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44dfd No.9701

I apologize in advance if its the wrong place to ask.

Hi dear maiesophiliacs. A short brief intro: I'm looking into writing short stories related to pregnancy. More specifically, genres I'm looking at are your average fluff and late teens. No over the top tentacles and rapid births….so I'm looking for the females out there who have been pregnant before.

With that clear, I'd like to know how exactly does being pregnant feel? Is there any difference with pregnancy cravings/nausea as compared with normal cravings/nausea? How did it feel just before a nausea comes? Around how many weeks before it begins to feel heavy? And how did it feel when a water break?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my extensive word wall

b9ef2 No.9730

Hello, you can email me at asgindiv@gmail.com! I'm not the best at replies speed but I'll happily answer your questions

44dfd No.9754


Thanks so much! I'm using the handle name friedmacarons so you know when its me.

be67b No.10878

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