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8e20f No.9097

There is a reason that we are all on here and there is a reason this site is the way it is.

A Pregnancy fetish AKA Maiseophilia is labeled as one of the 549 known ''Paraphilias''. A Paraphilia is ''a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities''.

This alone is proof that in this current day of age we are still practicing the whole ''I don't like it so it must be a mental disorder'' trend.

Basically a bunch of dudes in lab coats get to decide what is a normal sexual desire and what's not and they decided that being attracted to pregnant women is ''dangerous'' and ''extreme'' these where also the same people who believed that homosexuality was a mental disorder and electroshock therapy or lobotomy could cure masturbation.

I recently expressed my pregnancy fetish on reddit all of the replies where along the lines of ''Pregnant women are fucking disgusting'', ''anyone who jacks of to this shit needs mental help'' and a great one which went like ''If my wife ever got pregnant i'd dump her and that crotch goblin in her uterus''.

I have no idea if this is a global issue but i've noticed that Americans in general seem to view pregnancy as disgusting unless the pregnant woman is a celebrity. Pregnant women are expected to always wear heavy clothing that disguises their condition and breastfeeding is also demonized.

I believe that if men are taught to view pregnancy as nice rather than disgusting and pregnancy fetishism is encouraged, we may develop healthier sexuality. Procreation is beautiful.

d144d No.9098

Weird, my arm is twitching while I am reading this. Almost like wanking off, but in the air. It won’t stop.

de9af No.9099

I know how you feel. Some idiots out there think pregnancy fetish translates into pedophilia all because there’s a kid in a woman’s belly.

Here’s a shocker: NO!

The idea of pregnancy fetish is being interested in the woman herself, the one carrying the child, not the child themselves! How could people not see that??

I too think procreation is a wonderful thing. Is it funny to say that my pregnancy fetish has made me pro-life? Haha.

1c9d0 No.9100

It's a cultural remnent from the earliest group to settle New England. Usually the people who came to America in the 16th and century were considered religious extremist. They tended to be Calvinists who saw any form of sexuality between non married people as sinful. Really it wasn't until the Victorian period that people saw pregnancy as "obscene". They thought that seeing a pregnant woman would remind people that sex exists and that they would get uncontrollable sexual urges. It's kind of like why Muslim countries want women to not show any bare skin.

Technically it's only maiesiophilia if pregnancy is the sole thing to arouse you, and/or it starts to take over your life.

6a07c No.9101

jesus fucking christ what are you even talking about, this is just spank material, not material oppression. jesus keep your fetish away from where you eat and maybe you'll be fine

a02f2 No.9102

Some people just can't keep their fetishes behind closed doors.

They have to turn it into a lifestyle.

069c2 No.9103

Brothers, let us unite against the -true- enemy. The worshippers of the FOOT.

a02f2 No.9104

Does that include hooves and pseudopods?

26e43 No.9105


I was actually astonished when I first heard the argument that ''A pregnancy fetish is pedophilia because it focuses on the concept of a unborn child in a woman's uterus''. Half of my brain cells died when I heard that.

26e43 No.9106


I think it's pretty clear what i'm talking about and no it's not oppression, just an extremely annoying cultural aspect.

Everyone here should love pregnancy and we should all recognize how much this fetish is hated elsewhere.

26e43 No.9107


Sadly it seems that England has moved on from that but the USA still has yet too progress to the level of liberal sexuality that most of western and southern europe has.

d144d No.9108


This is the same anon.


Plz stop my arm is tired

26e43 No.9109


Nah i'm good.

2829b No.9111

All I'm hearing is wah wah why don't women dress how I want so I can jack off I'm so oppressed.

26e43 No.9112


I don't think you read the post.

Pregnant women should be allowed to dress how THEY want to dress and not forced to cover up because pregnancy is viewed as disgusting.

And maiseophilia shouldn't be classified as a mental disorder.

26e43 No.9113


I haven't turned this fetish into a life style. I just don't think it should be demonized.

Finding pregnant women attractive should be as acceptable as saying you like women with a ass.

a02f2 No.9114

Boobs and asses and legs are acceptable to comment on. Other things not so much.

It would be just as weird as seeing a girl barefoot and saying "Aw yeah, look at those feet. i wanna suck on them hooves."

2829b No.9115

No I read it. I've seen more than enough guys that try to impress their wants onto women as liberation so I still don't buy it. You're assuming the woman had no agency in her choice of clothing because if did she'd wear something you want. Maybe don't.

Yeah it's really not the same. While I agree it's not pedophilia you cannot discount that that's generally not gonna be your kid in any woman you come onto or tell guys you'd want to fuck.

Not really ok for public discourse.

Note how OP isn't saying anything about finding it hot for a lover to be pregnant, but no it's globally people need to accept he wants to fuck their wife.

26e43 No.9116


1. That's not what i'm doing. Pregnant bodies are viewed as a very sensitive image and they shouldn't be.

2. Yes boobs, legs and asses are acceptable to comment on but I think you should be allowed to compliment a pregnant woman's body.

3. I don't see how that holds any relevance to my argument. If I had a wife and she was pregnant i'd find her even more attractive than before. I didn't mention that yes but you shouldn't use that lack of information to make assumptions about me. I don't want to fuck every pregnant woman I see and I really don't care if it's my kid or not. I just believe that pregnancy should be celebrated and viewed as beautiful rather than viewed as ''disgusting''.

26e43 No.9117


The TRUE enemy is scat lovers.

d1426 No.9121

Tbh this is the first time i heard of this(live in the states), the breastfeeding aspect is probably the only thing I heard related to pregnancy(outside of abortion of course) that ppl aren't entirely receptive on. I think its more of the guys you see on youtube comments with no self control say shit, the other commenters assume we're all like that(unstable, no self control perverts) and it spreads(and in some cases, women remove their vids and wear less revealing clothing cause of the uncomfortableness they get from those people) its a sad thing but in the end of the day, the fetish is getting better and more known and hinted on in various media outlets.

26e43 No.9122


The problem is that Maiseophilia AKA Preggophillia is widely regarded to be one of the most common sexual desires but it is still labeled as a ''paraphilia''

2829b No.9124

Where are you getting this from?

The DSM says
> A paraphilic disorder is a "paraphilia that is currently causing distress or impairment to the individual or a paraphilia whose satisfaction has entailed personal harm, or risk of harm, to others."

While is does list the general idea of a fetish disorder it doesn't mention pregnancy by name and is mostly referring to people who can only whack off to shoes or stolen panties. It says specifically:

>Many individuals who self-identify as fetishist practitioners do not necessarily report clinical impairment in association with their fetish-associated behaviors. Such individuals could be considered as having a fetish but not fetishistic disorder.

The most common paraphilias they report are Voyeurism, exhibitionism, pedos and wanting to rub your genitals on people.

d73b4 No.9125


Same anon again.

Because of the furious wanking my arm is doing because of your weapy pathetic posts, my elbow joint has now worn down along with the issue around it, causing my forearm to come clean off.

Thing is, it continues to wank. In fact, it is wanking so hard that it is actually floating in mid air. It is actually amazing. Or was for about five minutes. It is moving around on its own, and everything in its path is getting vaporized due to the vibrations from its wanking.

Walls, furniture, PEOPLE

Please I beg of you, stop before my wanking arm kills again. We can’t stop it ourselves.

8e20f No.9126


You are very annoying.

8e20f No.9127


I won't lie. It appears I was misinformed so apologies for that.

Either way, Maiseophilia is widely regarded as a disturbing fetish by the public majority and I don't think it should be.

d30f2 No.9129

We all know why it's taboo. It's 'cause prudes think it involves sexual attraction to unborn children. Which is stupid, but then so are a significant portion of ppl who write what passes for news these days. 🙄

92e88 No.9130

Spend an hour on Preggophilia and that'll show why it's so demonized.

506ce No.9134


eh, depends where you look, i'm usually in the request or video sections, i had a feeling everywhere else is…. yea

c69ba No.9136

I don't like the fringes of each political spectrum, the most vocal opponents of our attraction, and they claim this is Christian or feminist to demonize us as sickos :-/

c69ba No.9137

I wish the LGBT/GRSM community lend us a helping hand in our attraction.

Pedophilia should not be legitimized by so-called Liberal activists.

I noticed conservatives are the ones caught in child sex scandals.

7a8a3 No.9138

You mean like Epstein?

c69ba No.9139

Like those SJWs accusing all men to be pervs, creeps and misogynist chavs

I don't want to get political when we are discussing moral relativity and ethical conduct around pregnant women, whether the fetish is normal and how do we express ourselves on this site, the point I made is the (far) left and right can agree on one thing: they think we're sickos.

8e20f No.9140


Exactly this.

American culture is generally prudish and sexophobic, both political spectrums are highly sexophobic and would like peoples sexuality to be strictly controlled and regulated but too different degrees.

8e20f No.9141


American conservatives don't seem to have a complete grasp of what pedophilia actually is.

Whenever an old priest or politician actively molests children, the right will always jump to their defense and they will almost always get off scot free but when a young couple has sex, their entire life is ruined.

The left is similar, however they just group child molesting priests and horny teens together as pedophiles rather than taking a side on the matter.

7a8a3 No.9142

>The left is similar, however they just group child molesting priests and horny teens together as pedophiles rather than taking a side on the matter.
I can't help noticing you didn't include old men in your post, perhaps because Biden has been America's creepy uncle for years and we hadn't heard a word about it from Democrats until he began running for President.

c69ba No.9143

I believe in consent of the participating partner in sex, esp. an adult human not related to me and preferably who isn't married or with someone else.

There are pregnant women online who are open-minded about their bodies, attitudes and even sexuality we can talk to. But be in mind to still be respectful and know boundaries when you talk to someone you're turned on by, as well she can become a close friend if you relate to her beyond her belly or whatever is in her body.

8e20f No.9144


I didn't intentionally forget Biden, but yeah it's the same thing.

c69ba No.9145

Except the sexual revolution of the 1960s-70s and the internet opened new frontiers in sexual activity.

The 1950s was very puritanical and the 1980s was kinda prudish with the religious right in our pop culture.

Political correctness in the 1990s-2000s made it harder for men to ask a woman out, while when the religious right was in power, women felt uneasy to ask out a man.

c69ba No.9146

Biden, Epstein and Bill Clinton are like Trump, Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas…sex predators are on both sides of the political spectrum.

Let's drop with the political crap and get back on why preggophilia is seen as taboo, immoral or weird.

Personally, I was labelled a pedo, gay/queer, weirdo/nerd and sexist for loving pregnant women's figures.

c69ba No.9147

of course, most pregnant women will dress modestly anyway, and at the workplace, appropriate attire.

If a woman loves her pregnant belly to appear from her t-shirt, fine.

And if she loves those colorful maternity dresses, again fine with me.

c69ba No.9148

America and Japan has the most preg porn, because it's taboo or partly in Japan (nudity is fine, but not with a big belly with a baby).

France (my father is from there) and my own (part) Cherokee Indian heritage looks at pregnancy as lovely, beautiful…or powerful.

The French are secular but long been Catholic, while the Cherokee became Protestant Christian majority. The Japanese are more atheist and non-Christian (Shintoist) historically.

I blame my 1990s childhood in Cal. for my openness, fascination and interest in pregnant women, also I am genderfluid (hetero bio-male).

I found out when I was 8 where babies come from, by a teacher on a public school campus, and this is too risky in 1988, but it's not 1957.

c69ba No.9149

Preggophilia is a gray area between socially acceptable (more people should view us, like they do with LGBT or GRSM)…and totally immoral (we shouldn't be lumped in with pedophiles or child sex molesters).

c69ba No.9150

Last post - If many men and women love to see a pregnant woman, what about women and men who love to see a man with facial hair.

I have a mustache and goatee because I want to. And pregnancy isn't always what a woman wants. The thing is some men want to look manly or some women love to appear maternal.

Femininity and masculinity: what we associate or attribute to the bio sex we're attracted to.

May I add I'm mildly autistic and learns to be careful when I'm around strangers or introduce myself to people I'm interested to befriend with.

And to end my time on this issue, pregnancy fetishism should be embraced more openly, and how many husbands/BFs/male lovers out there for non-fetish reasons love to see their wives/GFs/female lovers pregnant…I say A HELL OF A LOT.

7a8a3 No.9151

>If many men and women love to see a pregnant woman, what about women and men who love to see a man with facial hair.
It's easier to say you're turned on by facial hair because beards aren't made of babies.

8e20f No.9152


We should be teaching sex ed at an earlier age. We aren't protecting children by restricting their knowledge of the natural order of things.

c69ba No.9153

Not "appropriate" in America, but 1990s CA didn't overcensor my public school's sex ed., and any child born after 1990 is more aware of where babies come from or "daddy made mommy have baby in her tummy". I never understood my Mom found out at age 12, grandma at 16 and greatgrandma at 20 (she had grandma at 21). How can't they tell if their moms were pregnant???

c69ba No.9154

549 paraphilias?…yes, pregnancy fetishism can be a problem, if a person can't control their sexual urges whenever they're in public…having it itself isn't the same as an attraction to children.

c69ba No.9161

conservative right: protect women and children from sexual perverts.

Liberal left: don't do anything offensive to women and minorities.

Me: I'm sick of tired of being told what to say or do when I want a casual relationship or want to explore her POV.

2829b No.9163


Once again this kind of wording implies that women who aren't willing to cater to you are wrong and being prudes and that's kinda dickish.

0e826 No.9164

>the whole point of the main attractive things of women(tits/ass) is because it portrays fertility
>but a woman who’s pregnant, very blatantly showing off her fertility, that’s bad and not something you should feel attracted to
What fucking bass ackwards world do I live in where beating someone within inches of their life or obsessing over feet of all things for sexual pleasure is more normal than the actual product of sex
I want off this fucking ride

8e20f No.9165


This ride is The Twilight Zone and you are in it.

4d135 No.9166

I've heard it explained as sexual attraction should end when the deed is done. I.e shift from "I wanna do this" to "I wanna protect this"

Me being here, I obviously don't feel that way, but I've heard that from others.

c69ba No.9168

uh…you misread me, they don't have to, they can chose to talk about it and they can make friends online to share their pregnancy experiences.

In our society, "I can't talk about I think this is cool and sexy". She doesn't HAVE to talk to strangers or friends about her personal lives.

c69ba No.9170

Pregnant women have the freedom of association. I made a few friends on pregnancy fetish forums and websites. Either they're married, had an ex-BF (they broke up), had IVF or surrogate. I'm not there to have any sexual act with them (i.e. cybering). All I like to do is meet pregnant women with a mindset they like being pregnant and/or are having a sensual experience from it.

46459 No.9171

Pregnancy fetish is a serious, disturbing and disgusting mental illness and is a subset of pedophilia. Anyone who is sexually aroused by pregnant women to the extent that they browse the internet for pictures of pregnant women should be put in jail forever to keep the population safe from their predatory actions. Arguing for the acceptance of this fetish is akin to joining NAMBLA. Normalization is not the same as ethically and morally righteous and in itself is a serious sin. Shame on anyone who believes otherwise. REPENT!!!
Now…time to whip out my dong and look at some hot preggo action…

2829b No.9172

As other OP said before, there's a difference in that tits and ass aren't full of babies. In most people's cases, other people's babies. There's the implication you want to get with someone's GF or wife or just want to fuck around until she had the kid. This is one of he many reasons I prefer artwork.

I don't think most people would bat an eye if you said you found your pregnant WIFE hot. Make get some shit from the boys but that's how guys tease.

And fucking no it's not like the LGBT you utter wastes of space. You need to fucking stop with that shit before youtubers start claiming you're trying to add an M on the end like they say pedos want a P.

c69ba No.9175


This is written by a touchphobic moralist, esp. she hates men who go near her. https://www.scarymommy.com/10-reasons-you-shouldnt-touch-pregnant-woman-belly/

0e826 No.9178

You’re not supposed to still be sexually attracted to your wife when she’s knocked up? Yeah that’s just something retards would say.
>no it’s not like the LGBT
Nobody said it is you dunce
Nobody with an IQ above room temperature thinks their fetishes are an actual standalone sexuality

0e826 No.9179

>writing it as if people who touch bellies are just complete random strangers
99% of people only do that with good friends or family members

11e4d No.9180

Having a pregnancy fetish is WEIRD. That's it. Just weird to most people. Most normal people actually don't hate us since they have real shit to worry about than guys who enjoy feet or big bellies.

TL;DR: Most people don't actually give a shit.

be62c No.9184


You'd be surprised. I have more than one female friend who was ready to chop off the hand of the next rando that touched her belly on the bus or out in public in general. In their cases it was usually grandma-aged women who did it, and even though they meant well it was still an intrusion.

Although just the other day my super pregnant neighbor got her belly touched by someone she had met mere minutes prior, he was looking for an address and had engaged her in conversation while she was sitting on her porch minding her own business. She kind of shot me a "help me" look and I asked the guy a question that distracted him and changed his train of thought, and afterwards she was going on and on about how that wasn't cool, etc.

c69ba No.9187

An adult wouldn't do that, whether male or female, to a stranger they don't know.

92e88 No.9190

That's laughably naive.

c69ba No.9192

Some adults don't have manners - my parents said people 50 years ago started to approach and touch pregnant bellies in public - 25 years ago it was treated as normal - then the internet organized more pregnant women to protest unwanted touching in public - I don't think anyone would do that in this day and age.

2829b No.9194


I assure you I've been in this argument on every website. They might not always bring up LGBT but they use the same kind of arguments as people who say Pedos or furries are opressed sexual minorities and deserve the same uplifting.

I've seen people called Nazis for saying keep your hands (and DMs) to yourself.

But I do have what I was refering to in this thread. I just didn't tag it the first time.

>I wish the LGBT/GRSM community lend us a helping hand in our attraction
>Preggophilia is a gray area between socially acceptable (more people should view us, like they do with LGBT or GRSM

It's the same guy and he's also the one who doesn't believe women who say that they get unwanted belly touching so there's that.


There are videos on youtube right now telling "Teh communitah" how to approach and touch women. I can't remember if this was from a video or a post but there are people recommending not giving the woman time to refuse because it's better for them to cop a feel and have the woman uncomfortable/angry than not touch at all.

Just because you wouldn't do it doesn't mean people have not and I'd take the word of a woman who has been pregnant over a guy on the internet upset a stranger might think less of him.

I don't like to be touched at all. I don't even hug people at family gathers unless they're close family. Makes it real awkward when your s/o is hispanic and his family always wants to cheek kiss. Pregnant me would sooner punch every last stranger and my extended family who came close. I'm not every woman, of course, but you don't know who's who.

Most of all, This.

92e88 No.9195

I've seen more than one guy on various sites talking about how you can lie and say you're a doctor to get free rubs.
There will always be people with no awareness that think codes of conduct and rules don't or shouldn't apply to them.

c69ba No.9198

>It's the same guy and he's also the one who doesn't believe women who say that they get unwanted belly touching

WTF are you doing? Look at my code "c69ba". I'm giving out my opinion and you're offended? I believe many women complain about unwanted belly touching. You're assuming I deny it even happens.

c69ba No.9199

Your husband's from another culture. I read about many Latinos and blacks really have an issue with belly touching.

Then I go on pregnancy fetish sites and the voluntary women who are on there are mainly black and Latina.

I don't like to generalize anyone (race, bio sex, culture, etc) but you're here saying no one should EVER touch pregnant women nor she shouldn't exhibit herself online.

c69ba No.9200

Last post: The article I linked was written by a "black Southern Baptist woman", she's brought up to never touch a stranger for any reason, which is good policy besides her culture, regionalism and religious beliefs (Puritan-Evangelical-Calvinist sexophobic fundies).

a310e No.9219

Old schoolers are limp wristed soyfags who needs to be disciplined. New Guard are young teens unsure about sexuality and wanting to be chivalrous, holding out for the right girl. Seeing their friends get wasted by drugs and sex made them vow to become civil

To put it, the old guard has no power and influence over new guard

c69ba No.9220

Old schoolers (ages 26-39) remember comparably more women were more open about letting people look, talk about and touch their bellies (with her permission) in public places, like a few teens I talked to in high school or I rode with on my special ed. "little" buses.

New Guard (ages 12-25) are constantly told to avoid the opposite sex, if you're male: you could go to prison for appearing to be a rapist/molester/stalker. And if you're female: never trust men in general, they harass, assault and knock you up then run away.

Common sense: You don't have to touch a pregnant woman, but you know how to socialize (IRL and online), and ask her permission or have her invite you to touch if she knows and trusts you.

c69ba No.9223

Only once did the DSM removed a "disorder" from their list of paraphilias or abnormal sexual behaviors: Homosexuality in 1972.

It is very clear we know what's a paraphilia, but these experts agree to simply like a pregnant woman (esp its in your lover) isn't abnormal.

0f7f8 No.9227

Final message: convince Shy To out right ban Inc Para from DA foe few months. A d threats fluffy fuffer to to do the same

0f7f8 No.9228

Give up and go to rehab or therapy Para. I cleared out your haunts.

3bc44 No.9229

Attention all units make sure put the FUBAR in behaviorAL therapy and anger managementowards with volunteer

c69ba No.9230

California? I live there.

Preggophiles seem to be the most numerous in San Francisco bay and LA metro areas.

Oooh, e-drama, looks fun to watch.

1c9d0 No.9232

What the fuck are you going on about?

41d56 No.10266

>or just want to fuck around until she had the kid

What's the harm in that? Most men of value don't want to tie themselves to a woman who has kids or has them on the way. Aside from that, modern hook-up culture encourages a hit it and quit casual relationship style, so what's wrong with having fun and enjoying it while it lasts?

Also,apologies for necroing a dead thread. I just re read through it since I had a recent situation of being shamed for saying a preggo anime slime girl looked really cute.

fd1c4 No.10267

''If my wife ever got pregnant i'd dump her and that crotch goblin in her uterus''

Hopefully that was posted by troll, but I've long been disgusted by men who treat their babymomma as if getting pregnant were akin to being deformed in an accident. Obviously not everyone is attracted to swollen abdomens, but it's still a dick move. Especially as pregnancy is generally a joint effort.

e3721 No.10268

A casual browsing of this site shows that it's not demonized enough.

86e39 No.10269

Cool story bro. Jack yourself off over imagined persecution on tumblr or somewhere else.
If you want to know what real persecution looks like, go read what happened to a load of imageboards after the death of 8chan.

a2696 No.10272

Why can't people keep their fetishes in the bedroom?

I'm not saying repress it, but does the whole world really need to know?

c69ba No.10273

A year later after the last Virgo (earth mother goddess deity) month, esp in this god-awful pandemic made me stay away from people I wanna be close to, the argument continues.

Having a pregnancy fetish doesn't make you a pervert, weirdo or chav, you just think cis-women with big round bellies (although there's a baby inside) as something beautiful, feminine and a natural wonder.

I want to hang out with a preggo, make a platonic friend with her and would it be great if she for any reason finds pregnancy to be hot herself, we have something in common and we're able to relate a lot better.

a2696 No.10274

>btw i only want to be friends with you because i want to coom on ur belly , hope ur hubby doesn mind ;)

41d56 No.10277


This is precisely why I think it is impossible for men and women to be friends if one party is attracted to the other. Unless both parties have absolutely no sexual interest in eachother, being friends with a woman is impossible. This is just my opinion.

cfd99 No.10278

Why cant you weirdos just keep it as a private fetish as it should be instead of trying to creep on people irl

c69ba No.10279

In this case, she would love a sensual belly rub, she shows her bare big round belly, an ASMR-type of massage she wants, nothing sexual.

cfd99 No.10280

Yes she would, not from you for sure tho

c69ba No.10282

I prefer the woman to be my wife or GF, not anyone's else, obviously.

41d56 No.10283


That's the thing, though. Most of us aren't creeping on people irl. Well, at least the well adjusted among us aren't. Of course there will always be the fuck-heads groping the mannequins at a target or the ones trying to cop a feel on a random preggo they encounter on the street.

What sucks is that society thinks that ALL pregnancy fetishists are creepy weirdos just because a couple of autistic fuck-nuggets don't understand what boundaries are.

a7a8f No.10284

>A pregnancy fetish is pedophilia because it focuses on the concept of a unborn child in a woman's uterus

if only some air can be pumped through women body so their belly get swollen. what makes it arousing is its swollen belly while their body still slim unlike bbw

c69ba No.10312

Reading from last year's comments on the issue of sexuality in North American society, here's my own opinions.

I believe we're more open about sex than in the 1950s…google search porn and it's all in your fingertips, porn wasn't easily accessible when I was a kid in the 1980s-90s.

However, it's still a talk topic taboo, not everyone is open about sex nor have a sex-positive attitude.

About pregnancy fetishism, the majority of people (both male and esp female) say pregnancy is beautiful, not a problem to see a woman with a big round belly, and we wish the woman congrats and good luck on her wonderful and powerful life experience.

Then again, we prefer not to sexualize pregnancy and no matter how beautiful she looks, it's considered bad to make it about "she had sex, she has bigger boobs and she's more emotional with a bigger libido or increased orgasms".

In 2020, pregnancy isn't controversial, and still, it's a sensitive subject, when you're turned on by her belly and the thought she became pregnant by a male she's with during conception.

c69ba No.10317

Im pro-choice, a strong supporter of women, I mean a woman may not have a male partner in her life and decides to have the baby anyways, her choice

To be attracted to the naturally feminine physical figure when she's pregnant is what turns me on, not the fetus/baby/child inside her body.

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