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d94cc No.8833

i can only found 1.1.2
dose anyone have it

93e2b No.8834


e5de0 No.8835

0ea59 No.8837

Does anyone know the codes for gallery bonus 2 and 4 as well as the code for the office secret scenario?

df7b3 No.8838

The code for Gallery Bonus 2 is on the table in Maxi's Office (in the hotel scenario).

The code for 4 is on the blackboard in the classroom in Xun's scenario.

The Office Secret code is supposedly on the cover image (the only thing I can see there that looks like a code is the "05/06" in the top left corner. Not sure if I'm looking at the right image though).

0ea59 No.8839

The only code I see in the classroom is 5046 which doesn't work and I cannot for the life of me find anything in Maxi's office. The office secret code works though. Do you know the actual numbers for the others? Thanks for the help.

25ddd No.8840


The code in the office is on the front of the desk behind where Maxi stands. There's a panel where it's visible between when Maxi escorts the girls to their rooms and when he picks up the phone when labor starts.

25ddd No.8841


You have to go into the backgrounds gallery to do it, the frame where it was visible isn't there anymore

0ea59 No.8842

Thanks for the help.

8ffc9 No.8844

Really wish someone would revive Birth Story.
Or at least make another game along the same lines with different characters.

Too good to let it die out.

13097 No.8845

Well, attempts were made in the past, but unfortunately they kinda fell through. To be honest, though, the 1.1.3 update did kinda come out of thin air so it could just be a matter of if Arkone has the time to put into a new version at the moment.

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