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21a50 No.9188

share your story of why you're interested in pregnancy, and your first reaction when you discovered it.

43c30 No.9189

I know this is gonna sound weird, but I realized it in maybe fourth grade when I was watching a bible cartoon. They had a brief scene of Abraham's wife giving birth.
But I was obsessed with writing and drawing stories of pregnant women since I was maybe seven, but all I knew was that it made me feel funny. It makes me wonder what causes fetishes; some people think it's because of neurons mapped oddly in the brain (like if the neurons associated with recognizing feet are near neurons recognizing sexual pleasure then you'd have a foot fetish) and I'm willing to believe that.

1ed18 No.9203

When i was teenager, around 16/17 years old, i was see my best friend, she was around 8/9 month, and ready giving birth, i remember around 3 PM when school over, her ex boyfriend wont pick up her so i seduce her and said "let me accompany you", she aggred, it was so hot back than, she want water and i give her water with some sleep drug in it, after she sleeping, i search quiet spot near school, and having sex with her when she still sleep

f13fe No.9204

Religious Christian cartoons: how dare they???

I learned about pregnancy in age 8 or 9 back in the late 1980s in…public school, I simply saw a school teacher big and round with a little baby inside.

I'm fortunate I wasn't alive in the prudish 1950s, nor a child in the PC 2010s.

f13fe No.9205

This was consentual…lucky you.

Did you see her again? She's a keeper and you'll be proud of adopting her child as your own.

Sleep drug? uh…*rethinks*

86d21 No.9208

I didn't know what it was called for the longest time but I would say i recall feeling funny about seeing pregnant women as young as 6 years old. Then recently learned about the term 'maiesiophilia' and was like "oh yeah that's me". I always perked up and spent too much time watching movies and tv shows with birthing scenes.

7d62a No.9209

I'm not very sure when I first developed a pregnancy fetish but I remember when I was 7 years old I was in a doctors office looking through magazines when I saw an ad that contained a picture of a heavily pregnant woman rubbing lotion on her belly. I discreetly tore that page out and put it in my pocket, whatever happened to that page is a mystery. It was probably destroyed in the washer tho.

7d62a No.9210


I'm no expert but that kinda sorta sounds like uh rape?

e97b7 No.9211

I don't remember much about this, but I think it was when I still in primary school. When I still in grade 1, i was watching a kid cartoon and i saw an animal (i dont know what it is) gave birth to its children and i feel excited about it.

3067b No.9213


Everyone is still pretty prudish.

Every time a sexual revolution happens, neo-puritanism snuffs it out. Reddit is proof of that.

05357 No.9214

around 5/6 yo , when my neighbor gotten heavily preg and somehow make me heart beat more.

f13fe No.9215

Only in America, although Cal is the least prudish state I can think of.

The 1960s-70s sexual revolution ended by a new wave of repression in the 1990s-2000s (something in the 1980s with the religious right and PC Left scared us about having sex).

0b068 No.9216

>>New wave of repression in 90s and 2000s
>>Internet porn, tinder, and the entire female gender wearing booty shorts for the past 8 years

You crazy. Just cuz young people stopped freebasing psychedelics and the novelty of female birth control faded by the 80s, doesn't mean the 90s were some uptight wasteland. The 50s were that way because, well, birth control wasn't a thing and half the fathers in America were veterans of the biggest, most violent war in history, and wanted traditionalism from their family life.

f13fe No.9217

>>Public schools, churches with the religious right, workplace culture, conservative government, MTV is censored, and baby boomers hit 40 to feel more "mature" or non-sexual.

America is so hypocritical, 2-faced and sexophobic, it's not even funny.

f13fe No.9218

>>Grindr for gay men very likely come to your house door in 20 mins.

>>Tinder will get no straight women who might call the cops on your ass.

The 2010s is the new sexual revolt, but e-sex is what the young adults do now, blame it on their parents.

ad984 No.9224

when i was like 8/9 i didn't knew anything about porn so i just tried to search on youtube nude ladies, somehow i ended up in birth videos and i found them so excithing

then maybe like a year later i finnaly had accest to a home computer with internet on it then i just searched regular porn and then i realize that, that tipe of porn wasn't as excithing as watching women give birth

the rest is history

0fce1 No.9226

is that weird if woman have pregnancy fetish? i'm 22 years old woman and 8 month pregnant with triplet

my first realize when i was college, i still remember i become bisexual, that night when dance night already over, my roomate is pregnant from rape and i dunno why everytime i look her, she become more sexy with that tummy, so when we enter our bedroom I asked permission to rub her belly, and because she already expert in psychology, she know what im thinking, after rub her belly, we do the ''thing''

f13fe No.9231

Wow…congrats to you, mama 2 b to 3…may everything be good for you.

I am genderfluid although a bio-male and hetero or gynephile. I view myself as both a male and female (sometimes).

I had a family friend who used to be teacher who was pregnant 3 times. I touched her at age 10, but my Mom didn't like me to at age 13 (not yet in puberty) and I didn't bother to at age 20. I try hard to be proper, polite and respectful, but the woman wasn't uptight and can be open to someone she knew for years anyway.

0b068 No.9234

Not at all. Fetishes form around random events that take place when your sex switch turns on as a kid. If you just so happen to form memories that equate something as sexually exciting, it will likely stay that way, and if you keep pursuing that excitement, you get a fetish.

Plus, its what our sexuality and sexual parts are there for. To convince us to have kids. There are plenty of reasons for a girl to get hot and bothered over letting their sexuality do what it's supposed to.

4c34b No.9235

>>9234 maybe you right, but everytime i saw pregnant woman even i already pregnant, i feel so excited, i imagine to thing with them while using my dildo, even do three some with my husband, and his friend, i dunno why i always imagine do that with pregnant woman

f13fe No.9237

If I come across a pregnant woman, most likely she's with a man, would it be cool I had a 3-some with her.

She would love 2 men admiring her pregnant body and maternal figure, the femininity and powerful status.

Deep down, I feel many men love to see their wives, GFs or lovers with a big round heavy pregnant belly.

7d62a No.9239


California is the most prudish state and we have the strictest sex laws which is kinda ironic.

The first sexual revolution started in the 1850's and was snuffed out by the 1930s, second was in 1970s and ended in 1980s and the third was 2010s now ended once again.

0b068 No.9240

Ya don't need to go deep down for that one. From what I've read, men who flat out dislike pregnancy are an extremely small minority.

Most dudes fall into the category of "I didn't know I enjoyed this on any level until I got my girl pregnant" which is just natural selection genetics that preferred guys that protected their offspring & stayed in family units vs those that did not.

Then there's pregnancy fetish people, who clearly got overexposed to that gene sequence lol

I'd say it's safe to say most guys find some level of satisfaction in being with a woman who's pregnant with his child.

f13fe No.9242

>Victorian age (1850s-10s): strict
>The jazz age (1920s): eased up
>WWII reduced sexual restrictions
>Midcentury (1950s) was very strict
>2019: #metoo and #MGTOW: Uh-oh!

f13fe No.9243

Sexual rules in California:
* Cis-male sexuality is bad, evil and oppressive
* Men should never flirt with a woman
* Women can sue men to get child support after they had an unwanted or unplanned baby
* Never go out with a co-worker or fellow students
And finally * Men should not go first, only consent by the woman on a date

7e53a No.9244

Why is there one or 2 guys on this chan turning every discussion into an incel whine fest.

bd334 No.9245

I think that new Joker movie is causing gentleman gamers to rise up.

26a76 No.9247

Why are there so many prudish whiteknights on obscure fetishboardd?

7048b No.9248

Ah, yes. The mating call of the lesser yellow-bellied douchebag: "whiteknight! whiteknight!"

7e53a No.9250

That implies they haven't been here for a while.

Personally I'd rather keep this shit in the realm of fantasy than having guys turn this board into wizard chan

26a76 No.9252

Go respect Whamen somewhere else lmao

7048b No.9253

It's cool, bro. Keep up your super original, dramatic, rebellious attitude of…not treating women as equal.

You are an amazing iconoclast.
A mold-breaking original.
A one of a kind, a leader in your field.

f13fe No.9257

It's me again, I don't wanna live in CA anymore, I want to get away from SJW's legitimized misandry: they shout "cis-het-males must die", and I don't want to be in 49 other states where the prudish puritan calvinist evangelical christian religious fundie right just don't want to get near the topic of sex.

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