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It's 2020 now, and I believe many people began accepting pregnancy as a general sex fetish now. And I saw increasing amount of pregnancy content at several Hentai & Porn sites/image boards. So if someone typed in “pregnancy” in the search boxes, a lot of results will surely appear.

But now I want to propose to expand the use of “pregnant/pregnancy” search to more sub-genres. If regularly there were “bdsm”,”paizuri (tit fuck)”, “creampie” and such, for pregnancy there would be also more new subgenres/subcategories search tag to be used (since being pregnant would mean women to have more additional sexual features/gimmickry), combined with imaginative fantasies on pregnant women ever drawn by hentai artists or performed by porn actors out there even they are unrealistic in real life.

The following are the search terms/tags (along with existing terms, with my own descriptions) which I could suggest after a long time browsing pregchan and fapping to various pregnancy contents:

“abortion” – The fetus(es) are aborted (i.e. killed) at one point in the content, either by internal (e.g. penis were thrusted into the fetus by force, sudden bleeding) or external (e.g. pregnant belly being punched or injected to cause abortion) procedures/reasons.

“alternative birth” – [Fantasy] Compare with “birth”, the fetus are born through other body parts of its mother instead. Not necessarily related to “alternative pregnancy” (the womb is in the mother’s other body parts and the fetus are born from the same womb). External medical procedures are optional.

“alternative impregnation” – [Fantasy] A woman fertilized through other means instead of through normal vaginal “impregnation”. Not necessarily related to “alternative pregnancy” (the fertilization happened in the mother’s other body parts). External medical procedures are optional.

“alternative pregnancy” – [Fantasy] Pregnant by non-realistic means (i.e. the womb is in other parts of a woman’s body instead in the abdomen). Examples including breast pregnancy and buttock pregnancy. External medical procedures are optional.

“beastiality pregnancy” or “non-humanoid pregnancy” – [Fantasy] A woman is pregnant with other creatures’ offspring, usually non-humanoid.

“birth(ing)” or “labour” – The process of bearing or bringing forth the offspring from the womb, normally vaginal. “Contractions”, “water breaking” and “crowning” might be related to this process.

“botezuri” – Belly fuck. Rubbing penis on one’s pregnant belly. Not to be confused with “navel fuck (pregnant)” (inserting/rubbing penis through the belly button).

“contractions” – The initiation of “birth” process in which the pregnant women suffered sudden pain.
“cum on belly” – The semen to be poured on pregnant belly upon male’s ejaculation. May be used together with “botezuri”.

“crowning” – During “birth” process, the fetus’ head is visible and held at the vagina.

“fetal extension” – [Fantasy] At least the limb or any body parts of the fetus being visible outside of the womb, logically through the mother’s vagina. In extensive fantasy setting, the fetus would voluntarily revealed one of its body parts (“fetal response”). Not necessary would cause “birth” or “reverse fuck”, not to be confused with “partial birth” either (in which the extension or reveal happened during “birth” process).

“fetal masturbation” – [Fantasy] The fetus is masturbating inside the womb.

“fetal movement”, “belly bumps/kicks” or “fetal bumps/kicks” – Fetal movement is visible on pregnant belly (Quotes by pregnant women such as “Ah, it kicked” might be accepted, but I wish the fetal movement could also be seen at least).

“fetal response” – [Fantasy] Technically a part of “fetal movement” in which the fetus would respond to its mother (commonly after “pregnancy bonding”). In extensive fantasy setting, the fetus not only responded by movement (can also be used with “fetal extension” tag if any of the fetus’ body parts protruding outside from the womb) but also able to reply verbally.

“fetus dildo” – [Fantasy] The fetus was used to make its mother cum, in which the fetus’ body (repeatedly) rubbed itself at the mother’s vagina until the mother reaches climax. Not necessarily related to “partial birth” (if the setting occurred during “birth”) or related to “reverse fuck” (if the fetus is voluntarily causing its mother to cum) either.

“fetus fuck” – [Fantasy] During pregnant sex, the male’s penis penetrated the cervix in which the penis might reach the fetus inside the uterus. Not to be confused with “fetus sex” (the penis penetrated the fetus’ vagina as well), but might not to cause “abortion” (if the penis would kill the fetus) either.

“fetus sex” – [Fantasy] Indirect sexual intercourse between a male and a fetus. The male’s penis not only went through the mother’s vagina (as in normal “pregnant sex”) but also penetrated the (female) fetus’ vagina.

“fisting (pregnant)” – Compare with normal “fisting” tag, someone/something inserted his hand (at least) or limb within a pregnant women’s vagina. In extensive fantasy setting, his hand/limb would reach or grab the fetus.

“fucking fetus” – [Fantasy] The fetus is having sex inside the womb, either with its twin(s) or with someone/something else which went into the same womb to have sex with it. Not to be confused with “reverse fuck” (The fetus fuck its mother from inside).

“humanoid pregnancy” – [Fantasy] A female character is pregnant with fantasy humanoid beings (e.g. demon spawn, baby elves) in which the fetus still had humanoid characteristics. Compare with normal “pregnant” (pregnant with human fetus) and “beastiality pregnancy” (pregnant with non-humanoid creatures).

“immobilized pregnancy” – [Fantasy] A pregnant woman experienced difficulties to move itself, usually because of “oversized pregnancy”.

“impenetrable fetal movement” – [Fantasy] In extensive fantasy setting, the “fetal movement” could stretch further so the fetus is almost visible/recognizable from outside (e.g. visible fetus’ face, toes and/or fingers seen through pregnant belly’s skin), almost like the pregnant belly’s skin was thin but still impenetrable by the fetus.

“impregnation”, “fertilization” or “insemination” – The process of making a woman to become pregnant. Not necessarily caused by sex or at least happened inside the womb. External medical procedures are optional.

“induced labour” or “forced birth” – The fetus is forced to be expelled from the womb by any means, usually by breaking the amniotic sac to initiate “contraction”, normally because of “overdue pregnancy”. In extensive fantasy setting, this might be performed instantly.

“multiple botezuri” – A variant of “botezuri”. The penis is squished between (at least) two or more pregnant bellies.

“multiple pregnancy” – A woman is carrying (at least) two or more fetuses (e.g. twins, triplets, etc.).

“navel fuck (pregnant)” – [Fantasy] Compare with regular “navel fuck”, the penis penetrated through the belly button of a pregnant woman. In extensive fantasy setting, the penis would also penetrate into the womb.

“overdue pregnancy” – A woman is pregnant exceeding (normal) three trimesters. Date or time must be mentioned.

“oversized fetus” – The fetus (Normally, at least one) is larger and beyond normal pregnant women’s capability to carry it. May be used together with “oversized pregnancy” and/or “overdue pregnancy”.

“oversized pregnancy”, “expansion pregnancy” or “hyper pregnancy”– [Fantasy] One might confuse this with “inflation” or “expansion”, but this tag indicate the pregnant woman’s belly size is beyond the capabilities of normal pregnant women. The inclusion of fetus(es) within the womb must at least mentioned or suggested. May be used together with “overdue pregnancy”, “oversized fetus” and/or “multiple pregnancy”.

“oviposition” – [Fantasy] Egg-laying. A pregnant woman carries or pregnant with at least one egg (i.e. organic vessel which containing a fetus) in her womb. Hence, she will lay eggs instead of giving birth.

“partial birth”, “midway birth” or “birth phase” – The birth process happened midway, normally after “crowning”. Any of the fetus’ body parts shown protruding outside of the vagina but the fetus itself still attached to the mother. Not to be confused with “fetal extension” (The fetus voluntarily protruding any of its body parts from the womb).

“pregnancy bonding” – A pregnant woman bonds with her fetus by talking to the fetus and/or caressing her pregnant belly.

“pregnancy experience” – The description of how a pregnant woman feels when she is experiencing pregnancy.

“pregnancy progression” – The whole pregnant belly growth within all three trimesters were shown within one content. Date or time must be mentioned.

“pregnancy transformation” or “pregnancy gender bending” – [Fantasy] The process of one male to become a pregnant woman.

“pregnant” or “pregnancy” – The general term of this fetish, but I wish this tag is used to describe “a pregnant women was shown/appeared at least in the content”. Not necessarily to involve “pregnant sex” (or any other tags mentioned here), not to be confused with “pregnant reveal” either.

“pregnant belly listening” – Compare with “pregnancy belly rub”, someone/something else tried to listen the fetus’ heartbeat, at least by putting its ear closer to the belly.

“pregnant belly rub” – Compare with “pregnancy bonding” and “pregnant belly listening”, someone/something else is holding or feeling a pregnant woman’s belly, at least by stroking its hand on the belly.

“pregnant reveal” – The end of a content’s plot revealed the female character to be pregnant (at least after successful impregnation). Not necessarily to involve “pregnant sex”.

“pregnant sex” – Self-explanatory: A sexual intercourse happened between a male with (at least one) pregnant woman. To avoid confusion with other search tags, normally, the male’s penis would penetrate a pregnant woman’s vagina and the tip of the penis would reach the tip of the cervix, which is sealed with mucus plug and amniotic sac to protect the developing fetus inside the uterus, so during ejaculation, the semen would fill the area within the vagina only.

“recursive pregnancy” – [Fantasy] One pregnant woman’s womb containing a pregnant fetus. In extensive fantasy setting, the pregnant fetus might also contain another pregnant fetus and so on.

“rapid pregnancy” – [Fantasy] The pregnant progression (beginning from “impregnantion until the final term of pregnancy) happened in short period. Compare with “pregnant progression” (normal pregnancy).

“reverse cum” or “fetal ejaculation” – [Fantasy] To be used with “reverse fuck”. The fetus released its semen outside of its mother, logically through the cervix at least.

“reverse fuck” or “fetal fuck” – [Fantasy] The (male) fetus is voluntarily performing sexual intercourse with its mother by penetrating its penis from the inside so the penis would thrust outward from the womb, logically through the cervix. But if the penis could erect further, the tip of the penis would be seen from outside of the vagina at least (“fetal extension”). Moadetei Anaterou introduced this in one of his works.

“trimester” – A period of three months, especially as a division of the duration of pregnancy. Since there are three trimesters/nine months known, the content must be tagged with either “first trimester”, “second trimester”, “third trimester” or any two of the trimesters. If the overall trimester process were shown, consider using “pregnancy progression” instead.

“triplefuck” – Not sure what is the suitable (Japanese) term for this, but I believe Tensei-ani introduced this in one of his works. The penis is rubbed between breasts and belly of a pregnant woman. Compare with “paizuri” and “botezuri”.

“ultrasound” – A medical procedural using ultrasound imaging to produce pictures of the inside of the body. Generally, it is used to describe the ultrasound examination performed on pregnant women. Optionally, the fetal ultrasound image to be shown as well.

“unbirth” or “reverse birth” – [Fantasy] Compare with “birth”. Someone/something going into a woman’s womb and continue to stay inside. Not necessarily the same fetus which was born from the same womb.

“virgin pregnancy” – A woman being fertilized but her hymen remains intact even she is visibly/known pregnant. Usually through external medical procedures but rarely a women remained virgin even after performing (vaginal) sexual intercourse.

“water breaking” – During the initial stages of “birth”, the amniotic sac which protected the fetus would break, and the amniotic fluid would drip out from the vagina. “Contractions” might occur during this phase.

“x-ray (impregnation)” – To avoid confusion with other “x-ray” tags, this specific tag is to show the process of a sperm fertilizing the egg. Not necessarily happen inside the womb. May be used together with “impregnation”.

“x-ray (fetus)” or “cross-section (fetus)” – Cross-section view of the fetus(es) inside the womb. Compare with regular “x-ray” tag (cross-section sex view), not necessarily to use with “pregnant sex” if sex didn’t happened.

Please correct me if I used wrong terms or you have better descriptions. I am also open to any suggestions or new search terms to be added here. I ask for no credit but I hope you guys who had access to hentai/porn sites/image boards could help me out by introducing these search tags at those sites which might be helpful to us when browsing any pregnancy-fetish content.

Thank You

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