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288ef No.9569

What sex toys do you use for birthplay? For a long time I've used chicken eggs, but they're so small. I want to feel stretched. I am sitting here typing with a dildo up to my cervix to make my cervix throb a little, but it doesn't disappear inside me the way I want. I once saw a Tumblr video of a girl with a fetus doll that she could insert, walk around with, and birth. Are those actually sold anywhere? Are there toys that can really stretch you and birth slowly? I like to time my orgasm to videos of others giving birth and it would be great if it was a shape that wouldn't be out in a single push.

e7683 No.9797

Here's an idea. Get one of those bigger Clone A Willy kits that are used to cast replica penises made of MEDICAL GRADE, safe silicone and try to find the right sized doll parts to replicate into an insert-able silicone toy.

37c50 No.9798

I use inflatable plugs personally. As a side note, do you happen to have a link to the tumblr video?

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