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a2e9b No.9962

Discord is Eve#4942
rp style: Around 2 paragraphs per post or shorter
favorite genres: fine with any genre
mature or non: either or
activeness: every day
My ideas are bellow, love to hear from you
Gang member escorting pregnant girlfriend / boyfriend to safe house
Kidnapped girl / guy goes into labor, captive has to take care or them
Scientist is inpregnated with large babies / eggs
CEO tries to hide pregnancy from secretary, goes into labor during a meeting
Demon takes in a pregnant human girl, slow burn romance
Man found laboring alone in the forest (or female)
Surrogates dealing with living in a war torn land
Consort having to help a young king / queen give birrh
Rockstar struggling to hide giving birth on stage
A woman going into labor during a family vacation finds a pregnant man going through the same thing
Fox demon struggling to give birth during a storm
Witch accidently making her partner heavily pregnant with eggs

My email and kik is also open was well

a2e9b No.9964

Guy is taken in by a werewolf coven and used to make more babies for them, pack alpha decides to use him
Sorceress chosen to be the next fertility goddess
Young noblewoman stuck to give birth near a dragon’s den
Teacher giving birth during a graduation ceremony

a2e9b No.9968

Even more ideas

Woman becomes heavily pregnant after pissing off a fertility goddess, goddess soon decided to take her in as her apprentice

Mother to be is taken in by a vampire coven, older vampire decides to keep her as one of his own feeders

Beauty queens struggles to deliver baby on big day of pageant

85078 No.9969

A guy returns to high school after being ill for a few weeks,discovers that all the girls at school are hugely pregnant and he's the only one who notices, or so he thinks.

a2e9b No.9973

Genie is accidentally wished to have multiple babies by her master, Genie decides to trick master into same thing

Mother or Father to be is stuck in a hard labor during a storm

Coworker stumbles in on his boss almost pushing one of multiples out

76ae4 No.9974

posting of free ideas to use?
ive got a TON of these.

so long as im giving credit for said ideas if any are made into fics.

a2e9b No.9975

I was just posting my ideas for rps that's all this was

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