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947a6 No.9972

I’m looking to understand the appeal of the “impregnated fetish”?

See I'm going to be writing a story about a girl with a impregnation/pregnant fetish using an alien ovipositor dildo while imagining being attacked, only for the eggs to turn out to be the real deal.

I'm brainstorming ideas. Mainly the motivation and mindset of the character?

So if you don't mind me asking; what attracts you to impregnation and forced pregnancies? Especially those female preg fans out there.
And if you were in the character's shoes what would be your mindset for buying such a toy?

4f482 No.9977

There's a few things, I guess. Female fan reporting in:

Lack of control. Something about being helpless just gets me going.

Being helpless during the act AND afterwards is even better, because you kind of involuntarily give up your bodily autonomy.

The idea of being forcefully impregnated means you give up during the sex, you give up during gestation, and you're anticipating the birth, which is an ultimate show of being helpless.

But that's me. I'm a birth/egglaying fan with a rape fetish, so take my words lightly.

4fa0b No.9978

It's largely a loss of bodily autonomy. The realization that this pregnancy, from the moment of conception, is entirely out of one's control, and yet something one has to face all the concequences of, possibly alone. The idea of being able to do nothing but helplessly watch as one's body created life, dreading birth, knowing it's very likely going to be unbearably painful yet completely unavoidable, even if it's something that was unwanted in the first place…

It's that mounting dread and anxiety. The struggle of trying to hide/ a pregnancy that one never consented to in the first place to avoid social reprecussions. How difficult it can be to go through life, acting like everything is normal and good, even as it feels like everything is falling apart, like everything is wrong and strange and horrible because one is growing a rape baby within them.

Even if it's a rapid pregnancy, the appeal lies in the wrongness of it. The denial that this could really be happening. The sensation of growth. The shameful, dawning realization of the truth, and the resulting emotional fallout that comes with knowing something is inside them, that there's nothing they can do but let it grow until it's time to birth it.

It's the loss of control as designed by nature. The essence of femininity turned against oneself, the most intamite, beautiful, personal gift that could be given to someone that one loves, being stolen and used against one.

Hopefully that definition helps and I didn't ramble too much.

9e341 No.9979

Pretty much the same of what she said, although I took it a step further at some point to monsters/animals/aliens. Something about non-human make it even deeply more humiliating and degrading, more so if you are given back to normal society where you are forced to deal with it and the potential issues that will arise from that.

5ace1 No.9980

Couldn't have said it better. All of these reasons.

459f6 No.9981

Yeah, it's a fantasy of the imagination. An alternate universe that we can explore our bodies from with any actual harm coming to us.
(Also female pregnancy and birth fetishist) A Primal/Dominance/Submissive feel to a natural design. Being forced through the naturality of it is kind of a turn on. Also the idea that the man has to take part in the final proccess of what he's caused is a turn on as well.

He wants me to give birth at his whim? He's gonna have to come pull it out of me.

81ae9 No.9982

It's the usual answer, the loss of bodily autonomy and the fear that goes along with that.

I feel that the worst part is that mostly every story chickens out by having the protagonist act like she's in a porno, constantly moaning about how good it feels as some alien explodes out of her. If you're going for the whole "forced" thing, either go all the way or don't bother.

4fa0b No.9983

This. That or having her and her rapist, human or otherwise, fall deeply in love at the last minute, or have her abruptly realize that she loves being a mom and loves her kid.

If you're going to do forced/involuntary pregnancy and birth, make it consistant. Make your victim's emotions follow a logical path on how you think she would feel about this deeply invasive, life changing, painful, personal ordeal being inflicted on her against her will. Don't pull a full 180 just to cheat a good ending. If you're writing a dark, tragic story, don't be afraid to end on a dark note. You're allowed to.

9e341 No.9984

Double this. Its an annoying trope in games and stories. Its either one end of the spectrum or the other. Its over the top lewd and silly, or its so horrible and gory bursting or hyper. Or worse, rapid. So you don't get to deal with the lingering and growing problems which are some of the best and juicy parts.

Lewd stories just get to point A to B fast as possible and comes of lazy. Just when I think a good pregnancy scene is about to come up, I' mat the end of a story. If its a game and has pregnancy mechanics, most or all your NPCs ignore your condition. Or its just a numbers game till you get a birth scene. Oh joy… might have just made it rapid if there isn't any filler.

I wish I had the talent to code a game, or publish a story without feeling to self-conscious about them.

81ae9 No.9985

>That or having her and her rapist, human or otherwise, fall deeply in love at the last minute, or have her abruptly realize that she loves being a mom and loves her kid.

This is honestly the worst, and it just makes me loathe the author when they try to paint it as an objectively happy ending. Like, okay, I get it if stockholm syndrome or mind breaking is your kink, but don't use it just because you're ashamed. That's just gross.

Mood is so hard to get right, but yeah, it's easily the best part. I love squeezing out the dread and turmoil.

5a73d No.9996

Thank you everybody for your feedback, I’m pleased to hear I’m not the only girl with this dark fetish.

Any reading recommendations?

Also any suggestions or requests on how the impregnation scene plays out, when I write it?

I’m thinking of having her use 4 eggs in the ovipositor dildo. The first being pleasurable as it slides in making her forget the role play before erupting in a strong Orgasm. She would then realise she’s too sensitive after the first but notices she dropped the remote and is too late to act as the 2nd one enters her and in an effort to withstand the intense stimulation bombarding her, she gets lost in her imagination.

What do you think ;)

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