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File: 1504140706546.jpg (63.45 KB, 475x409, untitled-1983(1).jpg)

a27a6 No.32468[Reply]

Now, when I say "REAL art", I mean art that's made for or been in museums and art galleries, stuff like that. Does anyone know of any pregnancy art like that?

For example, here's an untitled piece by Keith Haring.
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5d260 No.32474

File: 1504143900790.jpg (2.22 MB, 2310x3231, fda1646d3f6d5faeb17721b166….jpg)

This one goes in the "dressing up" category. Many viewers assume the woman in The Arnolfini Wedding is pregnant, but that's really just the style of dress at the time; the more clothes you piled on, the richer you looked.

The real question is why both of them look just like Vladimir Putin.

5d260 No.32475

File: 1504144647144.jpg (50.01 KB, 310x218, masu_2.jpg)

Let's not forget this necessarily short-lived art installation by Andrea Fryer– this artist actually framed her own belly and became part of the art gallery herself.
That kid's going to turn 20 this year!

d3b65 No.32504

File: 1504172065810.jpg (9.75 KB, 211x239, maria gravida.jpg)

"Maria Gravida" is a genre of medieval art that depicts the Virgin Mary pregnant with Jesus, rather than holding him in her arms the way she is frequently depicted.

I have to say, I'm really happy this thread exists since I just finished an art history class.

d3b65 No.32505

Gustav Klimt was a genius.

03033 No.32527


I saw this picture in one of my history textbooks that covered the Renaissance period (among other things like the Edo period in Japan). For some reason it unsettles the fuck out of me.

File: 1501357754199.png (260.55 KB, 800x608, InfCons.png)

0d71a No.31211[Reply]

Was wondering to what extent you folks were interested in the topic.

For those who aren't in the know, it's a series of Choose Your Own Adventure charts about saving princesses and improving your kingdom. And possibly having lots of heirs. It also has two video games in development, Kingdom Conquest and Subtitle Pending.

Since KC just released the preg content for Patrons, I thought I'd open a topic and test the waters. Who's your favorite princess?
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f475e No.31347

That actualky sounds cute. Whiplash it up.

edaf4 No.31349


cbfa7 No.31360

Man… we really need more games

59f34 No.32306

File: 1503801072134.png (2.51 MB, 4708x1871, 0f4647dbed37b6279fb023c6bb….png)

alienz \o/

54535 No.32338

>Agent Princess
I see you there, Contessa.

File: 1449617550243.png (26.44 KB, 768x512, starter's selection.png)

9c99c No.12160[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Welcome one and all to the seventh or eightieth story that I am pleased to announced a story about the pregnant adventures of your lovely ladies of the sea.

Your name is Admiral Dusk. A new recruit in the fleet's command structure combining multiple nationalities such as Americans, Japanese, Chinese and you, a British representative.

The Admirals that have formed the alliance were spread thin and you are stepping in to fill a gap and maybe create a rather considerable fleet to fight against Abyssal Fleet.

"Admiral, this way please. your first recruit are waiting for you"

You follow the man through the hallway and to a safe.

"why is there a safe?" you say exactly what you had on your mind.

"this is to keep any Abyssal Fleet agent out of the fleet HQ and away from the girl who you will be commanding" the man said as she punched in the code and turned the lock. the safe door creaked open slightly with the man opening the door the rest of the way. He gestured to you to go first. on the other side of the door you see a giant room full with computer screens and a navel war table in the centre of it all.

"The girls are this way sir" he open a door and you step through.
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ca3c7 No.32232

Ah thats fine. so the visual novel side.

e8655 No.32268

Option 3.
I would like to see the fleet increase its numbers before joining an event like this.

a8ade No.32269

Seconded. Option 3

ca3c7 No.32280

Oooooooh opposite opinion! NO COMPRIMISE!

ca3c7 No.32641

Ok. I have closed the Votes and i shall have to make the final choose. God be with us.

File: 1502605445905.jpg (3.25 MB, 4208x2368, WP_20170812_21_16_44_Pro.jpg)

80649 No.31698[Reply]

So, now I'll leave it as one thread for every one to come and give me your criticism of my work.
We now start with this one inspired on the request I asked for
So what'd you think?
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126c2 No.32033

My best advice at the moment is to follow your favourite artists. Be exposed and draw references from them. If your art style is not yet solid, I suggest this exercise. Try copying some of their works. Not trace. Copy. Try studying their art and way of thinking a little more. Also don't just copy from a single artist. Copy from multiple artists. It really helped me solidify my own art style and hopefully it will for you too!

Oh and if you want to follow me, I'll be on yoshyoshyosh123.deviantart.com if you need me *shamelessselfpromotioncoughshamelessselfpromotion*

a9cd0 No.32038

Haha i do the same thing but i copied more than one artist and combine them to make my own style ;)

80649 No.32068

I always do that, the most resent artist Itale inspiration is Hirohiko Araki because I lile his dynamic poses

a9cd0 No.32077

So,you like JJBA?

016ac No.32085

>>32077 A lot, because is that kind of anime/manga that isn't afraid of being themselves and does what it wants

File: 1470535620666.jpg (516.05 KB, 1118x1600, luc4_00.jpg)

a48ee No.21069[Reply]

This dude deserves his own thread.

Going to post his work here.
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ca8bf No.21185

Ah, that explains it. Thank you.

d36dd No.21188


That story is delightful, and very similar to the one I was thinking of (I'm guessing that it involves a lot of his fetishes!), it's not the story I had in mind. I was thinking of one that's pretty similar but set in a hot spring.

d36dd No.21189


Actually, reading it again, the Cherry Womb in Comic Exe 1 reads like a sequel to the story I read. The woman with glasses is new, but the other two characters look like the main characters of what I remembered, and the party of old dudes are the guys from the onsen. Hmm. Well I'll keep looking.

5f6ac No.30522

File: 1500059194814.jpg (1000.94 KB, 1063x1500, 428.jpg)

43ed1 No.31960

File: 1503044936933.jpg (439.64 KB, 1063x1500, 323.jpg)

From the newest issue of Comic ExE. I think it's their best piece yet.


File: 1436677834820.gif (2.23 MB, 560x315, b0051210_50093f9e29eb1.gif)

eeb4e No.9171[Reply]

Posting anime that has moaning/screaming birth scene.

Name of the anime with specific episode. Quite birth scenes are not included.

Eureka Seven AO episode 14, the one I'm posting right here, is quite famous.
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abb52 No.30562

>>30561 Hime Dorei Episode 2 (Uncensored Version) and Space Battleship Amado

06301 No.30563

Much appreciated

7faef No.30593

ay more births which will see the cavesa of the baby without censorship?

4b55a No.30704

Is it possible for someone to make stuff like this on their own? The SFM thread seems to be proof that such things are doable.

8875e No.31776

Pure art

File: 1502417414255.jpg (899.56 KB, 1525x2560, WP_20170810_17_02_25_Pro (….jpg)

fee73 No.31607[Reply]

2 days ago I posted an old drawing of this character of my comic to ask for criticism, now I post this one so what do you think. And now some context
She is Akimoto Chizuru, age 20 years old, she is halfway through her pregnancy, 1 human month 5 months in fox time. She's finally confident enough to get outside, it's a long story but the important thing is that the future looks brighter than ever.
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fee73 No.31620

Oh, and I love foxes to!

d6810 No.31623

So what's this comic about anyways?

fee73 No.31625

Well it's the story of the members of a bloodline and the events through their lives, basically jjba but different

5558d No.31633

To be honest, I do so a lot of improvements over your old drawing.

In my opinion, I think the eyes look alright. I also do believe her cheeks are too big, but it mainly has to do with the position of the nose. I suggest you grab a scratch sheet of paper, and try to sketch her face with her nose lowered. You might need to move her eyes down too.

Your skill at drawing clothes is real good. Other than that, its real good!

fee73 No.31635

Thank you I will take it into consideration the next time, because I'm coming with more

File: 1412600817660.jpeg (19.17 KB, 266x300, RTG6n4K8c.jpeg)

155ee No.1818[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Any questions about the origins of a picture go here. This includes asking who the artist of a picture is, asking what manga/CG set/whatever a picture came from, and anything along those lines. Individual source request threads will be deleted.
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87386 No.31368

File: 1501799384513.jpg (85.64 KB, 800x498, d2c5318d44bb3edd61c93f324d….jpg)

Not 100% sure this qualifies as preg content, but 2/3 ain't bad. Still, I can't seem to find a source for this one.

edaf0 No.31369

87386 No.31395

File: 1501863606158.png (310.17 KB, 600x397, commission__zelda_by_avimh….png)

So, this isn't exactly a source request, but does anyone have the hi-res version of this pic by avimHarZ? I know I can get it be pledging on Patreon, but I'd need to spend $10 for access just to download a single image, and I just can't justify that (especially since I'd have to spend another $10 if I lost it).

87386 No.31396

Thank you good sir. So, from an image search I did using this, I've pretty much determined that this piece is from rollingcutter. Not sure if it's on his DA page, but I'll be hunting for a better quality version regardless. Any help is appreciated.

a8e9c No.31398

Things cost money.

File: 1497998599412.png (639.83 KB, 880x2500, Izumi Shimomura.png)

1ccb7 No.29435[Reply]

I deleted my deviant art account.
But I'm still drawing you can find my stuff here and It's all free.


Sorry if I did this wrong.
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2b7c4 No.30950


You're awesome

639b1 No.31232

File: 1501408562610.jpg (482.05 KB, 1968x2750, Temari.jpg)

All my artwork is also available here.


b465b No.31254

Hey lurrak I wanna know why do you have to delete your deviantart account why deviantart is a wonderful site for artist like you :(

639b1 No.31275

Its kinda a quirk of mine. I have a habit of taking out my frustration on my art. I have a bad day and I delete my artwork and my deviantart, tear up drawings, erasing from my computer, etc… This is actually the second time, and reposting everything would be a pain in the ass. Also I will be drawing less for awhile, I won't have the time, so even if I decide to go back it won't be anytime soon.
Plus I can draw futas now ;P

Deviantart isn't as deviant as it should be, not that I have had too much trouble.

2deaa No.31289

This fucking rocks, you da man. I love how you kept her curvy/muscular attributes and even gave her a more 'maternal'-esque outfit.

File: 1461702702689.png (56.41 KB, 800x1000, dawn.png)

4fe1f No.17884[Reply]

This idea just came to me recently after seeing a few pictures. So anyways, what if a Pokémon trainer was the one who had their Pokémon's babies instead of eggs? I found this picture recently of Dawn pregnant with a Mew.
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fe0a7 No.30855

That's not criticism that's an opinion.

This is a criticism. You should shower more.

3320d No.30856

Ackchyually, that's not criticism either, that's advice.
Criticism would be "You don't shower enough".

fe0a7 No.30857

Thank you. That was constructive.

739e0 No.30870

File: 1500673806497.jpg (651.03 KB, 1200x900, 5978889.jpg)

But that's sarcasm… oh well.
Where were we…

ffd98 No.31008

Moar ! >:3

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