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5a1bc No.9966

Just discovered fake Realistic-Silicone-Pregnancy bellies on Ebay.
Look awesome but a prices are in the hundreds so I doubt I'll be buying one! Oo

Still I'd love to try and imagine I'm pregnant with a big belly maybe even have fun with a partner.

But it's hard to find something that feels "right" and not just a rolled up pillow or balloon.

Has anyone else done this or have any suggestions on what the best item to use to simulate a preg belly is?

5a1bc No.9967

9c2a5 No.10868

Long time lurker here.
I’ve been looking for the best fake belly that is available online for my partner.

Do you people have any recommendations besides the IVITA listings on eBay ?

6a34a No.10869


This is probably the best choice overall. The 7900g 8-10 months twin size is the biggest belly currently made, I believe: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000056016204.html

It's pure silicone, a bit on the firmer side compared to older ones. Heavy, but with strong velcro that keeps it in place.

Let me know if you have any questions.

542a6 No.10871

Do you have any additional pictures ? These look better but it’s hard to judge with what’s shown on the listing.
I’ll probably aim for the regular 8-10 months.

6a34a No.10874


I don't own that size, so I can't provide any pictures sadly. The smaller sizes get kind of murky since several different varieties are all sold as 3500g. I'd just message the seller directly and ask for pictures.

From what I've heard from others, the non-twin sizes are made of a much softer, squishier silicone. Same basic shape though.

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