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10b07 No.9820

So I'm making a game, and I'm starting to get the word about it out there! My main inspirations are the character customization aspect of "Violated Heroine", but with more of a focus on pregnancy and birth like "Tesy's Birth Story" has; I also plan on adding a few other miscellaneous elements to it as well. One such element being rogue-like dungeons, which I recently got done making a basic dungeon generator!

10b07 No.9821

I've also worked out the over arcing plot that I'm going to be using for the game as well!

A long time ago, there was a war between angels and demons. It waged on for many centuries, but after a while the demons started to get the upper hand against the angels, and almost wiped them out! However, the angels had one last card up their sleeve! Right before the last of the angels where wiped out, they put a curse on the demons! A curse that spread like a disease and made any demon it infected sterile. The 7 royal demon families knew that it was only a matter of time before they, themselves, would be infected with the curse. So, in order to save their race, they sent their children to the human world, where they knew that they would be safe until the time was right to repopulate the demon race!

10b07 No.9822

I'll make updates here once major progress has been made! In the mean time, feel free to ask questions! I would like to know what you guys are think and get feed back!

b31db No.10040

it sounds super cool! are you using rpg maker or something similar?

10b07 No.10042

Thank you! I'm actually using python to make the game. So I've had to build the game from the ground up, but since Arkone is helping me with artwork now, things should start picking up a little bit since I can focus on the coding more!

f137d No.10043

how is the gameplay going to be like though? is it going to be like a vn, an rpg, or maybe a mix of both?

2cfb6 No.10044

Sounds awesome, looking forward to seeing how the game turns out.

9a23b No.10045

Wow really excited to see more great news come from you about this game mate!

Wish you good luck and keep the spirit!!

10b07 No.10046

I plan on having the gameplay be an open world, top down RPG, with rogue-like dungeons as well.

Cool, will do! Thank you!

2aae6 No.10049

make a patreon. then we can donate to you

da2fb No.10050

Dont be retarded, Anon hasnt even posted anything yet

2aae6 No.10051

>>10050 just a suggestion, why are you flaming?

0adb0 No.10052

>how to kill a game's development in nine words

b7ae0 No.10093

I’m looking for new RP partners once again. I have one right now. I’m over the age of 18 and 21 and am a female who prefers female partners. I’m into lots of things which can be discussed upon adding.
Add on me Discord if interested @ Rissifer#2793

4d840 No.10095

Wrong place mate

840a5 No.10171

Out of interest, do you guys have a discord, or another source of information about this game other than this thread?

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