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3502d No.9959

Hiya! Figured I should throw my hat in the ring. I'm fine with playing either male or female, and here's a quick list of likes/limits, that sort of thing.

Mpreg/fpreg (Hoping to do a co-ed rp at some point)
Hyper pregnancy
Inflation (Breast, butt, belly, womb, with just about any material)
Permanent pregnancy
rapid pregnancy
Smut that isn't overbearing
Large bellies
Stretch marks
Outie belly buttons
Belly play/worship (Love get that belly loved on!)
Settings that are a bit "out there" like fantasy, sci-fi, etc.
Pleasurable birth

The normal bathroom stuff, no scat/watersports
No guro
No furry/anthro
No noncon/dubcon

I've got a pretty busy schedule, so please don't take it the wrong way if I take a while to respond!

Discord is MasterCactus#7691

6a584 No.9961

Sent a friend request for discord. I'm kitt3nz01

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