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66a1a No.9860

Ello, name's Valentine and I'm currently searching for long term roleplay partners for pregnancy and birth rps, Nezholic is actually a really good friend of mine and we've been roleplaying together for at least 3 years now. but I guess I should get my chance too right?

Name Valentine or Valli
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: Valentine's day
Discord: ValentinesEve#5882
Rp interest: pregnancy and birth

long / hard labouring
long term roleplays
hard pushes interupted by either pain or pleasure
more then one liners (I'll warn you a couple times)
third person
communication between partners
public / home / transportation births
lots of noises and grunting
sex during labor or before inital pregnancy
drama between family members or mates
belly worship/ multiples/ large babies / eggs

Violence / Abortion
pregnancy just for the sake of a fetish (Ii'm looking for rps not to be drooled over)
scat, water inflation

demonic brothers with multiple mates(lots of dominant mature themes and some sexy times)
pregnancy demoness and her young mate
elven queen traveling with her knight to a new location before the baby is born

ac65c No.9863

gush 64

7f2e3 No.9949

I’m interested, Friend Request sent.

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