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b3e54 No.9873

I used to be a popular tumblr called pregnantprayer. I made a lot of notes on pregnant hentai posts and was happy! I ended up deleting it because I'm christian and had this doubt that I didn't have a good relationship with God. Anyway, I'm longing for something like pregnantprayer again but don't know what to do. Tumblr is dead too so not going back to that.

Do any of you remember me?


40d77 No.9875

Fellow christian here. For sure I remember. I was just on your deviantart earlier today. If you're worried that your fetishes may be in conflict with God's will, remember, he said "Be fruitful, and multiply." IMHO this is the most christian of fetishes and I don't see any sin in it inherently (while married of course). I hope you can make peace with yourself, friend.

b38e3 No.9877

I'm an atheist, but I thought the point of Christianity was, love God and others, and God will forgive your faults?

d21bf No.9894

I remember you! Loved your posts alot (: glad you're back ! <3

55791 No.9895

Christian here. Hyper Pregnancy IS God's Law. The Sin being committed are mainly coveting another man's wife, adultery and boasting more wives than King Solomon and his 1000 women strong harem.

The basic tenet of God's Law is to be fruitful and multuply with a woman of Eve. Men are coveting women of both flesh and silicone.

I am a mere adulterer but I admit I get turned on when those beautiful mothers scold and punish me.

64366 No.9921

Agnostic here. I can't imagine that any sort of loving God would care too much what you fantasize about, so long as you understand that some things that are fine in fiction shouldn't be brought into the real world, and as long as you're trying your best to be a kind, forgiving person. Ultimately it's up to you to decide what a "good relationship with God" means for you, but I don't think it makes sense that we'd be given such versatile sex drives and imaginative minds and then be punished for using them in ways that don't hurt real people.

fb73c No.9931

I cannot believe my account was linked here

716fd No.9932

Hey Lewd-Sama

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