469 Alright, option five then.
Option 5 We've had our fun, let's get some work done.
>6 votes for option five, contact Corrin to let him know you're ready for his meeting about the diplomatic state of the country. Find a messenger for Corrin to set an appointment later. ...Corrin. You shouldn't put pleasure before business. It would be more fun if Corrin was a woman, but he isn't. ...That you know of, at least. At any rate, it will likely be the big 'last minute surprise' you have to face before your Kingdom is truly up and 'running'. There's only so much you can micromanage. Once you give your orders they're to be delegated and followed with adjustments and reports as necessary. --Ideally. You quietly tell yourself that the last time you expected complete and quiet adherence to your will, you experienced an attempted coup that nearly worked, plus a very ugly poisoning that did work. You were only saved from the 'dying' part by magic. You'll have to keep a close eye on things. You're running out of the grace period in which you can claim your rule is still young. ...Still. You've done a great deal many a good thing. You should feel pride for that. If you had to anticipate anything about Corrin, it would likely be about Elbania... or perhaps that other one. What was it called? Ungaria? Yungaria? ...You feel embarrassment you can't keep the name of your own neighboring countries straight. You'll let Corrin bring them up first. ... You eventually find a maid, who leads you to a servant of Corrin's. He is educated and will promise to take the message of your planned meeting to Corrin himself. Good. He also tells you which room it will take place in. He subtly indicates it will be silent as Corrin has subtly made alterations to its acoustics. You're not sure exactly what that means, but you nod and pretend you do. In that case... You could attempt to run and meet with Venti or someone else, but you decide to wait. You really need the time to contemplate and arrange your thoughts. Sex will sap your energy. ... You arrive at your sitting room. Tharja is already there. As is Beatrice. And your taster. That means you can't speak too openly, but Tharja showers you with little praises that are both innocuous and lustful. "Our love grows fuller every day, Edward. Thanks to you." She places a hand on her belly and you feel a sense of pride at the sentiment. Two pregnant women sharing a meal with you and each other, in the same room, is how you spend your breakfast. Today a maid brings you a boiled duck egg and fresh onions. You watch your taster eat every little bit of herb. He does not drop dead, so you begin to eat. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.
​Breakfast is enjoyable. The egg gives you energy and is nice after all the strenuous exercise you did yesterday. You request the maid when she comes if you could have another one of those at midday meal. Perhaps two. You give pleasantries to both Tharja and Beatrice before telling them you need to excuse yourself from their company. Neither of them stop you. ... You find a maid to lead you to Corrin's room. You were told before, but you weren't paying much attention. You'd rather be shown. Your footfalls trail down the hallway. You can't deny the maid provides a great deal to admire as you walk behind you. When you start to pay attention to your environment, you realize there have been no guards. At least, guards that look like they would deny you entry to wherever you're going. In fact, Corrin's room is hidden in a normal hallway of ordinary living quarters. Perhaps that's his plan? Hide his work in plain sight. You do however start meeting messengers and attendants of Corrin's who you recognize. They're very polite, almost overly so, in their greetings. As you're walking you simply spare them a nod and thanks. ... ...That's odd. Your ears perk up. You can hear Venti playing music. It's not in the direction you're being led to, that is, but it's close enough to be heard. Finally an attendant takes over for the maid and tells you that nobleman Corrin is at your disposal. A door is opened for you. ... You enter the room to find a humble, but utilitarian little space. It lacks a bed. It is certainly an office. There's a map on the wall. There's shelves for filing. It looks like everything in them could be grabbed with two hands and run away with, if someone was in that much of a hurry. There is no window. Venti's music is definitely audible. Candlelight dances from two perched on sticks at the desk, behind which seats Corrin. Corrin for his part, smiles at you and rises from his seat. "Your Royal Majesty," he offers, giving a respectable bow. You thank him and accept the bow before telling him he may seat himself again. Playing mind games and implying he should be kneeling isn't on a list of things you think you need to do. He's smiling pleasantly as he smartly returns to sitting. "If it pleases Your Majesty, please sit down." You take a seat opposite him. There's been a cushion placed on your seat. You presume it's for your benefit. "Of course, as you likely surmised, I'm here to brief you further on the diplomatic matters facing the nation, so that you may more accurately guide me toward your goals." You nod. Yes. You did think so. Surely Corrin knows you've met with his siblings as well? The rest of the council, as it is. He merely gives a shrug. "I am only vaguely aware of the inner workings of the castle, Your Majesty. My direction is pointed outward." Yes. You understand. You wish to ask a question, you say. Corrin perks up. "Of course. I harbor nothing from you, Your Majesty. Ask as you like." ...Your immediate curiosity is Venti's music. You have guessed, or perhaps assumed the point of Venti's music. The sound of Venti's music is acting as a sort of shield to guard your conversation from outsiders. You heard something about "acoustics" before. This must be making your talk with Corrin truly private. Meaning, you can say whatever you want to him. And he can say whatever he wants to you. And yet he's remaining very polite. He's waiting to see if you'll want the level of the conversation lowered, you think. There is something to ask about, you say. You want to confirm your guess about Venti to Corrin. You need to know how much of this is deliberate. If Corrin has her outright employed as a sort of spy, and if she even knows what she's doing by choosing now to practice her lyre. --But how should you phrase it? ​​ You might want to be indirect. Corrin's promised to keep nothing from you, but that doesn't mean you need to outright demand to know where he stands. Open-ended questions could be enough. A slight touch here and there to show him what questions you want answered will probably prompt him enough. --But it might mean he'll omit details. Or, you could just be blunt and direct. Show him there's a place for decorum, but not in this private room. But you'll likely startle him. Which was the correct approach? You really need to commit to one. Choice time: >What is Venti's role in Corrin's little faction? Ask him indirectly with open questions and see how he responds. >Be blunt in asking about Venti. Lead him with questions and establish you'd like to be more direct when you talk privately.
>>1473 Option one, I think subtlety would be an appropriate approach towards Corrin, especially with regards to his position. Not to mention, our first real interaction with him after sometime absent.
Option 1 It could honestly be coincidence that Venti is in this part of the castle, or maybe it is a roundabout way of privacy. Either way, best not to make any quick assumptions
>>1473 Option 1 If push comes to shove and we catch him playing games later we can force the issue on being more direct. Probably be a lot harder to get that genie back in the bottle.
Option 1.
>>1473 Option one. Be diplomatic with the diplomat.
Option one
Option 1. I agree with BD.
>>1473 Option 1. Let's be diplomatic.
(150.36 KB 850x1511 VentiConversation.jpg)
Indirect is best. You can always get a bit more blunt later, if necessary. Unfortunately that does require from you a little more energy in how to word your questions. You're stepping into a game with Corrin who was already good at it when he arrived. Surely his experience as your Chancellor has only fine-tuned that. You want to know more about the music, you ask. What kind of service has he arranged with your court bardess? Does he enjoy her music? Corrin gives a simple shrug. "I really do appreciate it. The tones are very soothing to the ears. Though if they offend Your Majesty, I'm sure she would gladly cease." That's fine, you like the music. But, it's not merely Corrin's ears, is it? You heard it mentioned that this room has special... acoustics. Corrin nods. "That it does, Your Majesty. It's a curious phenomenon. Though I would attribute it to chance more than design. This is but a humble room, after all. Nothing distinguishes it as any other." ...Okay, you think you understand Corrin correctly. The music is definitely a ploy to prevent any possible spies from overhearing potential conversation. It's unlikely that there are literal spies from Elbania or elsewhere in the castle. He must be concerned about normal staff hearing it. Or other persons serving him overhearing the wrong information. At the same time, he's moving his office around. He isn't sitting here forever. He probably has several rooms picked out where he could ask Venti to play. ...There's one last thing you worry about, though it takes you a moment to think of how to phrase it delicately. Does Corrin ask for Venti's favor... often, you ask? "Hm?" He sounds genuinely confused. "No more so than anyone else. She seems to practice a lot of her own volition." Right... But, does he not think her skills are beautiful? Does he not think she would especially enjoy her skills... during the night? It's as delicately as you can think to word it, and it gets a bit of a blank look from Corrin. But he immediately smiles again, adding a soft laugh. "I'm afraid my nightly tastes would differ greatly from what our court bardess would have to offer," he says. Hm. Truly? Ricardo, for example... your memory calls back one of your earlier meetings. How he'd asked for 'permission' to attempt an affair with Margaret and Elizabeth. And he had succeeded, with the latter. Is Corrin a man who does not, the put it crudely, fucks? You don't actually ask that, but it takes you whole seconds to think of how to actually phrase it. So, you start, adding a cough. When it comes to nightly pleasures, Corrin has more... sophisticated tastes? Or perhaps even unique, you ask? Corrin shuts his eyes. He's realized you're genuinely asking him about his sex life. "Ah, Your Majesty... I understand your reputation would bring such things to mind. If I were to talk about my own, shall we say, predilections, it would be for a woman of more... sophisticated background. There's something to be said for consideration of lineage, is there not? Well, perhaps as a mere minor noble I have more reason to nurture such a concern." He smacks his lips. "If His Majesty were to truly solve that 'want' in me, as much as a servant of a crown deserves a want satisfied, I would be obliged. Personally, obliged. Not professionally." ... That's a lot of words, but you think you understand what Corrin is saying. He knows you want to impregnate all the women. He doesn't want to spoil your fun. Moreover, he doesn't like the idea of having sex with a commoner. There's no one around other than his own sisters, so he, indeed, has no one. But, if you found him a wife, of noble birth, and presumably of a disposition and beauty he finds comely, he'd be more willing to see you as a true friend and not just a taskmaker for him. Well, you suppose there is one noble around. Beatrice. And when Erika arrives, she'll be disguising herself as one, too. But you doubt they'll have fun with Corrin. Nor appreciate you 'marrying them off.' That and... they're both pregnant. By you. You're not marrying a woman you make pregnant to Corrin. Anyway, it is your right to marry Corrin to literally anyone you want, so that's something to keep in mind. He might come up with someone on his own, but who knows? At any rate, now that you have that settled... what should you ask next? Choice time: >You suppose it's good to have some frame of reference. Ask Corrin what traits he most appreciates in a woman. >You want to hear about Elbania. What has his move toward diplomacy done? >Share Robin's plans and anticipations of warfare and ask his opinion. >Share the state of the treasury with Corrin and ask for ideas. >You're worried about the Church. How has Corrin found interactions with them? >Give Corrin free rein to bring up what he thinks is the most important topic to tell you about.
>>1535 Option 6, little to no risk involved.
>>1535 Option 6. We can play matchmaker after work is done, and I'd like to see what Corrin thinks is most important before we start down the royal laundry list. This is his job, after all.
>>1535 Option 6. That option also shows that we trust him as our advisor. If he thinks something is especially important, we will listen.
Option 6. If this conversation has shown anything, Corrin has some standards, and I'm sure he would appreciate us giving him free reign. Can always ask questions after the fact.
Option 6. We'll show some respect for his intellect.
>5 votes for option six, let Corrin choose what topic to bring up first. Leave your beginning issue to Corrin. Poll closed. Update soon.
You think of a way to phrase it delicately. As he's aware, you say, you've spent a considerable more time sleeping than you would prefer this past year. Would he agree? Corrin suppresses a smile, before responding. "I believe your absence was a true detriment to us, Your Majesty, and of course a burden to you personally." You nod. Quite. Therefore, you admit you may be, 'out of the loop' on the most pressing matter. What would Corrin think is the issue most deserving of Royal attention? You'd like to hear his opinion, and grant him permission to state it, whatever it is. Corrin gives a respectful nod. "Understood, Your Majesty. If I am to be given such wonderful blanket permission to express my opinion..." "I would believe..." "...It would relate to the matter of my twin sister." He nods, meeting your eyes for a brief second. --Ah. He means Robin. You had almost forgotten they weren't just siblings, but twins. What does he mean, you ask? Surely he's not saying Robin is a detriment to the castle, is he? Corrin shakes his head. "Oh, no. Not at all. Indeed, from her own viewpoint, by the set of objectives she's set up for herself, she's exceeded all of them. But, that's the problem." He folds his hands in front of his face, elbows on his desk. "I believe it would be best if our actions had a bit more coordination. And, now that you are returned to your rightful place as King, Sire, that power lies in you." ...Hm. Of course, you understand. A healthy treasury, a healthy army, a healthy diplomatic corps, and even healthy horses... it's best to have them all. But Corrin's telling you that if, among all others, especially Corrin and Robin are pursuing two different goals, it's counter-productive. Not merely less than ideal. ...Oh. It hits you. Robin's created this very effective military. Corrin is chancellor and therefore your face to the outside world. If Corrin is busy making friends with perceived enemies, then there's a little bit of a 'so-what' factor when it comes to the military. Is he suggesting you rein in Robin a bit? Decrease her funding, you ask? You don't want to tell him you promised not to do that. But to your surprise, he just lets a silence descend. A silence that fills the room between you both. His eyes give you this look. Finally, he takes his arms off the table, and gives a smile. "You know, Your Majesty... as much as we've tried to investigate Elbania, they've been very strict about giving us access to any area beyond their main castle. It'd be impossible for me to tell you, for example, what the life of the common peasant is like. Or the life of a landed noble with his own holding. In the event of movements done by a neighboring country, the instigator may not be seen as an invader. Indeed, if the circumstances were a certain way, one could even turn such a military action as one done in the name of 'liberation'... if only." ... Oh, wow. Corrin is now suggesting you consider invading Elbania. Or at least he's giving you a situation in which an invasion would seem morally necessary and ethically just. That would... require a bit of evidence. But you won't bring that up to Corrin now. At any rate, he seems to understand. 'The army Robin's created isn't going away. Why make what you don't intend to use?' --Simple. Corrin truly is smart. You'll have to remember that. In that case, you ask, what would be his suggestion on how to deal with, for example, Elbania? You imagine a neighboring country with more active Royalty on the throne would get more attention from Elbania. A giant beginning to wake, so to speak. Corrin responds with a little wave of his hand. "I'm very glad you brought that up, Your Majesty." >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
(135.41 KB 959x960 EdelgardePortrait.jpg)
"We've been left to pursue a sort of mixed policy regarding Elbania. One where we know neither is a threat to one another. Their diplomats at that get-together apparently passed on very good impressions to Her Majesty... but that was long ago, Your Majesty." Right. You can't expect the good impression you gave them with how Oana was foiled to last forever. Corrin nods his head. "The Queen of Elbania, Her Royal Majesty Queen Edelgard, is very selective with who she grants an audience with. None of my diplomats have done so. They've been referred to other officials. However..." Corrin steeples his hands. "Perhaps now that your royal regency has been put to rest, she would approve of a face-to-face meeting? She may be less adverse to greeting and interacting with a member of her own social class. The highest social class, so to speak." Is there a reason she's so... taciturn? A rumor she's actually frail, or disfigured, you ask? Corrin tilts his head in thought, then shakes his head. "I think it would be more likely, Your Majesty, that she wishes to maintain a very high reputation. She is, after all, a Queen with no heir. Not even a husband." --Ah. Yes, you understand that would make things more difficult for her. Are there more male heirs in line for the throne? Cousins, uncles, or the like, you ask? Corrin shakes his head. "Not to which I am aware, Sire. But I will confess that sort of direct knowledge would be beyond me. If I were to know such a thing, Queen Edelgard would be very suspicious as to why I know it. Why I sought it out." In other words, she'd take it as an indication Ruhemania would prefer to dispose of her in favor of some other King. Or perhaps even Queen. What would be the best manner in which to conduct better relations, you ask? Corrin nods. "As I said, I believe a face-to-face meeting would be best. However... there would be one very interesting hurdle. And the height of the hurdle would depend on your preference and your own point of view, Your Majesty." Okay. If you're understanding Corrin right, it sounds like all progress with diplomacy with Elbania is going to stall unless you get personally involved. You suppose it makes sense. This isn't you wandering around the castle looking for things to do. You'd be Royalty meeting other Royalty. But, ah... what is this 'hurdle', you ask? Corrin gives a little sigh. As if he is truly at a loss. "The hurdle would be the exact site of the meeting place." You are both the representatives of your governments on Earth. In a way, You, personally, are Ruhemania. And similarly, Queen Edelgard is Elbania. "Meeting face-to-face would require a lot of trust." ...Ah. You see. If Edelgard enters Ruhemania, then enters your castle, and you simply detain her, Elbania would be as if a chicken without a head. To say even less if you were to execute her. By the same notion, if you are to enter Elbania, and you are kept there, Ruhemania would be without its King. To meet either way is a situation that would require a lot of trust. And you simply haven't built up that level of trust with a Queen you've never met. But... Hm. Ruhemania could without itself without you. At least for a while. Tharja would take control as your regent again. Your 'council' as it is seems adequately directed by you, for now. The only real question mark would be if they outright killed you, but that would immediately trigger Robin to respond with her army, and the Church would likely condemn Queen Edelgard as a barbarian. ... Of course, you would be dead. --You could perhaps take Beatrice into Elbania as your 'mistress'. Her presence probably wouldn't garner attention. She could save you if any attempt on your life that arose. She could even spy on the castle, if you wanted her to. Those are the pros and cons you can see from agreeing to attend a Royal reception in Elbania, What about an offer of Queen Edelgard to be shown the fine Castle Valachia, you ask? Corrin makes a gesture with his hand. "I will be blunt. From all I know, Your Majesty, she would never accept. She is secretive, she is trying to maintain her grip on power, and there would be a huge empty throne waiting for someone to take while she's gone, even if she returned. She would never accept leaving Elbania, and perhaps that will be the case for all of her lifespan." You nod. There's wisdom in Corrin's words. At least, she would need a husband and an heir before she considered that. Who knows how long that would take? So, if you want any sort of diplomatic agreement with Elbania, be it peace or trade or whatever else, you will have to be the one to go there and take the risk. Corrin places a finger to his cheek. "Ah, I am put in mind of perhaps: a compromise, Your Majesty. A neutral place where the safety of both of your lives could be assured, and Queen Edelgard would not feel threatened." Corrin explains there's a monastery between Elbania and Ruhemania. It's considered part of neither country. It could provide a meeting ground. "It would be tended to entirely by monks. They are sequestered and do not have contact with the normal functions of the Church. Your privacy as you discuss matters of state would assuredly be preserved. I believe it would also represent a safe haven for both of you, with no threat to life nor limb." Ah! That does sound like it could be a good compromise. You think at the very least, even if the talks went nowhere, it would be a good opportunity to sample whatever wine and beer they must produce. "...There's one drawback, however, Your Majesty. A monastery would not be a place where one such as you could pursue his own... prurient interests." ... ...What? What does that mean, you ask. Corrin gives a small suppressed laugh. "I'm saying if you wish to conduct your diplomacy by romance, charm, and seduction, you will find a monastery a terrible environment for it. --You won't be able to have sex with her, to say it completely openly." ...Haha. Corrin is a grown man, and yet the huge gap between his usual politeness and the way he's so directly told you 'There will be no fucking in the monastery'... it drives you to a blush. You cough out a thanks that he addressed His King's needs. "Absolutely, Your Majesty." You give a long exhale, getting back your ability to think. ...So, if you went to Elbania and entered her castle, you would have the opportunity to have sex with her? Sex with a reigning Queen, or any Queen for that matter, would be a new novelty for you.Even Tharja is still only a Princess. But, does Corrin really think that's a possibility? That you'd be able to get close enough to flirt with Edelgarde and see how it went? Corrin shrugs. "From what I understand, you have an incredible amount of charisma and personal experience when dealing with the opposite sex. I certainly would not rule it out. Furthermore... if you were to impregnate her, it would solve her 'heir' problem." --Ah. That it would. That may be dangerous... the child would have a claim to both Ruhemania's throne as well as Elbania's. But, if you look at it in the very long term... A King of your blood and flesh on Elbania's throne... that would have to bring peace between your countries. And it's not like you're going to have any lack of heirs ready for Ruhemania. Your children with Tharja will surely number a dozen before even ten years have passed. --Perhaps that's a bit idealistic, but if Tharja does give birth to twins, it would be easier. Corrin patiently allows you to think and collect your thoughts. It's only when you start to truly process the possibilities that he speaks again. "All three options are viable. But I will accurately predict all three for you, Your Majesty. One. If you invite Queen Edelgarde to Castle Valachia, she will decline outright. "It will be using pleasant language and an excuse, but a simple excuse. Diplomacy will stagnate and go nowhere. Another chance may never come." Two. You can suggest a meeting with Queen Edelgarde to a neutral monastery. She will likely accept. "You'll have the chance to discuss diplomacy, but it will be in a very dry environment, Your Majesty. You won't get to know much about her personally, if anything at all. And you certainly won't be able to make any romantic overtures to her while surrounded with monks who have taken strict vows." Three. You can propose traveling to Elbania and meeting Queen Edelgarde in her own castle. "By all accounts, she would accept. She would likely take your visit as a sign of legitimacy. That you are King of Ruhemania, and you are coming to meet her in her own castle. I predict you'd be treated like an honored guest, and be able to fraternize with her personally." ...Is he very, very sure, you ask? That analysis seems just the tiniest bit... rosy. Is there no danger a greedy Elbania would hold hostage Ruhemania's King? Corrin's eyelids droop as he considers it, his head partly hung. "Your Majesty... all outcomes are possible. I am but a humble servant. I can only observe and suggest what my logic based on those observations tell me. It may be wishful thinking to promise you'll be able to jump into Queen Edelgarde's bed, but I will say, without a doubt, it's the only way that will happen." ...All right. So it depends on how much you want diplomacy with Elbania, and how much you would like to put a baby in her belly. Taking Beatrice to Elbania would save you from any risks. She could possibly even sneak you out of there if the situation required it. Though you'll have to check to be sure, you know that's within her range of abilities. In that case, going to Elbania would seem like the best solution, for your country and for your lust. The question was which decision was your gut feeling telling you to do? You listen to it and decide... Choice time: 1. Invite Queen Edelgarde to Ruhemania. She will refuse, diplomacy with Elbania will stagnate. 2. Ask to meet Queen Edelgarde at a neutral monastery. Conduct quiet diplomacy together that should improve relations, even if it will stop you from approaching her personally. 3. Propose directly attending Queel Edelgarde's castle. The benefits are too high to ignore, and the prospect of impregnating a Queen is intriguing.
>>1613 Option 3. Logically, the monastery is the better choice for safety's sake, but I don't think that's in character for Ed. He's already considering ways out via Beatrice if things take a turn for the worse, it has the greatest chance of giving us a good diplomatic solution, and I doubt he would give up the chance at bedding Edelgard. Tharja's not gonna like being left behind and left in charge while we do this, though.
>>1613 Option 3
>>1613 Option 3. I agree with whats said above, but also, it's not in the interest of Queen Edelgard to kiss us (if Corrin's description is apt). The only possibility or threat to us, besides Corrin's understanding of the queen being totally wrong, would be scheming nobles. Aristo, sorry to bring it up, and not to be a grammar Nazi - I believe there's a typo or missing word. "Ruhemania could without itself without you." I believe this was supposed to read: "Ruhemania could function itself without you." Just incase you have a document.
Option 3. There's a myriad of reasons why it is the right decision, but I'll be honest. I've got a thing for high-powered ladies.
>>1617 Yes, you are very correct. The truth is that over the years, the time period available to work on Impregnator Kings was very fluid. I could easily write it whenever I chose. However my schedule has changed. Updates come at night, generally speaking. In this state it's sad, but I don't catch every typo. I am a bit too eager to sleep and miss more than I used to. I apologize. You are exactly right. I will try to take steps to better make my writing more easy to read, free of typos and ambiguous language. In the meantime, the voting is still open. I'll give it one more day, although there is a favorite. Thank you very much for the feedback. Please, continue to ask for clarification when necessary, you are not being annoying or anything like that. This game would not be viable if I cannot clearly communicate what is happening to the audience so they can make choices.
>>1624 Might I suggest using some free AI proofreaders? There are plenty available that could potentially save you time and effort.
>>1624 Please Aristo, it's all good. Just pointed out so you would know. We appreciate all your hard work these years! We as an audience can at the very least help you when necessary, not just consume.
Option 3. Not so much for impregnating the queen, but for making a bigger step in building trust. Besides, Robin and Beatrice provide good backup. Let's hope that this trip will appeal to the golden witch.
>5 votes for option three. Arrange to meet with Queen Edelgarde in Elbania. She will likely accept, and be inclined to good relations... regarding your nation, and perhaps intimately. Go to Elbania for diplomacy. Poll closed. Update soon.
Honestly, you don't see how this is even a decision. You became King and promised to lead Ruhemania into a new era. You can't do that by continuing King Vlad's policy of ignoring its neighbor. Especially when there seems genuine opportunity in Elbania with access to the sea. Therefore, sending an invitation to Queen Edelgarde which was doomed to fail before it was even received was out. Similarly... while a meeting in a cloistered monastery did sound deceptively advantageous, you want to put value on your own charm and charisma. If you needed dry diplomacy and simply arranging amounts of goods traded and money being exchanged, you'd send Corrin with Ricardo. This best option for you, as King, is to travel to Elbania itself. You, a King, you will be greeted as honored royalty. --Well, that goes without saying. But, if Corrin is correct, any threat would be slight to non-existent. Though, you'll have Beatrice come with you to safeguard your life, and put Robin on alert, just to be sure. No outright threatening troop movements from Robin... but, just a little contingency plan. And if you can leave Queen Edelgarde lying back on her bed, panting, overexerted, your seed dripping from her crevasse, and a baby forming in her womb, so much the better. You should set your hopes high. No risk, no reward. You don't know if you'd ever get a chance to knock up a Queen again. You tell Corrin without delay, you would like him to make arrangements for you to visit Elbania personally. A royal visit from the King of Ruhemania to meet the Queen of Elbania. That is, assuming they consent and are able to host you. He nods. "I'll have that done immediately, Your Majesty. However, it may take weeks to arrange specifics, and the actual meeting may have to wait for spring next year if the winter sets in too fast." Ah. Yes, you understand. You'd rather not travel during the winter. Corrin need not explain that to you. Perhaps preparations will be done in time for you to go before the long winter. You just can't know. You've spun the wheel, now it is time to see where it winds up. Mm... there might be a few things left to ask Corrin. On your own initiative. What next? Choice time: 1. Share Robin's plans and anticipations of warfare and ask his opinion. You understood his general idea of coordinating it with diplomacy, but you want to hear specifics. Especially now that you decided on how to handle Elbania. 2. Share the state of the treasury with Corrin and ask for ideas. It's... not very good. You want to hear anything. 3. You're worried about the relations of your state with the Church. How has Corrin found his personal interactions with them? If he even has many interactions with them. 4. That's all for now. Leave him to get things in order.
>>1631 Option one. Can't hurt to think about a contingency plan.
>>1631 Option one. Left hand should know what the right is doing. Also >You don't know if you'd ever get the chance to knock up a Queen again. I know this more means a ruling Queen, but we could technically fix this by... Promoting is not the right word, but promoting Tharja.
Option 1, but I think it would just be quicker if we did all the options; I'm interested in his take on 1 & 3. >>1633 And in the endgame, from Queen to Empress
>>1631 Option 3
Option 2. The treasury might be our most pressing issue and yet we keep pushing it to the back burner. That's definitely going to come back to bite us in the ass, and I worry that it will also intensely strain our relationship with Camila and Ricardo. We need solutions.
>>1636 Valid point. Hopefully we have enough time with Corrin to hit all issues, but if we are time limited... >>1633 Swapping my vote to option 2.
>>1636 Option 2. I also agree. All the charm won't help if our coffers are empty.
>>1631 I want to discuss them all, but if I can only choose one, then option 2.
>>1631 option 2
>2 votes for option one, hear specifics of how to handle warfare. >5 votes for option two, bring up the money situation. >1 vote for option three, ask about the relationship with the Church. Ask Corrin for ideas about bringing more money into Ruhemania, through diplomacy or anything else. Poll closed. Update soon.
You really need to address the money issue. Corrin was present at the meeting, so he knows the overview, if not the finer details. You segue into the subject by mentioning trade, with Elbania. Would any trade, in the immediate term, bring in money? You've heard certain roads would need to be repaired first. Corrin just nods his head. "Exact terms would need to be written up. That would be a delicate procedure, Your Majesty. Besides the issue of roads, and the reconstruction thereof, and who would be responsible." Of course. ...What if you were to just outright ask Elbania for money, you ask? Does he anticipate that going well? Corrin casts his eyes downward. "No." ...He says it with a respectful lilt in his voice. It's perhaps the shortest, most direct statement Corrin has ever made. But, it doesn't give you a solution. You thank Corrin for the reality of the situation... but you can't hide it from your advisors. The coffers are really yearning for more coin. And the situation with the money-lenders won't help. Corrin takes a short little breath. "Just to understand, Your Majesty, you're asking me to provide options, not to make a decision... is that correct?" --Oh, that's a dangerous question. Corrin's saying if you ask him to make a decision on how to solve your crisis, you're implicitly telling him being King is too hard and you want him to be King and make decisions instead. Corrin's in a leadership role, certainly, but he shouldn't be running the country. You cough. You're not at all asking him to make a decision. You are purely wanting options. Is there a diplomatic solution to the money problem? And in an immediate sense? Corrin spends some time considering. It's clear he's deep in thought. Finally, he opens his mouth. "...There is, but only under certain circumstances." What's that, you say? "The closest party that has money is the Church. It may be possible to use the money the church has." Ah. So, begging from the church. Corrin nods. "But, I don't anticipate the Church is willing to simply drop coin in your lap. You would have to show a clear need for it. On the basis of addressing the suffering of the people." For example, if there was a harsh winter coming, the Church may be willing to give you money to build shelter for your peasants. Or for you to purchase food stores from other parts of the country. "But, I don't see the Church as willing to take on your debt. This would be a last-ditch, no other options available effort, Your Majesty. If the Church knows you have money, they will likely say you should handle it yourself."  So in order to take full advantage of this generosity... it would be better to truly be bankrupt. Meaning, you'd have to continue to pay the money-lenders in full, on their own terms with the 'missed payment' penalty. It will leave you with absolutely no coin in your coffers for a year, but the Church will help you in emergencies. At least it means Camilla and Ricardo were wrong when they told you that you would have no money to respond to a crisis and would simply need to let it happen. ... It's something. You try to take comfort from the fact that if the people truly needed help, you could provide it, even if it meant relying on the Church. You have also outright given money to the church as 'gratitude'. Don't they owe you? Corrin licks his lips. "Of course, this would also require the support of the court Chaplain, to make the plea on your behalf, along with my diplomats, of course." Oh. That shouldn't be a problem. Father Tomas... he likes you. More importantly, Sister Kiara and Sister Rosette like you. You'll just have to stay on their good sides. All right. It's your only option. You'll tell Corrin to make all preparations to do that, if it becomes necessary. Corrin nods. "I'm sorry I couldn't provide a better solution." Right. In any case... you should continue with your meeting. You think. He's indirectly answered how your relations with the Church are right now: positive. As long as you keep Father Tomas around your finger, it'll stay that way, most likely. What to ask next? Choice time: 1. Wait. What about the 'free people'? They have coin. You know. You gave them some. 2. Ask about Robin's ideas for war and how exactly that should be coordinated with diplomacy. 3. This is enough for now. End the meeting.
>>1651 Option 2. Left hand, right hand, as I said before.
Option 2 >>1653 Indeed
>>1651 Option 2
>>1651 Option 2. The free people might not come around in time to spend money back into our coffers soon enough, so let's ask about Robin's ideas.
Option 2
>5 votes for option two, bring up Robin's plans for war and what Corrin thinks of them via diplomacy. Bring up Robin's plans for war. Poll closed. Update soon.
Going back to what Corrin said before. What about the cooperation he talked about? That between his sister and himself. The military and diplomacy. Both moving lock-step, arm-in-arm, as it is. Does he think that his subtle art can combine with Robin's iron fist, as it is? Corrin sort of half-nods. "That is indeed feasible, if certain conditions are met. I'm sure my sister is aware she can't simply march into Elbania. At least not in a way she would prefer." He gives a short little laugh and shakes his head. "But if coordination of troop raising and declarations of war could be combined, it would give us a very solid weapon. That would be: surprise." He strokes the side of his clean-shaven face. "The only sensitive matter is that obtaining such a premise would take time and could be unpredictable. Or imprecise." He starts to repeat things you already know. You can't just declare war on Elbania, march in, and take their land. The Church will never recognize it. All followers are supposed to be in harmony and not to fight like savages, especially nobility who are divinely chosen by God to rule. However... a fight over succession or a rightful possession of land would be permissible. If a fabrication that you actually have a claim to be the 'Duke of Wherever' is uncovered, then you are technically speaking, the correct God-given owner of that land. You're free to fight for it... or not. That's secular business and the Church won't interfere. "In other words, I would need to create such... evidence, that perhaps Ruhemania's King has a vague claim to a parcel of Elbanian territory. It would then be possible to start a long march." However, that won't let you take over the Kingdom and kick Elbania's Queen out. You'd only get the same land you originally claimed. Even if you killed the Queen, her inheritance would stay in her line and pass to a relative. Ah, yes. And King Vlad's solution was to meticulously capture every single last land holder and their relative and just start executing until there was no one in their family line left. ...That would have surely included children. Your stomach twists at the thought. "There is only one other circumstance, Your Majesty, and it is all impractical, expensive, and impossible to predict." That is, begging the Pope to declare Elbania's Queen to excommunicate her. Since she would technically no longer be a follower of the Church, you could then just openly declare war. "Though, if you care to hear, I shall elaborate on my previous points on why that's a bad idea." First, it would take a lot of money to persuade the Pope to do something like that, without evidence. With the state of the treasury, they would never have that much money. Second, even if there was evidence, it could be dismissed anyway as not worth the Pope's attention. That perks your attention. --So, if perhaps, the Queen was dabbling in, for example, witchcraft... the Pope wouldn't care, you ask? Corrin gives an amused little sound. "This is only the conjecture of one man, Your Majesty, but witchcraft as it's known right now... it would likely be tolerated. If the Queen of Elbania was simply saying a few curious words to herself for good luck, or even had charms to protect her, that's rather harmless, isn't it?" --Ah. You also understand the unsaid implication. You have a witch in your castle, and she has a voice in your council. Everyone considers her a harmless little superstitious woman. They have probably even assumed, correctly, that you fancy her. ...Though, what you share with Mania goes much beyond "fancying" her. Your love for her, and vice-versa is much beyond physical... you would hold her tight to you, no matter what Father Tomas would say. Or even the Pope. Would you truly face the prospect of being excommunicated for your love? --It's a silly question. It will never come to that. Corrin continues in his discussion about hypotheticals. "However, I can imagine if it became serious, it would be more noticeable." For example, the Queen encouraging her nobles to take up superstition, or perhaps even calling for human sacrifices. "Even then, there wouldn't be a guarantee that it would bring about excommunication," says Corrin. ... Hold on, you say. The Queen of Elbania could be actively practicing witchcraft, sharing and encouraging her beliefs, and even sacrificing people to some dark God... and the Church wouldn't care? Corrin gives a nervous laugh. "Excommunication is a very big step, and it's unlikely the Queen of Elbania is that brazen. It's all a 'what if?'. However, I can call to mind one situation that would absolutely excommunicate the Queen. In a very hasty, direct, and vindictive manner. One in which war with them would even be... rewarded. Perhaps." This you just have to hear. You're between being shocked and aghast. What would be so much worse than that? "..." Corrin lowers his voice. He lowers it despite Venti's music still being played without a stop. "If the Queen of Elbania were to challenge the Church's teachings, and suggest their interpretation of the basic principles that guide Church morals is wrong... they would move. And move quickly." ... Oh. Yes. Yes, indeed. That would threaten the Church's entire power base, if it spread. In other words, what the Church would look to put down so vehemently would not be superstition... ...it'd be heresy. Corrin smacks his lips, apparently even speaking the word made him tense. "Ah, but there are no signs of that, Your Majesty. It would require some Church official supplying them with their own interpretation, after all. No indication of anything like that." Right. Okay, it sounds like you have two options. --At least when it comes to war. Peace and providing an heir to their throne would be possible, if take decades. You tell him you understand. You thank Corrin for all options. Corrin nods, a smile on his face. "It's my pleasure, Your Majesty." --Oh, wait. One more thing. You had to bring up a subject to him. You had almost forgotten, among all the talk of high-stakes relationships between countries. Corrin looks interested. "It is my role to consider all of your thoughts and plans, Your Majesty." Yes. Yes it is. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
It's not exactly a whim you've had, but something very 'far-sighted' a notion, you say. Something in a very, very distant horizon. Your Father will die, someday. That means you will inherit his titles and land. --Well, you hardly need to explain how inheritance works to Corrin. But, Virilia is far. Furthermore, you have a brother. A younger brother, a brother whose demeanor is one of acquiescence, but a brother nonetheless. His name is Albert. You thought it may be appropriate to invite him to Your own Castle Valachia.  You know. Keep an eye on him. You don't need to say more than that. To admit you were afraid of Albert just outright taking the titles and land because you're too far away to stop him would be admitting a weakness. Corrin seems to have realized this, as he simply nods. "There may be some merit to that, Your Majesty. It wouldn't be impossible to get a message that far, or even passage... if your Father in your native Virilia will pay for it." ... You're not entirely sure about that. "Ah. Perhaps he'll see the wisdom in your invitation to your dear brother? He may even approve." ...Oh. Ohh. Yes, a possible internal power struggle is not what your Father would want when it comes to the dukedom he leaves behind. It could even possibly leave it open to attacks from outside. "It's up to you, Your Majesty. I can put the invitation out now, or I can wait until whenever you like. Or... of course, not at all." You nod. This seems like a simple enough notion. In that case... >Choice time: 1. Yes, pen an invitation for Albert to come to Ruhemania, as soon as possible. 2. Perhaps hold off until the situation with your money troubles and Elbanian relations are dealt with. 3. On second thought, maybe you'll just wait until your Father dies before considering it again. 4. ... It's pointless to worry about Albert. Regarding Virilia, whatever happens, happens. Leave it to fate.
Option 2.
>>1806 Option two
>>1806 Option two.
>>1806 Option 2. That said, even if it's not "on-screen", where possible I'd like to continue correspondence with Albert. It isn't the same as talking face to face, but there's a lot of bridges to be rebuilt there- or built for the first time. I certainly don't expect to see transcripts of every letter between the two or anything of the sort, but it would be nice if Ed puts in a little effort to improve things with his little brother.
>>1806 Option 2. Hadn't considered the fact it would cost money to summon Albert. Echoing ButtDestiny's note to maintain contact however.
Option two, and I will also put in for maintaining contact, though I'm not sure if it needs to be said. Hope you're doing well Aristo!
>6 votes for option two, put off the idea, but maintain contact for now. Keep your options open until you get Ruhemania's affairs in order. You tell Corrin you need some time to consider it. After all... things are going to be busy here, for a while. You tell Corrin if you have time, you'll write a personal letter to send to your brother, if not an invitation, yet. At any rate, it's a small consideration. You're sure you've given Corrin more important things to do. Corrin simply smiles. "I would never complain when it comes to doing your will, Your Majesty." Heh. You wonder if Corrin had time to read Ricardo's book in the period you were 'resting'. You nod and tell Corrin you look forward to hearing that the offer for you to visit Elbania has been accepted. If she won't even agree to that... then it's clear their country has problems. "Indeed. One that could, say, require a response from a neighbor. Purely in the interest of alleviating the situation." Heh. Purely. You think you made a good choice putting Corrin in charge. He's a man who knows how to hold secrets. As long as those secrets aren't from you. At any rate... You stand, and with final pleasantries, depart Corrin's 'workshop' so to speak. You have to think about what you want to do next. Somehow you feel like you spent months in there, just considering your plans for diplomacy. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.
​Your ears tell you what to do before your tired brain. Of course, Venti is nearby. And playing music. And would be ready to beg you for your seed. ...Hm. Although, given you know Corrin set up his office where it is purposefully, doesn't that mean if the music stops, he will know Venti is distracted? And it'd be obvious by what. Going to have sex with Venti now is telling Corrin what you're doing. In fact, if the 'acoustics' are so particular, he might even hear every detail. Even thrust. Every thing you say. --Though, that's hardly new. You had sex so loud with Tharja, people knew you were doing it from your first day in Castle Valachia. And Venti is hardly quiet herself. Are you really going to give up? A comfortable middle-ground could be just leading her somewhere else. Corrin would know Venti stopped playing her instrument, but he wouldn't hear your love making. --Though the maids would see you taking Venti through the halls. You ponder how much to consider this conundrum you've conjured for yourself. >Choice time: 1. Who cares? Corrin will probably even leave his room to give you privacy. Find Venti and embrace her right there.​​ 2. Slight amount of precaution. Find Venti, then lead her to another room. 3. Walk away from Venti for now and do something else.
>>1817 Option 2. I'm sure Ed wants to make sure Venti's good and bred, but there's no reason we can't show an iota of respect to Corrin on this one.
>>1817 Option 2 would be most modest.
Option 2.
Option 2. We may be a Mad Rutting Beast, but at least we are a beast with a sense of decorum. May our nickname be used with a chuckle, instead of disgust.
>>1817 Option two. Why not.
(182.59 KB 586x999 Venti_tempting.jpeg)
>5 votes for option two, pull Venti to another room. Show a tiny bit of discretion and take Venti to a different room. If you're being loud and people overhear, that's one thing. Those people can probably move on, or at least they won't be up close to hear every detail. But now that you know of Corrin and his special 'acoustics,' he will both not be able to move, and he'll know every word you utter. Every thrust against the mattress. Possibly even the sound of the slap of your bodies. You'll go into Venti's room and escort her somewhere else. ... You find Venti's room through sound and push it open. You're so eager, you actually make her jump in shock, startling her mid-pluck of her lyre's string. "Oh, Sire!" You step over and take her hand. Venti... You reach your face down in a slight bow while bringing her hand to your lips. You would very much like her company. Venti immediately smiles. "If that's what you like, then..." She begins to flash her leg. You wave your other hand to pause that. Not here, you say. Somewhere else. She blinks, and you're practically lifting her to her feet. ... You feel like you're perhaps being too headstrong with Venti. You took her by the hand and led her out the door with her barely being able to have time to set her instrument down properly. But, you're very interested in getting her pregnant. Moreover, Venti has picked up on it. She's cuddling around your arm with it touching her chest as you walk. "Oh, Your Majesty... if you're that worked up, why not right here in the hallway?" ...Aaaah. The true torture that comes from of her little tease is that you are worked up, and you consider it for a brief moment of insanity. But, no. That sort of rumor that you would do that would just be too much. And, who knows? Sister Rosette or Sister Kiara might see. That'd hardly be a good way of endearing yourself to the nuns with such a public display of sin. You ponder your options. You've pulled her away from the immediate hallway. Those all could have the same problem of filtering noise back to Corrin. But, where do you take her, then!? The closest area would be in the rooms used by the maids for cleaning. There's some right nearby. But whether you run into a closet, a sewing room, or a washroom is up to fate. You could drag her up the entire length of your castle stairs to fuck her in your tower. Or, you could maybe chance Tharja's room or even her library. Would Tharja herself be there? You know she'd likely love an opportunity to 'help'... Your mind is coming up with blanks for other places. But you must pick one. Between Venti's teasing and your own urge to impregnate, you really are getting the urge to just put her on the floor. So before you do that... >Choice time: 1. A random room. It doesn't matter which. Just head into the closest door. 2. Your tower. Safe and no worries if you're loud. She may even enjoy the novelty. 3. Tharja's wing. You can see if her library or her bed is ready. Tharja may even join in. 4. ...No, you can't help yourself. Right on the floor. Give in.
>>1823 Option 3. Safe, more assured comfort, no stairs to climb, and the wife hasn't had a chance to do anything with Venti yet, so giving her an opportunity here sounds good to me.
>>1823 Option three.
>>1823 Option one. If we encounter some maids, they can join in.
Option three. Safety and spice in equal measure. Besides, nothing wrong with letting Venti in on just how our queen operates.
Option 1.
>>1139 Fucking why? You guys are such subs I swear. You're afraid to play a king.
>>1829 Please. Emotional reactions are fine, but they should be taken to the chat thread. https://pregchan.com/c/res/36.html Please continue to vote.
>>1823 Option 3.
>2 votes for option one, take her to any random room. >4 votes for option four, take her to Tharja's room. Drag Venti to Tharja's wing. You decide Tharja's wing of the castle is probably best. You walk and walk, and Venti even spares you a 'where are we going, Your Majesty?' but it goes unanswered. As do the looks of the many maids you pass by, their eyes full of jealousy as they realize what you're leading Venti off to do. You even think you hear some impatient sighs. ...Too late for that. The two guards in front of Tharja's wing see you, salute, and step aside before you can order them to. It's clear you're in a hurry. Venti for her part almost seems to be enjoying herself, now. She even chances a little tease at the guards. 'Oh nooo, His Majesty has plans for me!' You occupy yourself by taking a torch to light your way. You'll let her have her fun. It's nothing new. You get to the hallway and realize... the candles aren't lit. That usually means Tharja is gone. Which will mean her room is locked. You go to pull the door to the library door open instead, finding it empty. Good. However, as you're about to enter, Venti puts her hands on the doorframe. "Um... Your Majesty. Do you really mean to partake in the Act in this library?" ...Eeeengh. You choke back a whine of frustration. Okay. Venti isn't up for a tryst in the dark library. Wonderful. ...Maybe Tharja is just sleeping? You shut the door to the library, moving further down the hallway. Your hand goes for the door handle to turn it open. It turns and you press the door open, revealing the inside of Tharja's room. ... Huh. That's odd. Tharja isn't in here. It only strikes you once you're inside how strange this is. Tharja locks her door when she leaves her room. But, she didn't now? Come to think of it, did you see her lock or unlock the door when you last met? Where is she, then? ... While you stand there puzzled, Venti lets herself inside. "Ooh." She immediately takes in the surroundings. The state of Tharja's bed. Her things. Some of her clothes. "Your Majesty! Isn't this your wife's personal bedroom?" There's a very naughty lilt to the way she says it. ...It is, you admit. There's nothing else to say. Venti looks incredibly excited at your admittance. She practically hops from the bed back over to you. "Scandalous... you're so enamored with me, you wanted to do me in your wife's own bed." ... Whoa. Venti is giving you exceptionally lustful eyes at the moment. Your brain manages to piece two and two together as to just why. Venti... likes the idea of you cheating on Tharja. "This may be perhaps the most brazen act in the world, Your Majesty. The most bawdy song of adultery would never engage with the concept of the man using his wife's bed for the Deed." ...Wow. That's definitely not how your relationship with Tharja is. Tharja long ago told you to impregnate anyone you saw fit and even directly helped you many times. But, Venti hasn't seen that. Moreover, if you remember correctly... the main thing that made Venti so enthusiastic about sex with you was when you promised her a lifetime appointment to your court as castle bardess. It's very possible this is that feeling elevated by a thousand. That if you're willing to 'cheat' on your wife with her, she's practically your Mistress. --That role is claimed by Beatrice, but still. ... Saying that you love your wife and don't like her implication will absolutely kill the mood. She may just walk out. But, perhaps you can feed her this fantasy, at least temporarily. It might even be fun? It surely looks like Venti will have fun. You desperately love your wife, but this sort of fantasy... do you like it? >Choice time: 1. Tell Venti you love your wife... but you love making love in her bed without her knowing even more. (Play into a cheating fantasy.) 2. Gently tell Venti you love your wife. And she loves knowing you take many lovers to bed, even hers. (Slowly guide Venti out of her misconception.)
>>1832 Option 2. Cheating/NTR doesn't really do it for me, and if Tharja DOES turn up mid-coitus, things might get awkward.
I would lean into the fantasy a little, but as pointed out we don't know where exactly Tharja is, and for all we know she'll show up any second and we don't need Venti freaking out over it. Option 2. Venti should know that Tharja is fine with this...but if she thinks THIS is bawdy, she is in for quite the surprise...
>>1832 Option one. We have played with many other fantasies, why not this one?
>>1832 >>1834 Having read what my fellow players have said, I'd like to modify my response slightly. Option 2 still, but with the twist of somehow letting Venti know that yeah, Tharja's okay with all this, she doesn't know we're using her bed this time, and if Venti wants to play like we're having an illicit tryst, we can play into that too- at least unless and until Tharja turns up. ...also if possible let's light one of the candles outside her room so she'll have a hint that we're in here.
Option one. But we plan for Tharja to 'catch' us later after we brief her and get her opinion. Took me a bit to decide, for it already feels like we messed up the mood by making her wait (I underestimated the distance to Tharja's wing with the last vote). And while I would like to be truthful, I don't want to make things worse with Venti than they already are (though it's probably not too bad? Darn anxiety and lack of social skills).
>>1832 Option 2, but I also like Butt's idea of kinda telling the "whole" truth to Venti.
>>1832 Option 2
>>1832 Option 1 To keep the mood since Venti is very clearly aroused by the idea of her being our secret mistress. But we should let her know after the fact that Tharja is aware/encourages us to impregnate other women.
>>1832 Option one please
>>1832 Option 1, I hope the choice doesn't bite us in the back.
Option 1. But make it clear after coitus that it was just a fantasy and set her straight where we stand with Tharja.
>6 votes for option one, indulge in the fantasy of cheating. >4 votes for option two, guide Venti out of the misconception. Indulge in the cheating fantasy to satisfy Venti and keep the mood. Poll Closed. Update soon.
You have to look at your position logically. There is no way you're convincing Venti, right now, that your wife would be happy with this situation. She'll just arch her eyebrows and say something bawdy. So... might as well dive in and swim. You are indeed dedicated to your wife, you say. However... you enjoy impregnating the entire castle much more. And Venti is extra special. You were dreaming of waking up to her pregnant the entire time you were 'asleep'. That her belly wasn't round with your child was a dear mistake. One you will now fix. Venti's lips part in surprise. What you're saying is really making her heart flutter. It's suddenly beyond mere teasing. That's why... You pounce on her, pressing your lips to hers in a short, passionate kiss, before drawing back. That's why you're going to make it especially memorable. You're going to fuck her pregnant, right on the same bed your wife sleeps on every night. The same bed you used to sire your own heir with. "..." Shivers go up and down Venti's spine. It's clear that your crude language and dominating actions have gotten her attention. She looks as though her heart is about to leap into her throat. "...Take me," she whispers. Heh. Of course. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.​
(152.67 KB 850x1360 Venti-begging.jpg)
It's a complete and total reversal of Venti's initial behavior. It was comparatively a long time ago, but, you never forget taking a woman's first time. When you're blessed with it. Venti had played the tease and given you a cat and mouse game for what seemed like hours, to the point of desperation, before she took your sweet words and allowed them to work their magic. Spreading her legs after assurances you wouldn't abandon her and that she mattered. Now... Venti hungrily kissing you. Venti hurriedly, to the point of anger, stripping herself and you out of your sets of clothes. Venti murmuring like a love-struck girl that she wants your baby. "Please, Majesty, give me your baby...!" Your loins burning with fire you know won't be quenched with anything but burying your dick inside her slick folds. Venti almost pulls you on top of her as you struggle to get your arms situated comfortably. Her eyes are screwed shut in ecstasy as your hips align. Your cock slipping through her sheathe with an ease that surprises you. Her arms reach around your back and grab, to the point her fingernails dig into your skin. It burns. But, you're too excited to care. You start drilling Venti into the mattress as she squeaks with pleasure at every thrust. Her moans fill the room. Accompanied by your own grunting. "Harder, Majesty! I need your baby inside me. Please give me your seed!" Your heart is thumping in your ears and your eyes locked on Venti's face, even as her generous breasts bounce. Indeed, your movements are becoming violent. So much so you feel positively feral. "I love this! I love all of this! Harder, please! Make me swell..." Harder!? You're already doing it so fast your abs are aching! You're thrusting as fast and as deep as you can with Venti's legs wrapped and locked behind you. You can feel his pussy as it rubs against your skin and you're sure she's orgasmed already. More than once. And she's still going. But, you continue, of course. All pain is supplanted by the feeling of pure, raw sex. Of fulfilling your biological need. Of knowing you'll be giving Venti her child she's begging for. That soon she'll be a mother. And then, again. "I want you, only you. Get me pregnant..." "Knock me up..." "Make me pregnant..." "Make me pregnant!" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggh! In an amazing show of strength you weren't expecting to show, you slam your hips into Venti and cum inside her. Your orgasm is intense. Perhaps the strongest you've felt, even including all the girls in the orgy. Though, for those, you had to pace yourself. There was no pace. Not with Venti. Just the urge to breed, breed, breed. She squeezes you tight. With her whole body. Not just her limbs, but her pussy too. You're still thrusting as you continue to blow your entire load. You've lost track of how much your groin has convulsed, but it's reached the point you're just rocking back and forth and enjoying the friction now. Until finally... you're done. You can't do it anymore. You feel like you've sprinted around the entire castle multiple times. You completely lose yourself, all the while Venti is still arching her back, pressing her breasts against your face. Soft. Supple. Warm. And then, with a loud, satisfied sigh, she comes down with you and bounces on the bed.
(361.31 KB 850x1202 Venti-bigsmile.jpg)
You hear a very loud crunching sound. It only occurs to you that it's wood after a few seconds have passed. Oh no... "Aaah!" More crunching plays throughout the room, accompanied by Venti's started little scream, and then Tharja's bed breaks. You let out an 'ooph' sound, but more from surprise than pain. Tharja's bed wasn't that high, but... ...You think all four posts have collapsed. Moreover, the mattress is sagging. This is... this is unrepairable. You don't know much about carpentry, or woodworking, or anything else,  but you can't imagine the splints that must have occurred to bring this about. You both didn't weigh that much! But, you can't deny you were moving with such fury. It's not impossible this would have resulted. ... You look down at Venti who is... smiling devilishly. "Oh no~. We broke your wife's bed." Her eyes light up with delicious glee. "Whatever shall we do? How will we hide this, Your Majesty?" Rather than true panic or concern, her tone and facial expression is one of a proud cat that caught a canary. Smile wide enough to show all of her teeth. ... This utter minx. She planned this. Or at least, she wanted it. She wanted it very badly. Oh, boy. Was she trying to break up your marriage?? Well... Too bad. You kiss Venti. Right on the lower lip. She's worth it, you whisper to her. "..." Venti's eyes grow wide with shock and true panic. "Um... but..." Oh, she wasn't expecting this part? You can't help but add your own masculine little chortle. It'll be fine, you say. You'll both just go and explain to your wife, the Princess, that you had a lovely session of breeding on her bed. You're sure she wouldn't have minded. Venti's eyes start blinking. You can see the moisture gathered. "Ahaha... surely, surely we can, um... maybe we can fix it?" ...You laugh. All right, you don't need to scare her anymore, even if her little stunt was... misguided. It's fine, you say. This wouldn't be the first time you've had sex with Tharja in her room. She's given you blanket permission. In fact, she loves it. Venti's lips turn to a startled 'o' of surprise. "She loves it? Truly?" You nod. Though it's the first time you've broken her bed. It'll be fine. It's not like you can't take her up to sleep with you in your tower. ...Though you're a bit concerned with that 'stunt', you say. How was she expecting Princess Tharja to react? Was she hoping for something nefarious? You give Venti a serious look, which makes her squeak. "I'm sorry! It just... it just sounded too delicious in my head. A spur of the moment thought of us leaving behind evidence. M-Maybe not that big, but I'd never actually want to come between you both!" --All right. You'll believe her. But if she wants the fantasy of Tharja being a 'jilted lover,' it had better be in a much safer way. One that doesn't destroy the castle's furniture. Her cheeks stretch wide in a grimace, her face flushed with embarrassment. "Yes, Your Majesty. I swear, I'm ashamed of getting so caught up in it, now." You nod. That's the proper sentiment under the circumstances. You'll leave it at that. No real punishment needed. You've done plenty of... careless things, in your pursuit of knocking girls up. You really can't blame her. Besides, you can't punish a girl you just came inside. A girl you must admit, just gave you the fucking of your life. At least in recent memory. You'll consider the bed creaking and breaking as something akin to Venti bowing after a performance and money being offered by the crowd. Or, rather, the crown. On second thought, with Virilia's money situation, you're sure it'll be better to let Tharja or Beatrice fix this. Venti can just wonder at how it repaired itself. ...Though, one last thing, you say to Venti. She blinks her cute eyes up at you. "What is it, Your Majesty?" Does Venti truly and totally want her baby from you? "..." You feel her body melt underneath you, and then she reaches her lips to kiss yours in a loud little smack. "More than anything." ...Ah. That's all the reassurance you need. You'll settle this later. But, as for now... you're too exhausted to even pull out. Despite the lopsided position and the fact you're lying in a broken bed. It takes whole minutes for you to let your muscles recover, and even then only slowly do you draw yourself out. Unfortunately, the weird angle on the incline you're now in leaves your semen to dribble out. But, that's fine. There's plenty more where that came from. You roll over and let Venti settle her head in the crook of your neck, cuddling together as you both start to doze. Surely she's as worn out as you after all that intense breeding. She must surely be as sore as you. Your eyes flutter and you feel sleep overtake you as you settle into a nap with Venti in your arms. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
You start to stir. You wonder how long you dozed off. You're not sure how much time has passed. It's Tharja's room, there's no windows, after all. Either way, it hasn't done your body any favors with the bed broken as it is. Along with the exertion. Venti is still making soft breathing sounds. A hand on your chest. It's unbelievably cute. A thought strikes you. You want to touch her beautiful soft hair. You raise a hand, but stop mid-motion. You hear vibrations... foot-steps? Ah. You don't have time to react before Tharja opens her door. She lets out a gasp as she sees you on the bed with Venti. "Husband!?" she cries out. The noise disturbs Venti, who sees Tharja in the doorway and positively squeals in fright. "I... I can explain, Your Highness!" ...Heh. There is no 'explanation' that isn't the obvious conclusion. They were both having rough sex until the bed physically broke. Either Venti's forgotten in her dazed state your words that Tharja likes this sort of thing, or she's just having a gut-reaction to seeing her in the flesh, talking to her. ...Hm. This gives you a good opportunity, doesn't it? Turnabout is fair play. What if you were to tell Tharja you were seduced by Venti? You're a victim of her feminine wiles. Venti insisted on doing it right on Tharja's bed. Play it up a little that Venti wanted to cheat, not just have sex. --You'll give Tharja a little wink to let her know to play along, of course. It could be interesting. It could make it more 'real' and pleasurable for her. The danger. Or, maybe you should cut the theatrics short and shush Venti. Save explaining Venti's 'cheating' fantasy to Tharja for later when you're both alone. At any rate, Venti seems to be getting a bit tongue-tied. You should decide how you want to handle it. Choice time:​ 1. Continue the 'cheating' fantasy and play up to Tharja that you were an innocent victim of Venti's wiles, giving her a little nod and wink that it's just a game. 2. Shut it down before Tharja starts inventing her own theories and explain the situation honestly.
>>1979 Option two
>>1979 Option 2 As amusing as option 1 could be, I see too much chance of it backfiring with either our wife or our bardess. Best to be open and honest, build Venti's trust in us more. Probably not a bad idea to let Tharja know that Venti is into the cheating play, though might be better to save that for a private conversation with wifey.
Option 2.
Option two.
Nah son. King. Do king shit. Option 1. King
Option 1
Option 2 As interesting as it would be to keep the act up, I sense it would be better to give up and explain things later. Also I'm not sure how good Tharja's acting skills are (hell, she might not even be able to keep a straight face past being told Edward was the one being seduced rather than the other way around).
>>1979 Nah, Venti's scare is enough. Option 2
>>1979 Option two. Venti's probably afraid Tharja will throw her out for this, so let's shut it down and apologize for adding another expense to the drained coffers.
>>1979 Option two.
>2 votes for option one, continue to escalate the situation by playing that Venti seduced you. >8 votes for option two, just address the situation honestly and end the scene. Calm down Venti and openly explain things to Tharja. Poll closed. Update soon.
(637.80 KB 512x768 Venti-Panic.png)
All right, all right. Enough high tension for Venti. You bring up your hands and tell Tharja not to worry. You were... borrowing her bed, without permission, and it just happened to break under the force of it all. ... Venti seems panicked that you're even saying that much. But you watch Tharja's expression go from shocked to subdued rather quickly. "Oh... this was the only spot available?" she asks, tilting her head. ...Well, you were in a sort of hurry. You just wanted it to be private, and half expected Tharja to be here when you arrived. "I see." She gives Venti a once-over. "Well, if you're done, could she leave so we can talk?" You feel bad just 'dismissing' Venti like this, but you give her a look and she sort of nods.​ "May I... get dressed?" You hold back a snort of a laugh. Of course she can. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
Venti gets dressed in the middle of the room. She does it so quickly she actually stands between you and Tharja. You almost want to command her to do it in a corner, but you don't think she could bear the shame of being corrected. Nor do you want to startle her into tripping. That, and... the view of her backside is very appealing. The crevasse of her arse gives you the notion she could stand to be bent over at some later date. She leaves the room with a little squeak of a goodbye, but is stuck on what titles to address you with. She disappears and you let it go. That leaves you alone with Tharja, with you still nude and reclining on her broken bed. ...Well. That's Venti, you say. A true beauty in many ways. "..." Tharja looks at you with an ambivalent little expression. "Husband, I really am glad you're having fun, and all women deserve your seed, but... I'd rather they not destroy my bedroom to get it." ... You understand. Your strategy of trying to lighten the mood runs its course, so you fall back on at least letting Tharja know you took it a little too far. But, you didn't know it'd turn out like this. Can she repair it, discreetly? Tharja replies that surely Beatrice could do so, so she'll ask her. "But, remember how I said I wanted this to be an altar to your masculinity, Edward?" ...Wow. That's a bit far back. You think you remember Tharja saying something like that. Tharja's memory must truly be perfect. Or perhaps she just wrote it down because it involved you? Your thoughts are interrupted as she goes on. "I think I would like to keep it as an altar for us and between girls we've both been intimate with." ...Ah. You get the implication. Ideally, the ones Tharja has initiated by shaving their pussy bare for you. --You're honestly not sure if Venti would like that. She seems to be more focused on you than other women you're with. But, you'll keep that in mind in case you think about taking any other girls to Tharja's bed. All right. So, if you're going to use Tharja's bed for sex, it should be with a girl properly 'initiated'. Tharja nods, and clarifies that ideally she'd like to be present, or at least aware of the situation. That settles that. Come to think of it, where was Tharja? And why was her door unlocked? You've never seen that before. You know she has a key. Tharja gives a little laugh. "These maids are all obedient, Edward. The days of a certain maid trying to break in are long over. Besides, there's nothing really worth discovering anymore. ...Ah. Meaning she must have moved any tools she uses for magic away to a different room. You suppose you don't need to know the specifics. It's easier to meet Tharja without her door locked anyway. At any rate... after all that exertion, you're feeling hungrier than usual. You invite Tharja to join you back to the sitting room for your midday meal. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
It's not a silent walk to the sitting room. Tharja has news for you. "They couldn't find you, so they came to me. They want to execute Oana as soon as possible now that you've decided. Robin asked for another council meeting to be arranged to talk about the specifics." Where it'll be held. The method. What to do with her body. Anything miscellaneous besides. "That'll be tomorrow and then the day after, the actual execution... they'll be happy not to have to feed her or keep her caged anymore." --You can understand that. It can't be pleasant for her or the guards. You have no objection. Indeed, it's probably better you do have everyone's consensus with you. You're dealing with someone who attempted to kill a King. You have to make that a statement. Even if it's an old woman. Tharja squeezes your arm. "Also, there's a very special girl who wants to meet you after our meal, Edward. At the soldier's barracks." ...Really? Tharja grins, but says no more. You're tempted to pry for more information, but you'll let Tharja be coy about it. It's probably Robin. Or... Noi? Or maybe a female soldier you haven't met. Maybe even more than one... Your imagination has something to occupy your brain as you trace steps to the sitting room. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
Your meal with Tharja and Beatrice in the sitting room is uneventful. You're more concerned with the execution and the council meeting. You're thankful Tharja told you about that before the meal, rather than try to fit it in as 'small talk.' You watch the taster closely to make sure he gets every morsel, including the spice, which he does. You can't help but suffer a bout of paranoia. Not just about poison, either. Tharja and Beatrice still openly carry their magic books everywhere. Has the taster noticed? Does he think it strange? Does he not care? You know Tharja and Beatrice have the power to alter their books and make it look like whatever they want, with whatever contents they want, but... --No, it's not worth losing sleep over. You're reminded Robin herself carried a book around with her when you first met. She wouldn't part with it either, and it was an ordinary book. Even if the contents were like nothing you've ever seen or known. Robin, or someone else, is waiting to see you after your midday meal. You don't plan on doing anything else. Tharja, you imagine, will be quietly letting Beatrice know about her bed and ask her how to fix it. So you know what they'll be doing. The nuns will likely be in prayer, but you might be able to catch them. Sister Kiara expressed interest in meeting you. The rest... probably don't need micromanaging at the moment. You decide to simply let yourself enjoy being around Tharja and Beatrice. Their bellies are obvious and can't be hidden. It gives you something better to occupy your thoughts than paranoia. You frequently take a moment between bites to sneak peeks at their figures, outlined through their clothes. When you're all three done, you take the moment to hug both of them, one in each arm. The feeling of their growing swollen bumps against your body... bliss. "Aha. Enjoy it while it lasts, King," teases Beatrice. --Before the next baby is put in Beatrice's belly and it comes out swollen, you think, but you keep that retort to yourself. Tharja is simply happy to be embraced by you and arches her body into your touch. You let go with some reluctance as you leave the two witches to walk away together. Right. You... need to visit the barracks. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
You arrive at the barracks, and decide not to bother the soldiers in advance of finding Robin. You're directed to her and she says the girl you're looking for is in the part of the barracks you hadn't yet entered. The attached building next to the quarters. Robin is uncharacteristically close-lipped about it. She apologizes and says she's just reviewing some guard schedules and possible rotations. It's the saddest attempt at an excuse you've heard from her. But, unlike some military leaders you encountered before, you trust her. You follow the path to the building that awaits you.​
It's not until you get to the door that you notice something odd. The door frame is cut much taller than normal. You really have to push in order to get the door open. So, you put your weight into it. You can already guess why it's like this. You step into a room that is... not as large as the barracks, but it seems like it. There's a lot of empty space. As if set aside for future furniture about to be brought in. The room has its own hearth, and one corner is claimed. "King!" Noi says, rising from her bed. You make your way over to the one lonely inhabitant. You take her hand and kiss the back, ever gallant. Noi, despite her size and strength, blushes and turns away, smiling. It's such a feminine reaction from the giant girl. But, that's the whole point. To let her know she's special. Speaking of which... You tell Noi you received a request that a very special girl was waiting for your arrival. It must be very important. Noi lowers her eyes. "Yes, it is, King... please, gimme a moment to get my wits back." You nod. As you give her time, you can't help but think more about the purpose of this room. There's a living space for Noi. A bed, table, and place to hang a robe. A white robe like she was wearing earlier and that she wears now... It's obviously been specially tailored for her needs. Moreover, you notice the floor is a soft carpet to walk on, not cold stone or even wood. Ah. You think you get it. This is a future nursery. For pregnant women soldiers to rest in and later their children to be born in and raised. Your children. Noi is simply the first female soldier here. Lonely, but it seems to have encouraged Robin to make the room and furniture able to fit her needs rather than add it as an afterthought later. "...Ah, wondering about the room, huh?" Noi confirms what you deduced. She says she does a lot of personal exercises here to keep fit and strong, but she doesn't really socialize outside of meals and a few one-on-one practices. "I'll have more company when more girls are pregnant and my baby is born... right, King?" Heh. You can't help but grin. At any rate, you'll visit Noi when you have the chance, you promise. Noi nods. "The General says I should have lots and lots of kids... because they might turn out big, like me." --Ah. You can't argue with that logic, or Robin's sheer calculation, but the notion of Noi being a living womb from which will come future soldiers... It seems a little too calculating. You'll make it clear to Robin that if Noi's children don't want to serve in the army, they can find their own way in life. "So... King..." Noi bites her lip. Her expression looks a bit melancholy. The mood of your talk is taking a more serious direction. --Is there something wrong, you ask? She turns her head away, bringing up a wide hand to brush her hair away from her face. "They told me I'll be executing a prisoner soon." ... Even now?? You suppose it makes sense. Noi is still the strongest here, by far. Don't worry, you say. You'll get someone else to do it. It's not a job for a pregnant woman. Suddenly she turns back to you with her face panicked. "No, I want this! I want to punish the... bitch... who did that to you," she spits. ... All right. You've dealt with hormonal pregnant women, but one Noi's size is a first. And one you don't want to upset. You promise you'll keep Noi as executioner. She nods. "But, that's not all, King." What is it, then? You're really starting to wonder. You're glad to see Noi, but the message made it sound urgent. "..." Noi shuts her eyes and then faces you dead on. It's a tad intimidating when her belly forces you to stand back and she's craning her head down to see you. "They told me only the old witch is being executed. Not the bitch." ...Ah. You get it now. Margaret is the 'bitch'. Oana is the 'witch'. It makes sense. "I wanna know the truth, King. Everyone's saying it in the barracks. You're sparing the bitch because... because..." --Because why? You thought it was obvious. Because she's still pregnant. You don't want the innocent babe to suffer. He or she is sinless. Noi shakes her head, as if something has truly pained her heart. "They say it's yours! You're keeping her alive because she's carrying your kid!" ... Oh. Ohh... Oh. It's so obvious a conclusion, you're not even sure how to deny it. Everyone must know by now you love pregnant women and want to make more of them. And it's not like Margaret was pregnant before you arrived. And, who else would have done it? No one would suspect Ricardo, of all people. ...You have to settle this. At least with Noi. No, you say. The babe in her belly isn't yours. You watch as the anguished expression vanishes from Noi's face. "It isn't?" She blinks and you realize she's holding back tears. "Really?" No. And you want to make it clear, you would absolutely never lie about this. You never laid with that woman. If you had, your phallus would surely have frozen and broke off while inside her. That prompts a soft little laugh out of Noi. "Oh, thank God. Everyone just 'assumes' it is, or you would've executed her." They're wrong. It was purely consideration for the innocent. Once she gives birth, she will suffer the axe, or some other execution you decide on. You give Noi your word. And, as the babe is not yours, it won't be raised in the castle. It will be treated as an orphan. You ask her to believe: you would never treat your kin like that. Noi's eyes light up with reverence. "If it's as you say, I believe it, King." Good. As for rumors... well, there will always be rumors. You're not about to reveal the truth of the conspiracy and Ricardo's role. It can be a mystery as to who the real father is of Margaret's child. It won't matter once the babe is sent away, anyway. You're glad you could set Noi's heart at ease. She already looks much more relaxed. "Thanks, King. I really, really needed to hear that." ...Ah. You understand. Noi already knew, didn't she? That Margaret's babe wasn't your blood. Noi laughs, embarrassed. "I tried to stick up for you and most of the men just laughed." You appreciate it. You can't really blame soldiers for being soldiers though. At any rate, Noi knows the truth, and you're thankful she knew it in her heart, too. Noi blushes, nodding down at you again. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.
(732.83 KB 512x768 NoiConfession.png)
"King." Her voice is emotional. Perhaps even vulnerable. "There's one more thing." What is it, you ask? Noi purses her lips, you can see moisture around her eyes. "I've... I've found nothing but kindness and acceptance here since your injury, King. Part of it..." she stops, choking a soft sob before she goes on. "Part of it, I'm sure, was 'cause I'm carrying your kid, and everyone literally salutes your picture every day. But... I'm treated like a real human being. Like anyone else." She blinks her eyes. You can see reverence, even awe, directed toward you. "It's all thanks to you. All because of the kindness you showed me. From the moment we met. How you saw me beyond the giant muscles... You saw I was also a woman, underneath." ...You did. You'd like to think you've never looked down on a person. Especially for something they couldn't control. Especially for something unique and precious, and not ugly. Her cheeks blush as red as fire. You have no doubt it'd feel as hot as burning ember if you were to touch them. "Thank you," she says. Her voice, despite her frame, is meek. "That's why..." she starts to say. "That's why..." she repeats. Her eyes scrunch shut. Before she finds the courage to speak over her nerves. "I love you, King!" She takes a shallow breath. Several of them. "I've never felt like this before. So happy. When I think about you. When I heard you were going to recover, despite it all. When I knew your babe inside me would meet his Dad. When the Princess invited me into her circle of girls that include other aristocrats and even a maid." Noi's tears are flowing now. Eyes blinking rapidly as she tries to keep speaking. Keep speaking without her breaking up with emotion. "I love you... that's true to God." She looks down at you with her hands around her belly. Her muscles taut. Thick. Firm. Iron. Like her. "Is there room in your heart... for a giant girl like me?" she asks. ... Noi... It's beyond a doubt that you've done things for her that are priceless. Taking her to bed was the least of it. Paying off the man who she owed money was a smaller matter. You held her. You kissed her. You absolved her of her past misdeeds, and told her she didn't deserve how she was treated as a child, being mocked and scorned as a 'demon' to the point she had to run away. Then... you proved it, when she needed it the most. By physically running up the stage and shouting at the crowd to stop taunting her. There's no doubt you risked physical harm doing that. If your words hadn't moved the audience, there really was a possibility for a panic. Is... is this love? Does that mean you love her, though? Or was it just consideration that touched an overly fragile heart? A fragile heart hidden under so much muscle. ... You look into your heart and think about your own true feelings for her. Choice time. 1. Tell her she's already there. She's already there, in your heart. (Love Noi.) 2. Tell her what you have together will continue to grow over the years. (Do not love Noi.) Special note: Here we are, friends. The third "does Edward love a girl?" choice. Long-time readers will be familiar with what I'm about to outline, but I'll do so again to refresh our memories. Pros: 1. If Edward loves Noi, he will get the same stress-alleviation from spending time with her that he does with Tharja, and Mania. 2. Intimacy, sex, and seeing her pregnant will also bring Edward more joy. 3. Noi will never betray Edward or let him be harmed. (And since she is a soldier, she'll be more actively pursuing that.) But some caveats: 1. He'll be worried if he doesn't personally visit her now and again, but only if he's in the castle and has the freedom. (Not every day.) 2. You'll be locked out of choices that would hurt her feelings or betray her trust. 3. If something threatens her, you'll be locked into trying to protect her or shield her, somehow. This is not as strong or extreme as the "Love Tharja" choice, as nothing can replace Tharja. And similar to Mania, this does not mean she will enter into a jealous confrontation with Tharja either. Love is special and transcends these feelings, for the sake of the story and often real life. This does not also mean she'll be crushed emotionally, as Edward is very good at making women feel special. This is about his own feelings, and the will of the audience. Choose if Edward loves Noi, in addition to Tharja and Mania.​ This vote won't be repeated. If the vote is close, I may leave it up for longer.
>>2174 Option two. I don't think Edward has the same kind of connection with Noi that he has with Tharja or Mania (or even Beatrice if it ever comes to that). From a meta standpoint it would be nice to have her look out for us, but I don't think it's in character. She's a member of the harem and therefore dear to Edward, but nothing more.
>>2174 Option 2. Noi is special, and I'd argue that Ed does love her... the same as he loves any of the women in his harem. But I don't think she's at the same level as Tharja or Mania at all. I'm sure Ed loves Noi, but I don't think he's *in love* with her, you know?
Option 2 I'm not a greedy man in the first place, but I also dislike potentially hurting her feelings. This feels more honest and true to me.
Option 2. Got my own preferences, and reasons stated by the rest.
Guys. Our general literally wants to turn Noi into a baby factory. I think the path with genuine love is not only the one path that doesn't break her heart, but it's the one path where she has any long-term dignity. I understand the argument for going against love here, but I think choosing not to love Noi makes her story a tragic one. And I just can't stand to do that to the poor girl. Option 1 Though I will state that Ed's most believable and intimate connections remain with his trio of witches. Three at a table does make for a nice callback and narrative motif.
>>2174 Option 1
Option 1 If only to be a dissenting voice and add a woman to our library of love.
>>2174 Option 1
>>2182 Completely forgot that. Will be changing to option 1 then.
I'd argue that's a false dichotomy. This isn't "either love Noi or leave her to whatever fate Robin has in mind". They'll both still listen to Ed's thoughts on things, and not just because he's king. I just honestly don't think Ed has that kind of a relationship with Noi. ...thought the same thing on the Mania vote, now that I think about it, lol.
>>2174 Option 2 Noi is special but I don’t feel that Edward and her have the same level of intimacy as between Edward and Tharja or Mania.
Option 1 Life is short. Ignore doubts, set snuu snuu to maximum.
>>2187 I don't think it's a false dichotomy because I didn't reduce it down to one. I think this is a pivotal reaction for Noi's character. Consider this. Up to this point, Noi's sense of self has hinged on acceptance. Her biggest fear, and the root of her trauma is a legacy of rejection. This is in part why Noi has attached to Ed in the first place. He's the one who changed the narrative and saw a person in her that was not just a behemoth. Even further, he saw a sexual and romantic being in there that Noi was likely very frustrated at having an inability to actualize or express. So, Noi is coming from a background of traumatic rejection and a denial of self. Suddenly, someone serves it up for her. Sticks up for her. Nurtures her emotional well-being and sense of self. She's been accepted as a sexual and romantic entity. She finally feels safe enough to express this. And our response is... rejection. And we already have Robin waiting in the wings to reduce her back to a useful monster again. I'm not telling you how to vote, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like rejecting Noi's Love makes her story a sad one. But, a point in your favor-- you are not obliged to love someone just because they need it. By loving Noi for the sake of rescuing Noi from a sad life, it denies Ed's agency in love as well. I'll be happy with either outcome, narratively speaking. But I just don't think I can kick a puppy in the face while it's looking at me with sad eyes. And that's a lot like what rejecting Noi here feels like.
>>2174 Option one
I believe votes have swung in such a way that one side has gained enough traction that the needle is justified in falling. >7 votes for option one, love Noi. >4 votes for option two, do not love Noi. Option one. Edward loves Noi. Poll closed. Update soon. I'll add on, that of the three love choices so far, this might be the one with the closest ratio of no to yes voters. (Tharja was 12 to 5, 29% no. Mania was 6 to 1, 14% no, and now Noi, 36% no.) I'll adjust the narrative accordingly to try take into account the concerns of the 'no' voters in a way that is satisfactory.
(683.00 KB 512x768 Noi-Loved.png)
She's mistaken. Ah-- you can only mentally shake your head. This happens too often. It was only a matter of time before it happened again. The girls you take to bed are special. But they assume it's a vow of true love and devotion. Elizabeth had such a notion, in ancient history. But, you know how to gently set her down. You always do. You won't crush her feelings. They're undoubtedly real, and you must always respect that. You smile back, look into her eyes, and search for the right words. ... That's funny. No, that's not funny. It's peculiar. Odd. Incomprehensible. No words are coming to your mind. None. Moreover, it's not just a case of being tongue-tied. Your heart... --it aches. You can't control it. Your heart honestly starts to throb with pain at the prospect of rejecting Noi's feelings. Of saying something you'd never be able to take back. Of losing a moment that would never come again. ... Oh no. Oh, no, no, no. When did this happen? You've felt this before, but it's never taken you by surprise like this. You never expected this beautiful, kind, wonderful woman who deserved better out of her youth to affect you like this. "King?" she asks, voice soft, but concerned. You look up at her and realize you're crying. Words finally come to you. You know what you must tell her, before it's too late. ...She's already there, you say. In your heart. She already has a place in your heart. And you wouldn't let it go for anything. That's the truth, you finish. Noi cries out in a soft gasp. "Are you saying what I think you're saying, King?" she asks, eyes wide, as if this could be a dream. To assure her you reach and take her hands in yours. Finding and curling your fingers around her large thick hands. As if inviting her on to a ballroom stage for a dance. ... Yes. You love her. And you truly mean it. And you always will. "..." You see her smile. Her sad tears born of anxiety turning into tears of joy. Joy at her greatest dream coming true. You come together for a heartwarming embrace. There's no going back. You've realized your love for Noi. Your mutual shared love. Your heart is big enough for her, as well as Tharja and Mania. You don't see any problem. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
There's no reason for either of you to hold back. You gently slide Noi's robe off of her until it lies in a puddle around her feet. She leans down and you start to kiss as you go to remove your own clothes. Noi's bed will surely be strong enough to hold the strain of both of your bodies atop it. That's your only concern as you get the last of your garments off. Your erection springing from being a tent under your clothes to being ready to penetrate Noi. You whisper for her to lie down. You want to feel her legs wrapped around your body as you make love. Her eyes widen a bit in surprise before she nods. "I can do that, King." ... Normally you wouldn't mount a woman in the flat missionary style like this while she's pregnant enough to show. But, Noi is special. She can take it and flex her body to accommodate the space. Your mind drifts back to when you first met Noi and how she said no man had the nerve to climb atop her for sex, and you followed out of respect for her muscles. But now you don't care. You trust her. You want that feeling. That feeling of being held tight. Your cock is slippery and more than ready for her. Her pussy mirrors your own arousal, slick and wet. And... "Ah!" ...warm. You place your arms around her torso. She's so tall you're practically face to face with her breasts instead of her face. But you don't care. They're beautiful. Noi's beautiful. And this vantage point is letting you see so much more of her definition. You notice Noi very much does still have abs. They're just covered by baby bump, and only visible above it. And, the feeling of Noi's thighs around your pelvis is just as arousing as you expected. As if you're truly flirting with danger. Dancing through fire. But it's an act you know you can do. "Oh, fuck, King!" The bed you share with Noi rocks, but doesn't creak. Not that it helps the noise. You're vaguely aware that if this nursery is even a little connected to the barracks, everyone will be hearing your play. But, you don't care. You finally rest your arms and settle into resting on top of Noi's breasts. Her belly completing the bridge between her torso and the soft tits. You're... reaching the point of no return. Noi, you whisper, you're close... so close. "Mm... me... too!" Haah... together, you murmur. Together! "Ah!" You thrust, Noi squeezes. You feel truly caught between the teeth of a vise. Not just her pussy and how it grips your cock, but her legs. Her big, strong legs that squeeze like they never want to let you go... And then they release, as if knowing the very edge of what your body could tolerate. Your mind is absolutely reeling. Your body is not far behind. After cumming so hard, especially after that session with Venti earlier, you feel like you have nothing left. Except for all the reasons to spend time with Noi tonight. You look up. Noi looks down. You both can't help but smile. It was a perfect fit, you say. You and her. She nods back. "C'mere..." she bids you, arms out. Eager to please, you slide out of Noi's slick crevasse and scoot up to be with her face to face. You barely have time to turn and look at each other before you start exchanging kisses again. Kissing her lips is true bliss... being in her arms is true bliss. There's no shame at being held by Noi, not now. You know if it were possible she'd feel no hesitation about the same. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.
(653.58 KB 512x768 Noi-handling.png)
You doze for a healthy amount of time with Noi. Then, you're woken up by a startling sensation. Noi's hands, caressing your balls. You shrink away by instinct, curling your knees to your chest. Noi reacts by pulling her hand back. "S-Sorry King! I just... wanted to feel," she says, apologetic. Yes, you guessed at that. But, why? Noi gives a little huff of a laugh, her cheeks flushing. "I wanted to just... touch the part of you that's created so many offspring." She smiles back. "Can I?" ...Well. You consider Noi's request. You suppose it won't hurt, but you make a show of clearing your throat. It's fine, but in the future, you'll appreciate being specifically asked for permission before she 'helps herself' in such a way. Specifically handling your gonads just feels different from holding each other. Or even if she had taken the opportunity to stroke your dick. They're... special. --All right, you'll say it. They're a very vulnerable part of a man. Any man. That must be respected. "..." Noi listens to your words, and nods. "I'm sorry, King. I should've known better. It won't happen again." You nod. Good. That said... You will yourself to relax again. To stretch your body out. To arch your body a bit. You'll give her permission. This time. Not free use of your body, but this time. Noi blinks her eyes in surprise, and her lips part. "You mean it? Don't feel pressured, King." It's all right. You trust Noi. And you're willing to let her, now that you've communicated and she understands. "..." That gets a happy smile from her. "All right. Then, I'm going in..." You take a deep breath, preparing yourself. Spreading your legs for her to really get her hand down there. She's truly curious, so you'll indulge her a little. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.
Her hand is warm. Even so, you can't help but instinctively shrink away a little bit when the touch does come. ... You ask Noi to please not underestimate her own strength. She gives a nod. She palms your testicles in her hand. Fingers flit over and caress each one. Sagging skin rubbed as she does so. Her face looking down. "So, this is where it begins." --Heh. You've had women say similar comments, and even want to touch, but... It feels different with Noi. More comfortable. Her hand is so large the heel of her palm can easily rub your penis as well. It's... pleasant. Even if you just came. It just takes her one finger to lift and roll each ball. You're adjusting to the body heat from Noi's hand and her soft little motions. ... Can she imagine it, you ask? Sex was fun, but, without what she's holding her belly wouldn't be swollen. In a way, you're trusting her to handle something very dear. "Yeah... I understand that, King." She looks at you with tender, loving eyes. "I don't want this moment to end," she says. You know. You feel the same way. You'll stay with her a while longer. Hell, is there a downside to even sharing her bed, her warmth? If the barracks are so close, it's not like no one will know you're here. She finall pulls her hands away and you lift a leg to put it over her hip, pulling her body close to yours in a warm hug. You're... happy. You say. Happy that she gets to be so close. So safe. As romantic as the idea of Noi being sent off to become a hero in a war may sound, you'd rather keep her together with you. Ah, you suddenly understand Tharja's feeling when she asked you not to die sooner than her. "Noi presses hard kisses to your face, all around. "Don't worry King. I'm not going anywhere..." Mm... Is she sure this life is all right? Basically being your... breeder. Noi blushes. "W-Well, yeah!" You're reminded with some anxiety that the castle never really expected you to wake up. Or if it did, to not be as capable as you once were. In other words, the child in Noi's belly would be your only one. "So, I wanted to stay and raise her... and if you want to give me more and more, I want to raise 'em more and more." ...Heh. That's so cute. So Robin agreeing with Noit's plan was basically... her saying her space in this nursery would be permanent. Noi nods. "It's... okay, right?" her voice sounds like she never considered you'd actually back out. Of course, you never would. "You crane your neck back and kiss Noi's lips fully. That's your answer. You want a long session of cuddling together with Noi after such intense intimate sex. The start of something only you and her can share. A precious relationship with a woman who could protect you through sheer bulk alone. A humble woman from humble origins that led a rough life that you can't imagine... You press your head against her breasts. The feeling of her soft breasts, taut belly, and strong muscles envelopes you as you fall asleep. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
You dream... a very pleasant image. You're in your throne room. There is no doubt you are the King. You're wearing your regalia. You sit upon your throne. The only difference is the regalia are impressive rather than cumbersome. The throne you're sitting on is more like a chair than a pedestal with a hidden symbolism. Yes. If you could design Ruhemania's traditions from the ground up, this would be the sort of Kingdom you would create. The only thing that stands out is the lack of something. Namely, people. There are at least guards in a throne room. --Ah. On second glance, there's one. A knight kneeling before you, head bowed. Armor polished, yet scarred enough to betray it's seen its share of battles. Moreover, the figure is huge. Yes, with this man as your guard, you'd need no one else. "King..." The voice lilts and you forget how familiar it sounds to your ear. The lapse in proper manners of addressing you as 'Your Majesty' lost in the moment. "I want to be your strength." The figure rises up, and... ... Oh. Yes. She has a pregnant bump curving over her belly, as if the armor was made for a pregnant woman. Likely because she is one. You swallow and suddenly stir awake enough to realize those spoken words came from Noi's own mouth as she holds you. "Can I...? You need protecting, don't you? Let me be that protector." Her eyes are drowsy and she speaks to you. "The barracks knows you're walking around without a guard... ...it's not safe. They're waiting for the General to bring it up to you. --Can I do it? Please, King?" ...Ah. That's quite a request to wake up to. But, important things first. She doesn't need to call you 'King' anymore. At least not when they're alone like this. She can call you 'Edward,' or, any sweet name that comes from her heart. --Noi blushes in the cutest way. "Okay..." she looks into your eyes. "...Love." The pet name sends shivers down your spine. You give a brief smile. You love her too, you big muscular Goddess, you say. There's tears in her eyes as she laughs. "'Goddess,' sounds like it's a lot of responsibility." Mhmm. Which is what you'd be giving her if you allowed her to serve as your personal guard. Noi gives a guilty little blush, as if realizing it put you in a bit of a spot to ask after a night of sleeping together. --You'll talk to your General about it, you say. If she thinks Noi is capable, even with her belly, she could actually be a good candidate. She's strong enough. She's large enough to deter. Pregnancy hasn't hindered her athleticism. Even if it had, size doesn't go away. She could easily reach and strike any foe with a lance or axe. ...And, the idea of being able to spend more time with Noi at your side sounds lovely. The other guards would feel assured no matter where you took her. Tharja could even invite her to bed, if she were in the mood. Something to think about. At any rate... you have to put the same clothes you wore yesterday on your body again. Noi at least has a number of robes to wear. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
You can't help but spend some last moments exchanging kisses, hugs, and gentle swathing of your hand over her belly, but you simply must part with her. You tell her you'll be back when you can, and please take care of herself. You depart exchanging long glances, even as you walk from the door. In the outside air, you realize that the sun is suspiciously higher above the horizon than you anticipated. Oops. You really need to step quickly to get to your breakfast with Tharja and Beatrice. --Although. Your head turns to the side building. The armory. You could peek in and see if Robin is there. Your emotions are a bit high, You haven't come down from the warm feeling you have from sharing time with Noi. You're tempted to bring up the issue of Noi serving as your personal guard now. To hear Robin's encouragement, or hear her sobering words that it's a notion more romantic than realistic. It'll likely weigh on your mind all day otherwise. But... should you keep your witches, and by extension, your stomach, waiting? You purse your lips and consider the issue. Mentally weighing the options. Choice time: 1. It'll take a moment. Go to the armory to find Robin. Bring up the matter of having Noi as a personal guard. If she's even there for the talk. 2. It's not a pressing matter. Just go eat breakfast.​
>>2634 Option one. May as well, while we're here. Might also bring up an opportunity to discuss options for Sully.
>>2634 Option one.
Option one, but let's be quick about it. Keeping our witches waiting isn't wise.
>>2634 Option two. Send an official request to Robin later.
Option 1
Option 1 I remember we missed a couple opportunities to 'convince Robin that she enjoys pregnancy' and I keep thinking about that. Breakfast can wait.. Unless we meet a nun. Then breakfast can wait longer.
>5 votes for option one, attempt to meet with Robin to discuss Noi. >1 vote for option two, simply mark it under to-do and go on the eat breakfast. Attempt to find Robin. Poll closed. Update soon.
You step over to the armory and enter the door. You find Robin there, overlooking some books and other papers. "Oh, Your Majesty. Good morning." Her greeting is polite, but unhurried. At least she looks up from her notes. What is she doing, you ask? "Looking over reports. Status of training. Things like that." She offers to show them to you, but you say that's fine. ...Though, you are worried about something, you offer. Why is she standing while she's working, you ask? "Hm?" She tilts her head. "What do you mean?" Her pregnant belly. It can't be comfortable to constantly be standing while she has the extra weight. Can't she sit down and look over her notes just as well? It's not as if there's no chair. Robin purses her lips. "It's fine," she says. ...Hm. You decide not to press it further. Either Robin's being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn or she was just lost in the moment and doesn't like you snapping her out of it. At any rate, you have a question for her. ... You bring up what Noi told you. About wanting to be your personal guard. Ostensibly to follow you around, and be intimidating. You don't theoretically hate the idea, but it's going to look obvious she's pregnant. And you don't think you're in any danger, either. You keep the implied reservation that you don't want her in danger to yourself. What does Robin think, you ask? It's an honest question. Robin listens patiently, then says something you don't expect. "Actually, I think that's a good idea, Your Majesty." She explains. "There might come a time, a time I cannot predict, but 'a time', that you may actually need a guard. Even if the state of the castle is peaceful and no one has reason to hurt you... that could change, some day." In that case, it'll be a sign of weakness that you do appoint a guard. A change of routine for people who know you. People around you will want to know 'why does the King suddenly need an armed escort?' "That is, the question of why Your Majesty needs to be guarded when previously you weren't. It'll cause rumors. --Not a panic, but rumors. You don't need rumors. Rumors can harm as well as weapons." ...Smart. In other words, get the people around you used to the idea of having a guard around. Robin nods, confirming your summation. "When it comes to Noi herself, I think that's a great choice. She's intimidating with her size, and her pregnant belly can likely be hidden for a while longer. ...At least among the men who don't already know." She laughs. "Even then, it's not like she'll be pregnant forever." ... You can't help but smirk. Robin's smile becomes a little strained. "It's not like you're going to keep every girl here pregnant forever... right?" You suppress your own grin, before telling Robin that 'forever' is a very long time. Of course, not 'forever,' you say. "..." You watch Robin sit down in her chair. Her arms and legs spray and she makes a sigh, forgetting her place in a display of exasperation. You decide to allow it without calling her on it. That, and it gives you a pleasant view of her belly. Don't worry, you say. You're very considerate of women's needs. "Right, of course." She sighs, again. Speaking of which... how is the state of Sully, you ask? Robin blinks her eyes, looking up at you. "Sully?" She reiterates what was said before. Sully's unfit for combat. She's living as a peasant. By her choice. "It's not just her physical condition. It's medical. If she was hit again in the head, it might..." Robin stops short of saying it'd kill her, seeing the look on your face. Your own emotions are heating up at the recollection of the Old Guard who passively hurt her by giving her sabotaged equipment... hopefully they're getting theirs in whatever afterlife may or may not exist. Sully goes on to say she's not going to use her in a non-combat role either. It'd be a question of discipline. --All right. You'll have to accept that. Sully's going to be a peasant. Perhaps, one day, Sully's child will want to come to the army. Male or female. At any rate, it seems Robin approves of your plan to make Noi your guard. She says she'll make the changes necessary. "If you pardon me, Your Majesty, it's time for morning... chow." Huh. That's interesting. Robin eats with the soldiers, you ask? Robin nods. "I eat with them, but I don't sleep with them." You nod, considering the meaning. Likely to foster camaraderie and show she's a part of them. While combining her having her own resting chambers, reminding everyone she's still an aristocrat and 'above' them. Or, she just needs the luxury. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
In any case, you'll leave Robin to it, and attend your own meal. Hopefully you're not too late. You thank Robin for listening to your request. She nods. "Of course. See you at the council meeting, Your Majesty." ...Council meeting, you ask? Robin raises an eye. "The one to decide what to do with Oana, the ringleader behind your usurpation and power struggle. The woman who directed your assassination attempt." Yes, you know who she is. You simply forgot that deciding her fate was today. In your defense, you had a very emotional night. And a very rough night of sex with Noi. --But you keep that to yourself. Robin will likely hear the details anyway. Right. Council meeting after breakfast. You don't need to say you won't be late. You thank Robin for her reminder, and leave. This time, there's no reason to stop before you leave the armory or training grounds. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
You step briskly back to the sitting room of the castle. You almost hope you'll bump into Sister Rosette, if only to share a smile with her and receive one in return. But, the scene does not happen, even when you take a pathway the clergy would use. Oh, yes. Sister Rosette would be attending to her chores early. Not later. They're likely eating in their own space. At any rate, you should be, too. Your mind lingers on the maids, though. You truly do want to advance your relationship with them. It would be a sin not to. Yes, the sin of a nun's empty pregnant belly... The idea makes you positively giddy with memories of your time in Virilia, and it has the side effect of giving you a happy spring in your step. It's noticed and appreciated by the maids you pass, who watch you with coy eyes. >No choice yet, further update coming soon.​
You enter the sitting room and are greeted warmly by Tharja and Beatrice. Your soup of fish and vegetables... well, is cold. But you're not about to send it back. Your taster has a healthy sip, getting each ingredient. He does not drop dead. So you begin to eat. You smile at Tharja and ask if she slept well last night. She blinks before staring at you with a rather uneasy look. "...I slept as well as could be expected, my husband." --Oh. Oops. You have no idea if her bed got fixed. That or she wasn't expecting you to mention it. Or perhaps you're risking Beatrice confirming she did something. Beatrice gives no visible sign of recognition, but she's been careful to hide her words, lately. Maybe it's the presence of the taster? At any rate, you smooth it over with a nod, then go back to eating. ... Your meal finished, but the next part of your day will not be pleasant... you need to decide Oana's fate. Her execution method. And what will happen. "Husband?" Tharja suddenly asks. "May I go with you?" ... Oh, to the... meeting? She nods. ... That's a quandary. You're not sure you want Tharja's emotions to have an effect. Tharja would purely be speaking about her own wants. If you had wanted her to decide, you would have told her to do what she liked before you went to your 'rest' months and months ago... Moreover, she didn't ask about this before. You have the feeling she's having a last minute impulse. --Perhaps it's hormones. If so, then you should perhaps be worried. The council will also be watching you. Presumably to see how much you side with her, or don't. ... You do some mental calculating. To let Tharja come and possibly influence the council and its decision, or not... A compromise may be to let her come, but tell her she must be silent, and simply watch. You know she can do it. She stayed silent while watching you spar with the men long ago. So, in that case... Choice time: 1. Agree. Bring Tharja with you to the council meeting to discuss Oana's execution. Give no limits on what she can do, say, or suggest. You're her husband and this pertains to you. 2. Turn her down, gently. Tell her watching the council arguing will only upset her. Please, ask her to trust you can handle it and that Oana will get her just deserts. 3. Compromise. Tharja may come, but she can't give the impression she's officially a part of the council. She has to passively be present, and silent.
Option 3. I don't like restraining her like that, but I don't want her to do something rash.
Option 1. I like our relationship with Tharja having an air of equality.
>>2665 Option 1. I'm concerned about her potentially overdoing things too, but she's our wife and I trust her. She was regent while we were out, and especially once she's had our first heirs I'd like to name her Queen instead of just being Princess, so she should be there and feel empowered to speak.
Option 1.
>>2665 Option one. She'll probably push for a painful death or something. That's to be expected and I cannot find a fault in that.
>4 votes for option one. Agree to Tharja's request. Bring Tharja with you to the council meeting to discuss Oana's execution. Give no limits on what she can do, say, or suggest. >1 vote for option three, compromise that she can be present, but must be silent to prevent giving the wrong impression. Acquiesce to Tharja, and give no limits on what she say, effectively giving her a vote on the council, for this issue. Poll closed. Update soon.
Tharja should be present, and have a say in what happens to Oana. You nod and tell Tharja that's fine. And you'll make clear at the meeting that she can speak about what she wants about Oana's final fate, too. Tharja nods, clearly grateful. Apparently that's what she really wanted. "Thank you so much, Edward." You take your wife's hand, and lead her to the meeting place. You have to follow her slow, pregnancy-induced gait. But that's fine. You should arrive together. You await the day she develops a real waddle. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
From Aristocrat: Hello everyone! It's been a while since I talked directly with the audience, but this felt too important to leave in the chat thread. You may have guessed, but very soon, timeskips are going to come to Impregnator Kings once again. A lot of what Edward has set up will take days, weeks, or even seasons to resolve. It'd be over-doing it to show him micromanaging the entire castle every day for this time. And intricate sex scenes where Edward starts to work impregnating all of the unnamed characters (such as the maids) would get boring after a while. That's why I felt it necessary to talk about a 'mechanic' that is going to be actively running between timeskips. I hate to reduce the story to 'mechanics' as if it were a video game, but in this case, I thought it would be appropriate. This mechanic is called "The Balance of Power." When King Vlad lived, there was no balance of power. He held all of it. Every title in Ruhemania, the day to day running of the castle, his relationship with the Church, his witch-hunters, and even peasant disputes. He personally handled everything. King Vlad wasn't just the first and last word, he was the only word. King Edward, however, has been gradually stepping away from that, and after giving his regency to Tharja, allowed her to set further precedents. Of course this includes the Council. At first it was presented as a 'council' with the implication it had little authority, however... Astute readers may have noticed this is the second time the council is meeting. This has subtly legitimized the notion that the council has Royal approval.  It was also not called by Edward, but Robin, who acted through Tharja (the stated reason was Edward couldn't be found to ask him directly). This implicitly gave Tharja her own authority, as well as legitimized the idea council meetings can be invoked and go on if approved, rather than only meeting when Edward calls for one. Edward can be forgiven for not anticipating this. Oana's fate is a serious issue and getting the council organized to discuss it only made sense. Each time the council comes together, it gains Legitimacy. As in, it's expected to happen again. And each side is going to be able to present Edward with options and decisions he may not want to make. There is therefore a subtle power struggle taking place. The biggest foreshadowing I gave was when Mania talked to Edward after the first council back in thread 13. Aspects of the running of the Castle, and Ruhemania's future, attend the meeting. Robin represents the army. Ruhemania's raw military might, that it can maintain. Edward agreed not to lower funds allocated to maintain the army, but only 'cost saving methods' that Robin could approve of. Robin therefore starts with a large amount of influence as she has her needs met. Ricardo represents the treasury. As of now, Edward is directing them to prepare for a 'reactive' method to dealing with the money lenders, with a lot of half-measure 'maybes' for how to solve an empty treasury. Their influence is very low as they are practically begging for a solution, and Edward ruled out their first requests of downgrading the military or dismissing Venti, due to past promises. He indirectly told them he values the army and Venti more. Cordelia represents the stables and kennels. This is a comparatively low-importance faction. Their importance comes from taking care of Eclipse and siring horses from him. The horses are a subtle source of power in how Edward will choose to use the horses. Robin forced the issue that the upgraded army had much use for horses, and received permission for use of them, absorbing more influence from Cordelia that could have gone somewhere else. Corrin represents Ruhemania's capacity for diplomacy and to exercise soft power. Tasking him with a plan that is likely to bring a successful relationship with Elbania has drastically increased his importance instead of a plan that would likely fail. Father Tomas represents the Church. Ostensibly to guide Edward when he needs spiritual guidance. But more so to maintain relations with the Church and see that Edward personally is guided by good morals and the country as a whole remains devoted to Church teachings that they approve of. Father Tomas has attributed Edward's recovery to proof of God's miracles. Edward's careful maneuvering around Tomas's personality has also kept his opinion high. Tomas holds Edward in such high esteem, he's willing to lower his own personal standing with the Church by providing Edward with money that would otherwise be sent to the Pope, which is a far cry from the alternative of Edward needing to provide tithes and offerings to the Church each year to win their influence. These roles are not set in stone. People could leave or be dismissed from the council. The most obvious one is when Ricardo dies, it'll default vacate who represents the treasury. Presumably leaving Edward free to promote Camilla, or someone else. The one exception is Mania. Mania is special, and that's why her role has been saved for last. Mania represents the peasants and otherwise the expectations the 'common people' have of Edward, the aristocracy, and the Church. If she is removed from the Council, this role will disappear and never be available again. The simple reason is there is no other suitable person who would take up the role of caring about the expectations of the common people in this Medieval(ish) society. Even the Church or a commoner elected as a representative (like a Burgmeister) would have their own agenda. Mania is special in her own way in that she doesn't have her own agenda. She doesn't care about political games, what she wishes was true, or her own ego. (She does have her own preconceived notions, of course. And her advice may not always be the objective 'best,' but we've seen demonstrations of this in the first council meeting in thread 13.) Moreover, Mania and Edward's romantic bond of true love means she cannot be swayed by other factions of the council. She is Edward's rock. If Edward were to quietly let her go, she will not come back, and there will be no replacement. This does not mean she'd stop loving him, just that Edward would be giving up a very unique part of his council. (Does this mean other "love interests" would become similarly unique if they were on the council? Potentially!) Those are the factions as they are today, but still are not the end of the story. King Edward in himself counts as his own influence. Measured in how much he listens to his advisors on the council, makes a hard choice, lets them make their own decisions, or overrides their advice. This is his own authority as Monarch. Even calling a council meeting, or allowing one to be called, can alter his perceived authority. If Edward calls meetings over an issue or otherwise hears a report, there's the expectation he will do it again in the future. If he makes decisions that alter a faction's power without consulting them, it will be noticed. This is highly subjective. It could be seen as Edward slipping toward being unreasonable and tyrannical. It could be seen as Edward 'getting in the way' of one faction's ambition. Or it could be seen as rightfully putting a certain faction in its place. If done too much, it could drive factions to threaten to resign, cause a scene at the meeting, secretly plot against him, or simply conclude Edward only hears what he wants to hear, and transform themselves into 'yes men' to accommodate regardless of what they actually think. (This includes Mania, who will quietly offer to leave.) At any rate, don't worry too much. Council meetings are a positive way for Edward to coordinate how his Kingdom is being run. As well as force the members to 'be honest' and let the factions make each other accountable and give them a chance to object to each other's ideas. Worry more about Edward making decisions for the sake of his Kingdom. And his own rule. On a final note, it's possible for 'guests' to show up from time to time. This time, it's Tharja, who is being allowed to both attend, and speak. Whether Edward continues to bring her or not is up to him, and Tharja herself. That's it. I hope it was not too much to read, but I wanted the readers to be on the same page as me because you are writing this story with me. Choices that alter the council, Edward's perceived authority, and decisions that appease or dissatisfy a faction will be marked. This is purely for the sake of clarity, and will only be done for obvious things to really underline what is going on. It will not reveal hidden plans or attitudes Edward wouldn't know because he can't know what's inside another person's head. That's all I have to say. Remember Beatrice's lesson of the "witch's party" back in thread 4: a little controlled chaos may be better than trying to create a completely satisfied council. Direct questions are welcome about the balance of power at any time.
You reach the door to the room where the Council meeting is to occur. You instruct the soldier to open the door, and then to retrieve an extra chair for your wife. She will be joining. You emphasize it's to be a comfortable chair, as your wife carries your heir. "Heirs! I am definitely carrying twins," Tharja announces. She arches her back and sticks out her belly for emphasis. It's such an adorable sight that you're moved to hug her openly. You share a tender moment together. Unfortunately, it must end in favor of business. ... You walk into the room. Everyone is already there, including Mania. You remain standing until Tharja is given her chair. You make sure you are the one who straightens it out for her, helping her sit down. Her Royal Highness, Princess Tharja, your lovely wife, will be attending as well, you tell them all. Furthermore, you're giving her permission to speak as any other person seated. You have the final word, of course. You glance around the table. Most of them seem comfortable with the idea. Father Tomas is perhaps a little confused, but he says nothing. Mania... ...Mania is giving Tharja a curious look. Ah. You wonder if this is the second time they've met? You don't know if Tharja personally persuaded Mania to stay or asked someone to approach her. Either way, it's definitely the first time she's seen the two of you together. Well, the more the merrier. You wait to see if Mania makes eye contact with you and when she does, you give her a little smile. It makes her blush in the most adorable way. You finally take your seat after Tharja sits down. ... Well, then... to the business of Oana, you begin to say. Robin almost interrupts. "Pardon, Your Majesty. I thought it would also be prudent to discuss the other prisoner. I would like to officially call it to attention, as well as Oana." ... Margaret, you ask? She nods. "There's been some confusion about her situation." No, there hasn't, you say. Margaret is pregnant. You will not execute a pregnant woman. The babe will be born soon enough. Margaret's fate can be decided then, afterward. You try to put iron in your voice. You don't like where this question came from. Did Ricardo speak to her? ...No, that makes no sense. It would reveal Ricardo had relations with her. It would drastically increase suspicion on him. Rightly so. --Did the soldiers you spoke with when you allowed Ricardo to meet with her talk to Robin? Did Margaret start telling other soldiers when the guard was changed, hoping it would cause problems for you both? You can't speculate, but the reality is Robin is bringing it up. "It's just a simple matter, Your Majesty. I beg you, please, hear our concerns out." Robin asks, using a tone to humble herself, after asking all of that. You notice one part that sticks out in her last sentence 'Our'? Who else wants to hear this? You keep your question to yourself, but you have to wonder. Are more around the table having the same thought? --Engh. You don't like the idea of discussing Margaret's fate again, especially after that long night with Ricardo. But, perhaps Robin, and whoever else wants to talk about it, has something important to say? You're tempted to just put your foot down and insist you're only discussing Oana. But, it might be a good opportunity to hear them talk, while gathered. You avoid looking at anyone in specific as you announce your reaction. Choice time: 1. Acquiesce. Let the topic of Margaret come to be heard in the Council meeting. Emphasize, however, that you do not approve of this sudden question or the way it was brought up. (Monarch Authority decreases. Council's expectations of being heard increases. Robin's influence increases. Faction satisfaction increases or decreases in otherwise ways Edward can't predict. Except for Robin, who Edward can rightly predict her satisfaction will increase.) 2. Deny the idea. Margaret's fate is decided until she gives birth, and not before. She's to be held in the dungeon and kept healthy until she gives birth. The subject is closed, and you won't hear any questions or concerns about it. Admonish Robin for bringing it up so suddenly. (Monarch Authority increases. Council's expectation of being heard decreases. Robin's influence decreases. Faction satisfaction increases or decreases in ways Edward can't predict. Except for Robin, who Edward can rightly predict her satisfaction will decrease.) 3. Something else. (Write-in. How it would change the Balance of Power will be indicated if necessary.)
Option 1
>>2695 Write-in: State our case first, see if that satisfies them. Things to include: Edward is not the father of Margaret's child, the child will go to the Church/an orphanage after birth, Margaret will be executed once her child is born. Things to not include: the true paternity of the child. If this clears up their concerns, great. If not, then we can hear out their thoughts.
>>2697 I vote for the write-in.
>>2697 This write-in will incur: >Monarch Authority will increase. >No change of Council's expectation of being heard. >No change of influence. >Faction satisfaction will increase or decrease in ways Edward cannot predict.
Option 1. I'm intrigued by that "our" in the sentence aswell. Let's hear first what Robin has to say.
>>2695 Option 1.
>>2697 Figure I might should explain my logic behind this one. Based on our conversation with Noi on the same matter, there's a pretty good chance the "our" here is the army, and their concern is that we're protecting Margaret because she's carrying Ed's child- we know that the men in the army think Ed is the dad already, they'd speak those concerns to Robin, she may or may not have brought them up to others on the council, thus "ours". Beyond that, dragging this up in front of the council like this is going to be a satisfaction/morale shock for Ricardo and the treasury, and as Aristo pointed out, we already burned them at the last meeting. I don't like the idea of denying the idea out of hand like in option 2, thus the write-in of "here's my reasoning, if that doesn't answer your question, we can hash this out".
Option one. >>2704 The issue I have with this logic is that it'll sound like we're trying to read their minds. That we're presuming to know their concerns before they are voiced. It doesn't matter if we're right or not (though if we're wrong, we're worse off); by assuming we know what's coming (even reasonably so) we can be seen as someone who thinks they know better than the people around us. While this is typically expected of a monarch, it can also make it look like we're disregarding their concerns because we think we understand them already. I think that beginning with an open ear and ending with a firm word is the better way to show our openness to the council, but also that we still have our resolve.
>>2705 I think that's easily solved with "I happened to speak with one of the soldiers and they raised this concern, so I want to be open about it."
>>2697 I vote for this write in.
>>2704 I vote for ButtDestiny's write-in.
>4 votes for option one, let the council propose the subject. >4 votes for write-in, head them off with what you anticipate they'll say and then hear them out if they have more questions. We have a tie. I will leave the vote up for a little while longer. If the vote is still tied, I will flip a coin to decide the result. Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update occur faster.
>>2695 Option One
>>2705 >>2706 >>2704 I'm changing my vote from Option One to the Write-In. While I don't like trying to read minds, I do like the idea of avoiding bothering Ricardo further, and being wary of giving too much influence to the military. IMO, we've favored them a bit too heavily already if we're going to have peace.
>>2695 I'm voting for the write-in.
>4 votes for option one, let the council propose the subject. >6 votes for write-in, head them off with what you anticipate they'll say and then hear them out if they have more questions. Make your own statement before hearing any questions. Poll closed. Update soon.
You hold up a hand. Before you allow this issue to be addressed, you wish to make a statement. A Royal statement, you say You breathe air deep into your lungs as you get ready to speak. You truly do feel like a King, now. One who has to stand up to his own advisors. ...The statement is thus: you are not the father of the baby in Margaret's belly. As such, the father of the baby in Margaret's belly is unknown. Therefore, it will become an orphan. Therefore, it is appropriate that it will be placed in an orphanage. You'd be grateful if the Church would lend its assistance. Only after that, will Margaret be executed. That is all. ... You turn your eyes to Robin. She looks a bit surprised by your statement. Her eyes take their time to blink. As if she miscalculated. Well, you say? Would she like to continue to bring up this topic for discussion? "..." Robin's lips tighten, and then she shakes her head. "But, I would suggest Your Majesty meets the child and disavows parentage." You nod. That is fair advice. It will be done. ...You'd kept yourself from looking around the room at everyone's reactions to when you claimed Margaret's child isn't yours, but when you immediately agree with Robin's suggestion of denying paternity, that gets a few more reactions. Most notably from Robin herself, Camilla, and Cordelia, who stare at you before catching themselves and look away. Tharja makes no reaction. Ricardo makes no reaction. If Corrin had a reaction, he was able to contain it enough that you didn't notice. Father Tomas simply gives an understated nod. It seems Father Tomas saw no reason you wouldn't follow that advice. You have to wonder if he knows that all of the pregnant women at this table have been made pregnant by you? Apparently, not. ...Mania has leaned over and her stringy hair shrouds her face, but you think you see her smile. You don't think it's because she's heard you deny you had 'relations' with Margaret. You think it's because you predicted they were going to press you on if the child was yours. That is, you intuited their real goal. At any rate, you say. You have your own distinct... features. You think it will be obvious from birth that you can not be called the babe's father. You'll appreciate it if Father Tomas will personally recognize your statement. Father Tomas nods. "Understood, Your Majesty. The orphan child, once verified, will have no connection to your family tree." Good. ...You're not exactly too concerned about succession struggles, especially with how many children are going to be born within these walls, soon. But, at least this way the orphan won't ever think it might be the son of a King. --It will have some connection to King Vlad's line. Technically, he or she would be a half first-cousin of your own children, but you don't need that to ever be known. ...Or did it? A shiver runs down your spine. If Tharja sires a girl, and the girl were to become a witch... or if the orphan was a girl and were to become a witch... ... Either the orphan produced from Ricardo and Margaret could become a sacrifice for Tharja's child to become a witch, or your children could become a target to turn the orphan into a witch. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon. Balance of Power >Monarch Authority has increased. >No change of the Council's expectation of being heard. >No change of influence for any faction. >Father Tomas's satisfaction has increased. >Mania's satisfaction has increased.
You pose the next natural question. What is the first real business? You make it an open question, but Robin is the one who answers. "There's three things to consider, Your Majesty." She outlines what needs to be considered about Oana's execution. The method of execution. The time of day of the execution. The location of the execution. "I would suggest we start with 'method'. The rest will fall naturally from that." You consider her suggestion and nod. That does sound fair. You can't execute her in an ostentatious manner when people aren't around to watch. You would like to go around the table and hear everyone's suggestions for the method of Oana's execution, you say. Those who wish to pass or don't consider it their right to add a suggestion may pass. You emphasize this is not a time to avoid guilt. You, the Monarch, are passing judgment on Oana. You alone take all responsibility. That said... You'll start with Robin. It's right for the military to have their ideas heard first. Robin gives an appreciative nod. "I suggest one of two methods. Or a combination. First, Oana will be tied to a stake. Then, she will be shot with the crossbows we have prepared. The soldiers are adequately trained and the bolts will meet their mark. It will be a display of our military's might, and the prowess of our soldiers. If she manages to live, follow up with decapitation by axe. Or, if His Majesty wishes, I will direct them to aim for parts of the body that are not vital. It will lead her to bleed and suffer." --Rather gruesome, but you are discussing an execution. "Or simply decapitation by axe without the crossbow demonstration. We have a soldier of hulking size and a suitably terrifying axe with which to do it." You're almost positive she's talking about Noi. No matter. It won't be her first execution. Then... Cordelia, you ask? Isn't there something to be said for being 'drawn and quartered'? Being torn apart by horses, or some such thing. Cordelia blushes. "I don't recommend it, Your Majesty. It could only happen in the fields of the inner castle near the barracks. It'd be too small a spectacle, and she'd die rather fast." Robin adds on: "That sort of punishment is more suited for betrayal of important military figures. Not aristocrats or common peasants." ...Hm? Is Robin suggesting if she ever betrays you, then you should have her drawn and quartered? You keep that thought to yourself, though you have to hide a little bit of a smirk behind your hand. Next... Corrin? Corrin folds his hands in front of him. "An execution of a woman who attempted regicide should be punished severely. Otherwise, it would encourage others or make you appear weak, Your Majesty. I have no specific method in mind, but I suggest it be so stark that even the Queen of Elbania would respect the punishment." ... Hm. He's not suggesting you put her head on a pike, is he? "Ah." You hear him prepare to backtrack. "Not something that will startle the castle peasants, so to speak, but something perhaps... creative. Slow. Painful." 'Creative.' Dunked in the moat to simulate drowning. Skinned in public. Staked to a heavy wooden slab, set out into the sun, and left to die of dehydration. Preferably near commoners who could interact with her. At any rate... something slow. Corrin may have a point. You shouldn't forget you will be meeting the Queen of Elbania soon enough. The question of your attempted regicide and how you dealt with it will possibly be mentioned. You nod, then turn to Ricardo and Camilla. You wonder if they'll suggest something... cost-efficient. "..." Ricardo takes a long moment, his face impassive, and then he speaks. "The traditional Ruhemanian punishment would be impalement, by staking." The entire meeting goes stone silent from that little sentence. "A person is held in a cage until their bowels are evacuated. They are given water and some syrup to maintain their health. No solids." "A stick is sharpened at both ends, taller than the man, or woman." "The stick is placed in the hard Earth." "The condemned has their anus greased." "The condemned is then sat on top of it, with their feet just barely able to touch the ground. There will be no jumping off the stick. No bending the stick until it breaks. Nothing but simply standing there." "The condemned will have her muscles tire. They will bake in the sun. They will starve from the lack of food. They will slip, and they will fall." "If the condemned is lucky, the pointed end will hit a vital organ and they will die. If they are unlucky, it will follow the spine and they'll be left in agony for days." "The condemned are only removed once their corpse becomes putrid. The air around it becomes with foul. The stake remains stuck in the ground. It is a much more stark reminder than a head being stuck on a pole." "The corpse is then thrown into the moat, not even into a cemetery. It will be in such state it will decompose rapidly." "Worse than crucifixion, and... much cheaper." ... Ricardo finally, thankfully, stops talking. His description has set everyone on edge. Even Robin looks disturbed. Father Tomas simply refuses to look at anyone. You dare not look at Tharja for fear of potentially seeing her terrified. But, you can't help but see Mania's reaction. Her biting her bottom lip. You had promised another stake would never be raised, but that was at the summer festival gathering for the aristocrats. It was before Oana's plot was put into action. You need to meditate on if that makes a difference. You're anxious to move on. Tharja, you ask? You turn your head and see Tharja is trying to hold her composure. "I'll withhold my opinion for now. ...Just for now. I want to hear everyone's suggestions first," she says. All right. You suppress a sigh. Father Tomas, you ask? You see the priest cross himself, as if he just finished a prayer. Then he speaks: "This is a secular matter. His Majesty is fully justified in this execution, in a manner of His choosing, whichever it is. I abstain." So much for that. Although you really didn't expect much from him. Then... Witch Mania? You gently bid her to speak. "..." You see she's no longer upset enough to talk. In fact, she stands up to make herself heard better. "This woman has done much evil. Evil worthy of judgment. Evil that would even be worthy of the stake. She deserves the stake." "But, the land does not deserve the stake. Nor the people. It will only terrify, not satisfy the desire that justice be done." "She must feel fear, but it should be fear of the woman's own creation. A fear born of anticipation that justice will come for her. That she brought it among herself." Her body is breathing heavy. She's putting her entire body into her speech. "Take her out among the peasants. Present the charges. Give her an opportunity to speak. To say whatever foul venom she has to spare. Let the people hear it. Let the people recognize her evil for what it is. Let them see Sir is justified in ridding the land of her evil. Evil that would attempt to kill their beloved King, for the sake of a woman's vanity and lust for power. Sir will only then pronounce his judgment. Fair judgment. Such an act will satisfy the spirits in the castle, and bring about balance. Much more than simply tying her to a stake to be shot by an impassive missile. The people need to see, hear, and respond. Allowed to jeer, yell, and spite her." "Then, when the people are done jeering at the guilty, behead her." She nods. "Her corpse should be burned, as it's not worthy of a cemetery. The bones of her body will return to dust. No spirits left to reside in them." Mania nods, ending her speech. There's fire in her eyes as she sits down. ... That's an interesting idea. Mania's been the only one to suggest Oana be given some sort of public trial. To be allowed to speak. If you're personally accusing her, it's almost like you're a judge. You really think that could be the best result. Perhaps not as stark as Corrin would like, nor as big a spectacle as Robin would like, but it meets a happy medium. You're almost prepared to agree right there. But-- There's someone left to speak. You turn to Tharja and touch her shoulder. She's heard everyone. Does she want to give her suggestion, as it is? Tharja finally looks up at you. Her face is tense, but she nods. She turns toward the entire council, and you can see her chest swell as she prepares to speak in a loud voice. "I think Oana should be left in her cage to die her natural lifespan. The dungeon is enough of a punishment." That startles everyone. Including you. That's a loud squeaking and scuffling of chairs as everyone turns to look at Tharja. ...Is she serious, you ask? You're the only one who can ask this, so you do voice your question. Tharja, in response, nods. She does it deliberately. There's no ambiguity. "Yes. Oana should not be executed, but left to die." ... The entire council doesn't know how to react. This is your wife, the Princess making the suggestion. It's similar to if you made a suggestion. No one wants to contradict it on its face. Not even Mania, though you suspect that's more to spare Tharja's feelings. And yours. You have to do something to regain order. You ask the council to wait for a moment while you speak with your wife. ... You take Tharja's hand and lead her to a corner of the room, lowering your voice to whispers. Why, you ask? There's more than a little urgency in your voice, even as soft as they're spoken. Couldn't she have asked you first, at least, before proposing that? In front of everyone? She can't take it back. She can't say 'just kidding.' She bites her lip, looking apologetic. "I'm sorry, my husband. It's just... an idea that came to me." ... All right. You're not mad, exactly, if she truly believes it, but... why? Why be so merciful? She knows the sacrifices that were made. She's the only one who does, excepting Beatrice. Tharja looks around. The council members who may have been sneaking glances in curiosity turn to stare away from your conversation, you notice. Despite this, Tharja leans in close to your ear. She whispers three words you never expected to hear. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon.
"...gift for Erika," she whispers. ...Oh. Hm. Hmm. You understand the significance, after the surprise dissipates. Witches crave 'material' to 'harvest' don't they? You've been drawing lines with Beatrice, telling her she's not to harm anyone. Perhaps you would both discuss a death by natural causes. But, Erika, on the other hand... she may be more eager. Having a body ready for her, a live body, even if she's old, would make a nice 'gift' for when Erika arrives. It'd also ensure Oana would die a very painful death. The only problem is no one would ever know. It'd look like you had lost your nerve at executing someone guilty of attempted regicide. And, would it look like an assassination while she's in a cell? A disappearance? A natural death? Would it look suspicious when Erika had just arrived? --Erika could likely answer those questions herself. She may even be willing to wait the years it'll take for Oana to die naturally. Witches are immortal, after all. At any rate, you understand Tharja's motivation now. You nod. It takes you a moment to compose yourself, but after doing so, you lead Tharja back to her seat. Gently, only taking yours after she's settled in. ... You are not ready to make the decision, you realize. Not after that. But you can't look indecisive. You tell everyone that with such diverse suggestions, you'll be going around the table, allowing everyone to comment on everyone else's suggestions. If there's further insight to be had, you welcome it. ...That should buy you some time. You'll start with Robin's suggestion: showing off Ruhemania's military might, then an execution by axe if required, or desired. Thoughts? "..." Cordelia doesn't speak, you predict she's not going to have much to add to anything. None of this involves your stables or kennels. Camilla touches Ricardo's sleeve to get his attention, and he nods to her. "Expending iron bolts seems a bit of extravagance. We don't have a lot of room to grant the military replacements for their equipment." Robin simply waves. "The iron can be salvaged. New arrows will cost nothing. This is for the display of military might and the weapons we have to show we are a superior force." Corrin speaks next: "Death by firing a crossbow could potentially leave a lasting impression, for exactly that reason. The General's suggestion fits in line with my opinion. The only question is," he pauses, looking at her. "Will the arrows hit their mark? Even one hit will make Ruhemania look very foolish." "Every bolt will hit its target," Robin retorts. "I will stake my reputation on it." Father Tomas doesn't speak. You're not sure if he will at all, though he's not inattentive. It's Mania's turn. "...This style of execution is done more for vanity than justice. The spirits in the weapons will be done a disservice." Robin's lips twist in acknowledgement. You think Mania made a criticism that Robin actually considered. Tharja makes no comment, except to say she's committed to her own suggestion. All right. That's enough for Robin. ...The method suggested by your Master of Coin, Ricardo? The 'old Ruhemania' way. The stake. ... It seems no one wants to speak up. You finally gesture to Robin and say you'd like her to offer something. She frowns, but then thinks it over. "It may put a stress on the guards to take care of Oana knowing she's about to suffer the stake. Moving her to a cage. Force-feeding her syrup. ...You know." Robin's talk seems to have loosened everyone's lips: Camilla speaks next. "One can't deny it's cost effective," she murmurs, a very nervous smile turning her lips for a moment. Corrin's turn next. He shows unease that is rare for him in how he squirms in his seat. "I can't deny that is a style of execution that will strike fear everywhere, Your Majesty. It will definitely be known, and talked about. However... it might be going a little too overboard. The respect of a harsh punishment may bring fear for closer relations with other countries." Father Tomas raises a hand to speak, and you allow it. "It's needlessly cruel. Even if it's traditional. That's all." Then, Mania. "The return of this 'tradition' will attract the negative attention of the spirits, who only have recently come to offer their blessings to this castle. But... as I said, the woman does deserve the stake." Tharja remains firm. Father Tomas didn't have a suggestion, so that brings you to Mania's proposition. Giving Oana her own sort of 'trial' among the peasants, and then beheading her in a show of just punishment, with the people around to condemn her as well. ...Thoughts? Robin tilts her head, ever so slightly, side to side. "It is a fair punishment. Lacking in spectacle, and more than Oana deserves, but I can see that it will be appreciated by the commoners, Your Majesty." Mania shares a nod with Robin. Camilla speaks next: "I just want to caution that a day peasants spend celebrating is a day less they can be working the fields, especially at harvest time." ...Oh no. You don't look back at Mania, but you can't imagine the expression on her face must be livid. That Camilla would talk about the peasants not being 'worked hard enough.' Corrin, you say, prompting him. The likely impact of that punishment? Corrin steeples his hands, then speaks. "It is a good idea, Your Majesty. It is a pleasant theory. However, if you give Oana the opportunity to speak to you, or say anything, where people can hear it, you are giving her a tiny sliver of power. She may take it, somehow. Blurt out some accusations against you. Some secret about the castle. Something like that. I think her display at the gathering and how she went from pleading to her life to insulting your authority is proof of that." ...Yes, it's true. Oana threw every dagger she could think of at you, in the end, when she was taken captive. You can't help but shut your eyes in revulsion. In sympathy. For Dimitrie. That he suffered with her his entire life. How could such a woman be a mother...? At any rate, Corrin has made a good point. You press on to ask of the others. Any suggestions, you ask? This time Cordelia does speak up. "I believe I can arrange for dogs to be present which could bark on command and drown her out her words, Your Majesty." Well, that's something. You'll keep it in mind. Father Tomas, you prompt? "This seems more a celebration than as a true show of a just punishment. But, it's still within your right, of course." Tharja remains firm and lets her opportunity to speak pass. Mania adds her retort to Corrin's caution about Oana being heard. "There's no need to worry. And no need for dogs. The people themselves will not listen to her. What I've suggested is the most just way to end the evil woman's life." Corrin asks for the opportunity for one last word: "Similarly, it may appease the peasants, but whether it truly inspires fear and respect from our neighbors in matters of diplomacy, that's unlikely." ... You're at the part no one wants to get to: Tharja's suggestion of just leaving Oana in her cell in the dungeon. You emphasize to everyone that they should remember this is your wife, Her Royal Highness, and she carries your heirs. Do not upset her with harsh speak. Tharja looks at you and you share a smile. Though, you think it may be less from your chivalry and more that you're playing along with the idea that she will have twins. Well, why not? She just might. Robin composes herself, then begins: "The guards really don't like taking care of her. She screams. She at times refuses to eat. She'll pretend she's sick for sympathy, or huddle in a corner and not move to make the guards believe she's dead. Even Margaret is a better prisoner. Having to deal with that for however many years it takes for the woman to actually die will stress the guards." You nod. They don't know Erika would end her life, but from their point of view, it makes complete sense. Camilla speaks next: "It is only one person, and it's not as if gruel is particularly expensive, but it would be another factor not to consider in the budget were she to be executed." It's not much of a criticism, but it's something. Perhaps Camilla only spoke just for the sake of it. You lead the talk to Corrin next, though you're very sure of what he has to say. "I hate to be so blunt, Your Majesty, but it is likely the very worst of all suggestions proposed today. It's effectively announcing there is no real punishment for regicide. It may bring assassins or worse." That seems a little extreme. What if you made Margaret's execution particularly bad, to compensate? Corrin has no answer to that. He simply shakes his head. Father Tomas, you ask? "..." He seems finally animated. He takes a deep breath and looks up at you all. You can see his eyes are shining. "I think, were the King to spare the woman who orchestrated his murder to life in the dungeon..." His eyes blink rapidly, he has a bright smile. "It would surely be the greatest act of mercy. Akin to when the Savior walked the Earth." "The potential for repentance exists in everyone. I'd ask to be allowed to visit her personally and offer her the guidance necessary to change her ways. Not with the offer of escaping your prison, Your Majesty, but of freeing her soul from Damnation." --Oh, wow. The reference to the Savior is... startling. You have a feeling this would impress Father Tomas more than anything you've done yet. That it would be proof of the miracle of Tharja's faith. He may even advocate you for Sainthood if you keep this up. On a more practical matter, if Father Tomas is attending to Oana, that means Father Tomas is not around the actual castle so much. It might be easier to interact with the nuns, then. Easier to get to know them... endear yourself to them... show them the joy of motherhood and plan your trysts... That alone makes the idea attractive. In addition to a nice 'gift for Erika'. ...Ah, Mania needs her turn. You expect she won't be happy, but... you nod that she will be the last to speak, about this issue and everything discussed. "..." "Sir, I would ask to approach your wife." You're startled at the request. You exchange a glance with Tharja. Tharja makes a little shrug in response. You turn back and say you approve. Mania creeps from her seat, around the table, until she's facing down Tharja. She... looks at her. She's just looking at her. What does she see, you wonder? Mania tilts her head as Tharja seems a bit unnerved by the invasion of her personal space. "Sir, I would ask that your wife meet my eyes." ... You don't want to tell her 'no'. You gently stroke Tharja's thigh and beg her to play along. Tharja dips her head, before nodding. She turns back toward Mania and they meet face-to-face. Mania gives her a very intense stare. "...Her motives are not for herself. Her motives are selfless. That is what the spirits surrounding Sir's wife tell this hag." Mania finally breaks eye contact. "I hear a whisper that if this decision passes Sir's approval, the dynamic of this council will change. --That's all." She then goes to sit down. ...Well, she's not wrong. This is basically overruling everyone's advice. Except Father Tomas, who is basically a soft-hearted fool. At any rate, you'll have to wonder what Mania was doing later. You vaguely remember the first time you met with Mania, in her cart. How she looked at you and asked if you were a good King or a bad King. This may have been a repeat of that. Her own appraisal. Though Tharja's request being made in selflessness is correct. And... you can't put this off any longer. You need to decide. This is perhaps the most complicated decision you've had to make as King. It will be done within the castle walls, and yet will surely stretch into eternity as the first time you show your capacity for punishing one who wronged you. Cruel, resolute, firm, champion of the people, pious...? No putting it off. You go over the possibilities once more... Choice time: 1. Robin's proposal. Have Oana executed as an excuse to show off the military. >(Council's expectations of being heard increases. Robin's influence increases. Robin's faction's satisfaction goes up. Ricardo's faction's satisfaction goes down. Mania's faction's satisfaction goes down. Tharja's satisfaction goes down.) 2. Ricardo's proposal. Sharpen a stake. Return to the 'old tradition' of punishment... hopefully just this once. >(Council's expectations of being heard increases. Ricardo's influence increases. Every faction's satisfaction goes down. (Including Ricardo's.)) 3. Corrin's proposal. Just something for show, it doesn't matter what. Cruel, but not that cruel. Makes no long lasting statement. >(Council's expectations of being heard increases. Corrin's influence increases. Robin's satisfaction goes down. Mania's satisfaction goes down. Tharja's satisfaction goes down.) 4. Mania's proposal. Have Oana brought out in the open, among the commoners, and read her sentence like a trial. Allow her to speak, before having her decapitated. >(Council's expectations of being heard increases. Mania's influence increases. Corrin's satisfaction decreases. Tharja's satisfaction decreases.) 5. Mania's proposal, but bring in braying dogs trained to drown Oana's words out on command. She doesn't deserve to speak, on sheer principle. > (Council's expectations of being heard increases. Mania and Cordelia's influence increases. Mania's satisfaction decreases. Cordelia's satisfaction increases. Corrin's satisfaction decreases. Tharja's satisfaction decreases.) 6. Tharja's proposal. Leave Oana to rot in the dungeon. Almost everyone will hate it, but she's to be kept as a gift for Erika, and you're sure your witches will be happy with it. >(Council's expectations of being heard decreases. Tharja will become a new faction and permanently join the Council. Outwardly, she will be judged by Monarch Authority shared with Edward, but privately she will represent the witches in the Castle and their needs. Everyone's satisfaction decreases. Except for Father Tomas' faction, which will increase greatly. Tharja's new faction's satisfaction will also increase greatly.) 7. Something else. (Write-in. How it affects the Balance of Power will be noted.) Here we see very early there is already a chance for a big change to the Balance of Power. By voting for Tharja's proposal, she will cease to be a guest and instead join the table. She will become a member of the council with the others, but the actual faction she represents will be a secret. Tharja will represent the interests of the witches (Beatrice, Erika, and Herself) presented in mundane form. To the outward appearance, it will appear Edward is sharing his Monarch Authority with Tharja. It's more likely (but not guaranteed) that selecting Tharja's proposals will be seen as Edward overruling the Council in their advice, with those risks and benefits. Tharja's role as Edward's love and wife will mean she won't plot against him. Similar to Mania, Tharja is irreplaceable. Neither Beatrice nor Erika will join the council, so Tharja joining or sitting as a guest will be the only way the 'witch faction' will be heard. However, since Tharja is also representing Beatrice and Erika's issues, she will leave or stop making guest appearances if the witches' needs are ignored. Edward is not just interacting with Tharja, but vicariously Erika and Beatrice. Questions will be answered if anyone has any. Write-ins are also acceptable if they do not contradict the medieval(ish) setting or are otherwise impossible to use.
I propose a write-in. Mania's suggestion, but a participatory execution. This is to blunt Corrin's disapproval. Upon judgment, the peasantry take turns putting a pin or blade in Oana. The execution ends when everyone has gone. Justice is still served by the masses. Ed does not appear weak for letting the execution slide. And Oana's end is punctuated by the gruesome image of the human pincushion, assuaging Corrin's fears of lacking a diplomatic tool via a memorable execution. I was on the fence between Mania and Tharja but ended up here.
>>2763 This write-in will result in: >(Council's expectations of being heard increases. Mania's influence increases. Corrin's influence increases. Corrin's satisfaction increases. Mania's satisfaction decreases. Robin's satisfaction decreases. Ricardo's satisfaction decreases. Tharja's satisfaction decreases.) Robin won't like handing out weapons or 'a' weapon for commoners to use. Camilla will also not like the potential blunting of army equipment that could cost money to replace. Mania won't like actively involving the people like that. (It makes them murderers, could inspire guilty thoughts, bad spirits, etc.) And Tharja is unhappy for any plan but hers. I see also in my writing of option 4 I forgot to indicate Mania's satisfaction will increase.
>>2764 Am I right to assume that a stoning would have similar Balance results, just minus the weapon concerns from Robin and Camilla? Also, on the subject of Tharja and the witch representation, two questions. One, is this definitively our only chance to do this, or would it be possible (with the right discussion with Tharja) to open up another shot at this? I'm not in love with the idea of letting Oana live any longer than necessary or letting people think we're weak. If we absolutely need to give Erika a gift, then Margaret can "waste away" after birth. Question two on Tharja and witch rep: I've been eager for awhile now to make Tharja queen and possibly give her a bit more power, even if it's just symbolic. Was planning to push for it after she gives birth. I acknowledge she's a witch and that's an integral, inseparable part of her that we've encouraged with votes in the past like killing Daniella and Vlad and making her swear not to self-annihilate after our death. Am I correct that giving her any sort of power is going to increase the influence of witches on Ruhemania? I'm a bit gunshy about that after everything we've seen and learned from Vlad, our Bernkastel dreams, and even Beatrice and Erika. Not totally opposed, just concerned. No vote from me yet, still considering options.
>>2762 As an aside, and I can move this to the "chat" thread if you want, should we be having influence "values" displayed (maybe on a scale of 0-10 or something) every time there's a vote that might change them? "Increasing/decreasing influence with X" might sound good or bad in a vacuum but if we're already (say) at a 9 out of 10 with the Church, for example, we might not prioritize raising our influence even more, because we have "spare" political capital. Or am I overthinking this? :)
7. Write-in My proposal is similar to the 5th option, but instead of bringing dogs we could dispatch a couple of loyal soldiers to "calm" Oana when she spills her poisonous tongue. And Robin will be the one giving orders to the soldiers to make sure we don't get a bad timing. As for Tharja, we can tell her that we could offer Margaret instead of Oana. It will be more easy to arrange this as we could lie to the people and say that she died while giving birth to her child.
>>2766 At the end of every council, I will, qualitatively, describe the current balance of power. At least to the best of the ability Edward understands, which may not entirely be the case. (People could be secretly plotting against him, etc.) I don't want to assign quantitative values of 1-10 because I tried something like that in "The Maternal Urge" and it didn't work at all. >>2765 Stoning will fall under option 3. As to why, it's because the commoners would be less concerned with 'justice' and more with just beating a woman to death. Ie, there's a difference between the state executing a person for a crime and just telling the common people "It's okay to kill this person." That said, since stoning would be a traditional punishment more than having everyone stabbed, it falls under 3, Corrin's proposal. >>2767 I need clarification here. When you say the soldiers will 'calm' Oana, do you mean slay her outright?
>>2765 To come back and answer the second part of this question. 1. I can't say concretely. As of right now, Tharja is only a 'guest'. She asked to come to the council, she was allowed to speak. There's no expectation for her to come back, especially if the next issue that's presented doesn't personally involve her. By siding with her, Edward is showing Tharja has some authority on the same level of him and it'll now be 'thinkable' that Tharja will be there normally. 2. The short answer is no.
>>2768 Sorry, i should've explain it better. First, two guards will escort her to the trial and will stay close to her as she speaks. They will make sure she doesn't try to harm herself or others. Second, i would like to add that a small group of loyal soldiers disguise themselves as commoners and stay among the people. This is for two reasons: -Make sure nobody gets injured during the trial. -In case that Oana's speech manages to change the public opinion about her and Edward, they will pose as enraged commoners that will keep the anger and disagreement of the people towards her. In this case, Robin will be the one giving them the order to act (that's why the timing is important). She's clever, so probably she could came up with a signal that only her men could see. Lastly, i'll insist that we tell Tharja that it would be better if we offer Margaret as a present instead of Oana. At least after she has given birth, of course.
Well, my write-in sucks. When I said blades, I meant like kitchen knives and things peasants would readily have available. So, Option 4, I guess. And promise Margaret to Tharja.
>>2770 I'm afraid I can't accept this write-in, for the following reason: The peasant settlement is not that big that people could fit in disguised. People would recognize them. Some of the soldiers may even be former peasants and be recognized by friends or family. Furthermore, they are more fit, healthy, and well taken care of due to Robin's reforms. They will stick out immediately. But, if you're concerned about the Balance of Power, this will still result in Mania's satisfaction going down. Edward would likely pick this up about Mania's proposal: Mania wants Oana to have a fair chance. Having 'fail-safes' like soldiers in disguise or barking dogs 'just in case' will make her unhappy. In her mind, she hasn't already decided Oana is guilty. Oana IS guilty, and she wants that fairly known, no matter what Oana could take the free moment to say. (And indeed, taking the opportunity to spill whatever secrets Oana knows about Edward or the castle in general just proves her own guilty.) Is this the best solution? For Mania, it is. Keep in mind also, Mania wasn't at the aristocrat gathering where Oana made her move. Neither does she know the full extent of the conspiracy. But, I also advise readers to anticipate what Oana could possibly say. In the immediate sense, peasants aren't going to care if she claims some other aristocrats helped her in a conspiracy, and that would actually help Edward. Edward has already heard that his poisoning made himself a sort of 'martyr,' and that his reputation and popularity is currently high. Mania said openly in thread 13. ("...when sir was removed there was… much mourning. Sadness. 'Our friend in the castle is gone.'") And as a result, they hate the old entrenched aristocracy that caused it and let it happen. However, words of what she said may stick around as rumors that get spoken about. And then eventually those might find their way from peasants (or whoever else is there to witness the execution) to people who would care... Assuring Tharja later that Margaret will be made a 'gift' will be a thing that can be done at any time, and best addressed in a separate vote.
Option 3: Corrin's proposal. Much as I would like to have justice and a sort of trial, we'd be giving Oana an inch, and we know she would take a mile. Keep it practical and simple. >>2771 >>2772 Indeed, let's include giving Margaret to Tharja and Erika later. Her death can easily be covered up by a complication in giving birth or recovery afterwards.
First off, great to see the efforts of this endeavor still going strong overall! Said this before, but it bears repeating: this is practically the only actual content of note worth checking in on, and it's great to see IK still alive and kicking! As to the actual choice and casting an option: Option 6. Not sure if there has been or will ever be a choice that enjoins and satisfies both the Weird Sisters (the 3 witches) and the Church in one fell swoop, and this seems like the 'odd choice out' as such, so why not!
So far, my vote count is: >1 vote for choice three, Corrin's proposal: a cruel punishment to leave a lasting impression, for diplomatic reasons. >1 vote for option four, Mania's full proposal: the equivalent of a public trial in front of the peasants, allowing Oana to speak before being properly executed by axe. >1 vote for option six, Tharja's proposal: keep Oana alive in the dungeon as a gift for Erika. I know this is a hard choice. It's impossible to appeal to all sides, and every choice has positives and negatives that can possibly reverberate for a while. But, please continue to think. There is no hurry. This is also open to write-ins, but apologies again if I have to deny them, or say "This is basically option 3," to them. Please vote with whatever you like. Vote however you like. Whether it's for the type of Edward you like to see, whether it seems the option that would be best for Ruhemania, whether you want to favor one faction in the Balance of Power, or whether it seems like the one that could bring the most interesting plot development. I am not here to tell you how to vote. Other than to only vote once. Everyone is entitled to their one vote. Please continue to vote.
>>2775 I'll like to change my vote to option number 4 then.
>>2775 Option 3. My one concern with Mania's proposal isn't her swaying the populace, it's things she's saying getting out of the castle and coming back to bite us in the ass. Nobody who wasn't at the social knows what she said there, and nobody, not Ed, not the witches, knows what else she might decide to spew. Doesn't matter if it's lies, it could sow seeds of doubt and open us up to issues in the future- like what if she says something that opens a crack in our foundation that, say, Elbania could exploit? Who knows how far word could spread, especially if there's any spying afoot. Doubly so if anyone named Roger a Muirebe turns up. I've got more to say on the proposal of giving Margaret to Erika, but I'll save that for when the issue actually comes up.
Okay, I've heard two arguments against option 4, but I haven't heard two arguments *for* Option 3. Why side with Corrin on this one? It seems needlessly cruel and backs a faction we've never backed in the past. I just don't see why we should be backing Corrin. He's unproven as a diplomat and we're handing him greater influence with little justification. Siding with the witches or the populace seems to be Ed's significantly larger MO. I prefer Mania to have a greater presence in the council, but I recognize that's not everyone's cup of tea. Backing Corrin feels out of left field to me, though.
>>2778 It feels like the "default" option that I was expecting to begin with. Public statement of crimes, off with her head (or whatever fine detail of execution we end up on), life goes on for everyone else. I don't see it as any more cruel than any of the other options, and far less cruel than a few of them. As for why not Tharja's plan, my own feelings about witch influence aside, I think that Oana needs to have a public execution. Regardless of the fact that we know she'll end up dead or worse at Erika's hand, the public will think Oana was left to live out the rest of her days. It lets anyone else who might have ambition know that if they try something, we might not kill them and there's a chance any fellow conspirators could spring them later. She should be executed publicly, and for that I like option 3.
>>2777 Edward did allow the diplomats from Elbania to be there. They outright said they would report what had happened to their Queen. (In a good way.) The chaplain (before Tomas) and the burgmeister were also there and it's likely they also spread word of what happened.
>>2780 Fair point on that, but I'm still not eager to let Oana spread more poison and potentially have it taint future diplomacy.
Option six. Erika's arriving soon anyways.
By my count, we currently have: >2 votes for option three, Corrin's plan of a public and painful execution, for diplomatic and deterrent reasons, without being too excessive. >2 votes for option four, Mania's plan of a public trial, for doing fair justice and showing the peasants Edward is a good King. >2 votes for option six, Tharja's plan of letting Oana stay in the dungeon... until Erika arrives and can claim her as a 'gift'. (Also giving the witches an ongoing presence and voice in the Council.) That's a tie, but I think we can get more votes. Please continue to vote everyone. There's been a lot of interesting discussion and it's highly encouraged.
>>2783 Option 4.
>>2762 Option 3 Oana’s crime warrants an appropriate punishment to deter any other attempts at treason. We need to set an example to not only our subjects but to other kingdoms that we punish crimes accordingly. Not punishing the person who attempted regicide would have disastrous political results. There will be other opportunities to show off the military and we can attempt to find a less important sacrifice to appease Erika later.
We currently have: >3 votes for option three, Corrin's plan of a public and painful execution, for diplomatic and deterrent reasons, without being too excessive. >3 votes for option four, Mania's plan of a public trial, for doing fair justice and showing the peasants Edward is a good King. >2 votes for option six, Tharja's plan of letting Oana stay in the dungeon... until Erika arrives and can claim her as a 'gift'. (Also giving the witches an ongoing presence and voice in the Council.) This is still a tie, but one more vote could make it a three-way tie. The needle must fall eventually I'll give this until Monday or Tuesday. Voting will close on Wednesday at the very latest. If you have not used your one vote, I urge you to do so. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I will answer if possible. Even if the answer is: "Edward wouldn't know that." There is also the chat thread for discussion. I'm looking forward to seeing how the voting turns out. I'm also hoping this Balance of Power system remains intriguing. I hope it's enjoyable. Please continue to vote.
>>2783 > Option Six
>>2788 six
>>2788 Option 3
>>2788 Option 3
>>2788 Option 6. Tharja should have a seat on the council to represent the witches because we decided to parlay with them, so we need to keep them happy as well.
>>2788 I move to option 3.
For the sake of organizing after new votes and the one change, our current total is... >6 votes for option three, Corrin's plan of a public and painful execution, for diplomatic and deterrent reasons, without being too excessive. >2 votes for option four, Mania's plan of a public trial, for doing fair justice and showing the peasants Edward is a good King. >5 votes for option six, Tharja's plan of letting Oana stay alive in the dungeon... until Erika arrives and can 'harvest' her. (Also giving the witches an ongoing presence and voice in the Council.) I'd like to ask voters that they please vote with what they want to see, not with what they think is winning. The choice with the most votes decides Edward's actions, but I take into account the votes and arguments for choices that don't make it as well. They are just as important because they let me see everyone's wants. I won't ever stop you from changing your vote, but I do ask that if you do change your vote, you do it only because you honestly changed your mind for some reason. Not because you're watching votes come in and you want to nudge the scale or play 'kingmaker'. Please continue to vote.
The needle simply must fall. >6 votes for option three, Corrin's plan of a public and painful execution, for diplomatic and deterrent reasons, without being too excessive as to alienate anyone. >2 votes for option four, Mania's plan of a public trial, for doing fair justice and showing the peasants Edward is a good King. >5 votes for option six, Tharja's plan of letting Oana stay alive in the dungeon... until Erika arrives and can 'harvest' her. (Also giving the witches an ongoing presence and voice in the Council.) Follow Corrin's safe plan of a grotesque punishment as a deterrent, both near and far. One done without being too cruel. Poll closed. Update soon.
You've made your decision, you announce. You must show strength. You must show the people you are not weak. You must show potential assassins and all who would challenge your rule that you are not weak. But, neither will you be a cruel tyrant. You will therefore disregard the more elaborate propositions and follow Corrin's proposal. Oana is to be executed in a way that is painful, torturous, and stark. Befitting attempted regicide, which is the worst of all crimes that could be done. However, not so absolutely cruel that it would overshadow your reign. Your aim is to be a King generous to his people, who will guide the Kingdom to prosperity. You see most of the Council start to nod. Mania looks a little displeased though. In that case, you say. The next decision is how exactly to complete this execution. ... You discuss your execution method with the Council. First will be preventing Oana from speaking. Her tongue will be removed before she is brought out of the dungeon. ...Can one of the soldiers do that, you ask Robin? Robin looks uncomfortable. "I'd prefer to let the medicus handle the actual... process, Your Majesty. Decapitation by axe is one thing, but reaching into a woman's mouth is something else. It would affect morale, even if it were in your name." She does know that the medicus has tools that will make him able to avoid injury. Iron tongs, for example. As she describes it, you start to understand why Robin suggested Oana suffer death by crossbow. Torturous, but dispassionate and something the soldiers are trained to do. Oh well. Next, Oana will be brought out to the public. She'll be bound, but allowed to see and hear. She'll need to be upright, so she doesn't choke on her own blood. Once in a position where both the peasants and any castle folk wish to watch, her skin will be flayed from her body by the medicus. "She'll pass out, but wake up in horror," says Corrin. "Her skin is old and thin, so this should be exceptionally easy." Mania's expression darkens. Corrin goes on to suggest that once she's done screaming, people will be encouraged to either stone her, or pour offal on her. Until they're bored, or too tired to continue. Only then will she be lowered to the ground, and her head separated from her body by axe. Even if she's dead by then, it's important she be executed in this manner as a show she is truly dead. "The final act is the 'compassionate' part, Your Majesty. Her body is sent to the nearest cathedral to be interred befitting her nobility." --That's the compassionate part? She's dead by then. Why not throw her in the cemetery for the commoners, burn her remains, or throw them in the moat, you ask? Corrin gives a small little laugh, betraying nervousness. "It's important to recognize she's still an aristocrat, Your Majesty. She's of noble birth. Her remains must be buried. In an unmarked grave, but one for aristocrats. You see Mania balling her fists. She really didn't like that comment. You recognize immediately that she must hate the fact she personally would still, technically, be considered nobility. ... What if you strip her of her nobility, you ask? Don't you have the right to do that, as King? Corrin nods. "You do have that right... but that would cause problems for you. It would mean her offspring are also stripped of their nobility, since it's inherited. Dimitrie, Your Knight, would therefore become a commoner." ...Oh. There's logic there. It looks like you'll have to accept Oana is still a noble and give her body some... 'dignity'. More than her acts deserved. You think Corrin has hit the right notes of 'horrifying, but not cruel.' Especially the skinning part. You only hope the medicus is prepared to do that without outright killing her. You look around the table and ask for everyone's final thoughts on the decision. Robin pauses. "It is a fair punishment and fits your goals, Your Majesty. I have no objection." Good. You turn toward Ricardo and Camilla. This time, Ricardo speaks. "It sounds appropriate, and more to the point, able to be completed with the tools we have available. The loss of any 'work' is negligible. I approve." You nod. It's an idea that doesn't involve your animals, so you skip Cordelia. Corrin himself simply looks pleased his proposal was chosen. At least, if his subtle smile is to be believed. You proceed to ask for Father Tomas's thoughts. "Appropriate for the crime of regicide, Your Majesty. I ask only that I be permitted to offer her the sacrament of confession before it begins, in hopes her soul may be cleansed of sin." ...Ah yes. A deathbed confession. You doubt Oana will actually take it. --Actually, won't that give Oana an opportunity to 'confess' your secrets? You pause, then decide to press the issue. What if Oana uses that as an opportunity to denounce you, paint you as a monster, or babble any other manner of things to him, you ask? Father Tomas pauses, looking at you with surprise. "That would be a violation of the sacrament. I would not hear it." ... Hahaha. It seems Father Tomas has some sense. You hold back actually laughing, but you attribute your concern to mere paranoia. Of course you have to allow Father Tomas to speak with her. Of course it won't matter what she says. He'll dismiss it as lies and live in his shell. Then... Witch Mania, you ask? "..." Mania sits silent. The silence goes on longer than could be considered comfortable. Finally, she speaks. "This is not a perfect balance. But it will be a type of balance. It will be accepted as satisfaction for the hatred of what was done to Sir. The Goddess may not celebrate, but she will know the truth. She will accept it." ...All right. You let Mania's statement be her last word. You may as well ask for Tharja's opinion. Is this all right, you ask? It's your decision that's best not only for Ruhemania, but the family. "..." Tharja slowly smiles. "I'm glad it's all over, Edward." Good. Tharja might be a little disappointed she can't offer her arriving 'friend' a welcoming gift, but this will have to do. You propose an open question: is there further business? Camilla speaks up. "We have reached out to the money lenders. After they arrive, may we plan another Council meeting?" ...Hm. A subtle little request for another meeting. You should consider it. It will be an issue that can affect the whole castle, but on the other hand, you've heard from most of them already. As well as the private considerations of Ricardo and Camilla. At best, this would be a reaction to what 'face' the money lenders present to you. --Still, you can't rule out that there may be merit to such a meeting.​ Choice time: 1. Yes, that seems appropriate. Approve a future Council meeting. (Decrease Monarch Authority, increase Council's expectations of being heard. Increase the faction satisfaction of the entire council.) 2. No, the decision of how to handle the money lenders must remain yours alone, with only ministers being asked on a one-to-one basis. No need to bring together the Council. (Monarch Authority increases.) 3. It is too early to make that decision. Tell Camilla you'll take it under consideration. (Monarch Authority increases. Faction satisfaction increases or decreases in ways Edward can't predict.)
>>2801 Option three. The moneylenders are a wild card; we need to see what happens.
>>2801 Option 3. I agree with Femanon, too many variables to commit either way yet.
>>2801 Option 3. Maybe when they come to us we could ask Beatrice to gather information about them before requesting for a Council meeting.
Option 1.
>>2801 Option 3
Option One. ...Crap, I forgot about the flaying. Too late now. XP
>2 votes for option one, promise to call another council meeting after the money lenders arrive. >4 votes for option three, tell Camilla you'll take her advice under consideration, but no hard decision approving or denying a future council meeting, yet. Deny Camilla's request and retain your right to call a Council meeting or not based only on your prerogative. Poll closed. Update soon.
You don't want to commit to a decision about that until they actually arrive. Circumstances may dictate it, or circumstances may make it unnecessary. You've heard Camilla's request, but you have to refuse to commit either way, for now. Only after the moneylenders arrive will you know for sure. After you've had the opportunity to judge their demeanor will you will act as you see fit. ... Ah, you spot Mania's reaction. a little sigh. She's disappointed. It makes sense. Mania was the one most against repaying the moneylenders. She won't be able to speak again without another meeting. She's losing her chance to hear the situation and influence it. You'll have to consider if you should call the meeting after all. Everyone else seems to accept your decision with no issue. ...You think. >No choice yet. Further update coming soon. Balance of Power >Monarch Authority has increased. >No change of the Council's expectation of being heard. >No change of influence for any faction. >Mania's satisfaction has decreased.
You ask if anyone has further business to bring up. No one makes a move to speak. That would signify the council meeting is over, then. ...But. Who's to say you can't call on your own concerns? You did it enough in the first council meeting. It may be best to keep them on their toes. Especially after you have met them all individually and learned more about their wants, responsibilities, and plans. This would be a good opportunity to have them openly collaborate, or put pressure on them to act. Engaging with them more could also show you're listening to them, even if you don't intend to do much. There could be value to say you're bringing out 'new business' just to rehash previous point. ...Or, you could just as easily call it a day. Is it worth it to bring up your own 'business,' whether with a specific goal, or merely for appearances? You think it over, and make your choice. Choice time: 1. Continue the council meeting. (Choices to affect the Balance of Power will continue.) 2. Call an end to the meeting and dismiss the attendees. (The council meeting ends. The Balance of Power will coalesce around the changes that were made at this meeting until the Council meets again.)
>>2815 Mmm... I don't recall anything else that we could discuss with the council right now. Or is this an opportunity to write-in some proposals? (If we choose to keep this meeting)
>>2816 My plan was that continuing will allow Edward to call on various factions, specifically. And giving them the chance to talk more would either increase their importance in the Balance of Power or lower it, depending on what Edward asks and how he frames it. But write-ins for specific questions posed to everyone at once are encouraged, too.
>> 2817 Option No.1 then.
>>2813 Option one.
>>2817 option 1
>>2815 Option one. I don't have anything particular here, but anything that you all have in mind or Ed thinks up could merit being discussed. Getting our council's input on things and knowing their position is the point of all this, after all.
Only 4 votes, but they're unanimous, and this is more of a "transition" choice, anyway. >4 votes for option one, continue the meeting. Have Edward bring up his own "business" before dismissing the Council. (These choices will affect the Balance of Power.) Poll closed. Update soon.
If no one has further business, you will bring up your own concerns and other issues you would like to discuss for the sake of open and frank communication, you say. Your words get everyone's attention. They likely thought you would just end the meeting there, especially since Robin all but called it. Perhaps all the more reason to continue, just to show you hold the reins. Therefore, you want to hear from them, you lead. ... They all look at you expectantly, waiting for where you're about to take them. Unfortunately, you're putting yourself on the spot and you don't have any specific issue to call to their attention. You decide you'll focus on one person, let them speak, then concoct a problem for the council to hear. You should tread lightly. You've shown yourself to be a King who wants to be involved with the running of the Kingdom. Even soft criticism or spare praise may be interpreted as a snub or celebration. You have to commit to at least one person. ... Oh, should you exclude Tharja? You're not sure. What would you ask her about? --Ah, you remember. Tharja is the one who is in charge of the maid hierarchy. She handles the problems the servants may bring up. There could possibly be a reason to call on her. Though, you're not about to embarrass Tharja. The rest of the council will likely just take it as you wanting to show off how much you love your wife if you call upon her. At any rate... Choice time: 1. Call on Robin to speak. There's sure to be many issues related to the state of the Army. 2. Call on Cordelia to speak. You haven't heard from her much, and it may allow you to fine-tune your stables and kennels. 3. Call on Corrin to speak. You went with his plan for Oana, but there's surely other issues to talk about. 4. Call on Ricardo to speak. Perhaps there's a better plan for managing money. 5. Call on Tomas to speak. The Church's representative's happiness and positive image of you is tantamount. 6. Call on Mania to speak. Hear about any other possible hidden concerns she has regarding the spirits. 7. Call on Tharja to speak. >(Monarch Power increases, the rest of the council's satisfaction, except for Mania and Tomas, goes down.)​ To be sure, the other choices other than Tharja do not change opinions by themselves, yet. I'm experimenting with a new format that should allow precise changes to the BoP to be seen at a glance, and the others don't change anything by themselves until the next round. After at least one person is called on, Edward can say he's satisfied and end the meeting at any time.
Option 4. We need to start giving some love to our money situation.
>>2831 Option 2
>>2831 Option 6. Let's hear Mania, she was one of the most affected by our previous decision.
Option 4
Option 4: Ricardo at the very least, it will show that we are still actively concerned with correcting our finances.
>>2831 Option 4. I concur that we need to circle back and see if Ricardo has any new thoughts on our financial woes. That said, I would also like to give Cordelia a chance to speak, preferably without Robin running over her.
>>2831 Option 6 Mania seems pretty upset by our choices and by the comments of the others in the meeting. We should give her some opportunity to voice her mind and see if we can accommodate.
>1 vote for option two, call on Cordelia to speak about the stables and kennels. >4 votes for option four, call on Ricardo to speak about the treasury. >2 votes for option six, call on Mania for her more detailed observation about the spirits. Call on Ricardo, your Master of Coin, to speak. (And possibly Camilla by extension.) Poll closed. Update soon.