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b8e9b No.9581


So, we have an RP hookup thread, but I figured a good source if ideas/prompts would help out quite a bit. So, any pregnancy RP idea you have, Try and dump here.

6064b No.9584

Here's some basic ideas that I have that I can offer to this thread.

1.) Partner 1 purchases a 'haunted' house and finds that it really is haunted by partner 2. Partner 2's only regret in life was not getting to give birth to her child. Partner 1 researches how to become pregnant with partner 2's child.

2.)Partner 1 grew up in in the area of the world that deals with nothing but science, partner 2 grew up in the area of the world that deals with nothing but magic. They meet in the middle land after they had both become pregnant by whatever means you want, and help each other with their pregnancies.

2043c No.9587

This is an idea I got from the video below.
Looking for a partner willing to play a mom or dad (or even both) walking in on their heavily pregnant teen daughter's gaming stream as she nonchalantly delivers her children while playing online. Doesn't have to start right at the stream, can start a while earlier.


19961 No.9840

I have two stand-by ideas relevant to this board, and since I'm not using them with anyone from this board, maybe a few of you could get a kick out of them.

The Demon Within: Set in modern times, an incubus (Partner 1) in human form gets a dose of holy water splashed on him, which reduces him to goo. He flees into the vents (an apartment building, a church, or whatever) and quickly searches for a woman (partner 2). Seeing one asleep through a vent, he sneaks down and slips himself into her body, making her orgasm so he can slip into her womb. Once there, he bonds with her, forming a mental connection through her nervous system. He will stay in her womb until she takes in 40 creampies from other males. They can either be friendly and cooperate, or it can be more conflicted. In any case, the demon aims to be born out of the woman again, fully healed. But along the way, they come across other mythical creatures hiding in plain sight. The demon might also enhance or tweak the female's body, if desired.
For those that enjoy unbirth and the supernatural.

Divine Destiny: Partner 1 is a female that decides to visit a odd shop, where she buys a stone/wood dildo with interesting markings. She gets home, uses it, and when she comes to, the dildo is gone and the lady is now in a fantasy world. She wanders the world, trying to find out why she's there. Partner 2 ends up being the narrator/DM, playing other characters and the world. She might have traveling partners, or alone. But the key points are these: a mark appears on her lower belly that is a partial symbol of the goddess of sex/motherhood/marriage. She can have sex with anything along the way and won't get pregnant. She eventually finds a temple to this goddess, where the goddess herself shows up to explain that our main character was chosen by the dildo to come to this world and break a stalemate debate between the gods wether to continue interfering with mortals or not. She can either try to convince someone to change sides, or she gives birth a new god to tip the scales. Either way, afterwards she is free to wander the world, using her demigod powers as she wishes (or be boring and return home).
(I just realized this idea is an isekai, though in my defense I came up with it before I knew what an isekai was and before they were popular)
For those that enjoy adventure and wide worlds. It's a long setup (at least the way run it), but it's worth it.

Excuse the long post, but I've put entirely too much thought into these plots.

42fbb No.9848

I always had this wierd pregnancy fetish of wanting to have the baby physically talk inside the Mom's belly.

4ea03 No.9853

Some mpreg ideas

Boy meets the girl of his dreams, after getting knocked up by another girl. He tries to hide the pregnancy while taking the girl out, she figures it out early and wants to bring him home because she's into preggos but doesn't say anything during the date.

A pregnant boy needs help picking out clothes before going to an event, he finds a girl more than happy to dress him up. She winds up wanting to pose as his baby mama, he doesn't turn down the chance to have arm candy.

A boy finds his childhood friend on a parents to be facebook group. They decide to meet irl only to find they both got hotter with pregnancy.

A pregnant guy and a pregnant girl fight over the last of their craving at the grocery store, they wind up sharing the snack and a sofa and later on, a bed

A boy finds a sad pregnant girl, he feels sorry for her and chats her up. She transfers her pregnancy into him and he thinks he's going to be a dad and has just found a nice girl who wants to help him out. They go back to his place to play house.

A horny guy decides to flirt his heavily pregnant neighbor. She decides to transfer one of her twins into him so he'll behave. They wind up having a nice lunch together, and hook up anyways.

197d3 No.9859

I’ve had an idea swirling around for some time that I’d love to try at some point. Requires a heck ton of world-building.

Set in a medieval fantasy land, there’s a young king who rules. He has his wife, the queen and his mother, the dowager queen. There is also the princess of a sister kingdom as her maid. The king, however is infertile and cannot get anyone pregnant, yet despite the dowager’s protests for other means of carrying on the bloodline, the king refuses and declares he will stay as king for as long as he can.

Enter this handsome prince who comes to visit the king for diplomatic purposes, yet the princess and her maid have taken a liking to him. Even the queen and the dowager themselves start to as well. I’m the middle of the night, they seduce him and sleep with him (either all at once or one at a time is up to interpretation).

Over time, the fruits of their passions start to appear in the four women, and the king gets suspicious. He becomes outright furious when he learns of what the prince has done and challenges him to a trial by combat.

That’s it for now, anyways. Look for me in the RP Hookup 2 Thread if you’d like to try this.
Over and out.

e119b No.9923

Let me just start by saying that if anyone wants to RP these ideas with me, I much prefer mpreg (especially with trans men or nonhuman characters who are masc-IDing but have wombs). I use Discord, but would prefer being given your contact info over posting mine.

These ideas are also open for other people's use, go nuts.

- In an attempt to please the dark being they worship, a cult summons a demon, which they bind and force to birth countless monstrous creatures. Character 1 is the demon. Character 2 could be a cultist, an outsider, etc.

- A company that deals in GMOs, robotics, and conservation efforts produces an artificial womb, but the results have a low success rate. Determining this to be because of the static environment and lack of "interaction" the fetus(es) receive in utero, several years later they debut a prototype surrogate robot, programmed to simulate a more natural environment (including heartbeat sounds, touching and interacting with the belly, walking, etc.). Character 1 is the robot, Character 2 is the overly-attached lead scientist, who views the robot as a sapient entity with emotions, much to the frustration of the rest of the team.

- Character 1 is the overworked employee of a Character 2. While externally Character 2's company seems a little sinister or strange, the truth goes much deeper than just normal corporate scheming. Character 2 is actually not human, a fact which very few people are aware of - but they've entrusted Character 1 with their secret. Eventually, Character 2's breeding cycle comes up, and they turn to Character 1, expecting some wild sex but nothing more. Neither one expects Character 1 to actually conceive. (What is Character 2? Maybe an angel, a demon, something else entirely…)

479cb No.9926

I'd love to work something out. In particular the second and third ideas have me intrigued.

e119b No.9930


Sent you a friend request, sorry for the delay!

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