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a70d6 No.9882

are there any discords that are for pregnant hentai?

a70d6 No.9884

i found them

12407 No.9885

Discord sucks. I hate there are so many people who use Discord instead of IRC or something, because this excludes me if I don't want to get fucked by Discord too, which I don't.

Here's hoping Discord has some major fuckup soon and people start leaving. It will happen eventually.

a70d6 No.9886

whats IRC

15d19 No.9887

IRCs are pretty basic and are becoming obsolete. Discord has much more functions, you can share images there without any problems, while IRC is chat only.
May I ask why are you so against Discord?

40da9 No.9891

You can improve it or use a different system. IRC was just an example.

>May I ask why are you so against Discord?

It's like every goddamn website or service now wants to get as many people as possible and force them to make accounts on horrible terms. Discord spies on its users, tries its damnedest to identify them, makes you use a shitty client which is just a web browser, attacks third-party clients, lies about what a "server" is, and is overall just awful.

I don't have to make an account to use pregchan. Couchy doesn't get to know who I am. Tor is allowed. Meanwhile, Discord continually encroaches on imageboards and other forums trying to siphon away as many people as possible. If a group you want to participate in is only on Discord, your choices are let Discord fuck you or to abstain, and I don't like either choices.

This is only a basic explanation of why Discord is bad. I'll let someone else continue listing off reasons if anyone wants to.

e3106 No.9892

Do you wear a tinfoil hat to keep the government out of your thoughts, too?

4cb09 No.9893

Ehh I heard discord siphons off data to China for money but I don’t really see what they can use my data against me for so idc

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