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68d23 No.9955

Hello searching around for partners again.
Basic information about myself
1. Been roleplaying for around 10 years now
2. Been doing birth stories for five years
3. Can do both male and female character and can both carry and not carry
4. Loves romance, and generalized comfort during the labor and birth process

Discord is Eve#4942
Kik is evenikumi

1. Gang member escorting pregnant girlfriend / boyfriend to safe house
2. Kidnapped girl / guy goes into labor, captive has to take care or them
3. Scientist is inpregnated with large babies / eggs
4. CEO tries to hide pregnancy from secretary, goes into labor during a meeting
5. Demon takes in a pregnant human girl, slow burn romance
6. Man found laboring alone in the forest (or female)
7.Surrogates dealing with living in a war torn land
8. Consort having to help a young king / queen give birrh
9. Rockstar struggling to hide giving birth on stage

Also I'm thinking about opening a server dedicated to pregnancy and birth

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