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968b1 No.9992

I’ve always found pregnancy sexy, the act of one’s body changing to create life is beautiful.

But I also have a bit of a dark fantasy of being forcefully impregnated often by something inhuman and give birth of lay eggs.
It’s hard to describe why I find it so appealing, maybe because it’s so dominating to be used in such a way.
Never been able to talk to anyone about it as it’s hard to confess that while some girls wanted to be carried away by some handsome guy, you want to be kidnapped and bred by something inhuman lol.

So I was wondering it anyone else has such fantasies and why they find it appealing?

8bacd No.9993

Totally have that specific fetish. Was chatting about it over >>9979.

Its degrading to be used such a way, even human, but when its something monsterious or alien, it goes even deeper in that degradation spectrum. You ARE being used for your body and its capabilities. Forced to gestate something that isn't remotely human, yet your body does what it was designed to do and it doesn't matter what you think or feel. Then you can spin humiliation into all of that if you concern yourself with how others might look upon you if they discover you or what you are carrying.

There are so many reasons why, but generally most of those motives root themselves in some for of degradation and/or humiliation. How those two manifest are quite a colorful variety of… well darkness

8b465 No.9995


OMG I completely forgot about that thread. No one replied in the first few days so I thought it has sunk into obscurity. Thank you


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