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cbde9 No.8879

I want to take a moment to talk about Patreon, now I think being able to support your favourite artist and writers is fantastic! I currently support several animators and writers ranging from $2 a month to $5.

But here's the thing; do you feel some Patreon tiers punish more than reward you?

Here's two examples for 2 writer style tiers.

Writer 1
$2 = Access to their stories.
$5 = Each month you can vote to decide on the next story from 5 options and chip in with ideas.
$10 = Now and then you can vote to decide what happens in the next chapter.
$25 = You get to submit a story idea to be put in the monthly poll.

Writer 2
$2 = Access to their stories.
$5 = Access to their stories 2 Months in advance + alternative stories
$10 = Access to their stories 4 Months in advance + being able to vote on which story should get the next chapter.
$20 = Access to short stories + being able to vote on what the next story will be.
$25 = A short story commission.

After encountering both I soon shifted my support to those using the former tier system.

Personally I find timed exclusives frustrating. It feels like on disc gaming DLC, you know the next 5-6 chapters are there but you didn't pay for the deluxe addition. You also screwed if you need to downgrade but still want to support the artist as you won't see any new content for months.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Also this thread's focus is on pateron tiers not the artist's themselves so please refrain from using names.

32e10 No.8881

As someone who just uploaded time-gated content to their patreon, this is a question I ask myself a lot.

I see it like this:
A more "hardcore" fan of an artist may just want to see things as they're released when they're released, whereas other more casual fans don't mind it trickling in slightly later - and that's okay.

However, I personally dislike it when content is gated months and months in advance.
I feel like it's 100% fair for an artist or writer to lock stuff behind a paywall for one month.
Two months? Meh, it's kinda iffy but still fair.
Three months? Kinda pushing it, but still doable.
Four months? Definitely pushing it.
Five months? That's not really all that fair.
6+ months? Taking the piss.
But that's just my opinion, and I DON'T think the people behind patreons that do this are assholes.

I can see WHY they do this from a business standpoint, as it adds a ladder-like incentive for people who aren't patrons, or patrons who are only a $1 tier, or $5 tier, or even a $20 tier.
Sometimes, for most of these people, Patreon is their livelihood and a way to pay the bills.
It's also how they value their work.

To get this back on track, however:
>> Do you feel some Patreon tiers punish more than reward you?
Yes, absolutely.
To sum this all up, I don't like knowing that there's content I can't access and I feel frustrated that there's content I won't be able to read or see for a while, but if all you're waiting is a month or two then I don't think it's all that bad.
If you're waiting half a year for a SINGLE image/animation/chapter then yeah that's BS.

3c8bf No.8882

There are artists I follow who do time-gated stuff and I have no problem paying for it. The stuff they offer is good, and I am happy to support them. Even if they offered it for free, I would continue to support them. That said, their higher tiers offer me nothing I feel is worth the price, and I usually get all I want from a lower tier, usually $5. If I get access to their archives for that price, even better. If I don't, then I feel it's a bit of a con.

As for my own history with making time-gated content: I did no such stuff for my first month of patreon, and received a good amount of patrons. For my second month, I started doing time-gated content, and my patrons tripled. Most of them are at the $5 tier, with a few generous people taking my highest tier, even though they get very little extra for it. I'd rather have a lot of people paying at a low tier than have a few paying the top tier, which is why you get practically everything for $5 on mine.

(I should mention that my time-gated stuff is a "deluxe version" of work I release for free at the same time, so it's not like you can't see it completely. To use your DLC analogy, I give you the game for free, but the added bonuses have to be paid for. Wait, isn't that what mobile games do? Oh no…)

So even though I tried to not time-gate stuff, it's the main way to increase the patron count. The trick, as Sqwark said, is not to be a dick about it. Offer value for money! A month is the norm, but months and months is almost blackmail imo. That said, if people pay for those higher tiers, then they must consider it fair.

cbde9 No.8885

I totally agree, you hit the nail on the head there mate, it does feels like Blackmail!

I did inquire about this once to a pateron with a similar tier set. Saying that I couldn't afford to keep paying $10 a month and how pointless a downgrade was. His answer; "Cancel my pateron and come back in a few months time."
So I cancelled and never went back.

Real shame as he created some quality work on DA but on Pateron it feels like most of his stories are long and uneventful. :(

92c0c No.8886

"Long and uneventful?" If your talking about who I think you are, that's putting it mildly.

2-3 years and these stories are up to 22-24 chapters each and still going!!! Think of how much money backers have paid him in that time span!

Last I checked a story should have a beginning, middle and an ending!!!
They used to be one of my favorite writers on DA with some well paced stories. But ever since moving to Pateron he seems to just wing it, repeately starting new stories before he's finished the old ones.

I hate Pateron because there's no faster way for an artist to loose their passion and drive than make it feel like a job.

3c8bf No.8887


Yeah, that sounds inflexible. In an opposite direction, I know there's one Patreon person who offered to work out a deal in private for someone who couldn't afford to pay monthly. It's can't be that hard to leave a little flexibility in the payment system, can it? We're people, not corporations!


Stuff like that is why I'm not a fond of the serialization method: it encourages filler. I don't watch television at all because of this too. I have done two serialised animations, both of which haven't gone longer than four parts, and for both of those I wondered if they could have been shorter. People were sad when they ended though, so maybe they could have been longer.

For myself, I try not to be stingy with ideas, and to make the most exciting thing I can with every update. It helps that I'm sincerely excited by what I make, so if I can get myself excited about the stuff, my patrons (hopefully) should too. So far, that seems to be the case.

I do wonder if it'll become boring at some point though. But then again, I've loved pregnancy stuff for many years, so I can't imagine suddenly disliking it…

cbde9 No.8888

Wow! No wonder it felt slow, I gave up on the former around chapter 17.
The girl's were taking a dip in a hottub while being fed, meanwhile a liquid was being added to the water causing them to grow, meanwhile they were getting looks from the staff. As they were lead into a back room it all felt very ominous like there was a big twist coming up.

NOPE! They just walked out and headed home! :(

Knowing the story has been going for over 2 years makes me less inclined to go back. I imagine it's probably still going.

6a6d1 No.8891

Personally I think if you don't want to pay for the content you don't need to see it.

It's entertainment not a necessity.

The advance thing is weird though I've never seen that other than webcomic people that show you pages before non patrons.

b7a5f No.8894

Speaking as a consumer? It is 100% fair to paywall your material.

You are artists and writers. Your stuff doesn't spoil; if it's good now, it's data that'll be good in 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 years from now.

And guess what? You're gonna have to eat for another estimated 98 years (a nice good optimistic maximum). Gonna have to pay rent or real estate tax on a house, for at least another 98 years from now. Gonna have to go to the doctor for care, medicine and tests, gonna have to buy shoes, gonna have to buy clothes, hygiene products, heat for the winter, air conditioning for the summer, the list goes on.

Yes, you can technically skirt the legal channels to get the data, information and luxury service from someone. No, that doesn't make it right to do so. It's like sneaking into a movie theater. You're not technically stealing the subject matter, but you're stealing an experience that is not being offered for free. And even worse than the usual milquetoast limp wristed excuse to dine-and-dash on the experience, is it's doing it to a small time creator.

People who raid peoples' paid patreon paywalls to redistribute these experiences aren't heroes, they're assholes that think life being unfair is immoral. If you don't want to pay for somebody's content, the least you could do is respect them and not experience it or buy it.

Artists are notoriously problemed by low self esteem and the need for validation. You let them give and give and give and eventually they'll starve. People always trying to get free shit out of them while passive aggressively dissuading them from charging for their products and moaning about being robbed by people whom they're literally avoiding paying for the service they offer. Makes me sick. Seeing these entitled little shits moan and complain that they have to invest to see stuff that's not being offered for free, just hoping the artists see it, it feeds into their insecurity and complexes and maybe if they just bitch hard enough said artists will release it for free or some anarchists will raid it for them.

"But you have SOOOME free art! If you want money, get a reeaaaal jooooooooob!"
fuck some restaurants give free bread and water you still want that sweet spaghetti and sauce you need to pay dude. The house gotta eat too.

0ae12 No.8896

I put half of my stuff behind a paywall on Patreon all the time but I try to be reasonable and provide better services in comparison to some patreon artists i've seen who like to screw over their consumers.

First of all. Don't make sorry excuses for putting your stuff behind a paywall ( I have seen this ) just admit that your stuff is purchasable.

So don't say something like ''Hi guys, deviantart won't let me post NSFW art so if you want to see this super blurry and pixelated NSFW picture in the highest quality. Please pay me 50$ on Patreon with this link !''

cbde9 No.8897

So which artists on Pateron would you recommend?

I would highly recommend "Lusty"
for $5 your treated to 1 or 2 high-quality preg/birth animations a month.
You also get to vote on the next theme, plus she's very friendly to talk to.

Which is refreshing compared to some Paterons. :)

3c8bf No.8898

Lewdlemage is pretty good. He doesn't always do pregnancy content, but he does enough drawings that it's never too long between preg. drawings. I'm always excited whenever he updates!


2782c No.8899

I do Lusty, Marrazan and SuperLlama.

I'm not sure about Lewdlemage, I don't like vore.

cbde9 No.8900


Are they writters, artists or animators?

Must admit it's been hard to find writers to match the stories of Muchbirth and Kompera.

2782c No.8901

SuperLlama is all art, Marrazan is mostly art with some animation and Lusty is all animation.

968d6 No.8905

So what's a good erotica patreon like Kompera? I tried reading Muchbirth but just like the title he focuses too much on birth for my liking

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