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34a67 No.9906

hello mateys

when did you first discover that you had a fetish for pregnancies/when did you find out that it wasn't normal to find pregnant women attractive?

for me, I have had a fascination with pregnant women from a young age. Growing up, I have always been into biology and I have a naturally curious mind. From an early age, my parents had provided me with books on the nature of pregnancy and how babies are made n dat and since I started reading them at around the same time I started being aware of sex (since my parents never bothered to give me "the talk", I read it in the book), my brain naturally assosciated the two with eachother. The sex part of the book turned me on, and the following chapters where about pregnancy and then birth. my brain naturally took these to concepts and mashed em together.

So thats why I'M stuck with this weird ass fetish.

the good thing about this website is that I know that there are others.

how did you guys find out, how did you guys get into all a dis?

373eb No.9907

I just remember always being attracted to pregnancy, with the earliest memories going as far back as maybe 5 years old. Until puberty, the general feeling was, "I like this, but I don't know why".

a2c56 No.9912

I think it was just one of those things I eventually figured out I always had a fascination with on some level and it only grew as I got older and got internet access. Whenever a show had someone pregnant or with a big belly it intrigued me and eventually I looked up stuff online and went from there

91ccd No.9917

Female here. Was into it for as long as I can remember. I always used to stuff pillows under my shirt and I always felt ashamed and uncomfortable about it. Being asexual I didn’t understand it as a fetish thing until I was much, much older. I still feel hideously ashamed of it and my husband and I want to start a family soon and I’m honestly not sure how I will handle actually *being* pregnant.

27a6e No.9920

mom was an OB nurse and took me into work on occasion. Being a cute little boy I was surrounded by pregnant women all the time who wanted to hug the cute child.

I enjoyed the pregnant body but didn't understand that my enjoyment wasn't 100% innocence. But I was too young to know what I was feeling was intense infatuation and interest in the curious condition.

As an adult I know. But my first masturbation fantasies was about scenarios with pregnant girls with no babydaddy in sight for strings attached sex.

So. pretty much since forever. It used to make me ashamed because there's a good argument to make that I was, "objectifying their bodies." But, I don't see that that way now. That expression was used to turn heterosexual male sexuality into an obscene and vulgarly evil thing. Just because you find something hot doesn't mean you view actual PEOPLE as lesser. So the idea you drool over the image and idea of something isn't some weird or disparaging sentiment of superiority, it's just sexual attraction.

And the internet helped. I met so many actual girls/women whom shared it from the female perspective and I've been enjoying their company in fantasyland ever since, where we satisfy one another by living out our fantasies in a safe and consequence free, sanitary environment!

Before my teen years I figured women were naturally asexual and men were just programmed to want sex, while women were more after, "wholesome" things like love and affection- that sex was a consequence of a relationship with someone driven to pass on their genes. It wasn't helped because radidcal feminist discourse at the time made male sexuality out to be this incredibly evil domineering thing and women to just be these magical intellectual wholesome beans dominated and controlled by men. Aaaaaaaaand.. nnnnooo. Hoo boy. No. teen-me learned that was… hahaha, wow. That was some amazing propaganda that flattered enough womnen to not say anything contradicting it in public. Big difference between 'agreeing' and 'not saying anything to contradict.'

8e0a8 No.9922

I remember seeing my friends mother pregnant with her sister, and feeling really weird. Like something attracts me, but I did not get what. Then I always liked watching moments on Tv and films with pregnancies and labor. But I did not realize that it was something sexual till I was like 16-18. Just one day I decided to watch some porn with pregnant women and after that - my life has changed

49290 No.9925

For some reason I prefer stuff like One Born Every Minute and Babies Behind Bars over pregnant porn. Maybe it's 'cause I'm expected to fap to porn, while fapping to OBEM would be like fapping to the Queen's speech for normal ppl.

4eaf2 No.9936

Probably with Kirsti Alley in "Look Who's Talking, for a couple different reasons.

First, she played Rebecca, a tough and pretty foil and love interest of Sam Malone on the TV show "Cheers".

So then she shows up in "Look Who's Talking" being seduced by her much older boss, and then "boom" you see this veritable world of pink and water and then it's sprung on you that you're seeing the insides of the pretty lady from "Cheers" as she's being invaded by talking sperm.

So the film then goes on to show just how big a deal this moment was, what it does to Molly's life and relationships.

She's fully pregnant and in labor when she's picked up in a taxi cab by a younger looking John Travolta, and then after she delivers her baby, this exchange unfolds.

You don't look so hot.

Why don't you try squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of an opening the size of a lemon and see how hot YOU look?

When the film ends we're back inside Molly with the whole thing starting again with her being invaded by sperm, only the music that plays over it this time sounded way more, I dunno, naughty?
"Let My Love open The Door", huh?

Well, given the situation, it was almost like a chorus of souls were rushing into her womb and demanding she go through the whole process again.

Impregnation, pregnancy and birth fetishes all started right there.

About the only other thing that compares was seeing my grade school teacher go through her pregnancy and witness her going from wearing a skirt and sitting with crossed legs to wearing slacks and sitting with legs spread apart under the size of her belly, and glimpsing her big fabric covered mons below that.

ccb2b No.9939

While I gave my story in another thread, this is the first time that I've heard of someone else that remembers 'Look Who's Talking'. I see that you are also a man of culture!

Growing up in a Christian household in a time before the internet was widely available, the options during my adolescence were limited to say the least. One of the few things that I had were 'Look Who's Talking' and 'Look Who's Talking Too.' There's no sex, but seeing sperm swimming through a woman's body meant that sex had taken place, and my mind tried to fill in the gaps in vain. It didn't help matters (or perhaps it did?) that the sperm sounded like a bunch of horndogs, and in the sequel, where the egg also spoke, it sounded like reluctant/dub-con sex. I wouldn't realize until years later just how much those scenes had taken hold.

While impregnation will always be the bigger thrill for me, it's more niche than pregnancy, and in my quest to find more of my niche, pregnancy itself has slowly grown on me over time (terrible pun not intended).

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